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Message from Guest Check Inc.

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Has anyone shopped for The Guest Check MSC recently.

There was very little information on this forum about The Guest Check MSC. I recently received an email to sign up for a few shops in my area. Any info!... Continue Reading

Guest Check

Has anyone ever had problems with Guest Check Inc. before? My paychecks from them seem to be less and less without warning or explanation, so I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with things not being as advertised with this company.... Continue Reading

Guest Check

I haven't seen many shops from Guest Check in quite some time in my area. I just saw some from a job board, but I would not do them. Their pay is rather meager for the time spent and the narrative. More importantly, they will only question... Continue Reading

The Guest Check reports

I see on The Guest Check site ( that their restaurant reports are incredibly narrative heavy. Does anyone have any experience with this company? Is it worth it? Do they pay fee + reimbursement?... Continue Reading

Guest Check Inc

Has anyone else had problems with Guest Check Inc? I did a restaurant shop and got a score of 1 because I didn't bring a second person. Their form isn't Sassie/Prophet, so it's a weird form that's somewhat difficult to navigate, but nowhere on any of the links did they... Continue Reading

The Guest Check

Has anyone done shops for them? How difficult are the reports? Thanks... Continue Reading

Guest Check

I submitted a writing sample that was not long enough for them. They seem to be constantly looking for shoppers and it makes me wonder why. I have done several hotel shops with narratives but nothing that requires 17-20 pages of writing. So, I am wondering what... Continue Reading

Guest Check MSC: OK?

I was wondering if anyone has an opinion regarding Guest Check, based out of Golden, Colorado. I am thinking of signing up with them but have not seen any posts or discussion threads regarding them. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Guest Check

Hi again, I applied with Guest Check and was contacted directly by the President about my qualifications in the hospitality industry. He asked for a full narrative of a high end restaurant or hotel shop and wants a phone interview. Anyone worked for them?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Guest Check

[quote="Eric in Tampa"] Guest Check is valid. (Source). September 11, 2018

If you have any interest in upscale resorts, I'd highly recommend taking the time to submit writing samples to Guest Check. (Source). September 08, 2018

I never found it useful. [quote=sbobgal] I could not find any information on them at all, for Guest Check or Mystery Shopping Solutions. (Source). September 06, 2018

I could not find any information on them at all, for Guest Check or Mystery Shopping Solutions. (Source). September 06, 2018

Guest Check is valid. (Source). September 05, 2018

.. Derek Wood President Guest Check Inc. (Source). September 05, 2018

True Guest and Guest Check are two that are open to all who want to apply. (Source). January 11, 2018

Guest Checkís policy of not giving up ANY information about the job prior to committing to it is ridiculous and the reason I canít be bothered with them. (Source). December 26, 2017

Some of the higher end properties I have been to recently had much easier reporting with limited narratives. Also, True Guest has some exceptional 5-star properties....and Guest Check has some assignments that are in a class above the average Coyle hotel. (Source). December 26, 2017

Guest Check was one other company with hotels in UT (Source). November 03, 2017