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Eagle Eye/Talon

Is anyone doing shopping for Eagle Eye? And, if so, what's the name of their app that can be downloaded to cell phone? And can it be gotten at the Google store?... Continue Reading

Has anyone shopped for Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence MSC?

Has any of this forum's video shoppers shopped Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence yet? If so, what has been your experience with them?... Continue Reading

Eagle Eye Intro

Good Afternoon Everyone, One of my shoppers told me I should get involved on here. I am looking forward to getting to know this community. My name is Jonathan Przybyl, and I am the owner of mystery shopping company and software platform for the industry. We are exclusively a Video Mystery... Continue Reading

Video Shopping with Eagle Eye

For the past few years I have been a shopper with Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence In the same time I completed assignments with Corporate Research amongst others. I have to say it has been a totally different type of experience. Rather than fighting for $10 assignments I was given... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence

I only use my phone for everything. If it is a gas station I take multiple quick photos of the entire pump and a close up, just in case an eagle eye editor notices something obscure because there is no way I will go back to snap another photo. (Source). November 20, 2021

done on weekends, so I am working at home on long-delayed projects and scheduling the 25 December shops that I have confirmed, while watching a few job boards with an eagle eye. (Source). November 23, 2019

My eyebrows are blond so even harder to see but I know there are lots of strays for the eagle eyed young people to see. (Source). November 23, 2018

Wales - Is Eagle Eye still doing mystery shops? (Source). September 07, 2018

Is anyone doing shopping for Eagle Eye? (Source). September 05, 2018

Try it and I would elicit the eagle eye of an experienced writer, travel writers or bloggers. (Source). June 03, 2018

I keep track of everything. This year I have reimbursements, special expenses and bonuses that I need to keep an eagle eye on. (Source). March 12, 2018

I hope you have eagle eyes to do such a task. (Source). July 23, 2017

Grace Hill and Eagle Eye has some of these and I saw on Ace that Talon is coming (and they have a certification test for it). (Source). December 28, 2016

On the top of my head, I know that SQM, Faith Perceptions, Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence, EDS (disclaimer - that is my recruiting company) all have a spot on their shopper sign-up page for your IMSC Certification number. (Source). March 07, 2016