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Legacy Group Market Research

Has anybody worked for Legacy Group Market Research lately? This was a new company that started up in early 2010. They had only one customer that I knew of, a large grocery store. I really liked the company. I guess the grocery stopped being shopped in... Continue Reading

Legacy Group?

I did a search for this company, but see nothing. I got an email today about a shop in my area. Looks like they use Sassie. Anybdy have any comments about them?... Continue Reading

Fast Payment from Legacy Group Market Research

Wanted to post some positive feedback about Legacy Group. I completed my first shop with them on 9/24. A few days later, I actually got a shopper rating for that shop on the Sassie system. Payment was posted today, 10/13 to my PayPal account. That was only 19... Continue Reading

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Wanted to post some positive feedback about Legacy Group. (Source). October 14, 2011

Hi txguitar~ I live in the Dallas area, but I really like the Legacy Group. (Source). August 19, 2009