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Mattress Shops $28.00 on this Month

Hello Shoppers, Jancyn is looking for Motivated auditors to evaluate a local Mattress store near you. $28.00!! No Purchase is necessary!! If you would like to shop for Jancyn, please visit the website: to register. Then email me for further information. Cities/Towns Needed by Zip Code: FL:... Continue Reading

Jancyn Shops

Anyone noticed the drop in available shops? I'm beginning to think it might be my account. I specifically don't see the discount stores anymore. Let me know if you guys are seeing those in your area.... Continue Reading


Anyone done shops for Jancyn? Do they pay travel allowance? Any feedback appreciated from fellow shoppers...... Continue Reading

Sue from Jancyn

Just wanted to thank Sue for being understanding about a death in the family and a last minute cancellation of a shop. So nice to be treated kindly during a difficult time.... Continue Reading


Hello is anyone else having issues logging into Jancyn? It wont let me log on and I have about 12 shops I completed and waiting on payment, but now I cant seem to get in.... Continue Reading


I am getting a message that the site is not secure when I try to go to the site. This has never happened before. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there an issue with the company?... Continue Reading

Jancyn Pay In PayPal Limbo?

Has anyone had their pay stuck in PayPal from this company? I received notification that the money was in my PP account. When I go to PP they say it is pending. Also this statement: This payment is pending while we review it. We're sorry for any inconvenience.... Continue Reading

Jancyn restaurant shops?

So, for the most part I only do dining shops as mystery shopping is more for a side thing for me. I have worked with a few different companies. ACL, the pay and selection isn't great but reports are pretty easy. Coyle is probably the hardest but worth it for... Continue Reading


I haven't seen any shops posted by them since November. Does anyone know what's going on? I only started with them in October and I was enjoying their pretty easy retail shops (not audit shops) so now I'm wondering why there's nothing.... Continue Reading

bonused jancyn shops?

I received 9 emails last night from Jancyn that all said the same thing. "$5 BONUS Retail Customer Service Shop - Easy Report!" There were no specifics in the email about which shops they were. It just directed me to log in to my account and sign up.... Continue Reading

Jancyn has acquired Customer Perspectives

Could someone give me some insight about shopping for Jancyn. I have shopped for years for Customer Perspectives.... Continue Reading

Jancyn's Newsletter Concerning The Recorded Mystery Shop Call

The following excerpts are in the order that they appeared in the newsletter. Regarding "The recorded mystery shop call," a recent Jancyn newsletter stated: "You should have the evaluation form in front of you as you make the call. Then check off questions throughout the conversation." If you do that, you can... Continue Reading

Jancyn scheduling

I signed up for my first two shops with Jancyn. I noticed that you have to tell them a time you plan on doing the shops. How strict are they about this? I just found some more shops to add to that same day but the timing is... Continue Reading

BMA, GFK, Jancyn? Good, bad, ugly?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Jancyn Computer Repair Shop

Has anyone done this shop? I am having a problem reaching someone at the call center who knows about the mystery shopping requirements. The scheduler just tells me to keep calling.... Continue Reading

Jancyn Sizing Audits

I look forward to doing sizing audits as they are fairly quick and the report is a breeze. Usually they can be done start to finish in under an hour. I also looked forward to their timely payments via PayPal; however, has anyone else noticed Jancyn has become one of... Continue Reading

Anyone had trouble with Jancyn?

I have recently had what I consider a serious problem with Jancyn. Financial concerns were not an issue but personal insults were.... Continue Reading

Jancyn phone number

Anyone have a contact number for Jancyn? I have a shop due today that's not on their regular system, and the link the scheduler sent me to complete the assignment isn't working. I've tried emailing her twice with no response, and I don't have much more time before... Continue Reading

Does anyone know the payment schedule/dates for Jancyn Mystery Shop?

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Jancyn Sizing Audits

The instructions say that you need to get the name of the manager, and it is usually posted. For anyone who has done these before, where did you find the name of the manager? Or did you have to ask an employee? And if so, what did... Continue Reading

Jancyn [client named deleted] Audits

Does Jancyn offer anything besides[client name deleted] audits ? I am S/W of Chicago in DuPage & Will Counties. [I]Mod note: ICA violation fixed. It is also against forum rules to link the client with the MSC. Please refer to the posting guidelines when posting.[/I]... Continue Reading

FYI: Attention Jancyn Shoppers - SCAM ALERT

This SCAM ALERT just popped up when I logged onto their website. Just passing it on to forum members. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Attention Jancyn Shoppers - SCAM ALERT We have been alerted that there is a scam currently running that is using Jancyn's company name and emailing shoppers offering a large sum of money... Continue Reading

Jancyn Shop Completion and Payment Questions

Null... Continue Reading

Jancyn Sizing Audits

Has anyone done one of these for the clothing store? It seems VERY time consuming for the pay... Is it as bad as it seems?... Continue Reading

Where is Jancyns Shopper Site??

Has anyone tried to log on to Jancyn today? I have always logged onto their site at I just tried to log on because I have two shops scheduled tomorrow for them. The site is gone - there is a "Coming Soon, Under Construction page" but not much more... Continue Reading

Jancyn double paid me!

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Website not found? Can anyone else log on? I have a shop soon. :-/... Continue Reading

Jancyn site down for maintenance

I just tried to get on Jancyn's site to input my report due at midnight tonight. It's down and says to check back in 24 hours. I had until 6 pm EDT to complete the assignment and it's just past 8 now. Guess they don't bother to let you know... Continue Reading

Jancyn- website down?

I have a shop today for Jancyn and logged on about an hour agao to print my paperwork, and while the correct header appears, the page has ads on it and the yahoo search listings for their company. The only link that works is ther "contact us" link. I have... Continue Reading

Jancyn - sizing audits ?

Is anyone doing these right now? Can they really mean you will check 625 items for $16 ???... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jancyn

I wanted to pass on a very positive experience with Jancyn. I totally messed up and did the wrong location for a breakfast shop. I had no excuses. I e-mailed the scheduler and was honest about my mistake. It had also now gone beyond the due... Continue Reading


I'll just remove. Not worth the hassle. Thanks for the heads up.... Continue Reading

Jancyn login issues?

Is anyone else having a problem when you try to login to Jancyn? I keep getting a page that says I'm logged in at the top, but the rest of the page is blank and there is a message at the very bottom that says, "error on page." Is... Continue Reading

Just approved for Jancyn.

Hello, I am a two month bachelor graduate and I do have plans but it requires my schedule to be flexible for the moment. I figured that I also do need some income while completing this projects so now I am here :) I just signed with Jancyn but there... Continue Reading

Jancyn evaluation shops

Hi! I got a e-mail from there for several available shops in my area, I was wondering has anyone ever shopped for this company? Also do they pay quick?... Continue Reading

Jancyn late?

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Jancyn pay in 30 days via PP? Any insight into payment habits?... Continue Reading

Anyone else having issues with Jancyn not paying for shops?

I had a 2 shops that I was not paid for. Today I received a check for one of the shops $3 short. Judy claims its a handling fee. Conversations with her have been quite unprofessional with one or two sentences. Has anyone else had these issues?... Continue Reading

Jancyn -- how strict are they with time selection?

I just signed up with Jancyn and scheduled to do a shop for them. I was surprised to see that this company requires you to choose a time when you will perform your shop (not just a date). How strict are they with this time selection? If you indicated 2... Continue Reading

Jancyn Survey Turn-In Question!

Thanks in advance for any replies, appreciate it! Q: Does anyone know what the submittal time/due is for Jancyn's shops? I have checked and rechecked my shop confirmation and survey the "due" time/date is not listed. I'm just beat, I've been up since 2AM, and there's no way... Continue Reading

Jancyn Sizing Audit

Has anyone ever done a sizing audit for Jancyn at one of the discount retail stores? They have a few available in my area but they seemed very involved for $16. Anyone have any feedback? How long it takes and if it is worth it. Thanks... Continue Reading

Jancyn and shopper name disclosure

I am not sure if this is standard as I have never had this come up. A month or so ago I did a couple property shops for Jancyn. Apparently they turned in my full name and contact information to the client with the shop report. That seemed odd to... Continue Reading


Anyone dealt with them? I completed a shop for them on 02/05/2010 and never received payment. I sent an email inquiring about payment and got a reply saying simply, "Your payment was sent to Pay Pal on 03-15-10." I checked PayPal to make sure I hadn't missed it and indeed I... Continue Reading

I highly recommend JANCYN as a MSC..

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Any one with experience with BMA or JANCYN?

Do they pay fast?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Jancyn Evaluation Shops

This shop has a target leasing agent. Payment for this shop is $32 through PayPal. If you can help with this shop, please sign up with Jancyn at www. (Source). July 15, 2020

Hello Shoppers, Jancyn is looking for Motivated auditors to evaluate a local Mattress store near you. (Source). July 15, 2020

Examples of MSCs using Prophet are Jancyn and Quest for Best. (Source). July 13, 2020

Strategic Reflections is the only outstanding payment that I have yet to receive! [quote=teriraia] Strategic Reflections and Jancyn have paid me up to date which is professional. (Source). May 16, 2020

Strategic Reflections and Jancyn have paid me up to date which is professional. (Source). May 03, 2020

This shop has a target leasing agent. Payment for this shop is $32 through PayPal. If you can help with this shop, please sign up with Jancyn at www. (Source). May 02, 2020

[quote=JASFLALMT] Jancyn paid me via PayPal a few days ago and Strategic Reflections check came today. (Source). April 24, 2020

Jancyn paid me via PayPal a few days ago and Strategic Reflections check came today. (Source). April 23, 2020

[quote=eclark3] I was just paid by Jancyn. (Source). April 23, 2020

Jancyn is the reason for my visit to this thread. (Source). April 23, 2020