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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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NEW:Research Powered Marketing Group, Inc. BANKRUPT: Grassroots America, MYSTERY GUEST, INC. Same LLC OWNERS! BEWARE!! This company is a new shell company created [B]BEFORE[/B] Grassroots America went "Bankrupt". The principle partners [B] are the same[/B]. I would advise [U]Extreme caution[/U] before doing business with them without them explaining this. They have the same server and everyone's login/password and shop history is intact and a week old from... Continue Reading

New Grassroots?

I just got this email and has all the customers that grassroots had before in rlando and the mailing address is again in Winter Park, FL. "Research Powered Marketing Group, Inc." To : XXXX Subject : June and July Mystery Shopping NOW AVAILABLE! Date : if you cannot view this email, please... Continue Reading

A restaurant that used to be shopped by Grassroots

Who took over shops from Grassroots and did anyone lose money with them. [I]Welcome to the forum Wayne! Please do not link the client with the MSC company, even if it's a prior company. The restaurant name has been removed in case you want to continue the conversation about... Continue Reading

Grass Roots America Files for Bankruptcy

If any of you have been following the saga of the closing of Grass Roots America, this might be very interesting to you. They just filed for bankruptcy. But the parent company is still going strong. Read more here: For those who are owed money, I think the best course of action is... Continue Reading

Does Grass Roots America Still Owe You Money?

The Grass Roots Group recently closed their Grass Roots America division. Please report whether they owe you money in this thread, as well as payments they've sent you. Thank you!... Continue Reading

Payment for assignments completed for Grass Roots

I am aware that Grass Roots is no longer operating - as of 3/15. I have not received payment (VISA reloadable card) for assignment completed in March. Have other shoppers been paid? I attempted to phone listed phone number - with no success - cannot reach... Continue Reading

Grass Roots - A little more info

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Grass Roots

What are we going to o to protect ourselves. they owe me a lot of $$$... Continue Reading

Grassroots - Now closed

I had a shop scheduled tomorrow, but received an email saying they had to cancel. Now I don't see any available shops. There were tons when I checked a few hours ago. I know they didn't all get assigned. Can anyone else see shops? [I]Mod note: Borrowing this post... Continue Reading

Mystery Guest (Grassroots) Login FUBAR?

Is anyone able to log into Mystery Guest/Grassroots?... Continue Reading

Grass Roots America Inc.

Hope this does not violate any rules here. I received this email. The company is not listed in our list below. I did a search here and it is mentioned a few times. There does seem to be a web site.....but the grammar ? What do you think? Greetings! Your information... Continue Reading

Grass Roots

Does anyone have either an email or phone contact at Grass Roots? I had a shop yesterday that I had to cancel. I started sending emails on Monday afternoon. I sent repeated emails to both emails that they have listed. I called the emergency... Continue Reading

Grass Roots Measures

Does anyone have any experience with the company grassrootsmeasures? They have a few local restaurants near me and I want to schedule a SHOP, but could not find any info on them in the Forum. Any advice/experience would be helpful. TIA!!... Continue Reading

Anyone else experiencing late payment from Grassroots?

Hi in the past Grassroots has paid very promptly. I completed a shop in June for which I have not received a gift card. I've tried reaching them via email, but haven't received a reply. I was just wondering if others are having problems too.....or if I am missing mail.... Continue Reading

Grass Roots anyone have experience with this company?

Has anyone ever had any experience with Grass Roots? The called me with an assignment for a moderately priced restaurant but only offered me a gift certificate. Anyone done this before?... Continue Reading

A heads up about Grassroots Visa Card....

Recently I tried to use my Grassroots Visa card at a store and it was declined. I logged on and found that the card had been "closed." I was confused because the expiration date on the card was 2015. I inquired and found out that I had... Continue Reading

Grass Roots Mystery Shopping - I'm impressed!

Just wanted to say something nice about an MSC. I did my first shop for Grassroots of a mid range casual dining restaurant and just completed the report and wow, gotta say that report was EASY. It took me all of 22 minutes and was very light narrative.... Continue Reading

Grassroots Website

I'm trying to enter a mystery guest report and the website appears to be down. Anyone else having issues tonight?... Continue Reading

Grassroots Payment

I received an email from Sue at Grassroots saying my card would be loaded soon. That was a week ago. Still a zero balance. Any thoughts? I have emailed her with no response.... Continue Reading

Anyone Shop for Grass Roots Mystery Guest?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Problems logging into Grassroots?

Anyone else getting this error when you try to log in? Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e37' Invalid object name 'Shopper'. /Includes/Common_DB.asp, line 78... Continue Reading

GrassRoots Measures Problem

I frequently shop the main restaurant client for GrassRoots. It is GC reimbursement only so I just use the GC provided from my previous shop to pay for the next one, etc., My problem is this, the last two times I shopped, there was no place on... Continue Reading

Kudos for Mystery Guest/Grassroots

I had a problem with one of their clients where an employee of the restaurant I shopped evidently took the liberty of deducting a lot more than I approved for their tip. I did not discover it for several months. I contacted Grassroots and they immediately researched it and are... Continue Reading


Hi there, Anyone shop Grassroots? They just transitioned to the Visa debit card for payment, and I cannot get mine activated by calling the number or by going online to the cited web site. Anyone else having problems activating their card? Thanks!... Continue Reading


Does anyone know their rotation requirements. I have not been able to self assign shops for months.... Continue Reading

Grassroots / Mystery Guest Reimbursement Early

I have completed a couple of restaurant shops for Grassroots / Mystery Guest. While they had no fee, they did have a generous reimbursement in the form of a gift card for that restaurant. Their website stated I would get my gift card between by 11/23. I... Continue Reading

Grass roots

Sigh just,got,word they are ending their,relationship with,the only company in my area two weeks after swithching to them so I could take advantage of their pharmacy shops... Sad really easy shop for $15-$20 gift card.. No up loading just fill out the form and add the receipt code...maybe 50 min... Continue Reading

Grass Roots / Mystery Guest

How long does it take for them to sign up up for site access? I gave them my info Thursday and I still haven't heard from them. Plenty of work from elsewhere but still, they can join in on my fun too! :-)... Continue Reading

Grass Roots

Grass Roots is the MSC that has the great desert restaurant shops if anyone is interested. You only get a gift card for the trouble but now I use the card for the next shop I do at there locations. The food is the best and the staff... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Grass Roots

You're not violating any contract because none exist yet. I think I'll call Cheesecake Factory and ask if they have a new MSC since Grassroots went under. (Source). April 08, 2019

Of course, I'm pretty lenient on late payments, as long as it's honored. The last thing I want is to be in a Grassroots type of situation. (Source). May 21, 2018

The.Way! He's young, smart, has great ideas, is doing only a grass roots campaign - not accepting PAC money, was in a punk rock band. (Source). April 10, 2018

So I am all paid up... now I wish I could say the same about Grassroots Mystery Guest[/quote] The last time I received money from NSS was February 28th via Paypal. (Source). September 12, 2017

So I am all paid up... now I wish I could say the same about Grassroots Mystery Guest (Source). September 11, 2017

I'll be renting until my new life takes shape. I've always been fascinated by mystery shopping...ever since doing some very part time work for Grass Roots Mystery Guest and watching Viaggio Sola!. (Source). September 02, 2017

I'll be renting until my new life takes shape. I've always been fascinated by mystery shopping...ever since doing some very part time work for Grass Roots Mystery Guest and watching Viaggio Sola!. (Source). August 31, 2017

They have location, location, location. But what else do they have? And who wants it? What began as a little grass roots effort is becoming a human-style turf war of sorts. (Source). August 20, 2017

Another shop for Grassroots just came to mind. (Source). July 27, 2017

Great discussion! Joan, where were you when Grassroots folded overnight and did not pay many? (Source). July 22, 2017