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HS BRANDS: Are they now paying shoppers?

Used to work for them, was very satisfied with both them and their good clients, but now I need to ask before accepting any shops if they are paying on time. Had seen postings about some folks not being paid or having to fight for their shop payments. Thanks in... Continue Reading

HS Brands??

Anyone familiar with this one? I signed up for a KSS job (a familiar chicken wing place) and they directed me to first sign up with HS Brands but the link just took me to their promo page aimed at their clients. There was NO signup page at any of... Continue Reading

HS Brands payments?

Had a June shop. When does HS Brands typically pay? Thanks!... Continue Reading

HS Brands Non-Nevada Casino Shop Questions

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HS Brands is not paying

I did a contact lenses shop for them in January. As of today, the shop status is “completed”. I’m owed $300 in a shopper fee plus $125 I spent on a required exam. The scheduler has not responded any of my emails. What can I do at this point? Who... Continue Reading

Did HS Brands Hire Some Coyle Editors?

I've been doing valet shops for HS Brands for at least 7 years now picking up on average 2 a month. They lost one client close to me. I used to do about 3 per month. The last shop was returned with " Please remember all NO answers do require explanations... Continue Reading

HS Brands Carpet Cleaning Shops

Good Morning, I am looking for some intel on the carpet cleaning shops that HS Brands has. You have to reveal yourself as the shopper as they are cleaning your carpets and take a sample of the solution they are using. Has anyone done these? Thoughts? I really need the carpets... Continue Reading


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HH Brands (Service Sleuth) says I can't apply

They want me to update my info. I tried but it's not saving to my profile. I don't know any way to contact them. Can't find an email or phone #. Can anyone help with contact info?... Continue Reading

Has anyone been paid by Intelli-Shop & HS Brands for February Shops?

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HS Brands Ratings

Did HS Brands do away with shopper ratings? I don’t see mine anymore.... Continue Reading

Getting drubbed by HS Brands editor

Anyone else get dinged by this company? I'm getting harassed with constant "requests" for more details on a bartender compliance shop, I don't pretend to be Bob Woodward or anything but this client's previous MSC always gave me 10s, now I'm getting "more details" emails with threats of shop disqualification,... Continue Reading

HS Brands Brings Back A Shop

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HS Brands payments

No, not the same old post about HS Brands payments - just wanted to share the amazing news that I got paid today for a shop I did in May!! Long may this continue!... Continue Reading

HS Brands auto assign problems

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HS Brands

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My Shopper Rating with HS Brands - changing it?

A very long time ago I shopped an incorrect location when there were many about (kiosks in mall). My shopper score dipped very low. I have since done many successful and highly rated shops for HS Brands, yet I still cannot self-assign jobs because the system states that my shopper... Continue Reading

My shopper rating with HS Brands

A very long time ago I shopped an incorrect location when there were many about (kiosks in mall). My shopper score dipped very low. I have since done many successful and highly rated shops for HS Brands, yet I still cannot self-assign jobs because the system states that my shopper... Continue Reading

HS brands

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HS Brands Is Being Sued

In addition to the shopper payment problems that have persisted for more than a year, this company has legal problems. HS Brands contracted with another MSC several months ago for assistance with some of their shops. The other MSC is now suing HS Brands for breach of that contract (most... Continue Reading

Does anyone expect HS Brands to pay up (and on time?)

Last winter HS Brands got horribly behind on payments. It took almost four months for me to get paid. They are the only company that hasn't paid me for February jobs. What do you think the likelihood is that the company will pay up?... Continue Reading

HS Brands 1099 Income statement

I have not yet received a 1099 from HS Brands, and I am certain I am over the threshold with over $1000 in payments/bonuses (not reimbursements). Has anyone received one from them?... Continue Reading

HS Brands Sunglasses Shop

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I have been a loyal evaluator with HS Brands for several years and I am facing the problem which I ask you to help me with. I have not been paid for shops done in August. The payment department and, who answered me in 5 days upon my inquiry... Continue Reading

HS Brands Payments?

Hello. I completed 2 fitness shops for HS Brands in the beginning of October and have yet to be paid? Are they slow to pay? Anyone have any input?... Continue Reading

Hs brands

I'm new. To shopping and seem to be having issues with receiving pay. I dud a shop 7/28. 8/1 and 8/7 for HS Brands . i read how the pay schudule works. However i am going on 90 days and still nothening. Under my job board... Continue Reading

HS Brands

Early July shops are paying October 30th, if this applies to anyone. So, three and a half months.... Continue Reading

Hs Brands International Kern Scheduling

I did a shop on June 11. Anyone know when I should be paid. As of today, 9/17/19, I still have not been paid. Keep getting the same crap when I contact the. Just a generic message about 75 days after. I am looking for some new contact info for... Continue Reading

HS BRANDS Payment delay

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HS Brands

Argh. Didn't this company used to be one of the better companies to shop for? Lots of shops, some great movies ones and other enjoyable ones with good compensation in the high-end stores and malls. Now, it takes 75 days to get payment? They used to be my favorite! Anyone... Continue Reading


Anyone having trouble getting assigned lately....can't get the oil changes I've applied for and am not in a rotation.... Continue Reading

Has anyone done the casino overnight shop for HS Brands?

This shop is in BC and i have not yet worked for this company. Do they pay on time? I would be putting $1000 into the shop with travel, hotel and gambling requirements.... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer HS Brands payments

I am new to the forum, but felt it necessary to alert anyone who has done shops recently for MCP, now HS Brands, that I was informed that they will not be paying as stated on the MCP site. I received notification from HS Brands that they pay 60 days,... Continue Reading

HS Brands

So, I was finally paid by Service Sleuth/HS Brands but they seem to be using a different payment system from when I last shopped for them. I now have to download a check using an access code which, of course, I never received. I have emailed the scheduler but can't... Continue Reading

HS Brands Mystery Shopping pay schedule

Hello does anyone that works for HS Brands tell me how long it takes to be paid by them? I think they are the longest paying company I have ever worked for.... Continue Reading

HS Brands Movie shop

Have these been discontinued? Did the msc lose the client?... Continue Reading

Does KSS schedule all of HS Brands shops now?

If so, I am out of luck because Jeff is scheduling all in my area and I have not received any I have applied for this year for the two clients in my area. I won't be doing the out of town ones as I travel and won't be... Continue Reading

HS Brands rating ...

A few months ago, I messed up. Canceled two shops in a row with HS Brands. Personal stuff outside of my control but I know I screwed up. Before, I had great ratings. Never missed a shop or had an issues. Really love working for that company. Nice schedulers, fun... Continue Reading

HS Brands/Service Sleuth File Uploads

Has anyone else had problems with the HS Brands/Service Sleuth file uploads? I recently did a shop for KSS International which had me create an account with Service Sleuth(HS Brands?) to do the shop. When I tried to complete my shop it would not let me upload any... Continue Reading

HE Brands / Service Sleuth end of month project

Just noticed a project they added for the end of the month. Another potential route filler.... Continue Reading

Hotel Shops for HS Brands

Hello, Has anyone performed hotel shops for HS Brands? I see one in my area and I'm interested in applying but I've only done one shop with HS. It was a bar integrity shop which was simple and the report only took about 15 minutes to complete. Can anyone tell me... Continue Reading

HS Brands hotel shop ...

Anyone ever done an overnight ms shop with them? I got one. I'm feeling nervous, even though I've been doing mystery shopping more than a year, because the reimbursement is so high and I don't want to screw up. I'm also having trouble access the report (although I don't submit... Continue Reading

HS Brands Casino Shops

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HS Brands SSN issue

Apparently when I signed up for HS Brands, I entered the wrong SSN number. I have tried to go into my profile and change it, but it keeps rejecting my change. I have tried emailing them, even including the change I'm pretty sure needs to be made (it's... Continue Reading

Shop Applications Keep Disappearing on HS Brands

I keep signing up for the same shop on HS Brands - it's one of those that I can't accept all by myself, but has to be assigned by a scheduler after people put in applications. I log out, log back in and it's there. The next day...... Continue Reading

Service Sleuths and HS Brands - Christa?

I've just starting working with this MSC and did a simple local shop with them the other day. However, I applied several weeks ago for a casino shop and heard nothing back. The date I requested to do the shop passed and the job was still on the job board.... Continue Reading

Has anyone heard of HS Brands International

I am new to MS and would like to hear from other shoppers if they know this company .I am a little worried after reading about MS scamers. Thanks, Nancyw... Continue Reading

HS Brands and Ipsos?

I signed up with HS Brands and applied for my first assignment today. It is scheduled for tomorrow. When I open the guidelines for the shop, I'm directed to instructions that have an Ipsos logo. Can anyone explain the link between HS Brands and Ipsos? Seeing the Ipsos logo on... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth/HS Brands

Service Sleuth has a payment policy of 60 days, and they have always paid me within their stated payment policy. The last two months, they are paying much, much faster than their stated payment policy. Big kudos to them! Their policy still says 60 days, so I... Continue Reading

Never work for Service Sleuth

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Service Sleuth Payroll Advance Shops

I'm hoping to hear from anyone else that has done these shops. I picked one up earlier in the month because it was bonused. The shop was approved with a 10, but not yet paid. Anyway, the way I read the guidelines is that you are supposed to let... Continue Reading

HS Brands

So I'm scheduled to do a restaurant shop in a town an hour and a half away from me today. I was supposed to do it on a day I was already planning on going there, but due to unforseen circumstances I had to change the date. A friend of... Continue Reading

HS Brands Movie shop help

I had a movie shop last night, I've done over a dozen of them, fairly straight forward. However, last night when I got home, I could not find my concession receipt. The guidelines clearly state you will not be paid if there is no ticket stub and concession... Continue Reading

KSS International, HS Brands International & Word Smith Pros involved in the same shop!?

I recently completed a shop. The report was entered through HS Brands International. In the middle of doing the report, their website did something funny to where I could not edit some of the answers and the fields were hidden. A couple of the answers were incorrect, but since I... Continue Reading

Any problems communicating with HS Brands (Service Sleuth)?

Has anyone had difficulty getting replies from HS Brands/Service Sleuth? I've completed two shops for them. One of the shops the reimbursement amount is incorrect. I contacted the scheduler through Sassie and they did not reply. A week later when I followed up they told me to contact payroll. I contacted... Continue Reading


Here's a hard-working coordinator at Service Sleuth with a sense of humor and a nice, friendly manner of interacting with shoppers! I'm not sure if she is a scheduler or if she is the project coordinator. The shops I did for Service Sleuth were scheduled by KSS but, after... Continue Reading

Deadlines: Is HS Brands deadline Midnight MY time or Midnight THEIR time or Midnight EST?

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Shout out to Debbie Peters of Service Sleuth

I am always apprehensive when I click on the Evaluation from this MSC, as per discussions in the Forum. Today, editor Debbie lifted my spirits. Ok, she had to contact me but I still got 9 though I expected an 8 or lower. I vowed to drop this... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

Did a [i](lube shop)[/i] with $5 shop fee and $70 reimbursement. They showed received, 7 score and then only stated $5 for the shop fee and didn't post $70 for the reimbursement. Is there a reason for this or does any one know? [i](Mod note: Linking an MSC with its clientele... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth manually deactivated?

When I went to SS today this was on my main page You our account has been manually deactivated by HS Brands International. I have updated my information and I have e-mail them asking why my account has been deactivated. Has any one been deactivated and can they re activate my account? Thanks... Continue Reading

HS/Mershimer Mystery Shop Company - Suspicious!

Anyone else having issues? I've been with them since October 2015, and have done about 10 or so jobs for them. I had a job to do with them today so I went to login to get the paperwork and it will not allow me to login. My login information... Continue Reading

How long does HS Brands take to pay?

I searched the boards, but may not be using correct key words. Did a shop at the beginning of November, still waiting for payment before I decide if I want to shop with them again. This is standard for any company I am trying out, however its been over... Continue Reading

HS brands website down for 3 days?

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HS Brands: where is my shop pay ?

Shop done in Sept. Major oil change company client. Still no pay. I am not alone.... Continue Reading

Very diasppointed with HS Brands Paying strategies!!

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Service Sleuth/HSBrands website warning

When I try to go to or, I get a scary red warning page that says, "The site ahead contains malware!" I am blocked from entering due to "attackers" and the possibility of "viruses." Does anyone know anything about this? When I go to, I have no... Continue Reading

SERVICE SLEUTH: Notes to scheduler field means????

Is it working against me when applying for shops and not filling out the above field??? What should I say?? "Gee I really hope you'll give me this shop" etc??? Or say why I feel qualified or successful regarding past shops at the same client perhaps?? Thanks Much... Continue Reading

HSBrands Dry Cleaning shop advice

I was very excited when I saw this shop, since I need to get some stuff dry cleaned. So I requested it and got it assigned. However, when I read the details, you need to have 3 pieces with discrepancies... now I almost feel like I... Continue Reading

HS Brand / Service Sleuth Payments

Sorry for posting another thread but I can't find the old thread regarding payment issues. Has anyone had late payments lately? Initially I was being paid on time but last month, pay that was to be issued was delayed by 11 days. I've received payment for some shops then received the... Continue Reading

Come on Service Sleuth.

I signed up with them last year. I applied for a shop and did not realize that it had been auto assigned. I sent them a message and an email, in return I was given a 1. Now I do not qualify for any shops. If I apply they... Continue Reading

HS Brands International

As a new shopper, I'm having problems with the different names of companies and schedulers. I just received a PP payment from HS Brands International and have no clue what shop was paid. Can someone please enlighten me? What is also confusing, is that the amount might... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth Contact Info

Just wondering if I can get a phone number for someone at Service Sleuth. I need to see if I can get the due date of my shop extended....I did try and email the scheduler (since yesterday), and no one has gotten back to me on that as... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth Dec pay

Is anyone still waiting on theirs? I have yet to be paid. I try to be understanding, but after changing the expected pay date twice and then still not receiving payment, I start to get just a little bit frustrated.... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

What is the trick with this company? This may sound like a silly question, but I have applied to about 20-255 shops with them and always get a "your not accepted email." I have yet to do my first shop with them :( Every other MSC I have been able... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

Has anyone out there experienced an issue with Service Sleuth refusing a report because of gray areas in the instructions, such as scenarios that weren't there before the shop was conducted? I would appreciate any feedback that anyone has. Thanks so much. maggieg... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth Payment Question

I just started shopping for Service Sleuth this fall. They say payments are made after 60 days from the last day of the month the shop was completed. I am fine with that. However, I have still not been paid for two shops I completed in October.... Continue Reading

HS Brands

HS Brands is using a third party company called Word Smith to edit there shops and they are absolutely awful. They have no consistenty in how they edit and you answer there questions and they send back the shops asking for more information. They are absolutely awful. ... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth, no report grading

I did three cell shops on Oct 09, but still do not see the report grading. I contacted the scheduler and got the reply, "It takes our editors some time and your reports will come through soon." The truth is I am not really after the grading. I just want to... Continue Reading

Coupon question about Service Sleuth oil change shop

I am scheduled for an oil change shop for Service Sleuth (thru Kern) tomorrow. The little job write up you see when applying says you can use any coupon for the job but when I opened up the detailed instruction sheet it says you must use the $5 off... Continue Reading


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Service Sleuth leaving out Important details of shops on the assignment page

So, there was a new shop from Service Sleuth. I signed up for it as I was going to be at the mall and it would fit right in. There were no guidelines or any details for the shop (I guess that should have been a warning. ... Continue Reading


Anyone know anything about them?... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth payment schedule

Hi. Can someone tell me what is their payment schedule? Completed 2 assignments in the beginning of March and 1 at the end. Haven't gotten any payments yet. Just curious. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth's policy on refused audits?

Does anyone know what Service Sleuth does if you go to do an audit, and the manager refuses to let you?... Continue Reading

Service Sleuths and rescheduling

I have a shop with SS and I'm having an awful sinus headache / asthma attack. I was doing a shop this morning and when I left had to do an asthma treatment. I am supposed to do a movie shop tonight but I honestly don't know how... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

I was just about to complete an assignment when I realized they got the address listed wrong on the form. Instead of 615, they put 165. I didn't want to take a chance to do the job. I emailed the scheduler but have not heard from her. Anyone... Continue Reading

Stiffed by Service Sleuth

I've done many shops for them at a major telecom firm. I recently had one where the employee was the worst I have encountered. He was supposed to give me a demonstration and if he didn't I had to ask for one. He didn't, I asked, and... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

well evidently, not only do they take days to get back to you with an application but as soon as you request it you are committing to do it. We had 16" of snow here yesterday with school cancelled today and yesterday and don't get me going on... Continue Reading

SHOPPER BEWARE: Service Sleuth lists contradictory instructions then unfairly grades shopper's report

I did a theater shop for this company earlier this month and was unfairly docked points on my score for THEIR discrepancy. They had two DIFFERENT set of instructions for a particular section of the report. The guidelines stated to CALL [i] the theatre [/i] and the instructions printed on the... Continue Reading

My Love Affair for Service Sleuth Continues

I did a retail shop for them on October 30th because they needed it before the deadline. I explained that I would need a decent bonus and I would need to be paid for the shop by November 15th. They gave me my requested bonus and paid me 8 days... Continue Reading

Thank You Service Sleuth

I did a shop recently where I was supposed to wait 10 minutes if I wasn't greeted before asking an employee a question about merchandise. I made a mistake and only waited 7 minutes and 26 seconds. The MSC didn't reject the shop; instead they graded me a 9 out... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

Anyone have any experience with them? They have a handful of shops by me but I've never worked for them. I did apply for a shop several days ago, but they still have not accepted it. Is that normal?... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

Just wondering if anyone has gotten paid by service sleuth for April shops yet? Their deadline is still about 3 days away, but just wondering. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth Contact anyone?

Does anyone have a contact for Service Sleuth? I am looking for someone that is above the reviewers from that are editing their shops (or my recent shops anyway :). Thank you.... Continue Reading

HS Brands/Service Sleuth late with anyone else?

I did two shops in March, payment was due on May 31. These were reimbursement shops so I am about $90 out of pocket. On May 31 I received payment for one shop, with a note that the other will be paid on May 5. Did anyone else get this notice?... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth & Casino Shops

:)... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

Does anyone know anything about them? Thanks, Susan... Continue Reading

Kudos to Service Sleuth (HMS)

I just have to publicly acknowledge the folks here for being so on top of getting answers for a complicated shop. It seemed that the forms were different than SPECIFIC directives in the guidelines. My SS project manager gave me her cell phone number and said I could text her... Continue Reading

What does Service Sleuth mean by “Theater Checks”?

Their movie theater jobs call for a lot of things. The only one that I don’t get is seeing how many theater checks are done. Also, can you actually pay attention to the movie with all the other things you have to watch?... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

Anybody got paid in time with Service Sleuth? First of all, for 3 shops, I spent over $100 in October. It is now almost Jan. 1, 2013, and I have only gotten 2 of 3 shops paid. One of the 2 is even $5 short. The 3rd... Continue Reading

What can you tell me about Service Sleuths?

I am scheduled to do a shop for them today - first time with this MSC. Got a little nervous when I searched this forum and couldn't find a single thread with their name in it. Anyone familiar with them, please?... Continue Reading

Help w/ Service Sleuth--I may have screwed up

I was assigned a shop with Service Sleuth. I was not assigned a specific day; the shop guidelines said anytime between 7/27 and 8/5. I originally planned on shopping 7/28, and as I usually do, filled in the preliminary information in the report. Such performed, telephone evaluation, etc. I... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth, beware!

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411 on Service Sleuth ?

I just registered with this MSC...couldn't really find anything on this forum regarding them...can anyone provide any 411...are they an Ok they pay on time,etc...any input will be greatly appreciated...... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

Does anyone here have any experience working with this company? Please share.... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth - October?

Anyone get their October payment yet?... Continue Reading

Kern Scheduling? ---Service Sleuth

I have been emailing this company constantly for months. They are the company that organizes the shops for another company Service Sleuths. I was to do a movie theater shop( I have done like 8 others for them). I emailed a week before and then 2 more times before the... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

Hi I'm new to the board but not new to Mystery Shopping. What is your take on this particular MSC? I'm thinking of taking a high end shop they have listed in my area but wanted to get some idea of how they work with their shoppers first. It's a... Continue Reading

SERVICE SLEUTH: Slow uploading a second PDF's ??

My first PDF uploads quickly, but the second one always needs to be attempted 3-4 times before it is accepted. Is this my own computer problem ??? Or a problem with the msc's system?? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Service sleuth

Forgive me if this has been covered before.I was just offered a job by this MSC and was curious as what is their pay schedule is. Thanks... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth's latest insanity

You know, they are about the slowest paying MSC on the planet. But now, now they will not accept receipts and forms scanned as .jpgs. I have to download some crap piece of software (CutePDF) I don't need, to convert every scan into a PDF. WTH??? UGGGGHHHHHH-and this is just in... Continue Reading

Service Sleuths

Am I the only one who hasn't gotten paid for May?... Continue Reading

Praises be, I finally got a 10 out of Service Sleuth's editors

A job that I do every couple weeks or so at different locations. Survey is disjointed-some of the questions that belong in one section are inexplicably parked in another, etc. If the job didn't pay so well for 2-5 mins work, that I can repeat at 16 locations every month... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth and their Payment Cycle

Well - they really have speeded things up dramatically. This was a company that I was this close to calling it quits with due to the 90 plus day payment cycle on very high dollar shops. As everyone knows, they recently pledged to speed things up. My... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth

Yes I know they say up front payment is 90 days, I guess I just thought "oh surely they dont really wait that long" WRONG, they do. They owe me such a small amount of money that its not really about that. I just dont see a single reason to... Continue Reading

SERVICE SLEUTH: No longer pays at 90 days-Why???

This is a good msc with good clients and they are upfront about their payment terms...BUT I am wondering why all of a sudden there is change in heart from their CEO in paying us in less than 90 days. Maybe he read the negative comments here and on the... Continue Reading

HS Brands

Does anyone have any comments on the HS Brands Company? Haven't seen much written about them.... Continue Reading

Service Sleuths - non-competitiveness clause?

I was in the process of signing up for this company yesterday, when I noticed that they mention that they require their shoppers to agree too, among other things, "non-competitiveness." Does anyone have any info on what this means, exactly? I saw it on two different pages, and was discouraged... Continue Reading

Service Sleuths aka Howard Services

Does anyone know why it takes this company 90 days to pay?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of HS Brands

Advanced Feedback has gym shops as does Bare, and HS Brands. (Source). May 16, 2023

??? ?????? ????????). Employer website is Www.hsbrandsglobal. (Source). May 04, 2023

Hisham, If you are located in the US, I don't think this is the right region of HS Brands to sign up with: HS Brands EE, ME, Asia, Africa system. (Source). May 03, 2023

Below confirmation email received after I filled form: You have signed up for an account on the HS Brands EE, ME, Asia, Africa system. (Source). May 03, 2023

HS Brands scheduled by KSS. (Source). April 26, 2023

I had a payment that was overdue and was told by a scheduler to send an email to Payments@hsbrands. (Source). April 19, 2023

I've not had any issue with HS Brands. (Source). January 27, 2023

I do mystery shopping for Bare international for app 9 year and I am satisfied with them. I did a few jobs for HS BRANDS EUROPE in September and still waiting for payment. (Source). January 04, 2023

[quote="Lorri Kern KSS"] HS Brands recently updated their payment policy and are stating that they are paying roughly 35 days after shop is accepted. (Source). December 23, 2022

HS Brands recently updated their payment policy and are stating that they are paying roughly 35 days after shop is accepted. (Source). December 23, 2022