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Five Diamond/TrueGuest anyone?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Trueguest, formerly Five Diamond Hosptality

Just curious....I got a notice earlier this summer that Five Diamond Hospitality is now a part of Trueguest for hotel shops. How are these? It looks like its for more upscale hotels. Am thinking this might be a goal of mine at some point...none in Chicago so far.... Continue Reading

First Five Diamond Shop

I just got assigned my first shop for 5D...I think. It's listed on my jobs on Shopmetrics but I received an e-mail from a scheduler to confirm my availability. Is that how they typically assign jobs? And after I officially accept it, do they send the surveys via e-mail, since... Continue Reading

Five Diamond Moves to Shopmetrics

I think I am happy about this. I have only done a few assignments for them. I like being able to search for assignments rather than getting an email with offers for my city or sending a request for other locations.... Continue Reading

Five Diamond, why are they contacting me now?

Anyone else get an email from Kate (Kate R? maybe) to do a shop for Five Diamond? I did a test shop for them two years ago (phone shop) and Mr Personality (AKA the guy at the office with the odd name who is completely nutty about getting the report in... Continue Reading

Goodwin and Five Diamond

Are they the same company? I have documents from 5D that have a Goodwin email address on them.... Continue Reading

Five Diamond Hospitality

I did a search for this company and found several posts, but none them answered my question. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to approve your application? I signed up with them months ago and never received a response. So, I signed up with... Continue Reading

Five Diamond

Hello, Anyone working with Five Diamond Hospitality? I had done a few shops for them a few months ago, but after I refused one assignment (the fee was low and I was not comfortable with the requirements), I never heard of them anymore. I was very honest with the scheduler,... Continue Reading

Five Diamond Hospitality

This company is asking me to make a hotel reservation, give the hotel my credit card number, then write a sample report before offering an assignment. Is this a legit MSC?... Continue Reading

five diamond mystery shopper

I applied thru them then get into first test assignment, then I get rejected. How hard was this company?... Continue Reading

Five Diamond Hospitality

Has anyone worked with this company before? I was searching for shops on my route and stumbled onto them. The assignment was taken however I was wondering what the consensuses was about them. thanks... Continue Reading

Five Diamond Hospitality

Has any one done one of these shops? Their shops include booking hotel rooms, spas and fine dining where you have to use your charge card for hundreds of dollars. How long does it really take to get reimbursed?... Continue Reading

Five Diamond Hospitality - whats going on?

Was about to register with them and getting to the main page but getting 404 errors when I try and register. Anyone else registered with them and do hotel shops? Anyone else having problems registering now/ lately?... Continue Reading

Five Diamond Hospitality

I've found one post on this company, asking about it. The two responses it got said they couldn't figure out how to apply or were turned away. Well, I too heard about it and applied. This morning I got an e-mail saying: Here is our process to get you added to... Continue Reading

Five Diamond Hospitality

Has anyone done any work for this company. Are they legitimate? Do they pay in a timely manner? Thanks for any insight you can give.... Continue Reading

Five Diamond Hospitality

Anyone familiar with Five Diamond Hospitality? I applied but was informed they had no opportunities in my area. Yeah right. Neither did Coyle or Buckalew, but that didn't stop them from accepting me. And Coyle said the same thing to my gf, even though I was looking at the Coyle site... Continue Reading

Five Diamond Hospitality

Has anyone heard of them? I saw a posting on jobslinger and wanted to check if they were legit. Thanks! Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Five Diamond Hospitality

[quote=salisburync] Five Diamond. (Source). April 16, 2021

Five Diamond. (Source). April 16, 2021

I did about six for them before I just got fed up with the style requirement. But, I have done tons of others since then.[/quote] Five Diamond Hospitality? (Source). September 29, 2019

One company I used to enjoy working for was Five Diamond (now trueguest I've found). (Source). May 23, 2018

Maybe it depends upon the editor. BBusiness Solutions has simpler ones, or Buckalew's Beginner shops. Five Diamond and Regal are currently on my 10' pole list. (Source). March 25, 2018

[quote=JASFLALMT] I heard Five Diamond (I thought they were now called True Guest or something like that? (Source). July 22, 2017

I heard Five Diamond (I thought they were now called True Guest or something like that? (Source). July 19, 2017

In order of my own preference: Merc Surveys B Business Solutions Buckalew A Closer Look Coyle Five Diamond Regal YMMV (didn't include Bestmark because I'm excluded from the one in my area) (Source). July 18, 2017

For several years I have completed upscale hotel shops for Five Diamond, racking up about a dozen and loving it. (Source). June 06, 2017

. . nothing. Another eight months passed. I continued to apply for hotel assignments, then all of a sudden, I get assigned a Five Diamond resort. (Source). April 03, 2017