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Customer 1st Scam

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Chevron Customer First - ATM fee for using cash card

When I perform Chevron/Texaco Customer First shops, I always use a Chevron Cash/Gift card for the two purchases. I do this for four reasons: 1. It doesn't tie up money in my bank account. 2. I shop some very rural and shady places. It doesn't give these characters... Continue Reading

Are Troy Dolan and Electrum Branding still in business.

I did a shop for Elecrtrum about a month ago and now have seen that shop on another MSC site. I have never seen anything in my area for Troy Dolan. Are they still in business or should I just delete them rather than looking at them daily?... Continue Reading

Customer 1st shop through iSecretShop

I did my first shop for both of these companies at the beginning of March, nearly 3 months ago, and have not been paid. The only good thing is that the iSecretShop page shows that the payment is pending and not paid, so I have that proof. iSecretShop say to... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan website problems

For the past couple of weeks any time I try to go to the Troy Dolan website I get a message that their security certificate has expired and I should not proceed. Doesn't matter which browser I use--Chrome or Internet Explorer. As a result, I could not perform at least... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan late payment

Normally this company pays like clockwork, by the 15th of the month following completion of the shop. This month I am owed for 5 shops and as of today nothing. Inquiry through the scheduler at CTCSS yielded nothing... anyone else having delayed payment this month?... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan is an awesome company....

I did a shop and the location was no longer there....VERY happy with them that I am still being paid....Many companies could take lessons from this one. They don't have many shops for me, but always pay quickly and are NICE to work with!... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan Group

In the last 30 minutes, I have received 15 emails (including one that arrived as I began typing this) promoting their sandwich shops. I know it's the end of the month, but bombarding my inbox with emails WILL NOT make me apply for the shops. Raising the shop... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan Group

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Troy Dolan Group Feedback?- Pay History, etc

Hi, Has anyone had any experience with Troy Dolan Group? Do they pay, and pay on time? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan

IS anyone having trouble opening the forms for shops for Troy Dolan? I have a shop for today and when I go to look at the form, I am only getting a bunch of pluses and minuses inside a few arrows. I contracted the person that is listed... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan , Coast to Coast : Bipolar issue?

That's a part of two emails..I wanted ,as asked, to correct my report..judge yourself "logic" of the replies / emails I received....;-) 1) " Please try to submit your reports again. When you fill out your reports, please use complete sentences and state facts only." 2) " You donít have to... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan scheduler won't get back to me...

Anyone know how to get in touch with of Sherri Pope at CTCSS? I've written her a couple of emails about a shop, and she hasn't replied. Thank you in advance!!!... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan Group

I'm supposed to do a couple of shops for the Troy Dolan Group over the next two days. Does anyone have experience with them? It's concerning that the instructions have grammatical errors and the questionnaire is not correct. Opinions anyone?... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan Group

Hello, I received an email request last year to supply my info for a scheduler for some shops that looked like something I would enjoy. Sent the info. Heard nothing. Just found out that the scheduler is offering shops for 2 companies under the umbrella of the name Troy Dolan. I... Continue Reading

The Troy Dolan Group

Just wondering if anyone can confirm they are legit? And how fast do they pay? I'm doing a multi booth shop at a major event in my area in a few days for them. Taking the whole family, so I'm expecting to spend half of what I'm making at the... Continue Reading

Troy Dolan Group

I've just accepted quite a few shops with Troy Dolan group and I wondered if anyone knew anything about them. Such as do they pay on time? Are they reasonable?... Continue Reading

Customer 1st and BMA

Each time I go to each of these websites, I get a message that there sia problem with the security of the site. In the past, each of them were in my favorite places and all I needed to do was to sign with my password. I... Continue Reading

Customer 1st

Hi: Does anyone have any feedback on this company? Did not see much on this company on this forum. Thanks. :)... Continue Reading

Customer 1st

Can anyone tell me how much narrative they require? I did a report last night, but rushed through it because I found out a friend was in the hospital. I know I didn't write as much narrative as I should have. I probably could have handled the situation differently, but... Continue Reading

Feedback on Customer 1st

Does anyone work for Customer 1st? They have some of the healthy sandwich shops in my area.... Continue Reading

Customer 1st payment for August shops

Hi: Has anyone received payment for Customer 1st shops completed in August? I have not and was wondering if I was the only one. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Feedback wanted: Customer 1st

I got an email from them today, saying that they had shops in my area. I'm not sure where they got my name, as they are not a Sassie or Prophet company. They appear legit. I registered, and the shops in my area are pretty well-paying. ... Continue Reading

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