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A quick google search came up with these: Insight Mystery Shopping Consumer Insight shared insight Insight Market Research Insight Twenty20 insight retail (Source). June 09, 2016

Not sure if you're signed up with the Hawaii based MSC's (CSA and Insight Twenty 20) but they both have restaurant shops and retail shops, but no hotel shops so if you're just looking for hotel shops you'll want to sign up with the companies discussed here as (Source). April 04, 2016

Mary Garbutt (763) 550-7973 Harland Clarke Brooke Reyes (702) 293-4446 Hollrah, LLC Confidential Confidential HOPE Research Group (954) 862-3662 Hospitality Now Michael Flath (904) 823-0005 HS Brands International Shopper Contact (800) 723-1150 ICC/Decision Services David Rich (800) 444-1717 ICU Associates Shopper Contact (877) 574-6682 Impact Marketing Jackie Carroll (972) 294-2223 Informa Research Services, Inc. Donna Horne (818) 961-8609 Insight Twenty20 Michelle Chun (808) 537-2545 Integrity Consultants, LLC Kelly Truelove (636) 451-6132 IntelliShop Ron Welty (419) 872-5103 Interactions Marketing, formerly CALIBER Eileen Munoz (858) 581-8700 INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK 49 89 545 58228 In-Touch Insight Systems (dba: Service Intelligence) Cameron Watt (800) 263-2980 Ipsos - Mystery Shopping - Canada Becky Harris (416) 324-2309 IPSOS Mystery (Source). July 31, 2015

Sign up with the major companies discussed here and note that there are several Hawaii based companies including CSA and Insight Twenty20. (Source). March 21, 2015

Insight Twenty20: insight20. (Source). December 11, 2014

website: Impact Marketing Imyst Mystery Shopper Informa Research Services Inland Empire Market Research website: Inside Evaluator Brands (formerly Inside Hospitality) website: Insight Market Research website: Insight Twenty20 website:insight20. (Source). December 08, 2014