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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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Direct Scheduling Service & Ramack Scheduling is a SCAM

Do not take jobs from any postings by JuneRSS (June Raeder-MacKinnon, scheduler) on this forum. She is part of a BIG RIP-Off and SCAM. She has delayed and mislead shoppers about getting paid for work she schedules. She will tell you that she is just a scheduler, but She continues to... Continue Reading

DSS and June, this is a little weird

Well of course I have never been paid for my July or August shops for DSS, but I really do love the sub place that June schedules for, and she is now scheduling for this month. I contacted her saying I will go out on faith and do some this... Continue Reading

DSS Direct Scheduling Services

I wish I would have read all the post prior to shopping with DSS. I see already you get the run around about payment. Will wait to the end of the month then I will contact BBB.... Continue Reading

Direct Scheduling Service payment issues

I have done numerous shops for Direct Scheduling Services over the past few years without any payment issues. Things changed in the fall of 09 when I had to start hunting down my payments. I kept getting the run around, but finally got paid. I did one... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Direct Scheduling Services

Just in the last 11 years or so, there's been Freeman, JC and Associates, Nationwide, NSS, DSS. (Source). April 06, 2020

I haven't worked with them in a while but Julius Wolf used to handle direct scheduling for me and was always very understanding about shoppers not having to incur fees. (Source). March 06, 2020

I am nott sure but it needss to be before 6 PM , my son is working tonight aand has to be at work at &PM (Source). March 06, 2019

Are you ever planning on retiring and collecting Social Security? I guess not, because if you have a job, they are required by the IRS to get your SSN. [quote=iShop123] (Source). February 20, 2019

Or are you not and never did taxes? [quote=iShop123] (Source). February 20, 2019

org/Subjects/Taxes/ChallJurisdiction/YourRightsAndSSNs. (Source). February 20, 2019

*Visit Target 2 at any of these locations/dates below: 10/17/2018 Lewis County General Hospital - 7785 N. State St. Lowville NY 10:00AM- 2:00PM 10/18/2018 Lewis County DSS - 5274 Stowe St. (Source). October 16, 2018

State St. Lowville NY 10:00AM- 2:00PM Lewis 10/11/2018 Lewis County DSS - 5274 Stowe St. (Source). October 05, 2018

You will not actually enroll. Location pics and business card required. A few examples of places to meet this target are The Carthage Hospital, Carthage Library, Lewis County DSS and Lewis County Hospital. (Source). October 01, 2018

You gain experience by working, and that has to start somewhere. Take the jobs, learn about the people, and expand your skill base. http://cdss. (Source). August 18, 2018