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Count On Us

Does anyone have any current information on this MSC? The forum only has one thread, from 2010, and no one seemed to have much information on them, even those who were signed up with them. When I go to the website, I click the link for new shopper sign up. It... Continue Reading

Count On Us

Is anybody here familiar with this company? Do they have an online job board? Any feeback?... Continue Reading

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Perhaps they should change their name to Count On Us But Not Our Website? (Source). January 02, 2015

When I go to the website, I click the link for new shopper sign up. It then takes you to a new page that says, "please visit http://www.ucountonus. (Source). January 02, 2015

These all seem to have working sign ups: C3 Capstone Research Corporate Insiders - MSPA member Count On Us Cross Financial Group - MSPA member Devon Hill Associates Also, there appears to be two companies with the name Consumer Research Group, but only one on the semi-final list: www. (Source). December 10, 2014

com/ Consumer Research Group / CRG Consumer Service Analysis CoRI (see Stericycle) Corporate Insiders website: Corporate Risk Solutions (see Asset Protection Associates) Count On Us website: http://www.ucountonus. (Source). December 08, 2014

Not much chance now. I suppose he learned at least one thing from this - he can't count on us. (Source). May 17, 2014

They count on us to be "professionals" who stand by our word despite their lack of professionalism and, dare I say, ethics. (Source). September 30, 2013

...PAY WHEN YOU ARE SUPPOSED to.......some people DO count on every $$ just as the companies count on us to do our part. (Source). November 29, 2012

They trust us and count on us, just don't respect us enough pay us or respond to e-mails about payment. (Source). August 06, 2012

Hello all, Has anyone heard of Count On Us mystery shopping company? (Source). July 17, 2012