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Curinos ( formerly Informa ) Problems Applying No Contact From Scheduler

I tried to self-assign a shop offered by the above MSC (says I am allowed to ) I get msg. that I cannot self assign, but must apply. OK I applied. Nothing. My application doesn't even show in my app section. I try again. Same result. I contact scheduler who... Continue Reading

Informa is now Curinos

Got an email saying that Informa has changed their name to Curinos. Sounds like a pizza place to me. I hope they didn't spend too much money for the company that came up with the name. Also apparently they were also known by Novantas for some of their business, per this... Continue Reading

Informa Financial Intelligence?

Has anyone done any shops for Informa Financial Intelligence? If so, how was the experience?... Continue Reading

Finding payment history on Informa website

How do I do it?... Continue Reading

Informa Payments

I received an email 12/18/20 that Informa payments would go out via Zelle starting Jan 4. Did anyone receive theirs?... Continue Reading

warning: Informa does NOT pay in a timely manner

I conducted a series of Student Loan inquiry shops for Informa. The shop data was approved and I was supposed to get paid nearly $200 for the work. Their Zelle payment to me didnt go through, even though my bank assured me I registered properly. Informa told me they'd pay by direct... Continue Reading

Informa Payments

Ok, so I think I just completed my first shops with Informa since they switched over to the Sassie platform. I guess their payment process has changed. I believe they used to pay via check? I just received an email from them saying I would be getting... Continue Reading

Need Informa contact info

Last summer, I began receiving notices of shops for Informa. I then attempted to sign-up on the Sassie platform, but was informed I had an account, which I had no recollection of having established. When, on three occasions, I requested my password none was sent. Next, I mailed the scheduler... Continue Reading

Informa Uploads

What format is Informa using for their uploads? I have a project I am doing and am unable to upload my document using either Word or Powerpoint.... Continue Reading

Informa paying via Zelle in October

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Informa Research Company-possible scam

Hey all Have an offer in my inbox from Informa stating make 500 dollars to open a credit card account with a bank..I know this msc pays very high sometimes but this smells like a scam..what do you think?... Continue Reading

Informa student loan shops

I am set to do one of these tomorrow and will be using my and my daughter's social security numbers to see the steps involved. Naturally I am a bit spooked by this but I know Informa is a legit company. I also understand that I will take a credit... Continue Reading

Informa Research sassieshop website

Informa Research has switched to sassieshop. I think I completed all of the steps needed to get myself on to their sassieshop website, but when I log in and look at the job board, there are no jobs listed anywhere in the United States. Anyone know what I am doing... Continue Reading

Informa and ATH Power inquiry shops

Hi everyone, I have been on hiatus for a year to attend grad school. Iím off this summer, and want to get back to mystery shopping. Clearly so much has changed. Informa is now with sassie. ATH Power I notice no longer has platform shops. Informa use had platform shops.... Continue Reading

Informa is switching to the SASSIE platform

What are your thoughts? I like SASSIE much better than Prophet.... Continue Reading

Informa Research Services feedback?

I'm considering doing a couple of shops for this company but wanted to check here before doing so. One thing I don't like is they pay by paper check..other than that the shops look easy. Have you shopped for them and do you like them?... Continue Reading

Informa ... Question about their Online Loan shops

Hey all, Because I met the credit score guidelines, I was invited to and accepted an offer to participate in one of Informa's online loan request shops. It is the one where you apply for 3 different loan amounts with the same company, and see what results you get. You... Continue Reading

Informa Research

Is anyone able to login to their website today? I've tried three different browsers, to no avail. I have a report that is due today.... Continue Reading

Informa shop

I have not shopped for Informa yet, but I am tempted to do one of their shops which pays really well. It involves internet research to see if you get preapproved for loans from various lending companies. It says that your credit will not be pulled. Does anyone have... Continue Reading

Follow up on my Informa story

I was paid in full some three months later after applying a lot of pressure. I made my intentions clear of never shopping for them again and I havenít. Chasing money was a rotten experience.... Continue Reading

Informa - Someone using the Informa name for possible scam?

I just went through the first steps of applying for Imforma because of the good reviews I read about them in Mystery Shopping Magazine. Well, I can't login to fill out the 'Forms I Can Enter Directly' to fill out my W-9. Then I get a call today from someone... Continue Reading

Informa scheduler Lisa Denton - The Best

Thank you Lisa for your help. I completed two Consumer fraud shops for Informa. Received an e-mail from an editor, implying I did not complete the assignments per the guidelines. The editor said to contact my scheduler if I had any questions. I sent an email to Lisa asking for help. Received... Continue Reading

Does Informa charge a fee?

My check is short $3. I know it's not a lot but I didn't think they charged a fee. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Informa Research Services slow payment

For the past two months, I've completed well over 100 shops for this company. I've done what was asked of me in a timely fashion. Now I've found myself chasing after money that I am owed. I've contacted several people concerning this issue. All I want to know is if... Continue Reading

First assignment with Informa & I'm confused

Yesterday Informa called me about an assignment. It normally pays $40 but she said she would double it at $80. I told her the only day I could do it would be the following day (today, Wednesday) because on Thursday morning I leave for vacation. She said... Continue Reading

Informa Research Services Retail shops?

I haven't seen a lot of recent info on Informa but I saw on MSPA that they do retail and banks. Do they really do a good amount of retail? I'm not really interested in the bank shops so I just want to see if it's worth joining for the... Continue Reading

Informa - how to tell if project is accepted?

I did my first shop for Informa the other day. It did not require a paper copy to be mailed, just an online form to submit. How do I know if it was accepted? At the top of the summary, it says the title of the shop on the left. Next... Continue Reading

Informa and Investment account

I did a search and found that this has come up before but I did not see that anyone has done one of these shops. I know it is a 6 month project. Does anyone have any experience with this? I see that there is info on the company itself... Continue Reading

Informa MS?

Today I received an email from Informa Research Services concerning a banking job that pays $600. They are asking for a lot of information up front, but nothing super confidential such as account numbers etc. Has anyone done this shop? Or, dealt with this company?... Continue Reading

Informa says, Take it or Leave It!!!

I am really puzzled, why a business like Informa, who works heavily in the banking industry, is being so affrontive. I had a shop for an airport credit card kiosk. Normally I pay no attention to airport shops, since I don't have access, and the closest is one of the... Continue Reading

Really dumb Informa Worksheet - Prophet Shop ID question

I am reviewing the worksheets I have to complete and scan for my first Informa shop. It requires the Shop ID(see Prophet Page). For the life of me, I can't find the Shop ID#. Since they aren't obvious like in Sassie I assumed they didn't had Shop ID's in... Continue Reading

Informa Fee Cut

Has anyone else noticed the fees for a newer banking client's platform shops decreased from 17.50 last month to 15.00 now? Glad I snatched up a bunch of shops at the old rate last month.... Continue Reading

Informa Is The Best!!!

I have been doing shops for over 3 years now and have signed up with about 15 different companies and all I keep wishing is that I find another company like Informa. The reason they are the best to me so far is because the pay is comparable to the... Continue Reading

Informa Research Services

Does anyone know why Informa Research Services requires both a scanned paper copy of the handwritten survey to be completed as well as an electronic copy of the survey? I've just spend several hours on the paperwork for a phone shop for them and I have two more scheduled and... Continue Reading

Informa Contact?

I don't do much work for Informa, but I completed four shops for them at the end of October. How do they it via check? I'm wondering if if I should have received payment by now. Does anyone have a phone number or email address for... Continue Reading

informa research?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Informa Research

Has anyone had a problem with their schedulers.... Continue Reading

Informa Research doesn't pay as promised

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Weird Informa Shop?

I got an email from Informa the other day with a shop about overdrafts. I bank at one of the banks they were shopping, and yes I have to admit that I get an overdraft once in a while. They were going to pay you $10 for every overdraft. I... Continue Reading

Informa Research Services is THE WORST

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Informa - Very Pleased

After reading on these boards about Informa, I was nervous that I wouldn't get paid for my bonus. Anyway, I got a check today (less than a month after completing the shop) for the full amount including the bonus. I'm having to take a break from almost all... Continue Reading

Informa Mortgage Shop

Has anyone done a phone mortgage shop for Informa? After reading the guidelines, it appears I have to print out a 31 page questionnaire, fill it out along with the online questionnaire, then FedEx everything back to Informa. I don't mind filling out a questionnaire, but 31 pages?... Continue Reading

Informa is quite Impressive

With so many issues and complaints many of us have with companies, I thought I would share a positive story. I did 2 bank shops with Informa back in May that required me to establish an account with two banks via the Internet. For the shops, a rep from Informa... Continue Reading

Informa have you received several checks this month

I received my normal check that was for last months shops. Since then I have received two separate checks for shop I completed in June. The one check was for a route I did plus the bonus was on the check too. Then yesterday I received my third check from... Continue Reading

Informa Research Services Shops for June

Hello everyone. Would anyone know when Informa's shops will be posted for the month of June? They still are not visible on the Prophet system. Thank you.... Continue Reading

Informa Research Policy Question

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm a new MS. I've successfully completed 3 shops to date (thanks to the wonderful information in this forum) and decided to broaden my shop experiences, so I signed up for Informa. I was instantly accepted and gained access to the search engine to... Continue Reading

Informa Bonus

I have done over 30 shops for Informa and have always been paid. I like them a lot and they always pay within one month. Now I seem to be chasing some bonuses. It has been two weeks since I got my base pay and I am still waiting for... Continue Reading

Informa Down?

Anybody having problems getting into their website? I have a shop to report but am told the site is under going maintenance. I assume the correct procedure is to contact the scheduler, let them know you can not submit report? I called and left a message and... Continue Reading

Informa Research Services Scheduler

Hello all! My name is Dylan and I'm a scheduler for Informa Research Services Mystery Shopping. Our specialty is financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. I've done editing, scheduling, project management, and I've dealt a bit in client relations and accounting. We've been referring to this forum for quite some... Continue Reading

Informa pay method

Hi! I've been shopping for about 2 months now.....doin pretty good so far.....still learning which MSC's are worth my time.....Can anyone tell me how Inform pays & when?.......... Continue Reading

Informa $500 bank shops

Finally a good paying gig. Problem you have to have 1/2 million$ in freed up cash to invest to apply! What demographic do they think they are trying to connect with?... Continue Reading

Informa Research Services

Has anyone heard of this company or had any experience with them?... Continue Reading

Informa Research

Hi all, I was recently offered a job from these guys.You have to call a lending institution abaout a loan using their scenario for $30, but not only do you have to do a online report but you also are reguired to fedex them a hard copy(they pay the postage)anyone completed... Continue Reading

Informa Research Services

I am about to do a shop for Informa. The shop has a lot of requirements, but pays well. Anyone work with Informa before and have some advice?... Continue Reading

Informa Bank Shop

Well I blew another shop. I went in and waited on a platform representative. After 11 minutes a lady says I am sorry it is taking so long. She is not a platform rep. so I pay little attention to her. I wait another 12 minutes... Continue Reading

Informa Research

I have been looking around in the forum and i saw Informa Pop up a few times and i was wondering what everybody thought about them? I have signed up with them and they have a few shops in my area and wanted to get some feed back before i... Continue Reading

Informa Research Services is happy to be here!

Hi all! Andrew with Informa Research Services signing in. I wanted to let everyone know who we are and what we're all about! We've been around for 27 years and are one of the leaders in Financial Market Mystery Shops. We specialize in banks, credit unions and other financial products. Our mystery... Continue Reading

Informa Research

Anyone else get a 1099 from these guys indicating they made twice as much as they really did? I made $315 with them last year (before bonuses) and they sent me a 1099 for $625 with a cover letter saying they would submit it to the IRS if I... Continue Reading

Informa Research Services?

Has anyone had any experience with this company? S... Continue Reading

Informa asking for a background check

Hi, I recently received an email from Informa about an assignment they are doing but they require a background check which they will pay for. I think everything is done online. Just wondering if anyone has done this before. Thanks... Continue Reading

Informa Shopping Research

Has anyone worked for this company? What is it like? I just received an offer to do some bank shops, but do not know the company. Thank you.... Continue Reading

Informa Research - payment problems?

Anyone else having trouble getting paid for bonus shops with Informa Research? I've done a bunch of Informa bank platform shops at $15/each. I used to do 3 or 4 a day, but then the bank specified that only one shop could be done per day, it got... Continue Reading

Informa pay schedule?

I do a lot of well-paid banks for Informa, but they're not good on email. Does anyone know their pay schedule?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Informa Research Services

That, even though I discovered the error the preceding evening and did not travel to the locations. Just one of many reasons I rate Informa top shelf. (Source). November 08, 2022

I work with them often and regularly, even as far back during their Informa days. (Source). September 20, 2022

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Informa is Curinos now but, like shopperbob, I still have it bookmarked as Informa. (Source). August 02, 2022

As for me, if my money were not forthcoming, I would not hesitate to "kick 'em to the curb." On a different note, Informa has $140 computer loan applications this month. (Source). August 02, 2022

Hi, Curinos, formerly Informa Research Services, has well-paying in-person, online or phone bank projects available nationwide in the U. (Source). July 02, 2022

Hi, Curinos, formerly Informa Research Services, has well paying projects available nationwide, both in-person and online or phone. (Source). June 05, 2022

On an unrelated note, Informa currently has computer shops that only involve retrieving rates. (Source). May 18, 2022

I have done a tremendous amount of work for informa (now Curinos). (Source). May 01, 2022