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Intouch Insight - Be aware of their "ANY" shops

There were two jobs on ISS platform that said XX any. One was for pickup and the other was for delivery. Not once was company XX mentioned in the directions. They had screenshots of Panera and McD apps in the directions. First, I did the pick-up... Continue Reading

Intouch Insight payroll

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See Level and Intouch Insight

Anyone have an update on the new connection between these companies? I did a search for See Level and did not see a discussion on this subject. I get that See Level now pays as Intouch, but will I be able to apply for See Level assignments on i Secret... Continue Reading

Your thoughts on Intouch insight purchase of Performalogic?

I have mixed feelings about this. I really got comfortable with the Performalogic reports and schedulers. I guess it remains to be seen how the shop selection will work, whether it will be still self-assign or assigned by a scheduler...... Continue Reading

GCS - Intouch Insight?

Does anyone know how to contact someone with GCS or Intouch Insight? I applied in March and took the certifications the beginning of April and I have sent several emails to find out what I need to do next since my certifications aren't showing on my page and it keeps... Continue Reading

Shout out for GCS

This is a little late, but GCS wanted me to do a visit. I was unable to do it because of a death. Several days later, a sympathy card arrived from GCS.... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence Mystery Shopping

are they still around?... Continue Reading

Gym Mystery Shops Available via Intouch Insight on!

Intouch Insight is looking for interested shoppers to complete mystery shops at a physical fitness gym. These assignments are perfect for people who enjoy a great workout! You will need to complete a full hour workout at the gym and evaluate the service and cleanliness of the location.... Continue Reading

Be aware of deceptive behaviour of Brittany Goodman of Intouch Insight

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InTouch Insight

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Has anyone worked with them? I received a check with some instruction but until it clears in my bank thats when I get more details? I am new to this.... Continue Reading

GCS/ Intouch Insight pharmaceutical audits recertification

I received an email this morning from GCS that one of their clients has made some changes and that all field auditors are going to have to do a recertification to perform audits for this client. We are not compensated for doing the certifications, which I understand and agreed... Continue Reading

Kudos to Intouch Insight - payment in 6 days

This is the quickest I have ever received payment. I read other posts about problems with them, but I wanted to do a shout-out. I took a shop at the last minute and am blessed with quick payment.... Continue Reading

InTouch limits?

I tried to self assign this morning and was limited to 3 shops. I have shopped for them for years and never had a problem, cancelled or missed a shop. Has anyone else been limited in this manner?... Continue Reading

Thanks to InTouch Insights

Just wanted to give a little thumbs up to InTouch Insights. I accepted a hoagie purchase shop at a major chain gas station/convenience store very close to home. It was offered at $5 and up to $4.99 reimbursement for a specifically-prepared sandwich I was willing to eat. The cost was... Continue Reading

Trying to get in touch with Intouch/GSC Field Research

I apologize if this is a double post, but since my net was unreliable when I posted, and I can't seem to find my OP, I am posting again. Now I know Intouch owns GSC Field Research, so far so good. I've e-mailed both companies, I've called GSC's 1-800 number,... Continue Reading

Trying to get in touch with Intouch/GSC Field Research

I have a profile with GSC Field Research , and I need my password reset, and they are owned by Intouch. So far so good. I've e-mailed both and I call the 1-800 number but no one gets back to me. Anyone else have these problems or knows what's up... Continue Reading

Anyone know who to contact at IntouchInsight?

I have a profile with IntouchInsight, I want to reset my password since I forgot it. I call the 1-800, hit 0 leave a message, and no one gets back to help me. Can someone here help me get in touch with IntouchInsight, so I can reset my password and ideally... Continue Reading

Intouch Insight Casino shop

I have the opportunity to do a casino shop for Intouch Insight. I am new to the company; this would be my first shop with them, and it appears that it would be a very detailed report (considering that it's an overnight hotel stay, as well as evaluating numerous areas... Continue Reading

Intouch Insite... Approved and then Denied?

So, I applied for Intouch Insite and received an email approving me for their program. It included a shop ID. I went to sign in and could not be found. A few minutes later, I received a denial letter. What gives? Here's the emails (or at least the highlights)... Dear... Continue Reading

Avoid Intouch Insight - 10' pole!

Have done many shops for Intouch Insight in Canada and never got paid. Totally dishonest company, avoid working for them!... Continue Reading

GCS Field Research & Service Intelligence, divisions of In-Touch Insight Systems

anyone familiar with this company?... Continue Reading

GSC Field Research problem (Subdevision of Intouch Insight)

I am trying to get into my account, I can't remember my password, the reset doesn't work. I wrote an e-mail to, last time it took 3 days to be bounced back, and tried again got told I was generating SPAM. Anyone know how to get in touch with these guys... Continue Reading


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In-touch Insight/GCS Field Research/Service Intelligence - can someone explain how these fit together?

When I search for In-Touch Insight I seem to get directed to Service Intelligence. Are they synonyms? How does GCS Field Research fit in? Do I need to register with all three - or just Service Intelligence and GCS Field Research?... Continue Reading

Intouch Insight

I just received my fastest payment ever, besides Field Agent, from Intouch. I performed 3 audits on Friday last week, and received my payment for all three this week on Thursday. For reference, their normal pay schedule is within 4 Fridays after the shop performed, though usually sooner than that.... Continue Reading

GCS Field Research

Does anyone have recent experience with GCS Field Research? I signed on with them as an independent contractor within the last two weeks but today I called their office and received a message that the number was no longer available. has anyone else had the same experience?... Continue Reading

gcs field research???

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Check for large sum from GCS Field Research?

I received a Check for 2,400 by priority mail today...Envelope said 1/29 check was dated 2/02. Said to deposit in bank for 24hrs. then withdraw full amount and keep $300 as payment take $60 for a mystery shop at a Restaurant, $40 to pay for the western union transfer of remaining... Continue Reading

GCS Field Research

They do not seem to have much work these days and it appears there have been some personnel changes. Anyone have any insight into their situation. It has been a really good company.... Continue Reading


Anyone else having problems with the changes, the $2 deductions and the rudeness of some of the schedulers... Continue Reading

GCS Field Research anyone know about them?

I just received an email from GCS Field Research. They do not have work in my area. New England. I did notice lots in Texas. They want a lot if personal information to be sent to them before you even apply. Any info would be helpful.... Continue Reading

GCS Field Research - Payments

I just started with GCS and my first payment was paid out on 6/2/14. However, it did not go into the bank account I provided on the Direct Deposit form. Anyone know if they mail a check the first time around? I'll shoot them an email, but... Continue Reading

Does anyone know anything about GCS Field Research, a division of In-Touch Insight Systems

Hi, does anyone know about In-Touch Insight Systems? I got an email from them today looking for auditors to work with credit reporting agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and educational companies. They would require me to get a criminal background check, which may or may not be covered. Has... Continue Reading

GCS Field Research

Has anyone gotten an email from GCS, part of InTouch? Their email said they do audits. Of course, they want a bunch of information including driver's license and insurance.... Continue Reading

GCS Field Research?

Has anybody heard of them? I got an email today stating they are a sister company of In Touch Insight and they needed auditors. You have to complete a background check, which I don't have a problem doing. However, I cannot find anything on them on this... Continue Reading


I have waited to post anything on this site with hopes they would rectify. I applied for a shop and was excepted. I completed the shop the day and time it was to be done. When I went to complete the survey, it was gone on my apps. Poof! I... Continue Reading

Intouch Insight Payments?

Anyone here having a problem being paid from Intouch Insight?... Continue Reading

InTouch Systems

I received a notice out-of-the-blue from a company I had first signed up with over a year ago but for whom I have yet to do any shops. The company is called In-Touch Insight Systems and it is based in Canada but does a lot of grocery-type shops in the... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence still in business?

Good day everyone, I was trying to sign up with Service intelligence. I was able to located the website but when I clicked on the "want to be a shopper link", a warning box popped up saying , Safari couldn't verify the license". After cross referencing the website... Continue Reading

Service intelligence bonus

I regularly shop for Service Intelligence and never have seen a shop bonused. I watch the board for some further out of the way shops and they never get filled and no bonus is ever advertised. Is this common for them or just the trend in my neck of the... Continue Reading

Intouch nightmare

Today I quit this organization. I knew as soon as intouch came into it a good thing would spoil. You see, I have cancer, and Nov 26 I was scheduled to get surgery with the hopes to correct the situation. Day surgery, but never the less surgery. It isn't happening.... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence Website

Is anyone having trouble again with SI's website? I can log in but when I click on "submit job", I get the response that the webpage cannot be displayed. Any help is appreciated! I have e-mailed my scheduler - no response yet, but it's still early. Thanks!... Continue Reading

InTouch (formerly Service Intelligence/Experience Exchange)

Is anyone having issues entering reports into the Intouch site (formerly Service Intelligence/Experience Exchange)? I'm doing my favorite coffee/convenience shops, but entering the reports into the new Intouch site isn't working and the French/Canadian help desk isn't responding.... Continue Reading


It appears that InTouch has taken over my favorite convenient/gas shop. The shops no longer appear on Experience Exchange. You now have to go to InTouch and they are structured differently.... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence/Experience Exchange receipt submissions

Is anyone else having trouble with Service Intell/Experience Exchange? The new receipt form upload feature is not effective, I was asked to email all receipt in August and in July, for their primary grocery shops, and I did. Now, I got an email asking that I resubmit all of the... Continue Reading


I did a shop for Intouch/Insight (scheduled via Kern) on 8/14/12. The instructions were straightforward, Kern was very helpful when I had questions, and the report was reasonable. Received payment via Direct Deposit today, 8/31, only 2 weeks after completing the shop!... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence and In-Touch merge

Just a heads up - if one of your shops is missing, check their other site. It took a few emails back and forth with the scheduler to realize they had moved my Service Intelligence jobs over to the In-Touch site.... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence - Site Problems - WWYD?

Hey gang, I know the other thread is out there, and yes, I'm starting a new one. :P Since last weekend, the Service Intelligence site at: has not been working, well, it SORT OF has been working, but not really. I can log in, view my shops, but... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence Site is Down!

I have tried for three hours and two different browsers. The grocery shops are due by midnight...Has anyone managed to pull up the site?... Continue Reading

Intouch Insight Site down?

Im trying to enter shops on Intouch Insight and it seems the website is down. Anyone else having problems?... Continue Reading

Phone number for Service Intelligence in Atlanta

At one time I had a phone number for Service Intelligence in Atlanta to resolve shopper issues. I've since lost the number. Does anyone know this phone number?... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence partnered with In-Touch Insight Systems

Hello Shoppers, Service Intelligence partnered with In-Touch Insight Systems to offer more opportunities to shoppers. We have assignments in both the United States and Canada. Please register on our sites to explore the exciting assignments. Thank you,... Continue Reading

Intouch insight.

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that if you work for this company. You should stop working for them. I just did a shop for them and was told I wasn't getting paid. She said I didn't read the guidelines, I just read... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence delayed payment

I did a lot of shops last month for Service Intelligence. I understand they just merged with another company. However, I still need my overdue payment. I was sent an email saying they would not be made on September 30 as promised. They will not respond to email requests for... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence contact information?

I am trying to reach them, but can't see any contact info (email would be best) to do so. I'm searching at Can anyone lend me a hand please? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence exams

I am trying to pass the roast beef sandwich exam and have not been successful> If I email for help will they tell me which ones I am getting wrong? I hope so as the exam is 30 questions. Where do we get the info on the uniforms?... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence/Experience Exchange lack of communication

Does anybody have any difficulty in communicating with this company Service Intelligence/Experience Exchange. They will let me know when I have a shop and when its due daily. But if I have an issue it's difficult to reach them and get an answer. Anybody agree, disagree or... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence - Experience Exchange

Does anyone know about this company? I've done some work for them in the last couple of years. They're good, they pay on time and mostly the reports are not difficult to do. The only problem is the available shops seem to have become very few and far between. Do... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence and taxes

I know that service intelligence says that the company does not issues 1099s and you need to print your own invoices. My question is what amount do they report to the IRS? Do they report the amount of your shop fees or the amount of your shop fees and reimbursements?... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence E-Mail Issue

Does anyone else have a hard time opening emails from Service Intelligence? I have a yahoo mail account and for some reason I can never get them to open on my computer. I occasionally use a public computer when I'm gone for a few hours to check my mail and they... Continue Reading

Experience Exchange

Has anyone else noticed a change at Experience Exchange [Secretshopnet]? I've noticed that there have been fewer jobs available for the last two months. Anyone have any information about what's going on? I feel they are one of the best companies to work for.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of InTouch Insights

Intouch Insight has Bar Shops! Visit a Bar or Lounge at the assigned locations and order the required items. (Source). July 28, 2022

It was approved. I then did the delivery the same way from another local restaurant. It was rejected. When I questioned the rejected shop, Intouch went back and denied the pickup. (Source). July 28, 2022

I was thinking about this job when I accepted the ones that were rejected. Come to find out, Intouch was the company that did those jobs too, so they know there are jobs out there that mean ANY when they say ANY. (Source). July 28, 2022

As Guysmom mentions SeeLevel was acquired by Intouch Insights last year. (Source). July 26, 2022

Yes, Intouch Insight bought them out. (Source). July 26, 2022

Intouch Insight is looking for a contractor in the Key Largo to conduct two alcohol ID check shops at local convenience stores. (Source). July 26, 2022

You'd think that was a joy, but I was scratching my head. The See Level shop was paid by Intouch Insight, with no note to clarify. (Source). July 26, 2022

The more points you get the more shops you can self assign. The fees for InTouch Insite haven't been the best, but I've been doing shops where I'm either already at the location or passing by. (Source). July 19, 2022

[quote=wrosie] InTouch Insite shops done on the ISecretShop platform will give you a submitted and approved e-mail. (Source). July 19, 2022

..)? [quote=wrosie] InTouch Insite shops done on the ISecretShop platform will give you a submitted and approved e-mail. (Source). July 19, 2022