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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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Freeman Group company

in case if I did not get payment from Freeman since 2012 , it's too long to ask for this help. I just know this website. pls suggest.... Continue Reading

RIP Frankie Muse Freeman

She passed away at 101 yesterday. While we frequently post about celebrities, I felt it was important to recognize this woman. If you do not know her name, take a few minutes to read about the accomplishments of this civil rights icon.... Continue Reading

Company operated by old Freeman Execs

Hey everyone - can anyone recall the name of the company that was started by the two guys that were former Freeman execs? I remember we discussed it, but for the life of me cannot recollect the name of the company, nor can I find the thread. TIA.... Continue Reading

So, what happened to Freeman? They went broke?

Can someone fill me in on this one?... Continue Reading

Freeman Group Solutions - In business? Anyone else been ripped off?

I have been a shopper for over 7 years and have done audits for easily more than 100 companies, but I've encountered a "first" -- the first time a company has owed me money and never paid. Freeman Group Solutions hasn't paid me for 2 (expensive) casual dining audits done last... Continue Reading

Freeman Group

What is happening with this company. They have several companies, and the shoppers are only one. Have they paid anyone? The telephone number has been disconnected. Does anyone have any followup number, class action information, etc?... Continue Reading

Freeman Group Update

Dear Forum Community, an update on what's been happening with the Freeman Group. As you may know, we pressured the MSPA to kick them out of their organization. Additionally, at my urging, Sassie gave Freeman Group a deadline to pay shoppers or lose their contract. Freeman did not meet the deadline,... Continue Reading


I did a well known large chain restaurant shop for The Freman Group on 07/03/12 and was told it takes 60-90 days to get paid, and I should contact them the end of September .I have been calling and sending emails daily and no one has called me back... Continue Reading

Freeman Letter

I am assuming everyone has received the letter from Bill Freeman the founder and CEO of Freeman. What are your thought about his response to the pay issue. Here is a copy in case you have not received it yet. Dear Floyd, My name is Bill Freeman - owner and founder... Continue Reading

Are you owed money by the Freeman Group?

Shoppers who are owed money are beginning to coordinate our actions. If you are owed money, please fill out the form linked to below (created by one of our members) Continue Reading

Freeman Group Update -- The MSPA Has Acted.

Dear Forum Members, and the MSPA, just twenty minutes ago, the MSPA announced that they suspended a member company for not paying mystery shoppers. That company is the Freeman Group. This means the Freeman Group will no longer be listed as an MSPA member until they meet their obligations and pay... Continue Reading

Freeman Group/Private Eyes Scheduling

Anyone that has done a mystery shopping job for Freeman Group knows they are not getting paid. Some of these jobs are expensive motel shops. Private Eyes Scheduling is recruiting shoppers to complete jobs for Freeman Group, knowing FULL WELL the shopper will not be paid. SHAME... Continue Reading

Freeman Group

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

MSPA on the Freeman Group

The MSPza said on their facebook page that the Freeman Group is not going bankrupt. They said they are aware of their payment problms. They als advises shoppers to be patient because payment was forthcoming. Thoughts?... Continue Reading

Freeman Pay Issues

If you are having payment issues with freeman shop I would suggest e-mailing the address below. I sent a few messages and will see how it goes. To me it was typical MSC stuff but wanted to be sure everyone that needed the information has it. For all pay inquiries please... Continue Reading

Freeman, anyone paid quickly this Spring?

Wondering if I should give them a 3rd chance (3 strikes and you are out), have not worked for them in almost a year. What is the latest turnaround time from them? Not what shoppers are being told but your "payment in hand"! Thanks, might need to... Continue Reading

Freeman, big surprise?

Hello , First, let me apologize for the delay in your payments. Unfortunately, at this time we are experiencing delays in collection of some of our receivables which in turn is delaying our ability to make payments. We understand your concern and truly apologize for any inconvenience this... Continue Reading

How can you tell if Freeman paid you??

I did a job for them over the summer. I don't recall getting paid by them, but when I go to the website it doesn't have a payment history. How can you tell if they've paid you?... Continue Reading

The Freeman Group

Does anyone know a link or something that would enable me to get in touch with this company? I did two shops for them months ago and have not been paid. I would appreciate any information.... Continue Reading

Freeman Group

I need help finding a contact number for the Freeman Group. I did two shops for them in May 2011 and still have not been paid. Does anyone know the contact number?... Continue Reading

Freeman Group

So after reading all the warning that you would eventually get paid, but would need to send multiple reminders, I chose to take one anyway as I was going to be in the area and needed a place to stay. I did the shop on Sept. 16 and put a reminder... Continue Reading

About Freeman Group

I have worked for them in the past and I admit, I did have some problems getting paid. On several occasions, I had to call repeatedly to finally get paid. I attach the contact information that I have for them in the hope that I might be able to help others. Contact Info... Continue Reading

freeman group

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Freeman - monthly shops?

I've done some shops with Freeman this month (with the knowledge they lay slow) because I needed a hotel anyway because I was traveling. I will e traveling in September too and wondered if anyone knew if they post shops every month - or if it less often than that.... Continue Reading

Is FGS the same MSC as Freeman Group?

I see that Jobslinger has jobs listed for Freeman Group Solutions. These are new in my area. I have also noticed that some shoppers have had pay issues with Freeman Group. Just wondering if these are the same MSC and if so have their issues improved since... Continue Reading

What is the story on Freeman? Really long pay period!!!

It took them 4 MONTHS to pay me a hotel shop. Any comment?... Continue Reading


Weird. last night, just for fun, I logged into Freeman to see what was available. We might be travelling soon so I like to keep an eye out. "You are not eligible...." What? So I checked again tonight. Same thing. Does anyone else see this? Maybe they are working on... Continue Reading

Freeman Group does NOT pay in a timely fashion!

I did hotel shops for this company back in April and May and still have NOT been paid. It has been almost four months!!! They sent an apology e-mail saying I'd be paid sometime in August, four months after my shop dates and they owe me over $600 in hotel... Continue Reading

Anyone having an issue signing into Freeman Group?

I'm curious if it's my computer, or if their website is having issues. I'm hoping whatever it is, it gets fixed soon, becasue my report is due at 5PM today! Is anyone else able to log in right now? If so, what broswer are you using? I tried... Continue Reading

Freeman Group Solutions

I have read how slow they are on paying, but not until after I did a shop. The first shop I have ever done. I have kept all my paperwork. We are going on 11 weeks now. They offered $40 to do the shop. My paperwork all shows it, however,... Continue Reading


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-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

New Freeman News

fyi 15th October 2010 Dear FreemanGroup Limited Service Shoppers, As you may be aware, I have just been appointed President of FreemanGroup and my first priority was to complete a comprehensive review of how we record and pay our Limited Service Shoppers. As you can imagine I was unhappy with our internal performance,... Continue Reading


I did a shop for them in May and I have not been paid for it or have I heard from them. Does any one have a 1800 phone number or reg # so I can call them. Are they a Canadian or US company so I can report... Continue Reading

Anyone do shops for Freeman Group?

They are taking more than three months to pay for a shop well done. Anyone else have experience with them?... Continue Reading

Freeman Group

They are still way behind with payments, and their attitude sucks. Stay away from them.... Continue Reading

Freeman Group ?

Hey everyone, Anyone work for Freeman lately and been paid ? I am gettting a incredible amount of job offers from them, but I don't want to take any of them if they are still running behind on their payroll. Thanks...... Continue Reading

Freeman Group's Payment Schedule

I know I shouldn't have with their payment issues, but I needed a hotel room and the chance to get a free one with a shop with Freeman seemed like a good risk (I was going to pay for the room anyway). If they haven't fixed their payment issues and... Continue Reading


Hi everyone, I did motel shops for Freeman Group, Nov 1 AND Dec 1, 2009. They are supposed to reimburse for the room, plus pay $20.00. I have STILL not received ANY payment! There was a $10 bonus on the Dec shop, so they actually owe me $86 and... Continue Reading

Freeman Group

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Slow Pay/Missing Pay with Freeman Group

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Freeman Group

If any one is having a problem getting paid by this company II'm sure others would like to know about it.... Continue Reading

Freeman Group

Are the freeman group real? Just curious I don't remember signing up for them but got an email from them.... Continue Reading

Freeman Group ?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Freeman Group

She has been fired from one MSC that I know because of this. I personally had a terrible experience with Carrie, first with Freeman and then recently with her bogus scheduling company Private Eyes Online (it was shop scheduled for Merc who was not aware at the time; I sure let them know) Of course, I did not (Source). May 12, 2019

She has been fired from one MSC that I know because of this. I personally had a terrible experience with Carrie, first with Freeman and then recently with her bogus scheduling company Private Eyes Online (it was shop scheduled for Merc who was not aware at the time; I sure let them know) Of course, I did not (Source). May 12, 2019

Passed by on Thursday to see a work crew removing the signage. Too bad it was a Freeman shop. (Source). May 10, 2019

.. nope, all along he knew he was filing bankruptcy. I didn't loose anything in the Freeman Group train wreck, but I heard stories of some shoppers out over $10K. (Source). May 03, 2019

And if you want to do pro bono work in mystery shopping, Franchise Compliance, The Freeman Group, and Instant-Replays are for you. (Source). April 06, 2019

This was also when Freeman finally took it's last gasps and so that dumped a whole bunch of full time hotel shoppers without jobs (and many out thousands of dollars from unpaid reimbursements) into the market as well - (Source). March 03, 2019

The first was when someone from OA (which is now a bankrupt company that actually took a lot of money from shoppers when they went belly-up, like Freeman - so it is not a company that I would recommend!) offered to pay my airfare and nice fees quarterly from NC to Vegas if I would agree to do a series of integrity (Source). March 02, 2019

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CORSICANA TX 75110 CROCKETT TX 75835 DALHART TX 79022 DALLAS TX 75220 DAYTON TX 77535 DECATUR TX 76234 DENTON TX 76201 DIMMITT TX 79027 DUMAS TX 79029 EDNA TX 77957 EULESS TX 76040 FABENS TX 79838 FLOYDADA TX 79235 FORT WORTH TX 76177 GAINESVILLE TX 76240 GOLDTHWAITE TX 76844 GONZALES TX 78629 HASKELL TX 79521 HEREFORD TX 79045 HILLSBORO TX 76645 HONDO TX 78861 HOUSTON TX 77032 HOUSTON TX 77019 HOUSTON TX 77087 HOUSTON TX 77073 HOUSTON TX 77029 Houston TX 77048 Houston TX 77013 JACKSONVILLE TX 75766 JASPER TX 75951 LA GRANGE TX 78945 LAMESA TX 79331 LONGVIEW TX 75602 LONGVIEW TX 75603 Lubbock TX 79404 LUFKIN TX 75901 MANOR TX 78653 MARLIN TX 76661 MC KINNEY TX 75071 MORTON TX 79346 MOUNT PLEASANT TX 75455 MULESHOE TX 79347 MUNDAY TX 76371 NACOGDOCHES TX 75962 ODESSA TX 79762 PALESTINE TX 75801 PARIS TX 75460 Pasadena TX 77505 PERRYTON TX 79070 PHARR TX 78577 PLAINVIEW TX 79072 POTEET TX 78065 ROSENBERG TX 77471 SAN ANGELO TX 76903 SAN ANTONIO TX 78219 SAN ANTONIO TX 78222 SAN ANTONIO TX 78220 SAN BENITO TX 78586 SAN SABA TX 76877 SEALY TX 77474 SEGUIN TX 78156 SEMINOLE TX 79360 SHERMAN TX 75090 SHINER TX 77984 SILVERTON TX 79257 SNYDER TX 79550 SPEARMAN TX 79081 STEPHENVILLE TX 76401 SULPHUR SPRINGS TX 75482 TEMPLE TX 76502 TERRELL TX 75160 TERRELL TX 75161 TEXARKANA TX 75503 TULIA TX 79088 TYLER TX 75701 TYLER TX 75706 TYLER TX 75708 UVALDE TX 78801 VICTORIA TX 77901 VICTORIA TX 77905 WAXAHACHIE TX 75165 WEATHERFORD TX 76086 WEATHERFORD TX 76088 WHARTON TX 77488 WICHITA (Source). December 13, 2018

The Freeman Group is back and looking for more mystery shoppers again. (Source). December 13, 2018

I am not taking my chances, but that's just me. MSPA membership does NOT give any MSC more legitimacy. I think Freeman Group had a MSPA membership, but that did not stop them from not paying shoppers before they eventually went bankrupt. (Source). October 28, 2018