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Consumer Research Group

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Opinions on Consumer Research Group

Hi all. Has anyone done a shop for Consumer Research Group lately? I find their approach unique. They send up to 3 emails dependent upon if you get the job but it took them over 1 month to assign the shop to me. I am trying to... Continue Reading

CRG Consumer Research Group -- Late Pay Again

Yet again, I have not received payment in a timely manner from CRG (Consumer Research Group). Is anyone else experiencing very late payments from them? Or am I just the lucky Bingo winner every single time? Does anyone know what the deal is? Pay for (early) March shops should have... Continue Reading

Is CRG still around?

I did a monthly job for this company for several years then they dried up. This one shop was the only one I ever saw on their site. Kind of miss it as I got a lot of great stuff out of them. They go under various names like CRG... Continue Reading

CRG Payments?

I withdraw the question. That's all it was, people -- a question.... Continue Reading

CRG shopper or CRG proshopper

I'm a bit confused about CRG. It seems to me that there are a number of companies that all use the CRG name. I'm trying to figure out which one is real? I shop in the midwest and have been working with a company called CRG. ... Continue Reading

Consumer Research Group - David Harley (HR Personnel)

Has anyone had any contact with this person or the company? He sent me a large check and I'm supposed to do one shop and send the rest of the check by Western Union to an address in China. (less a $300 commission to me). It almost... Continue Reading

CRG - Consumer Research Group

Howdy. Has anyone heard or done business with this company? CRG - Consumer Research Group Thanks... Continue Reading

Can I Please Get Contact information for CRG?

Can anyone please provide me with an email or telephone number to contact CRG (Consumer Research Group)? I've done four shops for them - all of them 4-6 months ago - and I have not been paid for any of them. I'd like to check in with them to see... Continue Reading

Consumer Research Group

Anyone ever heard of CRG? I couldn't locate anything searching this forum.... Continue Reading

Consumer Research Group????

Does anyone know anything about Consumer Research Group? I just started mystery shopping in October and I've done 166 shops so far. I received an e-mail about grocery shops in my area and responded from Consumer Research Group. I did one grocery shop for them. They don't post any... Continue Reading

Consumer Research Group?

Has anyone had trouble recently getting paid by Consumer Research Group (CRG)?? I have always been paid on time, the month following the shops -- usually around the 20-25th of the month after the shops are completed. However, I'm still waiting on payment from August shops and haven't... Continue Reading

Consumer Research Group

Has anyone ever did any shops for Consumer Research Group? I dont one the end of June and they owe me 31.00 and I have sent them 4 emails with now response.... Continue Reading

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[quote=roflwofl] [quote=JASFLALMT] CRG has left the building. (Source). October 27, 2017

[quote=JASFLALMT] CRG has left the building. (Source). July 29, 2017

CRG has left the building. (Source). July 29, 2017

[quote=CRG] You might be surprised how much of that is inaccurate. (Source). July 26, 2017

CRG, there is no game to be played. (Source). July 18, 2017

CRG, Letmestartbysaying,whenIdidoneparticularfastfoodmysteryshopmyfirsttime(aneasyshop),Ialmoststoppeddoingthis,thinkingtherearejusttoomanythingstoremember. (Source). July 18, 2017

@CRG, let me offer some perspective. (Source). July 18, 2017