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MSC Kinesis

Can someone please tell me how to sign up on Kinesis? I have been all over their web page from the address that is listed on the MSCs on this site, and I can not find anywhere to sign up with them. Thank you so much for your help.... Continue Reading


I got offered my first assignment with this company. It was a walk-in situation with a financial advisor. The pay was $30 which was ok, but you were not able to view the job details until they accepted your assignment. It was only then that you find out that if the... Continue Reading

Kinesis October Payment Updates?

Has anyone had an updated since the email on Saturday? The email states that they are having issues with PayPal and October payments are delayed.... Continue Reading

What's up with Kinesis?

Anyone know what's up with Kinesis? I have a number of shops which were set up with the usual KSS schedulers. But no one seems to be around. Per the instructions, I need to wait for them to do something for most of the shops before I can take next... Continue Reading

Kinesis CEM Shopper Payments

Per their website: SHOPPER PAYMENTS: Kinesis pays for shops through PayPal by the end of the month following the month of the shop. To add a PayPal address that is different from your Primary Address, please check instructions in the [Help] link at the top of this page. Has anyone received their... Continue Reading

Anybody shop for Kinesis?

I'm not familiar with them, but they have a phone shop in my area with a nice fee. Any feedback on this company is appreciated; TIA!... Continue Reading

Anyone having trouble logging into Kinesis

I've been trying for 3 hours to log into for 3+ hours. Tried Chrome and Firefox and shut down twice. Thanks to anyone if you have had any experience with it today:)... Continue Reading

Kinesis Questionnaire

Hi, I have not worked for them before and have a grocery shop tomorrow. I have tried to bring up the questionnaire (using both the Sassie-Kern website and the Kinesis site.) On Kinesis I am able to see the first page but would have to complete it... Continue Reading

KINESIS Contact Information

Hello, Does anyone have direct contact information for Kinesis? I have tried to contact the scheduler that handles their shops from the other company numerous times over the last two weeks. He has not responded to any of my emails. I would like to contact them directly so they do not... Continue Reading

Kss & kinesis scheduling issues *Vent*

I applied for several kinesis shops via KSS which were accepted. Then came the onslaught of emails from a scheduler asking if I could reschedule a few of the shops for next week, and one for Sunday. My response was sure no problem. So today I review the Kinesis website... Continue Reading


Do they have a job board or do they send emails with offers only?... Continue Reading

Kinesis- Overpayment

I am pretty sure that Kinesis overpaid me for one of my shops by $5. lol, so I wrote an email to tell them. I feel sort of silly but it seemed too dishonest not to. Now I'm just concerned that I am forgetting something and my $25 payment was... Continue Reading

Is Kinesis Website Down?

Hi folks - I have not been able to load the shopper website for hours. Does any have contact information for them, such as a name and email? I have five reports now overdue! Thanks much...... Continue Reading

Is my Kinesis report actually submitted?

Hi, I just completed my first shop for Kinesis and submitted the report, I think. I got to the end it says everything is submitted and I can download a copy for my files (except it gives you a page with no Download buttons - annoying). Then I attach my... Continue Reading

Kinesis / KSS / Kern

Hello. I am trying to download guidelines for my first assignment from KSS. When I go to the KSS shop log, I click on "guidelines" but am told I first need to register with Kinesis, which I've already done. When I go to Kinesis, I can log in but I... Continue Reading

What's Up With Kinesis?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


I am so confused. So I accepted two phone shops for Kinesis, where a bank gets a hold of you regarding a certain situation. I read the guidelines I understand it, now i'm just waiting for the phone call. The survey due date was 03/15, however I reached out to... Continue Reading

Problem reporting a Kinesis shop

Hoping another night owl might be up and able to help. I have gone back and forth between Kern and Kinesis trying fing a report form to fill out and having no luck. I changed browsers, closed and reopened the sites many times, and even rebooted to no avail. I've... Continue Reading

Kinesis, is anyone there?

It is most frustrating to be unable to contact Kinesis with a question! I sent a message to them via Facebook a few weeks ago, and got a response the second day saying they would look into my question and reply to me via email. Still waiting…and have... Continue Reading

I need to navigate the Kinesis website TODAY!

Okay, so I accepted a shop through KSS . . . SURPRISE, KSS was just the scheduling company and I had to sign up with Kinesis. Okay, so far, so good. Here's the problem. THE KINESIS HOMEPAGE LOOKS LIKE IT'S FROM ABOUT 1994. I can't find the page that will give... Continue Reading

Question about Kinesis and how to contact them..

I recently did 3 shops for Kinesis, that were scheduled through Kern. The two I did yesterday (March 18) are already rated and accepted. Meanwhile, the one I did on March 6 (that was for considerably more money than these other two) is still showing as "upload received" in the... Continue Reading

Kinesis - Payment

Hello, I did a few bank shops with Kinesis. They're interesting shops and not so hard to do. It got scheduled through Kern, which is fine. On two of the shops, I had to attend a phone training, that was said to be paid 5$. On one of the shops,... Continue Reading


Hi, I registered with this company and seem to be stuck on the wrong page when I log in. Has anyone else had this problem? It won't let me click through to anywhere else.... Continue Reading

Kinesis CEM

Anyone having problems with the Kineses site today?... Continue Reading

Help with shop at Kinesis Insight

Hello, I am trying to perform my very first shop with Kinesis, it's supposed to be in Spanish through the phone but every time I call they said there is noone there who speaks Spanish. What should I do? I tried to contact Kinesis already but no answer yet. Anyone has... Continue Reading

Kinesis: Is anyone familiar with Kinesis?

I recently took a job through KSS International (Kern Scheduling) and am having trouble with the guidelines of the job. On page 2 it tells me not to agree to have anything mailed to me and on page 7 it says I have to wait until I get material... Continue Reading

Kinesis site down?

Is anybody else having problems reporting on Kinesis today?... Continue Reading


Hello, Does anyone know if Kinesis is still around? I used to do alot of shops for them and they seem to be missing. Thanks !... Continue Reading

re: Kinesis Insight

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading




Hi Has anyone had a problem submitting a report with Kenesis? There saying they never got my report, unfortunately for me I couldn't copy it. Hope everyone is able to make a living with these high gas prices. Phyllis... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Kinesis CEM

Hi Kathleen, Unfortunately, Kinesis does not work on weekends. (Source). March 01, 2021

I need to send this over payment back, and I do not know how. The money is sitting there. Someone from Kinesis told me to send it back. (Source). March 01, 2021

Kinesis does have a number you can call for this - I’ve called it before. (Source). March 01, 2021

00, and got a payment for$147.00. I just saw on another thread to contact Lorri Kern because she is responsive,. There is no number to reach Kinesis,. (Source). March 01, 2021

Kinesis is a mystery shopping company that assigns their shops through KSS. (Source). March 01, 2021

There is something called kinesis that is affiliated with KSS. (Source). March 01, 2021

Kinesis has grocery shops on KSS. (Source). August 29, 2020

I do not know if things have changed in all the years I have been with Kern but at the time when I joined you could not sign up with Kinesis to get jobs. (Source). June 26, 2020

I am trying to get some jobs with KSS, and for this one it includes a phone shop through Kinesis. (Source). June 26, 2020

To actually get jobs I believe you have to go through KSS — I don’t believe Kinesis have their own schedulers. (Source). June 25, 2020