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Consumer Perspectives?

I am adding some new MSCs to my list using the Official List. I attempted to sign up for Consumer Perspectives using the website provided, and Will Tomlinson responded via e-mail stating that the company does not do mystery shopping. Is there a MSC called Consumer Perspectives? ... Continue Reading

Consumer Perspectives

Should this be Customer Perspectives?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Consumer Perspectives

I have been trying to contact Ryan at KSS for HS Brand and Measure Consumer Perspectives about payment for a shop completed in Aug 2019 (and rated 10/10!) but haven't received a response. (Source). October 20, 2019

However, HS Brands has bought out other MSC's. The worst that I have come across is MCP (Measure Consumer Perspectives). (Source). September 12, 2019

If you go to their login page, but before logging in, scroll all the way down. This also applies to Measure Consumer Perspectives (MCP), as HS Brands bought them out. (Source). September 09, 2019

I kinda wish we would all boycott HS Brands and Measure Consumer Perspectives until they pay the first week of the month following the shop at the very latest - which is the longest wait I have with companies I do shops for. (Source). August 27, 2019

I actually feel sorry for the scheduler who does not work for HS Brands/Measure Consumer Perspectives. (Source). August 18, 2019

Curiously I got a PayPal for my Measure Consumer Perspective May shops but still nothing for the HS Brands which I get via direct deposit. (Source). August 16, 2019

Of those, probably more than 100 were for Measure Consumer Perspectives (the new Sassie site does not list previous shops). (Source). July 29, 2019

I have found it quite disappointing that HS and MCP (Measure Consumer Perspectives - which was bought by HS) cannot pay their shoppers within a decent amount of time. (Source). July 22, 2019

OMG this is Measure Consumer Perspectives, too? (Source). July 18, 2019

It pays well, but somehow I feel anxious about it. Thank you for any thoughts. Measure Consumer Perspective[/quote] I did one a few weeks ago. (Source). April 12, 2019