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Did HS Brands Hire Some Coyle Editors?

I've been doing valet shops for HS Brands for at least 7 years now picking up on average 2 a month. They lost one client close to me. I used to do about 3 per month. The last shop was returned with " Please remember all NO answers do require explanations... Continue Reading

Have not been reimbursed by Coyle

Hi, I completed an evaluation in April. It was approved and I received a Pay Statement. However, it is now June and nothing has been sent to my PayPal. Is Coyle usually late? (Iíve emailed today already)... Continue Reading


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The title kinda says it all. Has anyone done these? I have no interest, I won't even do a phone shop for $4. Update -- just looked at the shop finally and it appears you have to look for a particular brand and there is an up to $14.95 reimbursement IF... Continue Reading

Coyle - pending validation

I recently did my first two shops with Coyle. One that I did on April 1st is still "pending validation" - which I assume means the report hasn't been accepted yet. Is it typical for Coyle to take this long to review reports?... Continue Reading

Searching for Assignments on Coyle

Hi, I'm new to Coyle and trying to figure out their search engine. I'm not sure if I just haven't learnt to use it properly yet, but it seems very difficult to filter down the opportunities that match my requirements. Here are my issues: - City name: I want to find... Continue Reading

Accessing Coyle reports before date of assignment

Many companies do not have their reports accessible until the day of the actual visit, even if there are things to report beforehand, like reservations, pre-visit calls, etc. Usually, I ask if I can access my report earlier, as I like to enter as much as I can before the... Continue Reading

Coyle Medical Care Shops

I've done multiple locations for Coyle at their medical clinic client. I've always made appointments so I would not be stuck waiting for hours. I stupidly took one yesterday that said I could not make an appointment as they wanted to evaluate the walk in experience. I built a route around... Continue Reading

Will Coyle ever increase their pay?

I understand pay is based on market dynamics and if someone is willing to spend 3-4 hours writing a report for $5, well good for them. However, lately I have been seeing several shops staying on the platform and they have been there for awhile. I am surprised the businesses... Continue Reading

Coyle Evaluation Feedback

I did a restaurant shop about two weeks ago with Coyle. I received an email from the editor asking me a few additional questions about my shop. I know see that my shop is set to be paid next month. But my question is, does Coyle email... Continue Reading

Coyle Head-scratcher

I completed a shop for Coyle, and the editor asked for one revision. I did this and resubmitted the shop. Today I look at the Pay History and there are two entries, one "Counter Service Evaluation" and one "Counter Service Evaluation v2", both same location with the same pay, both Pending... Continue Reading

Coyle Scorecard- where do I find it?

I finished my first Coyle mystery shop in August. I was approved for payment, but I can't find where my scorecard is? Does it take longer than payout approval?... Continue Reading

Coyle rotation

Is Coyle still "once per lifetime" with its rotation? I wonder if that even applies to their current cookie shops...... Continue Reading

Coyle Self-Assign!

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Coyle Food and Beverage Shops

How detailed or thorough are the Coyle F&B shops? I see a dessert one but I would hate to apply and have to complete over 100 questions for a $12 reimbursement. Coyle used to say how many questions were on the survery before you apply but I don't... Continue Reading

Coyle Restaurant Shops

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Coyle Urgent Care Shops

Has anyone done one of these? They ask you to go in with an ailment and evaluate the urgent care facility and treatment. The fee is a MAO type thing up to about $65 or so the e-mail said. You will also be reimbursed for the visit and lab costs... Continue Reading

Coyle: Will they come back post-coronavirus?

I'm so sad. I was terrified of Coyle... I finally accept a show. January or Feb. Realize their schedulers are wonderful. The questions aren't as scary as I realized. The experiences are fantastic! And now, I wonder, will they ever bring back restaurant shops and others? I know no one... Continue Reading

Coyle payments March 2020

Hello. Has anyone been paid this month by Coyle for February 2020 visits? Thanks... Continue Reading

Coyle hospitality shops

I am an experienced German shopper and have been shopping lots of restaurants and a few (rather sinmple) hotels in Germany. But I could never perform a mystery check for Coyle in Germany yet - unfortunately the only one I found had an age restriction... We will go to the... Continue Reading

Coyle - declining assignments?

Does Coyle keep track of assignments that I decline after being assigned (but before accepting)? I try hard not to flake on assignments I have accepted, but occasionally I will get a new pending assignment for a date I can no longer do and don't have time to reschedule. Will... Continue Reading

Coyle pending validation

Are your Coyle shops getting approved? I completed one, and it was marked "ok for pay" after three days. Another shop has been marked "pending validation" for 20 days. I emailed Coyle support and asked if they needed any additional information, etc, and they said no. Has this ever... Continue Reading

Payment From Coyle

Does anyone know how Coyle pays shoppers? (check, direct deposit, PayPal...)... Continue Reading

Coyle hotel with kids

I want to go to Orlando with my mum and my 2 children. Is it possible to have hotel night stay with Coyle for all of us? Or is it only for 2 adults?... Continue Reading


I was intimidated to do Coyle dinner shops. (I'm an intermediate shopper, been doing it a few years but know there's many who are more veteran than me!) And I've been delightfully surprised. The schedulers have been very accommodating to change dates and responsive. When they have questions on the... Continue Reading

Coyle Hotel - 2 Night Stay, Not All-inclusive

I asked this question of the Coyle scheduler and got a response that had nothing to do with my question other than stating that the specific requirements would be sent to me after shop acceptance..... I've emailed back asking the same question again, worded differently, but.... I'm wondering... Continue Reading

Does Coyle have an Appeal Process?

I did 2 reviews back-to-back, followed identical methodology on both, and on the one with the more expensive budget (and a bar component), I went into much more detail and spent 2x as much time on it, but got 75, while the one with less effort got me a 100. I... Continue Reading

Is there a secret to getting your first Coyle shop?

..or am I just unlucky?. I've applied for 5 phone shops that require making a reservation at a hotel restaurant. I am not local to the hotel but the information does not indicate that is a requirement. I see several of the same shop still on the board... Continue Reading

My 1st Coyle shop....did I screw up?

After shopping for 8 years I was finally assigned a Coyle shop at an upscale restaurant in a hotel. It was for breakfast. The instructions state that one person has to order the buffet and another person has to order a medium-priced item off the menu. I... Continue Reading

Coyle: Shop pending validation even though I received a shop report grade

I got an email yesterday with my shop report grade. I got 100% on the report. I checked Coyle today and the shop was still marked as "Pending Validation." Is it normal for a Coyle shop to be still marked as "Pending Validation" after receiving a shop report grade from... Continue Reading

Coyle-Will They Ever Give Me Another Eval?! D report.

Long story short: I performed my first evaluation with Coyle-a restaurant an hour from my home. It was written in the guidelines that I should not excessively be taking notes on my phone but exact quotes are required! Lo and behold, I was awarded a 65% for my eval. Now, some... Continue Reading

Coyle hotel loyalty shops

These may be new shops, or maybe I just haven't noticed them before. How long does the elite status upgrade for the shop last? I did a Marriott elite loyalty shop for another MSC in 9/17 and because of the merger, my upgraded platinum status became titanium, which I am... Continue Reading

Coyle bonus pay issue

Hi. I completed a parking shop with a bonus at the end of August with Coyle. My assignment is marked as "ok to pay" but it's not at the bonus rate. So far, I've emailed three separate entities at Coyle about correcting this but not received a response. I've sent... Continue Reading

Coyle since new policy

Those of you who shop for Coyle, what has it been like for you now that they have the "one and done" policy for the restaurants? We have shopped all of the local restaurant clients that we are interested in, so I have not completed a Coyle shop in... Continue Reading

VAT numbers Albatross CX and Coyle Hospitality

My activity as a mystery shopper is subject to VAT, so I need the address and sales tax number of the paying office for invoicing. Does anyone know the data for the European offices of Albatross CX and Coyle Hospitality?... Continue Reading

Coyle Hospitality rotation question

I took a break from mystery shopping and have come back to it after about a year's hiatus. I used to do heavy work with Coyle in New York, where they have a LOT of restaurants. It used to be you could do any one of their restaurants roughly once... Continue Reading

Restaurant Shops with Coyle

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Being blown off by Coyle?

I've applied for more then 30 Coyle shops and gotten zero shops except for one earlier this month. Some that I applied for appear to not get assigned to anyone. I emailed them and no response either. Should I write them off or they just flaky? I've gotten good scores... Continue Reading

Being blown off by Coyle?

I've applied for more then 30 Coyle shops and gotten zero shops except for one earlier this month. Some that I applied for are appear to not get assigned to anyone. Should I write them off or they just flaky?... Continue Reading

Pending validation Coyle shop

I know their editors can get backed up and validation can take a while, but I've never had a shop sit for 12 days before. Anyone else have a shop with Coyle taking a long time to edit right now?... Continue Reading

Another Coyle question: Travel fee

What's the most travel reimbursement you've received for domestic travel? I see the bid your travel often with their hotel shops. The shops I've applied for in the past usually stated the max a client will pay for transportation. However, what about the ones that doesn't? Say you're flying from Boston to... Continue Reading

Coyle Hospitality - Hotel Guest Experience Checklist?

Hey everyone I'm a newbie to Mystery Shopping (Be Gentle), however a veteran of Hotel Management. Coming from 14 years of senior hotel management in Australia, Canada and Indonesia. I'm currently looking at applying at Coyle for Customer Experience Mystery Shopping. I was wondering if someone can give me a heads... Continue Reading

Coyle Grading

A quick question - I received my first evaluation results from Coyle. My survey grading total was 100. Is this a good score?... Continue Reading

Coyle hotels

Been assigned a hotel. Guidelines seem very confusing. The guidelines say no f & b outlets at this particular property to review yet there are two on the survey. What about personal meals when at hotel, are they reimbursed? Please Coyle veterans guide me. Any feedback appreciated.... Continue Reading

Good first time experience with Coyle restaurant shop

I just received my first score with Coyle - a 93! I did get some follow up questions which I promptly answered. I spent around 4-5 hours split over 3 days on this report - around 1 hour on the phone portion, 1 hour the night of the dinner, and... Continue Reading

Coyle_shops not appearing on the list of open opportunities.

Hi There, I am receiving emails with the new opportunities from Coyle but when I log in, I do not always see them on the list of opportunities. I can find them when searching via Surveys though. Also filtering doesn't seem to work for me. I set my postal code and... Continue Reading

Coyle age restrictions question

For restaurant shops, has anyone had Coyle assign you a shop that you were older than the client's age range? I am turning 57 soon. One of their clients that I have shopped in the past has a maximum age of 55. I applied, including stating my age and asking for... Continue Reading

Coyle 2019 Luxury Travel Project

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Coyleís pay

Has anyone done the same shop for consecutive years? I got assigned for the same shop but the 2019ís pay is significantly lower than 2018ís. Anyone in the same boat?... Continue Reading

Can you actually enjoy a Coyle hotel shop?

Iím a-soon-to-be new Coyle shopper. Iíve been assigned two Coyle restaurant shops with $150+ reimbursements. Iíve been reading the forums and Coyleís resource center so I have an idea of how extensive the reports will be. Many people here also say that they do restaurant shops so they can ďgraduateĒ... Continue Reading

Coyle brow bar UK

UK MSs, Anyone who may be able to complete the brow bar assignment by the end of Apr, please let me know. I may have something interesting for you (I am a MS, not a Coyle employee).... Continue Reading

COYLE UK Brow bar assessment

UK MSs, Anyone who may be able to complete the brow bar assignment by the end of Apr, please let me know. I may have something interesting for you (I am a MS, not a Coyle employee).... Continue Reading

Coyle Assignment

I accepted my first fine dining assignment with Coyle. Tell me your favorite tips and tricks!... Continue Reading

Coyle Grading

I've shopped with Coyle for a few years now but still don't really understand their grading scale. There are two main areas that sick out: Survey Grading Total and Grading Total. I think the Grading Total is the actual grade achieved for the assignment while the Survey Grading total is the highest... Continue Reading

Coyle - loss due to exchange rate

I do Coyle Hospitality fine dining shops all over the world, payment in different currencies. They calculate an exchange rate that no bank pays and each time I am shortchanged. Infact I lose the measly $15 pay altogether. Anybody else have the same experience? What is the remedy? It's a... Continue Reading

Sorry Coyle-I'm out

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Does anyone know how Coyle assigns shops? I applied for a number of shops a few weeks ago for March and April. Nothing. I have done about thirty shops. I score a 100 on the reports. I do not understand their process. I can't keep... Continue Reading

This sounds like a Coyle shopper!

A mystery shopper was interviewed for a magazine: Continue Reading

Coyle Sign Up

Hi, everyone. How long after filling out the online form did you receive confirmation of your Coyle account? I submitted an application yesterday and havenít heard back. No worries if it takes time, but most companies are immediate so I wanted to check.... Continue Reading

Considering Coyle

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Coyle Report Tips

Hi everyone. I'll be performing my first shop for Coyle this week at a major airline's airport lounge. I'm a little a bit stressed out about the report after reading the posts here on the forum. I took a look at the sample narrative/report attached to the shop and it's... Continue Reading


Can someone please give me tips on searching open opportunies on Coyle? Their system is bringing up shops in India! Yet I tried 6 ways to Sunday to get local shops up by using zip or just state or a combo. Profile is correct. I am out of ideas. Mind... Continue Reading

Green Gas Stations With Coyle???

While performing a "Green" gas station inspection, I talked to a person who identified themselves as another mystery shopper. She saw me taking the photos and my name tag. She asked if I was doing the shop for the new company Coyle. Then she saw the old company's name on... Continue Reading

How to search Coyle?

Am I the only one who finds it difficult to search through Coyle? I am looking for shops in Toronto. I am US based, how do I search for their Canadian shops?... Continue Reading

Coyle pay?

Have you been paid by Coyle yet this month if you shop for them? I have not.... Continue Reading

Coyle Search Issue

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Coyle scores?

As some of you may have noticed by my number of Coyle threads, somehow I have started doing a bit of Coyle shops. I have received two scores, had two shops that were not scored (but "okay for pay"), and have a few upcoming assignments with them. I... Continue Reading


Disclaimer- post has lots of venting :) I am at a loss. I completed a dinner shop for Coyle, a relatively inexpensive restaurant. For other companies, I score 100% or a 10/10, or get some form of positive feedback. I have three graduate degrees and am a lawyer.... Continue Reading

Completed my first Coyle shop

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About Coyle Hotel Visits

Recently signed up with Coyle, I am intrigued about the hotel visits for certain places such as London, Paris, Berlin. Ive done mystery shopping for about 7 years for companies such as MarketForce, GBW, Tern, GFK, Bare and have a few questions about them. 1) Can they be used as a... Continue Reading

Coyle scheduler contact? I have been trying to reach them since 8/11 with no email replies

Hi all, I made an account on this forum a while ago but not sure if I ever posted. I've been registered with Coyle for years and have done several brand standard and narrative hotel audits for them in the past. I used to email Taylor directly when inquiring... Continue Reading

Coyle high dollar dining

Has anyone taken one of the fine dining restaurants where you need to lay out $200+ for dinner? I have never spent that much for food and am nervous about messing up a report and not getting reimbursed. I get high scores on reports and have done lots of dining... Continue Reading


Does anyone know how long it takes to approve a shop for payment? We went last Saturday and it's listed as pending review. Thanks! Within a week, if anyone else has this same questiin. I just received an email with a rating.... Continue Reading

2 nights stay hotel shop with Coyle

Iím new to this forum and it was also my first hotel stay shop. I have had submitted my report for the 2 nights stay audit over a week now, but it is still ďpending validationĒ. Does anyone how long it take them to validate the report? I know... Continue Reading

Going over reimbursement at Coyle

Another thread mentions that Coyle reimbursements are getting fairly slim. For other companies, it is okay to go over the reimbursement if you are willing to cover the overage. Is that accepted practice on Coyle shops? I have a steakhouse coming up with a pretty tight reimbursement... Continue Reading

Coyle shop notifications

I have done quite a few shops for them including hotels and gotten pretty high marks on my reports but Iím starting to wonder what Iím doing wrong. I get emails from them on the regular with long lists of available shops. I go immediately to the site when the... Continue Reading

Different type of hotel stay/Coyle/?

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Coyle expectations

Hi all, Iím new to this forum and a new mystery shopper with Coyle. Iím getting a bit frustrated as I might be completing a shop for them this Saturday but have yet to receive confirmation from the scheduler. So what happened was I applied for a dinner shop at... Continue Reading

Coyle 2 night hotel audits

Hi, How much work/what I'd your experience with the 2 night stay audits with the major hotel chain they have posted right now? How does it compare to other 2 night hotel evaluations? How many hours of work (both doing tests as well as writing reports)? Also, I am thinking about applying... Continue Reading

Coyle have no loyalty to their shoppers

Do any of you feel that? I have helped them out a few times by completing last minute assignments they had pending. Last time they messed up on the guidelines for which I had to take a loss and got penalized for. Now they won't assign me inspite of being... Continue Reading

Coyle payments for June

Hi...I have a few Coyle shops from June that have not been paid yet. On the pay history, there is an invoice, and their FAQ says last week of the next month. Last time i got paid on the 25th. Anyone else still waiting for oay from June?... Continue Reading

Coyle surveys

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Navigating around Coyle

Can someone help me to navigate on the Coyle site? I can get in and see the available jobs but I can not see what the guidelines are. One says you need to pay cash for some items and I would like to see what those are to... Continue Reading

Coyle report

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Coyle Application

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Coyle Evaluator Study - Feedback Email

Anyone else got this email? I hope they pay As promised. It seems like a good way to get some honest and constructive feedback... Continue Reading

Coyle Shopmetrics site down?

Is anyone else having problems getting onto the Coyle Shopmetrics site? I'm getting the message, "Can't reach this page," on both my laptop and cell phone.... Continue Reading

Coyle Web Page is Down

I just did my first shop with Coyle. I need to file my shop but their web page is down. I have tried it on both Foxfire and Safari. Anyone else having this issue?... Continue Reading

Coyle Restaurant Phone Shops

Anyone notice they dropped the fee from $15 to $10? I usually do a couple per month. Now, I am stuck with deciding to still do them for $10 or not request them because I don't think the fee is worth it.... Continue Reading

Coyle Shoppers ó Is this a typical experience?

I had an unpleasant experience with a Coyle shop last week and as it was my first shop with them, Iím wondering if it was just bad luck or if this is what their shops are like. Iím not an expert shopper like many of you, but I have been... Continue Reading

Getting started with Coyle

I recently signed up with coyle. I have applied for about 6 shops mainly reservation calls to get started with and a couple of restaurant ones. I have not been accepted yet for one. I even got a email from a scheduler about a restaurant one, and recommend that I... Continue Reading

Coyle Cruise?

Hi all I just wondered if anyone here had done a cruise for Coyle? My question is just - how long before they let you know? I know if can be short notice on the shops and hotels, but I have applied for one and if they are not going... Continue Reading

Advice getting hotel shops from Coyle?

I've been shopping for Coyle for a couple of years now, and they seem to be the only company that has hotel shops in my area (i.e. a reasonable distance that I might travel for a weekend getaway). I've always requested them and have never received them - any tips... Continue Reading

Coyle Hotel - Flat Rate or Reimbursed?

Hi! I am considering taking a hotel assignment, but in the notes it indicates a $75 payment, and reimbursement for travel. I would not need to travel as it is in my city. The assignment isn't clear on whether the hotel stay is reimbursed. Can anyone weigh in on this?... Continue Reading


How difficult is it to get the first assignment? Thank you.... Continue Reading

Airport shops for Coyle

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Coyle November Payment Question

Hi, all. Has anyone received their November payments from Coyle? I am still waiting for mine and thought I should have received it around December 26th. Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading

Coyle Payment for November

Has anyone been paid by Coyle for their November shops? This must be the latest I have ever waited with them, but I have yet to receive my payment yet. Very odd...... Continue Reading

Coyle are not as good as some make out

Iím writing from the U.K. so if anyone else is considering shopping for Coyle in London take note. 1. The reports are very long. The reviewers are not from the U.K. and will mark you down for using ĎEnglishí English. 2. They can be very rude and condensing when you ask... Continue Reading

Coyle Application questions

What is Coyle looking for when they ask "Please, provide a brief note in support of your application and the date(s) you can complete this assignment" when applying for a shop.... Continue Reading

Coyle dropped my a$$, I think.

After working for Coyle without much issue (an occasional request for more info) for five years, now I can't seem to get an assignment from them ....haven't for nearly 6 months...lots of jobs. No explanations from Coyle. No answers to my calls or emails...I guess I am just... Continue Reading

Coyle Hotel Shops

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October Coyle Shops?

I'm not seeing any October restaurant shops on the board from Coyle. I've seen these posted over a month in advance before, so I was surprised to see only a few hotel and phone shops on their portal this close to October. Anyone seeing the same thing, or know what... Continue Reading

Backup shopper for Coyle?

Coyle has opportunities that you can sign up to be a backup shopper for just in case someone falls through. My availability is open, what is the best date to choose to get a shop? Earlier the better or any day would do?... Continue Reading

Another Coyle question :)

So when you are applying for an assignment, and the box pops up asking you to justify why you are qualified for that job, what is an example of an appropriate response?... Continue Reading

Coyle shoppers

Anybody do restaurant shops for Coyle? I signed up for one and then once I saw the guidelines I said "what did I get myself into?" It seems like they want to know every single movement by every single person from the minute you walk in until the minute you... Continue Reading

Quick Coyle question

So I just signed up with Coyle after learning about it on this site. I received an email today about local opportunities that are available. There is a restaurant / bar evaluation at an upscale restaurant that I have really wanted to go to anyway, and on the email it... Continue Reading

Coyle Hospitality Shop ?

Does anyone ever get hotel stays with Coyle? I have done a few high end restaurants for them but I have yet to be scheduled for a hotel stay. Anyone have tips on getting hotel stays?... Continue Reading

Coyle opportunities?

A few questions for those who do shops for them. Why is it when I put in just my zip code in their filter I get opportunities not only from my area but ones from places like Abu Dabi? If I put in just my state, it shows... Continue Reading

Is there a magic number of dining shops one must do before being able to see hotel shops on Coyle's job listing board?

For Coyle, is what you see, what you get on their website? Or, are hotel jobs hidden until one has done a certain number of jobs for them?... Continue Reading

Coyle hotel evaluation shop dress attire?

It's going to be 90 degrees where I'm going and I'm evaluating a 5 star hotel for Coyle... what's appropriate dress attire for a male and does it matter what I wear if i get the evaluation done correctly?... Continue Reading

Coyle hotel report workload question

The Coyle evaluations for a certain hotel client (2 night stay) that has 3 surveys attached, about 110-160 questions per survey with narrative... How long do those usually take you to do? I finish one of their normal dinner/bar evaluations within an hour/hour & half afterwards, I'm a fast typer and very... Continue Reading

Have someone already got payment for March from Coyle?

I actually did not see that Coyle had already paid for March, although it was said that they paid in last day in the month following survey. Did I miss something?... Continue Reading

How hard is it to get a perfect score (100%) from a Coyle fine dining shop?

Is it rare for Coyle to rate a fine dining shop report at 100%? What is considered to be a good score for them? I want to be selected for their hotel shops, but I am wondering if anything less than a 100% will prevent me from doing so.... Continue Reading

Anyone receive payment from coyle this month?

End of the month is here and still have not received payment... Continue Reading

First Coyle Shop

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Coyle. Gigspot. WHOA.

Very interesting to find some, but not all, of the Coyle (restaurant) shops in my area appearing on Gigspot today. It seems they haven't "defined the ICA yet.....please check again later" when I try to view their agreement - so I'm not actually able to make any assignments or... Continue Reading

Best way to search Coyle?

I am looking for some search tips for the Coyle site. It seems to show a wide range of shops and locations. Is there a good trick to narrowing it down to just a city? When I try to search by just a city it does not come up with... Continue Reading

First Coyle Shop

After continual requests for a shop, I was finally offered my first phone shop. I submitted the evaluation today. Here's hoping for a solid score!... Continue Reading

Coyle dining shops

Hi! So I recently signed up with Coyle and applied for a few of there restaurant shops for Febuary. I have yet to hear anything and this was about a week ago. How long do they typically take to assign something to you. I haven't been signing up for shops... Continue Reading

Thank you Coyle

For teaching me how to write an excellent hotel/spa/resort report. It has made every other hotel/spa/resort report I've ever written for any other MSC look like I went well above and beyond what they requested of me and has ultimately resulted in repeat work. For all the... Continue Reading

Coyle Hotel Shop

So after really getting nothing from them except an occasional movie, I get an email from the scheduler at Coyle asking if I can do this 2 night hotel stay checking in Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. It was already Sunday when she asked. I figured since it was... Continue Reading

Coyle subjective dinner

This different style is throwing me off! Do I just ramble on forever about my feelings or keep it short & sweet? No sample report for me to view. Any suggestions?... Continue Reading

More Coyle Nonsense (MCN)

The Einsteins at Coyle (no offense, Steve!) are really confusing me...although I believe it is because the left hand probably doesn't know what the right hand is doing over there. Great example of the Coyle Frustration Syndrome (CFS) -- I had applied for a shop on October 4th that Coyle listed... Continue Reading

Getting accepted to Coyle asssignments?

I'm new to Coyle. Does anyone have any tips on getting their assignments? I've been applying for hotel shops. Is this why I'm not getting anything-- am I starting with something too big too soon? Should I start with restaurant shops instead?... Continue Reading

First Coyle score...

I got a perfect score for my first Coyle shop. Did two this week. Can't wait for my second score! This is starting to give me some hope of being successful at this job.... Continue Reading

2nd Coyle question for the week

I've applied for several phone shops and a dinner. How late in the day on a request date has anyone received shop acceptance confirmation? The reason I ask is that I'm routing work over 500 miles this weekend, and I am putting together my trip plan today. I want my first job... Continue Reading

Coyle Question

I'm looking at a 2 night stay in Denver which pays $100. I can't find reimbursement anywhere in the instructions. Do they make the reservations? I don't want to charge $500 on my card for hotel and dinner until I see all of the info. Advice?... Continue Reading

Coyle - Beating a Dead Horse

All us Coyle Shoppers have gotten used to applying for assignments (especially after being 'begged/teased' to apply) and then never hearing back from Coyle despite repeated emails and calls. Well, they have surpassed their previous "cold-shoulder-ness"...I have applications for assignments that have remained on my home page on... Continue Reading

I am excited today that I got my first assignment with Coyle

Hi, anybody remember their first dinner shop for Coyle? Are they looking for anything different than other companies? What exactly is a "one on one cash transaction" at the bar? I expect to be with my wife... Continue Reading

Time to complete a Coyle 5 minute survey?

I'm new to this Mystery Shopping game. How long would you spend on a survey which according to the Coyle guideline takes 5 minutes? It seems it will take much longer than 5 minutes. They don't include an example of a finished survey for my new assignment.... Continue Reading


good morning everyone! I am in Rome, Italy, and have been working in hotel industry for years. I am a Sales & Marketing Manager also involved in operations and I travel a lot for work. I signed up for Coyle and applied for some italian hotels just for a start.... Continue Reading

Coyle review times

Does anyone know how long Coyle takes to approve shops? (Restaurants) thanks... Continue Reading

Starting with Coyle

I began my recent shopping career by doing Apartment shops with Coyle and found this forum shortly after. And, I have to say, even the harder reports for other companies seem like a walk in the park in comparison to Coyle's surveys. Especially apartment shops. I know some people recommend... Continue Reading

Coyle: Confused about June Pay Statement

I feel so confused. I am looking at the Pay Statement for the month of June and the last shop I did for Coyle was a sort of bar/ lounge/ something extra shop. I turned it in promptly with all my receipts, which were all detailed. I asked for the... Continue Reading

Why does Coyle think Dubai is within 60 miles of my home?

Their job board is a pain because they seem to think Dubai, San Salvador, Turtle Bay, etc are within 60 mikes of my home. And the jobs that are within my range aren't even at the top, I have to scroll through all the garbage to find them. Am I... Continue Reading

Coyle is not truthful in its postings, so let me tell you what is truthful

I was sent NUMEROUS emails to complete shops for [i](a hotel chain)[/i] in Florida, AFTER being sent application emails by COYLE, to apply. I applied on the COYLE link and the shop sat there for two weeks. I sent three emails asking for the status of my... Continue Reading

Question about Coyle

Hello, kind of newbie here. I have been with Coyle a short time. I have completed 4 restsurant shops withthem and scored welI on them all. I have my eye on a hotel evaluation i eould like to do. It isnt available right now, but i want to position... Continue Reading

Is this typical for Coyle? My kids are ANGRY with me right now!

I did a "trendy" dinner/bar visit last Saturday, the 18th. It was submitted on Sunday the 19th by midnight. I received an email asking for a few timings (I know I included a few of them in the report) by an editor this afternoon. I responded and then a few... Continue Reading


I've been mystery shopping for over a year and cannot seem to ever get a Coyle shop. I have applied multiple times for various shops and yet nothing has ever come my way. Does anyone have insight on how to get assigned a job with this company?... Continue Reading

How to work hotels for Coyle

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The (unofficial) Coyle Q&A thread

I get a lot of PM's from shoppers who are interested in working with Coyle, but have questions that are not necessarily addressed in the assignment posts or Resource Center. For those questions, and for the purposes in giving ALL shoppers the best opportunity to succeed with them, feel... Continue Reading

New to Coyle - can you help me understand this?

"Evaluator pay is inclusive of travel. Meals are on your own. Hotel charge will be reversed to the credit card after the stay. " Does this mean that the compensation is the pay plus reimbursement for the hotel charge? That's what the last sentence sounds like to me, but then the... Continue Reading

So what does it take to actually get a Coyle assignment?

I've been shopping for years with over 100 msc. I've requested several Coyle (shopmetric) jobs and never get any. I'm wondering what I need to do to ever get one. The funny thing is that these are not fancy, exclusive restaurants. We're talking restaurants comparable to... Continue Reading

Coyle Hospitalty Hotels

Hi, I've been thinking about applying for a 2 day hotel shop in my area. How this work exactly? The pay is $75. Does the evaluator make the reservation with the hotel directly? Besides the pay what exactly does Coyle cover? I assume they must reimburse... Continue Reading

Kudos to Kim at Coyle

I just realized that after scheduling a couple of assignments with Coyle, I have not heard (read?) Kim's (Kimberly Hofbauer) friendly voice over emails for a while now. I looked her up on Linkedin and it seems that as of January 2016, Kim is no longer with Coyle. This is... Continue Reading

Is Coyle Worth It To You?

I ask this as I have been trying to be scheduled for a Coyle shop and so far, no dice. I read of shoppers eventually qualifying for very high end hotels and cruises.....and then I also read of insanely picky and time consuming reports. I guess each of... Continue Reading

Coyle's "Easy, One night hotel stay, limited narrative........"

Has anyone completed these yet? Just curious how these jobs are easy when they are exactly like their "full Two night hotel stays" minus the food and beverage reports, turndown and extra day to get everything done. And, oh yes, no assistance with travel fee. I would... Continue Reading

Question about Coyle

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Question about Coyle

I've just started with Coyle and I did my first restaurant assignment a week or so ago. They keep talking about my "scorecard" and how I will be scored, but I can't find the scorecard they are talking about anywhere. Could someone help? All I see is... Continue Reading

Coyle Bed & Breakfast Inn Shops

Has anyone ever done one of these? I tried to click the report preview and had no luck. It's a nice fee and reimbursed room, just wondering about how much work is involved.... Continue Reading

Question about using a bellman at a hotel (for a Coyle shop)

Hi All, I am doing my first hotel (a simple one night). There are expectations about calling the bellman and him taking my bag upon leaving the hotel. The expectations didn't explain what that means (although I can extrapolate). I travel a lot, but I have never used a bellman... Continue Reading

Coyle Hospitality - another way to contact?

Hi, all - I was wondering what the normal turnaround response time was for I have a shop coming up this weekend but haven't heard back from a couple of e-mails I've sent. I tried to call the 1-800 number but I don't have a name of a person to... Continue Reading

Has Coyle's website gone "Shopmetrics"?

I know Coyle has two websites: One really nicely designed website and a Shopmetrics site, but when I went to the really nice one, it brought me to the shopmetrics website! Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for your replies!... Continue Reading

Coyle Shop Reports read like a good short story or book.

I was curious if anyone here shops for Coyle and if you are a professional writer or poet? I've been reading reports that make me feel like a tiny little worm. A friend has offered more jobs with Coyle but I feel so inadequate, please advise because this is... Continue Reading

Where on Coyle's Shopmetrics platform might I find my score for the evaluation?

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Kudos to the GREAT editors at Coyle

Lately there seem to be a slew of posts about rude, arrogant, self-absorbed, and just plain nasty editors. I'd like to thank the editors at Coyle for being none of the above. Coyle's editors are tougher than most, but they're also reasonable. They are consistently intelligent, polite, professional, understanding,... Continue Reading

Coyle Hospitality

Hi everyone, I have been with Coyle Hospitality Group for three years, and am taking on a scheduling role. Many of you know me if you have evaluated with us, either from my editing days or that friendly person answering your questions in support! Please feel free to reach... Continue Reading

Best method for getting COYLE Hospitality shops

Hi All, When filling out apps for Coyle mystery shops, I have a set of carefully worded paragraphs that I use based on the type of shop that I'm applying for (Restaurants or Hotels). Is this a good practice? Should they be short? long? Detailed? Do they care that its reused?... Continue Reading

Coyle: Question on hotel shops!

I have completed many fine dining restaurant evaluations for Coyle, so want to try my first hotel. I see on the new shopmetrics platform, it tells you how many questions are on the survey. Also, some hotels have $50 reimbursement and others have $100. However, the amount of reimbursement doesn't... Continue Reading

Coyle: Do you lose your past scores when transitioning to new system?

Hi all - In 2014, I completed many shops (approx. 10) for Coyle using their old platform. My scores were always 18-20. I had to take 2015 off for personal reasons. Now I am back in the swing of things and assigned a shop for them in 2016! However,... Continue Reading

How much Coyle Charges Clients...

This reads more like a press release than a news article but still interesting to know how much Coyle charges for a hotel inspection: Continue Reading

Did Coyle Just Switch Over To Shopmetrics Entirely?

I just attempted to sign on to Coyle's main sight and just got sent to Shopmetrics. Has anyone else had the same experience?... Continue Reading

Kimberly and Tami at Coyle, thank you for making me the best date in New York

I've been working for Coyle for a few years now, almost entirely dealing with Kimberly Holfbauer and Tami Fedrigo. Both of them have given me assignments to some of New York's best restaurants and hotels and have abided by some of my crazy rescheduling requests, and even given me some... Continue Reading

Question about Coyle Evaluator Alcohol LImitations

Hey, I know that there are a lot of companies who have a 1 or 2 drink limit for their fine dining restaurant shops. I was looking at a shop on Coyle and giving it some consideration. If I am driving, I of course will only have one... Continue Reading

Coyle Payment Discrepancy

Any one know the best contact for reaching Coyle Shopmetrics regarding a payment discrepancy? I've emailed the scheduler and the e-mail contact on the PayPal payment and have received a response.... Continue Reading

Coyle Requiring a Do-Over, Refusing to Pay

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Coyle scoring

Coyle used to have a 20 point scoring system. I thought they still did with their new system but the last few shops I did came back with, what looked like, a 19 point system. I checked with an editor yesterday and she responded that she didn't know... Continue Reading

Coyle August payments

I have not yet been paid by Coyle, and after one response from Lauren, I have not heard anything further. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks... Continue Reading

Coyle Evaluator Login Sites

Hi all, I'm new to this forum and fairly new to mystery shopping. I was recently accepted by Coyle as an evaluator but am confused about possible different sites to login to. I've read through a few recent topics on Coyle, and have noticed a mention of two different places to... Continue Reading

Coyle and direct quotes

Hello. I'm preparing my first report for Coyle and I'm wondering if they like direct quotes. Your opinions and experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Coyle: How long do they take?

I have seen people here mention Coyle takes a long time to accept a shop. I have yet to do anything with them, but applied for a hotel shop on the 8th with the intention of completing it on the 29th (I mentioned that when I applied). The assignment's due... Continue Reading

Coyle Contact for correct payment

I recently completed a shop for Coyle Shopmetrics where the scheduler/ Director of Operations offered a higher fee via email to complete the shop before the end of the month for a client. I agreed and completed the shop, but my payment history only has the original (lower) fee approved.... Continue Reading

Coyle questions - I have never attempted before - basic help

I am considering attempting a Coyle shop and these are listed on the shopmetrics site. One is a one night stay and the other is a two night stay. The charges are not reversed, but paid out later. 1. I have emailed Coyle twice asking what the shop requirements are as... Continue Reading

Clearly, and sadly, I pissed off Coyle-just venting

I had a great relationship with Coyle and did monthly restaurant and hotel assignments for awhile. I regularly score 19-20. A few months ago, I requested a shop almost 3 hours away for a haircut. (it really would have been awesome). It hadn't been assigned for a... Continue Reading

Application time for Coyle

Hi could anyone help with Coyle application process, I completed the lengthy application 2 weeks ago and have not heard anything either way is this normal for the company ? Ty in advance.... Continue Reading

Has Coyle changed their Evaluator login Site?

I used to log in to Coyle Hospitality for Restaurant shops. I know that they split Restaurants and Hotels. Now when I go to the site I used to go to, it's like a ghost town. There's pretty much no gigs at all! Am I looking... Continue Reading

Coyle Grading

Does Coyle issue grades for their Shopmetrics reports like they do with their main site reports? I don't see a place for it.... Continue Reading

Coyle's application

OMG! Their application is tortuous! I'm only at 30%. All the writing they want you to do. Has anyone recently completed their application? Is it worth doing? I do mystery shopping for fun, not to make a living. I have a full time career.... Continue Reading

Coyle restaurant shops

Is there some reason Coyle only has two shops in Florida this month? Maybe the restaurants don't want shoppers for the off-season? I have never seen such a low amount of offerings.... Continue Reading

Coyle Response Time

For those of you registered with Coyle, how long did it take for them to approve your shopper application, and did you get an emailed confirmation that they received the application? I completed the app about 3 business days ago but haven't heard a peep. Wondering if maybe the submission... Continue Reading

Coyle Reports

Any comments on how detailed and/or time-consuming the reports are for the Coyle high-end assignments are? Would you do another? Or, are you doing more of them? Or, are you done with them? I'm thinking of doing one but I'm unsure. Thanks, Brian... Continue Reading

Coyle Hotel Photos

Hey you'll. I overlooked a photo on a Coyle shop which was listed as a "client requirement." Does anyone know if my entire shop will be rejected? Thanks in Advance.... Continue Reading

Does requesting $ for travel reimbursement affect my chance at Coyle hotels?

I'm wanting to do some LA hotel shops and many allow you to reques up to $125 for travel expenses. Since I would be paying for my airfare to LA I think it's reasonable to ask for $100 for rental car expenses for the three days. But if I do... Continue Reading

Coyle Hotel Shop

Hello, Are the charges I pay for the Hotel room reversed or paid back to me as a reimbursement? Thanks as I am doing my first one soon.... Continue Reading

Coyle job board

Am I the only one seeing MAYBE 12 hotel jobs listed nationwide for March? Got the email last night that they loaded up the month so you'd think there would be more.... Continue Reading

Coyle Hospitality pay issue resolved...

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Coyle Hospitality Registration

After a long waiting period, I have finally been accepted by Coyle Hospitality. Yay! Unfortunately, the email is missing the link to finish the registration process. I have emailed their help desk, but am so excited I cannot wait to login to see if anything is available... Continue Reading

Pay for Coyle Shop

I did my first Coyle restaurant shop (casual dining off the shopmetrics website) the 2nd week of December....just curious as to how long it takes before I'd get paid for it. Can't seem to find that info.... Thanks!... Continue Reading

URGENT @Coyle shop- dinner choice unavailable

I emailed Coyle three hours ago but have not heard a response and I need to order dinner soon. They said to get a light dinner of sandwiches or salads for room service. The dinner menu does not offer either option. Should I order the cheapest entree?... Continue Reading

Coyle New Home Shops

Has anyone done these? Are they as narrative-heavy as their restaurant shops? No model home tour required, so it sounds like the on-site visit would be quick and easy. Thanks in advance for your feedback!... Continue Reading

Coyle reporting site problem

I notice on my most recent Coyle report that if I enter the time in the wrong format (accidentally) in one of their timing boxes, I get a popup box that tells me it's in the wrong format. If I click "ok" or "cancel" on that popup, the popup box... Continue Reading

Coyle Reschedules

If I tell Coyle "Any tuesday in Dec" for a particular shop. Then three weeks later they finally assign it to me, are they open to my rescheduling to meet my now-three-weeks-later schedule or will this cause problems for me?... Continue Reading

Coyle - two shopper sites?

While reorganizing my Excel log today, I realized that Coyle has 2 different sites-- their main site and one on the ShopMetrics portal, which seems to not recognize my email. What is the difference between these sites? If they are essentially the same shops, I don't really want to sign... Continue Reading

Coyle payments slipping?

On parts of their site they say they pay by the 25th of the month, but they haven't been doing that for a while. Then it slid to the last Friday of the month, then the end of the month. Last month, I got paid on the first of the... Continue Reading

Coyle Hair Salon shops

Does anyone know if the hair salon shop Coyle offers ever has opportunities in the Big City? I saw one in a southern city and am interested in the Big City.... Continue Reading

How do you get your foot in the door with Coyle?

Does anyone know how to get their foot in the door with Coyle Hospitality? I have been for trying for months to request their phone shops. Does anyone know who schedules them?... Continue Reading

Coyle joins the cheapskates

The maximum reimbursement is...... I am curious if they at least let you take the leftovers now. New Coyle slogan: "Over 15,000 profesional and affluent consumers (on a shoestring budget) working for you"! But hey, you might win a gift card! Any chance I can get a hero citation? It's... Continue Reading

Coyle grading system

I just did my first Coyle assignment. I am not familiar with the grading system. Can anyone fill me in? I received a .88 (88.24%)? Thanks... Continue Reading

Difference between Coyle Hospitality and Coyle ShopMetrics

What is the difference between these two companies? Are they the same in regards to complexity? Thanks! Lisa... Continue Reading

What am I doing Wrong? (Coyle Reports)

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Coyle Assignments Not Being Made

I shopped restaurants which are very few in my area twice and scored an 18 and a 19. I really need to get another few restaurant shops and do well in order to qualify for hotels, but no matter what I do I can't get another assignment. The "new shops"... Continue Reading

Coyle Hospitality does not pay

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Coyle Mystery Shopping

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Coyle scheduling lead-times

I've yet to work for Coyle but want to start. Say I requested a restaurant from Coyle and said I can do it on March 20th. How long will they take to get back to me? I don't want to block out Mar 20th for the next three weeks if... Continue Reading

Regal vs Coyle Hotel Shops

Hi, After reading another post, I have a question. Are the Regal hotel shops comparable to the Coyle ones in terms of reports, editing, and the MSC expectations? TIA!... Continue Reading

Response from Coyle

I signed up for Coyle and received an email with a sign on and password. Unfortunately I cannot get the system to recognize me. I have emailed them twice and gotten no response. I also emailed them about another question but never got a response. Is... Continue Reading

Newbie with Questions on Coyle Hospitality

Hi All - I am new to these forums! I applied for Coyle Hospitality and was promptly accepted. Since reading these forums I realized that this is not often the case, so I do feel lucky. A few questions as a newbie: 1) I see assignments posted that I applied for.... Continue Reading

No score on Coyle shops

I recently submitted a hotel shop and two restaurant shops for Coyle. I was asked a few follow-up questions on the hotel, none on the restaurants. They now show up as 'completed' but no score. The box where there should be a score is blank. This hasn't happened to me... Continue Reading

Coyle and Shopmetrics

Hello. I am new to Mystery Shopping. I completed one shop and did well. Have not gotten paid yet but states it is on the 20th (it is only the 15th now so I'll see how that goes). I had a couple of questions about my PayPal account... Continue Reading

My first Coyle home builder shops! Nervous!

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Coyle & Shopmetrics

:)... Continue Reading

Coyle payments

Has anybody received payment from Coyle for their May shops yet? Usually Coyle is very good about paying on the 20th for the shops in the previous month, but I haven't received payment from yet.... Continue Reading

Coyle Questions

Hello everyone! I applied to Coyle recently and was surprised to be accepted in about 5 hours. After reading through so many boards, I thought I would never hear anything again. I have done mystery shopping before, but just fast food and retail locations. I have a couple of questions: For availability,... Continue Reading

I survived my first Coyle shop!

This week I did my first ever shop for Coyle. I registered with them a while ago, but they don't have much in my area, so when I saw a hotel shop near me, I applied. I didn't hear anything back for a few weeks, and I forgot about it.... Continue Reading

Coyle Trouble logging it just me?

I cannot seem to log into Coyle. Is it just me? Can someone check? Ive tried FF and Chrome.... Continue Reading

Hotel shops (non-Coyle)

Does anyone know where to find hotel shops? About a year and a half ago I found a Sassie company that had a TON of hotel shops (they were all lower end hotels, not 4 or 5 star hotels), but I can't for the life of me remember who it... Continue Reading

Bidding on Travel Costs with Coyle

I just noticed many of the current hotel shops on the Coyle site include this sentence, "Please bid for this assignment by indicating amount of travel $ needed." I don't remember seeing that before.... Continue Reading

Coyle Hotel shops

I have one coming up in May. Do any of you ever try to schedule other shops along with it? I'll be in a "new" city (about 60 miles away from where I am currently). It's a 2 night stay. Will I even have time for much else?... Continue Reading

Coyle scheduled me for a restaurant I did not request. How do I handle this?

Hello, I've done several shops for Coyle and enjoy being able to eat out at restaurants I could not otherwise afford. For March I applied for a shop for a fine dining restaurant that is out of my way but I figured it would be worth trying something new. Instead of... Continue Reading

Does anyone know when Coyle makes their pay pal payments?

Does anyone know when Coyle makes their pay pal payments?... Continue Reading

Coyle reporting time

I did my shop on 9/14. Had a question from editor a few days later. Sent my response same day, and then haven't heard back. My report still says "submitted." I don't remember how long it takes to get score. Anyone know/remember?... Continue Reading

Coyle report question...

Of course it says to write names and or descriptions of staff members. Is that ALL of them? There were like 15 people there. Or do I just write about the people I interacted with?... Continue Reading

1st Big Coyle shop

Gah! I've done the restaurants, and was just awarded a big shop (attraction). I've read over the Question if anyone cares to answer: The instructions say to write the narrative in a word document, and submit via email. Does that mean I only complete the checklist, and do not write the... Continue Reading

Coyle hotel shops...worth it?

If you needed to travel somewhere, would you rather (a) get a Coyle hotel shop for reimbursement plus $50 fee plus $75 travel, or (b) get a cheap hotel and pay out of pocket? I can't decide. I know Coyle is SO much work, but the free hotel + fee +... Continue Reading

Who scored 20 on Coyle shops?

I was just wondering if there are a lot of shoppers that scored the perfect "20" on Coyle evaluations.... Continue Reading

Coyle Score

the box is missing where the score is supposed to be. I have never seen that before. Does it mean the report was not acceped? Any ideas.... Continue Reading

Coyle Hotel Shops

I have my first hotel shopped scheduled with Coyle and I was wondering if anyone does hotel shops with them and also other companies such as Dataquest and Regal how the reports compare, as I have done many hotel shops for them.... Continue Reading

phone shops for Coyle

I see that Coyle has posted several telephone inquiry shops. It appears they don't require a follow up visit to the site, so I was thinking that maybe I can do these, (even though the pay is low) to get my foot in the door with them. Has anyone done... Continue Reading

Completed Coyle shop

Hi all, I just received my first official score with Coyle and I got an 18, which by their standard is in the excellent range. Yippee! I was so intimidated after what I have read on Coyle, but was also up for the challenge. I want to develop a good reputation with... Continue Reading

1st Coyle & Harland Clarke Shops - Any Advice?!

G'morning all! So my husband finally got his first Coyle shop, and I got my first Harland Clarke shops this week! Anything special we should know about observations? I know my husband is very nervous about the Coyle, because he readily admits he sucks at the narratives. Writing is NOT... Continue Reading

Coyle Shops

Does anyone know when Coyle posts their new shops each month?... Continue Reading

1st Coyle Report...

About to get started. A bit nervous after reading other posts here about them. I've looked over the example, and hope to follow that format. Dinner came to $110...yikes! It was -VERY- (haha) good! Hopefully I'll get paid. :)... Continue Reading

Can anyone answer a few questions about Coyles???

Has anyone here shopped for Coyles? If yes, How do they pay/reimburse? Once your in the door, How long must you continue doing the telephone shops before you get the good shops??? Any info anyone?... Continue Reading

Coyle in Asia?

Hi I am new to this forum... was reading your post - was just wondering if there's a Coyle in S'pore?... Continue Reading

Coyle Hospitality Mystery Shopping

I like eating out. However, I do not know if it is just me, but I find these reports exhausting. Is there a secret that I may be missing?... Continue Reading

Coyle Hospitality Group

Does anyone know anything about this company? Just wanting to make sure it is legit and pays before I do any kind of hotel shop and get stuck with the high costs. Thanks!!... Continue Reading


How difficult is it to get approved my this company?... Continue Reading

Question about Coyle and New Shoppers

Hi there, I'm very new to mystery shopping, and have only done 2 assignments to date. I signed up for Coyle a while ago and recently got approved, and am getting ready to do a restaurant shop. I've been reading on the forums here and it seems like Coyle is very... Continue Reading

Coyle Hospitality

Has anyone done any shops for Coyle Hospitality?... Continue Reading

Coyle Group

Hello, I have never mystery shopped before. I got an acceptance letter from Coyle. I have been reading some of the threads and have become concerned about potentially not getting paid for a hotel shop. It is to my understanding that I... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Coyle Hospitality

I think Clarity ACL has shops in that area of PA and Coyle maybe. (Source). June 19, 2022

Now it has only smaller chains in select markets. ACE has pizza Compliance Solutions Worldwide recently had pizza, it may still Coyle did have pizza, it may be pandemic suspended Kern is currently scheduling pizza, not sure which MSC Second to None used to have pizza Service with Style has pizza Sentry has pizza (Source). June 15, 2022

I like Coyle but their fine dining restaurant choices have diminished. (Source). June 15, 2022

[quote=Msilk] Coyle is very narrative heavy. (Source). June 15, 2022

Coyle (Source). June 09, 2022

Scrutinize the text of the mail like a Coyle editor. (Source). June 04, 2022 That said, If you haven't tried them out, consider the following MSCs which (regularly or occasionally) have shops in KR: AQ (both Shopmetrics and Sassie) BARE (Sassie) BVA (headquartered Paris; propriety) Coyle GBW International Service Check (propriety) IPSOS SGS Service Integrity (Sassie) (Source). June 04, 2022

Coyle has always paid on time, sometimes early. (Source). June 01, 2022

It was approved and I received a Pay Statement. However, it is now June and nothing has been sent to my PayPal. Is Coyle usually late? (Source). June 01, 2022

This was no exception. There was sound information, but you could likely find it on your own. I would say run yourself through some COYLE shops to improve your writing. (Source). May 24, 2022