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Helion Covid Surveys

I was kind of skeptical when I did the first survey, I think I did three for Helion. I had only done one mystery shop for them and they paid in Euros converted to dollars on PayPal. But today I got this e-mail: "XXXXX, you have been selected as one of the... Continue Reading


Just in case anybody feels like working for free: I've been getting emails from them lately to assess Covid precautions in retail establishments. No fee. It's probably Fun and Easy , though. *eye roll*... Continue Reading


Be aware... the photo job now is NOT paid. It is a lottery for 100 people..... Not cool Helion . We do not work for a chance at money.... Continue Reading

Helion payment been pending over a month in Paypal

I received a payment from Helion on July 21 in paypal, and it is still pending. It was sent in pounds. Has anyone ever experienced this? I was paid by Helion before without issue.... Continue Reading

Helion - amount of work

Hi Guys, has anyone worked with *Helion* recently? After completing a few questionnaires for Coyle, I am a bit drained. It was fun but I've spend hours completing the forms and answering the follow up questions. Is anyone aware how detailed Helion's questionnaires are?... Continue Reading


Does anyone have recent experience with them? Do they have shops in the US? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Panel Manager for Helion Research

Hi everyone! I'm not sure if I'm allowed to be on this forum, but as well as a mystery shopper for different companies, I also work for Helion Research as a panel manager for the German market. I'm just all for getting in experienced and motivated shoppers, the kind you can... Continue Reading

Helion research

Is this a legit company... Continue Reading

Helion Research

Legit?... Continue Reading


I found some threads that are old about this company. Does anyone have recent experience with them? I just completed my first three shops for them. I got a LOA that none of the three well known locations would accept. Two locations were a well known nationwide big box store... Continue Reading

Helion - Anybody heard of them?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Helion Audits

Does anyone know anything about the audits that they offer? I recently signed up for the MSC. Before I take a job, I'd like to know what it entails.... Continue Reading

helion international

hi what are you getting paid for elsewhere in south africa they are offering 10 dollars us to do a service station assesment but you must spend 2 dollars in the shop (unsure if you get that back )also if a assignment is far away from you does the pay... Continue Reading

Helion, anyone?

As I am increasing my list of MSCs I've signed up with, I began the process with Helion today. There is a HUGE amount of required information before I can actually see any jobs. It would take me, I'm guessing, over an hour to have a completed profile. I didn't... Continue Reading

Helion Processor Chip Audit

Has anyone done one of these audits before? Can you give me any insight into the report complexity. It sounds relatively simple; although lots of observations and counting. I'm just worried about narratives, although I can't see there being too many. Thanks for any input.... Continue Reading

Anyone working for Helion lately?

I signed up with them in my initial round of newbie sign-ups. I was emailed personally and asked to pick up two audits. I asked a few questions.. agreed to take them on. Did the first one, ended up being more hassle then I bargained for, but... Continue Reading

Helion Research--The Bottom Line

I saw some questions about Helion last month on the forum. At that time I'd completed three shops for them and had been paid without issue, so I went ahead and started doing a boatload of shops on their new project for eyeglasses and sunglasses. I requested and... Continue Reading

HELION- Cancels shop after assigned

My friend/co-worker and I both mystery shop. I recently signed up for a Helion shop at a local electronic store with a very good shop fee and received the confirmation email stating that the shop had been assigned to me to complete on Saturday. My friend later went... Continue Reading

New Helion Shops

Is anyone able to pull up the shop assignments for their area? I seem to get ALL of the shops for all over the country. They sent a message saying they were fixing it but from my end it's not fixed.... Continue Reading

Does anyone still shop for Helion?

I signed up around a year ago and there have never been any shops for me, even though I live in a major city.... Continue Reading


Does anyone know how their rating system works? I got an email with my first grade. It says there are 4 areas you are graded in, but there are only three listed. Also, perfect is 100 for a total, but the individuals seem to be out of 10. When... Continue Reading

Helion's website is a nightmare.....

I recently signed up for Helion. Their website is the most user-unfriendly of all the msc sites I've seen, and I'm signed up with over 100 companies! When I want to see available assignments, it takes several minutes for the locations to pop up while it is "synchronizing. I... Continue Reading

Helion testing

I still cannot get by the Samsung Pdf in the testing. Any help I have emailed them many times. In other words no continue button. Thanks. You can PM me.... Continue Reading

Helion testing/training

Anyone? How do you get past the Samsung PDF guidelines to continue on?... Continue Reading

Helion Any updates

Any updates on this company...good...bad...otherwise? They are listed as a MSPA company. Just reviewed past comments. Curious to know if they have been able to GIT in USA.... Continue Reading

Helion Question

I started to apply with this company today. Windows initially blocked them because of a question with the certificate. I got onto the site and I see they want a copy of my ID. I've signed up with about 65 companies and this is the first I've ever had ask... Continue Reading

Helion testing

I have jumped thru all their hoops and now doing another general MS test and I cannot get past the PDF guidelines. Anyone? Yes emailed them, but it seems that a lot of the international companies are very difficult to get ahold of. Although they are exceedingly... Continue Reading

Helion is looking for lots of new shoppers

[...]... Continue Reading

Helion--No Pay!!

I did recruiting for Helion a company out of Belgium in April and May. I am now owed over $400 for my work. The company refuses to answer my emails or any correspondence so I am taking this issue public. If you signed up with this company I would advise you... Continue Reading


Got an e-mail from them begging me to come back. Well, if they send me the money they owe me (half of what they promised) plus interest, I might consider working for them again.... Continue Reading

Helion -- Request for Recommendation

Today I received an e-mail from someone at Helion asking me to write a recommendation on their LinkedIn page. I was appalled for a couple of reasons: first, I haven't heard from them since I did my first and only shop; secondly, they short changed me, without explanation,... Continue Reading

Helion: So Far, So Good...

Just a quick note to all, as promised Helion paid me in full as they said they would on the payday that they indicated. After reading everybody's post with all the concerns about Helion I was starting to have doubts. Anyway, I know I feel better and hope that... Continue Reading

Helion Maybe

Why pick on this new entry to the forum? I personally have no experience with them, but will neither swoon nor hammer them due to my ignorance. I think it's exciting to have new companies asking for shoppers. Please don't get me wrong. I am not sucking up and don't have time to... Continue Reading


Did anyone receive an email to sign up with Helion from June Rader today, or is this a new company...I have not heard of them, and wonder about pay since the problem with her scheuling job from the other company (I forgot the name), help me sort this out. Musical jobs,... Continue Reading

Helion Research

Hey all, Anyone have any experience with the MSC Helion.Any feedback would be appreciated. I was just offered several jobs from them but wanted to try and get some feedback before I accpepted them. Thanks... Continue Reading


Anyone worked for them or heard of them?... Continue Reading

Helion Research??

Anyone know anything about this company? Good or Bad? Mystery Shopping or Research perhaps a bit of both?... Continue Reading

Helion Research

Hi Guys, I have just signed up with Helion Research ( Looks really good and fresh they said they are mostly working in Europe but we can sign up in the US and wait untill they have projects here. Just thought I would let you know of a new company ;-) Have a... Continue Reading

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I was kind of skeptical when I did the first survey, I think I did three for Helion. (Source). November 23, 2020

.. the photo job now is NOT paid. It is a lottery for 100 people..... Not cool Helion . (Source). May 29, 2020

I received a payment from Helion on July 21 in paypal, and it is still pending. (Source). August 23, 2019

Helion has Indonesia! Its hard to find mystery shops here (Source). May 07, 2019

They are not called Helion stations, that's just how this particular MSC names them in their guidelines. (Source). May 06, 2019

I was curious to know where in the US BP markets gasoline through Helion stations. (Source). May 06, 2019

I have done gas stations for Helion but it was a different client, not BP. (Source). May 06, 2019

She said she did a gas station called Helion and didn't realize there was an MSC by the same name. (Source). May 06, 2019

In the US there are audits for Helion, which is British Petroleum. (Source). May 04, 2019

Helion (https://www. (Source). May 02, 2019