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rant regarding MASSolutions

I completed a shop August 6th and can't figure out when I get paid. There is nothing on the shopper page and I have several messages. I am very frustrated. I drove pretty far for a decent payout.... Continue Reading


When and how does this company pay? I completed a shop August 6th... Continue Reading

when does MASSolutions pay?

when does MASSolutions pay?... Continue Reading

MASSolutions feedback?

This company has representation on the MSPA board of directors. Feedback anyone?... Continue Reading

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massolutions. (Source). August 22, 2018

massolutions. (Source). June 20, 2018

when does MASSolutions pay? (Source). September 20, 2017

, Inc. (800) 367-7434 Kinesis-CEM, LLC Kathy Harper (206) 285-2900 KSS International, Inc. Lorri Kern (520) 615-0888 LRA Worldwide Michele Naccarelli (267) 495-1604 MaritzCX Shopper Contact (636) 827-3960 Market Force Information, Inc. Rebecca Williams (303) 402-6939 Market Viewpoint Angela Megasko (610) 942-7030 Marketstat, LLC Scott Sharpe (888) 515-7828 Marketwise Consulting Group, Inc. Carolyn Nankervis (920) 735-4970 MASSolutions, Inc. (Source). July 31, 2015

The log in site for shoppers is here. shopper.massolutions. (Source). April 17, 2015 GovPartners - i-SPY Hospitality Audit - Norton Norris - Rentrak - Shoptalk Service Evaluations - MASSolutions - I had trouble getting the web address for this one, but I found a Prophet registration when I Googled MASSolutions mystery shopping. (Source). December 11, 2014 LRA Worldwide Management Consultant Group MaritzCX Market Force website: Market Viewpoint LLC Marketing Endeavors (see White Clay) MarketStat MarketWise Consulting Group Inc Mass Connections (see Staying Connected) MASSolutions website: http://www. (Source). December 08, 2014

One of my favorite companies, Massolutions, pays you 2 weeks earlier (in about 10-15 days total) if you use Paypal instead of wanting a check in the mail. (Source). November 08, 2011

In no particular order: CSE, Clear Evaluations, Instant Replays, the video folks at EPMS, Massolutions, The Training Factor, Ardent. (Source). November 05, 2011