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IPSOS Sassie Vs. Shopmetrics Side And does anyone have trouble on IPAD?

I’m so confused about IPSOS and Shopmetrics “side” vs “Sassie” side. I have 2 different logins for each. I signed up for a shop today requiring a quiz, but on my IPad the guidelines won’t load and I can’t access the quiz. I don’t have my laptop at the moment,... Continue Reading


Is it just me or has Ipsos since they merged with GFK gotten really vague on what the shop actually is? I've looked at both their e-mails and their job board postings and have actually not had a clue as to what I am supposed to do on the shop. What... Continue Reading

IPSOS Scheduling

I know it's been talked about before, but right now I'm frustrated with the scheduling process for IPSOS. I hate how you have to wait sometimes a day or two while your shop application sits in pending status. It really makes it difficult to effectively plan routes. ... Continue Reading


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I have been getting separate paypal payments form these two recently merged companies...Now, it seems like GFK is a week behind? Is there a merge of their payroll departments underway? Anybody know? The last "paid On" date received from GFK was 8/6...Everything since that payroll date is marked 'Payment... Continue Reading

Ipsos - cell phone shop quiz???

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I did an inquiry shop last week. When I submitted the shop, the initial QA check said everything was fine. An editor emailed me and said that there were some mistakes, and to open the IBW in the yellow stickie at the top of the screen to address them. The... Continue Reading

IPSOS - requesting additional pay question

Which is the best method? Do I email the scheduler directly or do I make the request in the box when I apply for the shop? Thank you for your response.... Continue Reading

How can I contact Ipsos?

Today I signed up and got a job to do in 2 days. When I tried to get back on their site all I can get is that I am not a member or get a new Password. I tried several times to change my password and it... Continue Reading

IPSOS Deactivatied me after submitting a bank shop

IPSOS is up to their old tricks again.. The branch was closed on a Saturday due to local road construction. A call the day before confirmed the branch should be open. I arrived and a sign in the window stated that the branch was closed.... I sent the photo in.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Jobs Board(s)

I am confused. I get shops a few X/day from Ipsos, but when I go to log in, I am prompted to choose either of 2 logins. OK ? why 2 ? Also, jobs I get via email do not show up on board. I change my search perimeters,... Continue Reading

IPSOS Visual Standards Quiz

Ok, I am at a loss with this quiz. I have read the instructions over and over again and I just can't pass it. I am currently waiting to see if a scheduler responds to my request for help. Can anyone on here give advice? Have... Continue Reading

Major flaw in Ipsos weekly payments

Ipsos has recently revised their terms and conditions. One thing stood out to me. “Payment. IPSOS will pay you for each assignment within 45 days after you fulfill it; except that IPSOS may withhold payment if you have broken any of the above promises or if IPSOS or IPSOS' client otherwise... Continue Reading

I need a contact for Ipsos

Does anyone have a name and email addy or phone number for someone higher up the food chain than a scheduler? Maybe a supervisor? I'm having a problem with a non-responsive scheduler who hasn't responded to four emails (although she has the time to keep sending out emails), and I'm... Continue Reading

Summit scheduling and IPSOS gas station shops

I have gotten multiple emails from schedulers at Summit Scheduling about bonuses on gas station shops with IPSOS. I have emailed them back 3 times now requesting info about shop fees, dates, etc, and all I get back is a general description of the shops. I have told them multiple... Continue Reading

**update** IPSOS - so disappointed (ended up great)

*** I wanted to update as the scheduler ended up being very flexible and worked with me. Though I had changed my flights, I had more leeway in when I had to finish the audits. I was very pleased! Thank you Nikki - you were amazing... Continue Reading

IPSOS/GFK Who Has and How Have You Completed these audits of electronic store

I thought "why not" steady income, close to home, regular and repeating work. There are two parts to the audit. In the first part, you must obtain and pass a background check and drug test. This is at your own expense. When there is no... Continue Reading

Ipsos "Hold Pay," Can't Get Answers

I did several "Visual Standards" shops for them, and a few of the stations had been de-branded. I submitted the reports to Ipsos, along with the required two photos, yet three of them got marked as "Hold Pay." I can't seem to get an answer from my scheduler, who said... Continue Reading

IPSOS Editing

Has anyone noticed a delay in editing/validating shops since the switch to weekly pay? It may be that I'm just keeping a closer eye on things, I'm not sure...... Continue Reading

Does Ipsos offer self-assign rights?

I had previously worked for Maritz with full self-assign rights. This means that I would commonly build day routes of 15 to 25 location visits on a single day route lasting maybe 10 hours. I recently started working for Ipsos, but I can scarcely get even one shop at a time,... Continue Reading

Ipsos cell phone question

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Has anyone been getting weekly pay from IPSOS since their announcement re: same?

Just curious. Was supposed to start a couple weeks ago, and I'm just wondering if any of you have received any "weekly" payments yet.... Continue Reading

Mobile device shop Ipsos

Long time lurker and part-time mystery shopper here. I just signed up on Ipsos and I see that they have $8 fee and $25 reimbursements shops for mobile device shops with different companies. From the limited details it looks like you order something using a certain online / app payment... Continue Reading


i'm trying to apply for open opportunities. It says that there are 191 opportunities available however only 37 of them seem to be appearing. I can't scroll any further and it says that there's only one page available when i try to change the page number. Am I being silly... Continue Reading

Payment for the IPSOS/GFK Big Box store audit

Has anyone else that does the audit at the electronics store, that takes 4-6 hours to complete, been paid for your audits that were completed on the first week of June? Usually the payments are put in pending payment on Thursdays the week after they are complete and then... Continue Reading

IPSOS just made my day!

Just got the email about their new payment schedule. Truly, if they can do it, there really is no excuse for these companies that take 60-120 days to pay. I already do 50-100 shops a month for them but this will encourage me to take on more.... Continue Reading

Ipsos advertised URGENT shops, but few are scheduled

Hello. I am wondering what the logic is for Ipsos sending out URGENT emails for shops that have to be done TODAY and offering big bonuses but when I sign up I never get a confirmation for the shop. I could understand if someone else got the assignment instead of... Continue Reading

GFK - IPSOS Photo Uploading Issues

Is anyone else having major issues with GFK - IPSOS shop photos uploading at a snail's pace and then timing out? I am trying to enter one of their need immediately reports with a photo and am stuck. I did email the scheduler as well.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Certifications

Hi, I’m working my way through the Ipsos certifications and have no idea what a DCA-2019 certification is. I don’t know what the TMO-Bear one is either. Help please.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Schedulers Can't Find Shops with Location Name and Address?

I want to pick up two additional phone shops with Ipsos since I will be right near them in the next week when they need to be done. Since it says only one per customer, I e-mailed the scheduler as requested on the self assign page. The scheduler said she couldn't... Continue Reading

IPSOS formerly Gfk

Has Gfk changed their payment date(s) to match IPSOS? I'm fairly new to both so I don't have any history to go off of. The payment dates list says Gfk pays 10 days after acceptance & I don't even see IPSOS on the list. I tried to research the... Continue Reading

Ipsos login page changed?

The same URL but now one page for Shopmetrics and Sassie. Fine, except the Shopmetrics login doesn't work. Anybody else having this problem?... Continue Reading

Ipsos shops pending validation over 2 weeks?

Anyone else having this issue? I know my shops were done correctly.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Contactless

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Not paid for IPSOS job, no response to emails

I am having trouble with a single unpaid shop with Ipsos. This was an unmanned gas station, where I just had to take two photos. I drove 200 miles to do two unmanned gas stations for them, and was assured that I would be paid the full fee for submitting... Continue Reading

Ipsos - Formerly GFK

I would definitely not recommend this company. I work for a dozen or so companies and have never had a shop returned unpaid or incomplete. I did two shops for this company on the same day and completed them. They refuse to pay. I tried to contact them more than... Continue Reading

Has anyone had to sign up with IPSOS again?

The login page I have always used says "ishopfor IPSOS". I was recently offered a shop and told to sign up because I was not found in their system. The link they sent me was to a different page that says "IPSOS US (FORMERLY GFK US)" and my... Continue Reading

Physical address for Ipsos

I am in the process of filing a complaint with the BBB regarding Ipsos, what is the physical address for the MS part of their business. They have so manly little survey scams going on its hard to tell.... Continue Reading

IPSOS and Amy Snyder

I had a shop go so far south on me last week that I was looking for it in Mexico. I emailed the schedulers and within an hour I was given instructions on how to proceed . Even though I never even got to do the evaluation my shop is... Continue Reading

IPSOS Gas Station Audits

How often are these listed? I did a bunch last month but I don't see any on the job board this month. And is there a rotation on them or can you shop the same locations every time they're listed? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Ipsos is at it again -

[b]Removed[/b]... Continue Reading

Ipsos has simple cell phone walk in inquiry shops - $12

Ipsos has simple cell phone walk in inquiry shops. You are going in and asking about a Nokia and you grab a few photos of the photos and outside of the store. Pays $12, and this form is simple! Looking to get these done ASAP. FIRST – sign up with... Continue Reading

Is Ipsos Going Out of Business?

Does anyone know what's happening with Ipsos? Does anyone know what's happening with their USA site where I signed up and through which I applied for, submitted and got pay-reports for my shops? Since March 2019, they have not been approving any of the shops I applied for. These are shops... Continue Reading

Anybody have a phone number for IPSOS?

I wrote the scheduler earlier in the week, received no response, and I now have 2 shops showing past due. Since they are past due, I dread driving the hundreds of miles involved, only to find I cannot submit reports, because I did not get them completed by the... Continue Reading

Any phone number for IPSOS?

I've been trying to reach my scheduler to reschedule my shops. Is there a phone number to call or any way to reach a supervisor at IPSOS? The most frustrating aspect of working with them is the scheduling process. I very rarely experience good communication...many times I... Continue Reading

Wecheck and Ipsos

Are Wecheck and Ipsos the same company? I recently clicked on the guidelines to do a Credit Card Shop for Wecheck and the instructions had the Ipsos signature for each page. I am registered for IPSOS too so how does that work? Plus it says that Wecheck pays between 30-60... Continue Reading

Ipsos has hundreds of Inquiry, no purchase shops. AZ CA CO CT DC FL GA ID IL IN KY LA MA MI NJ NY OH OR OK TX UT WA WI WV

Ipsos is currently scheduling bank inquiry shops! We are scheduling these RIGHT NOW….and they will not last long. Pays $12 and $18 for hard locations. No sign up required for the bank, and you did NOT need to be a bank member. Simply walk in and ask about the service we... Continue Reading

I shop for Ipsos Australia reviews wanted

Hi all, just inquiring to whether anyone has worked for Ipsos? I have seen elsewhere some unflattering remarks about them regarding unhappy shoppers not getting paid. TIA... Continue Reading

Error on Ipsos Website

I am an experienced mystery shopper and have done 2000+ shops for other companies. However, I am unable to view open shop opportunities on the website. I receive the following message on the homepage: ------------------------------------ Stop You need to update your profile before you can continue. The following item(s) are... Continue Reading

IPSOS Gas Station Audit SVB # on Cure Sheet?

I am doing several of these audits tomorrow. You are supposed to complete the cure sheet and leave behind with the station. At the top of the cure sheet it says SVB # and Visit ID #. Can anyone tell me what exactly these are? I... Continue Reading

Ipsos- GfK Merger

Any thoughts on what it means? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Ipsos is one of my favorites so I hate to see the boat get rocked. But we'll see. Hoping it's a huge success for all concerned.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Technical Diffulties

Is anyone else having technical difficulties in completing the survey form for ipsos. I tried both the online form and the phone app. What did you do to fix the issue?... Continue Reading

IPSOS editing time

Did a bunch of green gas audits this week. Anybody know how long it takes them to edit them? I don't really want to do any more until the first round is done. I don't exactly trust them yet.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Payment Schedule still 15th and 30th or something else?

I am somewhat confused on their payments. It seemed they were coming like clockwork still around the 15th and 30th, but then I read that it was every other week. They always pay, but I was trying to figure out the rhythm. Anyone know when the next payment is due... Continue Reading

Please help with IPSOS

Omg is there anyway to contact someone at IPSOS urgently? I had 16 green shops left to do. I woke up at 7am and bought $50 in gift cards and put gas in my car and drove an hour and a half to get to the area my... Continue Reading

IPSOS Hold Pay

I have a shop marked "Hold Pay." I have not received any communication from IPSOS. It was a standard bank shop I've done a gazillion times and went off without a hitch. I submitted it before I left the parking lot, as I always do. I asked the scheduler. She... Continue Reading

BIG thanks to Tanya from IPSOS

Tanya has been LOVELY! I have gotten paid even when the store was closed/having a technical issue. Pay has always been ONTIME and even sometimes early.... Continue Reading

Ipsos, how much did i earn ?

Hi Folks, I haven't received a 1099 from Ipsos and i am not sure if I have earned > $600. Is there a way to check in IPSOS how much i earned last year without opening each and every paystub from payment history... Market force is so easy..I wish Ipsos would have... Continue Reading

Have you used the ishopforipsos app? We would love feedback!

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Ipsos app opinions please

I am finding issues with this app. Besides not using it, any suggestions for report uploading or is desktop PC best method. ? thank you.... Continue Reading

Need help with IPSOS, please!

Anybody else having problems submitting reports on the site? I'm using the "IshopforIpsos" website. I did 7 other shops yesterday, for several different MSCs, and I didn't have one iota of difficulty in submitting the other shops. If you're not having problems, what browser do you use? I've tried Firefox,... Continue Reading

Cannot complete IPSOS report -- "A page is slowing down your computer"

Ack! Trying to submit reports to IPSOS, and every time I get halfway through the report, the page goes dead. I have only the one window open. I've tried 3 different browsers. It happens at the exact same place on the report each time. Anyone else? What did... Continue Reading

IPSOS gas station audit

I see that there are a LOT of revealed audits in our area. Wondering how these are? And, anyone that does them, what is the rotation? I have a message into the scheduler, but thought I would ask on here as I am impatient. :)... Continue Reading

Ipsos “Green” Shops—pending forever?

Has anyone else had their “green” gas station shops pending approval for several weeks? Does anyone know how long they might take to be submitted for payment? I remember the dark audits took a little while, but not this long.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Mobi audit

What URL do i use to get into the MobiAudit?... Continue Reading

Ipsos reimbursement

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Ipsos Smart Phone projects

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Suggestions on a job that is stuck in pending status? Ipsos

I applied for a few of the shipping shops for ipsos. I got awarded one but the other one has been pending for over a week. The one stuck in pending is in the exact same town with the awarded one. Any idea on how... Continue Reading

Ipsos Issues

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Ipsos Split Payment Statements

So Ipsos did something odd...I have one statement that was cut on 1/7 and another that was cut on 1/8. I received the 1/7 payment this afternoon but not the 1/8 payment. Did this happen to anybody else?... Continue Reading

Anyone know ipsos phone number?

Thanks... Continue Reading

IPSOS Submitted Shops

I submitted 4 shops for Ipsos last night and still have one left to do. I cannot find any sign of the four I submitted in the portal! I like to keep watch on them so I know if they were graded. In SASSIE portals, this is easy, but I... Continue Reading

Ipsos not paying

Hi, I started in October doing shops for Ipsos, inspired by their great reviews here! I had no trouble with the first three shops but one from November still says "hold pay" in my account. I cannot get the scheduler nor anyone in the office to answer my emails... Continue Reading

IPSOS Closed Location Pay

I don't see anywhere in the shopper agreement, FAQ, or guidelines for IPSOS new gas client (including the night audit) that they only pay $5.00 for a closed location, yet they do. Am I missing something? This is pretty crappy.... Continue Reading

Ipsos in store phone shop question?

Hi all, I ended up applying for alot of these not expecting to get them. To my suprise I was assigned more than half of these that I requested. I think the answer is yes to this, but wanted to ask you all. I wanted to knock all... Continue Reading

Ipsos..have a couple of questions regarding regular box shop?

Just reading over the guidelines and in one part it says say yes to the hazmat question if the assistant or the clerk asks? Confused, because this is a regular box shop. In addition what do you say is in the box. ..also where do you buy your... Continue Reading


Why do they have their own app, but use the mobiaudit app. Which one do I use to do the reports/surveys for them. I just took 3 shops for them, which I heard are very easy but I am confused by the two apps thing. any help/ suggestions?... Continue Reading


Just wondering if its a scheduler thing or if they just wait last minute to assign shops? I have quite a few shop applications out because they fall into a route im working on for Saturday, and i applied 4/5 days ago and theyre still pending.. i dont think i... Continue Reading

Ipsos.Failed certification

Hi all.. New to ipsos. I applied for one of the mailing shops and was assigned the shop. I failed the certification. Should I go ahead and shop it?... Continue Reading


Did anyone get paid today? I would hate to think they forgot to pay just me.... Continue Reading

Routes with IPSOS - amber unresponsive

I’ve done a number of shops for IPSOS and noticed that for some shops it’s easy to work with them but for others it’s nearly impossible. The common theme is that if the assigned scheduler is amberdawn at summit scheduling I can count on not being able to contact... Continue Reading

Who to conatct at Ipsos about a Hold Pay?

Hey All; I did a whole slew of the Ipsos shops that require that you visit a small store and make a purchase on a route... Most of these (dozens) went through with no issues -- although a few of these (that were at assigned locations) were at businesses that were... Continue Reading

Brand New Shopper with IPSOS

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Hello everyone. I'm totally new to mystery shopping. I have experience in merchandising and demoing. I signed up for 2 mystery shopping companies so far and I see a ton of assignments in the ispos portal. Could anyone give me recommendation on where to start? I... Continue Reading

IPSOS Payment

Anyone get paid today?... Continue Reading

New Scheduler with Ipsos

Hello, My name is Julia and I am a new scheduler for Ipsos and a new member of this forum. I am an experienced scheduler and have a background in market research and retail. Please feel free to reach out with any questions at! Ipsos Mystery Shopping is perfect for... Continue Reading

ipsos eyebrow wax store

I applied for this mainly because I need my brows done and the location was close to my house. BUT, I have to make an appointment online and the link isn't working. The scheduler is new to me and all I have is an email address. Emails... Continue Reading

Has anyone shopped the Ipsos bank/credit card shops?

I was just wondering if anybody has shopped this. I guess maybe I'm overthinking it, but the fold over thing is a bit confusing in the guidelines,was thinking the report might be simpler but thought I would ask a few of you who have shopped it...... Continue Reading

Ipsos mytery shopping "hold pay" status

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Need IPSOS Contact Information

Does anyone have a contact email or number for someone at IPSOS, not a summitscheduler. I have not been able to get into my account for days. I have used the contact form and they have reset the password twice but its still not getting me in. I have 2... Continue Reading

Ipsos shops and lots of them! $12 each - AZ CA CO CT FL GA ID IL IN KY LA MI NJ NY OH OK OR TX WA WI

Attention Shoppers: Ipsos is scheduling shops ASAP. These are not hard at all! Grab a few and run with them! Sign up for Ipsos, if you are not already - We have Banking Shops available throughout the USA! If you see a location below that you... Continue Reading


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I have applied for a car job and the due date was first the 30th, now the 2nd. I haven't heard anything and many of these jobs are still on the board, so, why aren't they assigning them. Who do you call/write to see what's going on.... Continue Reading

Doing shops for Ipsos

I would like to do some shops for Ipsos.How hard are their reports? Long narratives? Yes/no questions ? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Ipsos survey overdue?

Anyone get this message? On the Ipsos site, there is a survey posted about your flying habits. I did not fill it out. I started to, but then it seemed like there waa no option to choose that I do not fly, so I stopped filling it out. I... Continue Reading

Ipsos in-flight shops

I haven't seen these before. Apparently it has to do with a flight attendant's announcement about getting the airline credit card Does anyone know anything else about these shops?... Continue Reading

Shop start time - rejected report Ipsos (summit scheduling)?

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Ipsos new smartphone shops

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IPSOS asking for identification

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Ipsos “OK for Pay” Turnaround Time

Hi Shoppers! I am curious if anyone has some insight on Ipsos’s editing turnaround time for shops. It is my understanding the cutoff time for the end of the month dispersement is the 22nd. The shops must be edited and approved before the 22nd. I have several shops that have been... Continue Reading

IPSOS new home improvement shops

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IPSOS end of June pay

I haven't seen anyone else post about this so I'm wondering if it's just me. I have shopped with Ipsos for a while and although they have been late once, I usually see others post and ask about payment. They even cut off one day early (6/21 instead of 6/22)... Continue Reading

Is IPSOS Shopmetrics Site Down Right Now?

It seems to have gone down in the middle of a report. Can someone please check and see if you can reach the site for me? Thank you in advance!... Continue Reading

Urgent: IPSOS US assignment is showing scenario= null

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Newist Ipsos Pizza and other shops

Ipsos has some Pizza shops using phones to make payments. They pay $5 with a $5 reimbursement- right now the Domino's store around here has large 2 topping pizzas $5.99 if you order online and pickup in the store which you have to pick up the order anyway. ... Continue Reading

Ipsos uploads

With other companies that use Shopmetrics my uploads always appear with the same orientation that I have them saved in but almost every file I upload to Ipsos ends up sideways or up side down. No matter whether I use a camera or phone, which way I hold the... Continue Reading

IPSOS email?

I just received this email today and I think it's different, what do you think? Mystery Shopping NA 10:42 AM (19 minutes ago) to me Dear Shopper, You will have already received an automatic Shopmetrics notice of a survey available to your account. We are urgently looking for shoppers to complete this very short... Continue Reading

IPSOS - Where do I apply?

Maybe I am just fried from the number of applications I have filled out but I cannot find where to apply to IPSOS. Would somebody give me a hand with the link? Thanks... Continue Reading

Ipsos certification issues

I applied for several shops today and the box popped up that I needed to do the certification exam. However, when I clicked the link all I got was a blank screen. Has anyone else had that problem? And, do you know if the scheduler will ignore... Continue Reading

Contact Ipsos

Does anyone know how to contact Ipsos about a non-payment issue? I tried their e-mail 3 times now and never get a reply. Anyone else have issues with this company?... Continue Reading


I received an email this morning saying I was assigned a competitive cellular shop. It even showed up on their app as one of my shops. All of a sudden it’s gone. It doesn’t show up anywhere as an app or in my inbox. This company is one of my... Continue Reading


Did anyone get there paypal payment yet today ?... Continue Reading

Ipsos paid me too much

So, I got two payments from Ipsos today. One of them I can’t find in my calendar, so I’m 99.9% sure that I didn’t earn it. I’m not sure how to return it. Does anyone have a contact number for them?... Continue Reading

IPSOS Contact?

Does anyone have a contact with IPSOS? I had a number of shops scheduled yesterday...completed just over half of them, and someone sideswiped me on a feeder road. We emailed the scheduler within the hour to explain that I would do the other shops today, if they could be extended... Continue Reading

Ipsos schedulers MIA?

Haven't heard from my "normal" scheduler for their easy shop in over a week. She usually writes back quickly. Somebody is assigning, but only the normal amount ones. Anyone else being ignored, or did I forget to shower again?... Continue Reading

Big thanks to Cindy at summit scheduling ( ipsosus )

I was not feeling well a couple of days ago, and Cindy helped me reschedule a shop. She is always friendly and available, answering emails quickly. I’m still fairly new to this, but know well what a difference a good, responsive scheduler can make.... Continue Reading


Hello I noticed that Ipsos has a SASSIE version and a shopmetric version and each has different assignments. Or are they two different companies? Only one so far I’ve had this happen, and the log in’s are different as well.... Continue Reading

Ipsos tax forms?

Does Ipsos send out tax forms at the end of the year? I made over $1000 with them in 2017.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Sassie and Ipsos Shopmetrics

What's the deal here? I had never noticed they were different platform websites with different shops until today.... Apparently my passwords are different and the shop types are different but it's the same company logo. I just started getting emails about new shops (I suppose a new client that is... Continue Reading

Ipsosus Payment

Is anyone else waiting for the 30th payment from ipsosus?... Continue Reading

ipsos scheduler

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Ipsos Job Application Question

You know the one..."Please, provide a brief note in support of your application and the date(s) you can complete this assignment." How elaborate are you on your answers? I have done about 15 shops for them and would love to cut the verbiage in my answer to this question, but... Continue Reading

IPSOS set to auto fail

Trying to pass the quiz for the standard box shop. They ask what is the maximum shops that you can do a day. The correct answer is 5 but that is not the choice.... Continue Reading

WTH Ipsos? Changing dates on already assigned jobs

Applied for some Ipsos shops for this week. Assigned. So I built a route around them, mostly little shops as fill-ins. Now, AFTER being assigned them, I get a note that due to client spacing, the dates have been changed. Except I can't very well go... Continue Reading


Hi, everyone; I am new to mystery shopping and I need to speak to someone at Ipsos. I can't find a link to ask them directly. Do they have a phone number or an email address where I can contact someone there? I tried with no response. Thanks for... Continue Reading

IPSOS - Any western PA jobs?

I have not been able to find any jobs at all on my IPSOS job board no matter what I search for. I just signed up with them. It says my account is active, I did email then but no response. Can anyone tell me if they see western... Continue Reading

IPSOS problem

Is anyone else having a problem submitting an IPSOS survey? I'm trying to submit one of their TV shops and I keep getting an error message.... Continue Reading

Ipsos planned shop date vs. actual due date

I asked a similar question before about a similar platform but is it the same with Ipsos in that -- if my planned date is the 25th, but it's not due until the 26th, I can go ahead and do it the next day? The scheduler for this shop is... Continue Reading

Ipsos and receipt or no receipt at major electronics/appliance shops

Well I'll tell ya! Did 2 shops at same company on the same date and written on instructions that this company I shopped does not require a $1.00 receipt. Then the 2nd shop at same location and same day within 1 -2 hrs wants the $1.00 purchase! Say what?! There... Continue Reading


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IPSOS Site Messed Up 9/12?

Anyone else having problems with the Ipsos site this morning? Email for open shops...go to the site and nothing is there. I figured they were assigned. Another email with additional shops. Still nothing showing on the site. Searched for all available shops....nothing. Search again, and shows 4,000 shops. Saw some... Continue Reading

I dreamed Ipsos sent me an email deactivating

And banning me, early this morning. As I love them and await 3 payments for recent work, that was a sweat-inducing bad dream.... Continue Reading


outdoor equipment shops what are they like... Continue Reading

Ipsos email... included all recipients first and last names and their email addresses...

So I had an Ipsos shop due & I received an email early in the morning letting me know. Cool, except it had my full name and email address listed along with 80+ other shoppers around the area. -_- I try to keep my business to myself when it comes... Continue Reading

Ipsos payments

Does anyone have contact information for ipsos, specifically about missing payments? I have sent inquiries to get a form letter back asking for specific information. I reply & it's ignored.... Continue Reading

Email blocked on IPSOS

Somehow I must have clicked and on an email from IPSOS and reported it as SPAM. So, I no longer get any email in my regular or junk folder. The notifications setting in Shopmetrics were turned off and the system will not let me turn them back on. I... Continue Reading


As of yesterday, I am not showing any shops available. I extended my radius to 200 miles and no shops are appearing. There are over 8900 shops showing availability. Is any one else having any issues?... Continue Reading

Question about IPSOS Worksheet for Big Box Appliance shops

Tomorrow I am doing my first appliance shop for IPSOS. For those of you who have done these, you know how the guidelines specify your particular TYPE of appliance?? For example, I have to shop Appliance #1, which has to be the type, say, that has "revolving gonkets" (totally made... Continue Reading

IPSOS smartphone shops

I just recently starting working with IPSOS and find the reports fair for the pay. I am considering taking a smartphone shop for them tomorrow because it is so close to where I work. However, the information button says 180 questions. That seems like a lot for the pay. Is this an... Continue Reading

Ipsos smugness

Has anyone else been ripped off by Ipsos. I did a shop for them (after taking test, reading directions, driving, doing the shop, filling out the report etc) Because I was new with them, my computer( or their site) did not allow me to upload photos from... Continue Reading

Locked out of Ipsos account

Somehow, I locked myself out of my account. The site said to contact the system administrator. I used the contact us email address. Does anyone know if this is the correct way to contact the system administrator? I changed my password last week and thought I was using the correct one.... Continue Reading

IPSOS brochure or business card

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Payroll contact for IPSOS?

I drove 200+ miles to pick up some boonies shops and the scheduler forgot to include the bonuses. Several emails and she hasn't responded - at all. Does anyone have payroll contact information for Ipsos?... Continue Reading


IPSOS had a year long mystery shop in which you were required to have a specific phone plan in which you pay first of course and then eventually IPSOS would reimburse you...or so they say. I was reimbursed for the first 6 months no problem and now they refuse... Continue Reading

Kate Rattner at Ipsos

She is one of the kindest, most accommodating schedulers I have ever worked with. God bless her.... Continue Reading

Ipsos contacts

I need a name of someone I can contact at Ipsos. Can you provide me with an email address, if possible? Thank you so much, my friends.... Continue Reading

Did anyone get their IPSOS payment today?

I always worry when an MSC that pays like clockwork suddenly doesn't pay on time. First, for the obvious reason, and second I want to know if something went wrong with my PayPal/bank account so I can jump on it immediately.... Continue Reading

HS Brands and Ipsos?

I signed up with HS Brands and applied for my first assignment today. It is scheduled for tomorrow. When I open the guidelines for the shop, I'm directed to instructions that have an Ipsos logo. Can anyone explain the link between HS Brands and Ipsos? Seeing the Ipsos logo on... Continue Reading

IPSOS Completed Surveys

Do any of you know where on the IPSOS site to find completed shops? I think I may have been underpaid for a shop last month based on my records, but cannot find the shop record on the IPSOS site to know for sure. I found the payment information, but... Continue Reading

IPSOS Missing Payment

Hi All, is there anyone else I can contact besides the scheduler regarding missing payments?... Continue Reading

A concern with the tax letter from Ipsos..

IPSOS sent out an email today that advised. " a blank 1099 form states that you DO NOT need to file taxes for money earned from total shops with IPSOS (earnings were below $599)." I am not a tax professional but my understanding of the tax law is that we... Continue Reading

Ipsos cancel shop

How do you cancel a shop with Ipsos? I don't see any way do this on their website. Thanks.... Continue Reading


How long does it take to get paid from IPSOS? I know they pay via Paypal.... Continue Reading

Ipsos website issues?

Is anyone else having trouble with the Ipsos website? I'm trying to input a shop. It's hung up two times at the exact same place (where it asks why I had to wait more than five minutes in line). I ended up having to reboot my computer, and of... Continue Reading

IPSOS 1099

Hey Guys Does IPSOS generates 1099 with all the reimbursements? Some of their shops has pretty large reimbursements however they were not my income. I haven't got the 1099 yet but asking if someone has got it already. Also as I will be doing taxes as personal taxes I can not... Continue Reading

Unable to Find Link to Resister at IPSOS and mVtentix to Become Shopper

Is anyone familiar with these two company's websites? If so, where do you register to become a mystery shopper? I browsed both of their sites for quite a long time trying to find a link/heading that would lead me there, but could not find them. I am... Continue Reading

IPSOS/Summit not notifying me that I got the assignment

Last week I applied for a job on the IPSOS website for a tablet shop. I never heard anything. Imagine my surprise when I happened to look on the IPSOS website for new jobs and it shows that I received the assignment and it's due today!! Is this normal... Continue Reading

Ipsos test issue

I took and passed the required test, yet it still comes up that I must take a test. Anyone else having this problem? If so, any suggestion about what I can do or who I can contact? Thanks, as always, fellow shoppers.... Continue Reading


I have looked everywhere on their website and cannot find anywhere to sign up to be a mystery shopper. Any help is greatly appreciated!... Continue Reading

IpsosUS: Check your Account

I was checking Ipsos this morning for opportunities and noticed that I was assigned to two shops that I did NOT request. I am certain of this: One is for $15 and a four hour drive from home. I checked with the scheduler and she says that she has... Continue Reading

Ipsos Pay Schedule

What is Ipsos's pay schedule and has anyone experienced issues with payments? Thanks!... Continue Reading


1) WTIL was cancelled, but not all deleted from my account AND 2) Payroll history is backed up to 8/20 What's up with them?... Continue Reading

IPSOS - 13,000 shops listed but not viewable??

I am unable to view ANY shops on the IPSOS website all of a sudden. It states that there are 13k or so assignments, but no matter what zip code I enter I get "no shops available". I've always had the option to request to be a backup... Continue Reading


I have 2 issues thatccant serm to get resolved. I did a bunch of shops requiring reimbursement and contactec the scheduler when the reimbursement was not added to my shop total. She gave me names of people to contact I emailed one person 3 times with no response. Now the... Continue Reading

Year long Phone Shop for IPSOS

I have a feeling this is a long shot since I don't believe there are many of these jobs available but is anyone doing the year long phone job for IPSOS. If so which documents did you upload for the first part of the shop and how has the... Continue Reading

IPSOS and micro shop

Anyone done these successfully with MOBI? It required Mobi but will not accept my info. No answer to emails. Anyone work out that on Mobi yet?... Continue Reading

IPSOS Cancelled my accounts?

So I was unable to complete a package shop, my bad the package closed at 11:30 am on a Saturday I made it literally 2 minutes after. I advised the scheduler that I was unable to complete the shop. So she responded with I wish you luck in all your... Continue Reading

What's going on with IPSOS's Appliance Shops?

I'm starting to get really annoyed with these IPSOS postings for appliance shops. Last week shops came up for "a refrigerator shop" for $20. They showed on the job board for several locations, and I applied for two. A day later my applications were gone, and the shops had totally... Continue Reading

Kate from Ipsos....STOP

I know your last name but I'll be nice and not post it. I just got over thirty different emails from you....and apparently they are STILL coming. You're sending out an individual email for EVERY shop you have. Stop that is not okay. I am not... Continue Reading

What's with Ipsos?

What's with Ipsos? I frequently request multiple shops from Ipsos and I rarely get a response. I never get this problem with any other company. I really don't visit less than three or four locations for shops that pay less than $20 each, so I really don't work for less than... Continue Reading

IPSOS Bank Shops

I had one on my calendar for tomorrow. I went to the site to get the guidelines, and the shops were gone. Does anyone know what happened?... Continue Reading

Ipsos Shop Due Date Expired (but shop still on job board)

Has anyone had any experience with a past due date ipsos shop still being on the board? There is a shop on the board with a due date of yesterday, but I can go today and haven't received a response from them.... Continue Reading

Problems with Ipsos [client deleted]

I have done several Dim Weight [deleted by mod] shops for Ipsos that required me to outlay $41 each in fees. Ipsos claimed I did not complete two of them. I have submitted both their own confirmation numbers and the receipts from the... Continue Reading

IPSOS New $12 Smart Phone job Warning

I saw some new smartphone shops that look a lot like the last set. BUT It has a requirement that you are not to leave the store till you talk to a sales associate or the job won't be accepted. The scenario and questions are also somewhat different. I'd... Continue Reading


Is anyone else frustrated with the scheduling process for IPSOS? I apply for shops and then wait, wait, wait for an answer. I was told that the [client name deleted] shops have monthly quotas, and that they sometimes have to wait to assign you during specific date ranges.... Continue Reading

Weird situation & how do I cancel a job with IPSOS, in addition to e-mailing scheduler?

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't find a way to cancel an IPSOS shop other than e-mailing the scheduler. Unfortunately, this scheduler is apparently known for not responding to e-mails. Is there a way to do it through the portal? Also, this is odd. I definitely may have messed up,... Continue Reading

IPSOS and payment issues...revisited

Guess what, naysayers, doubters and other such birth certificate deniers and other similar wacky conspiracy nut jobs (yep, you know who you are)...there are no payment issues with IPSOS. payment was received today before their due date.... Continue Reading


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IPSOS Phone Number?

Does anyone have a phone number for IPSOS? The only thing I've found is a number in France!... Continue Reading

IPSOS Smartphone/Tablet Shop Pending Validation

How long is it taking to get through validation for the smartphone or tablet shops? I've done a hand full in the past 2 weeks and all are still pending validation. Maybe I've just gotten spoiled with the quick turnaround on my shipping jobs for this MSC but I... Continue Reading

IPSOS smartphone & tablet shops; are they really easier?

I'm doing a tablet shop for IPSOS this week, and am starting to regret it (speaking of regretting taking a shop, the topic of another thread....). Comments here indicate these are a lot easier than they were for the previous MSC. But I'm beginning to doubt they could be easy... Continue Reading


This company is drowning. They don't pay. Don't waste your time working for nothing.... Continue Reading

IPSOS website issues

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Ipsos...What's up with them?

I applied for several of their new phone shops, and they sat in my "Application" area for over a week. The final due date is tomorrow, Sunday. I had planned to do a couple each day, not all of them on Sunday, so I just now deleted all my applications.... Continue Reading

IPSOS Still Showing Jobs from November?

I'm pretty new with IPSOS and have done just one job for them. I'm sure many of you understand how they do things, but some are a "mystery" to me! They're showing jobs on the job board that are (supposedly) available to apply for as a back-up shopper, but whose... Continue Reading

Ipsos; I don't get it

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IPSOS/Summit woes/call out to scheduler!

Last month, I applied for some shops. Working out routes. I didn't get any notification that my applications were accepted until AFTER I had completed every route! Not possible to reschedule (I won't drive 120 mile round trip for a $12-$27 shop!). Actually, I won't drive... Continue Reading

IPSOS Contact info.

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IPSOS 'smartphone' shops

Who else performed some of these shops recently? I was contacted shortly after entering the reports for additional information. The email said additional incentive would be given with 'details to follow'. Haven't heard anything about that yet. The additional info needed was very limited, but I... Continue Reading

IPSOS has jobs due tomorrow, signed up last night, Job not approved yet

[i](Mod note: Several posts deleted as per poster's request.)[/i].... Continue Reading

Contact phone for IPSOS?

Need to talk with scheduler ASAP, and none of the e-mails I have contain a contact number, and e-mails are unanswered since middle of last week. Anybody have a contact number? Thanks!... Continue Reading


For all the naysayers, whiners, doom-mongers and general buzz-killers out there, this morning (1 week or so early) I received the following email from PayPal... "Just thought you'd like to know Ipsos Interactive Services sent you $xxx USD. Note from sender, Ipsos Interactive Services Thank you for performing the XXXX shops! Please... Continue Reading

Any idea what's up with IPSOS scheduling...

Approximately a week ago IPSOS (through their scheduling company) posted a multitude of the same shops throughout my state (five of which were in my hood). I requested five of the shops. I was awarded one. Okay, no big surprise. I assumed that the other four... Continue Reading

IPSOS Payment question

I was not reimbursed for a required purchase for pov. I was also not reimbursed for the cost of what I was there to do. (Hard to explain when you are trying not to give away the client) I'm sure 99 percent of you know anyhow. Anyone else have the... Continue Reading

Flummoxed by Ipsos; I think they don't like me :(

Is the Ipsos job-board system weird (as some have alluded to), or do they just not want me? I'm starting to feel paranoid. I registered with them a couple of months ago, and applied for one or two jobs, which everybody in the universe was applying for as well. So... Continue Reading

IPSOS Overwhelmed - Unresponsive

Are they reaching flatline after selling and stretching to complete the "Mailing and Shipping" client? I received an email (finally) from the scheduling company saying that, "...there are only 2 or 3 problems out of 12000 shops scheduled and completed with this program." I find that verrrrryyyy hard to believe..... IPSOS still... Continue Reading

Oh those charming wonders of Ipsos

Taking pains not to violate any ICA agreement here but I SOOO want to violate their something or other with a shovel wallop at point blank range. I recently sent a package to a friend in a far distant galaxy on a shop, fulfilled all their requirements as per... Continue Reading

IPSOS - Steer Clear!! DO NOT SHOP FOR!! Unprofessional and Terrible Communication!!

I completed two shops for them last week and last Saturday night, I accepted four more expecting to complete them on Sunday. I was unable to complete them due to the locations not being open on Sunday and working 16 hours M/Tu at my primary job so I planned... Continue Reading

IPSOS - anyone else's shops disappear?

Had 3 scheduled shops that were due tomorrow and they are just gone - poof - not my job board. Anyone else had this happened? This is a first for me but I just recently signed with the MSC and completed 3 shops for them so... Continue Reading

Ipsos MSC

I was assigned a shop to do on November 13th and shortly afterward, I received an email that the client cancelled the shop. Now, I see that the shops are filled but no one from Ipsos informed me that they were open again. I don't see anywhere on... Continue Reading


Does anyone know how to get in touch with someone from this company to cancel a shop? I have been emailing the scheduler with limited results. According to the website tutorial there should be a submit button and cancel but I do not have a cancel button.... Continue Reading

IPSOS reimbursement on recent shops?

Hi! I recently did several Ipsos shops which said they would pay $12 plus reimbursement, yet when I look at my pay history it only shows the $12 payment? I'm confused....can someone help?... Continue Reading

Ipsos payment

Hi, Does anyone know when Ipsos usually send out their payment?... Continue Reading

Ipsos L9g In Fail!

Does anyone have a number for support? I forgot my password and the site locked my account so that I have to contact a site admin. I am in the middle of finishing shops so any help would be appreciated. I emailed the scheduler with no success.... Continue Reading

IPSOS: Are they now paying shoppers on time???

Have not worked lately for them and was wondering if there are still any payment problems as per some posts not so long ago. I am very interested in doing that bank shop that was highly recommended by my ms mentor Flash, or was it my other mentor Jacob???? This was... Continue Reading

Not getting paid by IPSOS

So after doing a little research it seems I'm not the only one who has had a problem with getting paid by IPSOS. I've emailed several schedulers and the "contact us" section of their website but no one has responded. Does anyone know who to contact to actually... Continue Reading

Ipsos Payment from September Shop

Edit: I contacted someone else and was paid promptly for this shop. (1/8/15) I completed a shop for Ipsos on September 11th and have yet to receive payment. I emailed Dolores about it twice without any response. Is anyone else waiting for payment from shops around that... Continue Reading

IPSOS April-May 2014 Postal Mailing Study

If you participated in this assignment and HAVE NOT BEEN paid, please leave a comment here. I am in contact with the client who contracted with IPSOS for the Mail Study, and I would like to have an idea as to how many of us have yet to receive payment... Continue Reading

Ipsos payment?

Hi. Dumb question. I completed a shop for Ipsos about May 2. The website says my shop was completed. I can't find anything on the website about payment. The shop doesn't say "payment pending" or anything. The scheduler has not responded to 3 separate e-mails regarding payment. Does anybody have any info on... Continue Reading


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Has anyone done work for Ipsos? I am considering a big job with them that will take alot of time.......... Anybody know them???? Thanks tons, I really enjoy this forum.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Market Research: Legit company?

My fiance has done only two mystery shops over the past year and just received an email from Ipsos Market Research. I did a search online and it appears to be a legitimate company. I've also done a search on this forum but, I can't tell if Ipsos... Continue Reading

Ipsos Loyalty Mystery Shopping

Does anybody know when they pay? I posted a while back raving that they paid me one day later, but I just did two more shops for them and I am wondering if the first time was a fluke.... Continue Reading

received a check from Ipsos

I'm not new to the Mystery Shopping game (2+ years here) but this is a new one for me. I received a check in the mail from Ipsos MMI, Inc. I don't think I have ever done any assignments with this company. There's no letter, just a... Continue Reading

Feedback on Ipsos?

I don't see Ipsos on the Directory here, but it's pretty favorably mentioned on the Volition site. I only found one short conversation on this forum, coupled with Summit Scheduling. Anyone have any feedback on Ipsos?... Continue Reading

Summit Scheduling/IPSOS

Did anyone else get an email from Summit Scheduling to do a shop for IPSOS? I was supposed to take pictures of charge card signs, cash registers, etc. at a catering service. When I got to the address, it was a private house in a residential neighborhood. ... Continue Reading


Does anyone work for them? I got an email asking me to sgn up with them. Don't know if they have anything in my rural area.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Ipsos Mystery Shopping

I have had it a few times, the last time with IPSOS. (Source). September 21, 2019

I’m so confused about IPSOS and Shopmetrics “side” vs “Sassie” side. (Source). September 20, 2019

Why not try auditing? Ipsos (formerly GfK) Mystery Shopping Company is shoppers who might be interested in auditing. (Source). September 20, 2019

Ipsos (formerly GfK) is currently looking for shoppers to do payment tests using the Google pay app in various restaurants, stores, etc. (Source). September 20, 2019

Ipsos is now scheduling automotive service assignments. (Source). September 20, 2019

Ipsos (Formerly GfK/Sassie site) is now scheduling retail inquiry shops. (Source). September 20, 2019

Sign up to be a shopper here: I am currently scheduling all this month. Please email me ASAP to get started!!!!! Thank you! Jennifer.barrick@ipsos. (Source). September 20, 2019

Test drive required, no hard negotiating, required to get photo of location and business card. Please contact me for more details ~ Jennifer.barrick@ipsos. (Source). September 20, 2019

*** Contact me for details: Jennifer.barrick@ipsos. (Source). September 20, 2019

Do you have another example?[/quote] Yes everybody knows what they are. But what do you do with them for the shop?[/quote][/quote] FOR THE SHOP not your personal life. Really? What does Ipsos want you to do with pavers or locks during the shop? (Source). September 20, 2019