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Feedback Plus

I have been trying to access thier website withoiut luck. Does anyone have a link I can try?... Continue Reading

Does Feedback Plus have any available shops?

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Feedback Plus, Sentry, how to reach someone a little sketchy?

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Frustrated with Feedback Plus

I just wanted to post that I find myself very frustrated with a Feedback Plus shop for one of their upscale clients. I've never had this one happen before but there was a question on the shop form as to whether the associate suggestively sold me additional merchandise -... Continue Reading

sentry marketing and feedback plus

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Has anyone used this tool for tracking all aspects of your business? It makes claims that if accurate would make tracking of just about everything very easy and convenient. This tool is being touted by a MSC (Feedback Plus, Inc) and I am curious if there is some kind of... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus Question

I can check on cities that I would like to see the jobs that are available. When I click on my own city, it tells me that I am not eligible for any of the jobs. Why would this be?... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus (Login Issues?)

Hello, Is anyone else having trouble logging into the site?... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus/Sentry Marketing too many emails?

I received 8 emails from Feedback Plus, mobile shops, under Sentry Marketing in 3 minutes. I replied and asked the scheduler to not send me 8 of the same emails in 3 minutes. All of the same shops. Is this a problem with anyone else?... Continue Reading

Chronic Feedback Plus Payment Issues

This was stupid. Wish I could delete account. Keep posting about how great everything in the world is.... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus/Amarillo, TX

I love Feedback Plus but unfortunately they lost the contract for [i][/i] when [i][/i] bought them out. Any idea who now has that contract. Feedback Plus say they don't know. Thanks [i]Mod note: Roger, not only has your question been asked and answered before, but each of... Continue Reading

Feedback +

Anyone else not able to get on the website? I know they are merging and am wondering if this is a permanent website shut down.... Continue Reading

Sentry buys Feedback Plus Continue Reading

Feedback Plus

I've done a bunch of shops with them, and never had issues. I just tried to look for shops, and it said I am not eligible for any in my area. Tried a different state, chose a few cities, and got the same message. Not sure why. I asked my... Continue Reading

Can someone please tell me how to get in touch with Feedback Plus?

I did a shop for them yesterday that required two photos, one of the photos was impossible to get because there was a register right by the location that I was supposed to photograph, I can't submit my report without the photo and I don't want them to think that... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus

Has anyone ever worked for Feedback Plus?... Continue Reading

Is anyone else having a problem with Feedback Plus login?

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Feedback Plus

Hi. I didn't see this company listed here and saw a job at jobslinger that interested me. I applied online and emailed the scheduler, but the email was bounced back. Is anyone working for them? Thanks! :)... Continue Reading

Kudos to Feedback Plus

I just performed a shop on the 14th and money was in my account on the 22nd! Very Fast Pay! Paula... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus Payment

Has anyone received a payment from Feedback Plus lately? They are usually so quick at paying, but I've been waiting for their last two pay cycles for a payment and I haven't received it yet.... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus

Sorry, I know I am just missing it somewhere, but does anyone have any information about this company? Do they give feedback? How long does it usually take? I did my first assignment over a week ago. Site says the job was submitted, but that's all... Continue Reading

Feedback plus

Can anyone log on? I have to do a report, and I keep getting errors that say I am not connected to the internet. I've tried from my laptop, and my phone. Anyone know a contact email for them?... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus credit shop

I love these shops. They are quick and easy. The refrigerator, lawn tractor and tires are pretty easy to play out this scenario. But does anyone else feel weird about saying you want to purchase $500+ in jeans (the minimum $ they say and these are the low... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus

Is anyone else unable to access Feedback Plus? I noticed the other day that their login page was changed and since then I get an HTTP Page not found error message.... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus

Anyone done any work for this company? I just did a shop for them. Took over a week for the editor to get back to me. I was again asked about responses to questions that did not exist on the form and ended up feeling like I... Continue Reading

Anyone shop for Feedback Plus Inc?

Just wondering what they are like. Do they have good shops that pay well?... Continue Reading

Great experience with Feedback Plus

I am always a little hesitant when I do my first shop with a new company. However, I did a transportation company shop for Feedback Plus and got my PayPal payment in 18 days! This included transit time for my receipts to be sent by the US post... Continue Reading

Feedback + and being paid on time.

Is anyone else experiencing any delays with getting paid for their completed assignments. I used to get my payments like clockwork but for at least the last 4 to 5 pay periods it has been no payment or partial payment. I am still waiting to be paid for a assignment... Continue Reading

Does anyone do work for Feedback Plus

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kudos to Feedback Plus for fast payment

I performed the shop 12 days ago and was paid today!... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus is a super fast paying company

I did a shop for them Oct. 26th and was paid today! Amazing! Whooo-eee!... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus Question

I haven't been able to see any shops on their website for several months. Would someone mind checking to see if there are any of the burger and milkshake restaurants available in Indiana for you? I had a fairly small issue with them last year and I stood my ground.... Continue Reading

How To Guarantee To Receive E-mail Offers From Feedback Plus??

I noticed that I haven't received any offers from Feedback Plus since September, so I attempted to log into their site to make sure I was still a member. Well, after logging in, I found that they deactivated me because their e-mails to my yahoo e-mail account were supposedly... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Feedback Plus

We used to have multiple clients on Prophet, but it got so cumbersome on the scheduling side, that we stopped taking clients on the platform back when Feedback Plus sold. (Source). March 06, 2021

My last assignment for Feedback + was in Feb. (Source). March 11, 2020

It may be that the OP heard about Feedback Plus, went on line and then found Feed Plus by happenstance. (Source). March 11, 2020

It may be that the OP heard about Feedback Plus, went on line and then found Feed Plus by happenstance. (Source). March 11, 2020

Feedback Plus was purchased by Sentry, (Source). March 11, 2020

[/quote] I hope it is not a scam. Hundred years ago there was a company Feedback Plus that I cann't remember with whom it merged, A Closer Look? (Source). March 11, 2020

Ardent Services not positive still in business for mystery shopping. Feedback plus was bought out by Sentry I believe. (Source). January 06, 2020

My memories of Feedback Plus are all positive. (Source). June 08, 2018

Feedback Plus was a terrific company. (Source). May 02, 2018

Guysmom was right, though, a couple of those companies are no more. I really miss Feedback Plus. (Source). March 04, 2018