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EPMS shoppers: How do I find guidelines?

I've printed out the questionnaire, I've searched FAQ's, etc., e-mailed the scheduler. But I cannot find the guidelines for my shop. All the tips and hints are general, not specific to the shop I have to do. TYIA.... Continue Reading

EPMS extra contact info

How does everyone deal with multiple email addresses, phone numbers and names required for Ellis? I have 4 shops but I do not have any other email address and I really do not want to have more. I have an app where I can get different phone numbers. How many... Continue Reading

EPMS extra contact info

How does everyone deal with multiple email addresses, phone numbers and names required for Ellis? I have 4 shops but I do not have any other email address and I really do not want to have more. I have an app where I can get different phone numbers. How many... Continue Reading

As The World Turns with EPMS- Episode 27.

I had accepted a video job with Ellis that I had time to complete before the end of this month. It was a random apartment, no bonus. While in between jobs with the possibility of completing the random apartment toward the end of the day, I receive an email that... Continue Reading

Payment with EPMS

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How long does it take EPMS ELLIS to payout?

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Ellis Property shops

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EPMS ONline pay schedule

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Perturbed... EPMS Scheduler

I won't name a name, but... This got my goat this morning... I do more shops for EPMS than anybody else. I mean, I do a LOT of shops for EPMS...... On Friday, I was sent an email asking me (it was personally addressed to me, anyway) if I could do... Continue Reading

How Often (& How Many of Them) Do You See Remington and Ellis Shops in Your Area?

I wouldn't mind doing some apartment shops again, having taken a long break from them. I have done Remington in the past, but never Ellis. I am subscribed to their email job postings, though. I haven't seen Remington in my area in over a year probably. ... Continue Reading

Apartment shops with Ellis - tips and tricks?

I just signed up with Ellis. It's a lot of information and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Anybody have experience with Ellis and have any tips or tricks for me? Thanks... Continue Reading

EPMS vs Grace Hill/The Training Factor

For those who have done both, how do the reports compare? I've done EPMS and I agree that their reports are annoying and repetitive. I'm considering taking something from Grace Hill/The Training Factor. What would I be in for?... Continue Reading

What's up with those EPMS walk in first then call later w/fake voice shops ?

Anyone else think this is a bit much ? Walk in, then call same leasing agent back later with fake story and voice. Really ? as if you won't get busted....and not paid, of course.... Continue Reading

EPMS - Ellis Direct Deposit

I've never worked with a mystery shopping company that only paid via direct deposit before. I did my first shop for Ellis Monday, but have yet to put in my bank info. Has anyone had issues after putting theirs in? Just looking for a little reassurance!... Continue Reading

EPMS Released My Social Security Number To A Total Stranger

I received a letter from Joanna Ellis at EPMS - Ellis Partners Management Solutions. The letter is dated February 2017. It says EPMS accidentally sent my tax form 1099 to another shoppers address. Please note it says to another shopper (not some random unknown person). The letter goes on to... Continue Reading

Awkward Moments: Ellis Style...

On an apartment tour for EPMS this afternoon, I was being led to the rooftop by a 28 year old divorcee when we stumbled into (almost literally), three young and comely young ladies sunning themselves on the rooftop... Two were wearing skimpy bikinis. The third's attire is best described as... Continue Reading

EPMS rant

Accepted bonused targeted shop, which has restrictions on when target can be "shopped" Very limited window of opportunity. So I call and call and cannot reach target. Running out of contrived reasons for calling. Several calls places, to no avail. Scheduler says to " keep calling " I ask... Continue Reading

First EPMS Shop

I'm doing my first EPMS shop tomorrow and it will be video'd. My equipment is scheduled to be here today, but I am a bit nervous that I am going to mess it up. Can anyone give me a run down of their typical video shops with them?... Continue Reading

Route shops with EPMS?

I have become a fan of the route shops now that I am SAHM. I have never shopped with EPMS before but was wondering if it was possible to do route shops? Any tips as I know EPMS shops are a little different then most shops.... Continue Reading

EPMS - Printing Reports

I'm doing my first shop for Ellis tomorrow. According to their website, I should be able to download and print the report before my shop. I don't see anywhere to download and print? The only thing I can do is click through each page of the report and print it... Continue Reading


Did anyone receive a letter from them?... Continue Reading

EPMS Company

To those who care or have followed my posts about this company I misspelled it as EMPS. I am not sure I can change that in it's title or posts.... Continue Reading

EPMS Site Down?

Is EPMS down for anyone else? I can't get to their website at all and have a shop due. :(... Continue Reading

EPMS I was warned!!!

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EPMS ratings/feedback??

Hello, I just completed two apartment shops with EPMS. They say completed and that payment is pending. Do they provide the shopper with feedback on their shops? Or any type of ratings system? Or as long as it says completed...that means you did a good job and you will get... Continue Reading

Question about EPMS

Hi everyone, I've tried to use the search function on the forum to find an answer to this, but unfortunately all I find is people having difficulty with targeted phone calls, anyways. . . I was reading the instructions for Ellis and it says to call the apartment and ask if... Continue Reading

Mildly Frustrated With EPMS

I scheduled a targeted apartment shop with them. Neither the phone call nor the visit were recorded. The only oddball was that the target didn't have a last name. After many random calls, I was unable to reach the target. I reported this, as well as the attempts,... Continue Reading

EPMS- Hold/typed

Does anyone know what hold/typed means next to a completed shop?... Continue Reading

EPMS not getting back to me

I have a shop that I have questions about as I can not reach the target, and no one from EPMS will get back to me regarding the issue. Also, I have called regarding a form I sent in, with no response. I am worried about payment for the shops... Continue Reading

EPMS refuses to pay

I have shopped for EPMS several times over the past 2 or 3 years. I won't go into previous frustrations and problems with them, just the latest. I was doing a $75 shop for them. I called the location, spoke to my target, asked her when I could come by, she... Continue Reading

KUDOS to the Support Staff at EPMS

The support staff when you call there is just awesome. They are polite, kind and helpful. They go as far as they can when their hands aren't tied by schedulers. I believe with my scheduler problems, I will reach out to the owner via email. it may help.... Continue Reading

Issue with Ellis - Resolved in my favor!

This is a first for me. I'm working an apartment shop for Ellis. For these shops you visit the community unannounced. After your visit you then call using an alias asking about an apartment. You are required to speak with the same agent that you toured... Continue Reading

Apartment Shops with Ellis Management

I have recently applied to be re-activated to do these types of shops with this company. It was nine years ago, that I believed that I de-activated myself, and am now looking at this company again. Can any of our wonderful mystery shoppers give me some feedback regarding... Continue Reading

Is the EPMS search engine working?

I didn't want to start a new thread but it seems like an old thread asking a similar question is closed to new replies. There were a few apartments available near me a few hours ago and now i'm not getting any results when I go to available shops. I... Continue Reading


I shopped primarily on-site apartment properties starting in December, 2015. At first it went well. However it has gone increasingly badly recently. I tried to do recorded telephone call only visits and after diligently following precise protocols from the client and EPMS had all three of my assignments taken back... Continue Reading

Should I report Ellis Property Management to the BBB for not paying shop that followed the instructions?

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Is EPMS Down Today? (10/27/15)

I am trying to upload some files through their FTP site, no luck. Get an error screen. Tried calling their two local (Texas) numbers, got a Verizon message that the number is disconnected, discontinued, etc. (972)256-3767 (972)258-8686 Their website is fine.... anyone else experiencing problems with their FTP site and landline today?... Continue Reading

which MSI's offer apartment shops besides EPMS

I need to expand onto other MSI's who offer apartment shops. Any suggestions? thx... Continue Reading

Completed and Received on EPMS

What does completed and received mean on EPMS when you submit an apartment shop?... Continue Reading

EPMS Pay date.

I see on the MSC payment dates post that EPMS pays on the 22nd. So if I completed a job for them last week on the 15th, should I expect payment today? or ext month on the 22nd? And what time to they tend to deposit money?... Continue Reading

EPMS --- It's not worth it.

After trying my hand at apartment shops again I find EPMS is not worth it. The report is long tedius and repetitive. It takes too long to report. I stupidly did 3 today and after entering one took 2 hours I had to ask for extension to get other reports... Continue Reading

epms question (first time shop with them)

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Ellis Partners in Mystery Shopping (EPMS) - What is current questionnaire like?

I have performed numerous apartment shops for EPMS but that was in years past and their report form / questionnaire at that time was almost all narrative and quite lengthy. I also recall their online reporting system was not the most user-friendly. When asked, they reported not having... Continue Reading

Sounds like a lie: Thread about EPMS rip off - shoppers beware!

That thread about the EPMS rip off sounds like a lie to me. Sounds like the shopper backed out of a deal and got fired. Sounds like the shopper then said she got ripped off because she had done work for the company in the past and then... Continue Reading

EPMS ripoff - shoppers beware!

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EPMS (Targeted Apartment) Shops

I'm very new to this, especially doing video apartment shops. I have been trying to reach two targets for two different apartments for 3 days now. Neither ever answer the phone. I was given permission from EPMS to call two more times and if I don't get a hold of... Continue Reading

EPMS Phone Attempts

I was assigned a targeted apartment shop for EPMS and, after making 15 calls over several days, was not able to reach the target. I communicated with my scheduler frequently, letting her know about my lack of success. She eventually authorized me to leave a message on the... Continue Reading

EPMS Video Recording?

I have done over 100 apartment shops with this company and want to start doing video since it pays so much more, I've looked at buying my own equipment online and its not expensive, but how would you hide it and still get clear voice and video? I'm female so... Continue Reading

First (and possibly last) Problem with EPMS

Hi all, I've encountered my first issue with EPMS. I've been with them for almost 4 years and done nearly 75 shops with them, all excellent. I would like some honest (and not snarky) feedback from anyone/everyone who cares to comment, about who you think is in the... Continue Reading

EPMS- Ellis- Is anyone in charge?

Have been signed on with them over 10 years now. Each year they get worse and worse. I stopped taking anything from them last year. In my experience it felt like the staff just didn't communicate with each other. For example one pulled my report because the other... Continue Reading

Is anyone else locked out of EPMS

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Ellis Property Management Solutions

So I self schedule three shops at a time because I live 35 miles outside of the major city I shop. Usually I have to shop a target apartment manager because there are very few "shop any" shops available. I like Ellis because they pay $25 per shop. However, if... Continue Reading

does ellis shop san diego?

I don't see any right now. My friend is interested in shopping and is looking for an apartment around there. I figure apartment shops could give her a start until she can buy a scanner.... Continue Reading

EPMS may lightening strike me dead!!

If I ever, ever accept another appartment shop from EPMS, then I hope lightening strikes me dead. I feel brain dead right now. I guess I forgot how horrible they were and accepted one for today. That was the most boring report I have ever done and I love writing.... Continue Reading

Who is the "new" Vanessa at EPMS?

Vanessa Dickerson, who has posted on this board in regards to EPMS issues, is no longer with the company. I should have known this when I failed to receive a reply right away. She was usually very prompt and would answer e-mails within the hour during regular business hours. I... Continue Reading

EPMS Video Shops/Equipment Rental Help Please!

Hi, I recently agreed to do a video shop where the company would "rent" me the equipment, everything was described as "so simple." So I receive the package late in the day after the staff have all left and open the package. I proceed to their site on the... Continue Reading

What up with EPMS

I get emails from the schedulers saying there are shops available. Today I got one that said October shops were available, gave a list of cities and asked which cities I wanted to shop. I emailed the scheduler and told her a few cities I could shop. ... Continue Reading


For targeted apartment shops, what do you do when you call and another agent answers the phone if you can't ask for targeted agent? Wrong number, just hang up? What would I do?... Continue Reading


This company I have done only 2 shops for in early July. They seem to only have apartment shops. The pay seems fair enough at mostly $30. but the report can be lengthy depending on which phase they are in. Has anyone worked for them in the last 3 months... Continue Reading

EPMS and Video Training Video

Hi, All! I have passed both the basic and video certification with EMPS. Somewhere it said that there was a video on video training. For the life of me, I can not find the link to the video anywhere on their web site. Can anyone help... Continue Reading

EPMS Website

Has anyone else had trouble logging on to their website? I have tried about 5 times and can't log on.... Continue Reading

EPMS website tech issues tonight?

I was in the middle of completing a report just now and the website crashed on me. It gave me some sort of SSL error. Is anyone else out there experiencing this by chance right now?... Continue Reading

Email from EPMS

The Subject title of the Email is "I'm sure you have all the money you need." Seriously? Is condecending emails standard for this company? I did not find it cute at all. Maybe I'm just being thin skinned today. :)... Continue Reading

Is the $30 pay worth doing EPMS shops?

Just wanted to hear what everyone thought. I find it hard to make any kindof of route out of them and the reports are not the longest I have every done but they sure aren't the shortest.... Continue Reading me with my "love and anything but love" relationship with them.

EPMS....of all the companies I have worked for, this one gives me the most struggle. I love to work for them, yet rethink that love once I have completed the shop and sit down to do the report. Here is why I am like a moth to a flame with them: 1.... Continue Reading


Hey, is anyone having trouble accessing EPMS? I was able to get on until about 10:30 last night. Since then I have tried accessing them many times up to midnight and for the last 1/2 hour. Are they dong maintenance?... Continue Reading

Target from EPMS 2011 called me a "mystery shopper"

I completed a shop in 2011 for Ellis. Fast forward to yesterday, I was at a new pilates studio doing a class with 6 other people. I was sitting down on my machine when someone comes over and whispers "hey mystery shopper"..I gave her the confused look and sad "who... Continue Reading

More Ellis confusion

I got this email earlier today. "Dear xxxx, You signed up to do apartment mystery shopping and have yet to complete your very first shop. We know it can be scary, but we will help you all along the way. You can even text some of our schedulers while you are out... Continue Reading

EPMS New Find Shops Tab

Does anyone else prefer the old find shops method for EPMS? The new method only will default to 75 miles and has no way to let you default to a smaller area so you have to adjust it each time. I think the old area was 25 miles. This new... Continue Reading

EPMS wants follow up on shop completed in January, 2012

I received a message from EPMS regarding a shop that I completed on January 10, 2012, asking if I had received additional follow-up in the form of an email or phone call. How am I supposed to know? This shop was more than a year ago. I... Continue Reading

EPMS is now making our private information available to all shoppers

I hadn't noticed this before today. If this has been an ongoing issue, someone let me know. However, I've been a shopper for them for a while and this is the first time I am noticing this. There are shops available in my area for a client who uses a database... Continue Reading

Are all EPMS phone shops $3.50 now?

I've noticed that phone shops posted in the last two-three days on EPMS are paying $3.50 instead of $5.00. I haven't had the pleasure of accepting said shops (insert sarcasm), but I was wondering if any of you have and if the report is shorter.... Continue Reading

Hello - I work for EPMS

Hi, I am new to this group. Actually, I have never participated in any forum before. The reason I joined was to look for ways to improve the shopper experience in my department. If you have any questions I may answer, or if I may help, please... Continue Reading

Apartment Mystery - Heard of Ellis (EPMS)

Has anyone worked with Ellis, EPMS an apartment mystery shop? Trying to find out if they are ok to work with, I don't see them listed on jobslinger's list of companies.... Continue Reading

EPMS and privacy concerns

So I have a shop for them this week. I open the report and find a report from an entirely different property had been partially completed. It was completed up to and including the shopper's personal information, phone, e-mail AND home address. I e-mailed my concerns and the original response... Continue Reading

EPMS Apartments

I received an email today from a scheduler that got my information from another scheduler. Their assignments are video apartment shops and the scheduler said they would send me the equipment. Anyone do any of these shops and is it worth it?... Continue Reading

Anyone having trouble calling EPMS?

Is anyone having trouble completing the call portion of their shops? Both numbers aren't working. They are... 1-866-456-1061 and 214-446-3290 I accepted 4 shops for today, "shop anyone" as a target, but I can't even hit the road because I can't complete the first step... Continue Reading


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EPMS Special Instructions

I did not see this addressed anywhere and I wanted to post this to keep ya'll from making the same mistake I made. I've done 14 shops for EPMS over the past year and I felt I was pretty comfortable with the instructions. . .I did not get paid for... Continue Reading

Mistreated by EPMS Apartment shop editors, anyone else?

Hi, It seems when I shop and the agent doesn't do a very good job, when I write about it the editors write back nasty messages and dock my pay! For example, an agent after raising objection to a feature in an apartment he just said "okay". When you write... Continue Reading

EPMS shop limit question. When it says you can do 4 shops

EPMS question. When it says you can do 4 shops does that mean 4 shops on your home page at once? 4 shops a week? 4 shops a month? Some shops I get emails about do not show up on my page as available. I feel this has to do... Continue Reading


Hello All, I have been a mystery shopper for some time but I have never done the audio shop (for apartment shops) for companies like EPMS. I see some pay pretty well. For the experienced apartment mystery shoppers, are they difficult shops? I see they send some type of equipment to... Continue Reading

Need HELP! Quick with EPMS shop

Doing my first shop for EPMS. Non-targeted. Should be easy. But I ran into a few snags: 1. Supposed to visit first on Friday, then call back later, speak to same agent. Did the visit, then got lost on the way home, didn't get home in time to call. Already told... Continue Reading

How to submit report EPMS

I did my first apartment shop for EPMS, yesterday. It was very long and I finished it late last night. The last page said --You have completed the report. It doesn't have a submit button or anything else. It just has a way to get back... Continue Reading


Can anybody please tell me what EPMS stands for I have a list of several hundred MS shops but none fit EOMS.... Continue Reading

EPMS targeted apartment shops

When you get permission to ask for your target agent by name, what do you say if asked how you got their name? Thanks!... Continue Reading

EPMS January shops

Is EPMS usually this slow around this time? I was on a roll with them up until two weeks ago. I was unable to pick-up many shops because I spent 2 weeks attempting to reach 3 out of my 4 targets and never reached them. By the time I found... Continue Reading

EPMS and maximum shop increase

At what point were you able to request more than 4 shops at a time? I've been shopping with EPMS for two months and have completed over 37 shops in that time period, but I didn't receive a reply to my e-mail when I ask this very same question.... Continue Reading

EPMS Video Shop

I just registered with this company and have an apartment shop scheduled for tomorrow which will pay $40 so worth it since it is in town. They have offered me a video shop(which I have never done) and will send me the equipment and train me over the phone, once... Continue Reading

EPMS and Maritz but fair PITA but fair.

I read a lot on the forum about EPMS. I agree their reports are insane. I won't take a shop unless it is bonused because I know the reports are a PITA. However, I also read a lot about their lack of professionalism. I am dealing with them... Continue Reading

EPMS Same Property Management Shops

I know it's acceptable to shop several properties for the same management company, as in real life we also all look at several apartments before deciding where to rent. However, what if the scenario for one property requires you to portray a couple, and a scenario for another requires you... Continue Reading

EPMS "Anyone" shops

When you don't have a specific target to shop and are instructed to call the toll free number to reach the property, is it acceptable to talk to an off site agent in a centralized location who will then scedule an appointment for you with a leasing agent on site?... Continue Reading

EPMS Problem(s), ...and it gets worse....

And they never seem to stop. They only get bigger and spread out. I shop for several airlines, Las Vegas Casinos and grocery stores as well as dozens of others. It is a great way to make extra money. However, i am having some serious ... Continue Reading


Please help. Am I the only one who spends from 8:30PM- 3:34AM completing the debriefs for these shops? If not please offer me some insight. Much obliged.... Continue Reading


Just thought I'd share my most recent experience with EPMS. They do apartment mystery shops and when you can get one where you do a random leasing agent, the job isn't bad. If you have to shop a specific person, that's when it starts getting time consuming and... Continue Reading

EPMS Compliment

Lately I've been complaining quite a bit about EPMS so I thought it was only fair to share something they did recently that made me happy. I completed a report on Tuesday and on Wednesday received an email from the editor. She wanted something clarified as according to the email I... Continue Reading

First Apartment Shop For EPMS

Hello everybody I just done my first apartment shop for EPMS. I faxed all of the information to them and then called to make sure that they did receive all of my paperwork and to make sure that it was done correctly. The lady told me that I forgot to... Continue Reading



Ellis (EPMS) Video shops !

Hi everyone (excuse my rant) Has anyone else completed any of the video shops for Ellis.i just did 4 of them ,I was told the on-line reports would be much shorter than the regular shops.I can't believe how long the on-line form is ,it goes on and on and on.Each shop pays... Continue Reading

Payment from Epmsonline

Has anyone had any problems getting their from this company. I did nine shops for them and got paid for one. Everything else is pending. They pay on the 7th and 22nd of the month. I emailed them several times and they always say they are behind.... Continue Reading

EPMS/Ellis computers stolen.

Just received a letter in the mail today from them....dated June 15??...stating that their offices were broken into April 27 this year and they had ten computers stolen including the accounting computer "which maintained employee files". They state that the computer was "double password protected", however, they are recommending calling... Continue Reading


These guys have the best back up I have experienced. Hand written work is tedious but they pay well and there is always someone to talk with.... Continue Reading


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Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about the EPMS company?

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Most Recent mentions of Ellis Property Management Services / EPMS

Once you are confident in those, start by doing Ellis video shops. (Source). May 31, 2021

[/quote] EPMS Additional Questions? (Source). May 26, 2021

I get the sense that Ellis is really struggling to find video shoppers right now. (Source). May 24, 2021

Got an email from Ellis saying their video shops can now be completed via phone app. (Source). May 16, 2021

The report was much easier than EPMS and NO PICTURES! Just needed to upload the business card. (Source). March 23, 2021

I also do shops for EPMS and Remington. (Source). March 18, 2021

..... Be sure to read the evaluation forms before you make your visits as they have a different feel then the EPMS shops. (Source). March 18, 2021

Grace Hill consistently has two apartment shops within my shopping area. How are the reports? How are they to work with? Are they excessively picky? I've done multiple EPMS shops without a problem. (Source). March 18, 2021

They expect a fair amount of narrative, and I'm now audio recording all my onsite visits to ensure I get the details right. FWIS, the EPMS online report is not as time consuming, but I absolutely hate their online implementation. (Source). March 18, 2021

The reports are about 3/4 the length of EPMS reports. (Source). March 17, 2021