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Dan St Pierre and Goodwin Associates

I must say I am shocked. I have shopped for this company for over 6-7 years, and only had one report returned to me, and rejected because I didn't follow the timeline. It was for campusfeedback. I wrote to another scheduler and I was reinstated, b/c she had seen... Continue Reading

Goodwin Name Change

I received an email this morning announcing that, effective 4/1, Goodwin and its brands (Customer Prophet, Campus Feedback, Goodwin, etc.) will be known as "360 Intel". One automatically thinks that the '360' tag in the new name refers to an all encompassing view of their clients' operations, but... Continue Reading

Goodwin Hospitality (via ISS)?

Hello, Reviews for them on Yelp and Google are HORRIBLE. They say that they find tiny little things to reject shops for and don't pay. However, they have quite a few bowling shops in my area that I thought would make a fun date night for my boyfriend and I... Continue Reading


Has anyone tried logging in to Goodwin? I'm getting nothing.... Continue Reading

Goodwin Hospitality Job Listings

I recently completed a shop for Goodwin through iSecretShop, and I enjoyed it enough that I signed up with Goodwin directly. Today I received an email from Goodwin letting me know I had passed their test and was able to log in to their site. I followed the directions in... Continue Reading

Goodwin Hospitality

I did a complex telephone bowling shop for them that lasted several days. I followed all the rules and submitted numerous quotes and emails. The report was long and horrible. I received an email saying that they needed me to provide emails that I had already submitted.... Continue Reading

Goodwin Hospitality declined my shop, and it's not my fault!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Kudos to Goodwin & Associates

I did a shop for them on Saturday, May 20th. Friday, May 26th the payment was in my PayPal account. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Goodwin & Associates single date shops

Can someone tell me if they ever get this problem solved; A single day is specified for a shop. One applies for the shop using that specific date in the request, as required. One gets a message saying one can't apply for that (very specific) date because another shopper has completed... Continue Reading

Goodwin Unassigned Shop

I signed up for my first shop with Goodwin Hospitality. It was supposed to be today. I got an email this morning indicating "I had been unassigned." My rating states -30. Does this normally happen? Any thoughts?... Continue Reading

Is Goodwin & Associates the same as Goodwin Hospitality?

Are they the same company?... Continue Reading


I have done a few shops for them through ISS. Do you see more by signing up directly with the MSC?... Continue Reading

Goodwin Hospitality - Secret Shop Declined - Failed to evaluate restroom

Hi, I had a shop declined because I did not evaluate a restroom. I admitted to it in my report. I have made mistakes before - at this and other MSC - and several times the editor alerted me and send the report to the client pending acceptance in... Continue Reading

Did Goodwin Lose Many Clients?

I have not seen many of the Goodwin Casual/Quick Food Client shops on the boards for January. Did anyone else notice this? Did they lose contracts? I am sure missing the simple and easy lunch shops I normally do during my working day.... Continue Reading

Goodwin Phone Shops

Hello! Has anyone done the Goodwin / ISS bowling phone shops? I'm just curious if they are simple or a PITA. They have had a lot posted for awhile. I'm in my second month of shopping and getting my feet under me now. Looking to try some new things.... Continue Reading

Dropped from a Campus Feedback/Goodwin Hospitality telephone shop

Hello all, A bit of background first: I have been lurking on this Forum and gaining incredible advice for ~ a year and a half. Thank you all. I have been mystery shopper for two years. I have completed mostly telephone shops, upwards of 1,000. I have butchered 20 or so,... Continue Reading

iSecretshop/Goodwin Hospitality

I accepted a shop with this company for a pizza shop paying $13. That's it--just $13 to cover the cost of (part of?) the meal and that's all. For that, I would have had to make a phone call that included a direct quote and a narrative. Then, I would... Continue Reading

Goodwin restaurant shops

I really enjoy the fresh, healthy food at a restaurant Goodwin represents and so have put up with a lot of issues. (No problems with the schedulers at Summit though, they have been great!) On the positive side: Goodwin reviews surveys quickly and pays according to schedule. ... Continue Reading

Goodwin problems with site

I'm trying to get onto Goodwin's site, and can't, anyone else having problems?... Continue Reading

Cancel or hope to reschedule with Goodwin?

I was supposed to do a visit today for Goodwin that required a recorded phone call first. I attempted several times to call via the 888 number they have set up. Each time the system told me it was connecting me to the store, but I would get disconnected instead.... Continue Reading

Does Goodwin send you emails?

I like doing shops for Goodwin, however I never receive emails from them. I have checked my profile many times and I have the email notifications turned on. I'd prefer to get emails as I am signed up with so many companies and don't have time to log into each... Continue Reading

Advice on denied shop through Customer Prophet/ Goodwin Hospitality

I need advice! My shop was denied because I used a discount code. I conducted the shop through Customer Prophet / Goodwin Hospitality. They didn't state in their guideline that I couldn't use a discount code. The shop costed me $70 and they only reimbursed $45. I figured since... Continue Reading

Goodwin & Associates

Does anyone know if this company is still in business? Their website is up and I can log in, but NO shops are showing anywhere in the U.S.... Continue Reading

Goodwin Only on iSecretShop

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Goodwin and Associates Hospitality Services, LLC

Wondering if anyone is current with them. Followed a listing from my jobslinger search, I have never seen a listing from this company in my area before. I wish I could give exact link but that would violate not mixing company with client, but I ended up at what appears... Continue Reading

Goodwin Hospitality Reporting Timeframe

Anyone know the time frame for reporting shops with Goodwin Hospitality? I did a shop last night for them for a good chunk of change out of my pocket and YES, I did confirm the shop twice prior to the date. For many reasons I was unable to report when... Continue Reading

What Happened To Goodwin?

There used to be lots of shops in my area. For the last few months, nothing. I saw some discussion last week about pay from Goodwin. But is anyone else seeing a decline in available shops? Or is it just my personal privilege to experience this?... Continue Reading

Goodwin Hotel Shop

I had a hotel shop with Goodwin today. The number listed was for the wrong hotel, so when I arrived, they had no record of my reservation. I called the wrong hotel and cancelled, but it's holding over $200 (more than the hotel room cost), which made me unable to... Continue Reading

Goodwin and Five Diamond

Are they the same company? I have documents from 5D that have a Goodwin email address on them.... Continue Reading


Is Goodwin and Customer Prophet one in the same msc???? Or is one slowly transitioning to become the sole entity of the other?? Thanks... Continue Reading

Goodwin and Associates

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Goodwin Hospitality Shops

Is it just in my area that they offer a flat fee, rather than a shop fee plus reimbursement? If what I spend on the shop is completely covered with some left to be considered a 'shop fee', then I guess it might be worth it. My other... Continue Reading

Goodwin & Associates paid in 20 days....

Quite a change from the 3-4 months I was warned about back in 2011, when I first began mystery shopping. Everyone warned me that Goodwin took forever to pay.... I bit the bullet and took a few shops here and and there... I never felt they took "forever" to pay... Continue Reading

Goodwin contact

I have recently accepted a couple of shops with this company and have had a couple of questions. I have sent the questions to the contact email listed on the shops and received no answer. I eventually got my answers from replying to the shop reminder notice. ... Continue Reading

Is the frozen yogurt shop still with Goodwin?

Since I mentioned the msc I won't mention the actual name of the frozen yogurt place. They have odd-shaped spoons and you have to comment on what is playing on the television loop. I used to do a lot of these, even though they were reimbursement only. I haven't... Continue Reading

Goodwin and Associates ???

Has anyone submitted an application to Goodwin and also heard back from them? If so how long did it take? TIA... Continue Reading

Is goodwin now an "on time" payer?

I while back (a few years) I got disgusted having to always chase my money, but thought I read here that they have improved...true?... Continue Reading

Goodwin & Associates Responsiveness

Are these people on vacation or bad about getting back to shoppers? Last week, I've e-mailed two different people and left a voice mail in regards to a shop that I need to reschedule a day before or after the original. Still no response. In three years I've done... Continue Reading

Goodwin condo shops

Has anyone done the condo shops for Goodwin? The payment is good, but I have only done high end restaurants and the yogurt shops for them... Thanks!... Continue Reading

How long before Goodwin Hospitality replies?

Has anyone applied for Goodwin Hospitality recently? There is this one particular shop I would like to do, and I beleive they have it. I applied about a week ago, but haven't heard from them. I have checked my emails (spam too!). Do they just take a long time to... Continue Reading

Goodwin -- when are reports due?

I think I remember reading that with Goodwin reports are due within 24 hours. Does anyone remember. I looked on the site but can't find it. I'm sure I'm overlooking the most obvious.... Continue Reading

Goodwin and Associates Deadline? (Solved!)

Does anyone know the deadline for Goodwin and Associates shops? I have barely had a few hours since the completion of my shop (after which I performed two other shops and drove straight home), and I've already been removed from the project. It was totally complete aside from the receipt... Continue Reading

Goodwin payment issues

Was just checking up on payments and realized I haven't been paid for a LOT of goodwin shops going back to November of 2013. I emailed them, hoping I get a response soon. Has anyone else had issues recently? Edited to add:issue resolved, got paid 1 day later, after I... Continue Reading

Goodwin payment issue?

Has anyone had any issues with Goodwin not paying bonueses? I got paid my reimbursement but they didn't pay me the bonus. I emailed the address that they said to, but that was a week ago. Has anyone experienced anything like this and if so, were you able to get... Continue Reading

Goodwin and Associates Website

I am trying to login to Goodwin's website and nothing comes up. This is what comes up: Oops! Google Chrome could not find I have tried multiple computers. Is anyone else having the same problem?... Continue Reading

Goodwin Hospitality

Anyone know anything about this company?... Continue Reading

Question re: Goodwin's Process

Just completed my first shop for Goodwin yesterday, and am wondering where/how one finds out what status completed shops are in? Most companies I shop for (though, granted, it's not very many so I'm not familiar with industry "standards" on this) have some sort of status indicator when you view... Continue Reading

How is Goodwin these days?

I've avoided Goodwin & Associates because I've seen reports of late payment/having to chase payment around here. They have a restaurant in my area that I'd really love to try and I'm considering giving it a shot... Has Goodwin gotten any better? Do they pay eventually? Has anyone had recent... Continue Reading

Goodwin cell phone compare shop...$13 total???

Today I saw several assignments for Goodwin involving a large cell phone company. The instructions state that: "This shop has 1-3 other shops that come with it for XXX competitors. By selecting this shop, you will then be assigned 1-3 other locations (competitors), so that you can give an accurate... Continue Reading

GOODWIN: Are they really paying more quickly????

Saw a posting weeks back stating that Goodwin promised to pay within I think it was 60 days or so as oppoed to them not paying unless hounded by the shopper. Have they lived up to that promise???? Thanks Much... Continue Reading

Goodwin, Answer Every Question?

Hi, This is my second time doing a Goodwin Hospitality Shop, and the instructions for both were only 1/2 a page. Does anyone know if I need to make a comment on every single question? There's a couple where a yes or no is pretty clear cut and I don't know... Continue Reading

Goodwin & Associates

They paid me after a month of my shop! I was so happy to see the money come when it did. Last time I had to chase them down nearly 4 months later. Now I might do more for them! Lol... Continue Reading

Need opinions - do you think Goodwin will pay me for this shop?

I was assigned to do a burrito shop yesterday downtown. I called the day before (Saturday) to confirm store hours. The gentleman who answered told me that they are open on Sundays beginning at 10:30 AM. I arrive yesterday at the restaurant and the sign on the door states... Continue Reading

GOODWIN FYI: Their healthy kitchen client went to another msc

Noticed that Goodwin's former healthy kitchen client went to another msc. Wondering ( and hoping) this was a direct result of their shops being boycotted due to their sleazy disrespect for paying shoppers on time and trying to justify it with transparent and offensive lies such as "Problems in our accounting... Continue Reading

Goodwin Pay (On Time, Without Being Asked)

Hey guys! Goodwin shops a pool hall I frequent in town. Figured I'd try MSing it again to see if Goodwin was changing, like they claimed to me. Just wanted to report I was paid on time, without even having to email them.... Continue Reading

JMRidgway & Goodwin

Hopefully, I'm not the only one lucky enough to have gotten my last two payments from these companies on time, and without a single reminder email necessary? It was a real pleasant surprise!... Continue Reading

Is Goodwin and Associates Redeeming Themselves?

I know there are been past posts about Goodwin and Associates being late payers. I might have been one of them. But ever since I wrote an e-mail directly to E. Goodwin and "bonded" over Patriots football talk, I have been getting paid much quicker and without having... Continue Reading


I have decided to try them on a simple shop. This will be my test to see if their pay issues are resolved. I will keep the board posted...... Continue Reading

ERIC GOODWIN of Goodwin Assoicates

Eric Goodwin writes----> JULY 19 assignments aren’t due according to our terms on our site. We’ll do our best to get you paid, but will follow our terms." I was begging for my payment. The shop was completed on April 19. With payment due 19 of July... Continue Reading

May goodwin payments just hit paypal

Without the reminder email :)... Continue Reading

Goodwin and Associates

I finally got paid for April's shops. I didn't find y'all until last month - or I would have never taken their jobs. Love y'all!... Continue Reading

Goodwin Angel or Goodwin Devil?

I've seen some Goodwin shops posted recently. I also saw some history on the forum about folks not getting their pay from Goodwin. Has anything changed regarding late payments? I just want feedback before committing myself to something I may regret later.... Continue Reading

Goodwin Angel or Goodwin Devil?

Moved to other location, sorry.... Continue Reading

Goodwin - Anyone getting paid?

Hey all, I have shops dating back to DECEMBER 8th 2011 still not paid. In total I am owe'd well over $400. I sent a request through the website for payment overdue more than 90 days. Still not a word. How do you reach them?... Continue Reading

Goodwin's recent sassie site jobs rating score

Received a 5/10 with no comments or explanation. Put even more effort than normal to make sure I got a good rating for my first shops on their new system...Contacted to follow up. Never received less than an 8, even with anal companies like BH. Anyone else ?... Continue Reading


Has anyone had payment issues with Goodwin? All companies I've worked for - even high end restaurants shops, have paid me within 30 days. I don't believe I've ever contacted any company for a late payment. Goodwin's policy is to contact them after 90 days if I... Continue Reading


Well, I'll be the guinea pig, after saying never again. I took their ice creme shops, it's hot here and I want ice creme. I signed to do one next week, I wrote them and said, this is a trial for me, I hope I get paid whithin... Continue Reading

Goodwin Associates Shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Question about Goodwin company

I received a shop--movie--and it told me the price it pays. My question they reimburse for the movie ticket, food, ect... or is that part of the original price?... Continue Reading

Goodwin and Associates

Has anyone worked for Goodwin lately? I never have, but recently saw postings by one of their schedulers/managers, AMelanson, and I was impressed with her willingness to work with shoppers, so I signed up. Didn't see any shops but not long after that I got an e-mail from... Continue Reading

Recent Goodwin payments?

Dumb me, saw that people on here had struggled with getting paid by Goodwin, but decided I liked all the places they shopped too much and did about 30 so far anyway... Now of course I have not seen any payment (started in the beginning of August), I filled out a... Continue Reading

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