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Confero Pay Issues Resolved

I am sorry to say as of today I have to put Confero on the not paying as agreed list. Unfortunately they are not responding to emails. They have partial paid for the last several pay periods. My 30+ years of shopping experience tells me they are in financial trouble... Continue Reading

Confero Pay Issues

This was also addressed in another thread but it may get lost due to the title being too general. Is anyone having pay issues with Confero? I have and Iím concerned because of the lack of communication that there may be issues on the horizon. I am trying to get... Continue Reading

Confero payments

Has anyone had an issue with Conferoís payment from jobs submitted at the end of September? And has anyone had issue with receiving payments today? I canít get Confero to answer me.... Continue Reading

Confero Password Reset ?!

Has anyone else taken a break from shopping, only to come back and find your Confero account has been deactivated? I hope not. From The Beginning: I tried creating an account with my email address, and found out I already had one, last used probably 7 or so years ago. I tried resetting... Continue Reading

Confero grocery shops

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I am getting an error message when I try to log in to the website that I have always used. Does anyone else have an issue?... Continue Reading

Confero Payment Issues

Is anyone having trouble getting payment from them after the shops on their new platform? Received an e-mail on Oct 21 that they ran into delays with the new system and were working on it that day. I still haven't been paid. I see the scheduler has more but I... Continue Reading

Confero Burrito Rewards Shop

I did one of these with a reimbursement of $18. After the requirements of doubling the "protein" at $3.49 for sirloin steak, and added queso or guacamole, it cost $19.76. Easy shop, easy report. But if they had charged me extra for the guacamole I asked for per the guidelines.?... I got... Continue Reading

Confero is ADDING the Shop Metrics platform in addition to their Sassie platform!

I just went to sign in on Confero, and saw a statement that they are adding Shop Metrics to their shopping platforms. I had no idea!! Did anyone else??? They recommend that any interested shopper register on the Shop Metrics platform as well, so I did. They state there are... Continue Reading

Did Ipsos Just Buy Confero Too? Or Just Their Schedulers?

I've got a phone number in my phone as "Dave, confero" I just got a text from "Kate with Ipsos" wanting me to do a bonused shop 100 miles from me. Last time I accepted this shop and built a route around it they canceled the shop because they apparently... Continue Reading

Trouble with Confero

I have shopped with Confero for many years and have never had a problem with payment. Except now. I did a shop for them in December 2021 and realized I had never been paid when I did a similar shop for them in June of this year. Once I realized... Continue Reading

Confero 1099

Does Confero mail out their 1099s or do we need to access a digital copy somewhere? I don't believe I received one from them but I should have. Thanks. Nevermind, Confero called me back and confirmed that they do not send them. Not sure how to delete this.... Continue Reading

Confero Slow Review

Did a recycling shop mid March. Still not graded/reviewed. Anyone else have this going on with Confero?... Continue Reading

Confero paying weekly?

Has anyone seen shop emails saying Confero is paying Weekly this month? If so do you have any idea what day they are paying?... Continue Reading

Confero non-responsiveness

Has anyone had a problem getting ANYONE at Confero to respond to your messages? I have written no less than 20 messages to them asking why I am no longer being assigned to shops. They simply ignore my messages. The shops I apply for are still posted... Continue Reading

Confero Rating Question

This topic appeared in 2010: The did a slew of shops for Confero that were short and easy. I got 10s for the first few then 8s. I asked the reviewer what happened. She said that they reserve 10s for more difficult shops. I don't know why she originally gave... Continue Reading

Confero reward shops

These were recently referenced in a different thread. I haven't done one in two years as the fees never get high enough to lure me and the restaurants shopped aren't places I'd normally go. However, one was offered for a call-in order at a Tex/Mex eatery that happened to be... Continue Reading

Suggestions: 15 Weeks and I haven't been paid by Confero

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Confero Payment

Anyone miss the payment for this cycle? Iíve emailed the payment email several times with no response. Iíve also called several times and their number has them closed before their ďclosing timeĒ listed in the recording. Times when Iíve gotten through has always led to voicemails on every option selected.... Continue Reading

Confero payment

I have not been paid for my October shops yet ... has anybody else?... Continue Reading

Confero Payment

Did anyone receive payment yet for shops completed in the second half of September? The last payment memo said those shops were set to be paid on 11/10 - 11/15. Still waiting for that payment and was hoping it would come today as it's the 15th. The... Continue Reading


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Signed up with Confero but available shops require 7 rating and they start you off with a 5

Wondering how I can ever sign up for a job with Confero? This is the first time Iíve seen one of their jobs on the Presto App. I applied, and it had me sign up with them. I did so, and then it said I was rejected because I donít... Continue Reading

Confero celebrating 33 year anniversary with 33 days of giving.

I recently read an article posted by Elaine Buxton, CEO of Confero that the MSC is celebrating its 33 year anniversary with 33 days of giving. The article didn't exactly state what type of giving the MSC intended on performing. Can anyone from Confero clarify? Would any of this giving... Continue Reading

Confero report ratings

I've done a few shops for Confero that involve on the spot rewards. I follow all of the guidelines and Fed-Ex unused gift cards the same day. I keep getting rated an 8 out of 10 with no explanation. Hes this happened to anyone else who has... Continue Reading

Need Confero Contact

Does anyone have a Confero contact. I rescheduled a shop and received email that it was moved with 7/26 due date. Shop was not moved and I need to complete the report. This shop required out of pocket $. Shop is currently posted on the site. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Confero Theater Age Compliance

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Confero has popular cold sub client listed

A number of locations were listed about a week ago. Most are still available in my area. Fee and reimbursement. Unfortunately the locations are not convenient for me to get too. This is in the DC Metro area. I did not search further out. This is a Fast Casual shop, no... Continue Reading

Confero car wash

I'm on the east coast. Confero used to have a car wash shop that I would do 3 or 4 times a year. It's been about a year since I've seen the shop posted. Does anyone have any insight as to why they are no longer being shopped? I miss... Continue Reading

Confero Payments

Has anyone received payments from Confero for shops done in December 15-31? It says "Paid on 2/11/19" in my shopper log but I still haven't received any of the payments into my PayPal.... Continue Reading

Confero Compass, Late Approval of job

I was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them with Confero Compass. I did a home improvement store job for $32 on Monday, submitted it Monday night and normally the next day I have some minor corrections to the report. Well this time, it still has not been approved... Continue Reading

Confero payment

I noticed on the list that Confero pays out at different times, depending on what time of the month you did your shop, however, on my shop log, it has all of the shops that i did in late October, early November and late November as "pending". Just curious... Continue Reading


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Do Confero Editors knoweth that a grade of 10 exists?

I have been with Confero for a few years now and have decided to part ways. I contract now for 32 different MSPs, am employed by one as an editor and help assist with scheduling when needed. Throughout my career as a Mystery Shopper, I have written reports that required minimal... Continue Reading

Who do I email about a shop on Confero's job board?

There is a tech shop on Confero's job board. However, I don't see a listed scheduler for this shop, as I have several questions before I apply. Who do I send my email to?... Continue Reading


Anyone experiencing late payment for September shops? Unless something changed, the pay policy states "25th of month following."... Continue Reading

Confero -- Ugh!

Remembering today why I haven't done work for them in several years. Every time I agree to one of their prize award shops, there's a problem getting the prizes. I live in the middle of nowhere. It takes FedEx, UPS, and the USPS extra time to get packages to... Continue Reading


I had signed up to do a shop for them where I would give a reward to the employee. They were going to send me the package with the rewards in it. 2 days before the shop was due I emailed the scheduler and told her I had not received... Continue Reading

Did Confero Get Blown Away With The Hurricane?

I've e-mailed my schedulers via Sassie and via Gmail and called Confero's (800) 326-3880 number to leave a message. I have a guidelines question on my big-box office supply shop and a survey-completing shop for the three-month movie shop. Different schedulers for each category. No one's gotten... Continue Reading

Retail shops from Confero

Am I the only one who pigged out on these this afternoon when they were released? I took my max. Easiest shop ever. I already did one. That's a ton of free stuff for places that I am driving right by (thanks for the huge window).... Continue Reading

CONFERO - I just got my FIRST "10" !!!!

I can't believe it!! I am dumbfounded!!! I actually got my FIRST EVER "10" from a Confero grocery shop I did yesterday!! I've worked so hard on these in the past, and have always gotten an "8".....they must have a new editor haha!! Anyhow, since there have been many threads... Continue Reading

Confero movie concession shops

I've got one of these scheduled for today and I have a concern. The input form gives a time frame of after 12 pm. I have to be there at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the movie. The movie I want to see has... Continue Reading

Confero Oil Change Shop - How long for edit & approve?

Hi all, it's my first time shopping with Confero, I was wondering if anyone could share their experience on how long to expect before the shop is either approved or edited with questions/comments or anything? The shop was "completed" and submitted for about 5 days now and I have heard... Continue Reading

Confero. Missing $1200. What Next? (Pending)

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Confero-Early October shops

Should I have been paid yet for these??... Continue Reading

Confero---did they pay this month yet?

Thanks.... Continue Reading


Not sure if their payments are high or not... Continue Reading

Confero: missing Prize tests

I attempted to apply for some of their recent "on-the-spot" opportunities. The required tests are not available???... Continue Reading

Confero - Locations?

I saw a post on Facebook about movie theater mystery shops with Confero. I was wondering if anyone knows the areas they cover? Specifically, I am near North Fort Worth, TX, and I shop only in areas close to that area in Tarrant County. Does Confero have... Continue Reading

Confero Movie Shop: Feature Fare

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Confero Payment

Anyone get paid from them last week on the 11th? I'm getting a reply that they transmitted it via Paypal but something is wrong and they will "issue" - same as what happened with them 2 months ago. I've had the same Paypal account for 18 years... Continue Reading

Confero Business Cards Shop

I noticed Confero has an assignment for a large office supply company in which you have to order business cards online. They reimburse $10, but when I looked at the website the cards start off at $14.99. Does that mean they won't pay the full $14.99 amount? I'm... Continue Reading


are shops from confer easy or hard... Continue Reading

Confero payment issues?

I did a shop for Confero at the end of May. Supposedly payment was processed on the 10th to my PayPal account but it's not showing up. I've sent a message to the shopper payment link via email. Does anyone have a phone number for the company or is anyone... Continue Reading


I missed a shop. I applied for one last night for today. I checked my all day because I knew I had applied for shops and wanted to make sure I didn't miss any. Apparently they didn't email me. I received another email from them about open shops but nothing... Continue Reading

Confero Reveal Shops

The reveal shops are just sitting on the Confero job board. I have a feeling it is due to the fact that the shopper must be home to sign for the Fed Ex package of rewards. I have done these in the past and just printed off the materials from... Continue Reading

Confero Payment - should I have it by now?

I have several shops that have been marked "paid" for 1/25, but I still have no payment in my payment account. Is this normal for Confero or should I have my payment already?... Continue Reading

Getting in touch with Confero

I've been trying to get in touch with Confero about rescheduling a (self-assigned) shop date. I originally had the shop scheduled for yesterday but realized the date broke one of the guidelines so I am making an attempt to reschedule it for a different day. I sent them an email yesterday... Continue Reading

Confero Payments

I have just about had it with companies listing your fees as PAID but no money is in Paypal and no email from the MSC.. Anyone else with 11/10 Payment from Confero?... Continue Reading

When you just can't get that "10" from Confero.

There's a car wash shop I've completed three times in the last year. Each time I feel like I'll get a "10" but I've only ever gotten "8's", with no explanation about why they knocked off two points. Since I've always been paid without issue, I don't want to pester... Continue Reading

Confero scheduler can't read?

The email states "must be completed October 7th or 8th. I apply on the 7th and in the comments "I need to know by 3:00 pm CST" so 5:30 pm I get assigned the shop for October 10th. Guess they don't like following guidelines (mine or theirs). "Ha, I... Continue Reading

Confero shop cancelled?

Never did a shop for them. Signed up to accept 1 shop. It was subsequently cancelled. Is this common for them? I just read about their late payments, so not too concerned, just curious.... Continue Reading

Confero - Late payment no response

Hi everyone. Has anyone received their payment for confero for this month? Their payment policy states I should have been paid on or around the 10th, my shop log indicates I was paid on the Monday the 12th, 3-5 days paypal means that at the latest I should have received... Continue Reading

Confero August payment

My shop log says I was paid by Confero on 8/25 and but I haven't seen the funds in Paypal yet. Did anyone else have this issue? My previous payment was dated 7/11 on the log and I got the money on 7/12. I hate having to chase down money... Continue Reading


I go in search of jobs, and find a movie house with dinner and drink (newest thing in L.A.) I want it, read instructions and the age requirement is up to 31 years old. Pardon me, I'm a huge movie buff, so, now I'm to old to... Continue Reading

Confero shop at non-existent address

I checked with police and residents and drove around endlessly. The street name does not exist and GPS can't find it. Google doesn't even have the company listed. Telephone voicemail is vague, no name. I emailed both schedulers three times today and no reply. Am I crazy??? Sure as the... Continue Reading

Confero recorded phone call shops

Has anyone done one of these? I did one yesterday. I followed the instructions using the telephone number and codes I was given and after entering the information, the automated system stated "Your call will now be recorded". Well, it didn't. I feel as though part of... Continue Reading

Kudos to Aileen Mize of Confero

This female is the bomb! She has always been helpful no matter what dumb question I have asked of her. Arranged a needed date for me and changed other dates. She has a sense of humor and a serious side. Thank you Aileen!!!... Continue Reading

Confero: website security certificate expired. ARRGHH! Anyone else having a problem filling out reports?

So I have had a hell of a time attempting to fill out my shop report. Confero has let their security certificate expire, so I haven't been able to upload photos or receipts. I believe this has happened before with Confero. It is odd because I logged on earlier and everything... Continue Reading

Confero November 25th pay

Has anyone had problems getting paid from Confero? On my shop log it says I was paid and I have no record of it in my bank or pay pal for the 25th. What is very odd is that my boyfriend did a shop the same day with me in... Continue Reading

Confero "Business Cards" Shop

Did anyone try to do this shop? That option is no longer available. I contacted the MSC to let them know & am waiting on their response.... Continue Reading

Who do I contact at Confero?

I have a shop that was "Completed" on 7/28, but was never marked "Received" and has not yet been paid. They have not sent me any communication about this shop. On top of that, I have done shops since then that have been "Received" and since been paid. I contacted Confero via... Continue Reading

Confero---Anybody get paid yet?

Anyone get paid from Confero this month?... Continue Reading

Confero shops from March not finalized

I have some shops from March that are still "completed" in the shop log, rather than "received." It looks like they haven't even been reviewed yet, and payment was due on the 10th. Anyone else having an issue with them? I used the Help/Contact link to send them a message... Continue Reading

Anyone a Confero Shopper? And may I ask why?

I have some Confero shops in my area, but I would have to sign their service agreement which includes the following: "5. Restrictive Covenant. Shopper may provide his/her independent shopper services to other companies which compete with Confero. However, for two years after acceptance of any assignment for Confero, Shopper will... Continue Reading

Confero Furniture Shop

Can anyone tell me about the report for the Confero furniture shop? Could not find anything in "search". Thanks!... Continue Reading

Got deactivated today (Confero)

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I am looking for the phone number or email address to contact the accounting office of Confero. I may have not been paid for several shops I did in Sept. and would like to contact them to verify. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Any info please (Confero)

I have signed up with Confero. Since I'm just getting started with Mystery Shopping this is the only one at this time. Trying to get my feet wet first before diving in headlong. Has anyone had been with them? Has there been any problems with them? Thanks ya'll... Continue Reading

Frustration with Confero

Edit: Finally, they got in touch with me and everything is settled.... Continue Reading

Nonpayment from Confero

Hi there, Does anyone have a direct dial number for the Accounting Department with Confero? They are not replying to emails addressed to or the telephone message left at their general number.... which is terribly rude and unprofessional ...... And I would like to get paid.... Continue Reading


Hello, I am new to Mystery Shopping, has anyone had any issues with Confero? I was scheduled to do two shops on my vacation, so they were to fed ex my prizes to a location on my way, I received one set of prizes but someone mistakenly sent the other... Continue Reading


I am extremely frustrated with this MSC. I will not accept assignments from them going forward. I have 4 invoices that are now 74 days old. I have sent inquiries to the and all I have received are automated responses. the responses indicated that if your problem is solved... Continue Reading

Confero Telephone Training

I was just assigned a couple of ff shops that require telephone training via a conference call. I have done this before with Confero but this time there was no information provided as to the number to call, etc. They only provided two call dates with times, one... Continue Reading

Air Duct Cleaing via Confero Compass through Summit Scheduling

Has anyone completed an Air Duct Cleaning Service mystery shop offered from Confero? The shop pays for a $100 air duct cleaning service. I'm hesitant since I completed a carpet cleaning service through another company and never received payment. They even had me buy special insurance to mail them the... Continue Reading

Watch out for Confero!!!!

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WTH Confero???

I have done multiple shops for Confero and liked working for them. However...they requested parking receipts and I thought I was getting reimbursed for parking. My first payment comes and no reimbursement. I email the scheduler through the platform. No response. A week later, I email... Continue Reading

<< does anyone have the phone # to Confero?>>

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Anyone having trouble getting their payment. It shows on my log that I was paid on the 10th of February but have not received it. They are suppose to be reentering payment. I like the company and have never had problems before but was wondering if I should be worried.... Continue Reading

Payment Schedule for Confero Compass

Does anyone know how Confero Compass pays? I did shops for them in December 2013 and I haven't heard that payment was approved yet.... Continue Reading

Confero Payments

Does anyone happen to know off hand how quickly or what kind of schedule Confero pays at? Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading

Question about Confero's bank shops?

Looking for input on these bank shops. Are they easy, medium, hard, total PITA? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Confero FF Reward Shops

I just completed the new round where you need to buy 2 large combos. I made a mistake on the drive through and ordered a small combo, so don't know if I will get paid/reimbursed. The instructions say "please" order a large combo, not "required". I wrote... Continue Reading

Confero - purchase gift card, reimburse $1 ?

I'm so confused. I signed up for a Confero shop which stated that I would need to inquire about a reloadable Visa-type card and make a "small" purchase, which would be reimbursed $1. The shop pay is $8. I was thinking this would be at a gas... Continue Reading

Does Confero post only jobs on your job board if you have passed their quizes for that shop?

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Confero FF Test

Confero has another round of reward shops at a FF restaurant. I tried the test last night and got one wrong. I thought I read the instructions carefully and am wondering if there is a problem with the test or a trick question. As anyone else passed... Continue Reading


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Confero did it Again

Anyone else out there owed money for shops done in December that were due to be paid on February 10th? I have to fight every month to get paid. It is not worth it to me so I am through with them. I can make up the... Continue Reading

Confero Payment

Is anyone else showing a job as being Paid on the 26th but still not showing up in Paypal? They do not respond to my e-mails and I can never get anyone on the phone.... Continue Reading

Confero grades

Anyone ever get a 10 with Confero? I've done the same shop four times and gotten a 9 every time. The feedback says it was well written with little to no editing. It gives me no help in figuring out how to get a 10. It's the only company that... Continue Reading

Does Confero want a blood sample too? Jeez....

I've been shopping for over 2 years. I've probably done 1000+ shops for at least 20 companies. Last year I signed up with Confero. I haven't done any shops for them but recently signed up for an amusement park. Weeks went by and I never heard... Continue Reading

Confero recorded calls

I'm almost positive the last time I did a job with a pre call for Confero I was able to listen to it to complete my report. Does anyone know how to listen to your call or am I just losing my mind. I'm sure I went online and got a wave... Continue Reading

Confero E-mail Issue (Time Sensitive Help Needed)

This has been one helluva week for me and it is only Tuesday! First, a French client deletes my report. Second, I have been waiting all day for a reply from my scheduler regarding a conflict with a shop scheduled for today. I got no response. ... Continue Reading

Confero Payments?

Wow. Searched their whole site and Sassie interface and cannot find their pay schedule. Emailed the scheduler a week ago and no response! *sigh* Anyone dealt with them and have an idea of when I should expect payment for a job completed at the end of April? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Confero Payment

Confero says they paid me on 5/13/2012, however, I have not been paid. My paypal is current and working. The email address is also current. This is not a "paypal" issue. This has been my one and only job ever with them. Anyone else have pay issues?... Continue Reading

Very Rude Scheduler at Confero

I usually have great experiences with the folks at Confero, but I received a very rude email today from a scheduler who is under pressure to complete a round of alcohol compliance shops. I had volunteered for two shops and committed to conducting them, and then casually mentioned that... Continue Reading


Confero has many jobs in my area, but it's been a couple years since I've worked for them, any feedback...thanks.... Continue Reading

Confero payment

Anyone who has not been paid by Confero... Continue Reading

Confero payment

Does anyone work for Confero? I have payments pending from them from them since 4/25. Talked to accounting and was told payment had been sent to Paypal and they were holding payment. Talked to Paypal and was told that payment had not been sent to them. Anyone else having a... Continue Reading

Anyone else experience this problem signing into Confero

and other Sassie shops, but mostly Confero? I keep getting an error message saying I needed to enable Java. I already have Java enabled. I used to get it occasionally with Confero and maybe once or twice with some other Sassie shops. Now I get it with Confero everytime I... Continue Reading

Confero Rating Question

I've been signed up with Confero for quite some time, but just recently did shops for them. In the past 2 weeks, I've completed 6 shops and I have one left scheduled for this weekend. The first one was checked right away and I got a 10 on it. The last... Continue Reading


Have they closed their doors? Locked up shop and stiffed us Shoppers with unpaid jobs? I went to sign into their website to check on jobs and when to expect my money and I can't find a place to sign in--keeps saying oops the page you requested no... Continue Reading

Confero Inc.

This is for all of you who cant seem to find jobs. I got an e mail from CRI, a reputable mystery shopping company which I do a lot of work for. They said that they are looking for shoppers to help out Confero Inc. I did have to register... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Confero

Update: RESOLVED I received an email from Elaine Buxton, CEO of Confero. (Source). December 08, 2023

confero has not had a good track record of paying in a timely manner. (Source). December 05, 2023

Confero states they sent payments out 12/1/23 but itís not in my PayPal account. (Source). December 05, 2023

I am sorry to say as of today I have to put Confero on the not paying as agreed list. (Source). December 04, 2023

My payment wasn't posted until this afternoon. I was getting upset this morning because I have shops to work for Confero tomorrow. (Source). December 01, 2023

I am receiving emails from the schedules IPSOS and Confero without any problems. (Source). December 01, 2023

Update: Confero has paid me up to what was owed for this pay period. (Source). November 17, 2023

Update: Confero has paid me up to what was owed for this pay period. (Source). November 17, 2023

I've never had problems with Confero, but I've only done a sprinkling of shops for them over the years; they don't have much in my area. (Source). November 17, 2023

Is anyone having pay issues with Confero? (Source). November 17, 2023