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"The Consumer Insight" website went down!

The website went down as I was entering in my report! Now, what am I supposed to do?! "Service Check" is also down. Looks like it is the Sassie platform that is down.... Continue Reading

consumer insight are they hard

consumer insight shop in a big box store are they hard... Continue Reading

The Consumer Insight it just me?

Am I the only one to experience this, or is it a widespread issue? TCI is a Sassie platform. I did three assignments yesterday, which went well, until I had to report. I saved as I went. In the first report, I got the dreaded "you must update Adobe... Continue Reading

Consumer Insight Home Improvement Project

Has anyone signed up and/or completed part of the 11-week Home Improvement project offered by Consumer Insight? There's a few locations near to me and they just got bonused for the duration of the project, so I'm considering it, but thought I'd see if anyone had any input. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Consumer Insight....Info Needed Please

After checking through the Search feature, all posts for Consumer Insight that I could find were closed, so I had to start this one. Can anyone tell me if Consumer Insight still uses the Sassie platform?? I ask because even when checking for jobs through the whole US, there isn't a... Continue Reading

Consumer Insight vs Customer Eyes

I've done a few shops for Consumer Insight and now when I log in, it immediately goes to Customer Eyes. When I enter my email address, it says there is no such email on file. Does anyone have another link to log in to Consumer Insight?... Continue Reading

Consumer Insight Paid in Just 11 days :D

What a pleasant thing. Did a shop on 9/29, got paid 10/9. Awesome!... Continue Reading

Consumer Insight Payment

Has everyone/anyone received their September 24th payment this month? My past payments have come earlier than the 24th and today is the 25th and I haven't yet received it. I really couldn't find an email to contact regarding this except an admin. If anyone knows exactly who... Continue Reading

THE CONSUMER INSIGHT: Your valued feedback please

So how are they to shop for please??? Thanks Much... Continue Reading

The Consumer Insight

Hello, Any feedback on the Consumer Insight company? I did a search, but could find any info. Tnx... Continue Reading

Late payment from TCI (The consumer insight)

Did anyone else not get paid on 11/10/14? They usually pay like clockwork on the 10th and the 25th unless it's on a weekend. I sent an e-mail which was acknowledged, but haven't received an explanation.... Continue Reading

Consumer Insights - sign up sheet for cell phone shops

I received an email from Consumer Insights stating that they will be starting a new program involving signing up for new service or adding on to an existing cell phone account. It states that if you're interested you need to sign up, and it gives you a link. ... Continue Reading

The Consumer Insight-Anyone Heard of this Company?

I did a Google and could not find anything. They are offering me 2 shops that are about 75 miles away. Said pay was 12 plus 28 bonus. I think if it sounds too good to be true it is.... Continue Reading

The Consumer Insight and Retail Insight - Same MSC?

I belong to a mystery shopping job board that sends me jobs offers from many MSCs all on the same board. The following job listing is posted below. I removed the client name and shortened some of the shop details. I am a bit confused because the posting refers... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Consumer Insight / TROC / The Retail Outsourcing Company

Its a small list, please share any that you may have. 360 Intel Alta 360 ACP A Closer Look Amusement Advantage Anne Michaels ath Power BES Bare BMA Business Solutions Confero Consumer Insights CSE Customer 1st Customer Impact Custom Risk Solutions Customer Service Profiles Dyn. (Source). February 25, 2019

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I am pretty sure they didn't do anyone wrong in their very short and painful lives.[/quote] These atrocities are some of the effects of other people's unlearned lessons. (Source). September 05, 2018

In RL, Lerner has documented recent African historical atrocities. (Source). August 14, 2018

so have drive there again, grr to knock this one out on Saturday, thankfully the deadline is flexible on these, crossing fingers that the traffic on Saturday won't be as atrocious. (Source). August 04, 2018

I was talking with a friend about this recently and people have survived some of the worst atrocities that humankind can endure without choosing to end their lives early. (Source). June 15, 2018

........[/quote] Yeah, those pesky equal rights are a b-itch.[/quote] I completely agree. It's atrocious that women can drive. (Source). June 05, 2018

Plus, it's very hard to get one assigned to you. I had applied for like 10 of them since then and got nothing.[/quote] Your grammar is atrocious. (Source). June 02, 2018

consumer insight shop in a big box store are they hard (Source). April 27, 2018

BTW, after Gigspot recovered from its rocky start, it was fine for many months. But I just did a shop where the broswer site committed a wide range of atrocities unpredictably for several days. (Source). April 24, 2018