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can anyone tell me about this company.... Continue Reading

A Valentine to DJC

I wanted to start 2017 by thanking one of the fastest-paying MSCs in the business. DJC either has the bestest clients that pay its MSC really fast or DJC realizes that paying us little guys is worth the investment. Over the years, DJC has been lauded on the forum... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jeff Capper & All Staff At DJC

Awesome shops and very fast payment!... Continue Reading

Kudos to DJC - Fast Fast FAST Pay!

Big kudos to DJC. Not only might they be the nicest guys in my MS neighborhood, they have the fastest pay around. On Wednesday, 3/23 (yes, 2 days ago!) I did a lunch shop. I reported it around 6PM that evening. I got paid by PayPal... Continue Reading

Jeff Capper at DJC's

Kudos to a scheduler I've never seen mentioned: Jeff Capper at DJC's. He may have the best memory of any scheduler I know, he's personable and flexible and a great communicator! An added bonus is that DJC's pays super fast! A small company that I wish... Continue Reading

Is DJC's Still Active?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


I just got paid for a shop I did with them less than 48 hours ago! Unheard of in the mystery shop game from my experience. Unfortunately, they don't have many shops in my area but I'll jump on them when I see them come up.... Continue Reading


Has anyone worked with DJC? I saw a job post from them on jobslinger, but I don't see them listed on the big list of MSCs. So, has anyone worked with them? What are your experiences?... Continue Reading


Anyone ever heard of this MSC?? I think it might be a scam. signed up. they didn't even ask for SS number or payment type. there "board" has nothing under it for Arizona.. hmmm Jeff... Continue Reading


Does anyone know around what day in the month this company posts shops? I've been trying to hit the right time period for the last two months, but no luck.... Continue Reading


Thumbs up for DJC'S, I did a dine-in shop on Friday night and today the payment is in my PayPal account. Fast payment company? yes!!! Isabel Enjoy Life... Continue Reading


In an effort to increase the knowledge base of these boards and create some positive posts, I'm going to start feedback threads for companies that I think are great to work for... I was a bit nervous taking an assignment from DJC's, since they appeared to be connected to HDE, who... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of DJC Mystery Shopping

....[/quote] Sandyf- How did you answer the questions about earning $ for Ca? I did a small job for DJC's that earned me $5. (Source). July 04, 2020

....[/quote] Sandyf- How did you answer the questions about earning $ for Ca? I did a small job for DJC's that earned me $5. (Source). July 04, 2020

....[/quote] Sandyf- How did you answer the questions about earning $ for Ca? I did a small job for DJC's that earned me $5. (Source). July 03, 2020

Do shops for DJC. (Source). September 23, 2019

I work 80% with smaller "boutique" companies like Service Sense and DJC and never had trouble, ever. (Source). June 19, 2019

Beat you with DJC who paid me the next day, and the Source who pays twice a month. (Source). May 07, 2019

@roflwofl,,,wanted to keep DJC a secret, yes the nicest company and schedulers, having only two clients, they should grow, but pay is too low. (Source). April 05, 2019

I would recommend DJC. (Source). April 05, 2019

Friendly, communicative, always a pleasure to work with: DJC, Customer Impact, Service Sense and White Clay. (Source). February 20, 2019

You might never get a shop for DJC unless you reach out to them and ask if you can do one. (Source). December 13, 2018