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Cirrus revealed self-storage audits

Has anyone done these? Was curious as to how long they take.... Continue Reading

Ripped off by Cirrus using sharedshopper login

OK, in January I did three Storage site audits for Cirrus - I know, they take forever to pay (although I read that's now shortened) but they had always paid me. This time, however, they had me log in and do the shop under the name "sharedshopper." This... Continue Reading

Cirrus New Payment Times

Payments are now processed in 45 days instead of 90 days. Any takers? This means we will get paid in 2 months.... Continue Reading

Cirrus marketing shop apply problem

Everytime I try to apply to Cirrus, they keep saying that's haven't answered their questions. I write them out and answer. What are they looking for? On the question what is my work ethic? I answer and they say it isn't answered. Please someone give me feedback?... Continue Reading

Anyone still doing shops for Cirrus Marketing?

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Cirrus late payment

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Does anyone have experience with this company?... Continue Reading


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Cirrus slow payment

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This company owes me over a $1000. See you in small claims court, Anaheim, CA.... Continue Reading

Has Cirrus gotten better over the years about paying on time?

I did a couple shops for cirrus years ago. The pay was good but they never paid until you hunted them down to ask for your money ( making the pay not worth the time). I quit shopping with them but just saw a good one posted today. I don't... Continue Reading

Has anyone shopped for Cirrus Marketing

I am curious for those that have shopped for Cirrus Marketing, how was your experience? Did they pay on time? Out of all the companies I have worked with, this is the only company that I have worked with that takes months to pay. Specifically, they seem to pay quarterly... Continue Reading

Trouble Accessing the Invoice pdf for Cirrus

I have attempted to use the password given in the shop guidelines to download the invoice required by Cirrus and I have requested the password from my scheduler. Anyone have any suggestions? Its been a while since I shopped for them, previous to this group of assignments but I... Continue Reading

Cirrus Apartment Shops

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Cirrus rental shops - what gives??

I've applied for 23 shops with Cirrus in the past 3 weeks. None of them has been assigned to me but the scheduler keeps reposting them. When I check my apps on Sassie, they've all disappeared but they're still on the Job Board. Why post shops if they aren't accepting... Continue Reading

Woohoo! Cirrus paying consistently quicker!

Unlike many, I've always been OK with their slow pay. I'm all about keeping my receivables as high as possible, and they are consistently my #1 or #2 MSC each year for overall income, contributing greatly to that end. Now it looks like they are paying in about 2.5 months... Continue Reading

Anyone paid by Cirrus for February jobs?

Just wondering if anyone has been paid yet. I was expecting payment this week. Have written to them twice and this time didn't get a reply, only the automated messaging confirming that February shops should be paid at the end of May +5/7 days so right about now. Thanks, Chris... Continue Reading

Cirrus payments delayed - anyone get paid for December jobs?

I was wondering if anyone has been paid this week by Cirrus for their December jobs? I wrote to the questions email and was told that due to the current events, it would take just a bit longer. I asked for a more specific timeframe than "just a bit longer,"... Continue Reading

Cirrus: Friendly Reminders - Payment

Hi all! I tend to post a message like this each time I have to chase payment for this company - as it is pretty common. I shopped for Cirrus Marketing Intelligence in June ($800) and July ($125) of this year. According to my personal records and PayPal... Continue Reading

Does Cirrus EVER pay it's shoppers?

In March, (3/8, 3/19. and 3/20) I did five telephone jobs for Cirrus. I thought it was somewhat strange because I was asked to log on using someone else's user ID and password. I did the five jobs per the instructions. I forgot this antiquated company requires an invoice at... Continue Reading

Anyone have anything good to say about Cirrus Marketing?

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Cirrus apartment shop

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Cirrus ... I will not give up on getting my money from you!

Oh lawd. I've done 1000+ shops over the last few years, and never have I been treated so poorly and had to wait so long for payment... Still waiting to get paid for shops from last year... I will never do another shop for this company. They mindlessly accused me... Continue Reading

Does any know how genuine is Cirrus marketing

I did 9 apartment shops through Cirrus. In emergency I carried my son to one apartment. Itís 20 days now today got email from scheduler that all my shops are cancelled as I took my son on the assignment. I am trying to convince her that you can cancel one... Continue Reading


I see I am not the ONLY one waiting for payment from Cirrus Marketing Intelligence Mystery Shopping Co. I am STILL WAITING FOR PAYMENT for an Apartment Shop I performed in September, 2017, even after several e-mail communications back & forth with the promise that I would be "paid... Continue Reading


I am owed $25 and husband is owed for 3 months ,$50. He is fed up with them. I sent an email to a scheduler who sent me an email soliciting work that I am not interested in working for them. No other apartment shop company is an issue.... Continue Reading

Payment from Cirrus Marketing

Their policy is for you to submit an invoice and they pay three months later. I submitted for July and should have received my payment the last of October. Here it is November 15th and I have yet to receive my payment. Is anyone else experiencing this... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing...REALLY???

I did a "rush" job for this company, and then one other, before I realized there were issues with their payment history...I just submitted my invoice online and got this response... which tells me that these two October shops will (MIGHT) be paid in early FEBRUARY? Ok, that will be... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence

Does anyone have a contact email / phone number? It's been 4 months since I've completed a shop, and still no payment. I've emailed the contact several times already. Thanks... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing Storage Audits

I'm just noticing these for the first time. I've done the "cleanliness" audits for this same client with another MSC and it literally took me 15 minutes and I was done. Any idea if these actually take the two hours that Cirrus says?... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence =

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Not Getting Paid by Cirrus Marketing

I GOT PAID JUST NOW. I RECEIVED A PAYPAL NOTICE THAT CIRRUS PAID ME FOR BOTH JANUARY AND FEBRUARY. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP AND ADVICE!!!! Has anyone else had trouble getting paid by Cirrus? I performed an apartment shop for them in January and one... Continue Reading

Cirrus marketing scam?

5 months have gone by and I have not been paid for a job I got a 9/10 on. The worst part of this is that the job was insain! It took all day. 6 hours in store and 6 hours writing report and it paid barely anything compared to... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing any one work with them. They have a 90 day pay schedule.

My friend had to call a stamp her feet to get paid the 50.00 she was owed. I'm not expecting to be paid until the end of March, so I am wondering does anyone else have a problem with them, or was it an honest mistake. Once she... Continue Reading

Cirrus 360 payment dates

What is their pay schedule?... Continue Reading

Interesting Conversation with Cirrus

I did an enjoyable shop for Cirrus in June. In October, I started making inquiries about my payment. Payment came in October, and in November, I received an email letting me know that I had been paid. I replied, "Yes, I was paid four months later. Would you... Continue Reading

Cirrus 360

Watch this company, they ignore inquiries about non-payments, it seems they flat out don't care about getting money to their shoppers. I submitted the required invoicing by scanning and sent it over. They paid me for one job, but not the second one on the invoice. I sent three separate... Continue Reading

Cirrus June shop payment

Has anyone gotten paid for Cirrus shops done in June?... Continue Reading

Cirrus haven't been paid in over a year

I did a job April 2015. Sent in my invoice to the right place. They made a notation on my account that I needed to be paid. I am still waiting. I sent an email through the website clicking on Help/Contact and the scheduler replied that she doesn't do payments... Continue Reading

Another Cirrus Marketing Non-Payment Issue

I just filed a report with the BBB against Cirrus Marketing for non-payment. I did 3 apartment shops for them 4/5/2016. To-date: reported,Invoice, contacted and still No payment.... Continue Reading

cirrus storage audits... how are they?

cirrus was about the only company other than sentry i hadn't signed up with due to all the hate they get on here and the ridiculously long payouts, but they had a storage audit only 20 minutes away from me for a decent fee($45) so I decided to sign up,... Continue Reading

Cirrus payments for January shops?

Is anyone else's payment delayed by Cirrus for shops done in January? I was told that January shops would be paid at the end of April. Even though it's only May 2, I am frustrated that it takes this company 3 months to pay. (As a side, I do like... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing

I did a shop for this company in mid December 2015 and did not paid until 4/2/16. Despite several calls to enquire about my pay. I have since unsubscribed to this company.... Continue Reading

Anybody get payment for December 2015 shops from Cirrus Marketing Intelligence yet?

I work for approximately 15-25 companies in any given month. Cirrus is the lone holdout who has not paid for work done in 2015. I submitted the invoice in December, but I am still waiting for my money. I have a mortgage to pay too Cirrus!!... Continue Reading

Cirrus training model broken?

Signed up for storage shop and requested training. Shop was in one week. I requested the training twice, project manager requested once on my behalf because she has a shop deadline. Shop was supposed to be today, i never heard from training dept. Dont they care about servicing their clients... Continue Reading

Cirrus Bait & Switch? "Dear Shopper, Please work for nothing..."

I accepted several bonused targeted apartment shops for Cirrus and conducted them to guidelines. The guidelines state that if, after three attempts of recorded calls, you find the target no longer works there, conduct the phone shop with whomever answers." OK, fine. On one, the target was available. On another,... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing Payment

So I have seen several posts on here about how Cirrus doesn't answer or doesn't pay, etc. But I have a question for any shoppers who may have forgotten to send an invoice in. I did several shops in Nov. 2015, and being that they were the first jobs that... Continue Reading

I think I am out $190- Cirrus 360

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Contacting Cirrus for payment

I did an apartment shop for Cirrus in August and 2 in September. I know that they aren't exactly prompt with payment, but at what point do I start trying to contact them? Anybody have a good contact phone number or email address or is it best to just go... Continue Reading

Cirrus Issues?

Does anyone have any experience with Cirrus Marketing? I completed a large project for them three months ago and have not received payment. I contacted the project manager twice and no response. I just wondered if anyone has ever had an issue with them.... Continue Reading

Cirrus apartment shops

What has everyone's experience been shopping for Cirrus? I've completed six shops, the oldest being submitted on 8/25/15. My reports aren't getting reviewed. Is this one of the companies known to take 2-3 months to pay? If so, can anyone tell me if they do finally... Continue Reading

Question about Cirrus apartment shop

I am filling out my first report for Cirrus. They seem to only have this one client in my city, which considering their pay cycle and reputation, I am fine with. The report seems all over the place though. In the "Executive Summary", what is supposed to go in the "Overall... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing - When Do They Pay?!

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Is Cirrus Marketing faithful with their payments?

Is Cirrus Marketing faithful with their payments? I've worked with them for three months now, but am still awaiting payments. I've heard that they may take as long as six months to pay. Has anyone not received payments from them? Or do they just take a long time? I've sent them an invoice... Continue Reading


I've done several apartment shops for Cirrus. All of my shops have received bad reviews. I can understand my first apartment shop being bad. I did make mistakes. The others I'm getting down graded for things that never happened during the shop. I was told I asked too many questions,... Continue Reading

cirrus marketing why no shop grades!!

So I have done around 10 apartment shops for this company, but its the literallyntge the only one who never sends me grades or feedback on my evaluations. On top of that It always stays as completed how do I even know the account managers are even looking at... Continue Reading

Cirrus (Payment practices)

I worked with them last year and it was target shops. It was a headache to say the least and it ended in a huge mess. I fought with them about being paid on 2 of the shops. To date my records show no payment from 12/13 when the shops... Continue Reading

Has Anyone Ever Been Paid by Cirrus Marketing?

I completed two shops for them, submitted the ridiculous invoice, and waited the six months I was supposed to wait to get my payment - that time has come and gone. I have not received my payment, and there is no contact information on the website to reach anyone... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence

Hello, Do any of you have any experience working for Cirrus Marketing Intelligence? I have just joined them as an IC, after having seen a job posting made by Quality Scheduling and following a link in that job posting that led to Cirrus. Being new to shopping, only after I joined did... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing Payment is Late Two Months in a Row

If I were late in submitting a shop report it would not be acceptable. For the shops I completed in Dec 2013, I should have been paid end of March. I was paid on April 1 after I sent many emails and left several phone messages. It is now May... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing -- no payment

That place is a joke I've worked for them for three months and haven't been paid nothing yet.... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing. 4 months to get paid?!?!?

Here is a recent Cirrus Marketing payment schedule. 4 (FOUR!) months to get paid. Ridiculous. And I thought that Regal takes long with their 90 days payment schedule. Never again I shop for Cirrus Marketing. January paid mid-May February ... Continue Reading

A Cirrus funny

I scheduled my first shop with them a few weeks ago. After seeing what was involved (a grocery shop) and reading on the boards about it taking four months to pay, I wrote them, cancelled based on the forum comments, told them that and sent them the link to... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing finally paid me...after 6 months

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Cirrus 360 - Payments

Hi yawl. I think I may have asked this question a few months back, but I can't find the post. Who has worked with Cirrus lately? Do you always have to contact them for your payment? They say that they pay after the 15th of the... Continue Reading


Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on getting Cirrus to pay you? I have shops from May that I sent an invoice for, and I was told I would be paid at the end of August. Now it's September, and no one will respond to my e-mails except the scheduler. She... Continue Reading

Watch Out for Cirrus Marketing

I am an MSPA Certified shopper and have done hundreds of shops for about 20 different companies over the past four years. Most of my experiences have been very positive but I must warn people about Cirrus Marketing. In order to get paid the burden is on you... Continue Reading

Payment from Cirrus360

Who has done work for Cirrus360 and what has your experience been with them, specifically getting paid?... Continue Reading

Cirrus 360

Hi everyone out there. I have been a shopper since 8/31/12. I have done shops for several companies and have had good experiences. I have been paid accordingly and in the time frame I was told. However, one company has yet to pay and I was... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing

I should have joined this forum before wasting my time. I did the Swedish furniture store one in August. It took me forever. They promised I'd be paid by Friday. I won't do another with them.... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing

Has anyone done shopping with this company? They REQUIRE an Invoice in order to get paid. Not just an Invoice, but their invoice with the: Name of The Client, the Target person (if any), the date shopped, THE SCHEDULER and the President of the United States (just kidding).... Continue Reading

Cirrus - not getting paid

Yikes when i registered with them, the stated pay cycle was the end of the month the month after the shop was completed. Now they tell me it is 90 days. IS ANYONE ELSE STILL SHOPPING FOR THEM?... Continue Reading


I just signed up with them and took a job. Very good pay. I then thought, hmmmm, maybe I should check. Does anyone have any insights. Are they decent or a PITA?... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing

Is anyone having trouble getting paid by Cirrus Marketing? I have emailed them my invoice twice for shops I did the beginning of July. I haven't heard anything from them, and I haven't been paid. They had some shops I would have liked to take in September,... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing Cached

I checked the Cirrus Frequently asked questions about payment and saw the site listed my payment would be due after July 15th. I emailed in August. Now I see the site listed a May job payment will come in AFTER August 15th. Crazy stuff. I thought I was losing my... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence - shoppers BEWARE!!!!

I was just told that after spending over 5 hours on a mystery shop for this company they are refusing to pay me because of problems with my report. First of all, the shop itself took 2 1/2 hours. The enormity of the report is absurd, over 21... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing

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cirrus marketing

Recently I did a furniture shop for this company. Spent four hours at the store, two hours for preparing 18 page report, and one hour for commuting. I missed just one item and for that the entire amount was not paid.Is it fair to forfeit the entire payment? Some... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing Consultants--Feedback Pleeeez

Anyone work for this company ? Do they pay on time and how are the reports? Thanks everyone ....... Continue Reading

CIRRUS Ripped Off by Them

Worked for them doing three apartment shops, the last of December 2009 and fourth of January 2010. They still have not paid me. They have a forty-five day pay period. Ten days past that , when I call about my pay. They say that they did not get the invoice (that... Continue Reading

Had a "Situation" with Cirrus Marketing, so be careful if you take this shop (Long post)

In case any of you didn't see my other post entitled "What would you do", I took a huge shop from Cirrus, my first one with them actually. It paid $70! It was for a large retail store. I had to go and evaluate just about every department of... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Cirrus Marketing

Or Cirrus (Source). October 03, 2023

[quote=heywave] @tcolwell There are several threads on this site about what others have said about Cirrus. (Source). June 20, 2023

@tcolwell There are several threads on this site about what others have said about Cirrus. (Source). June 20, 2023

make sure to document when you completed the work, and send an invoice immediately after you complete all your assigned locations for the month. cirrus has a template on their website that makes it bearable. (Source). June 20, 2023

[quote=Morledzep] Hard and fast rule in my house: never work for Cirrus. (Source). June 20, 2023

Hard and fast rule in my house: never work for Cirrus. (Source). June 20, 2023

[quote=Rousseau] There is a reason why a great many seasoned shopper refrains from accepting shops from Cirrus. (Source). June 02, 2023

January 31st and you were sending a reminder since you have not received payment and the payment date has passed and you should have received it on May 5 per Cirrus guidelines. (Source). June 02, 2023

There is a reason why a great many seasoned shopper refrains from accepting shops from Cirrus. (Source). June 02, 2023

[/quote] I haven't shopped them in awhile but it used to be the same manual invoice you send every month for payment of all shops done. From their website: INVOICE Submission: invoice@cirrusmktg. (Source). June 01, 2023