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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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What happened to "Dot 2 Dot" ?

I worked many jobs for these guys and one day they are gone.... Continue Reading

Dot2Dot Retail Group

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Dot 2 Dot Candy Client

I know it's not an MSC, but I remember a few people here worked for them. Does anyone know if they lost their main candy client? They used to post assignments weekly, but I haven't seen any in over a month. I also did not receive my last payment from them.... Continue Reading

Dot 2 Dot: Can't Report

Did anyone do any assignments for Dot 2 Dot yesterday for the project from the 11th to 13th? The report link is still not there. I understand they are making sure people do not do the assignments before the start date, but the top secret approach to their paperwork is getting... Continue Reading

Dot 2 Dot

I got this odd email telling me that there were merchandising jobs in my area through Dot 2 Dot, and inviting me to sign up to check out their job board. It seemed legit enough, I got a login and password assigned and checked out their job board. There are 4... Continue Reading


Does anyone know if Dot2Dot is a legitimate company? I have received multiple messages asking me to register with them because they have work in my area but I've never heard of this company.... Continue Reading


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Reports (Purchased by Market Force) Channel Watch Mystery Shopping Check Mark Inc CheckUp Marketing Circle of Service Mystery Shopping (Duplicate) Consumer Perspectives (Incorrect Name) Customer Service Perceptions Direct Scheduling Services Dot 2 Dot Retail Group Excel Shopping & Consulting Extra Eyes Nationwide, Inc Focus On Service Franchise Compliance Freeman Group Graymark Security Group Greet America Inc Harris Teeter Infotel Insight Shoppers LLC JDS Market Solutions Marketing Systems Unlimited Mars Research Mass (Source). December 08, 2014

DSS are non-payments in 2010. Dot 2 Dot Retail Group Recommend Remove Domain name inactive, phone number on BBB listing goes to a private individual voicemail, most shoppers lost access to D2D site in March 2014. (Source). December 05, 2014

I don't know where you got your information from on Dot2dot Retail. (Source). October 14, 2014

dot2dotretailgroup. (Source). March 24, 2014

Sorry, I've never heard of Dot 2 Dot. (Source). March 24, 2014

Dot2Dot has a few good folks and a lot of sorry ones. (Source). April 22, 2013

I do a lot of jobs for Dot 2 Dot. (Source). March 31, 2013

I am trying to leave mystery shopping and get into merchandising. So far I have jobs with MCG, Castforce, Dot2Dot, and Spar. (Source). February 24, 2013

Does anyone use Dot2Dot Retail Group? (Source). November 26, 2012

Then Maritz the gas station revealed audits. Lots of time not great pay but enjoy doing them. Other than that I would say: Shopper Force RFNB Person to Person National Field Link Dot 2 Dot Jancyn Palm Scheduling Midwest Merchandising These are not in any particular order. (Source). August 25, 2012