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CSE changed it's name to CXE??

I just received two emails from CXE asking me to return my badges. I only have one and did not know that CSE worked at the other location. Did anyone know that they changed their name from CSE (Customer Service Experts) to CXE? I never got notification of... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts

I love this company and have been doing about a dozen shops a month with them. I just looked at my area, actually my whole state and there is nothing listed. I looked up the whole US and there are less than 100 shops listed. I am... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts help! just lost everything that was saved

I spent over an hour inputting more than half of a very long report. I saved 6 or 7 times so the report should be there. I saved once more and then left to eat dinner. I returned and the entire saved report is gone. The sections are all blank!... Continue Reading

CSE easy to reschedule?

This is a new-to-me MSC, and I am in one of the many cities facing a big snowfall this weekend. Does anyone have experience dealing with CSE? I sent a proactive email this morning (trying to communicate before the weekend) inquiring about what I should do if weather prohibits me... Continue Reading

New Scheduler for CSE is a delight!

I recently did a round of airport shops for CSE. The new scheduler, Shetonia, was a delight to work for. I got 10's on all of my reports, too. I haven't shopped for them in a while because I had problems with Julie Posner. O'... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts

I did a shop for them. The fee was $5 and the reimbursement was $11. I received the fee by PayPal yesterday, but not the reimbursement. This was my first time doing a restaurant shop for them. How long do they take to reimburse you? Of course... Continue Reading

Julie Posner of CSE fired me because I asked for a bonus

CSE recently began a large project which involved shoppers getting badged. At the time of the badging process, very little was disclosed with respect to the guidelines or requirements. As more information became available, it became clear that while the relatively large payout would be coveted by many shoppers, for... Continue Reading

Odd emails from Customer Service Experts

Are these real or fake....I've gotten 2 emails in the last couple of weeks from people I don't recognize at CSE mentioning an alternate link to them as the main URL/Link is down. I'm assuming they are fake/phishing emails? Or are they really having issues with their website?... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts editor, thanks for making me feel valued.

I did a route recently that included three CSE shops and received a nice note from the editor when my report was graded. [quote="the editor"]Great series of reports. Your effort is much appreciated![/quote] You can bet I'll be working with them again!... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts

Are they known for wanting three novels for a 2 minute phone call? Submitted the phone call portion of a shop last night & not only were there yes/no & short answer questions but narrative was also required. Ok, I did a brief overview of the call quoting the greeting and... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts (CSE) -- BEWARE! -- unpaid assignments

I've completed several shops for Customer Service Experts (CSE) over the past couple years. While they've required somewhat extensive reports, I enjoyed their assignments, and they had always been reliable for payment. Until now. I have two unpaid assignments from August. After sending several emails, I... Continue Reading

CSE Credit Card Shops

Has anyone ever done these? They are the ones that you have to spend 15 mins at an airport kiosk and apply for a credit card (it's not actually processed). The pay is good but I'm wondering how much hassle it is since the pay is actually quite... Continue Reading

CSE Airport more for now in Chicago

Well just found out this morning that CSE is no longer doing shops at one major airport in Chicago, after doing the same at the 2nd major airport in the area a couple months ago. Loved doing these shops and I hope it resumes soon.... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts Airport Shop

Customer Service Experts is recruiting for post-security shops at a New York City airport. I'm wondering if anyone who's done these before could tell me if I could take the MTA bus (M60 SBS) to the airport terminal instead of driving with the parking/tolls reimbursement. Scheduler has... Continue Reading

Airport Shops -- Who else does these shops besides CSE?

I'm curious to know if there are any other MSC who do shops at airports besides Customer Service Experts. I'll be flying out of Minneapolis-St. Paul possibly next month and in Sept, and then from Phoenix in early August. I've also seen BARE and Intellishop at certain airports too...but curious... Continue Reading

Jerry -- Customer Service Experts

My Kudos and shout out goes out to the folks at Customer Service Experts...particularly Jerry Hyman, Matthew Woods, and the great editors. These folks have been great in introducing me to circuit shops at the airports in my area....Matthew for helping me in getting started, Jerry for the scheduling and for... Continue Reading

Cancelling shops at cse

I flew out to Chicago this weekend to do a ton of airport shops. I'm here another 2 days and am supposed to fly out Tuesday. Tuesday morning it looks like it's supposed to snow a fair amount. I'm an airline employee and only get to fly if there are... Continue Reading

Can someone advise which of the folks at CSE I should contact?

I have an issue I need to discuss with someone at CSE. I've looked on its website, and there some contacts listed, but I'm not sure if any of those are the proper people to start with. Has anyone had occasion to contact this MSC directly, and if so, who... Continue Reading


Hi, what if any input can you give me about CSE? I found they have golf shops on the job board. But, I would like your opinion of the schedulers, company, reports, payment time and anything else you can tell me. Thanks.... Continue Reading

$20 phone shops at Customer Service Experts

Hi, Just wanted to let you guys/gals know that there are a few (same client, same location) $20 hotel reservation shops. The calls are recorded and require a narrative. I do not know how long they will last. They are listed with Customer Service Experts (Sassie). The geographical location is in... Continue Reading

Kudos to Customer Service Experts, Inc. (CSE)

I just performed my first shop for CSE. I received an email asking me to address a list of issues with my chronological narrative. Though I felt I had properly addressed everything listed, I made several revisions. I then received a second request to answer two questions. At... Continue Reading

Shops missing from CSE SASSIE log?

I recently did a lot of shops for CSE: ages ago I did a full circuit of shops at an airport (that I was paid for, long ago), and more recently I did that same circuit for them, and then I went on a trip so I did four post-sec... Continue Reading

CSE Reviewer Comment

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Customer Service Experts- only Post Security Airport?

Does this company only do post security security airport shops? That's all I ever get from them!... Continue Reading

CSE Airport Shop irritation...

I have my first airport shops today. I was supposed to do 5 shops for 4 different MSCs...I spent most of last night preparing and reading over guidelines and such. I notice that in the guidelines for the shop I'm doing for Customer Service Experts, it doesn't make it clear... Continue Reading


Has anyone do e any of these? Are they narrative extensive??... Continue Reading


...... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts

I have deactivated myself for any further job notifications from Customer Service Experts out of Annapolis, MD. Every time I applied for a shop I never heard back from them. Today I cancelled my requested shops that they still hadn't given me. One had a due date... Continue Reading

CSE double space police

I haven't done a lot of shops, but the ones I have done, I have received a 10 rating on with the first survey submission. I received an email on a recent shop I did for CSE, asking me to go back and put in more input into my already... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts - Beware!

I completed a two part shop and modeled my reports on previous ones for the same client which had received excellent reviews. After the reports were submitted they decided to make the second part of the project much more complicated. When I did not want to do the... Continue Reading

customer service experts (CSE)

I did a costly shop for this company and they refused to pay. In addition, the scheduler was nasty and rude to me.... Continue Reading

CSE company name being used in email scam

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Customer Service Experts payments

I completed my first two golf shops in early April and received the fee portion of my payment yesterday. Nothing was mentioned of the reimbursement portion. Does anyone know if they send that separately? I tried contacting the scheduler but haven't heard anything yet. I received a follow... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts Weekend Contact?

I signed up for a weekend shop that needs clarifications. I already emailed my scheduler, but wanted to see if anyone had an emergency phone number for CSE I could use? Thank you! P.S. I also tried calling 410-897-8444 and toll free 888-770-7625, but the automatic messaging system confirmed that their... Continue Reading

eView / CSE Outdoors Shops?

So CSE / eView used to do shops for a NW store that specializes in outdoors items in rural areas... however I haven't seem them post anything yet this month... Anyone know if they lost the contract since we're in a new fiscal year?... Continue Reading


Well, after literally months of applying and not getting the mall jobs, I am still receiving airport, golf and funeral emails, many in parts unknown to mankind, certainly out of my stated 30 mile radius, and up to 4 a day. I finally replied asking to PLEASE not send these jobs... Continue Reading

CSE Sassie not uploading receipts for 2 days

I am trying to report a big airport circuit and the Sassie system used by CSE is letting me upload the receipt into the form, REQUIRED in oder to submit the form, only about once is 30 tries. I think I have only been able to complete 2 of... Continue Reading

Yay for Customer Service Experts!

Got my pay today, eight days after completing the assigned shop! Amazing!... Continue Reading

1st Assignment for Customer Service Experts

I really enjoyed my first assignment with CSE. It was for a simple gift card purchase at a mall. The survey was easy to complete. They also had a narrative template to follow to insure the narrative was complete. I do admit the narrative was pretty lengthy...long... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts Shopper Feedback Results

Dear evaluators: CSE has just completed our 2011 evaluator survey and I am pleased to share the results with everyone. I personally thank those of you who took the time to give us your feedback. We invited over 4,000 evaluators who have worked with us within the past 2 years... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts - SO TYPICAL it is actually funny

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I give up on Customer Service Experts

I did one shop for them in the summer, thought I had done a great job, and they were NOT pleased. Many e-mails, phone calls, etc. They rated me a "6". Ever since I have tried to apply for other jobs to show them I am not the dingbat they... Continue Reading


I just got an email from CSE for a phone shop...must be silver or Gold Certified....thought that odd for a phone shop, since the othe jobs they have don't require this.... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts

I find this company very lax in answering when you apply. I'm getting a little parinod as I worked for them alot last year, and now have trouble getting scheduled. Thoughts on this company!!... Continue Reading

Customer Service Experts Lowered Fee Too!

Their gift card shops just went down by $2.95. The pay stayed the same at $15 but they removed the $2.95 reimburseable fee that we used to get with the shop, since we have to keep the gift card and use it on our own. Sneaky. I... Continue Reading


I got this this am; I wanted to write back and ask her is they are doing the survey without being paid for it, since they seem to think shoppers should do so. Hi Shoppers! During these challenging economic times, companies need to differentiate themselves from their competitors by focusing... Continue Reading

Kudos to Customer Service Experts :)

I just wanted to say this, to set the record straight and give kudos to CSE! They actually sent me a check for .85 cents to cover a PayPal fee that I incurred from them sending me a single payment for reimbursement. Even after I emailed them not to worry... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Customer Service Experts

I worked for CXE (CSE) prior to covid at my local airport. (Source). December 13, 2021

Yes CXE, which used to be CSE, has had some airport contracts return. (Source). December 12, 2021

I have done these in the past for CSE, Intellishop, Marketforce, Ann Michaels, Ipsos, Albatross and See Level but I know there must be more. (Source). October 28, 2021

CXE (formally CSE) was recently looking for an experienced scheduler. (Source). August 05, 2021

...hard to negotiate with a moving and fluid target. So, lesson learned, they will get no special favors from me, and I would advicse anyone reading this post to be very wary. (Source). July 28, 2021 will see that many other shoppers have been frustrated with them. https://cse. (Source). July 07, 2021

52 for payment for an assignment. The only piece of paper in the envelope with title was as follows: CUSTOMER SERVICE EVALUATION TOOL (CSET). (Source). June 02, 2021

CXE, Customer Service Experts, is looking for shoppers to help with compliance audits at PIT airport. (Source). March 24, 2021

Customer Service Experts has a mini-golf shop in Arkansas. (Source). February 28, 2021

I did not receive anything from Paypal and earned over $600 from CSE. (Source). February 03, 2021