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I did one job for them in 2008....they call me today asking if I could help out with an airport job in San Francisco. I tell him, I live in Los Angeles which is 400 miles from SF, 1 hour flight or 6 hours drive one way. Surprise, he argues... Continue Reading

DSG Associates

I have read through the old, closed thread from 2016-early 2017 and wonder if anyone has more recent experience with this MSC. I am seeing a lot of CU shop opportunities from them that might make nice additions to a route, IFF they are reliable.... Continue Reading

DSG Associates issue

I have noticed that DSG has been extremely slow in paying the last few months. Are they having money issues? I am now having to email and call to get paid for shops done early December! They don't pay much then add the time to track down payment and... Continue Reading

DSG Calling me but I am not registered with them

I did not recognize the caller ID so did not answer. DSG Associates was the tag. They called a few days ago, again today. On the message they left they used my first name. Today the gentleman that left the message sounded like he just woke up and he mumbled... Continue Reading

Scam Alert Email Received from DSG

I received the following email from DSG this afternoon: Greetings Shoppers, It has come to our attention that there is a scam continuing to go on using our name, DSG Associates. If you receive an email, letter, and/or package from “DSG ASSOCIATES INC” asking you to cash a check and purchase Walmart gift cards, please... Continue Reading

DSG Associates - BEWARE!

I was called by someone from DSG asking me to take a job doing a pricing audit at a local grocery store, because I had done some $15 (make a deposit or withdrawal and fill out a very short form) credit union shops for them in the past. I said... Continue Reading

DSG Associates Inc

DSG schedulers continue to amuse me. Got a call from one yesterday asking me to drive 300 miles to complete a $10 credit union shop. When I turned it down, they offered me $20. I needed a good laugh!... Continue Reading

DSG - Outsourcing?

So -- DSG is one of the companies I signed up with recently. I've never found a job from them available in my area on Prophet and that includes just now when I checked. I checked because I had a phone call saying there was a shop in my area.... Continue Reading

DSG Associates

Has anyone had any experience with this organization? Just wanted to know before accepting.... Continue Reading

Any recent info about DSG?

Hi all. I did a search for topics about this company and what was available seemed to be old threads. Does anyone have recent experiences with this company? The info presented in the older threads didn't look overly promising. The shops that were open by me looked OK, but when... Continue Reading

DSG Associates

I haven't had any problems with the work I've done with them, but I've had it up to ** HERE ** with the outsourced schedulers calling me. Their voicemails are all but unintelligible. Sometimes, they call and all I hear is people talking to each other in another language, not... Continue Reading

DSG - As bad as funeral shop

I reluctantly accepted a $5 phone shop with them. Read the instructions, wrote out my cheat sheet, only to call using their instructions and the call wouldn't go through, I kept getting disconnected. What a complete waste of time. My car wash shop today was a closed... Continue Reading

DSG Associates pay schedule

Can't remember if I posted this before...just did a search and couldn't find anything. Did a shop for them middle of March and still have not received payment. Does anyone know their pay schedule? Thanks, Nancy... Continue Reading

DSG has changed - my recent experiences

So I've been shopping for DSG off and on for around 10 years. They used to have pretty sharp phone representatives who would call or who you'd reach when you needed to ask questions or call in a shop. I got a call a few days ago from a representative who... Continue Reading

Are any of you getting about 3 DSG calls a day?

They never stop. Their schedulers are overseas, and I can't pick up the phone at work. They never leave a message, but they call and call. What do you do?... Continue Reading

DSG scheduler's calls

Has anyone had a problem understanding the schedulers when they call from DSG? I had one call this week and neither me nor my husband could understand what he was saying. Also he called 4 times in a row!... Continue Reading

DSG Associates

Has anyone shopped for this company? I use to love working for this company until they started hiring schedulers in the Philippines. It's soo frustrating working with them. Because they are basically reading from a script. And when you ask a question the will re-read the script. I am sorry,... Continue Reading

Gapbuster and Dsg

How are these guys for payment? I did shops over two months ago and haven't seen anything yet... Gapbuster was comleted 9/7/2013 DSG Associates was completed 8/16/2013... Continue Reading

working with DSGAI - do you have problems too

I would like to know other shoppers experience with DSGAI. I did the smartphone shop with 3 different insurance companies. When I asked for help via telephone, I was given different responses each time. (If an insurance company won't give you a quote, don't worry, submit the two you have... Continue Reading

DSG Associates changes -

Has anyone noticed a change in the past year to DSG's schedulers and their techniques? I've noticed a degradation in integrity of approach and quality of call, and wonder if it's because they have switched to outsourcing schedulers. Thanks for any feedback.... Continue Reading


Has anyone done shops for DSG? Do you find them easy to work with? I signed up and had 3 calls from them asking the same questions, which I had filled out in their online form. Then they called me back to repeat what I had just said. Not... Continue Reading

DSG Associates Pay schedule?

I did my first shop for this MSC on 1/23. Can't seem to find how they it via Paypal? And do they have a schedule? Should I expect it at the end of February? I just checked my profile on their website, and my Paypal... Continue Reading

DSG Associates

Wow...what is up with these guys??? I can't understand any of their reps that call me. I finally accept a shop with them and their website uses the awful Prophet system. The last form I am supposed to submit disappears after I submit the other required forms.... Continue Reading

Wow... what happend to DSG ??

This company used to be a neat one to work for. Didn't pay much, but the reports were short with just a short naritive needed. Even though you had to phone in your results, and their website looks like it's from the 90's, I always thought they were a great... Continue Reading


A search did not turn up the previous thread so heres an update. They sent me an email about a shop. Fine. I called them yesterday. I talked with one of the new employees. (He was not from around here...;) ) He scheduled me for a location today. I told him it was closed.... Continue Reading

DSG Associates

Anybody been shopping for DSG for at least a year or so? Anyone noticed any change in their phone representatives recently? Thanks for any insight... -dd... Continue Reading

DSG Associates

I did a search but didn't see anything on this company. I just finished up a shop for them; my name was given to them from a referral source and they contacted me to do two in my area. I found them easy to work with, the form... Continue Reading


Has anyone shopped for DSG? They called me to schedule restaurant shops in Late June (this was 4/12). Banks in May, date not specified. I'd like some feedback on anyone who has worked with them. Thanks... Continue Reading

DSG I just signed up Anyone shop for them? comments?

I am looking for more companies to work for. thanks, Susan... Continue Reading

DSG Associates Mystery Shopping Co.

Did anyone shop with company lately? Something weird is going on there...... Continue Reading


i know someone has posted about them before... but i cant find it on the search feature... thoughts on them?... Continue Reading


When does DSG pay? I did a shop 6/21. I should get paid by end of this month.... right? TIA... Continue Reading

DSG and $1 shops

I was looking at Job Slinger last week and noticed DSG was offering $1 plus reimbursement for their FF shops. I have not done anything for them in over a year and do not plan to start back up with them. They had no jobs listed Tuesday so... Continue Reading

Beware of DSG Associates!!!!

Beware of DSG Associates!!! They will screw you over. I recently did a shop for [i][/i] after which they refused to pay me for. They said I messed up when actually the operator that assigned me the shop screwed up and and the paperwork they sent... Continue Reading

DSG Associates

Has anyone ever done any work for this company? I will not again. They called me to do a phone shop for a local car insurance company. I accepted. The pay was right for just having to make a phone call. The insurance company told... Continue Reading

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