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Gfk mystery shop

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Sassie payments from GFK/Ipsos

Did anyone receive their weekly payment from GFK/Ipsos last Fri 11/8? My payment never posted for shops I did on 11/2. They were also submitted the same day. I'm so confused my sassie payment from gfk/Ipsos has never been late.... Continue Reading

GFK (client removed - Mod)

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I have been getting separate paypal payments form these two recently merged companies...Now, it seems like GFK is a week behind? Is there a merge of their payroll departments underway? Anybody know? The last "paid On" date received from GFK was 8/6...Everything since that payroll date is marked 'Payment... Continue Reading


I did an inquiry shop last week. When I submitted the shop, the initial QA check said everything was fine. An editor emailed me and said that there were some mistakes, and to open the IBW in the yellow stickie at the top of the screen to address them. The... Continue Reading

IPSOS/GFK Who Has and How Have You Completed these audits of electronic store

I thought "why not" steady income, close to home, regular and repeating work. There are two parts to the audit. In the first part, you must obtain and pass a background check and drug test. This is at your own expense. When there is no... Continue Reading

Payment for the IPSOS/GFK Big Box store audit

Has anyone else that does the audit at the electronics store, that takes 4-6 hours to complete, been paid for your audits that were completed on the first week of June? Usually the payments are put in pending payment on Thursdays the week after they are complete and then... Continue Reading

GFK - IPSOS Photo Uploading Issues

Is anyone else having major issues with GFK - IPSOS shop photos uploading at a snail's pace and then timing out? I am trying to enter one of their need immediately reports with a photo and am stuck. I did email the scheduler as well.... Continue Reading

GFK..can't find quiz

I did a cell phone shop for them, now IPSOS, on the Sassie site. I can't find the quiz for the particular shop. Before I did the shop, I emailed the scheduler asking for help finding the quiz. I did not receive a response, so I was hoping it was... Continue Reading

IPSOS formerly Gfk

Has Gfk changed their payment date(s) to match IPSOS? I'm fairly new to both so I don't have any history to go off of. The payment dates list says Gfk pays 10 days after acceptance & I don't even see IPSOS on the list. I tried to research the... Continue Reading

Ipsos - Formerly GFK

I would definitely not recommend this company. I work for a dozen or so companies and have never had a shop returned unpaid or incomplete. I did two shops for this company on the same day and completed them. They refuse to pay. I tried to contact them more than... Continue Reading

Ipsos- GfK Merger

Any thoughts on what it means? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Ipsos is one of my favorites so I hate to see the boat get rocked. But we'll see. Hoping it's a huge success for all concerned.... Continue Reading

Any issues with GFK?

I did a car shop for GFK in early February. The last few car shops I did, they paid surprisingly fast, within days. For this last shop, I heard nothing, received no feedback. I sent multiple emails, and did not hear back from them. I... Continue Reading

GFK Audit

Has anyone done this assignment? I passed the drug test and am trying to find the guidelines so that I can pass the quiz, but the link/page they gave me does not have any reference to the quiz material. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.... Continue Reading

GFK Scheduler to Avoid

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GfK Editing Department is Ridiculously SLOW

Did anyone else complete one of their credit card shops this month? This is a 2-part shop where we enter the first part of our report, then the shop instructions say the editors will review the report and return it to us within 48 hours so that we can... Continue Reading

Is GFK merging?

There's an odd message on GFK's home page, which reads- ...we have changed our Privacy Policy. As now stated in Section 4, GfK may share the Mystery shoppers’ personal and other information with third parties in connection with the sale, assignment or transfer of GfK business. It's a little unnerving that they... Continue Reading

GFK being taken over by Opsos

I received an email that GFK has been acquired by Ipsos, thoughts........ Continue Reading

GFK Instashop Grocery Store Assignment Reimbursement

For anyone else who has completed the GFK Instashop grocery store assignment that include 2 transactions, have you been reimbursed for both transactions? I have been completing 2, but only getting the reimbursement for 1. Yes, I've contacted the MSC, but have not received a response.... Continue Reading

Gfk advertising on fb?

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GFK offered me an opportunity to work for free! I feel so honored.

This is part of the distasteful email that I received: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Auditors (meaning you have never done an audit) - open dates are August 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th. ***If you are new but would like to shadow another auditor before you do a real audit, let me know.... Continue Reading

GFK- Best Buy audits

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GFK cancelled my shop while I was submitting.

This company is very quirky. They will have open assignments you apply or self assign then days later they will tell you that they were filled. Finally, a decent bonus shop opened up, i self assigned and got the job it was on the way to another job.... Continue Reading

GFK cancelled my shop while I was submitting.

This company is very quirky. They will have open assignments you apply or self assign then days later they will tell you that they were filled. Finally, a decent bonus shop opened up, i self assigned and got the job it was on the way to another job.... Continue Reading

GFK cancelled my shop while I was submitting.

This company is very quirky. They will have open assignments you apply or self assign then days later they will tell you that they were filled. Finally, a decent bonus shop opened up, i self assigned and got the job it was on the way to another job.... Continue Reading

GFK is back in my area with the appliance shops....

But still paying what they were before they disappeared a couple of years back. I used to like working for them, and I would again. But not for what they pay. Those appliance shops and their cellphone shops were way too much work for the compensation. And if they still... Continue Reading

GFK Mobile CC program

Has anyone been contacted about this program? I completed the initial request for credit score and was told there would be a mandatory phone call training today but I was not told if I call in (no number given) or if they call me. Hoping to hear back... Continue Reading

GFK Mobile Technology Study - Have they lost their minds?

I received two emails today from GFK wanting shoppers to use a mobile phone and "a device" that they will send you to take photos of other mystery shoppers at their homes. They also want shoppers to allow the shoppers into their homes to take photos. Hey, GFK,... Continue Reading

GFK Audits

[b]Mod note: Irrespective that only client initials were used, post removed as it breached the Forum guideline which states, "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". Additionally, it is usually an ICA violation to name both the MSC and client.... Continue Reading

GFK Audits

Has anyone done these, curious as I don't normally do audits, but may try it if i get good feedback.... Continue Reading


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GFK. No Refund?

I signed up to do an audit (first time). I had to cancel. This was not a last minute cancel, but a week before the audit. I had paid for a drug test and background check the day of or day before I had to cancel. They won't issue a... Continue Reading

Possible phishing scam involving GFK via Email

Got an email saying they paid me by error via Pay Pal and said they are from GFK with the name of a person who works there. when I called the actual GFK phone the person's name was Jasmine on the GFK 800 # in the list of extensions... Continue Reading

Possible phishing scam involving GFK

Got an email saying they paid me by error via Pay Pal and said they are from GFK with the name of a person who works there. when I called the actual GFK phone the person's name was Jasmine on the GFK 800 # in the list of extensions... Continue Reading

Working with GFK

I think I worked with them a long time ago, so I do not know their reputation for types of shops and their payments. Can you kindly write and tell me about this company. I just received an e-mail that they are looking to do over 700 assignments... Continue Reading

GFK asking to have newer auditors shadow you

I'm just wondering if anyone has had GFK ask if you'd mind if a newer auditor shadowed you during one of your audits. I sent a long email to the scheduler with my concerns on this. When you're someone who has performed their announced audits a long time... Continue Reading

GFK drug screen

Have done this? Are the jobs worth it? I think it's about $35. I've read from the beginning don't pay to mystery shop so I don't know if I should consider it.... Continue Reading

GFK background check for audits

Does anyone have experience with GFKs background checks for audits and may know what their criteria is to pass or fail. The rep I spoke with didn't know. Has anyone failed and if so what for, in general? Thanks-... Continue Reading

NEW GFK program 9/22 to 10/21? Can't find contact info.

I cant find any info on their website about this and the scheduler didnt give email. I checked 200 mile radius of me and no $30 jobs to apply for or inquire about. Got this off Volition via Job Slinger. GfK has a new program that is only for... Continue Reading

GFK online credit card shops

Has anyone gotten paid for these yet? The advertised reimbursement and payment is misleading. The full guidelines, seen after you accept the shop, show limitations on expenditure per merchant. $25 is the expense minimum required and maximum paid by GFK. So GFK requires that shoppers spend more than $25... Continue Reading

GFK audit background check for audit program

I was wondering if anyone here knew what type of background check GFK conducts for their electronic store audit program. Is it a level 2 with fingerprints, or just a general background check? Wasn't sure and didn't want to waste time or money with it. Thank you for the help!... Continue Reading

Drug Test and BackGround Check for GFK worth it?

I did a background check for MSI and paid a small fee. I believe it was only $4-$7 for it. I went to sign up for an assignment with GFK... I've never seen anything in my area so I was super stoked to see one worth $95 WOWZA ... but... Continue Reading

GFK-grocery store audit for shop fee $110? Look up to 800 items.

Hi. Has anyone done this type of shop before? Just want to get a feel of this type of shop. GFK sent an email for grocery stores where no drug or background test were required. Need to look for items and enter prices onto reports. The shop may take a... Continue Reading

BMA, GFK, Jancyn? Good, bad, ugly?

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GFK credit card shop question.

For those that did or are assigned one of these, was it clear to you that you had to use a specific browser? Apparently I was yet I lost track of this when following the instructions. Worse, I received a 1 of 10 rating rather than being given the opportunity... Continue Reading

GfK Credit Card Shop

Did the shop, been 12 hours and still no email that I should get from the primary client. Does this usually take a while?... Continue Reading

Nice Work GfK

I responded to a message from GfK about completing one of their audits on a tight time frame. I asked for a substantial bonus, and it was accepted immediately. As I was completing the shop, I got an e-mail stating the shop was cancelled. After responding and stating I... Continue Reading

GFK's offer of $85-$95 for Electronic Store Audits, are they worth it?

Has anyone found the GFK Audits to be profitable? How much time did you spend on your last audit inside the store and also writing your report? Have you ever had one of your GFK Audits thrown out by their quality control team costing you six or eight... Continue Reading

GfK credit card rewards

Has anybody done GfK's credit card rewards program? Worth it? Hard?... Continue Reading

Any UK GFK mystery shoppers out there??

Hi, I have just signed up as a mystery shopper for GfK in the UK. Haven't been able to find a forum for us, here in the UK. Does anyone know of one? Received my first 'job' and then discovered after one day, that it was no longer there. Is... Continue Reading

Since when has GFK done theater checks?

I got an email today for movie screen ad checks from GFK?! Been with GFK for like two years and never seen this. But they pay nothing just like marketforce. $9 first screening, $2.50 each additional. I don't understand how they get people to do... Continue Reading

Is GfK a one trick pony?

For the past 3 months, GfK's job board only shows audits for one client. Is that their only client? No matter how far I expand my travel area, that's the only client and job that appears. Does anyone see any shops? Thanks.... Continue Reading

GFK sassie rover to download?

I'm trying to download the app on a new device I now have but I can't find where/how to download it again... Continue Reading

No shops at GFK?

I haven't been getting the usual deluge of e-mails from GFK, and was wondering if I got on somebody's poop list. I went to the job board and the only things there are the audits. Nothing else for miles and miles around me. Is anyone else finding this, or maybe... Continue Reading

Shoutout to Dorita & April at GFK

Recently the client of the announced audit I like to do changed the guidelines so GFK had to totally change the app. Well I've been freaking out since early yesterday morning cause my four shops scheduled this week still were not on the app! It's a pain to do... Continue Reading

How do you download the GfK SASSIE ROVER app to a new iPad Pro? Nothing that GfK has told me seems to work

I need help today, if possible. Thanks, ? The Crazyoldman... Continue Reading

Info on being gfk scheduler

I am waiting for next month to see if i can become a scheduler? Information? Tips?... Continue Reading

GFK paying me a "closed location" fee when the location wasn't closed....

On Friday I did a cell phone shop for GFK. The location was open. I opened the conversation with the sales associate using my given scenario and she told me that it was a prepaid phone store only, so she couldn't help me with contract renewal. I... Continue Reading

Happy Holidays GFK - paid in 3 days!!

WOW! I barely got home from doing this audit and I am paid! Way to go GFK!! Thanks for the quick payment!!... Continue Reading

Dang GFK! You rock!!!!

GFK said they will be paying faster in the month of December. I did 2 shops for them earlier this week and they paid me today!! Way to go!! The only downside is, there are no jobs left near me :(... Continue Reading

GfK emergency question text contact

GOOD NEWS! Here's a company that is attempting to address the emergency contact needed when shoppers are in the middle of a shop. Received this e-mail today containing a 7-day-a-week contact for emergency questions: "Greetings Shoppers & Auditors, GfK is pleased to announce a brand new service being offered to... Continue Reading

Is GFK taking longer to edit reports?

In the past, the longest it's ever taken GFK to grade and mark a report "received" has been about four or five days (at least in my experience). I now have a pending report sitting out there that's been completed for about twice that amount of time. I've received no... Continue Reading

Worst GFK shop ever; probably going to get rejected! A rant and vent....

I've just had that "net $3.00/hour" shop, and I fully expect it to be my first rejected one. And, after taking hours to write the report because it was so screwed up, I don't care if it is. In fact, when I was doing the required quiz, I hoped I'd... Continue Reading

First Unhappy Experience with GFK

Several people have complained about GFK. I generally say that aside from their poorly worded, ambiguous guidelines and questionnaires, I've had positive experiences with their schedulers and with getting paid quickly. Good communication, honest attempts to answer questions about conflicting instructions, etc. I got a personal (or personalized) e-mail from a... Continue Reading

GfK - Black Friday Shop - You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

While looking at JobSlinger, I noticed a posting by GfK for a shop at a large general merchandise store with locations all over the country. I click on it and look at the information. I kid you not, the shop is for BLACK FRIDAY. It pays $14. Somebody please tell... Continue Reading

Beware of GFK -Non Payment Issues -Refuses communication Unprofessional

I'm writing this post in an effort to inform those of you who are considering work with GFK. They are difficult to work for to say the least. They are unresponsive when it does not benefit them. They will scrutinize your work with the intention of denying payment. This is... Continue Reading

GFK Denies Auto Insurance Shop After Hours of Work

I have been a GFK shopper until today. I completed one of their Insurance shops. I spent hours doing the work, writing detailed responses, etc. I received a denial for all my hard work. I'm told the hours were incorrect. However, I know my work is correct. They conveniently removed... Continue Reading

Fastest shop pay ever, from GFK

One of the reasons I continue to shop for GFK is their faster-than-typical payment schedule. But this week I was amazed. Did a shop on Monday and was paid on Friday! It was a more involved and longer-than-it-initially-appeared shop, too, so I was very glad for the fast payment. Thank... Continue Reading

ANYONE know much about GFK's Rover app?? Wit's end, here..

I wrote one GFK rep over 6 times and never got a lucid answer. I asked for his supervisor and the guy asked me the exact same question I had answered 6 times with the other guy, and then never wrote me again. Here is the problem, if anyone... Continue Reading

What is involved in GfK's electronics store full day audit?

GfK is offering multiple all-day audits of electronic retail stores in my area. They require a drug test and background check be completed for this audit. There have been no takers for a few weeks which leaves me to wonder: Is this an awful job and everybody is staying away? Or, are... Continue Reading

Anyone Done a GFK Luxury Car Shop?

I've just started seeing these in my area recently. I don't meet the demographics for the one right in my city, but I do for one available about 20 - 25 miles away. Are these worth traveling for at the base rate of $50? Is the report lengthy? I haven't... Continue Reading

gfk october smartphone shops?

Just curious if they are in your area this month. This is the first time since 1+ years that I haven't seen smartphone shops posted on october 1st. has the project ended for them?... Continue Reading

GFK / Nikki Atkins / beverage census

I know there are some threads about this, mostly complaining. I posted in one that I took one of these jobs and would report my experience. Well, the bonus was high. I have never used the app before and even though I am 33 and fairly decent... Continue Reading

How do I get paid for my GFK shops?

I saw a post about this recently, but am unable to find it. I do not see any invoice tabs or pay tabs on my GFK profile or shop record. How do I submit an invoice ? or What is their process? Thanks!... Continue Reading

GFK is ridiculous

I just signed up a couple days ago to work with them. I got assigned a car insurance survey and they literally gave me 3 pdf files to print, which included 12 pages EACH full of questions that needed to be answered and faxed back. Then 2 days later you... Continue Reading

Is GFK really that bad?

I recently came across a shop I wanted to do on jobslinger and it was with GFK, so I went and signed up with them, then I came here and read nothing but horror stories about them. Any positive experiences?? I am ready to delete my account with them... Continue Reading

GFK is looking for shoppers to conduct auto insurance shops

Hi shoppers!! Is it time for you to update your auto insurance? Well we need YOU!! We are looking for shoppers to contact our core insurance companies, obtain a quote and then tell us about your experience. You can contact me directly at Also, register at These shops are... Continue Reading

Beverage audits gfk

Has anyone done any yet?... Continue Reading

GFK Problem! A real problem and how do I get help??

Hi, I did the really easy insurance shop that required me to use the web. I did what was required of me. I even have all of the emails I received from the agents that replied with quotes. Well, it went in and came back a few days ago with it... Continue Reading

GFK [client deleted] audits

Is anyone else having issues getting email responses for the end of month bonus [deleted] shops? It seems everytime I get an email about an emergency shop and only having 2 days to complete, I email stating I'll perform for the bonus offered within 30 min to an hour of... Continue Reading

This GFK Scheduler has hit the lowest I've ever seen

I am so furious this morning, I can barely type. I've done a small amount of work for GFK, however my shopper rating was a 9 before just now. Last night, at 5:30 pm, I received notification that I had been accepted for a shop. Although it was evening,... Continue Reading

Excluded Shop by GFK

Hi! I performed a smartphone shop for GFK and was told the shop was excluded because I did not inquire about certain features. My report states that I did, and I have an audio recording to prove that I did. I have sent emails to the reply-to email address but... Continue Reading

Has ANYBODY been paid from GFK recently?

They don't answer my emails, got good scores, but nothing for pay. What's UPPP?... Continue Reading

GFK shops

Has anyone done any shops for GFK that seem to be a tremendous amount of work for $15.00 pay? 300+ question survey with narratives and only $15.00.... Continue Reading

GfK Beverage Audits

Apologies in advance if there's already a thread on this topic--I searched and nothing came up. Does anyone have information on the GfK 'beverage census routes'? Based on the company, I'm wondering if I should be running towards or away from the opportunity.... Continue Reading

GFK - Late Payment

Anyone else having issues with payment from GfK? I haven't gotten paid by them in a couple of weeks, and the last shop I was paid for was performed on July 25th. I love their fast pay, but I now have shops that were performed 3 weeks ago that I... Continue Reading

GFK ICA Agreement

Does anyone know how to find the ICA Agreement on GFK's website? I have applied for a shop and it tells me I have not completed the ICA Agreement. I don't know how this could be accurate because I just did shops for them recently. I have... Continue Reading

GFK hopefully getting their act together?

At least they are paying according to their stated payment schedule and hopefully they will get their sh!t together as pertains to confusing, contradictory guidelines and MOST IMPORTANTLY perhaps, just perhaps raising their fee structure to fairly compensate for what they're asking for and that is well-written and comprehensive reporting.... Continue Reading

GfK. The Compensation is ALSO a Mystery?

It appears you now have to apply for a labor-intensive job to discover the amount of compensation? GfK has just released their version of the business census, and you have to apply for the job before you can see 1) the scale of work you are being asked to... Continue Reading

GFK has finally hit bottom ???

Just received this from GFK...I guess they expect us to do stuff @ N/C = No Charge = No Fee ??? edited to correct my spelling error above....sorry Due Date 08-07-15 (m-d-y) Do NOT shop before 08-03-15 Hours 9-8 Mon-Sat 10-5 Sun Days of week Any Day Shopper's Pay $ 0.00 Shop Expenses $ 0.00 Special Expenses $ 0.00 Shop Comments This is a... Continue Reading

GFK company specific certification test

Hello, I have been mystery shopping for about two months now and have passed all my certification tests with the 18 companies I joined and also passed all my job specific tests for each assignment I have done with no problems at all. Tonight I just took a test for... Continue Reading

GFK mystery shop editors are unprofessional.

I performed a shop for them and filled out the report and did not hear anything else from them. Then I got an email saying my shop was excluded because I didn't respond to a request. I emailed them to the address they provided and got an Undeliverable notice back.... Continue Reading


GFK uses its contractors and they dont give a damn about the individual. Communication sucks throughout the entire orginization from schedulers on up to GFK Corporate. Avoid this company to maintain your sanity. DO NOT PERFORM SHOPS FOR APRIL MYERS, she will screw you in the end!!!!!!!!!!... Continue Reading

Has anyone done the gfk auto quote?

Hi everyone, I'm getting emails every hour on the hour for gfk's auto insurance quote. Has anyone done one yet? I've done several shops for them and gotten good ratings, but I'm scared of getting another 90 or 100 or 200 narrative questions for things that could be multiple choice. Any thoughts? Much appreciated!... Continue Reading

$120 GFK Revealed Audits - Need help this week!

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Payment from GFK

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wordsmith pros should be disbanded and gfk should drop them.

I rarely start new threads to call anyone out but wordsmith pros and some of their editors deserve to go on the naughty list. As most know, gfk outsources their editing to them. Multiple times this week editors have flagged a report for incorrect reasons. It gets better. One editor admitted... Continue Reading

GFK smartphone quiz

Am I the only who has had trouble completing the GFK smartphone quiz ? I read the guidelines and watched the 12 minute video but the questions where tricky. I contacted my scheduler for assistance.It's just frustrating because some of the questions asked were not in the materials given.... Continue Reading

GFK>>>>> why must you complicate your reports???

So the guidelines are overly detailed, which makes things confusing. Then comes the quiz, that throws in a tricky question here. So, now I know your strategy with the quiz, and passed the hurdle. Now, here is this Computer Shops, that are both confusing with the guidelines and reports submission.... Continue Reading

Anyone Work For GFK in the UK?

I don't see any topics covering GFK in the UK- I work for GFK in London on transport surveys and have been doing so for 8 years. The first 6 years they were great but their support structure has recently deteriorated quite alarmingly. We used to get more personalised calls... Continue Reading

Why I fell out of love with GFK.

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GFK cell phone audit. Worth it?

I've haven't done any shops with GFK yet, but was thinking of adding one of their Cell Phone store audits to a rout I'm planning. I haven't done any audits for anyone only mystery shops. The fee is $15.I know it depends on a lot of factors wither or not... Continue Reading

gfk MSC smartphone buy/return questions

now this MSC has shops where you have to buy a smartphone and then return it two days later i just wonder if that would affect your credit report? has anyone done one these?... Continue Reading

GFK question

I did a shop the end of May with a nice bonus on it. Total payment $60. Turns out the location was closed so I expected the shop fee to be reduced which it was. However, they also reduced the bonus from $46 to $32.50. I... Continue Reading


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GFK Payment

I have done three successful shops for GFK in the past month. The stickied post about when companies pay puts GFK at 10 days from shop acceptance. I am far over ten days from when the first shop was accepted. Is the stickied post out of date or am I... Continue Reading

GFK's Ethics

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Please Help! Trying to get in touch with a GfK scheduler

I am trying to get in touch with a GfK scheduler and the receptionist just keeps sending me to people's voicemails and no one is returning my calls. When I call back the receptionist says "Try this number but I can't promise anything". Why can't I just speak... Continue Reading

I am done doing GFK cell phone shops.

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Don't work for GfK!!

Beware of the mystery shop company called GfK. I spent hours on the report and going to the store. However,the proofreader gave me a grade of a 1 and did not pay me. I complained she said your report was late. You also did not answer 2 questions in... Continue Reading

GFK phone audits

I glanced at a few of these and the audit looked fairly simple and straight forward. Less than 20 questions, all simple answers. Then after I took them and started to enter them, they got longer and longer. Several answers opened up new questions... Continue Reading


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Instructional Materials for GFK Audits?

I'm sure I must be blind, and I feel really silly asking, but I can not find anything except the tests for these shops. Can someone please explain to me where I would find the test-prep materials?... Continue Reading

GFK Scam Alert

I received the following email which appears to be an attempt to solicit information for the purpose of scamming. From: GFK Research Group ( Microsoft SmartScreen classified this message as junk. Sent: Mon 2/16/15 4:52 PM To: Recruiter: GFK Research Group Location: United State & Canada Salary: Between $300 to &800 (each task) Job Type: Part-Time Date Added: 10... Continue Reading

GFK MYSTERY SHOP AUDIT ASSIGNMENTS - Completed Shops earn $85.00/ea

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GFK Audits

Hey, has anybody done any of those all day audits that pay $85 to $95 and take 6-8 hrs? The ones where you have to pay $30 for a background and drug test, then do at least 2 audits in 3 months in order to get your money back? I was... Continue Reading

I want to send a pm to Gfk...

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GfK Rover Software

Am scheduled to complete a few audits tomorrow, Saturday. They sent me an email with a link for their mobile app. I've clicked the link, but it's a dead link. Was able to install the app from the link in the mobile app instruction manual, but it won't let me... Continue Reading

sigh GFK maybe going the way of Yahoo

I cut my teeth on GFK. I began with them and fell in love with them. They paid great although the reports left something to be desired and the tests were annoying. I left for a myriad of reasons however now that I have time, technology and the transit to... Continue Reading

GFK Big Box Audit - I'm sorry, what!?

Anyone seen this yet?? The shop is scheduled for 11-28 (today) and the question is asked, "Can you complete the background check and drug screen by this date?" Excuse me? 4 to 9 hours!? Seriously? "-We are expecting the background check/drug test to be available for you on Monday October 13th." "-We... Continue Reading

First GFK shop

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GFK Self-Assign Issue for wings shops

I need the advice of experienced shoppers who have self-assigned the wings shops for GFK. A few minutes ago a take-out shop with a $25 bonus appeared on the job board while I was searching for smartphone shops. My job board said that I could self-assign the shop. I clicked... Continue Reading

GFK Contact help

Does anyone have the phone number for Cindy Hutchinson. I have the email but need to speak to her over the phone. This company is getting on my nerves. Just has gone for good to ad over this last half year.... Continue Reading

More GFK Problems

So, this is my problem. "You have exceeded the number of permitted attempts for this test and may not attempt this test again." "You must pass the test to gain access to the report" "The report must be submitted in 12 hours." I apply yesterday to do GFK smartphone shops. I couldn't self-assign them.... Continue Reading

Anyone done Audits for GFK?

GFK sent an email about an audit. Nothing is said in the email on how much they are paying, but they did say the audits would take all day?!?... Continue Reading

GfK??? (Rejecting shops)

Is it just me or is GfK becoming "reject happy" lately? I did some cell phone shops for them that I never got paid for a few months back. There was a mix up in data and the scheduler Christy ignored my emails for weeks. I had the proof of... Continue Reading

GFK Disappointment

Well, this is nothing new to experienced shoppers. This was my experience today. Yesterday I looked for bonused smartphone shops at the GFK jobboard but found none. So I applied for three $14 smartphone shops, since GFK pays soon after the shop is performed. My applications were all accepted. So I did... Continue Reading

Shame on GFK - Totally Unethical Behavior

This post concerns the cell phone shop audits. I was scheduled for 30 shops. I completed 22. When I am doing the same shop multiple times, I always hurry and get the first 2 shops completed and submitted. I want feedback to see if they were done correctly before I... Continue Reading

Can't Canel GFK Smartphone Shop - Any Advice?

Does anybody have advice on how I should proceed in this difficult (for me) situation. For two days I've tried to cancel GFK smartphone shops ($14 per shop) that I scheduled, due to the time-consuming report report and 107 questions and 20+ detailed narratives. But I have received no response from... Continue Reading

GFK 25 days not approved or paid, update: paid!

Hi I have been lurking for a while and learning a lot from this forum but this is my first post. I completed a heavily bonused shop on June 30 and submitted my information the same day. My shoppers log says "received" but there has never been any comments or... Continue Reading

Ann from GfK

I would just like to commend this scheduler for finding an error in my profile (I selected AZ as my state and then somehow it rolled over to AR) and checking back with me to make sure everything was fixed. She was really polite and professional!... Continue Reading

GFK Problems

I got an email sent out after 4 PM, begging for a smartphone mystery shop, offering a $36 bonus for it. It needed to be completed that day. I logged in to the GFK site, but there wasn't much information provided unless I accepted the shop, which I did. Then... Continue Reading

New people at GFK stealing from me

I have been doing wing shops for GFK for over a year; shopping for over 10. Ever since they switched to a new editor and new person assigning the Shops a couple of months ago I have had ever single one of my shops with $20-25 bonus rejected for bogus... Continue Reading

New Gfk editor?

Did Gfk get new editors? I am fairly consistent with my writing but just received a 7 (no explanation offered). This was on a shop I have performed over a dozen times. My scores are mostly 10 with a few 9s. The one directly before the... Continue Reading

Phone contact for GfK?

There's a shop they're trying very hard in my area to fill that has a good price on it right now. Problem is, the directions make it sound like I need to purchase a pair of phones, and I'm pretty sure that's not actually what they're going for. I'd like... Continue Reading

GFK and excessive emails

I didn't want to start a new thread, but wanted to know if anyone else is going through this today. One scheduler has sent out 20 emails in the last 12 to 14 hours with 13 of them coming through in the last two hours. For me it is more... Continue Reading

GFK Problem (Now resolved by GFK)

I signed up for one of the Yellow sign electronics dealer shops in March. You were assigned a rep from one of four major computer manufacturers and were supposed to only interact with the manufacturer's rep (not the store rep) on a computer that was named in your scenario. I... Continue Reading

GFK cell phone audits....

When did they start having a 180 day rotation? There are two in my area that they can't seem to fill and are bonused. I tried to self-assign but I just did one 3 months ago. I emailed GFK and offered to do both of them, and... Continue Reading

GFK's tech shops surprise instructions

I know GFK reads the board. The instructions look normal, visit a computer store. But then when you accept one, you are surprised with the "real" instructions, 18 PAGES WORTH, with many minute questions that need to be answered. I don't think it would be possible to... Continue Reading

GFK and one scheduler

I love working with GFK. They pay great. They keep in touch with their shoppers. They rarely have any issues with appling for shops. Except for out here in Atlanta GA. I have already spoken to SallyGFK about one instance however I am having a third problem. SallyGFK is not... Continue Reading

GFK website

Is anyone having issues logging into GFKs website. I keep getting an error.... Continue Reading

GfK Cheaps out

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Lack of response from GFK regarding payment error?

Has anyone else looked on their shopper log to see that this company has marked that it paid them for the shops on two specific dates, but never received a notification that it was made to PayPal as agreed? Also, the company has not responded to any emails regarding what... Continue Reading

GfK; Really? (Rant)

(Writer's note: There's no point in telling me to uncheck emails with GfK. I'm just ranting) GfK has become, in my opinion, one of the most annoying MSC's in all the land. Is there really a reason for one scheduler (not to mention any names; Beth Phaller) to email a person... Continue Reading

Is GFK website down for everyone?

Is GFK website down for everyone? It's giving me a bad gateway error. Other Sassie MSC's don't appear to be having issues.... Continue Reading

GFK not paying like they are suppose to for Holidays

Just a heads up that GFK is not paying according to their "Super Fast Holiday Pay" schedule they keep touting and promoting. According to them, only certain clients are not being paid on time but they don't know why as of a few hours ago when I spoke to them about it nor did... Continue Reading

A shout-out to GFK!

I recently did a shop for them, and was paid in fewer than 5 days! Have never been paid that fast by a MSC before. And I recently asked for a small bonus to do a local shop as the base pay didn't seem "quite" enough for the work entailed.... Continue Reading

phone number for gfk

does anyone have a phone number for someone at GFK? I would really like to speak with a scheduler but the only phone number I have is for Cindy and I can't get in touch with her.... Continue Reading

Cindy with GFK

What's your experience with her? I've just started working with GFK and I've been trying to communicate with Cindy. I can't ever reach her on the phone and her voice mailbox is full. I've sent a couple emails with no response. Although, in the emails that... Continue Reading

Gfk Mystery Shops - All for Males in my area

Hi All, I live near N. Myrtle Beach SC and for Gfk the only emails I keep getting are for [i] a restaurant (name deleted by Moderator for ICA violation) [/i] and be a male between 18-44 years old. On my profile it says I'm female so I don't... Continue Reading

GFK insurance shops

Anybody done them? I somehow had failed the test earlier and wanted to see if it was pursuing.... Continue Reading


Anyone having problems accessing Gfk's Sassie platform. Tried to enter my reports, timed out and now I receive this message: "502 Bad Gateway The server returned an invalid or incomplete response." Sent scheduler an email.... Continue Reading

Follow up on GFK

I posted a complaint about GFK last month and a lot of people responded. Some were very negative. I wanted to let everyone know that Donna at GFK contacted me and resolved the issue. She even threw in an extra $5.00. I know its not a... Continue Reading

Im done with GFK...Beware of them

They asked me to do a [edited for ICA violation] shop at the last minute and removed the age restriction. I did the shop and they denied it do to age. I showed them the email that said they would remove the age restriction and they still will... Continue Reading

Congratulations GFK!

Congratulations. Due to your incessant emails, I created a rule in Outlook to automatically send everthing from your schedulers directly to the junk mail folder. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $15 dollars. Kind of defeats the purpose of sending all those emails out, eh? When you flood... Continue Reading

GFK Warning from Facebook SCAM ALERT

Gfk Schedulers Attention GfK Shoppers & Friends: SCAM ALERT! This new scam involves a "recruiter" out of the UK, using the GfK name, sending people FAQ and contract agreements in order to become a secret shopper. This is NOT GfK. Please disregard or forward to our email.... Continue Reading

Really, GFK?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Rant to GFK for wrongfully refusing a shop

I completed this shop as instructed, following all directions given. I was asked to upload an image of the business card of the individual I interacted with. This person happened to be new and did not have his own business card. So instead, he took one of th Manager's cards... Continue Reading

how to contact GfK payroll????

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

GFK - audits

I was wondering if anyone knew about the new revealed audits GFK has out? I really do not like it when they will not let you see the "simplistic and quick" forms before scheduling the assignments! Did not know if they were horrible or as this was revealed the forms can... Continue Reading


Hi folks ive ben havung problems trying to pas the test to get in can anyone help me out or got any pointers.... Continue Reading

GfK Testing

I don't do these shops [edited] because of the damn test. I simply find them odious and I HATE when I take them THREE times and still don't get 100%. Not good for my self-esteem! When I do complete the test and fail, I'm not given the answers to what... Continue Reading

GFK employees with attitude

I signed up for a GFK shop and printed out all the paperwork that was accessible to me. I completed the shop and spent upwards of $50 with the expectation of receiving $35 in pay, which included a nice bonus. My shop was rejected because I sat in the wrong... Continue Reading

GFK Shopper Rating - New?

I completed a couple shops last week and noticed that I got a rating for the shop. I've never noticed that for my others shops with them. Is this new? I didn't see any comments given so I'm not sure how helpful it is. Just a... Continue Reading

GFK Schedulers

I scheduled my first shop with GFK for tomorrow. Something came up that I won't be able to complete the shop. I have emailed the scheduler 3 times over the past 3 days and have received no response. I was trying to give them a heads up so that they... Continue Reading


They said they discontinued my contract. They do not give a reason. It's most likely since I question there unethical pay for performing shops that they do not pay what the contract says that they will pay. This company is vary unethical avoid this company.... Continue Reading

GFK AND Measure Consumer Perspectives

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


Just saying finally passed the test. They revised it. Did a major bonused cell shop and got paid in a week. Much thanks to them.... Continue Reading

Has anyone completed shops with GfK and had it canceled after the submission?

1. I completed 8 shops yesterday. Two for Gfk. I also completed six shops for Gfk a couple of days ago. 2. I went to the mall location, took a photo of the entrance I used to get in. Before doing so, I Geoverified my location.... Continue Reading


Has anyone done shops for them? Good news or bad news?... Continue Reading

GFK contact problems

Has anyone else had trouble contacting GFK lately? All of my emails are bouncing back and they do not have a good help line. I did try to send a message through their website, but no response. I continue to get emails from a scheduler daily, but... Continue Reading

GFK vs Bestmark: ?

which is better for their large store audits... you know what store i am asking about :P bestmark is paying better... but i want to know if there is more work involved and if they are still not worth it ... lol...... Continue Reading

gfk bonus

Just tonight, I replied to an email that GFK needed a FF shop done by tomorrow night. They offered a bonus, but I counter-offered, we went back and forth a couple of times (never heard of that! LOL!), and came to an agreement (I'm going to have to alter... Continue Reading

GfK testing

Hello all, I recently found my GfK account deactivated with a message that I would have to take a test in order to do shops for the company. The test is 16 questions, all having to do with mystery shopping (reports, objectivity, accuracy, etc.) You only get 3 tries, and I... Continue Reading


I get it some like to work for nothing maybe its a Hobby driving around acting like the CIA..... Ben Franklin once said "The pen is more powerful than the sword"... Continue Reading

GFK Cell shops STAY AWAY

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

No, GFK... I won't be having wings today.

12 emails so far today, and 5 yesterday.... Continue Reading

Does anybody else have trouble with GfK?

So I've been shopping since January of this year and have slowly been adding companies to my portfolio. I've done a couple with GfK without any difficulty but this week I had one scheduled for Tuesday evening. I had a family emergency come up that I could not get out... Continue Reading

GFK new scheduler is weird!

I did few shops for them without any bonuses, as I was a newbie. Then I soon realised that the shops I had completed were being offered a bonus of $25+!! They did not give me any bonus though. Now I wait till they offer bonuses, and then take it.(because... Continue Reading

GFK cell phone test

Took it twice and keep missing one question. Guidelines indicate contact scheduler if having difficulty w. test. Did this. He keeps saying take the test again and this shop is coming up Sat. I have never taken this much time with tests. Ideas?... Continue Reading

A compliment for GFK !!!!

Hi all, I just wanted to compliment GFK for a very fast payment.I completed some jobs on 5/21 and was paid today 5/25.I hadn't completed any jobs for them in quite awhile and what a pleasant surprise today when I checked my email. Great work GFK.I hope they have more work in the future... Continue Reading


Is that company worth all those tests and a "quiz" test before every shop ? Feedback on them please.... Continue Reading

GFK payment schedule

Hi everyone, Can someone tell me what GFK's pay schedule is. Thanks... Continue Reading

GFK overpayment

it has happened again. I just returned another one. Wonder why this keeps happening.... Continue Reading

GfK Has anyone heard of or worked for them?

I noticed on V that GfK is looking for shoppers. They are not advertising in my area at the moment but are advertising for towns along a trip route I need to make. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks... Continue Reading

GFK Mystery Shopping

Has anyone ever shopped for them before? I just signed up to do a few shops, but this is my first time with this company and cannot find anything on them in this forum. Do they pay on time?... Continue Reading

Anybody know what MSC is "GFR-ST ? not GFK, but GFR ?

seems like a restauant shop but cant find any info on the company.... Continue Reading

GFK's new system

Another SASSIE convert... Continue Reading

Still haven't been paid by GfK

I did a shop for GfK at the end of October. It was last minute--end of the month. I took the shop for a total of $75. I was only paid $50--and that was after a long wait. When I emailed and about the bonus, I got quite the... Continue Reading

An issue with a GfK scheduler

I recently had an issue with a scheduler with GfK and I'm wondering if it would make a difference to report it, and if so, who do I report it to? I did a shop for them and input the report on the same day as expected. The next day... Continue Reading


I received an email from this company saying they are the fourth largest marketing company in the world with an invitation to sign up. $150 phone shops sound bogus to me. Anyone know about this company?... Continue Reading

GfK loses major client

GfK's major/primary client is not renewing their contract for auditing their electronic stores following the current jobs in progress for Jan/Feb 2012. Those should be finished up by early Feb. They sent out email announcements today. No hints about who has the contract now, but GfK states that there... Continue Reading


Has anyone heard of (or worked with) GFK? I did not see their name on list of shopping companies. I tried looking for a previous discussion about them (using the Search tool) and I did not find anything that way either. Any comments would be helpful.... Continue Reading


I just got my 1000th new shops in your location e-mail,( at least it feels like that) and everytime that I go to the site there are the same old shops. I sent them an e-mail the other day about this and haven't heard back. I don't really expect to. I am... Continue Reading

Gooood Bye Gfk..

Im not sure what the holdup was on my end, but just a bit ago, I finally had to say good riddance to Gfk. Naturally wiping the tears from my eyes. I have put up with 2, I repeat 2 solid years of a bombardment of emails from these people.... Continue Reading

Dear GFK,

Please figure out a different way to send out available shops. First off, I don't need 10-12 emails every day. Secondly, if you're going to go through the trouble of sending an email...let me restate that: if you're going to make me go through the trouble of... Continue Reading

well I had to tell GfK to cancel my account.

I applied for them sometime back in may, however I could not pass that quiz, despite three attempts. Even prior to this I had the hardest time getting a response from them to begin registration (I could never get my password to work, they sent me a password ultimately). I... Continue Reading

I don't like Gfk

I recently signed up for the MSC and signed up for some of their cell phone shops. Well, I did not know that I would be having trouble logging in and found out through this site that it was a common issue recently because of updates. I emailed the scheduled on... Continue Reading

Shop from HELL GfK

Last night, I got home from a day of shopping and received an email from the GfK scheduler. She was paying a hefty bonus for a shop that was due ASAP. I decided to take it if it was stil available. It was. I finished up the task I was... Continue Reading

WF shop for GfK

I just got assigned one of these shops. They've changed the requirement: you no longer have to be employed (self-employed is ok). Anyone have any words of wisdom? Thanks... Continue Reading

Anybody else having trouble getting into GFK?

I can't even access the main page. Every other site is fine -- this has been going on since my first check abt 3 AM. Yet I'm still getting their emails for shops in CA. No thx! ;>)... Continue Reading

GfK ... Problem w/pre-shop Quiz?

Ok, I'm hoping this is just a fluke. I signed up for my first shop with GfK that had to be done today. Immediately after signing up, I got a confirmation email telling me to take a pre-shop quiz w/in 24-hours. I took the quiz right then, so I... Continue Reading

Anyone getting lots & lots of job notifications from GFK.........again.

Apparently they are rolling out shops, one at a time. I've gotten 6 e-mails in just over 5 hours and every time there is one new job added. Same client, different location.... Continue Reading


Has anyone done the compliance audits that take 2-3 days... Continue Reading

GFK online shopping

I thought I saw a thread on these shops but can't find it. Could someone please direct me? It is a shop where you order something online (up to $100) and then send it to GFK and they reimburse. Not sure if I want to apply... Continue Reading

To those who did the GfK mortgage shop - credit pings

GfK sent out a notice today, apologizing and saying there is a chance the shop will result in a hard credit check on some shoppers' credit reports. We were assured it would be a soft check, but evidently that is not the case. They tell us this can be reversed. In... Continue Reading

GFK bank mystery shop...

I submitted a request to do a mortgage shop for GFK. It said on the application that filling out the form was NOT acceptance of my application. I got a notice of cancellation in my email....Arghh. What did I miss?? I did send a response back... Continue Reading

confused and afraid to shop with GfK over website compatibility issues

i wrote this email to GfK: "Dear GfK- I have installed Google Chrome to view potential assignments. However, I have also noticed that shop submissions cannot be done with IE8 or IE9 according to your website. Unfortunately, AT&T Yahoo Mail does not function properly with IE7. Thus IE8... Continue Reading

Can't get in touch with GFK

Is anyone else having trouble getting through to GFK? I have been trying to get through to them since early this morning, hoping to reschedule a shop. I have tried from 3 computers (though 2 are on my home WIFI). What should I do in this situation.... Continue Reading


Does anyone know anything about this company? They have an audit job in my area, but I have to pay for a background check and a drug test first. They also said I would be reimbursed for these once I copmlete 2 audits for them.... Continue Reading

GfK Mystery Shopping

Ran across some shops in my area for GfK MS that wanted a drug test and background check paid upfront by the shopper, with a promise of reimbursement after 2 shops. Feedback? Anybody go through this for GfK and have any tidbits?... Continue Reading

gfk Audits

There were many things that needed to be corrected when GFK first started the audit program. Has anyone done any of their audits recently? Have they improved? Originally they were paying $150 now I see they are paying only $110.00.... Continue Reading

A GFK Scheduler

I made the mistake of responding to an email listing for cell phone shops, from a GFK scheduler. "Easy Shops! Great Pay!" Bull! GFK cell phone shops pay $11.00 plus a report. 2 other MSC's I shop for pay $15.00 plus, a much easier report. There other 2 MSC's have decent, responsive schedulers.... Continue Reading


Does anybody know how to go about finding jobs with GFK? When I look at jobslinger, I see jobs available, but when I go to thier site and click on the "shops available" link, the response is: there are currently no shops available in your area. Also, did... Continue Reading


Anyone one see any shops for GFK. Every time I go to the website I see no shops available.... Continue Reading


Am I the only one or is anyone else getting more emails from them then they need to send out. I bet I have recieved 5 or 6 just today for a high dollar phone shop. Leary about this one.... Continue Reading


Has anyone worked for this company? Got a email to do a home mortgage shop to be done over the phone or by email for $150.00. Sounded very simple. But is it one of those (Sounds to good to be true but probly isnt!)... Continue Reading


Got a email from GFK about a drawing they are having to win a free ticket to the IMSC conference in Florida and Las Vegas. But in order to win you have to become a fan with them on facebook. Has anyone gotten this email? And what are your thoughts... Continue Reading

GfK Mystery Shopping

Anyone here used this GfK ?? Continue Reading


Has anyone else out there had problems with GfK? I've noticed that they are always advertising for auditors for the same locations month after month.... Continue Reading

GfK’s New Website is Live!

Have you checked out our new site? What do you think? This week we will be releasing December shops via the new website. When you receive a work notification email log in to the new site and click Shops Available to see available December work. You will still... Continue Reading

did anyone else get the e-mail from GFK

I am not to concerned as the only MSing in my berg is for the one where you have to have a teen with you. How does this effect the others of you that do? Will you drop the MSing to continue with the audits? Just wondering... Continue Reading

GfK Mystery Shopping new shopper website

GfK Mystery Shopping is happy to announce the upcoming release of a new shopper website on September 8, 2009. The new CyberShop will have a brand new look and many new features such as a Shop History Page, the option to “Opt Out” of specific programs and a new data... Continue Reading

Gfk Payment

i did an electronic audit for Gfk and I was wondering if anyone knew hoe long payment with them takes? And how do they pay?... Continue Reading

What happened to GFK....are they still in business?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Phone shops for Gfk

Has anyone taken the phone shop quiz for GFK?... Continue Reading

GFK Hourly emails?

In anyone else receving email every hour from GFK? It's making me nuts! I don't even bother logging in to look anymore.... Continue Reading

I want to be reinstated by GFK, anyone knows how?

I need help here folks.... Continue Reading

Gfk Audits

Anyone ever do any GFk Audits before? What do you think of them?... Continue Reading

BAD EXPERIENCE WITH GFK...beware with arrogant schedulers.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

GFK Audits

Has anyone signed up for the GFK audits that are being done starting in Jan 2009, They pay like 150.00 for 2 days... Continue Reading

The new Hero shops from GFK

They finally arrive here. Weren't they paying $10 + $5 last time? $7.50 is really insulting, for all that price auditing. I'll pass these up unless I'm in the neighborhood.... Continue Reading

GFK and their quiz in order to get shops

I've done 89 shops for Bare in 2008, the prior company for HT shops, with a rating of 10 overall. I hate the idea that I have to take a quiz for GFK in order to get shops. Also, now they don't even want a pen or notepad to be... Continue Reading

Does anyone know what happened to GFK?

They simple disappeared from the radar in my state... Continue Reading


Another merge on the horizon. Sounds like a win/win situation. Love both MSPs!... Continue Reading


I just found jobs near me for GfK. They are gas shops that pay $12, which includes reimbursements for $5 gas and another purchase at the store. Is that the norm? I thought I'd gag when I found out how long SNC's $12 gas shops took but... Continue Reading

Any one has experience with GFK?

Would like to know... Continue Reading

Be careful of GFK

I have been a mystery shopper since 1985. Most of the companies pay for the work I have done. Sometimes, it takes a while, but it supplements my Social Security. Recently, I did a credit card study for GFK--formerly Roper NOP. They had always been a... Continue Reading

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