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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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Certified Field Associates

I signed up to do one of their tax shops. It turns out, the tax company is virtual and everything is done digitally. I sent CFA a message via their website asking if this was acceptable. No response from them. Is there another way to contact them?... Continue Reading

MF Certified Field Associate Fees? Worthwhile?

Has anyone completed the various MF CFA jobs and found them worthwhile? I vaguely recall in the past that people said usually the jobs took all day and you might get $40/project, but that it often turned out to be $4/hour on average. I see $5/10/15 bonuses for... Continue Reading

Anyone Having Trouble Logging into Certified Field Associate web site?

I keep getting this when I log in: The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator. Your support ID is: 16970440181713475898... Continue Reading

Market Force New Certified Field Associates?

I got an email for a new price check program through Market Force. I never knew they had another site for movie theater checks. Have any of you signed up with this site? Continue Reading

Certified Field Associates Purchase Return Shop: Warning

I'll preface by saying that I'm a long time shopper for MF and CFA and really haven't had any major issues with them in over 10 years of shopping for them until last week. I don't do a ton of work for them anymore since they are pretty low paying... Continue Reading

Certified Field Associate Bonuses

They are offering $10 per showtime for patron count and $20 bonus. Is the bonus added onto the total or is it added to the $10 for each show, making it $30 per show?... Continue Reading

Certified Field Associate unprofessional v2

I found out lately that a complaint was filed against me for how myself and wife acted when doing a standee installation. There are three initial problems with the complaint: I don't bring anyone much less my wife to do installs. I am always thanked when I am done and therefore... Continue Reading

Certified Field Associate unprofessional

[b]Mod note: Post removed as it breached the Forum guideline which states, "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". Additionally, it is usually an ICA violation to name both the MSC and client.[/b]... Continue Reading

Certified Field Associates

Has anyone ever been shorted by CFA? Once again, I was shorted $2 for a trailer check. The last two times, they finally paid up although less $1. Their pay is already low. How bad is it if you have to short by a couple of dollars?... Continue Reading

Certified Field Assosciates Down?

Is anyone else having trouble logging into certified field associates right now? I need to download paperwork for a shop later tonight and I'm getting an SQL error message.... Continue Reading

Anybody having trouble logging into Certified Field Associates?

I'm carefully putting in my username and password and the screen just flashes and the login screen just comes back up, minus my info.... Continue Reading

Certified Field Associates/Market Force Purple

What the ____ is going on with CFA's schedulers?!?!? You can't reach them by phone through Market Force, because they no longer ANSWER the phone. Now, they apparently don't return voicemails, either. I have left voicemails for the last two days requesting a scheduler to call me back, with absolutely... Continue Reading

Certified Field Associates is the worst

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I had an issue with Certified Field that I want to share with you....

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Filling out a survay for Certified Field Associates

I learned the hard way when I lost 2 jobs (Family Dollar and Dollar General) that I had been merchandising for 2 years. An email message was sent to me by Certified in regards to filling out a survey. I clicked on the link in the message that would take... Continue Reading

Certified Field Associates

Certified Field Associates is no longer Merchandising the Anagram Balloons.Does anyone know what company will be merchandising the Anagram balloons at the Walmarts?... Continue Reading

Certified Field Associates Web Trouble?

I am having the hardest time entering reports on their website. Is anyone else having difficulties? I've called and left a message. Hopefully, they will get it and not drop me.... Continue Reading

Has anyone been succesful being "reinstated" in Certified Field?

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Does anyone know when Certified Field Associates pay day is?

I havent worked for them in a couple of months and i remember i used to get paid quite often but i cant remember what their pay schedule is like.... Continue Reading

Any GOOD experience with Certified Field?

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Certified Field Associates

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You can speculate all you want, but you will never know why they shut down and that is not the point nor does it really matter. Same with Certified Field Associates, unless someone who directly works with the company gave you that information, then you don't really know for sure either on that. (Source). August 22, 2020

I did a positive review for the body wash. The review was published with my first name published. My reviews are no longer positive. Oh, katie, Certified Field Agent occasionally has shops where you buy items and write reviews. (Source). June 16, 2020

I did two online shops for "Certified Field Associate" which is Marketforce's other division. (Source). April 13, 2020

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Walters Mom, I've seen tax shops with Certified Field Agents and HS Brands. (Source). January 08, 2020

I will never do that one again and I still see it on the certified field associates website. (Source). November 30, 2019

I will never do that one again and I still see it on the certified field associates website. (Source). November 29, 2019

I will never do that one again and I still see it on the certified field associates website. (Source). November 28, 2019

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