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Data Quest crashes when pix upload ?

I have tried numerous times today to up load 2 required pictures. Correct format and they show as present. But, when I close the upload box the site kicks me out and EVERYTHING entered since the last "Save" is gone. Also, a new problem. When I... Continue Reading

Dataquest pay?

I don't see this company listed in the long list of payment schedules on this forum. Anybody have experience getting paid? (hopefully lol). How long does it typically take to get paid after you complete the shop? I don't really get this "Viewpost" payment system.... Continue Reading

DataQuest Approvals?

Anyone have any experience/insight into how dataquest approves? I just got my 2nd hotel audit through them, but each time I've gotten one there were others with the same hotel chain that they did not approve. I'm guessing it's because Im new but I got a 10/10 on my... Continue Reading


Help! I had talked with a scheduler and gotten the OK to do a hotel shop on a different date ... problem is, 2 weeks later, he never changed the shop of my date in Sassie. And my hotel shop is tomorrow! I've tried reaching out again but gotten zero... Continue Reading

Data Quest Hotel Shop

Has anyone worked with data quest before? I am doing their first shop and having difficulty reaching out to the scheduler since last week. They are not responsive on emails too. Has anyone else had such an experience. All the other MSCs I have worked with are very responsive. I... Continue Reading

Data Quest

Does anyone know what their pay schedule is? I did my first shop for them in early September and can not seem to find any information regarding the pay dates. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Data Quest

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Data Quest Hotel Question

Does anyone know if itís acceptable for a shopper dining alone to sit at the bar in the hotel restaurant when itís not specified either way in the data quest guidelines?... Continue Reading

DATAQUEST new payment system_viewpost

Has anyone received a payments in the new system of viewpost from dataquest? I got signed up several weeks ago and I'm waiting several large job checks. Does anyone know if the checks are coming by mail this month and starting on View Post next month?... Continue Reading

Question about Data Quest

Hi everyone. Last night I submitted my first shop for Data Quest and it already shows that it's in received status - phew! Great! I'm just wondering - I see no score or comments regarding my shop. Is this typical with Data Quest? If they are... Continue Reading

DataQuest + general hotel mystery shopping questions

I am thinking about applying for hotel shops - it will be my first time doing hotel shops, if I do get accepted. It looks like DataQuest has some arrival audits that I thought about starting out with and then possibly moving on to overnight stays in my city, and... Continue Reading

Data Quest questions

I did a shop for Data Quest in June and was wondering when I would be paid. The ICA doesn't mention payment procedures and I can't figure out how to contact the company. Has anyone shopped with them before?... Continue Reading

How to get your first shop with Data Quest

I have applied many times for a bar shop that requires that you or your guest are 21-29 years old. I qualify for this but am never selected. Any advice? I don't know how to get my foot in the door. Is this "normal" for them? Unlike Coyle, there are... Continue Reading

Data Quest

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Data Quest rotations

Anybody know what the rotation requirements are for DQ? Particularly hotels?... Continue Reading

Data Quest Payment

I'm scheduled to complete my first shop with Data Quest later this month. When I registered with them through Sassie, I provided my Paypal information. However, everything I'm reading online suggests that they still pay by check. There isn't an FAQ page on their website, so I'm uncertain how... Continue Reading

Data Quest sucks

I live in Texas but travels regularly to places where Data Quest has shops available such as Chicago. Joined last year and had applied for a shop every month, never received one. Those goofballs never replied any of my emails. [I]Mod note: This section of the forum is... Continue Reading

Data Quest Hotel

I'm heading to NY in a couple weeks and considering applying for my first Data Quest hotel. The one I'm looking at says it has a yes/no survey with space for comments. The restaurant is, of course, part of the eval. Does anybody have any thoughts as to how late... Continue Reading

Does Data Quest pay on time?

I did some shops for data quest in mid-February. I thought they took up to 60 days to pay. It is just past the 60 day point and I don't see anything with my shops that payment has been sent like most shops do. I am also signed up to... Continue Reading

Dataquest Payment

Has anyone received checks for January shops yet?... Continue Reading

Data Quest?

There is a hotel mystery shop in my area but the pay is so low, I hesitate to rack up hundreds on my credit card until I hear something about the MSC. Anyone?... Continue Reading

Anyone have any experience with Data Quest?

I did my first fine dining shop with them last weekend. The meal was enjoyable, but the narrative, and the way they wanted it done, was punishing. Back to fast food for me, I guess.... Continue Reading

Data Quest

Can anyone tell me how they pay? I thought I read that others were having problems getting payment so I have steered clear of them. Now I can't find where I read that?... Continue Reading

Data Quest

I did a search and only came up with one post here and a very old thread on Voliton. I am wondering if there is recent feedback for the company. I signed up with them today and did not see a way to look for shops so was... Continue Reading

Data Quest

I did an integrity shop at a major hotel Breakfast buffet. The shop was routine, same observations and questions many similar shops from other companies ask for. I think it was my fault that I did not follow up sooner for my payment. When I brought it to their attentiton... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Data Quest LTD

(By comparison this happened with a DataQuest editor and I had the direct deposit in my account less than 24 hours after notifying the editor. (Source). March 19, 2019

Wanted to get feedback from you about these, trying to determine whether they are legit, have major known payment issues etc. Please help. - Data Quest - Consumer Perspectives - Customer perspectives [B]- Superior Customer solutions[/B] - Advanced feedback - Wave (experience wave? (Source). February 25, 2019

Except that I've never hear of Wave or Experience Wave. Data Quest only gives you $25 cash payment for their hotel stays here and they are semi-luxury hotels, (Source). February 24, 2019

Highly recommend Data Quest. (Source). February 24, 2019

Wanted to get feedback from you about these, trying to determine whether they are legit, have major known payment issues etc. Please help. - Data Quest - Consumer Perspectives - Customer perspectives - Superior Customer solutions - Advanced feedback - Wave (experience wave? (Source). February 24, 2019

SQM is always responsive and personable. And last year I reached out to DataQuest before an editor had mistakenly put the wrong amount down for a reimbursement. (Source). February 13, 2019

Best: I shop a hotel chain for Data Quest that only exists in my state and usually get reimbursed anywhere from $200- $600 worth of rooms, drinks, and food. (Source). December 28, 2018

for a $75 meal) Reality Based Group (but only a certain pizza restaurant local to my area) ACL (but only a certian chain company, all others are not worth it) Long, but worth it: Data Quest- surprised to see this on the 'hard' list for many. (Source). December 11, 2018

Easiest: Ipsos SQM Most difficult: Coyle Data Quest (Source). December 02, 2018

Can somebody add Dataquest to this list? (Source). November 06, 2018