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Ipsos phone shops

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Ipsos not responding

Can someone help me with an issue with Ipsos? I signed up with them to do mystery shopping several weeks ago and since then I have not been able to pick up any shops. When I try to apply, I get a message saying my account is deactivated. I emailed... Continue Reading

Ipsos...the 1 dollar shop!

Ipsos paid me $1.00 for a shop! It was a location that was short staffed, so the salesperson closed the store for an hour and a half , midday, on a weekday(!), and posted a crudely handwritten sign on the door which said "Closed for lunch, back at 1:30". Well, guess... Continue Reading

IPSOS - Yellow Gas Station

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Ipsos' Invitation to August Mystery Shopping Work Shop in Austin, TX Did anyone go last year? Was it worthwhile?... Continue Reading

IPSOS aggravating shoppers

OK, so every single month there are issues of one sort or another with this company. Am I crazy or do you have problems with this MSP that you don't have with other MSPs? The current issue is that I had a red, white, and blue gas station easy... Continue Reading

Ipsos "Early Bird Pricing"

I rarely read the mass Ra ra emails from and about Ipsos but on this one occasion, I did. Apparently they've got a brand new webinar system that you can pay for and take advantage right now of the early bird pricing. Really?... Continue Reading

Quiz for Ipsos

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I shop for Ipsos

Does this MSC pay for their shops on time... Continue Reading

Ipsos how to get self assigned qualified?

On their Sassie platform, there are Electronic Mystery Shops that I am interested in doing. On the far right side of the website it says "self assigned" then under it is blank. Other shops, which I have never done or passed any test it says "qualified". I went and tried... Continue Reading

Completed but not 'Received' ....argghhhh again for IPSOS!

Rant on: Can anyone provide me with a rational, plausible explanation why IPSOS has a bothersome practice of not including shops in its 'Payment Pending' group, and then paying those shops a week later, when there is nothing wrong with the shops? I am never asked for more... Continue Reading

Rotation issues with IPSOS

I was trying to self assign on the site, It gave me no dates on shops I have been doing for over 10 years (every other month). I have no clue why ???????????????... Continue Reading

Anyone have the name and email for a mistake in Ipsos payment?

Nope, it wasn't an overpayment! Have been under paid on two shops in the past two weeks. Not getting any response to emails so far. Anyone here work there and have any suggestions? Anyone else experiencing similar situation? Any help or suggestions appreciated.... Continue Reading

Where does IPSOS get their editors?

They must need more, because a route I started 3/29 still in editing Limbo. I would apply, if I knew where to sign up, lol! Gas prices recently back in the $4 a gallon range, so working from home would be a blessing... Continue Reading

Understanding IPSOS 1099NEC - Does the amount include reimbursements or payment only?

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IPSOS Shopmetrics Side (Grading)

I just logged on the Shopmetrics side of IPSOS and I noticed on the right hand side is my performance grade. I have never noticed that before.. Has it always been there? How do they grade the reports on the the Shopmetrics side? Once I complete the shop, I always... Continue Reading

Need to be more careful on my IPSOS shops

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What is the mobile app to enter Ipsos?

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Ipsos email shop

Shop requires screenshot in png Is this same as paste on a screenshot? Thanks for any help... Continue Reading

Ipsos email shop

Is png the same as paint? I need to do a screenshot in png and am not sure Any help please?... Continue Reading

IPSOS "OOps they did it again" Brittany!

OK, so what do you call it when a Green and white gas station turns the canopy lights OFF over an hour early. The shopper was able to get one picture then they cut the canopy lights off. Assuming that the location was closed the shopper submitted it as a... Continue Reading

IPSOS surprised me today....

The base pay for a shop was high for work: pay ratio! I expected a HE!! of a lot more effort for $25 than I had to actually put in. Was a nice surprise. There was a max 2 shops for this, wish I would have picked up another one.... Continue Reading

Ipsos self-assign and scheduling issue

This week was the first time I did this particular type of shop since you could self-assign them. I had scheduled it for Friday, the 3rd, but turns out I need to do it tomorrow, the 2nd. I couldn't re-schedule through the system, although I've been able to do so... Continue Reading

Ipsos Project Without Specified Scheduler

Is there a phone number or other means of reaching Ipsos? On shops that do do specify scheduler names but only a general email, it can seem quite difficult to get a response to an inquiry. Thank you... Continue Reading

Ishop for ipsos /ipsos LLC

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Is Ipsos website down?

I've been trying to log in since yesterday and it just keeps on spinning without loading.... Continue Reading

IPSOS - Pay Withheld

Did a job early in the month and the status shows pay withheld. I did not receive an email, a comment, a slap on the wrist, absolutely nothing. I have reached out to customer service and received a response that they were going to reach out to the... Continue Reading

Ipsos STRICT on start timing!

Don;'t start uopur shop even a minute before the specificed earliest time! For example, if a shop is specified to not start before 11:00 AM, don't take your site photo at 10:59 AM, or your shop will be rejected! (yes, even if you are on site until 12:00... Continue Reading


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IPSOS newbie

I have just joined IPSOS and need to know about bonuses. Are they like MF were if you wait to self assign the bonuses may increase? Or, is the bonus listed the final amount? Can you offer a bonus amount that you want like with MF? Thank you for any... Continue Reading

IPSOS Shopmetrics Website Down???

Is IPSOS Shopmetrics website down? Can anyone else reach it?... Continue Reading

Ipsos struggling to fill Electronics Mystery Shops

Could it be that not many shoppers want to take a selfie in front a storefront?... Continue Reading

IPSOS says I have to take and pass a test, but there is NO test!?

Prepping for today's shop, and the shop log says I must take and pass the quiz first. There is no quiz for this shop. What would you do? (No, can't write the scheduler, it was self assign and no scheduler mentioned.)... Continue Reading

Need a little help, please, with IPSOS app?

I have successfully used the app for shops on one platform, but now find all the shops I want are on SASSIE. Which means lugging along my digital camera and downloading photos and doing reports after I get home. Which I dread. Do I understand there actually is an... Continue Reading

1099 From Ipsos?

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Ipsos shops pending review

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IPSOS Shopmetrics Profile Update

Is anyone else finding a barrier to logging onto the IPSOS Shopmetrics platform? I'm being told to update my profile. I have updated it....but when I try to log still says that I haven't updated it.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Rotation

I am looking to better understand what the rotation is for Ipsos web and phone shops. I'm just wondering what that means. Is it that particular batch of jobs? or a period of time, like per month? Or something else? (Ie: "Only 5 shops per shopper, per rotation." ..and I'm... Continue Reading

IPSOS Shopmetrics Shop Availability E-mails

I know in SASSIE there is a toggle yes or no to send e-mails on your profile page. I have also noticed that if don't shop an MSC in a while it automatically is changed to not send me e-mails of available shops. That's why I login to check every... Continue Reading


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Ipsos hoarders

Looks like the "ishopfirst" hoarders are at it again... betting 50% or more get dropped next week when the time limit runs out.... Continue Reading

Ipsos pay today 1/31/23

Quick question. did anybody get paid today 1/31?... Continue Reading

ipsos editing delays

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How Ipsos considers shoppers

So, I don't post much here, but this time I felt I needed to share. I did a shop with Ipsos for a retail clothing company. I was supposed to ask for jeans for a special event. I did ask for that and the sales associate recommended pants that were... Continue Reading

Ipsos shops pending review

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Ipsos Webinars?

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Ipsos-Sassie job board looking thin in NYC area

1. No 1P Hardware Shops 2. Very little Electronic Mystery Shops 3. No Technology Lab shops 4. No Mobile Carrier Service shops 5. Single digit number of shops in the NYC area since the end of December. 6. Only less than 250 shops within a 50 miles radius of NYC since December... Continue Reading

Ipsos Pay

Are we getting paid today for the Ipsos shops? They have been pending since yesterday... :)... Continue Reading

The latest Ipsos Trends

1. Reducing pay across the are now working for peanut shells instead of peanuts. 2. Paying in two or three weeks, instead of one week. It has been a ride Ipsos, but this dude just got off the pony!... Continue Reading

How do you get in contact with a live person at IPSOS?

How do you get in contact with a live person at IPSOS?... Continue Reading

IPSOS/Sassie cell phone competitor shops

Are they not doing them any more? I haven't seen any on the job boards since about October. Anyone know what company might have them now? They were a nice way to make a little cash.... Continue Reading

Ipsos new quiz for gas stations

Apparently having done hundreds of gas station shops is no help for passing the new 2023 quiz. And it's not showing wrong answers like in the past. Maybe it's the poor photos but I cannot pass it after four attempts. Any suggestions?... Continue Reading

New Ipsos Car Counts a joke

The guidelines are the same as last years, one store shot, start shot of assignment, and end shot. Minor details of cars for gas and diesel that come in. This month' i know why they disappeared and reappeared. Its not a car count alone, MID shot and details you dont... Continue Reading

Help me interpret this Ipsos Email

Ipsos Shopmetrics runs shops for a certain foreign grocery chain that has expanded along the East Coast. Among the requirements are purchasing some cans to see if they are counted properly and putting a 12-pack of soda under the cart to see if it's noticed. The requirements were just updated... Continue Reading

IPSOS Interested in a Focus Group email

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I shop for Ipsos

Watch out for this company. I have been MS for 14 years and this is the first time time this has happened. I did a gas station shop(yellow one) and was promised $39.00 for the job and when I was paid it was only $12.50 with no explanation. I emailed... Continue Reading


Iím starting to really veer away from Ipsos. They have one of the rudest schedulers Iíve ever had the displeasure of working with. I mean itís clear this scheduler really has no respect for anyone, couldnít care less if youíre sick etc. But in general talks down to you and... Continue Reading

Can't take quiz for shop I'm supposed to do today (IPSOS) - help, please!

Yep. Got online to prep, shocked to see I have to take the quiz (does anyone else get tired of taking the same quiz over and over and over? ). I accessed the quiz, but it's just the questions. It's multiple choice, but there's no answers to choose from I've taken... Continue Reading

IPSOS Holiday Pay

Does anyone know what 2 days of the week they are paying on now that they are doing payments twice a week?... Continue Reading

IPSOS Email Responses?

I know this has been discussed many times before, but curious if anyone ever receives a response to emails sent to any more? I used to get responses (days, weeks later) but I haven't had a response to an email in over a month (3 sent). I'm wondering... Continue Reading

Ipsos phone shops

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IPSOS not paying for a shop I was told to do.

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IPSOS - licensed banker shops on shopmetrics

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Where are the IPSOS bonuses?

Where are the IPSOS bonuses? It is the end of the month and three of their regular gas station clients are all over the job board, begging to get done, but IPSOS is holding firm on very low bonuses, yet we are old that 11/30 is the absolute LAST day!... Continue Reading

Did you get the e-mail from IPSOS delaying payments

I got an e-mail from IPSOS, They are delaying payments for shops done after the 18th, until after Thanksgiving. I got paid $16 for one shop done on Sassie. I know I am owed over $200.... Continue Reading

Missing Ipsos pay

I received payment for 3 of 4 Post Office shops I did in November, on the same day. The shop does not appear at all in "My Pay," neither Held, Approved or Pending. Anyone know who I should contact? I've tried ( this is... Continue Reading

Is IPSOS now the largest MSC?

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November Ipsos 1P Hardware Shops

When will they start rolling them out? Weíre approaching the middle of November here.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Pay Held

I completed a shop on October 25th and never received any communication after submitting it. A few days ago I just happened to check the My Pay section on their website and noticed the shop was on hold, the reason being they were requesting additional narrative. So I... Continue Reading

IPSOS wish list!!!

My list is short, but I just wish that once you have done enough shops for a particular client or scenario, you would have to stop taking the quiz to prove you can do the shop. I understand they want people to be aware of things before they go... Continue Reading

Early Pay from IPSOS?

Did anyone else get their IPSOS pay early this week? Mine arrived today...not sure why. Is it holiday pay season again? (Thought that was Tuesday/Friday though)... Continue Reading


Anyone else get a large envelope in the mail? 8.5x11 size. Says it was randomly selected households and included a real $1 bill. Mentions doing panels for a large IT firm. Paying bonus with gift cards and gives you more $ if you connect your devices... Continue Reading

IPSOS gas stations at $250

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had lost "self-assign" privileges on IPSOS SASSIE. I have no idea why, and queries have gone unanswered. On the Shopmetrics side, I have a 9 rating; on SASSIE, a 5. So I watched these two gas stations rise and rise and rise. I applied... Continue Reading

IPSOS - Fee for closed sites / locations

I have an upcoming shop for a gas station audit which is closed due to being rebuilt. (I live near the station and that is how I know this.) Has anyone done one of the gas station audits that was closed to find out what the "Reduced Fee"... Continue Reading

If shopmetrics ipsos is approved tonight will it pay Tuesday?

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possible Ipsos scam?

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Ipsos (Sassie) taking long to approve SSN/EIN numbers for new shoppers.

I submitted my Ipsos application on October 13th. It still hasnít been verified. I understand that it takes 2 weeks (14 days) to approve Social Security Numbers or Employer Identification Numbers, but Iíve never experienced a MSC taking so long to verify a SSN/EIN. Have any of you folks experienced... Continue Reading

Does anyone have Ipsos play pending

[b]deleted[/b]... Continue Reading

Ipsos Car Dealership Calls

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IPSOS - QC Delay email

Who else received an email from IPSOS stating that they have "recently been experiencing a higher than normal volume of submissions" and that they are "working diligently to resolve this as quickly as possible and get you paid"? I have already seen emails stating that they will soon be paying... Continue Reading

IPSOS Sassie input form not working

I finished a job. I went to input and none of the fields are visible. There were yesterday. Any suggestions. It does say that I need to take the quiz, but there isn't one. It was showing the inputs even though it said that yesterday too. I've tried three devices... Continue Reading

Ipsos question

Hey All, I personally have had no issues with Ipsos but it has been a few months at least that Ive shopped with them. Ive seen here and there that some of you have had issues with them lately maybe about a month ago or more now. Am wondering... Continue Reading

Ipsos Sassie Don't see finished and open jobs

Last night I went to Ipsos Sassie to see what grade I received on some recent jobs and I only see jobs that I have reserved for October. Previously I was able to see my completed jobs and jobs that were still open in the list. Anyone else have an... Continue Reading

Any way to retrieve IPSOS reports once completed?

I'm guessing not, but thought I'd ask. I usually save a PDF of all my completed reports, but it was late when I finished one this week, and I forgot to. Now I'm thinking I wasn't clear enough in a response and that the report might get rejected or kicked... Continue Reading

IPSOS Shopmetrics - ShopID

Where do you get this? I completed a shop for them. It was approved. I logged in a couple days later and there's no record of it or payment. I messaged them, they got right back to me asking for the shop ID. I told them I didn't have it... Continue Reading

Yes IPSOS Pays On Time, But........

So, over the past months I have complained about the IPSOS "I Shop First" program and, I was advised by one of their schedulers on another string to simply move on to another MSC. Maybe I'll be doing that, maybe not - if that happens, you shall not hear of... Continue Reading


What have they been like lately?... Continue Reading

Ipsos Shopmetrics Says I'm offline on a mobile device

Anyone else have this problem? I log in on a mobile device using wifi (not 4g data) and it says I am offline and need to get online to view the landing page, or any page for that matter.... Continue Reading

Sassie Ipsos Login

I have been having trouble all weekend getting into the Sassie side. I can get into the other side no problem.... Continue Reading

IPSOS - Home Improvement Shops

Anyone know when the next round of Home Improvement store shops (the BIG Orange chain!) is starting?... Continue Reading

Shopmetric pay on Ipsos

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Question about IPSOS' IShopFirst program

Did I read on here somewhere that this program, you can't "bid" for shops? I have never done one of these shops, on this program (thankfully, not all their shops are on this program, LOL). so I'm not sure I know how it works. I'm not going to drive 150 miles each... Continue Reading

Ipsos payment question

Hi everyone, I'm new to Ipsos and completed my first mystery shop last week (Wednesday). I saw this in the Pay section and wasn't sure what it meant- is my shop being processed or was it rejected for some reason? "You have no Completed Jobs not on Statement." Thank you!... Continue Reading

$20 Shopper Pay - 1P Tech Hardware Shops are Back at Ipsos

1P Tech Hardware Shops - No Selfie Required Ipsos has Quick and Easy 1P Smartphone Shops - No purchase required Interact with an associate with regard to your assigned scenario which will appear at the top of your SASSIE survey. Record recommendations and features discussed. This shop requires you to take and pass... Continue Reading

IPSOS Certifications

Hi all! I am new to mystery shopping and just want to thank all of you on this forum for your advice and willingness to help others suceed in this as a profession. I have been shopping with second to none and marketforce but just signed up to shop for... Continue Reading

$20 Shopper Pay - 1P Tech Hardware Shops are Back at Ipsos

1P Tech Hardware Shops - No Selfie Required Ipsos has Quick and Easy 1P Smartphone Shops - No purchase required Interact with an associate with regard to your assigned scenario which will appear at the top of your SASSIE survey. Record recommendations and features discussed. This shop requires you to take and pass... Continue Reading

Did Ipsos Just Buy Confero Too? Or Just Their Schedulers?

I've got a phone number in my phone as "Dave, confero" I just got a text from "Kate with Ipsos" wanting me to do a bonused shop 100 miles from me. Last time I accepted this shop and built a route around it they canceled the shop because they apparently... Continue Reading

IPSOS in-person event?

Anyone going to this? Just saw the email. Hopefully someone on the forums goes to this and gives us some feedback/impressions. Register Today Talking Shop with iShopFor Ipsos takes place September 24th from 10AM-4PM @ 933 Lee St. SE, Suite B1, Atlanta, GA 30310. We have two registration packages: General... Continue Reading

Poof! On the road to a shop and Ipsos removes it!

Don't you just love this when it happens? No email or notice, it just got 'removed' from my log and their system (not available to self-assign). It was assigned to me an hour ago when I left my home!... Continue Reading

IPSOS paychecks ?

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IPSOS - Phone Shops. Can only do where you live?

I received a email the other day from IPSOS for a phone shop.. I know that on most of them, you can do them from anywhere but you may need to create a second email address /and on phone number. I e-mailed and asked for a little more... Continue Reading

I can't get the app to submit reports on IPSOS

I can do everything on the app but "submit". I have to wait til I get home and on my PC, pull up the shop on the website, and submit from there. Anybody else have this happen? There just doesn't seem to be a submit button on the app.... Continue Reading

Did anyone get paid from ipsos today

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IPSOS new rule for routes and shops bonuses

I got this yesterday from aan Independent Scheduler for Ipsos Mystery Shopping Thank you for responding. When submitting your offer, you must include distance from your home to each shop site and reason for fee increase (mileage, route, hotel, etc.). Your bid will be disregarded without this information. I... Continue Reading

Ipsos not paying

I did several Hazmat shops for Ipsos and they sent them back saying that the photos of the box had a slip of paper over the return address with the zip code written on them and asked for a new photo. I happened to have photos of the boxes... Continue Reading

Ipsos request for data from over a month ago

Ipsos recently sent out a separate email requesting an answer to a specific question on shops (big orange hardware store) done over a month ago. This request asks only one question, but it requires some time to check files for notes, receive and return the email. I received a... Continue Reading

Ipsos Acquires another MSC

Just received an email that We Check (a Canadian Based MSC) has just been acquired by Ipsos. Up to this point, in Canada, we only had a Shopmetrics site for Ipsos, but now we like our American Neighbors will have both a Shopmetrics and Sassie site for Ipsos. We Check and... Continue Reading

Does IPSOS ever answer emails...

to I simply do NOT get a response from email sent there, and have been told that I must not have sent an email to that address, when I am accused of NOT notifying them. That kinda/sorta pisses me off.... Continue Reading

Does IPSOS always pay less than $300 a week?

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IPSOS shops qualify but cannot self assign shops.

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Ipsos shop metrics vs ipsos sassie

Hello on my app i have ipsos shopmetrics and ipsos sassie. I don't know how they merge but i love shopmetrics side but sassie are scammers. Shopmetrics let me fix issues pay me and everyone is happy. Well with sassie one shop i did and then went out of town.... Continue Reading

An Ipsos situation

At 14:00 EDT 07/15, I received the following: Shopper Pay: $12.50 + $5 fuel reimbursement + up to $1 in-store purchase BONUS: $20 for this weekend only! Which was followed by:the following admission of error at 16:09 EDT: Shopper Pay: $15-20 (this weekend) + $5 fuel reimbursement + up to $1 reimbursement for... Continue Reading

Ipsos project managers and schedulers

It is time that you quit stone walling routes from your mystery shops and let us all make the money instead of waiting until 11 o'clock hour. I am tired of getting Super hero shopper needed - $97 bonus or send me offers or Urgent Scheduler Help Request - could you... Continue Reading

IShopForIpsos question

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Ipsos Shopmetrics issues.

I can't walk well or far. But I found a mall shop that paid well, In a brand that I am at least moderately familiar with. So I grabbed it. I went to the store, I acted out the scenario, and then I sat out in the... Continue Reading

error on completed shops for IPSOS

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Ipsos letter Thank you for being one of our top oil & gas Mystery shopper

I am curious as to how many got this letter from Ipsos Ipsos letter Thank you for being one of our top oil & gas Mystery shoppers #iShopForIpsos... Continue Reading

IPSOS evaluation scoring

Has anyone recently received a reduced score with no explanation? I had two evaluations that took a while to be scored and I got an 8/10 on them. Nothing extra is stated in the comments. Usually I get a10/10. Just be glad I'll get paid and... Continue Reading

"Meet and Greet" with IPSOS

Did anyone else get this invite? I am in Southern California. I guess they are attending an event in the West Los Angeles area and are "inviting" shoppers to come out and meet with them. The email was titled "iShopFor Ipsos Hangout - This Friday" Meet us @ The... Continue Reading

Ipsos Pay Late Again?

Is anyone else missing their Ipsos pay? I hope this doesnít become more common. I hope theyíre not cutting corners in their admin departments, too (since emails to their general box are even less likely to be replied to, Iím guessing they are reducing staff there too, or have vacancies... Continue Reading

Issues with IPSOS - warning, long post

Hi: I've been around for a while, but I chose to create a new handle for this issue due to some of the posts I have seen lately about the MSC. I do not particularly want one of their representatives to comb all of my previous posts, find something that they... Continue Reading

Ipsos just plain sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok my shops have come back and each editor makes up a new requirement that is not even in the guidelines. They have the worst editors.... Continue Reading

Ipsos is a fraud!!!

I did several shops with ipsos in presto. They were accepted then they came back and unaccepted them and gave no reason what so ever. You canít do these to shoppers!!!! I worked all day in 95 degree weather getting 16 miles per gallon because of the heat and you... Continue Reading

$75 Reimbursement - $25 Pay - United In-Flight and Airport Shops - Back at Ipsos in June

$25 Shopper Pay with up to a $75 Reimbursement - United In-flights Shops United Airlines flights over 500 miles within the US will qualify. Apply in Shopmetrics If you are flying please send us the itinerary you received from your airline, with travel dates, travel times, and flight numbers to qualify for... Continue Reading

$75 Reimbursement - $25 Pay - United In-Flight and Airport Shops - Back at Ipsos in June

$25 Shopper Pay with up to a $75 Reimbursement - United In-flights Shops United Airlines flights over 500 miles within the US will qualify. Apply in Shopmetrics $35 Shopper Pay - UNITED IN-CLUB SHOPS - Apply in Shopmetrics $15 Shopper Pay - UNITED GATE/LOBBY SHOPS - Apply in Shopmetrics If you are flying please... Continue Reading

IPSOS "Crop out the faces" requirement

I do not know if I missed something along the way, but I am pretty sure that I reviewed every shopper update and revision to the guidelines for a particular set of shops I completed at the end of last week. It is very possible that I missed one because... Continue Reading

$75 Reimbursement - $25 Pay - United In-Flight and Airport Shops - Back at Ipsos in June

$25 Shopper Pay with up to a $75 Reimbursement - United In-flights Shops United Airlines flights over 500 miles within the US will qualify. Apply in Shopmetrics $35 Shopper Pay - UNITED IN-CLUB SHOPS - Apply in Shopmetrics $15 Shopper Pay - UNITED GATE/LOBBY SHOPS - Apply in Shopmetrics If you are flying please... Continue Reading

Where are the Ipsos bonuses?

The monthly blue (or red) P5ís are more than a week late in adding the first small bonus: theyíre still at $12.50. Thereís always been at least one increment added, if not 2 or 3, by this time of month. The quarterly yellow M1ís, are also still at base rate,... Continue Reading

IPSOS shopmetrics log in issues

Anyone having a hard time logging into shopmetrics on IPSOS? It will allow me to log in, then IMMEDIATELY tell me my profile isn't complete and log me out. I can't access the profile to complete what might be missing or access the two shops that I was assigned to... Continue Reading

Initial Analysis of New Ipsos Gas Station

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IPSOS' New Gas Station Math Doesn't Add Up

What am I missing here? The newest IPSOS gas station description is as follows: Job Fee: $8.00 Expenses: $10.00 Self-assign at this time! Shop pay = $8 Product purchases: A minimum of $3, with a max of $7 in fuel + in-store item of up to $2... Continue Reading

Rescheduling An IPSOS Shop

Okay, I admit it - I did a gas station shop this week and found later when I began entering the information or the debrief, that it was not scheduled until next week. Even though I had written the start and end dates on my worksheet, I didn't bother to... Continue Reading

Is This An IPSOS Shopper's Strategy?

Over this past year, I've noticed something peculiar on the IPSOS Job Board. The gas station shops that asks about doing the shop again as rotation allows, Week 1 or Week 2 are assigned right before the beginning of the new month. The ones that I requested to do again are... Continue Reading

Tell me that IPSOS didnít pick up another gas client!

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Partial Payment from Ipsos

Did anyone else receive only a partial payment from IPSOS this week? I have 3 shops marked as "payment pending" but only received payment on 1. None of 3 are showing as paid (still payment pending) but I can tell by the $ amount which one was paid.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Blue Gas Station Payout Warning to Watch For

I just received payment for 2 of these shops I did earlier this month. Gas is under $5 in my area so I expected to be reimbursed the $5 for gas and $1 for the item I bought inside (I spent like $5.50 on gas and over $1 in store... Continue Reading

ipsos app

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$75 Reimbursement - $25 Pay - United In-Flight and Airport Shops - Back at Ipsos in May.

$25 Shopper Pay with up to a $75 Reimbursement - United In-flights Shops United Airlines flights over 500 miles within the US will qualify. Apply in Shopmetrics $35 Shopper Pay - UNITED IN-CLUB SHOPS - Apply in Shopmetrics $15 Shopper Pay - UNITED GATE/LOBBY SHOPS - Apply in Shopmetrics If you are flying please... Continue Reading

1099 and IPSOS again

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Anyone having issues with Ipsos payments from Shop Metrics site?

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$75 Reimbursement - $25 Pay - United In-Flight and Airport Shops - Back at Ipsos in April.

$25 Shopper Pay with up to a $75 Reimbursement - United In-flights Shops United Airlines flights over 500 miles within the US will qualify. Apply in Shopmetrics $35 Shopper Pay - UNITED IN-CLUB SHOPS - Apply in Shopmetrics If you are flying please send us the itinerary you received from your airline, with... Continue Reading

IPSOS website: Where is the "Need Assistance" box?

"If you have an account question, we invite you to use our chatbot on! Click on the "Need Assistance" box to get started." For some unknown (and unknowable! ) reason (or, more likely, no reason at all), IPSOS sent my payment to the wrong e-mail account. They must retrieve... Continue Reading

IPSOS Pay Statements

I just logged on to their website to check on payment for a particular shop. But the shop is not listed either on a pay statement or on the shops waiting to be put on a pay statement. I was about to fire off an email to IPSOS... Continue Reading

IPSOS Night Shops

I notice in the April update for the "Blue" gas stations, this particular message: "We really need Night Shops to start happening again this year." Am I the only one who believes they (IPSOS) are out of line in not adding an incentive for a shopper when asking for them to... Continue Reading

$75 Reimbursement - $25 Pay - United In-Flight and Airport Shops - Back at Ipsos in April.

$25 Shopper Pay with up to a $75 Reimbursement - United In-flights Shops United Airlines flights over 500 miles within the US will qualify. Apply in Shopmetrics $35 Shopper Pay - UNITED IN-CLUB SHOPS - Apply in Shopmetrics $15 Shopper Pay - UNITED GATE / LOBBY SHOPS - Apply in Shopmetrics If you are... Continue Reading

Whatís with the Ipsos Shop Report

The drop down and Upload features sometimes donít work. Can it be my phone?... Continue Reading

$75 Reimbursement - $25 Pay - United In-Flight and Airport Shops - Back at Ipsos in April.

$25 Shopper Pay with up to a $75 Reimbursement - United In-flights Shops United Airlines flights over 500 miles within the US will qualify. Apply in Shopmetrics $35 Shopper Pay - UNITED IN-CLUB SHOPS - Apply in Shopmetrics $15 Shopper Pay - UNITED GATE / LOBBY SHOPS - Apply in Shopmetrics If you... Continue Reading

IPSOS Due Date

I get really annoyed by the difficulty in communicating with Ipsos. I have an assigned job that was scheduled for yesterday. I wanted to reschedule it for today so I emailed this request. The project has no specific scheduler so I had to email the general Ipsos... Continue Reading

How to Print from Ipsos

When I want to print the front page of the shop I have accepted, I find that I get all the information on the left and only part of the page. I have tried landscaping the page and also have done a copy and paste to word but that is... Continue Reading

Has anyone gotten paid by IPSOS? My payments are late

Payment should have been made on the 15th. I got paid for one shop, but not the others. The others say they were paid on the 15th, but no money in my account for them.... Continue Reading

Regina B with IPSOS

Fantastic lady! Always responsive to emails - I wish everyone took as much pride in their job.... Continue Reading

Anyone getting late payments from IPSOS?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

IPSOS Sassie 3/15/22 Payments Delayed Until 3/18/22?

Did anyone else get the following email? Or am I a singular case? - - - - - - - - - - - We're sorry, ColoKate63. Your expected payment for shops completed through our Sassie platform has been delayed until Friday, March 18. Payment for shops completed through our Shopmetrics... Continue Reading

United Airline In-Flight and Airport Shops are Back at Ipsos for April

United Airlines flights over 500 miles within the US will qualify. $25 Shopper Pay with up to a $75 Reimbursement in Shopmetrics While at the Airport - Earn some extra cash. $35 Shopper Pay - United In-Club Shops $15 Shopper Pay - United Gate or Lobby Shops If you are flying, please send us the... Continue Reading

Wow, Ipsos,

I attempted a shop at a location that doesn't exist. It was at a mall and took me 30 minutes to track it down. I submitted proof of the closure. Their response was, "Thank you for proving that this location is closed/no longer at the listed address and you will... Continue Reading

United Airline In-Flight and Airport Shops are Back at Ipsos for April

United Airlines flights over 500 miles within the US will qualify. $25 Shopper Pay with up to a $75 Reimbursement in Shopmetrics While at the Airport - Earn some extra cash. $35 Shopper Pay - United In-Club Shops $15 Shopper Pay - United Gate or Lobby Shops If you are flying, please send us... Continue Reading

ipsos Electronics Mystery Shop - Cellular promo and display check

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Ipsos phone shop payment

I have been doing several of the phone shops for Ipsos lately. Occasionally, I wait more than 15 minutes without getting helped. One of the choices after "Were you able to complete the shop?" is "Waited more than 15 minutes." Does anyone know if we get full... Continue Reading

United Airline In-Flight and Airport Shops are Back at Ipsos for April

United Airline In-Flight Shops, have plans to travel this Spring? $25 Shopper Pay with up to a $75 Reimbursement in Shopmetrics United Airlines flights over 500 miles within the US will qualify. $35 Shopper Pay - United In-Club Shops $15 Shopper Pay - United Gate or Lobby Shops If you are flying, please send us... Continue Reading

Negotiating Fees with Ipsos know...for those...remote, gotta have them done now, shops that could maybe be done on a route if the price was right.....Well, the discussion was going okay until the Ipsos scheduler just ghosted me. Lots of talk for one day, no responses for the last two is an... Continue Reading

Change to Ipsos website portal

It looks like Ipsos changed the look of their portal this morning. It looks like I'm no longer able to filter by a specific client.... Continue Reading

United Airline In-Flight and Airport Shops are Back at Ipsos for March.

United Airline In-Flight Shops $25 Shopper Pay with up to a $75 Reimbursement in Shopmetrics United Airlines flights over 500 miles within the US will qualify. UNITED IN-CLUB SHOPS - $35 Shopper Pay. UNITED GATE / LOBBY SHOPS - $15 Shopper Pay. If you are flying please send us the itinerary you received from... Continue Reading

Ipsos Pet Peeves

Okay so every MSC that uses Sassie can get the e-mails to list the states in alphabetical order EXCEPT the schedulers for Ipsos. I know this has been discussed before and I know how to find my state etc. etc. But wouldn't it be nice if they could figure it... Continue Reading

Anyone having issues with the cell phone test for IPSOS?

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Ipsos Editors bonce back on Yellow Gas stations

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

IPSOS Back-up Shopper Function?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Have you eaten your chinese food today? Ipsos has shops in your area.

Ipsos has shops available at a fast casual Chinese restaurant chain with locations across the US. Dine In, Drive-Thru and Online Order/Pick up shops. $8.00 shop pay plus $8.00 reimbursement + $3.00 Bonus. I am scheduling locations in TX, AZ, CO, UT, MO, OK, AR, NM, KS, and PR. Email... Continue Reading

How to call Ipsos

Is there a way to call the Ipsos schedulers? I am having a problem with a gas station shop.... Continue Reading

1099 from Ipsos ?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Ipsos gas stations 2D or 3D canopy

Help....I cannot tell the difference in the photo between the 2D and 3D canopy! Can someone explain it to me? Thank you!... Continue Reading

$15 Shopper Pay - Ipsos has over 44 different US airport shop locations

$15 Shopper Pay - United Gate or Lobby Shops Ipsos has over 44 different US airport shop locations for the Gate or Lobby shops Airport Workers, and those who travel for business or pleasure: You will visit the lobby counter (located where you initially enter the airport, where you would print your boarding... Continue Reading

Strange Welcome To Ipsos Email

Why am I getting this email today???... Continue Reading

$15 Shopper Pay - Ipsos has over 44 different US airport shop locations

$15 Shopper Pay - United Gate or Lobby Shops Ipsos has over 44 different US airport shop locations for the Gate or Lobby shops Airport Workers, and those who travel for business or pleasure: You will visit the lobby counter (located where you initially enter the airport, where you would print your boarding... Continue Reading

Ipsos Wanting Additional Work For No Additional Pay

[b]deleted[/b]... Continue Reading

62 Emails: Ipsos Insight LLC Mystery Shop Posting (Self Assign!): Tech Retail

Anyone else get 62 emails like this? I think I'm going to weed out companies in 2022 to avoid things like this. It's time to evaluate how well my time is being spent.... Continue Reading

IPSOS 2022 Shops

I'm curious - has anyone heard what type of new guidelines IPSOS will mandate for their gas stations shops?... Continue Reading

Ipsos Platform &Log in Info Needed

Hi :) it's been awhile since I shopped for Ipsos and unsure where their current log in is, what platform they are using, etc. I cannot log into sassie ..get msg that my email is unrecognizable but can log in thru shopmetrics but it's... Continue Reading

Ipsos - Screen Shot Uploads Won't Accept .PDF Files

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Ipsos Gas Station Shops

I'm still trying to get back in the game after a bone mattow transplant. I am not seeing any of the Blue or Red gas stations. I even widened my search parameters. Wondering if they still have them.... Continue Reading

IPSOS November 24 Update

Well, this is a new one! Over the years when performing gas station shops I've been admonished by the editors for missing a sign on the site's property or any type of non gas station related advertising, stickers and graffiti on the pumps or anywhere on the site. During election years,... Continue Reading

IPSOS Shopmetrics Pay?

Has anyone gotten paid on the Shopmetrics side this week?... Continue Reading

IPSOS gas station shops on SHOPMETRICS using the app -- game changer!

You all know by now I'm totally a tech dinosaur. Today, for the VERY first time, I did an IPSOS gas station. Using the IShopForIpsos app, I walked right through the entire shop/audit. For a tech person, it would have been seamless -- for me, there were a... Continue Reading

Ipsos Online Electronics Shops Question

Hello! Has anyone else signed up for these? I did, and there are no scenarios/guidelines on my assigned shops, which has never happened before on any Sassie shops for any company. A quiz is required, and I can't take the quiz without studying the guidelines. The only contact listed is... Continue Reading

Have you had your chinese food for today? Ipsos has the meal for you!

Ipsos has new shops available at a fast casual Chinese restaurant chain with locations across the US. Dine In, Drive-Thru and Online Order/Pick up shops. $6.50-$7.50 pay plus $7.50 reimbursement. If you are already registered with Ipsos, just log on and grab one - these are on the SASSIE platform. If... Continue Reading

IPSOS falling behind on editing...

...and as a result, will be "late" in paying. I normally don't worry about this too much with IPSOS, but it appears that their policy of paying quickly has been tossed aside with a bottleneck in editing. Yesterday (11/7), I received an email from IPSOS requesting a correction to... Continue Reading

Ipsos shop highly recommended by ShopperBob

I received a notice this afternoon, 11/03, that Ipsos seeks a shopper without a credit score for the same job I completed last week for those whose score is high. The fee is $140 for no more than three hours of your time. In addition, minimal narrative is required for... Continue Reading

IPSOS ďHolidayĒ Pay Schedule

Can someone remind me pleaseÖon the holiday schedule they pay on Tuesday andÖ.Friday? I canít remember from previous yearsÖ... Continue Reading

IPSOS on two platforms

what is the difference between the IPSOS on Sassie and Shopmetrics? Which one uses the app? I have a login on each with different e-mail address (learned my lesson the hard way by not making a separate shop email from the start....trying to fix all that now)... Continue Reading

Celeste, ipsos

Thanks for quick replies and scheduling!... Continue Reading

Random Thoughts On IPSOS Gas Station Shops

Last week, while doing a "Blue" gas station shop in a very large city, I took a photo of the "Lubricants" offered (as required), the station's manager quietly remarked with a sad expression, "We have more of that type in the back. But look at where we are. This is... Continue Reading

New chinese restaurant shops available with Ipsos!

Ipsos has new shops available at a fast casual Chinese restaurant chain with locations across the US. Dine In, Drive-Thru and Online Order/Pick up shops. $5-$6 pay plus $7.50 reimbursement. If you are already registered with Ipsos, just log on and grab one - these are on the SASSIE platform. If... Continue Reading

IPSOS - Email Response?

Hi IPSOS used to respond to questions sent to Does anyone still get a response to this address? I haven't seen a response in weeks.... Continue Reading

Have a craving for chinese food? Ipsos has fast casual Chinese restaurant shops.

Ipsos has new shops available at a fast casual Chinese restaurant chain with locations across the US. Dine In, Drive-Thru and Online Order/Pick up shops are available. $5-$6 pay plus $7.50 reimbursement. If you are already registered with Ipsos, just log on and grab one - these are on the SASSIE... Continue Reading

Ipsos has new casual chinese dining shops! Dine In, Drive thru and Online Order/ Pick Up

Ipsos has new shops available at a fast casual Chinese restaurant chain with locations across the US. Dine In, Drive-Thru and Online Order/Pick up shops. $5-$6 pay plus $7.50 reimbursement. If you are already registered with Ipsos, just log on and grab one - these are on the SASSIE platform. If... Continue Reading

Ipsos Shopmetrics

I can't seem to access the open opportunities. There is a bar asking me to update my zip code and shopping distance, but when I click on it all I get is a bunch of USPS shops for MA, which is about 1000 miles away (maybe more?). And... Continue Reading

Presto / Ipsos

Iím pretty new. Iím trying to sign up for everything everywhere. Some interfaces are terrible! So. Question: Ipsos emails opportunities but itís not on their Sassie or Shopmetrics site BUT the Presto app has it. What is that? Does one complete shops in app? You also only get like 2 minutes to check... Continue Reading

IPSOS Job Board

Hello is anyone able to search for jobs on the Sassie Ipsos site? When I go to search for jobs, it says "There are no available standard shops at this moment. Please try again later." I have tried many different zip codes and my husband tried his... Continue Reading

Help! Didn't get paid from Ipsos Shopmetrics side. Who can I contact?

Hi, I'm a new member here, but not new to Mystery Shopping. This is the first time anything like this has happened. I see my pay statement in Ispos Shopmetrics pay history, but it there is no corresponding Paypal deposit. I've contacted the only email that I can... Continue Reading

IPSOS Multi-Part Shops

I guess I'm a glutton for punishment! I'm doing a multi-part IPSOS shop, the third multi-parter I've done for them in three months. It is SO frustrating to input each part of the survey and save it, only to continue to get: first, reminder emails; second, overdue-notice emails; and third,... Continue Reading

Ipsos Sassie- Unable to login

Getting this message (multiple browsers attempted): Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002): Connection timed out in /home/surfmer/sassiecore_b/sassiehelpers/common/StaticGlobals.class.php on line 360 Failed to establish database connection (366); /home/surfmer/sassiecore_b/sassiehelpers/common/StaticGlobals.class.php line 366 Anyone else?... Continue Reading

IPSOS, Please Extend Your Dates!

I'm trying to stay out of the fray of the other string regarding IPSOS paying on time. But, this one continues to bother me: It is the way IPSOS scheduless their shopping dates - especially so, for their gas station shops (the Blue ones and the Yellow ones). When Maritz handled these... Continue Reading

IPSOS not paying!!!! scamming shoppers!!!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Contact at IPSOS

I have sent 6 different emails to the above's main email account regarding not being able to self assign accounts that say that I can self assign. This has been over the past 2 months with zero response. Does anyone have a contact or phone number for anyone to give... Continue Reading

Disturbing new trend from Ipsos

Just received three emails from Ipsos offering red/white/blue conditional reveal shops. The numerous shops are categorized by state, as per usual, but now the states are listed in a totally random fashion (different in each email) instead of alphabetically, requiring considerably more time when attempting to assign shops. Nice job showing respect... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

$135 Inquiries, Most states *IPSOS*

Ipsos is currently scheduling watch inquiry shops for $135 each. No purchase required! We are scheduling in most states. Please log in and take a look at what we are offering! Ask me about these For Ipsos (Shopmetrics) shops please go to ANCHORAGE AK 99503 BIRMINGHAM AL 35243 HUNTSVILLE AL 35802 RIVERSIDE CA 92503 ROSEVILLE CA 95678 SAN GABRIEL CA 91776 PALM DESERT CA 92260 PALM DESERT CA 92260 ROLLING HILLS ESTATES CA 90274 LONE TREE CO 80124 VAIL CO 81657 ASPEN CO 81611 BOULDER CO 80302 ENGLEWOOD CO 80113 FAIRFIELD CT 06825 W.... Continue Reading

Urgent Ipsos Contact?

Hello All! I have a question. I have had positive experiences with IPSOS and enjoy working for them! I have an issue today that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I had a shop that I self-assigned to be due on 8/16. The original shopping window was 8/12-8/16. I... Continue Reading

IPSOS Gas Station Scores

From what I understand, the IPSOS scoring program allows and disallows shoppers to self assign shops, amongst other "perks". If these score that are given out are so important, why do some of my finished shops just have this comment: "Thank you for partnering with Ipsos! Your report has been accepted." That's... Continue Reading

Shopmetrics for ipsos is down.

I cannot log in to shopmetrics on the website or on the app. It says there is an error. This is with Ipsos. The sassie login is working. Is anyone else having this issue? This is a huge PITA as I am on a tight schedule.... Continue Reading

Hilarious message from IPSOS

I got a request for several new photos...and this message in my log, (Yes, they did NOT ask for a new counter photo!)...this is the kind of stuff that makes me run out the door with my hair on fire! Please make sure that you send a photo of the countertop. The... Continue Reading

Photo uploads from phone to IPSOS are always blurry

I don't know if it is my equipment or what but when I take a photo of a receipt and load it into a shopmetrics form it always comes out blurry. I have done the same for other msc and it seems okay. My expensive scanner does not... Continue Reading

App use Ipsos Gas Stations

When I did these for MaritzCX (pre-COVID), it was done on their app, CX Onsite. Are they still done using an app while you at the station, or are they back to taking photos and later inserting them in the form?... Continue Reading

IPSOS Shopmetrics Payment 7/27?

Has anyone gotten a statement or pay from the Shopmetrics side today?... Continue Reading

Missing IPSOS payment

I am having some difficulty getting any assistance on a missing payment on several Ipsos shops through Shopmetrics; there does not seem to be a valid contact or email address to use for assistance, other than the canned "we will get back to you as soon as we can". When... Continue Reading

ipsos log in

Is anyone getting a "server error" when trying to log in to ipsos. Or is it a problem on my end?... Continue Reading

IPSOS Gas Shops

Why are they on the board so long? With the predecessor MSC, people created long, bonused routes directly with the schedulers. I see via email that bonuses are offered but the locations are not moving. Are these now 10-ft pole shops for some reason?... Continue Reading

And while I'm ragging on IPSOS...

My last round of red/white/blue conditional reveals got dinged for some locations being "too white glove". Sorry...but the wording in the shop form indicates the lot and landscape areas need to be "free" from trash/debris. If there is a single piece of trash/debris, an area is no longer free of... Continue Reading

And the award for worst IPSOS editor goes to...

The one who returned my red/white/blue conditional reveal shop for incorrect receipts when the correct receipts were attached in the first place. The editor failed to note the address as provided was wrong, and that I had I corrected it in the shop form, with the correct address matching one receipt... Continue Reading

NA Mystery Shopping

What is the point of this email address: Especially when they use it for contacting the scheduler - For example Questions, contact They very rarely respond and mostly all you ever get is an automatic reply that says: "Thanks for contacting the iShopFor Ipsos general mailbox. We will... Continue Reading

New Ipsos 1P Tech Hardware Shops - Beware

I normally will do this shop even though it only pays $12 as one of the phone stores is a quarter mile from my house. I was trying to determine what it was from the vague description. I requested one figuring I would download the guidelines and then accept or reject... Continue Reading

Are IPSOS Gas Shops getting more similar to each other? (All, no specific brand)

Does it look like most of the different companies shops are getting standardized? What do you think about the guidelines having multiple brands in the pictures? Do you miss the bound and printed guides we used to get?... Continue Reading


Did anyone get an email from an Ipsos scheduler saying that the client has cancelled one or more of your shops? If yes, were any of them actually cancelled and removed from your shop log? All of my original shops are still on my shop log with no removals. I... Continue Reading

Ipsos New opportunities bringing up foreign xxxx shops

[b]deleted[/b]... Continue Reading

IPSOS Hold Pay?

Anyone have experience with this? I work a ton for them and a recent shop... well, I was supposed to reveal and the person I was talking to was at a total loss and claimed they couldn't help me. I noted this in the report, but I didn't do anything... Continue Reading

You're on the road, and you have an IPSOS report you MUST submit. Do you use the app, or wait until you can access the website?

Just got a new phone, it seems to work much better in the rural areas. I need now to master getting reports in while on the road. Thoughts, hints, personal history with IPSOS app? It's been a while since anyone posted horror stories about it, LOL. Not Presto; I've given up on... Continue Reading

Ipsos and stagecoach bank certification

I was never interested in any of these complaint-against-the-bank shops because I didn't think I could pull it off. But now I'm going to try a phone one. However, I cannot pass the certification!! Have failed 5 times. Any tips?? I can reach out to the scheduler but this... Continue Reading

Ipsos has URGENT $40 Gas Shops! Make an offer. Shop today.

Ipsos has URGENT $40 gas audits in your area. Can you help Today? Make me an offer! This is a REVEALED gas station audit with photo collection to evaluate the Fueling Experience, Customer Service, Store Experience, and Restrooms. NY- Arkville VT- Burlington, Poultney, Waterbury, Northfield, Swanton, Winooski KY- Verona Search our... Continue Reading

IPSOS Job Board

I know that its the end of the month, but when I try to view jobs available on the ISHOPFORIPSOS job board, it shows a few jobs even when I input a 100 mile radius. It says there are hundreds of shops, yet I only see 3 or 4. Anyone know... Continue Reading

Ipsos has urgent site inspection shops MA SC NY NM MO WY GA NC FL PA

Ipsos has urgent site inspection shops, they will begin as a mystery shop and will turn into a REVEALED inspection. Locations in MA SC NY NM MO WY GA NC CA FL PA *While on a revealed inspection, you must wear a mask or cloth face covering* $12.50 shopper pay! Bonus up to... Continue Reading

IPSOS iShop First Program

IPSOS has a new program called iShop First. What are your thoughts on it? I think they are starting it with gas stations on Sassie.... Continue Reading

Is anyone noticing IPSOS cancelling bonused shops?

It makes it impossible to plan a route if half of your jobs are cancelled and you still have to do the jobs for other companies. (Probably because there is too much bonus)... Continue Reading

How often does IPSOS pay now?

Just waiting on pay for shops completed over 10 days ago and immediately "approved for payment" but no other sign of pay forthcoming. I thought they were paying twice a week; was that only for the holiday season? (Sorry for the senior moment; I already started a similar thread, but now realize... Continue Reading

Need contact email for IPSOS appeal of a "Hold Pay" shop

Does anyone out there know of a senior person at IPSOS who will respond to my appeal for a "Hold Pay" shop? I think I did everything right!... Continue Reading

IPSOS Health Inspection Retail Audit

Since there aren't any food shops in my area, I am trying to expand my MS portfolio. Has anyone here done these shops? There is not a lot of information. Does it require pictures? Is the survey lengthy? I prefer to do non revealed shops and... Continue Reading

Ipsos Inbox Zero

I think Ipsos is playing the 'Inbox Zero' game in my area....usually the next round of shops is live by now but there is absolutely nothing in either Sassie or Shopmetrics except the ones not moving. Is that true everywhere? I'm in Illinois.... Continue Reading

Ipsos website trouble?

Is anyone having trouble uploading gas station shops to the ipsos website or is it my computer. It is taking forever - slow motion.... Continue Reading

IPSOS site down?

Have not been able to get in on Shopmetrics or Sassie all night. Get message saying "The page isn't redirecting properly"... Continue Reading

Is IPSOS Now Too Big - And Its Own Worst Competition?

Up at 0300 with insomnia, flipping around through the job boards, I was pretty startled to see how many stale, Q1 shops are STILL on IPSOSí two boards, nationwide, today. And they are now all set against each other for the pandemic-shrunk pool of available shoppers. IPSOSí banking clients are... Continue Reading

Beware of bonuses offered by KSS for IPSOS shops

Just wanted to alert shoppers who schedule gas station shops through Kern Scheduling (KSS) for IPSOS. I completed several shops in late February that were scheduled through KSS and all had a $20 bonus per shop. Shops were completed on time and I was paid the base rate... Continue Reading

Celeste @ Ipsos

I'm very happy with Celeste Borden at Ipsos - she responds to me within minutes and is very flexible! Nice to have quick and reasonable responses.... Continue Reading

Ipsos shopmetric site down?

I can't connect. Anyone else having issues?... Continue Reading

Technology Shop Moved from Secret Shopper to Ipsos

I used to do a fairly simple technology shop for Secret Shopper for $15 usually bonused to $20. I think naming the industry would give away the client. It appears that in March, Ipsos is showing these shops on their job board at $18 per shop. They also have... Continue Reading


Does anyone know how you can check to see how much you have been paid YTD ?? I know you can see this information on Trendsource. thank you... Continue Reading

Finding shops on IPSOS Shopmetrics

Never mind. I rebooted my computer.... Continue Reading

OK all you English majors and IPSOS Shoppers

I need some help and feedback. I am thinking of emailing the VP of Ipsos about leaving the bidding process out of the new business model This is what I have. Please feel free to correct and add to it. Dear Ms. Medina, My name is BMT Tinman and I am... Continue Reading

IPSOS Electronic Stores

Searching this MSC's job board, I am seeing a lot of the above shops. I haven't done any of them yet but was wondering the pros and cons of them. Thanks for your opinions in advance.... Continue Reading

IPSOS - PreQualification

So... I haven't done anything for Ipsos for a long time.... I got an email for a shop that caught my interest, however, in order to apply, I need to take a "pre-qualification screener." That's fine - I found the test just fine. However 100% is required to pass, there... Continue Reading

New to ipsos and all mystery shops

Im trying to do a mystery shop on ipsos but im confused they want me to download all these apps to do this shopping ive got mobiaudit and presto shopper its confusing when i sign up for one they want me to download another app to complete it im frustrated... Continue Reading

The Good, Bad and Ugly of the IPSOS Job Board

I know its cold and snowy out there, plus a Pandemic to work around, so some random thoughts and maybe that is the reason I see them, but: As everyone is probably aware, unlike the old Maritz available jobs, the IPSOS job board shows all jobs available in a certain area... Continue Reading

IPSOS Is Not Paying For Diesel Checks

In reviewing my shops that I've performed for IPSOS, I am now finding that shops that require to also check diesel pumps are no longer paying the additional $1.00. These are the shops that ask you to see if there is a separate diesel canopy and require a photo of... Continue Reading

Getting in touch with IPSOS is SO frustrating!

I have a bank shop due for them tomorrow. You're supposed to make the appointment online, so I tried to as soon as I was awarded the shop. The online bank calendar is showing zero time slots available for the rest of this month! I immediately emailed the scheduler, but... Continue Reading

Ipsos' Shopmetrics Site: Can't Log In

Application Failure An application error occurred. A detailed error log is currently being sent to our support team for diagnostics. Please, verify your data entry and retry in a few moments. We apologize for this inconvenience.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Sassie Reschedule

I just picked up some jobs and stupidly chose the wrong dates. Is there an easy way to reschedule this? I find this company generally difficult to communicate with and need these jobs rescheduled pretty quickly.... Continue Reading

Ipsos partially edited 'incomplete' shops

I can't wait until we can stop talking about the same companies and shops..... but alas, until then, I've run into a new snag with Ipsos and the 'new' way they do things. Their outsourced editors are leaving my shops partially edited and 'incomplete' in my shop log for sometimes over... Continue Reading

Ipsos Shopmetrics - survey submit button grayed out

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

IPSOS, I'm A Good Shopper

According to the IPSOS scoring method, I am a good shopper, receiving eights and tens in their ratings. So, that being said, I am into the second month of the IPSOS gas stations that are requested the previous month and assigned the next month (following shopper rules of performing every other... Continue Reading

1099s from IPSOS/Maritz?

Has anyone received their 1009s from IPSOS this year? Itís the only one Iím missing, and Iím not sure if it will be mailed/emailed/online...... Continue Reading

1099 for IPSOS

Has anyone had a 2020 1099 tax statement yet for IPSOS? I think it's normally early Feb so I'm probably a bit early to expect it. I'm wondering if it will be one for everything or will there be a separate one from Maritz from the start of the year,... Continue Reading

Test available for Ipsos/Sassie. WHERE are the guides?

I just took several tests on Ipsos/Sassie to bring me current coming from MaritzCX. Where are the guides and updates need to pass the test? I had kept the guides from Maritz and the tests, and this is the only way I could pass. There are several questions on the... Continue Reading

Ipsos Presto

Anyone else seeing problems with large numbers of shops being grabbed and constantly renewed? I keep seeing shops taken and then they reappear for an hour a couple days later, disappear, come back for 15 minutes the next day... I would have thought this was being monitored.... Continue Reading

ROCKSTAR Schedulers and Account Managers KSS, IPSOS, ACL, SCM and RBG

Rant: I am tired of all the negativity. We all have been bombarded with negativity from each other and the media. I, for one, am asking for a moratorium on the negative attitudes and words. Please give me one month. How about February? The month of LOVE. I know many... Continue Reading

IPSOS Payments vs Maritz Payments

In the past, when I performed shops for Maritz, I was paid first, via check and then later, via direct deposit. With the old Maritz system, I could see, on the Maritz online site, which shops I was paid via their dates performed and most importantly, by their Shop ID... Continue Reading

Kern and Ipsos

Grrrr...maybe they've always scheduled for them but I have always gotten pretty much every shipping shop I've applied for from Ipsos. But I've just applied for seven and didn't get ONE! Thanks, Kern. :(... Continue Reading

A webinar by Ipsos for NEW Shoppers. A must watch video to get the facts. This would have been nice to have when I started mystery shopping. I found this to be very informative for the but not for the advanced shopper... Continue Reading

Latest Ipsos communication technique

...crickets....(but please read our hourly emails!)... Continue Reading

Is there an app you can use for Ipsos sassie side

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Hi All, Does anyone have any ideas on IPSOS , I know they have the SASSIE/Shopmetrics- Is IPSOS Insight different then IPSOS USA. I am also trying to figure out is the IshopforIPSOS app is an extension of one of these or is it company direct. I know that IPOS... Continue Reading

IPSOS SASSIE Self Assign Available but shop not available

I've seen a couple of red gas stations on the quarterly schedule that I've been trying to pick up where it says self assign is available, however, when I click after selecting the date it tells me the shop is not available. They've been sitting on the board, so not... Continue Reading

Ipsos Again. Shops on hold for that!

I have done a few hundred gas shops for Ipsos/Maritz. Lately, I have been getting shops placed on hold for stupid stuff. Exhibit A...... blue..... "All answers must begin with capital letters." ... Continue Reading


...TO DELAY PAYMENTS TO SHOPPERS? I submitted 6 reports within the first week, actually within the first 4 days of this round. Only two have been "received" and only one says "payment pending." I feel the little hairs on the back of my neck raise up. I think the editors... Continue Reading


I just received my first graded gas station shop (I totally forgot about grades years ago!) and I just have to laugh. They graded me at "8" with random comments that made no sense if they bothered to read MY comments that I submitted in the report. For instance, several... Continue Reading

Payment for IPSOS Home Improvement Store Purchase and Return

I did these in late December and now, early January. I was practically 'begged' to take on a bunch more of them....promised prompt payroll turnaround, which has been a feather in Ipsos' I have 15 of them that are still in editing but the payment is "late". I... Continue Reading

Does IPSOS have an app a shopper can use to submit reports on site?

I don't mean going to their website and entering the data, but an actual app, where you can take the photo in the app, and not have to sweat driving many hours to get home and trying to submit reports before the 12 hour limit?... Continue Reading

This Maritz to Ipsos has been a nightmare

I am so frustrated with Ipsos. The communication is extremely flawed. The people at Maritz were good people who were responsive. First Ipsos demolished the teams cut the phone lines and left shoppers out in the cold. They seem to forget we are the people who are out in the field... Continue Reading

Ipsos App

Does the iPsos app just show the information on Shopmetrics? I figured I would give a shot so I could maybe see the information from the multiple sites in one location, but not able to get SASSIE info to show.... Continue Reading

Ipsos/Shopmetrics/Sassie is not offering incentives for shops.

I have been trying to get gas station shops that I had doing on Maritz and that were moved to Sassie and Shopmetrics. I sent in bundles to scheduler that were listed as too which they were or no answer or denied. I got this answer first ĎThanks for letting... Continue Reading

How to find out who scheduler is for Ipsos shops.

Their name isnít listed in the shop guidelines.... Continue Reading

IPSOS Editors...

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Hi all, I m new member. I just install the app. but it keeps saying wrong username and passwords Username here is email ? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Ipsos Verification

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IpSos Certifications

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Who else has had enough of Ipsos reports timing out after 10 minutes?

Have done 2 today and both would not save my report after only entering information for 10 minutes. So now what? Do I have to save the report after entering each answer? Cmon guys. Donít say I have 30 minutes to save if I only have 10!!... Continue Reading

IPSOS Editors/Rejection

I've never had an issue with IPSOS before and have been doing shops for them for months. However, all of a sudden I did two of the same kind of shop for them and both have been rejected by the same editor, even after I provided the follow-up I asked... Continue Reading

IPSOS/Maritz pay...

Has anyone gotten their IPSOS (Maritz) pay today? I have a large number of shops outstanding, and when they weren't paid Tuesday, I figured they'd be here today...on that site there is no way to tell when a shop has been edited and accepted!... Continue Reading

IPSOS' Editors

I just got a really low grade on one of my reports, and this was in the email I received: "Note: this rating is final, and we are unable to provide detailed feedback on the specific errors found in your report. Your rating does not impact the amount of compensation you... Continue Reading

Ipsos shopper ratings

Ipsos just put out a nice video about how they rate shoppers - however they neglected to mention how you can find out what your rating is (or ratings are, by shop.) Does anyone know?... Continue Reading

IPSOS - Twice Weekly Pay?

Did anyone else see the notice in one of their Paypal payments that IPSOS would be paying twice weekly starting next week? I *think* it was my Shopmetrics platform payment... I wonder if it will apply to all three platforms?... Continue Reading

IPSOS Falsely States I Did Not Shop an Insta-Shop Location

[b]Removed[/b]... Continue Reading

Where can I find the $30 Smartphone Inquiry shops on Ipsos?

Just received an email about $30 Smartphone inquiry phone shops for Ipsos. All I see are the $75 buy and return a phone shops. Thanks.... Continue Reading

IPSOS Login Issues???

Is anyone else able to login to the IPSOS Shopmetrics website at the moment?... Continue Reading

Ipsos Sassie Ratings

Does anyone know anything about Ipsos shopper ratings for the Sassie shops? I canít do a shop, because it says my shopper rating is too low to do it. I never even knew Ipsos rated shops. Now they are being very slow to answer any questions about their rating system.... Continue Reading

IPSOS Sassie fee for closed location?

Does anyone know what IPSOS pays for a closed location on their Sassie platform? On their ishopforipsos platform, I believe they paid 50% for a closed location.... Continue Reading

IPSOS-Shops still in completed status

I completed multiple shops with IPSOS and its been about 6 days the shop is in completed status and have not changed to Received. Any idea what's going on?... Continue Reading

Ipsos former Maritz shops

Does anyone know if this platform has an app? I love completing reports in my car immediately after finishing shops on the Shopmetrics platform. I have my first group of shops with a ton of details on the Maritz platform and it would be great if there was an app... Continue Reading

IPSOS email needed

I know that somebody has posted it here before, but I donít seem to be able to find it on my phone on my lunch break. Iím not looking for the general email address, but there is a more specific email for the projects that were done by ďteamsĒ. Does anybody have... Continue Reading

Anyone else having trouble logging in to IPSOS?

Edited to delete. Got it working.... Continue Reading

Wyoming ~ Ipsos has shops in your area

Simple shipping shops are back out! Thereís good money to be made, and it is NEVER too early for holiday cash! Pays $12, reimburses up to $14, and we are scheduling ALL states! Shops are in Shopmetrics. Use the info below to sign up or sign in and search for... Continue Reading

Maritz platform Ipsos

Even though I've done hundreds of shops for Ipsos on Shopmetrics and Sassie, I have my first on the Maritz platform. Because I never worked for Maritz, I'm confused!! First, I applied many times and always was told the gas station shops I chose were 'unable to be assigned' .... Continue Reading

Frustrated with Ipsos

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Ipsos Make Offer View My Bundles???

I have put in several bundles since June. I go to Find new shops,Go to my bundles,. I see all the bundles i have put in for, and i see Status: CounterOffer Pending. I never here from anyone, I never get an email no nothing. If there are ANYONE that... Continue Reading

Ipsos Payments - where can I check?

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Lagacy Maritz/Ipsos

Does anyone know who I would contact about being restricted from shops? My scheduler cannot tell me.... Continue Reading

GA FL IL Shoppers $75 Ipsos TV Service Shops

FL, GA IL SHOPPERS! IPSOS has Mystery Shops involving the purchase of TV service. Purchase will be required either online, via telephone call center, or a retail location (depending on location). Instead of shipping the equipment, you will have it delivered to your home. IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT: This shop requires you to... Continue Reading

Ipsos electronics test

I am having a problem with being able to take the electronics test that needs to be taken to do the electronics shops. I tried to take one just on the testing part of the site, and it says no tests available, although I can see all the other... Continue Reading

Florida Georgia & Illinois Shoppers! $75 Ipsos Mystery Shops- TV Service Purchase

FL, GA IL SHOPPERS! Ipsos has Mystery Shops involving the purchase of TV service. Purchase will be required either online, via telephone call center, or a retail location (depending on location). Instead of shipping the equipment, you will have it delivered to your home. IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT: This shop requires you to... Continue Reading

Anyone else have "Pending" payments from IPSOS Sassie...just waiting...

It's been pending all day, I'm thinking today is still payday for IPSOS? Waiting...waiting...ugh... Continue Reading

Ipsos app

Hello. I downloaded the I shop for ipsos app onto my phone. The map shows China. I do not know how to uninstall this app from my phone. It is not working very well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)... Continue Reading

IPSOS $ 100 Bonus?

I received a e-mail Thur around 4 PM for a shop with $ 100 Bonus that is due Saturday. I applied for it and around 7 PM I was assigned the shop. However, it is still showing the same base fee. I will be in the area and... Continue Reading

IPSOS Non-Responsive

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[b]deleted[/b]... Continue Reading

IPSOS/Maritz Site Issue

Whenever you have an issue with the site, such as: Your report page not loading ERROR messages Time Outs and anything else that has and can happen. Don't Panic! Always send an email to all of the addresses you have, explaining what is happening, with the time it happened. Walk away and give it some time.... Continue Reading

IPSOS ShopMetrics payment

Has anyone heard of when Tuesday's payment will be made? I received an email that it would be delayed 2-3 days, but well, it's Saturday now and still no payment to Pay Pal.... Continue Reading


Are all the gas station shops that were on Martiz now on KSS??... Continue Reading

Has anyone emailed IPSOS/Maritz regarding missing pay?

I'm guessing I'll use the standard email for them, but I'm just curious if anyone has had to email them about missing shops yet? It used to be so easy to contact the finance lady at Maritz, and she'd go over it with you on the phone and fix anything... Continue Reading

Need Contact at IPSOS regarding missing payment

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Ipsos Shopmetrics Shops.

I applied for and was awarded an Ipsos shop through Shopmetrcs. It was due today, but I knew first thing this morning that I would not be able to do it today. I emailed the scheduler asking for a one-day extension. Four hours later, still no response so I emailed... Continue Reading

IPSOS Regular Box Shops

Does anyone know a definite way to tell the difference between just posters and promotional boards?... Continue Reading

Ipsos, blue bank shops, and the NEW 8 hour window.

So, one has eight hours to submit a report, or before seems that the editors at Ipsos cannot tell time! Anyone else in this boat? Update: The 8 hour deadline is based on the shopper's time zone, so if you are working/doing a shop in a time zone... Continue Reading

Another Ipsos Issue?

Had a order on-line pick up in store cellphone shop. Cellphone company doesnít offer that option. Was told in writing to change the shop to buy in store. So I did the shop. Next thing I get an email to cancel the shop. But I already bought a phone and... Continue Reading


Anyone hearing back from Ipsos? Contacted them to tell them I need 1 day extension to pick up cellphone I ordered on line. Never heard back. Iím not picking up a cellphone and incur restocking charges that wonít be reimbursed if I donít get the OK. Would you?... Continue Reading

I shop safe ipsos

Anyone else having trouble with presto shops for ipsos? They declined two of my shops with no explanation. I really don't know what is the problem..... Continue Reading

Ipsos email address

I'm not sure that I used the correct email address for Ipsos. I tried which is the address stated when I called them. That didn't work. I tried, the address for the shops assigned. I them tried and that went through but I don't know if I'll... Continue Reading

More IPSOS/Maritz/Legacy Transition Issues

This Maritz/IPSOS/Legacy transition is turning into a nightmare. I have current shops, within the current completion window, which I am trying to enter the results from and all is says is "not available at this time". My ISafe Certification, shop review, and profile/paymemt profile are all up date. I emiled Continue Reading

Ipsos Yellow and Blue shops app (or lack thereof)

Can ANYONE shed some light on why Ipsos is not making an app available to do these shops? These used to be my favorite shops to do, and even at base, I could make great money doing these, as they could be knocked out in 30-45 minutes, tops. ... Continue Reading

Ipsos presto shop not loading - HELP

I'm working a gas station shop and the presto won't load the sub sections, like pumps, overall... Anyone have a solution? Apparently they don't do tech support on weekends. After all, who shops on weekends?? Alternatively, anyone have any idea who to contact at Ipsos.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Shopping Grades

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Maritz/Ipsos - Is Anyone Getting Timely Responses to Urgent Issues?

In the certification quiz AND guidelines, it says to contact them immediately when you run into a safety issue (like harm to yourself on site) or a major incident. Since no one is answering the phones, I have to wait and send am email. Then days and days go by... Continue Reading

Resolved - No Feedback on Ishopfor Ipsos shops

Resolved - There was a problem with uploaded photos. Resubmitted and all is fine. I just completed 2 shops for Ipsos and both summaries were returned with a note "Survey has been returned to you by the validator. Please fill out the survey completely by following all survey instructions... Continue Reading

Maritz (Ipsos Legacy) Bundle / Website Problems

Yesterday afternoon I received a series of emails letting me know that I had been offered bundles that I could view and accept or decline on the Maritz / Ipsos website. I was able to view the first of them, then there seemed to be a problem with the map... Continue Reading

IPSOS I shop Safe Quiz

I have gas station audits scheduled for tomorrow and just got an e-mail today that said I had to take the I Shop Safe Quiz. I completed that, but how long does it take for them to approve the quiz? Or maybe I need to cancel what I... Continue Reading

Maritz (Ipsos Legacy) Email

Did anyone else get an email from Ipsos saying that you need to become IShopSafe Certified.... when you already are? I have to wonder if this was just something that went out to all shoppers with revealed audits, or if I'm going to have this annoying thing to... Continue Reading

Ipsos/Maritz Pay Dates?

I may have missed this in a search, but at the bottom of my report is a statement: Upon review and approval, each shop survey acts as an invoice for payment, and will be processed within the iShopfor Ipsos shopper payment cycle. -- so, no more invoices, which is nice,... Continue Reading

IPSOS Blue & Red Gas Shops

I have only skimmed through the Guidelines and Update letter for the Blue/Red shops but I didn't see the 10 shop a limit per day. Has anyone else seen this anywhere in the paperwork? I did though see Daytime only for Q3, ugh. Welcome back to shopping everyone!!!... Continue Reading

Ipsos removing assigned shop :(

Thankfully I doublechecked the address of the location before leaving the house but my package was all ready to go - then discovered they had removed the shop from my assigned shops! Without even a text or email explanation. Has this happened to anybody else? I could easily have found... Continue Reading


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IPSOS taking a while?

I did some of the, er, federal shops for IPSOS a few days ago and they're still pending. Has anyone else gotten paid for them? How long do they take? I normally wouldn't complain, but they're usually faster...... Continue Reading

Has anyone received a non-automated email from Heather F @ IPSOS?

I have sent her two separate emails this week. No response to either one. She is new to scheduling CA. Has anyone ever heard from her in response to an email? Iím 99% certain that she does not work ďin the officeĒ.... Continue Reading

Anyone gotten Ipsos pay today?

I got the statement, but No deposit yet... Continue Reading

Colorado Evaluations now out - Check out Ipsos

Ipsos now has released the bank shops! Pays $12 each and these are inquiry only, no sign up, nothing like that. Log into Shopmetrics from this link. ē Click on HOME button at top after logging in ē Click on OPEN OPPORTUNITIES after you click on HOME button ē Middle of the page, put... Continue Reading

Ipsos app

Does anyone hate this app as much as I do?? I had such a smooth system on my laptop. But this app freezes, gives errors and I often have to submit a shop three times to get it to 'take'. Would love to find out I'm doing something wrong... Continue Reading

I guess Ipsos has started the gas shops for UT, CO,NM,AZ

I have checked the Ipsos board and the Dino shops have started to appear here in The 4 Corners area. May 29... Continue Reading

This is weird... IPSOS Certification (without retaking the quiz)

I just got an email from IPSOS congratulating me on passing the I Shop Safe certification. I took the quiz awhile ago and they failed me for wearing a N-95 in my selfie photo. I refused to take the quiz a second time because I am not going to jeopardize... Continue Reading

OK, need some help with Maritz/IPSOS

I still have not been paid for March 18 shop. I have left voice mail at Maritz, and e-mailed the place "Fred" said to e-mail. Crickets. Does anybody have any way of reaching IPSOS/Maritz, other than the above two? Granted, it's only less than $50...but I did the work, I earned it, and I... Continue Reading

Will Gas Stations from Maritz CX (now Ipsos) start up again on May 1st?

The gas station client that I work for halted the entire program back in March. I have not received any word yet if they are starting up again on May 1st or maybe on next Monday. I have never worked for Ipsos so I am a transfer from Maritz. I... Continue Reading

New email from IPSOS

I received and E-mail today from IPSOS regarding something referred to as "I Shop Safe Certification". Since it did not give much information, I'm wondering if anyone has clicked on the link and take the certification. If so, what was it like?... Continue Reading

The latest from Frankly Fred (IPSOS/MaritzCX) PayPal

Weíre working hard during this time to create an even better mystery shopping experience for all of our shoppers. We know change can be challenging, but we appreciate you sticking with us through it all. We are #BetterTogether. Here are some important updates coming down the pipeline. If you have... Continue Reading

Maritz/Ipsos payroll 4/15

Hs anyone actually received money from Maritz/Ipsos in their bank account today? The Maritz/Ipsos site lists my shops under the 'direct deposit' but the $$ have not hit my bank account. This is making me nervous. Edited to note that payment was processed via their Chase ACH procedure on 4/17/2002.... Continue Reading

Maritz (IPSOS) Login

So I got an email that Maritz and IPSOS merged. However, I cannot log into the page it redirects me to. I have requested a password change a couple times and never received an email. But... I can log into IPSOS (formerly GFK) from the Sassie platform with... Continue Reading

MaritzCX (now Ipsos) changes payment method

I just received an email from Ipsos, telling me that MaritzCX is now paying via paypal (not direct deposit, or its recent (and temporary quasi-direct deposit method). I was asked to update my profile to include my papal address.... Continue Reading

IPSOS (Martiz) Offering Home Store Shops in So. Cal.

I had 2 Home store shops scheduled for last week here in So Cal. I called and left messages to reschedule since the project goes into May. When I received an email reminding me the jobs were past due I responded requesting a delay reminding them of the Shelter in... Continue Reading

Trouble transitioning from Maritz website to Ipsos?

I get connected to the new site, but it won't accept my password and when i try to reset, I never get the email I need to reset. Is anyone else having issues?... Continue Reading

IPSOS - you know what would be great right about now?

Maybe somebody can delete all of the expired jobs that have been on the board for 1-2 years? You know that ones that were due in Dec 2019 or May 2019? Now's a great time to do it when there are only 800 jobs nationwide. Probably 2/3... Continue Reading

IPSOS Technology Hardware Shops: How to Print the Full Survey?

I'm doing one of these today, passed the test, and can access the link to the survey. But the full survey only appears for a few seconds, then reverts back to the shortened part at the beginning. I can't find a way to bring it up long enough to print... Continue Reading

Presto shops for Ipsos

Has anyone completed a Presto shop for Ipsos on your phone, completed the entire report, received a "Thank you" acknowledgment note, and then the shop completely disappears from your Completed Shops folder (or Incomplete Shops folder for that matter) on Presto? I'm trying to figure out what happened to... Continue Reading

Maritz/Ipsos pay. Anyone seen an email?

Maritz told me the pay would be the 13th. I have not seen anything from chase as of yet. Has anyone else?... Continue Reading

I can anyone tell me what companies Ipsos now controls?

My curiosity is getting the best of me as how many companies Ipsos has taken over (MaritezCX).?... Continue Reading

IPSOS and/or PRESTO please help

What is going on with the editing time? It is getting longer and longer. I have 55 shops unedited right now, some are from over a week ago. I am putting a lot of money into these shops and I have a route, with a hotel on Weds. and... Continue Reading

Anyone been paid Ipsos Sassie side today?

I donít even see payment pending and Iím waiting for a big payment.... Continue Reading

Contact phone number for Ipsos?

Well, I did a bunch of the Helios shops, and now a week later they're getting kicked back for "reasons." (The paper says review it from the eyes of the customer....) Anyhow, I need to get in touch with someone. Because I cannot make multiple trips to Richmond from Northern... Continue Reading


Has anyone heard about this hoped-for change? I hope that a specific ban or limitation will be lifted. I would like a fresh opportunity as just a gas station mystery shopper. (I was new when I did audits, which disqualified me as a shopper for certain locations.) tia for any... Continue Reading

Ipsos Payment Instructions

Anyone else get an email with payment?... Continue Reading

Ipsos taking over Maritz 2/28

can someone explain this chase business for pay to me? I do not understand why they are doing this or how it works... Continue Reading

Ipsos Mistery Shopping

Anyone paid today by Ipsos? :) Have they changed payday again?... Continue Reading

Ipsos has United In-Club Shops - $20 Shopper Pay

United In-Club Shops $20 Shopper Pay Airport Workers, and those who travel for business or pleasure: We are looking for people to visit the United Club to interact with a representative regarding how to gain access to the club when traveling. Following your interaction, you will complete a brief questionnaire. If you are... Continue Reading

Anyone planning to attend the Ipsos webinar regarding "Consumer Audits?"

I got an email about it and, even though I have none of these in my area, I might have a listen because I believe it has to do with the Presto shops discussed in a few other threads. 2/24 4:30E.... Continue Reading

IPSOS gas station Shops on Presto

I have spent many hours trying to get the specific site survey to load in the presto app. I got it to load two times today when I was reviewing this roundís survey. I contacted IPSOS who responded immediately but I still have not been successful. tried contacting... Continue Reading

IPSOS cannot submit survey - RESOLVED

This has been discussed here before but I could not find a solution. I completed a shop on Friday and every time I try to submit the survey I get the following message: "Please, complete all required questions in the survey first!!!" I have gone over the survey many times and cannot... Continue Reading

IPSOS website down?

Drat. Been trying to report shops for 15 hours. The site will not upload photos. Anyone else?... Continue Reading

IPSOS 1099s

Has anyone gotten their 1099s from IPSOS yet, OR are they by chance available online anywhere? I've looked, but if they are there, they are eluding me... these two are the only ones standing between us and filing :)... Continue Reading

IPSOS Scehdulers

Hey I don't if this was talked about before, but why does IPSOS schedulers take so long in giving shops. I have sent schedulers emails in advance about a few shops I wanted to add to a route on specific days. If the schedulers do give me the shops it's... Continue Reading

IPSOS...can they just decide on a day to pay already?

Weíve gone from twice a week for the holidays, to a couple of weeks of processing and paying on Tuesday, and statement says process on Tuesday pay on Friday again...I mean, Iím glad itís weekly, I love the work, etc, etc...but Iím actually in the hospital- been here since yesterday... Continue Reading

ipsos rating

I tried `to put in for an ipsos shop and was rejected due to having a rating of 1 It requires a rating of 4.Any suggestions on how to get approved.... Continue Reading

Ipsos is paying bonus for route shoppers - AR NC SC TN

Ipsos needs shoppers 21 to 35 years of age for compliance shops in AR, NC, SC, and TN. Details: We need shoppers from 21 to 35 for tobacco and alcohol compliance shops. For this shop, we simply want to know if you were carded or not. Easy shop. Shopper payment is... Continue Reading

Ipsos Sassie Payment vs. Ipsos Shopmetrics Payments

This may be a silly question, but since I don't know for which reason, I'll have to ask it anyway. Ipsos payment schedule through Shopmetrics should be about 2 weeks (correct me if I'm wrong). Is that the case for Ipsos Sassie Division? I sign up for a few mystery... Continue Reading

Ipsos Shopper Score

I never realized that Ipsos gave a shop score. First time I've gotten an email with a shop score and my total shopper grade from an Ipsos editor. They score out of 5 points. I've done 100+ shops with Ipsos (shopmetrics side) and never got an email from the editor... Continue Reading

Ipsos is paying bonus for route shoppers - AR NC SC TN

Ipsos needs shoppers 21 to 35 years of age for compliance shops in AR, NC, SC, and TN. Details: We need shoppers from 21 to 35 for tobacco and alcohol compliance shops. For this shop, we simply want to know if you were carded or not. Easy shop. Shopper payment is... Continue Reading

Is Ipsos late with payment again?

I havenít received payment for the shops I did last Friday. Personally, itís no big deal to me, but I want to know if anyone else received payment today.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Shopmetrics Issues tonight

Ugh. Insanely slow uploads, photos not uploading and then showing up twice. Crazy error messages (you cannot shop on Sunday... yes, that is why I chose THURSDAY for Pete's sake!!!). What should have been a six minute report took 30 minutes. It reminds me of how Market Force... Continue Reading

Simple Scanner shops for Ipsos in Presto - GA IA IL MI NC NJ NY OH SC TN VA WI

Ipsos is currently scheduling simple 2D scanner shops. They are quick and simple shops where you have the employee at the gas station scan a code on your phone. Pays $10 each. Details: ē Shops are in Presto (shopper app) You must have signed up and downloaded this... Continue Reading

IPSOS SASSIE side shop excluded

I just wanted to warn other shoppers that IPSOS has a new project on the SASSIE side. It took them almost a week to inform me that I would not be paid and the job was excluded. I am now stuck with a box full of crap that I... Continue Reading

IPSOS Payment

Are we still supposed to get paid 2 times a week for the rest of the year or did that end on Christmas? This is pertaining to the Sassie side, the big box audits. The last payment I received was on the 24th for a shop I completed... Continue Reading

Green IPSOS shops

Hello I noticed that the Green Dark Audits were just released. Well in the conference call today they said we could pick up as many as we thought we could complete in 48 hours. Well after I reached 39 shops, I can no longer see any more of... Continue Reading

IPSOS 12/17 Payment?

Has anyone gotten their payment for today? I'm sure it should hit any minute now...just a little impatient a Disney trip coming up in two days, and this is supposed to pad that spending $$ a little :)... Continue Reading

IPSOS Video Feedback Shop? WTH?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

IPSOS mystery shops not paying? Surveys not paying either?

I'm not getting any response as to why I'm not getting paid. Going under? Should have been suspicious when they bought the GFK. They don't pay on surveys and only steal information. I'm not working for free with that company anymore. Time to move on.... Continue Reading


I had 3 highly bonused contactless payment shops scheduled for today. Today was the last day of the wave. Of course the app crashed, so I took the required pictures and completed the shop. Later, I go to input the shops and they are removed from my... Continue Reading

IPSOS Post Holiday Pay Dates

Hi, Does anyone know when IPSOS will pay next. Usually I'd expect it today, Friday, but with Thanksgiving, I was wondering whether the one day delay would mean its going to be paid on Saturday, or whether that means one business day and Monday. Does anyone have any experience with... Continue Reading

Ipsos showing ships out of area

When I got the site to find shops, I find many that are for shops across the country. It is hard to filter through all of them to find some in my area. I don't think they are listing all of the shops in the country but... Continue Reading

Ipsos scheduler issue

I am having a very difficult time with this one scheduled....She gets on my nerves!!!Never gives me any shops.All the other schedulers do but not this particular lady.Who can I email about this?I also complete my work on time so she has no legit reason for not assigning me things... Continue Reading

Username & Confusion with IPSOS+Sassie and IPSOS APP

Can someone enlighten me? 1. I can't seem to sign onto Sassie. Is it because I'm new? I get this message: Sorry, couldn't find an account matching the supplied credentials. 2. Also, I cannot sign onto my IPSOS on the cell APP. It asks for my username and does... Continue Reading

Anyone else having trouble with the Ipsos search area?

For example, when looking within 90 miles of my Georgia zipcode I get shops from NY, CA, and OH as well as my area. These aren't phone or anywhere shops, they are for particular businesses located at a particular address. It makes me wonder if I am... Continue Reading


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Ipsos audits

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IPSOS Second Payment

Did anyone get another payment today?... Continue Reading


A Client's name had been mentioned in this post where MSC is also named. Please feel free to re-post without mentioning any Clients in the post. Thank you.... Continue Reading

Sassie payments from GFK/Ipsos

Did anyone receive their weekly payment from GFK/Ipsos last Fri 11/8? My payment never posted for shops I did on 11/2. They were also submitted the same day. I'm so confused my sassie payment from gfk/Ipsos has never been late.... Continue Reading

IPSOS Consumer Audit Certification Test

I am having serious difficulty with this test. I am almost certain that they have made a mistake on it. I don't think any of my answers are incorrect, but I just can't pass it. Any one else have problems with it? Any tips?... Continue Reading

Ipsos payments

Has anyone gotten paid twice a week? I did not get paid today.... Continue Reading

AZ CA MA NJ NY - Ipsos is processing pay 2x a week, fast pay - retail shops

Ipsos (SASSIE platform) is currently scheduling retail tech inquiry shops. These will have you ask about a phone, etc. and then get proof of visit, i.e. business card and/or photo. Scheduling the month of Nov, but hurry as they will go fast. November we are processing payments two times a week... Continue Reading

Lack of Ipsos Shopmetrics shops

Itís November 5th and Ipsos Shopmetrics still has over 2000+ shops in the New York City area when they usually have 16000+ by the beginning of the month. Thereís no more bank shops, washer shops, cell phone shops and consumer audits. I applied for the TV shops and my applications... Continue Reading

Disappearing Ipsos shop?

I was assigned an Ipsos shop last week; I had purchased the necessary materials and was on my way to do the shop, opened the app, and it was no longer there. I was unable to find contact information other than an email address so I used that, and... Continue Reading

Ipsos... faster pay for the upcoming holidays

I got this in an email with available surveys.... ****PLUS Ė Ipsos is now processing pay two times a week. FASTER pay for the upcoming holidays!***** That is a big step forward since they haven't mastered the once-a-week payments yet. To me... it means more frustration because surveys aren't... Continue Reading

Ipsos myster shopping payment 10/25

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Update on IPSOS editing time

Has anyone done any of the "green" IPSOS shops over the last 2 weeks? I am just curious on how long the editing has been taking on the reports this quarter? I know at the beginning of the project last quarter, some of my reports were not... Continue Reading

How Much of A Bonus Are You Getting From Ipsos

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Help at IPSOS

A couple of years ago, I needed help getting paid from IPSOS. I had changed my Paypal email address, made all the notifications and still didn't get paid for months. Finally I got help from Bhaveesha Siyani. Now I need help again, I sent an email and it bounced.... Continue Reading

Frustrated with IPSOS

On a Saturday in September, I applied for a shop that had a due date of the following day. The location was about to close, and is closed on Sundays, but I applied for the shop anyway, thinking someone would be viewing my application. In the box that pops up... Continue Reading

IPSOS repeat email

Has anyone else been having issues with getting the same email repeatedly? Since last night I have gotten 15 notifications of the same set of new assignments. Not all 15 at once. Itís 2 here, three there. And itís still going this morning. Liz... Continue Reading

IPSOS Green Gas Stations

Has anyone else figured out that now since these green gas shops are with the new company, I guess we can only do each location only 2 times a year? This is a huge change especially since with the other company we were always offered all these shops in... Continue Reading

ipsos scam? Is someone using ipsos name to send fake emails? phishing?

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IPSOS: Take a photo of the building both before and after

So I had a couple of nicely bonused shops deadlining today. The first one I did on the app and I forgot that I was supposed to take a photo of the building both before going in and AFTER leaving. I got the before pic. It was... Continue Reading

IPSOS Sassie Vs. Shopmetrics Side And does anyone have trouble on IPAD?

Iím so confused about IPSOS and Shopmetrics ďsideĒ vs ďSassieĒ side. I have 2 different logins for each. I signed up for a shop today requiring a quiz, but on my IPad the guidelines wonít load and I canít access the quiz. I donít have my laptop at the moment,... Continue Reading


Is it just me or has Ipsos since they merged with GFK gotten really vague on what the shop actually is? I've looked at both their e-mails and their job board postings and have actually not had a clue as to what I am supposed to do on the shop. What... Continue Reading

IPSOS Scheduling

I know it's been talked about before, but right now I'm frustrated with the scheduling process for IPSOS. I hate how you have to wait sometimes a day or two while your shop application sits in pending status. It really makes it difficult to effectively plan routes. ... Continue Reading


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I have been getting separate paypal payments form these two recently merged companies...Now, it seems like GFK is a week behind? Is there a merge of their payroll departments underway? Anybody know? The last "paid On" date received from GFK was 8/6...Everything since that payroll date is marked 'Payment... Continue Reading

Ipsos - cell phone shop quiz???

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I did an inquiry shop last week. When I submitted the shop, the initial QA check said everything was fine. An editor emailed me and said that there were some mistakes, and to open the IBW in the yellow stickie at the top of the screen to address them. The... Continue Reading

IPSOS - requesting additional pay question

Which is the best method? Do I email the scheduler directly or do I make the request in the box when I apply for the shop? Thank you for your response.... Continue Reading

How can I contact Ipsos?

Today I signed up and got a job to do in 2 days. When I tried to get back on their site all I can get is that I am not a member or get a new Password. I tried several times to change my password and it... Continue Reading

IPSOS Deactivatied me after submitting a bank shop

IPSOS is up to their old tricks again.. The branch was closed on a Saturday due to local road construction. A call the day before confirmed the branch should be open. I arrived and a sign in the window stated that the branch was closed.... I sent the photo in.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Jobs Board(s)

I am confused. I get shops a few X/day from Ipsos, but when I go to log in, I am prompted to choose either of 2 logins. OK ? why 2 ? Also, jobs I get via email do not show up on board. I change my search perimeters,... Continue Reading

IPSOS Visual Standards Quiz

Ok, I am at a loss with this quiz. I have read the instructions over and over again and I just can't pass it. I am currently waiting to see if a scheduler responds to my request for help. Can anyone on here give advice? Have... Continue Reading

Major flaw in Ipsos weekly payments

Ipsos has recently revised their terms and conditions. One thing stood out to me. ďPayment. IPSOS will pay you for each assignment within 45 days after you fulfill it; except that IPSOS may withhold payment if you have broken any of the above promises or if IPSOS or IPSOS' client otherwise... Continue Reading

I need a contact for Ipsos

Does anyone have a name and email addy or phone number for someone higher up the food chain than a scheduler? Maybe a supervisor? I'm having a problem with a non-responsive scheduler who hasn't responded to four emails (although she has the time to keep sending out emails), and I'm... Continue Reading

Summit scheduling and IPSOS gas station shops

I have gotten multiple emails from schedulers at Summit Scheduling about bonuses on gas station shops with IPSOS. I have emailed them back 3 times now requesting info about shop fees, dates, etc, and all I get back is a general description of the shops. I have told them multiple... Continue Reading

**update** IPSOS - so disappointed (ended up great)

*** I wanted to update as the scheduler ended up being very flexible and worked with me. Though I had changed my flights, I had more leeway in when I had to finish the audits. I was very pleased! Thank you Nikki - you were amazing... Continue Reading

IPSOS/GFK Who Has and How Have You Completed these audits of electronic store

I thought "why not" steady income, close to home, regular and repeating work. There are two parts to the audit. In the first part, you must obtain and pass a background check and drug test. This is at your own expense. When there is no... Continue Reading

Ipsos "Hold Pay," Can't Get Answers

I did several "Visual Standards" shops for them, and a few of the stations had been de-branded. I submitted the reports to Ipsos, along with the required two photos, yet three of them got marked as "Hold Pay." I can't seem to get an answer from my scheduler, who said... Continue Reading

IPSOS Editing

Has anyone noticed a delay in editing/validating shops since the switch to weekly pay? It may be that I'm just keeping a closer eye on things, I'm not sure...... Continue Reading

Does Ipsos offer self-assign rights?

I had previously worked for Maritz with full self-assign rights. This means that I would commonly build day routes of 15 to 25 location visits on a single day route lasting maybe 10 hours. I recently started working for Ipsos, but I can scarcely get even one shop at a time,... Continue Reading

Ipsos cell phone question

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Has anyone been getting weekly pay from IPSOS since their announcement re: same?

Just curious. Was supposed to start a couple weeks ago, and I'm just wondering if any of you have received any "weekly" payments yet.... Continue Reading

Mobile device shop Ipsos

Long time lurker and part-time mystery shopper here. I just signed up on Ipsos and I see that they have $8 fee and $25 reimbursements shops for mobile device shops with different companies. From the limited details it looks like you order something using a certain online / app payment... Continue Reading


i'm trying to apply for open opportunities. It says that there are 191 opportunities available however only 37 of them seem to be appearing. I can't scroll any further and it says that there's only one page available when i try to change the page number. Am I being silly... Continue Reading

Payment for the IPSOS/GFK Big Box store audit

Has anyone else that does the audit at the electronics store, that takes 4-6 hours to complete, been paid for your audits that were completed on the first week of June? Usually the payments are put in pending payment on Thursdays the week after they are complete and then... Continue Reading

IPSOS just made my day!

Just got the email about their new payment schedule. Truly, if they can do it, there really is no excuse for these companies that take 60-120 days to pay. I already do 50-100 shops a month for them but this will encourage me to take on more.... Continue Reading

Ipsos advertised URGENT shops, but few are scheduled

Hello. I am wondering what the logic is for Ipsos sending out URGENT emails for shops that have to be done TODAY and offering big bonuses but when I sign up I never get a confirmation for the shop. I could understand if someone else got the assignment instead of... Continue Reading

GFK - IPSOS Photo Uploading Issues

Is anyone else having major issues with GFK - IPSOS shop photos uploading at a snail's pace and then timing out? I am trying to enter one of their need immediately reports with a photo and am stuck. I did email the scheduler as well.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Certifications

Hi, Iím working my way through the Ipsos certifications and have no idea what a DCA-2019 certification is. I donít know what the TMO-Bear one is either. Help please.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Schedulers Can't Find Shops with Location Name and Address?

I want to pick up two additional phone shops with Ipsos since I will be right near them in the next week when they need to be done. Since it says only one per customer, I e-mailed the scheduler as requested on the self assign page. The scheduler said she couldn't... Continue Reading

IPSOS formerly Gfk

Has Gfk changed their payment date(s) to match IPSOS? I'm fairly new to both so I don't have any history to go off of. The payment dates list says Gfk pays 10 days after acceptance & I don't even see IPSOS on the list. I tried to research the... Continue Reading

Ipsos login page changed?

The same URL but now one page for Shopmetrics and Sassie. Fine, except the Shopmetrics login doesn't work. Anybody else having this problem?... Continue Reading

Ipsos shops pending validation over 2 weeks?

Anyone else having this issue? I know my shops were done correctly.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Contactless

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Not paid for IPSOS job, no response to emails

I am having trouble with a single unpaid shop with Ipsos. This was an unmanned gas station, where I just had to take two photos. I drove 200 miles to do two unmanned gas stations for them, and was assured that I would be paid the full fee for submitting... Continue Reading

Ipsos - Formerly GFK

I would definitely not recommend this company. I work for a dozen or so companies and have never had a shop returned unpaid or incomplete. I did two shops for this company on the same day and completed them. They refuse to pay. I tried to contact them more than... Continue Reading

Has anyone had to sign up with IPSOS again?

The login page I have always used says "ishopfor IPSOS". I was recently offered a shop and told to sign up because I was not found in their system. The link they sent me was to a different page that says "IPSOS US (FORMERLY GFK US)" and my... Continue Reading

Physical address for Ipsos

I am in the process of filing a complaint with the BBB regarding Ipsos, what is the physical address for the MS part of their business. They have so manly little survey scams going on its hard to tell.... Continue Reading

IPSOS and Amy Snyder

I had a shop go so far south on me last week that I was looking for it in Mexico. I emailed the schedulers and within an hour I was given instructions on how to proceed . Even though I never even got to do the evaluation my shop is... Continue Reading

IPSOS Gas Station Audits

How often are these listed? I did a bunch last month but I don't see any on the job board this month. And is there a rotation on them or can you shop the same locations every time they're listed? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Ipsos is at it again -

[b]Removed[/b]... Continue Reading

Ipsos has simple cell phone walk in inquiry shops - $12

Ipsos has simple cell phone walk in inquiry shops. You are going in and asking about a Nokia and you grab a few photos of the photos and outside of the store. Pays $12, and this form is simple! Looking to get these done ASAP. FIRST Ė sign up with... Continue Reading

Is Ipsos Going Out of Business?

Does anyone know what's happening with Ipsos? Does anyone know what's happening with their USA site where I signed up and through which I applied for, submitted and got pay-reports for my shops? Since March 2019, they have not been approving any of the shops I applied for. These are shops... Continue Reading

Anybody have a phone number for IPSOS?

I wrote the scheduler earlier in the week, received no response, and I now have 2 shops showing past due. Since they are past due, I dread driving the hundreds of miles involved, only to find I cannot submit reports, because I did not get them completed by the... Continue Reading

Any phone number for IPSOS?

I've been trying to reach my scheduler to reschedule my shops. Is there a phone number to call or any way to reach a supervisor at IPSOS? The most frustrating aspect of working with them is the scheduling process. I very rarely experience good communication...many times I... Continue Reading

Wecheck and Ipsos

Are Wecheck and Ipsos the same company? I recently clicked on the guidelines to do a Credit Card Shop for Wecheck and the instructions had the Ipsos signature for each page. I am registered for IPSOS too so how does that work? Plus it says that Wecheck pays between 30-60... Continue Reading

Ipsos has hundreds of Inquiry, no purchase shops. AZ CA CO CT DC FL GA ID IL IN KY LA MA MI NJ NY OH OR OK TX UT WA WI WV

Ipsos is currently scheduling bank inquiry shops! We are scheduling these RIGHT NOWÖ.and they will not last long. Pays $12 and $18 for hard locations. No sign up required for the bank, and you did NOT need to be a bank member. Simply walk in and ask about the service we... Continue Reading

I shop for Ipsos Australia reviews wanted

Hi all, just inquiring to whether anyone has worked for Ipsos? I have seen elsewhere some unflattering remarks about them regarding unhappy shoppers not getting paid. TIA... Continue Reading

Error on Ipsos Website

I am an experienced mystery shopper and have done 2000+ shops for other companies. However, I am unable to view open shop opportunities on the website. I receive the following message on the homepage: ------------------------------------ Stop You need to update your profile before you can continue. The following item(s) are... Continue Reading

IPSOS Gas Station Audit SVB # on Cure Sheet?

I am doing several of these audits tomorrow. You are supposed to complete the cure sheet and leave behind with the station. At the top of the cure sheet it says SVB # and Visit ID #. Can anyone tell me what exactly these are? I... Continue Reading

Ipsos- GfK Merger

Any thoughts on what it means? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Ipsos is one of my favorites so I hate to see the boat get rocked. But we'll see. Hoping it's a huge success for all concerned.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Technical Diffulties

Is anyone else having technical difficulties in completing the survey form for ipsos. I tried both the online form and the phone app. What did you do to fix the issue?... Continue Reading

IPSOS editing time

Did a bunch of green gas audits this week. Anybody know how long it takes them to edit them? I don't really want to do any more until the first round is done. I don't exactly trust them yet.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Payment Schedule still 15th and 30th or something else?

I am somewhat confused on their payments. It seemed they were coming like clockwork still around the 15th and 30th, but then I read that it was every other week. They always pay, but I was trying to figure out the rhythm. Anyone know when the next payment is due... Continue Reading

Please help with IPSOS

Omg is there anyway to contact someone at IPSOS urgently? I had 16 green shops left to do. I woke up at 7am and bought $50 in gift cards and put gas in my car and drove an hour and a half to get to the area my... Continue Reading

IPSOS Hold Pay

I have a shop marked "Hold Pay." I have not received any communication from IPSOS. It was a standard bank shop I've done a gazillion times and went off without a hitch. I submitted it before I left the parking lot, as I always do. I asked the scheduler. She... Continue Reading

BIG thanks to Tanya from IPSOS

Tanya has been LOVELY! I have gotten paid even when the store was closed/having a technical issue. Pay has always been ONTIME and even sometimes early.... Continue Reading

Ipsos, how much did i earn ?

Hi Folks, I haven't received a 1099 from Ipsos and i am not sure if I have earned > $600. Is there a way to check in IPSOS how much i earned last year without opening each and every paystub from payment history... Market force is so easy..I wish Ipsos would have... Continue Reading

Have you used the ishopforipsos app? We would love feedback!

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Ipsos app opinions please

I am finding issues with this app. Besides not using it, any suggestions for report uploading or is desktop PC best method. ? thank you.... Continue Reading

Need help with IPSOS, please!

Anybody else having problems submitting reports on the site? I'm using the "IshopforIpsos" website. I did 7 other shops yesterday, for several different MSCs, and I didn't have one iota of difficulty in submitting the other shops. If you're not having problems, what browser do you use? I've tried Firefox,... Continue Reading

Cannot complete IPSOS report -- "A page is slowing down your computer"

Ack! Trying to submit reports to IPSOS, and every time I get halfway through the report, the page goes dead. I have only the one window open. I've tried 3 different browsers. It happens at the exact same place on the report each time. Anyone else? What did... Continue Reading

IPSOS gas station audit

I see that there are a LOT of revealed audits in our area. Wondering how these are? And, anyone that does them, what is the rotation? I have a message into the scheduler, but thought I would ask on here as I am impatient. :)... Continue Reading

Ipsos ďGreenĒ Shopsópending forever?

Has anyone else had their ďgreenĒ gas station shops pending approval for several weeks? Does anyone know how long they might take to be submitted for payment? I remember the dark audits took a little while, but not this long.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Mobi audit

What URL do i use to get into the MobiAudit?... Continue Reading

Ipsos reimbursement

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Ipsos Smart Phone projects

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Suggestions on a job that is stuck in pending status? Ipsos

I applied for a few of the shipping shops for ipsos. I got awarded one but the other one has been pending for over a week. The one stuck in pending is in the exact same town with the awarded one. Any idea on how... Continue Reading

Ipsos Issues

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Ipsos Split Payment Statements

So Ipsos did something odd...I have one statement that was cut on 1/7 and another that was cut on 1/8. I received the 1/7 payment this afternoon but not the 1/8 payment. Did this happen to anybody else?... Continue Reading

Anyone know ipsos phone number?

Thanks... Continue Reading

IPSOS Submitted Shops

I submitted 4 shops for Ipsos last night and still have one left to do. I cannot find any sign of the four I submitted in the portal! I like to keep watch on them so I know if they were graded. In SASSIE portals, this is easy, but I... Continue Reading

Ipsos not paying

Hi, I started in October doing shops for Ipsos, inspired by their great reviews here! I had no trouble with the first three shops but one from November still says "hold pay" in my account. I cannot get the scheduler nor anyone in the office to answer my emails... Continue Reading

IPSOS Closed Location Pay

I don't see anywhere in the shopper agreement, FAQ, or guidelines for IPSOS new gas client (including the night audit) that they only pay $5.00 for a closed location, yet they do. Am I missing something? This is pretty crappy.... Continue Reading

Ipsos in store phone shop question?

Hi all, I ended up applying for alot of these not expecting to get them. To my suprise I was assigned more than half of these that I requested. I think the answer is yes to this, but wanted to ask you all. I wanted to knock all... Continue Reading

Ipsos..have a couple of questions regarding regular box shop?

Just reading over the guidelines and in one part it says say yes to the hazmat question if the assistant or the clerk asks? Confused, because this is a regular box shop. In addition what do you say is in the box. ..also where do you buy your... Continue Reading


Why do they have their own app, but use the mobiaudit app. Which one do I use to do the reports/surveys for them. I just took 3 shops for them, which I heard are very easy but I am confused by the two apps thing. any help/ suggestions?... Continue Reading


Just wondering if its a scheduler thing or if they just wait last minute to assign shops? I have quite a few shop applications out because they fall into a route im working on for Saturday, and i applied 4/5 days ago and theyre still pending.. i dont think i... Continue Reading

Ipsos.Failed certification

Hi all.. New to ipsos. I applied for one of the mailing shops and was assigned the shop. I failed the certification. Should I go ahead and shop it?... Continue Reading


Did anyone get paid today? I would hate to think they forgot to pay just me.... Continue Reading

Routes with IPSOS - amber unresponsive

Iíve done a number of shops for IPSOS and noticed that for some shops itís easy to work with them but for others itís nearly impossible. The common theme is that if the assigned scheduler is amberdawn at summit scheduling I can count on not being able to contact... Continue Reading

Who to conatct at Ipsos about a Hold Pay?

Hey All; I did a whole slew of the Ipsos shops that require that you visit a small store and make a purchase on a route... Most of these (dozens) went through with no issues -- although a few of these (that were at assigned locations) were at businesses that were... Continue Reading

Brand New Shopper with IPSOS

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Hello everyone. I'm totally new to mystery shopping. I have experience in merchandising and demoing. I signed up for 2 mystery shopping companies so far and I see a ton of assignments in the ispos portal. Could anyone give me recommendation on where to start? I... Continue Reading

IPSOS Payment

Anyone get paid today?... Continue Reading

New Scheduler with Ipsos

Hello, My name is Julia and I am a new scheduler for Ipsos and a new member of this forum. I am an experienced scheduler and have a background in market research and retail. Please feel free to reach out with any questions at! Ipsos Mystery Shopping is perfect for... Continue Reading

ipsos eyebrow wax store

I applied for this mainly because I need my brows done and the location was close to my house. BUT, I have to make an appointment online and the link isn't working. The scheduler is new to me and all I have is an email address. Emails... Continue Reading

Has anyone shopped the Ipsos bank/credit card shops?

I was just wondering if anybody has shopped this. I guess maybe I'm overthinking it, but the fold over thing is a bit confusing in the guidelines,was thinking the report might be simpler but thought I would ask a few of you who have shopped it...... Continue Reading

Ipsos mytery shopping "hold pay" status

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Most Recent mentions of Ipsos Mystery Shopping

Circle K's are edited immediately and paid quickly. But debit shops on the exact same platform take longer. IPSOS pays weekly every Tuesday but predicting which shops you will get paid for is tricky. (Source). June 06, 2023

But there's a silver lining in everything, I rearranged my MSC activity with other companies with which I have long-standing relationships, and while I'll miss some of the Ipsos shops, I do make more money now with other MSCs. (Source). June 05, 2023

For weeks, when I attempt to pick up a shop from IPSOS (not Sassie), I pull an assignment up and see if I can make it fit into my drive schedule. (Source). June 05, 2023

I think this page is run by IPSOS. (Source). June 05, 2023

@mjt9598 I am talking about IPSOS. (Source). June 04, 2023

To be considered for reinstatement, please reach out directly to carey.medina@ipsos. (Source). June 04, 2023

All the companies that I have worked for have deactivated shoppers without telling them and a few of them would not tell the shopper why even when they asked (not ipsos). (Source). June 04, 2023

received that email or decided not to remove the deactivation), I never received an answer - which was the point of this thread: some of us never receive answers from Ipsos, and that ends up having a negative impact on the image of the company, should Ipsos be worried by their image. (Source). June 04, 2023

So, I reached out to the (Source). June 04, 2023

When my account was deactivated without warning because I had the audacity of warning shoppers of issues I had with Ipsos, I emailed Carey Medina and never received an answer. (Source). June 04, 2023