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Harland Clarke contact information

Does anyone have a way to contact someone about a missing check? They sent me a letter stating I had not cashed a check, but I never received it and lost the letter. They stopped doing mystery shopping 12/19 I believe, but I cannot find a good phone... Continue Reading

Exra! Extra! Harland Clarke quits MS!

Got an email from them saying they are discontinuing mystery shopping. They had good, well-paying assignments in my area. Bummer.... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke no longer paying mileage

I just noticed in the most recent shop offer email from Harland Clarke that they're no longer paying for mileage. This is a bummer, since most of their shops are a good distance from me.... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

Just signed up with these guys they have a couple of shops around the corner from me. Well, the pervioabal (sp) corner anyway. Although Voilton doesn't send you to the link it goes somewhere that is broken.... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke SR1 and SR2 scenarios

[b]Mod note: Post removed as it breached the Forum guideline which states, "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". Additionally, it is usually an ICA violation to name both the MSC and client.[/b]... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

Has anyone done shops for Harland Clarke mystery shopping company? If so, are they a good company to do shops for? Any input about this company appreciated.... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

anyone know if Harland Clarke has shops in Eastern Pennsylvania?... Continue Reading

does anyone have an email or phone # for Harland Clarke ?

thank you... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

I recently signed up with Harland Clarke and have begun receiving their shop announcement emails. However, I've never received any login information from this company. Are they one of the MSC companies that don't have a shop board, but contact shoppers via email only?... Continue Reading

Brooke and Brian at Harland Clarke

I have done a few jobs for Harland Clarke now. The bonuses are amazing and they pay fast. I've worked with both Brooke and Brian by phone and email. They have been very patient explaining the details for the shop and in answering my questions. I only have good things... Continue Reading

Harland Clark

Hi I have just completed a Harland Clark shop but I don't see a spot where I can upload the business card. Does anyone know where that goes?... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

Has anyone had a hard time getting a mystery shop with them? [I]Mod note: OP started 2 identical threads. Combined threads to keep replies in one place.[/I]... Continue Reading

Newbie - Harland Clarke

Hello everyone. I'm a newbie to the Mystery Shopping scene. I have a question about Harland Clarke. Where do I sign up to become a shopper with them? I visited their website but I don't see an area sign up.... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke question....

Good morning everyone! I just completed my first Harland Clarke shop and I was wondering if I am required to fill out an invoice like we do for Maritz and if so, where do I find the invoice? I have looked all over the materials and I don't see anything.... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke mileage?

So Ive been shopping with Harland Clarke for a few months. I really like them but in the past 2 days, I've received two shop request emails with no mileage included. I've never seen their shops not offered with mileage and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke - Serious Question

Please tell me the truth now. I'm registered with them. It's been over two years. I get many emails about their bank shops. The fee is good, along with incentive and travel mileage. The do have work not too far from me. Not a lot, but enough. Are these shops they... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke Pay Schedule

I did my first shop with them at the very end of January. I thought I read in the email they sent that pay is mailed out 2-3 weeks after the shop. Haven't received it yet...not too worried, but just thought I'd check here to see what's typical... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

I'm signed up to do my very first shop with this MSC. I like the email communication so far. What I don't like is their website. Very minimal amount of information provided. I don't like that the shop fee isn't listed anywhere on my assignment. ... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

I did several remote location shops for them last year and did not get any feedback, good or bad, on the shops. Sometimes, when they send me an email showing me which shops are still available (and usually bonused), I respond, asking how much they would give me for a... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke?

So, if Harland Clarke doesn't have an interface like the other MSC's, how can I check on my account to see what I've been paid, and when I'll be paid? I like the others that allow me to check on the status of my accounts! A rhetorical question, I suppose... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke--any way to see shop status/payment status, etc.?

I've done a few shops for them and I don't see any way to check history, check payments, etc. Is there a secondary site or do you just not get any feedback from them?... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke - Non-responsive?

I keep getting emails with bank shops that are sometimes heavily bonused. I ask for the shop, include my mileage request and never hear anything back. The next week, the same shop is bonused higher. I offer my services but not a peep from Alex or Brooke. Anyone else getting... Continue Reading

Has Harland Clark recently cut their fees?

They used to offer some of the best paying, easiest bank shops around but the last week, all the scheduler emails I've gotten are offering $20 plus $5 "on time" bonus instead of $30 plus $5 bonus. Still a decent fee for a quick shop, but that's a 30% cut!... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke Feedback please.

I received an email looking for MSPA certified shoppers for a company called Harland Clarke. How are they as a mystery shopping company? Thanks, :)... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

Has anyone done any work for Harland Clarke? I did my first shop with them last week. There is not a place to log in to see past jobs, the status, nothing. Curious if they normally give feedback and how you can confirm everything was received and... Continue Reading

Is anyone having a problem with $ from Harland Clark?

I'm wondering if there's a problem with HC. I received my $ from the bank a few days after the bank closed out my account. I've yet to be paid from HC though. I've sent an email to the company and was told that for some unknown... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

Any problems getting paid by this company? I did a bank shop way back in June and have not been paid to date. I emailed them several weeks back and was told to send W-7 and invoice which I did but up to now nothing. I emailed them again inquiring the status... Continue Reading

Anyone done Harland Clarke Financial shop?

Some of the shops in my area are getting up to $40 per shop. Thinking there might be a reason no one is taking....... Continue Reading

Anyone work for “Harland Clarke” before?

I just received an email from "Harland Clarke" with a lot of $50 shops in my area for what sounds like bank shops. Part of their ad states: “Most consist of shopping the facility, teller, and a higher level representative and a few are one rep shops. We use question and... Continue Reading

1st Coyle & Harland Clarke Shops - Any Advice?!

G'morning all! So my husband finally got his first Coyle shop, and I got my first Harland Clarke shops this week! Anything special we should know about observations? I know my husband is very nervous about the Coyle, because he readily admits he sucks at the narratives. Writing is NOT... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

Shopped the 23rd, check arrived the 30th.Every MSC should be so easy to work with and generous with fees.... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke payment--what gives

I thought I was in love with HC but I am finding it very difficult to get paid. After several go-rounds with them saying they did not get my W-9 and me sending it to them again and again, I was told everything was good to go. I did 3... Continue Reading

Harland Clark

While I'm at it, have any of you worked for Harland Clark? I did five new auto shops for them, the first was paid quickly. The last 4 are still hanging out there. It's only been 3 weeks, but the first was paid chop chop. Anyone?... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke shops

I have been applying. And applying. And applying. Haven't gotten a shop yet. Is there a private club? Anyone have a clue?... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke Pay Rate Decreases?

I just saw this month's email from Harland Clarke, and it looks like their rates for shops I've done over the past couple of months have decreased by about 15%. I enjoy shopping for Harland Clarke (bank and credit union shops), so I hope this isn't true. Has... Continue Reading

Harland Clark did not pay me for the shops

I completed several shops for this company and they never sent payment to me. They did not send me any explanation or return my phone/email messages either. I had heard this before. So I am out the mileage and time for my efforts. Do not waste your time. The paperwork they... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke Financial?

Anyone shop with them? Saw a job with them on JobSlinger but there's no link to the website or anything.... Continue Reading

feeling unappreciated by Harland Clarke

I've done sh...uh boatloads of mystery shops for this company. For those unfamiliar with the process, HC sends an email of available shops. You email them back letting them know the shops you're interested in. You receive an email back saying all shops have been assigned or an email... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

Shops Credit Unions - anyone w/ any info/input? TIA!... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke

Anyone ever done bank shops for Harland Clarke? I just did 3 bank shops for them. The pay is pretty good. Just wondering what other's experiences have been.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Harland Clarke

I shopped for them regularly when they had decent fees. I stopped getting their emails and they fell out of my radar. I get an email and they have a Harland Clark xredit union as a client. (Source). January 01, 2021

Harland Clarke was everything a professional mystery shopping and marketing firm should be. (Source). October 26, 2020

Another MSC picked up one of the banks shopped by Harland Clarke. (Source). October 26, 2020

Colton@harlandclarke. (Source). August 21, 2020

Hope this helps!! [b]Vicky Garcia Client Support Representative Harland Clarke 800-291-6117 press 1 | Fax: 702-294-0847 | M – F 7am – 5pm PST | patrick.sandberg@harlandclarke. (Source). August 11, 2020

Ritter Associates changed name to Alta 360. Goodwin and Associates changed names to Intel 360 and is on the ISS platform. NSS and Service Check went out of Business Harland Clarke may be getting out of mystery shopping however I received a quite recent email to sign up with them as they were looking for new mystery shoppers in certain areas although it was (Source). January 06, 2020

Yet they have all made it into 2020 while ServiceCheck and Harland Clarke have not. (Source). December 27, 2019

Some of my first shops were for Harland Clarke. (Source). December 19, 2019

Harland Clarke and, I think, one of the Stericycle sites. (Source). November 07, 2019

The only MSCs you have to submit invoices for are Harland Clark and Maritz. (Source). October 28, 2019