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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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Franchise Compliance Mystery Shop - Get $40 and a free workout in Billings, MT!

For this assignment, the assigned shopper will perform an ANONYMOUS audit of the assigned 9Round franchise location and staff and will report on any deviations from standard 9Round protocol and compliance as described. You will be instructed to arrive at your designated time and check in with a 9Round staff member.... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance?

Has anyone worked with this company?... Continue Reading

Compliance Solutions Worldwide and Franchise Compliance

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Trouble getting paid by Franchise Compliance

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance

What is going on, if anything, with this company? I heard one person say they want to contact the AG or DA, something like that. Get a case going against them. I completed a shop mid June. They have yet to grade my report, and when I e-mailed them asking... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance

Anyone have experience with this MSC? I completed an in-home shop for them over three months ago. I paid for the service with my credit card. The shop compensation is reimbursement up to a maximum dollar amount. I have not been reimbursed. There is no phone number listed on its... Continue Reading

franchise compliance

Anyone out there do a job for Franchise Compliance and not get paid? looking to join forces if you are one of the unlucky ones that did a job for them and never got paid. I have confirmed with Chem Dry that they in fact paid the company... Continue Reading

Compliance Solutions vs. Franchise Compliance

I received this email as I'm sure many of you did and it is from Christina Palmer with Compliance Solutions. I've never done any work for them. Can anyone vouch for this company. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Shoppers! Thank you for all your hard work! It’s because of you that Compliance... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance Still not paying for completed Mystery Shops

I was one of the lucky ones. I did a simple mystery shop for Franchise Compliance at a local Pro-Image store. I completed the shop on January 13, 2012, received a shop rating of 9/10 and am still waiting to get paid $14.00 Fortunately, at this point... Continue Reading

Collecting $ from Franchise Compliance

I have a thought about collecting our money from Franchise Compliance. If you are interested, please send me a private email for more details.... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance

If they haven't paid anyone for 18 months why do they still have shops to perform on their website? Are they going out of business or something because no one will answer my emails.... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance - A Modest Proposal . . .

I note what appears to be still a new scheduler trying to get these jobs placed. If I were interested in performing the job, here is what I think I would respond back to the scheduler . . . "Due to payment issues with Franchise Compliance of more than a... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway and Franchise Compliance

I didn't see any topics like this started yet. Those are the only two companies I will end the year with still being owed money. I'm not counting MSCs still within their payment terms. Just MSCs that don't pay. The assignments from both companies are from Aug.... Continue Reading

franchise compliance

I have replied to a number of people, but am not sure how it works to actually post for a discussion thread that exists. This company sucks. However, this morning I called one of the companies that I did work for, and last week, called the other one.... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance

I have been reading the negative reports on this company. I completed a job for them in March and on their web site it states I was paid on June 15th. I was not. How do you report companies to the BBB. Do you have... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance Carpet Cleaning Shop

I have done 4 of these shops. The last one I did was on November 13, 2010. I am still waiting to get paid. I have sent in 4 requests for re-imbursement ($125.00) no one responds back or emails me. I am going to send in another email request for... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance

They have an (in home shop) that they are offering. This is the second email I have recieved from them about this shop. Just wondering why no one has taken it. When I get an email from a company that I have never done a shop for I usually wait to... Continue Reading

DO NOT work for Franchise Compliance

they are total crooks. Adam will not respond to my e-mails demanding payment for a shop performed on Sept. 9th, well over 90 days ago. I am going to do everything I can to see that all shoppers are warned to boycott this fraudulent company. (I know there is another... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance

I stopped hearing from them as soon as I said they needed to stop sending emails that said othing and needed to just pay me by a certain date. They went incommunicado. Oh well. I am contacting the client, the BBB, the Utah AG, and filing in... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance

I am owed money by them (as I posted in the June who owes you thread.) In the past, I had been paid on time, but not this time. I did a reimbursement shop that cost $125 in May, and the Sassie site shows I was paid on 9/15. I... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance Carpet Cleaning shop

Has anyone done the one that you have to send the solution back to FC? My post office refused the package and threatened me with prosecution because I don't know what is in the solution and it is not labeled "properly." Just how many ways are there to... Continue Reading

URGENT need by 11 am HI time Franchise Compliance CC Shop Instructions

Thank you to Flash for trying to assist. The guy is here, and I am probably eating the money. I am not happy. I contacted the info email, Kim, Alisha and every phone number they might have ever had, all for naught.... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance

I completed a phone shop for them in mid March. I was paid at month's end in April. I am signed up to do a better shop for them for this month. I hope they keep up with that on this one, as it requires upfront cash... Continue Reading

Franchise Compliance

I shopped for this company in 2007. Carpet cleaning, better than fast-food burgers, some retail and a few others I don't recall. They were dependable, problem-free. After the burger shops went elsewhere, I seldom heard from them. I was mistakenly advised they had been absorbed by MF. ... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Franchise Compliance

Franchise Compliance (Source). April 06, 2020

And there have been MSCs in the past that were MSPA members that burned their shoppers. Franchise Compliance was one of them and their owner ran off without paying many shoppers. (Source). December 11, 2019

Anyone remember Franchise Compliance? (Source). November 10, 2019

Years ago there was a MSC who went out of business, owing many shoppers $100s (I was owed $218 and some change). It was Franchise Compliance. (Source). September 09, 2019

Years ago there was a MSC who went out of business, owing many shoppers $100s (I was owed $218 and some change). It was Franchise Compliance. (Source). September 08, 2019

Years ago there was a MSC who went out of business, owing many shoppers $100s (I was owed $218 and some change). It was Franchise Compliance. (Source). September 07, 2019

It's okay, it's good to put negative experiences into the past and not dwell on them :) I did the same with Franchise Compliance when they went under (I did NOT get paid. (Source). August 10, 2019

Personally, I do “Franchise Compliance” and write boring reports. (Source). April 22, 2019

And if you want to do pro bono work in mystery shopping, Franchise Compliance, The Freeman Group, and Instant-Replays are for you. (Source). April 06, 2019

I don't even know if Franchise Compliance had MSPA membership but their owner ran off with a lot of shoppers' money, including me ($218. (Source). October 28, 2018