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UPDATE: Checker Patrol and National Audits??????

What is the latest status of these two former movie theater audit msc's please??? I worked for Checker Patrol several years back, but my assigned theater from a small chain closed down. No work since then. Website is till active. National Audits I never worked for...called and they took my info... Continue Reading

CHECKER PATROL: Are they still active???

Are they still doing any movie theater or other shops??? Used to shop for them until my theater closed up...... Continue Reading

Checker Patrol

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

CHECKER PATROL: Any updates on them???

Just noticed their revamped website and wondered if anybody has been shopping for them lately. They have nothing ever posted in the NYC tri state area. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

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Had to be either Verites or Certified only, Checker Patrol does not do trailer checks at this time. (Source). January 05, 2019

..speaking of trailer checks, whatever became of Checker Patrol? (Source). September 23, 2018

Checkerpatrol. (Source). June 22, 2016

?? I worked for Checker Patrol several years back, but my assigned theater from a small chain closed down. (Source). November 07, 2015

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Google "Checker Patrol Mystery Shopping" and you'll find quite a bit of info beyond their website. (Source). September 28, 2014

checkerpatrol. (Source). September 28, 2014 checkerpatrol. (Source). April 22, 2014