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Interactions Marketing

Has anyone heard of Interactions Marketing? I don't see the name on the list of MSCs. They emailed me because they saw my MSPA profile. I asked for more information and the contact told me they want someone to mystery shop their brand ambassadors in warehouse stores. Do you... Continue Reading

Interactions Marketing

I got an email from them back in December as below. I responded saying I would like to re- register, but never heard anything back. Did anyone re-register? I can't seem to figure out how to do that? On their website, when you click to become... Continue Reading

Anyone signed up with Daymon Interactions after they changed from interactions marketing?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Anyone get an email from "Workday" and/or daymon interactions?

I got an email this morning with the following message: An account has been created in the Workday system for you. Your password has been sent in a separate email url: The part daymon interactions seemed slightly familiar but there was no other information. I don't want to click on... Continue Reading

Interactions Marketing Company System Merge

I finally got the instructions about re-registering for Interactions Marketing/Daymon. I had replied back to them three different times and didn't get the lowdown until the fourth time! I really enjoyed this MSC's sample shops. Has anyone else gone through the process to re-register? It's the only way to continue getting... Continue Reading

Daymon Insight Interactions

I know that there was a topic on this company merging but so far I have not been able to find it. Have any of you gone through the registration process and if so is it as detailed as it seems to be?... Continue Reading

Interactions Marketing Merging Systems?

Does anyone know about the company wide systems transition that was announced in the e-mail today? It says: Greetings Shoppers, You are receiving this email because we would like to make you aware of an exciting new opportunity. We are in the process of merging our two existing systems in... Continue Reading

Interactions Marketing

I was just curious what folks thought about this company. I tried to reply to an older thread, but it was closed and said to start a new one, so here we are. The last comments I read were back in 2014, so now that we are over halfway... Continue Reading

Caliber and Interactions Insights

I thought I read somewhere on the forum that these two companies are the same company or owned by the same "master" company. Or is one of them no longer active or running under a different name? My login and password does not work anymore on the Caliber... Continue Reading

Interactions Marketing

I haven't been offered any new grocery shops since the year began from the subject company. Has something happened? They usually offer grocery shops on an ongoing basis. Anyone hear anything? Robinv... Continue Reading

Daymon Interactions [Interactions Marketing: Insights]

Has anyone ever worked for Their website also uses the name Daymon. Their website seems very thorough and they appear to have job opportunities available outside of mystery shopping. However, I haven't read anything about them in the mystery shopping world and want to make sure they are legit.... Continue Reading

Anyone having problems logging in to Interactions Marketing?

Every time I try to log on it says invalid credentials. My credentials have not changed. I have shops to enter.... Continue Reading

Insights Interactions (Caliber) grocery shops

Does anyone have information about what is going on with the grocery shops? I was sent a message that the client requested that they use a completely new group of shoppers. Needless to say, I was shocked as I have been a very loyal shopper for this company, and have... Continue Reading

Caliber "Conflict of Interest" Agreement

This agreement seems to say that if you mystery shop for another company you are not eligible to work for them. How would you interpret? Please read the last sentence. You agree to immediately disclose any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest that may preclude you from conducting... Continue Reading

Interactions Insight....former Caliber...

Does anybody know their pay schedule? I can't seem to get to a place to look that up.... Continue Reading


looks like perhaps they have lost a "client" or two or they are just slow in posting...... Continue Reading

Caliber Interactions

Is anyone having problems logging in?... Continue Reading


Anyone have any dealings with this company?... Continue Reading

My First Shop with Caliber Interactions

I just did my first shop with Caliber. The instructions were clear and the survey was very easy to fill out. I hope payment comes as promised. I'm getting paid $12 for something I love to do...sampling at grocery type store.... Continue Reading

Is Caliber a scam?

I've now signed up for two different versions of this site and they NEVER have shops! I mean they don't show any on a country wide search even.... Continue Reading


anyone else having trouble logging in to caliber?... Continue Reading

Caliber Interactions Bonus not paid

Has anyone been told they were going to get a bonus from Caliber and then not get it? I was promised a $10 bonus for a last minute emergency shop. They have not paid it, nor have they had the decency to respond to my emails about it.... Continue Reading

Caliber Interactions

Has anyone worked for Caliber Interactions? I got an email from a scheduler for Summit Scheduling, but it's for this company. Thanks.... Continue Reading


Has anyone heard anything about Caliber? It is not listed on Volition. Does anyone shop for them?... Continue Reading

Has anyone heard of Caliber?

I got an e-mail today from a Sassie scheduler promoting a job with this company. The shop involves going to a grocery store ever few days and listening for the cashier's magic words that will trigger a gift certificate into her hands. The part I'm not real keen... Continue Reading


Has anyone done any shops with Daymon?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Caliber Interactions

It was amusing to see the shopper's questionnaire and report form on her computer. Definitely realistic in terms of MSing that caliber of hotel. (Source). September 15, 2020

Never, to my knowledge, has ME/WC displayed any indication they are a sliver short of being a reputable MSC of the highest caliber. (Source). August 07, 2020

So many unanswered questions that I feel a MSR of this size and caliber should have considered with their client before posting these as available! (Source). July 02, 2020

I was thinking about getting one for my husband so he could have a hobby. [quote=wildherbs] I don't use my mandoline often. I have a Excaliber dehydrator, so use the mando for getting veggies and stuff ready for it. (Source). April 25, 2020

I have a Excaliber dehydrator, so use the mando for getting veggies and stuff ready for it. (Source). April 25, 2020

Pew, or one of the high caliber research groups, reported that the younger generations see life differently and have different expectations than previous generations did. (Source). July 18, 2019

The purposes of telling us that the executive is well off is to let us know that MF can afford to pay a man of that caliber. (Source). June 29, 2019

Thank You ![/quote] Walmart doe not have in house merchandisers, To do merchandising in Walmart you will have to apply with the following companies: Acosta, Crossmark: , Daymon/SAS:https://www. (Source). February 11, 2019

2016/Jan 2017 picked 5 merchandising companies to do work in their stores.Acosta, Crossmark, Daymon/SAS, Premium Retail Services, Anderson. (Source). February 10, 2019

[quote=SteveSoCal] [quote=nslinhar] I made it a point to indicate my decade of fine dining employment experience on apps for Coyle and others with shops of the same caliber. (Source). January 15, 2019