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Kudos to Frank Kneisley at JM Ridgway

I asked him to give me more work than usual on a project that is not posted because I just incurred thousands of dollars in expenses IRL. He agreed and expressed sympathy.... Continue Reading

Jm ridgeway

Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back that shop was accepted?... Continue Reading

How long does it take to get a response from J M Ridgway after completing a shop?

I decided to get back into Mystery Shopping again after an 11 year absence. I had never worked for J M Ridgway before, but I just completed a grocery store shop for them over 7 days ago (a shop with about 200 questions, and 9 narratives of the departments I... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway

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JM Ridgeway

I just completed two shops for them. And I went to log in to see if they were approved as I hadn't heard anything (which for a lot of company's 'no news is good news') and their site is 'offline'... Anyone else able to log in right now? Edit.... I was able... Continue Reading


Hi all, I have a payment issue with JM Ridgeway. I've been contacting my scheduler and the head of the company. They do not return my emails. The issue is with the shops done in December 2021. Does anyone know who could I contact with JM Ridgeway? Appreciate your help!... Continue Reading

JM Ridgway

[b]Removed[/b]... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway Contact

I have a question regarding a delivery shop through JM Ridgeway and wanted to contact the scheduler before self assigning. Does anyone know how I can contact them? My question is the maximum distance for delivery for the shop. We are traveling and will be staying in... Continue Reading

JMRIDGEWAY is just as terrible as others say

I found them through a third party website, and when I signed up for the job there was a discrepancy between what the third party website and their website said the job required. Once I saw that I had to record a video in person I decided to cancel, because... Continue Reading

JM Ridgway Grocery Shop

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JM Ridgeway - Unfair Treatment

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Missing Payment from JMRIDGEWAY

Hi all, I've read some not so great reviews on this company but I'm hoping someone can give me some insight. Has anyone ever had a shop marked as paid but did not receive payment? Also I noticed they payment dates they have listed is totally different from the dates... Continue Reading

JM RIDGEWAY is horrible!!!!

I was taken off of all shops because i wanted to reschedule mid-month due to being deathly sick! I don't know a single person other than a mystery shopper that would shop for a new mattress and furniture while coughing so badly that they cannot catch their breath. Out of... Continue Reading

Payments JMRidgeway

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Feedback JMRidgway

I have been ms'ing since the late 90s and have not had a situation such as I have currently. I accepted an assignment for the first time from JM Ridgway. Seemed straightforward, scheduling through the Sassie system. I have seen the company name for years. ... Continue Reading

JM Ridgway Issue-How to tell what payment is for

I've read enough to dread dealing with Frank but I ran into a hiccup and had to send him an email. I performed three tax shops on the same day with the same pay for each last month. I was paid for one of them this month but the paypal... Continue Reading

Jm Ridgeway coffee shops

Hey all, I had a bad experience on previous jobs with this msc; so I don't shop them anymore; however I know some of you love them. I found a few coffee shops listed on the presto app from this msc. If you like this msc and coffee... Continue Reading

JM Ridgway Storage Shops

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JMRidgway - early pay!

At the end of last week, JMRidgway offered a bonus and quick pay for one of their shops. I completed it Monday and the money was sent to my paypal on Tuesday! Thanks Frank!... Continue Reading


Very poor communication and payment schedule!... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway: Need assistance for unpaid shop

Who can I contact for nonpayment of a successful shop completion for JM Ridgeway? There is no information on the website and the scheduler said she would not be able to help me and to contact the company. Does anyone have the email address? Thank you!... Continue Reading

When does JMRidgway pay?

When does JMRidgway send payment? I looked at the MSC Payment thread and the JMRidgway listing is from 2014. I don't know if that's still accurate nearly 5 years later, and there is nothing on JMRidgway's website that states when they pay. TIA.... Continue Reading

Paypal suspended JM Ridgewy

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Kudos to jmridgway

Hey everyone, I was kind of apprehensive about doing jobs for this company, I had completed some shops for them in the past and had to remind them about payments. I recently completed a couple of jobs for them and was paid in a timely manner. They seem to have... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway

I am not sure if this is posted in the right section. Please feel free to move if not. This is simply a statement and just some business advice. Excuse the length. I am not looking for agreement, I just need to vent , cleanse... Continue Reading

Resolved: JM Ridgway-Anyone else not paid?

Have done many shops for JM Ridgway in the past with no problems. Did one in August after a long absence. The shop shows received and paid on 10/3, but nothing showed up in my Paypal account. I've contacted the company twice with no response. They've... Continue Reading

JM Ridgway

Hey everyone, I did a shop for them on 10/12 and all it shows is shop received, but I did not get any feedback on the job. It just shows the total payment. Is this normal for this company. I keep getting job offers from them but no mention of... Continue Reading

Anyone receive their JMRidgway payments for August?

I sent an email to Frank and received a rude response in return with no actual answer as to when they are sending out payments. Apparently, they are no longer using PayPal and will be sending paper checks at some secret point in time.... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway

Duplicate post. See below.... Continue Reading

Vague instructions..opinions? Jm Ridgway

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Jm Ridgway suggestions?

Hi all, I've never shopped Jm Ridgway and I have a few days off next week from my day job.I signed up for 6 storage shops for jm ridgway around a month ago. The scheduler told me I could do all six but to use a different name for... Continue Reading

Beware of J M Ridgeway...

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JM Ridgway.. Anyone experience issues?

Has anybody had issues while filling out the reports for JM Ridgway? I never had any huge issues until Feb 20th. I completed 3 shops for them on and after the 20th. It took 4 whole DAYS for me to get the 4 little reports completed! The first 2 reports... Continue Reading

JMRidgeway Did Not Reimburse My Expenses!

I completed my first job for JMRidgeway. It was $15 PLUS up to $5.50 to buy a cup of coffee. The coffee cost me $3.76 and was so bad I had to toss it. I wanted to call the manager, but that is a “no-no” for mystery shoppers. My... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway payments

UGH!!! On Tuesday I got a notice from Pay Pal about getting an e-check from JM Ridgeway in my Pay Pal account. I went there and found out it is "Pending". As of now it is still "Pending". This is the only MSC I deal with... Continue Reading

Beds- JM Ridgeway

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JM Ridgeway Video Good or No?

I just did my first video shop for JM Ridgeway. The audio was good, but the target kept moving in and out of the picture. Does anybody know how strict they are about that?... Continue Reading

JMRidgeway and furniture shop gone awry.

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JM Ridgeway - Do they score your reports?

I completed my very first shop for them Friday, May 26. I didn't get the best photos due to the small space I was trying to make the angles work. Well, I've gotten no word of whether the shop was accepted, and it's been nearly a week. Is this normal... Continue Reading

JMRidgway extra expenses question

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JMRidgway has a wonky record keeping system (I'm being kind)

Last night, as I reconciled my Excel account ledger, I noticed I had not received payment from JMRidgway for a job completed 2/27/2017. I logged onto my shopper page and discovered the company had listed the job paid on 4/5/2017. FYI to JMRidgway, you didn't pay me. So I... Continue Reading

How soon is too soon to badger JM Ridgeway about payment?

I did a shop five weeks ago for JM Ridgeway that I thought was going to be rejected. Lo and behold, my shop log was updated with the reimbursement amount and the shop was marked "received." So I guess it was accepted. That being said, I've heard that people sometimes have... Continue Reading

Reminder NOT to shop at JMRidgeway

I recently completed a shop at JMRidgeway. I'm not going to go into detail or reveal the client but the shop was rejected for frivolous reasons. After further researching the company they have dozens of complaints from shoppers on this forum about past due payments, no payments, poor communication, and... Continue Reading

JMRidgeway Payment

I am waiting for a payment from JMRidgeway. I did the shop on 8/2 and have yet to be paid. Nikki told me that they pay by 52 days. I've never had them take this long to pay......... Continue Reading

JMRidgway Shows deactivated

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JMRidgway Phone shops

I just applied for and was accepted for a recorded phone shop earlier today. Then 2 hours later I was sent a list of 24 people that I am not allowed to talk to! That seems to me an excessive amount of people to avoid. This seems more in the... Continue Reading

NikkiA at JMRidgeway

Very, very impressed by this scheduler's professionalism. Quick response to a question, even took the time after the issue was resolved to make sure I knew that this particular project was not a self assign.... Continue Reading

JM Ridgway?

Hey All; Just curious if anyone has had any experience with JM Ridgway? I just completed two of their $15 mattress store shops that popped up and then a quick shop at a small store in the mall to test them out - - then realized they handle a chain... Continue Reading

Ridgeway shops not paid

Nikki Atkins will not pay me for a shop that I drove 110 miles to do. I did it one day late. and perhaps I am wrong but all of my other msc will allow that as it was snowing on the day scheduled. She cancelled the shop and said... Continue Reading

jmridgeway fast payment...

I did an apartment shop for them 2 days ago. In the description of the shop the scheduler said it'd pay in 2 days as long as I sent in a pay request. It was a decent bonus($65 total) so I went for it. I completed the shop... Continue Reading

Looking forward to the forum, jmierz

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and am looking forward to all the help that it could give me plus getting to know you via the online community. My name is Joanie but my screen name is jmierz so you will see my posts under that. I started mystery... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway

I just want to call them out for being a comoany who pays exactly when they say they will. I wish they had more shops in my area. I l i ke not having to wonder if I'll get paid on time or not.... Continue Reading

JM Ridgway Co

I see there has been some comments on this JM Ridgway company, for myself I have in the past done several [I] (company name removed) [/i]Mattress Co shops in my area and have always gotten paid within 60 days, but the last shop in Janyary 23, 2015 I have not... Continue Reading

Jm Ridgeway.....

Does anyone have recent experience with JM Ridgeway, and if so, was it negative, positive, or neutral? I have signed up for two shops with them I feel a little edgy about so I thought I'd ask you folks here what you think of this MSC? Any input... Continue Reading

Has Anybody Done the JM Ridgeway shop that requires a photo of employees?

A discreet photo of the in store associate who interacts with you is required, and I am a bit wary of this shop requirement. I am wondering if anyone else has done this shop and if it is no big deal? I think it would be easy to... Continue Reading

JM Ridgway & Grocery shops

I just want to say that after reading the "instructions' (which is really just a series of warnings within the survey form) I will NEVER complain about the Trend Source Grocery Shops and their silly questions again!!! Edited to add: HOWEVER, I'll take the actual SHOP any day of the... Continue Reading

Is JM Ridgway for real? Not on MSPA

Ok, I am branching out. I have seen many of you more experienced shoppers telling of all the different companies you shop for. In following your example, I have signed up with several new companies in the past week that have brought a few, though not a lot, of new... Continue Reading


Hi. I am doing my first grocery store assignment with them tomorrow. While going over the LONG evaluation form, are we require to ask 2 separate questions? its a bit confusing on the form. It stated: For the next question: You MUST ask questions about a specific product that you previously found... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway SPAMing?

I have been inundated with emails about retail shops in 3 cities over the past week. I am now receiving about 1 email an hour all for the exact same shop from the same scheduler. I've never shopped for these people, but I am signed up. I don't like the... Continue Reading

JMRidgeway and payment

I can't seem to find any info on this companies pay schedule. I worked with them in early December and several times since then. Does anyone know what their schedule is, please. Thanks... Continue Reading

JMRidgway paid early for X-mas! :)

Yep, I got my payment, that per their regular pay schedule I wasn't expecting til the last couple days of the month, today! Normally, they pay at the end of the month, two months out; so October shops would be paid at the end of December. But I got paid... Continue Reading

jmridgway email

does anyone know anne's (or ann's) email address?... Continue Reading

JMRidgway Shop Grades

I've done several shops with JM since the beginning of June. None of the shopes have been graded, nor have I been paid for any of them. Has anyone else experienced this?... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway - When do they pay?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


Has any one else had problems with this company?... Continue Reading

JMRidgway payment

Hi all, My September jobs hadn't been paid by the end of October, and I thought they paid 60 days after doing the work. I could have *sworn* I read that somewhere ~ that, as an example, jobs completed in September would be paid by the end of November. So,... Continue Reading

JMRidgway & Goodwin

Hopefully, I'm not the only one lucky enough to have gotten my last two payments from these companies on time, and without a single reminder email necessary? It was a real pleasant surprise!... Continue Reading

JMRidgeway payment

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JM Ridgeway: Feedback Needed

Looked for history here. None found. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway and Franchise Compliance

I didn't see any topics like this started yet. Those are the only two companies I will end the year with still being owed money. I'm not counting MSCs still within their payment terms. Just MSCs that don't pay. The assignments from both companies are from Aug.... Continue Reading

JMRidgway Apartment Shops

Does anyone else do those? They took a $15 cut in pay since the last round, but now have more questions and two separate reports to fill out. Well that makes them no longer worth waiting around 3 months to get paid.... Continue Reading


anyone ever used JMK mercsystems? Please email me with your experience Continue Reading

JMK Mercantile Systems Inc.

If you have received a letter via mail containing a check, be weary. After bit of research I found that this is not legitimate at all. Please please please be aware that cashing this check is fraud and can end up getting you imprisoned.... Continue Reading

JM Ridgway : BEWARE

I've posted a somewhat 'horror' story experience from this company before, but now his tops it all. I'm on my phone now, but will post more later when I'm home. in the meantime don't shop with them! I know they have Sassie and Prophet systems. Avoid their scheduler 'Nikki' - I'm... Continue Reading

jmridgeway-Watch them

Watch jmridgeway. They didn't pay me for 3 shops until I emailed them after two months after doing the shops.... Continue Reading

JM Ridgway...

Hi everyone, Anyone ever work for this MSC. I just did 3 jobs for them,the reports were not bad at all,I have not heard back yet on my reports.Any feedback on this company would be appreciated.... Continue Reading

J M Ridgway

Has anyone shopped for J M Ridgway, located in Los Gatos, California? I got their e-mail on Sunday, May 3 for a job that needed doing ASAP. I accepted & did the shop & report that day. Guess I should have checked the feedback on the boards... Continue Reading

JM Ridgeway

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Complete your first shop and certification and get an additional bonus! Visit us at to get started today! You can also reach out to Juli at jmatejka@intouchinsight. (Source). May 17, 2023

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[quote=BusyBeeBuzzBuzzBuzz] You usually don't hear from JM Ridgway when a shop is accepted. (Source). May 05, 2023

You usually don't hear from JM Ridgway when a shop is accepted. (Source). May 05, 2023

This scheduler for JMRidgway is out of control. (Source). April 16, 2023

I received an email notification on 4/4 when JM Ridgway paid me. (Source). April 06, 2023