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Does your regular job have 5000+ employees? Are you in HR or are you an Executive?

Are you an HR Professional or Company Executive? Shoppers Confidential is looking for an HR Professional / Executive for a company in the USA with 5000+ employees to help assist with a fun project! We do have premium shop pay on this assignment as well. If this is you, email me... Continue Reading

Gapbuster certification issue

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American Rescue Plan Has Passed - Biden to Sign Executive Order Hiking Min. Wage to $15/Hour for Federal Contract Workers. . .Polls: "SPEND MORE!"

With the standard political brinkmanship taking place right now as Congress negotiates over the second round of stimulus, I thought now might be a good time to ask what people would like to see? GOP is currently okay with another set of $1,200 (single) and $2,400 (married) and $500 (dependents -... Continue Reading

GBW/Gapbuster 1099

Hello, anyone received 1099 from GBW yet? I did complete enough projects with them to be eligible for a 1099 fortunately I received payment for it too after 5 months, wahooo!!). I have contacted them regarding 1099 but no response from yet. What's my next step or options? I... Continue Reading

Gapbuster also known as GBW late payments

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Mystery shoppers needed in Chicago and Singapore

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GAP Buster (GBW)

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Gapbuster Rant

Ugh, I keep trying but Iím on the verge of just not taking anymore assignments for this company - name starts with a G... In August I was asked to do a car shop in San Antonio. I agree and started the process of getting the appointment. They... Continue Reading

Any Mystery Shopping Roles in Singapore

Hi , Anybody has any idea , in Singapore ,any mystery shopping portal to sign up ? Thanks... Continue Reading

GBW AKA Gap Busters-Not responsive

It is now 8/31 and I have not been paid for 7/7 shop visit. The company has not responded to four emails. They offer decent pay rate but their staff (located some where over seas) are difficult to understand when setting up the shop. I doubt that I will work... Continue Reading

Gapbuster not following through

Has anyone had any issues with that Gapbuster not paying? I completed shops for them many years ago and had no problems. I enjoyed working for them. I completed a shop several months ago and had an issue submitting my report to the main site. I submitted it through... Continue Reading

Is - Gapbuster scam ?

Hi, I'm currently working for GBW and i just wanted to know is gbw scam or not ? I just received lots of assignments and i don't want scams. I feel so confuse when i google it: Thank you.... Continue Reading

Gap Busters pay ?

I did my first Gap Busters shop last month. I know they are overseas and pay via direct deposit. Hiw long has their pay cycle been for US shoppers? I can see it under pending status but I donít know how long I should wait before gettung worried something... Continue Reading


My turn to bitch about gapbuster. Offered me a payment of $150 for a sneaker shop 100 mile round trip and made my purchase but the reporting software that evening was funky and I couldn't submit it. Farah sent me a different reporting platform and going back and forth... Continue Reading

GBW (formally Gapbuster) Payment Issues in Pakistan

One of my Friend enrolled as a shopper at and have performed multipal checks during July-August 2017 but he has not been paid till now. He sent several quires over the website and emails at but none of them has been answered after lapse of more than 2... Continue Reading

Gapbusters follow up questions

I have done about 500 shops with many different companies and very rarely get follow up questions. But with Gapbusters I always get at least one question per shop. And often it is asking something that I already answered. My last shop with them I made sure to explain every detail... Continue Reading

Shop executed and paid, yet back on the board?

So I saw a shop that I performed correctly and got paid too and did not have any problems with the report, is up on the board again. why would that be? :S Considering that its not a new round of shops for sure.... Continue Reading


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Looking for Shoppers for a Premium Casino Audit in Singapore!

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Looking for Shoppers for a Premium Casino Audit in Singapore!

Dear Shopper, We are glad to invite shoppers across the globe for a Premium Casino Audit in Singapore. The main eligibility criteria to qualify for this audit are as follows: 1.The Shopper needs to be an expat (Audit not available for Singapore citizens and permanent residents). 2.The Shopper needs to have an eye... Continue Reading


Has anyone done this shop and had difficulty submitting seems to be stuck, any suggestions appreciated. I wrote them, probably will hear today, but since the phone call I got was from Manilla,not sure of their time. edited to add..would like replies from those who have done this job...thx. Got it... Continue Reading

gap buster

i signed up with gap buster and it says something about an orieentation before i can do shops but when i click on the orientation nothing shows up. also if i search for shops it shows regions with certain states but my state does not show up in any available... Continue Reading

Gapbusters (GBW) - NO PAYMENT. What can I do?

Greetings, I'm just trying to get direction on how to get payment from the company GapBusters. I did a job for them in April and still have not received payment. On their website it says to update my bank info because that's why payment was rejected but that's a... Continue Reading

Gap Buster

Hi I recently signed up with Gap Buster. Have anyone heard anything, pros or cons about this company in regards, to reports, payments and etc? Thanks!!... Continue Reading

Gap Busters...HELP ME!!!!!

Can someone please help me. I did a shop tonight for the first time. I am having trouble with identifying the Paperwork code. What is that?? i have put so many numbers and it isn't working. Help please...i have to go to bed in an hour. thank you... Continue Reading

February 2016 Gapbuster payment - delayed

Has any one else received their February 2016 payment, due at end March 2016.... Continue Reading

Gapbuster is now called GBW "You will notice the new identity being rolled out in stages over the next couple of months. We have started by updating the branding on our websites. By end of March we will move our website and our email communications to a new address ending with instead of Continue Reading

Review for Bare International as a Mystery Shopper based in Singapore

Been with Bare as Mystery Shopper for 4 years, with very good experience throughout. Pros: - Prompt in Payment. - Detailed information given for every project, providing a fail-proof platform for shopper. - Competent Project Team, providing prompt support to me when require. Cons: - Nothing much, except for a call-out to Singapore... Continue Reading


Is it more difficult to get approved as a MSer for Gapbuster? It's the only company that has denied me and I was wondering what I can do to get approved, if anything.... Continue Reading

GAPbuster VERY high payment???

Are you seeing particular assignments with a payment of $1000? tnx... Continue Reading

Anyone get an extra Gapbuster payment?

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Gapbuster payment tab

I'm glad they added that, rather than leaving us totally in the dark. I was looking to see if I could find any info about a shop I did on Oct. 14. It seems there are two options, paid or processing. Mine says processing. Is it deceptive? Is the payment... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Certification Test

Hi... Continue Reading


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Mystery shopping with Gapbuster

I've just done my 1st mystery shop at a well know food chain, but when trying to fill in the receipt details it repeatedly doesn't accept the total cost of the food and the vat on the receipt, and says that I must submit a handwritten receipt! Very frustrating... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Connect - Flash interface.

Is anyone else having problems with the new Gapbuster Connect interface using Flash? I can't submit on my tablet? The interface is driving me mad and taking much longer than usual. I have raised several complaints. From a shoppers perspective, it is unworkable. I am... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Payments Lately

According to the list here, Gapbuster pays on the 27th of the month. I couldn't make my banking info fit into their form as I use an online bank, so I chose Paypal. It's the only assignment I've done for them and it was done before the end... Continue Reading

Recommendation for Mystery Shopper in Singapore?

Hi everyone! I am new to Mystery Shopper. Can you guys give some recommendations for MSC in Singapore for me. Thanks a lot!... Continue Reading

Gapbuster: How would I know when my shop is accepted or not?

Recently, I tried to do my first two shops for Gapbuster (mystery shop in general). I shopped for Apple smartphones and tablet. At that time I punctually submitted my reports. That was a couple of weeks ago. Gapbuster pays every month's end I know but how would I know if... Continue Reading

Gapbusters... Any work In GA?

Hello. Just wondering if anyone knew if Gapbusters has work in GA. I just signed up and didn't see GA listed under any of their regions. Just making sure that I am not doing something wrong when performing my search. Thanks much.... Continue Reading

Dear Gapbuster,

Kind ladies and gentlemen, Your training materials clearly state that a customer should be given three napkins for a meal with a sandwich, side and drink (one for each item). Yet the correct test answer for a complete meal is, "all of the above," one of which is being given... Continue Reading


Recently, a major fast food client that I shop regularly has been transitioning to a new MSC here in my area, namely Gapbuster. The reporting interface on Gapbuster is considerably slower and more finicky than the system the old MSC used. So far, it is taking me twice... Continue Reading

GAPbuster Pizza Certification

Has anyone read all the documentation and taken the certification test for Pizza (or other companies) on the GAPbuster site? I have started reading everything, but there is a lot to remember. How long is the test? Do I need to memorize everything in the documentation? Can... Continue Reading

Executive says Shoppers only need to be breathing.

I saw a video on Youtube. It was a show like the People's Court and it was a mystery shop case and they had a Market Force executive on after the case and he said that all you had to do to be a shopper is be breathing. So he... Continue Reading

GAPbuster security problem?

I've tried to sign up with GAPbuster several times and I receive the following security message: "The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website address. Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the... Continue Reading

Gapbuster World Wide Email

Have any of you received an email from Gapbuster World Wide asking you for re-instatement?? They have denied me in the past and now say they will have recurring monthly jobs in my area. The website provided in the email is Is this legitimate?... Continue Reading

GAPbuster's will not approve my request to shop for them. Resolved.

When I tried to get signed up with Gap Busters I got this message: Thank you for your interest in becoming a GAPbuster mystery shopper. The details you provided in your application unfortunately do not match our database's selection criteria. As a result, we are unable to approve your request to join... Continue Reading

Does Gapbuster only do certain states?

I signed up for Gapbuster, went through the whole process, and now it only gives me the option to shop in a few states. Is it true that Gapbuster doesn't have shops, in most states? Or did I make a goof somehow?... Continue Reading

Anyone know how to get back into Gapbusters...

Now well over 7 years ago I was with Gapbusters when they had a certain client who likes to clown around. Now after doing a certain amount a stores my profile was deactivated because of the fact of how many stores I had done at the time. Now I certainly understand... Continue Reading

Gapbusters Rocks!!

I shopped for 6 weeks for Gapbusters knowing that I may not get paid according to some of the posts here. I have been paid promptly and just want to let all of you know. I love shopping for Gapbusters. That is all.... Continue Reading

Singapore - Mystery Shopper.

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GApbusters changing my fee/bonus without telling me

So I have signed up wth them. Haven't done a shop yet cuz I cancelled several since my childcare got changed and now I have a new one scheduled and it's supposed to be $50, well last night they changed the fee to $12. Lol so now it's not worth... Continue Reading

Angry With Gapbuster *resolved*

This company called me begging me to take a couple of FF shops with a $20 bonus for completing both of them before the month was over. They also had a higher pay fee. I agreed, even though the time frames weren't very convenient for me. Well, I just logged... Continue Reading

Gapbuster scam or legit?

I received this today. I checked my bank account and a deposit was made yesterday. It looks highly suspicious, but also legit. Any thoughts? I have an enquiry into Gapbuster. Dear Michael Turner. (Shopper Code: number removed by OP) Payment to your account for CAD16.15 has not been released due to incorrect... Continue Reading


I Know if has been asked before. Is this a reputable company with pay or should I proceed with caution?... Continue Reading

Gap Buster has a lot of new jobs coming up.

They are really trying to recruit in certain areas in and around Arkansas, as well as many other states. To this end, they are also paying $20 to anyone who gets someone in certain states to do some of these (pretty good paying) jobs. If you sign up with them... Continue Reading

Gapbusters lunacy

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suspecting sales exec

I have been self employed as a shopper for two years now.Do other shoppers shopping dealerships feel they getting sussed a lot more.And feel the se searching their chest for "the dreaded button" ?... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Kodo app

Anyone used it? I have a shop tomorrow that is supposed to use it, but when I click on Search none of my scheduled shops appear. I don't want to travel a long way only to have it not work. Edit: I entered my email etc. in it and... Continue Reading


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Rejected by Gapbusters

I am perplexed as I have never been rejected. Do they look for a certain demographic?... Continue Reading

GAP Buster Payments

I completed one shop for GAP Buster on February 1. My bank information is valid on my account and it still says my SSN is pending, however it will not let me change it. I have never been paid via direct deposit by this company. I have no way... Continue Reading

Anybody have an alt. method for contacting Gapbuster? i.e. a phone #

Gapbuster did not pay me the amount they promised. I have sent them so many emails about this. The only way I've found to contact them is to submit a message through their Enquiry page. I've known since May that the payment was wrong, so I've been sending them messages... Continue Reading

Gapbuster emails asking you to re-answer questions

I had an email from them asking me to repeat myself and fortunately I was able to remember the answers but decided that with all future Gapbuster shops I'd print the completed form to Google Drive. Good thing I did, because I just had another long email from them,... Continue Reading

Gapbuster now doing Japanese BBQ shops for a client also held by NSS

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Gapbuster Payment Survey

I'm trying to collect some data as we continue to follow Gapbuster and their payment difficulties in Mystery Shopper Magazine. I order to make it easy, I just want you to post your country and if you've been paid in full, partially, or not at all. Therefore, posts should look... Continue Reading


Thinking about signing up for my first shop with them. Do they pay via Paypal or do they need bank account info? Oh, and do you like them? Anybody have issues with them? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Gapbuster march payment?

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GapBusters date format

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Gapbuster downfall?

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Gapbuster February payments.

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Has anyone tried to log onto Gapbuster today?

I just registered and received my login information. I've been trying to get on the Shopper Portal for about 30 minutes. Every time I put my info in and click "Sign In", it does nothing. :(... Continue Reading

gapbuster uk yet another late payment

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Gapbuster Canada payments

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GAPBuster Non-payment

I did a couple of shops with GAPBuster last October and I still haven't received any payment from them. When they called me last January and asked for help, they promised me that they will be paying me this time together with what they owe me still. ... Continue Reading

Singapore airport

I realize the chances are slim but I will be flying to Malaysia and have a loooong layover in the Singapore airport. Anybody know of a company that does shops there? As long as I will be bored, I would like to do something.... Continue Reading

Gapbuster payment issues -- combined threads, all countries

Hi All, Just checking to see if anyone has received their January 2014 payment from Gapbuster yet.... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Calls

Last night at midnight my phone rang. It was an overseas representative from Gapbuster, just "reminding" me that I had a shop to do the following day. What the heck!! First of all, I know I have a shop to complete and if you would like to remind me,... Continue Reading

SHOP PICS: Level of megapixels required????

What is the minimum photo megapixels required for shop pics?? Does it differ from msc to msc??? Marketforce says 2.0. But what about all of the other msc's ??? Thanks Much... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Food and Beverage for Singapore Area

Hi guys, interested to being our mystery shopper? Here the requirement:- 1. You must visit the outlet within 6.15PM-7.45PM during Weekday (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday). ... Continue Reading

Company operated by old Freeman Execs

Hey everyone - can anyone recall the name of the company that was started by the two guys that were former Freeman execs? I remember we discussed it, but for the life of me cannot recollect the name of the company, nor can I find the thread. TIA.... Continue Reading

Goodbye Gapbuster

I never liked this MSC to start with. Don't like their website or the way the reports are entered. Don't like the assignments either. However, they took my favourite bakery client so I tried them again. The very last question on the report was, "do you have any comments?" ... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Payments yet?

Anyone gotten their GAPbuster payment yet? This is the first time I'm supposed to get paid from them, so I don't know how long it usually takes after the due date.... Continue Reading

gapbuster issue

i have worked for gapbuster since may and have not received one payment. they keep saying it will be next month and the month after. im not and angry person but i am sooooooo angry. i want to be repaid for all my work and my stupid [i][/i] visits. [i]Moderator... Continue Reading

couple of concerns about GapBuster

I had a shop to do today between 2 and 5pm. At 5:40pm I received a "gentle reminder" to submit the shop! 40 minutes after the time frame. I had not re-scheduled it, so it wasn't as though it was late. Also, I completed two orientations for them... Continue Reading

Are anyone still got job from GAPbuster ?

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GAP Buster

Has anyone else applied to GAP Buster and received this message? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your interest in becoming a GAPbuster mystery shopper. The details you provided in your application unfortunately do not match our database's selection criteria. As a result, we are unable to approve your request to join GAPbuster Worldwide.... Continue Reading

Gap Buster - New Shops?

I'm new to Gap Buster but have been waiting a couple weeks now and have seen no new shops. Just wondering if they indeed do the KY area? Assuming they are just between cycles but I was excited about this one!... Continue Reading

Gapbuster mega bonus

Thursday 2 cell shops for $70 and $100. Got home and the phone rang and they needed me to drive 150 miles to do another for $150. I'm a road warrior so I did it, visited 3 of my accounts and perhaps got a prospect to open an account... Continue Reading

Trouble Signing into Gapbuster

Is anyone else having issues signing into the Gapbuster site? I've sent an e-mail to the MSC. However; based on the little bit of research I have done on the forum, Gapbuster is not known for quick replies. Thanks, SJ... Continue Reading

Gapbuster. Did you get paid this month?

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Check their site, paying $90 for certain shops before the end of the month. They've always treated me well.... Continue Reading

Enligntenment on Gapbuster.

So I signed up with them about three months ago, and just never did anything with them. Honestly, it was two AM, and their website was a little confusing, and I didn't even bother to bookmark it. Day before yesterday I get an email from them with shops in my area.... Continue Reading


To all Gapbuster shoppers, are you all paid for the month of September? I sent several emails and sent inquiries through shopper portal and until now I haven't received any response from them. I am beginning to be frustrated because I did my job with professionalism and work ethics and... Continue Reading

Gapbuster and Dsg

How are these guys for payment? I did shops over two months ago and haven't seen anything yet... Gapbuster was comleted 9/7/2013 DSG Associates was completed 8/16/2013... Continue Reading

Gapbuster - Has anyone dealt with this company

They have released an assignment shop based on the fact they say I shopped outside of the hours that I was meant to. The assignment said to shop between Sat-Sun 12:10am to 2am It says on the assignment that the shops opening hours are 7am to 11pm I performed the shop based... Continue Reading

Pls pls help - How do I get Gapbuster to reply to query

I don't want them to release my assignment as I've already carried it out but I cant submit the assignment online because of the error messages Ive sent three queries but the only email I'd had from them is a warning to submit my assignment in 8 hours. What do... Continue Reading

Gapbuster -I can't believe I'm this stupid but...

Ive just carried out my first assignment and I've logged in to enter it but where do I enter all the info? Please help, thanks, Eleanor... Continue Reading

Gapbuster rejected my shop but won't tell me why

I did their new fast food client on Sunday. I noticed on Tuesday when I was looking at my assignments that it had been rejected/cancelled. I emailed them right away asking why. No one replied. So yesterday, Wednesday, I emailed again, this time to all the... Continue Reading

GapBuster Website

Why can I not get it to work on ANY browser? I have tried Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Next I am finding a Mac just to see. Is it something with pop-ups? It's so frustrating.... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Payments

Can anyone tell me if they got paid today or am I misreading their information? Do you get an email?... Continue Reading

Gapbuster constant phone calls

I've just taken my phone number off my profile. Does anyone else find they call all the time?... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Mystery Shopper.

I have been looking for a new job now for over a year. I opened my e-mail to find a response from someone named Flerida Parker but the e-mail destination said a Paul Ballack. They were offering to hire me as a mystery shopper but am very leery of stuff... Continue Reading

Need some help with GAPbuster

I did 2 cell phone shops for them last week with a nice bonus. One was a free standing store and one was a mall kiosk. I am certain their instructions say that store photos aren't required for mall kiosk locations, but now they're rejecting the shop because... Continue Reading

Gapbuster is a class act.

They call me for the cell phone shops . They paid $210 for 3 shops in Maine. Then I shopped the wrong location in NH. OOPS. I offered to reshop or cancel . They asked me to reshop and would pay me $17.00 for the wrong location.... Continue Reading

GAPBUSTER dont pay when we done out Job

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Beware of Gapbuster!

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Is the GapBuster login not working?

It told me my password is wrong. I might have changed it. But when I clicked on "send password" it told me it can't find my user name. I don't think I've changed that. It's a number. I just emailed them. I don't know... Continue Reading

Rejected on GAPBuster application

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Gapbuster has TERRIBLE communications. I suspect it has something to do with them using schedulers that barely speak english. I'd like to note : I have no problem with someone of any race - but I do have a problem with employing someone to work in a field involving customer... Continue Reading

Gapbuster qualifier tests

I started taking the Gapbuster tests for their FF clients. I truly thought I had answered them correctly, but each time was told one answer was incorrect. I changed it to the next possible correct answer, but it kept returning incorrect. So, now, I have submitted the tests, but have failed,... Continue Reading

Need Help...Maritz and the 640 x 480 megapixles delima

Maritz requires independent contractors to submit a test photo that is 640 x 480. The only adjustments on my camera are in megapixles and I just ran through everything from 3MP to 14MP and got back word "Each Megapixel size on your camera was too big. The first photo is... Continue Reading

Contacting GapBuster

I'm just checking to see if anyone has any tricks to contacting GapBuster? I was assigned a shop from them in March that turned out to be a closed location. I immediately emailed them telling them the situation. I received a call the next day asking why my shop hadn't... Continue Reading

Gap Buster paid early

I just want to say that Gap Buster paid early this month. It was in Paypal on Thursday May 23rd. Hope they are back on track. Last 2 months they were late paying with no reason why.... Continue Reading

Gap Buster -- Late AND Short Payments (March 2014)

Did anyone got there payment this month or are they late again. 2 months in a row. signs of money problems.... Continue Reading

Gap buster becoming a joke.

Got an e-mail today from them. Shops with premium higher than ever. One shop for $10.00 the other $15.00. Last week they were offering me $30.00 for each shop. I could not do them last week, other shops to do. The location is almost 30 minutes away. So an hour driving, another for... Continue Reading

Gap Buster emails about new shops, can anyone get the quiz to work on their homepage?

Hello I keep getting emails from Gap Buster (a company I have never shopped for) about new smartphone shops coming up in May. The emails tell me to go to their homepage and take the quiz, etc. I noticed that they have changed the homepage in the last few months, but... Continue Reading

Question on Gap Buster

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Gapbuster not paying this month??

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GAP BUSTER not paying

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Hello, I just registered with Gapbuster. I went through the general training (twice) because I though perhaps it didnt save. The site says once you complete it you can search for jobs. The job search board does not seem correct as I can not select a region, state,... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Rejected / Cancelled

I did a shop for Gapbuster on February 25, out of town and bonused. I had done the same shop in my own city the day before without issue. Three days later, beside the February 25 shop, it said in red "Rejected / Cancelled". Huh? I completed the... Continue Reading

GapBuster photo problem

I just checked my email and there is an email from 10:19pm last night from GapBuster, saying that a photo I submitted to them was blurry and if I do not submit a better photo within 12 hours I will not be paid! I think that is really rude.... Continue Reading


I just signed up with them tonight. I am going through their orientation and am becoming increasingly irritated after submitting pages. It takes forever and a day for the website to accept the submission. Sometimes it doesn't even go through. Is this normal??? I am... Continue Reading

GapBuster Payments?

Does anyone know how to determine exactly which shops you are being paid for by this company when they put money in your PayPal account? My totals and theirs do not seem to match.... Continue Reading

Gapbuster - Fast Food Burger Certification Test

Hi everyone. I have tried every conceivable combination of answers for these tests and have failed every time. I think some of the questions are ambiguous to say the least. I was wondering what if I am missing something? Has anyone else had problems with them? Thanks Rogo... Continue Reading


I have been working for gapbuster for about 8 years now and I have just had enought of their pay and the expectations of what they require you to do. I have now decided to resign because I did a shop for them on Sunday and because there was... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Payment Tracking

So I've been doing assignments for Gapbuster Canada since Nov 2011. Up until June of this year, consistent on time payment. Then they missed a payment for a end of month shop. I thought I'd follow up if I don't see it next month. Then I get email... Continue Reading

HELP! Why can't I do a job search on Gapbuster? EVER?

I signed up for Gapbuster long LONG ago - months if not a year or more - and completed the orientation. Yet any time I have ever gone there to do a job search, the drop down menus are completely blank, so I can't do any search at all.... Continue Reading

GAPBusters question

A few weeks ago I had a scheduler from Gapbusters call me. There was a shop they desperately needed to get done and they offered to pay me an extra $40 to complete the shop 30 minutes from my home (I am not sure if that is a fair... Continue Reading

GapBuster website down.

Hey everyone, I was in the process of entering my shop on webexpress, and the site froze. Now it redirects to and it wont allow me to finish. Anyone else having this issue?... Continue Reading

Gapbuster's website... one of the most clunky, poorly designed, barely-navigable MS websites I have ever seen. Just had to get that off my chest. :)... Continue Reading

Gapbuster reliable?

Hey guys! I need some advice on whether Gapbuster is reliable? I am New to mystery shopping and have taken up a few assignments from gapbuster. But I need to be assured that gapbuster is can someone pla give me some good/bad comments? It will be veey much appreciated! Thank you!!!!... Continue Reading


Sorry if this has been covered before, I was just curious as to how these guys pay cycle works ? Thanks... Continue Reading

Urgent Help - Before Leaving this morning! Gapbuster!

I had signed up for 5 of their shops. I originally selected the dates: (2) on the 20th, (2) on the 21st and (1) on the 22nd. I swapped out 1 on the 21st - did it yesterday on the 20th. Leaving me 1 today and 1 tomorrow. Well - got home... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Outsourcing as well?

How many of you have received emails/calls from GapBuster that you cannot make head or tail what they're talking about due to their heavy accent? I tell you its so frustrating when I m trying to figure out an email and all you see are spelling and GRAMMAR mistakes....shouldn't... Continue Reading

Gapbuster - Another ?? - Regarding "Time Zones/Reports"

Howdy, I checked the threads on Gapbuster for this answer first! :p As far as submitting your reports - what time zone is used? I am asking because I just accepted my first 5 jobs from them (the cell phone shops) and while I accepted them today - the "Accepted... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Woes

I'm looking for some opinions for those familiar with Gapbuster. I recently signed up for Gapbuster and completed 2 cell phone shops. As soon as I submitted my reports I received the automated email stating that they received my reports. I thought everything was fine until a week later... Continue Reading


Hi, Has anybody completed any of their $50 phone shops,if so ,how was the report. I was surprised at the bonus on these jobs.I wish they had more jobs in my area. Thanks...... Continue Reading


GapBuster just sent an email offering $50.00 for their end of month shops. I'm expecting a call from Australia any minute. 10-15 minutes in the store and 25 minutes doing the report and the funds are EFTed by the end of next month.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Gap

One of the best good pay no petty kick backs . Pays fast ... Oh well there goes all my jobs...... Continue Reading

GapBuster - no pay for a closed location they asked me to?

I did some shops they practically begged me to do... they called me over and over and OVER and O V E R again; I finally agreed with a bonus because of distance and tolls. One of the locations was closed, as in shut down and vacated. There... Continue Reading

Gapbusters Removal Without Notification

Hello, I wonder if anyone else has had the same problem with Gapbusters. I have been booted out at least twice i the past and they finally return my email as they will not give out their phone number. They told me there was a glitch in the... Continue Reading

Service X and Gap Buster

Does anyone know when these companies pay?... Continue Reading


I was wondering if anyone has registered with Gapbuster and taken the tests? They say on their website that you don't need to take any tests once you take the orientation test. i clicked on the job board and was told to take certification tests and I had 3 tries... Continue Reading

GapBuster communication - Need Advice!

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GAPbuster: USA

Just received an email from GAPbuster informing me that they will soon have shops across the USA with a new client whom the email describes as a "major name in consumer electronics," beginning in February. The email also noted that I needed to log on and "reactivate" my account.... Continue Reading


I signed up with GapBuster and went through the orientation, but cannot use the Job Search page. No options are on the Area and State drop down boxes. Any suggestions? I have sent 2 enquiry emails to them, but no response.... Continue Reading


I signed up for Gapbusters and completed the orientation. I went to look for jobs and it said only the Pacific coast in California. Do they only do California? I live in Massachusetts.... Continue Reading

Gapbuster in Canada

They have new shops and have been emailing me asking me to certify and to select. I completed the training and I can select jobs now, but I do not see in the instructions what the required meal purchase is.... Does anyone know what we order at the dine in restaurant? ... Continue Reading

GapBuster risen from the dead ??

For the longest time, I had never seen any knew assignments for Gapbuster since they lost their major burger chain one. I even deleted there bookmark since I hadn't heard from them in a very long time (Over a year). Now I get a call from them for doing a... Continue Reading

GapBuster advice

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I took a bit of a break from mystery shopping and it is one of two companies that removed for inactivity. I had to reapply and then got a message saying I was rejected because I did not fit their demographic profile. Trying to figure out if I... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Input Report Problem - HELP!

I did a shop for them last night and tried to input my report several times last night. Each time I was unable to submit due to a glitch on their website. It is saying that my answers regarding the description of the staff member was invalid or a contradicting... Continue Reading

GAPbuster mystery shopper

Has anyone already signup as GAPbuster mystery shopper?? I need to ask a few questions.Please give me a few feedback.I need it urgently.Thank you... Continue Reading

Gap Buster

Has anyone done a shop for them lately? I have tried to search jobs several different times and each time the pull down boxes for region and state are blank? I know they have the bbq dinner shops and wanted to try and get one, but each time I log... Continue Reading


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I keep trying to take the test but never get to the end with success. Is this a company with jobs that are worth the irritation of trying again, again and again??... Continue Reading

GAPbusters are on the nose

In my experience GAPbusters is a company that does not even attempt to meet the same high standards it expects its XEC's (contractors) to apply in judgment of other companies. This is particularly disreputable given that it markets its product to help promote just such practices and actions in other companies... Continue Reading

Is Gapbuster still in business?

They were a good MSC for me a year or so ago. Where are they now?... Continue Reading


Hi, I used to do a lot of merchandising in Texas and am starting over in Minnesota . I applied to Gapbusters. got approved, but all I can get to is New york and Hawaii, do they have jobs in Minnesota.... Continue Reading

Guess I won't be shopping for GAP anymore.

There is a certain FF in my area shopped by GAP and another MSP. All locations to the east of me were shopped by the other company and the ones to the west were shopped by GAP. I just signed onto the other MSP and noticed next month they are... Continue Reading

Looking for someone who has done fast foods for GAP.

I just submitted the results of my first shop for Gapbuster. It was a 2 part fast food. I uploaded one receipt, but then could not find anywhere to upload the second receipt. I have done tons of these shops for another MSP that loads the receipts separately, but this... Continue Reading

re Gap and Banana Republic

Does anyone know which companies does mystery shops for the Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy.... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Shopper Criteria

Does anyone know the Gapbuster criteria for new shoppers? I shop for several other companies but never got around to applying to Gapbuster. I have just applied and been declined! I'm not particularly worried as I'm not a big fan of ****. However I would like to know why I... Continue Reading

accessing gapbuster website

Is anyone else experiencing a "broken link" message when trying to log on to gapbuster's website? This has been going on for a couple of days and I am wondering how to input my shop info tomorrow if it continues. Any suggestions? thanks - I am new to this.... Continue Reading

Getting GAPbuster to respond

I've tried several time to get some answers to some question/concerns I have. Never receive any response. Anyone have a phone number or suggestion on how to contact them other than their email address.... Continue Reading


Has anyone heard what happened to Gapbusters? I can no longer log-in to their site, and I have jobs to do for them???... Continue Reading

Screw Gapbuster

I posted about this company before. After trying to forgive and get over it a couple months passed, I decided to take the job again. Now, they came in a new way to screw you. They assigned some weird location and sent email to me. Had I not received an... Continue Reading


I received an offer via mail from Gap Busters Shoppers Inc. They instructed me to call them if I was going to accept their offer to become a secret shopper. I called the agent asked to deposit the check into my bank account and then call them to... Continue Reading

Cheated by Gapbuster - need advice

Hello, thought I would ask for wisdom from the experienced ones. I've shopped for this company for a few years and never had problem with their pay before. Lately, they seemed to have a problem with responding to any email inquiry even the inquiry was about their assignment instruction that... Continue Reading


I don't see any topics about GAPbuster. I signed up about a week ago and got approved early this morning. I'm really excited to start working with them! I've heard a lot of negative things about the company. What are some good things about the company?... Continue Reading

Urgent Gapbuster Help Please

I did a shipping store with the print scenario. They could not do the printing so I don't have receipt info to enter. I can't get past the receipt info page of the report. I sent an enquiry-any suggestions in the meantime? TIA Joan... Continue Reading

Trouble with Gapbuster

This is my first time that I enter a comment. I saw that another person had trouble with Gapbuster. I can not get into the job search part of the site. I am in Rhode Island. Hello fellow shoppers. I have been shopping for almost 3 years and... Continue Reading

Login into Gapbuster

I can't seem to figure out the link to login into Gapbuster. I have not had a job from them, but would like to look more often. But can't get logged in. Granny J... Continue Reading


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Feedback for Gapbuster xec??

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Gap Busters

I don't know what is going on with Gap Busters but some of their **** shops are really nice pay. I did two in one day. One paid 31.00 and the other paid 53.00. I have one on Sunday and it is 70.00. I don't know if they can't find... Continue Reading

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$45? Clearly they are not urgent if they're not willing to pay. Good for you to not accept the lower amounts. They show off their corporate events and executive dinners on their Facebook page. (Source). August 07, 2022

Day care, too, at $14 an hour for 3 hours a day (daughter works 12 hour shifts, hubby 8 hours, so there's a gap). (Source). August 05, 2022

Day care, too, at $14 an hour for 3 hours a day (daughter works 12 hour shifts, hubby 8 hours, so there's a gap). (Source). August 04, 2022

What doesn't seem easy is piecing together enough work to make it a full time gig. Still working on filling in the gaps. (Source). July 25, 2022

What doesn't seem easy is piecing together enough work to make it a full time gig. Still working on filling in the gaps. (Source). July 25, 2022

When I first started mystery shopping, it was to both get out of the house and to fill in some schedule gaps with my day job, as I was mostly working from home then too. (Source). July 14, 2022

(TX) SAN ANTONIO TX 78224 SHOPS AT LA CANTERA* SAN ANTONIO TX 78256 Female Shoppers Needed: Gurnee Mills Gurnee IL 60031 DEL NORTE LAREDO TX 78041 Yakima Valley Mall Union Gap WA 98903 If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me. (Source). July 13, 2022

Have a good day sir," I add and smile as I get into my car. He gapes at me for a few seconds, turns around and goes into the C-store. (Source). July 07, 2022

The TCL30Z has an 8-megapixel camera. (Source). July 01, 2022

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