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Circle of Service

Big Kudo's to Stephanie (Account Manager) at Circle of Service....great quick responses to a problem submitting report. Stayed with me till it was solved. Great service and caring...more jobs here needed, good pay, good company.... Continue Reading

Circle of Service -- email received today 1/5/16 -- is this kosher??

Hi all, I've been MS since 2005, and have never received an email asking me to give the person what I would like as my password!! So, here is the email I received....anyone else received this??? Now, true, I haven't done a lot of MS over the years,... Continue Reading

Circle of Service shop missing

Last week I accepted a Circle of Service shop, which could be done between 10/31 and 11/15. I completed the shop today, and when I went to the company's website to input the results it was gone from my shop log! I didn't know who the scheduler was... Continue Reading

E-mail from Circle of Service

Did anyone else receive the below e-mail from Circle of Service? I wrote Stephanie Rufkahr. I've dealt with her previously but I haven't heard anything back from her. We would like to thank you for offering your services as an independent contractor for our Mystery Shop program. Circle... Continue Reading

Circle Of Service form

Hi all. Signed up for a shop with Circle of Service and was accepted. Was able to print the instructions but not the form. I thought it would be under files you need but that was a list of locations in other states. I can view the form but it... Continue Reading

Circle of Service

I still can not change my address or get shops for my new location. Does anyone have any tips or tricks? Thank you... Continue Reading

Whom do I contact at Circle of Service?

I am trying to change my address so I can see shops in the area I will be snowbirding in. Sassy is great and easy. Prophet is another story all together. I have contacts with some of the companies however I do not have any contacts with Circle of Service.... Continue Reading

Circle of Service

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

UPDATES: Circle of Service: How are they to work for please????

Never shopped for them and am seeking your updated valued feedback please. Yes, I read the older postings and re-posted in case things changed either way. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Circle of Service

For those who may want to know - I shop around Fort Worth/Arlington/Grand Prairie, and I am NOT picking up some recurring shops for this company. This is not a reflection on the company at all. My reasons are related to issues working in the heat and... Continue Reading

Circle Of Service Vehicle Inspection Shops

Has anyone done these? They pay above average, so I'm guessing that there is more to the job than meets the eye. I have never worked for this MSP, so I have never seen any of their forms. Thanks.... Continue Reading

COS (Circle of Service)

Did anyone get paid by them this month yet?... Continue Reading

Circle of Service

Does anyone know what day they pay on? I wrote down the 23rd but just want to double check as I can't find where I originally got that date from!... Continue Reading

Circle of Service

Am doing their application and the following is one of the questions which I am not sure is a trick question or a real question. "It is important to follow explicit instructions while completing any audit. When a question asks if the labels are in the proper order, they must follow... Continue Reading

Can anyone tell me about Circle of Service?

Their application is lengthy. I have completed shops that took less to complete time than their application.... Continue Reading

Circle of Service

Anyone else get this email today about $15-$30 audits? Quite a long application - I don't mind filling it out, but could they define "audit"? Is this an open "audit"? If so, I have no interest...I wish they had been clearer... Continue Reading

Circle of Service- what states?

I signed up some time ago and have yet to find available shops in NJ. Looking for more information.... Continue Reading

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Big Kudo's to Stephanie (Account Manager) at Circle of Service. (Source). September 06, 2017

Circle of service (Source). August 29, 2016

Shopperfest, if you are signed up on the Circle of Service Prophet site that's why you got the email from Jessica. (Source). January 06, 2016

Check out the "Circle of Service email received today 1/5/16 is this kosher? (Source). January 06, 2016

I have shopped for Circle of Service before and was aware of their switch to shopmetrics while still being on Prophet. (Source). January 06, 2016

com Today at 11:20 AM To Beverly Bennett Message body Attention Shoppers: Please note Circle of Service is a dual platform Mystery Shopping company. (Source). January 05, 2016

Last week I accepted a Circle of Service shop, which could be done between 10/31 and 11/15. (Source). November 10, 2015

Kimberly Hintos (800) 296-6699 x3131 BDS Marketing, Inc. Marlene Settle (949) 472-6700 BestMark Dispatch Manager (800) 514-8378 Beyond Hello Inc. Shopper (800) 321-2588 Big K MS, S.C. 52 81 12343442 BMA Mystery Shopping Peter Thorwarth (888) 300-8292 Business Evaluation Services Nina Leyva (888) 300-8292 CIMA Insight Rachel Kramer (954) 318-1600 Circle of Service, LLC Nancy Oberheuser 314-416-8091 (7001) Cirrus Marketing Intelligence Monnie Howard (888) 899-7600 Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. (Source). July 31, 2015

For other inquiries, e-mail us at, visit us on the web at https://CircleOfService. (Source). March 30, 2015

Never thought of the age requirement. I am 76 - maybe they think folks my age don't get oil changes? I usually catch Circle of Service for some vehicle service shops but haven't seen any of them lately. (Source). February 26, 2015