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looking for feedback on Dynamic Advantage MSC

thanks...... Continue Reading

Is a company called Dynamic Advantage still in business?

I'm cleaning up my list of mystery shopping companies, and this one seems like ancient history. Does anyone still do jobs for this company? I'm only in the "D" section of my list so far, but I have come across the following companies which are not on the official list... Continue Reading

Anyone have a phone # for Dynamic Advantage?

I'm trying to reach Jennifer Ely or Ben Jackson and neither will respond to email.... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage

This appears to be a small MSC based in the Los Angeles area. They also appear to be scheduled via ISS. Does anyone have any experience with them? I just had a shop from mid October refused 13 days after its submission and the reasons (as put forward by Jan... Continue Reading

What happened to Dynamic Advantage?

It's been a while since I've done a shop for them, but every now and then they had some really good shops. Now I can't even log into their website. Anyone know if they merged with another MSC or they just folded?... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage has been spoofed....

I know most of you on here are savvy enough not to fall for this scam, but since they are posing as Dynamic Advantage, your guard may be down. Here's the email I got this morning: two assignments every week??? Dan Kuebler ( Add to contacts 8:47 AM ... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage: Hasn't posted new shops for weeks

DAI is among my most favorite MSCs. No BS, pays in ~30 days, easy shop in a restaurant I love but wouldn't visit without the reimbursement. Emily the scheduler has left, according to her automated response to my email. No shops coming up in any state I searched. It looks... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage

Is anyone familiar with this company? They have some shops through the ISecretShop platform, but I cant find any info on them? Any feedback or payment dates, really any info would be appreciated! Thank you :)... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage and Service Performance Group

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage

I just started with this MSC. To sign up for shops I was asked to enter a time I would be planing the shop. The guidelines say shop can be done 11-2:30 and I stated I would arrive at 11. Does anyone know if this company will reject my... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage

Has anyone ever heard of these people? They aren't on the official guide down below and it appears that they have a shop that my kid would be interested in. Do they pay? Anyone have info on them?... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage - guidelines question

I have a shop for them at a new trendy restaurant, the guidelines do not specify whether I should take guest or not. And I am not able to get in contact with the scheduler to ask. Do any of you that have shopped with them before think that it... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage, Inc?

Anyone worked with this company or heard of it? Any info appreciated. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage - Missing Shop

Has anyone had this happen? I don't know if they unassigned me without saying anything, or if it was some sort of error I did when accepting the shop. Just wondering. I had to buy an alcoholic beverage at a store that is too far to bother with a return,... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage?

I saw a listing for them on the MSPA job board. I did a search here on the name, and came up with nothing. Anyone know anything about them?... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage

Has anyone heard of Dynamic Advantage? Any opinions?... Continue Reading

Setting the area on Dynamic Advantage

I have trouble with the way the area is set on my Dynamic Advantage account. It will show me shops that are not in my area, but not the ones that are close by. There is one shop I can literally walk to from my house but I get shown... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage

Anyone doing any work for Dynamic Advantage. I am wondering if they pay on time.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Dynamic Advantage

I haven't done any jobs for them yet. iSecretShop encompasses many, many different MSCs, and Dynamic Advantage is just one of them. (Source). April 02, 2021

Does anyone have experience with an MSC called Dynamic Advantage. (Source). April 02, 2021

KSS is a scheduling company, it's the MSC that will be paying you, not KSS. I don't think I have ever done a shop for Dynamic Advantage. (Source). April 12, 2020

...those companies are pretty solid (I think!). I have a few outstanding shops hanging out there that have not been paid yet from KSS, Dynamic Advantage, and Alta 360. (Source). April 12, 2020

[quote=Luna126] Iíve been paid by Alta360, Service Sense, Confero, Kinesis, Intel360, Dynamic Advantage, and TrendSource so far. (Source). April 07, 2020

Iíve been paid by Alta360, Service Sense, Confero, Kinesis, Intel360, Dynamic Advantage, and TrendSource so far. (Source). April 03, 2020

Dynamic Advantage worked in Las Vegas. (Source). December 18, 2018

The checks will bounce, but only after the funds are initially made available and you have spent the money. There is a real MSC called Dynamic Advantage. (Source). June 02, 2018

If you read positive comments about Dynamic Advantage here it is because we were talking about the REAL Dynamic Advantage. (Source). June 02, 2018

I'm sorry; I don't know how to get into the discussions of Dynamic Advantage. (Source). June 01, 2018