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Missing Maritz

Don't you just miss the days when you could just pick up the phone and call Maritz to change a daytime to a nighttime or a nighttime to a daytime to work with your route???... Continue Reading

1099s from IPSOS/Maritz?

Has anyone received their 1009s from IPSOS this year? Itís the only one Iím missing, and Iím not sure if it will be mailed/emailed/online...... Continue Reading

IPSOS Payments vs Maritz Payments

In the past, when I performed shops for Maritz, I was paid first, via check and then later, via direct deposit. With the old Maritz system, I could see, on the Maritz online site, which shops I was paid via their dates performed and most importantly, by their Shop ID... Continue Reading

This Maritz to Ipsos has been a nightmare

I am so frustrated with Ipsos. The communication is extremely flawed. The people at Maritz were good people who were responsive. First Ipsos demolished the teams cut the phone lines and left shoppers out in the cold. They seem to forget we are the people who are out in the field... Continue Reading

Is Maritz Legacy officially defunct?

I can't even seem to get the old website anyone else able to?... Continue Reading

IPSOS/Maritz pay...

Has anyone gotten their IPSOS (Maritz) pay today? I have a large number of shops outstanding, and when they weren't paid Tuesday, I figured they'd be here today...on that site there is no way to tell when a shop has been edited and accepted!... Continue Reading

Ispos/Maritz shop review and pay schedule

It has been a long time since I've done a Maritz shop and I don't remember what the turnaround time for thier approving jobs. Does anyone know? Is Maritz moving to the Ipsos weekly pay schedule? Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading

IPOS bought out MARITZ?

Is this true. No more Maritz?... Continue Reading

Ipsos former Maritz shops

Does anyone know if this platform has an app? I love completing reports in my car immediately after finishing shops on the Shopmetrics platform. I have my first group of shops with a ton of details on the Maritz platform and it would be great if there was an app... Continue Reading

Maritz platform Ipsos

Even though I've done hundreds of shops for Ipsos on Shopmetrics and Sassie, I have my first on the Maritz platform. Because I never worked for Maritz, I'm confused!! First, I applied many times and always was told the gas station shops I chose were 'unable to be assigned' .... Continue Reading

Lagacy Maritz/Ipsos

Does anyone know who I would contact about being restricted from shops? My scheduler cannot tell me.... Continue Reading

The end is coming for Legacy MaritzCX

[b]deleted[/b]... Continue Reading

Maritz legacy site actually functions on Edge!

You know, the "us.v2" site. Got a shop assigned; using Chrome and Firefox, only the first two pages would print -- but there's 35 pages! Switched to Edge, and the entire site functions -- the shops show on the map, etc. Just thought I'd let you know, as the site has been so... Continue Reading

IPSOS/Maritz Site Issue

Whenever you have an issue with the site, such as: Your report page not loading ERROR messages Time Outs and anything else that has and can happen. Don't Panic! Always send an email to all of the addresses you have, explaining what is happening, with the time it happened. Walk away and give it some time.... Continue Reading

Maritz Legacy SIte

I need help! The site will NOT let me put in "Time In" or "Time Out" - there literally is no "box" there to enter it, just the "directions" == I emailed the "Mystery.Shopping@Ipsos" email, BUT these reports are due in 12 hours! I have 8 of them, what in... Continue Reading


Are all the gas station shops that were on Martiz now on KSS??... Continue Reading

Has anyone emailed IPSOS/Maritz regarding missing pay?

I'm guessing I'll use the standard email for them, but I'm just curious if anyone has had to email them about missing shops yet? It used to be so easy to contact the finance lady at Maritz, and she'd go over it with you on the phone and fix anything... Continue Reading

More IPSOS/Maritz/Legacy Transition Issues

This Maritz/IPSOS/Legacy transition is turning into a nightmare. I have current shops, within the current completion window, which I am trying to enter the results from and all is says is "not available at this time". My ISafe Certification, shop review, and profile/paymemt profile are all up date. I emiled Continue Reading

Maritz/Ipsos - Is Anyone Getting Timely Responses to Urgent Issues?

In the certification quiz AND guidelines, it says to contact them immediately when you run into a safety issue (like harm to yourself on site) or a major incident. Since no one is answering the phones, I have to wait and send am email. Then days and days go by... Continue Reading

Maritz (Ipsos Legacy) Bundle / Website Problems

Yesterday afternoon I received a series of emails letting me know that I had been offered bundles that I could view and accept or decline on the Maritz / Ipsos website. I was able to view the first of them, then there seemed to be a problem with the map... Continue Reading

Maritz (Ipsos Legacy) Email

Did anyone else get an email from Ipsos saying that you need to become IShopSafe Certified.... when you already are? I have to wonder if this was just something that went out to all shoppers with revealed audits, or if I'm going to have this annoying thing to... Continue Reading

Ipsos/Maritz Pay Dates?

I may have missed this in a search, but at the bottom of my report is a statement: Upon review and approval, each shop survey acts as an invoice for payment, and will be processed within the iShopfor Ipsos shopper payment cycle. -- so, no more invoices, which is nice,... Continue Reading

MaritzCX Site

I logged in and see there are some shops available near me as well as some available from home. However, when I clicked on them, nothing shows up. Anyone running into the same thing?... Continue Reading

OK, need some help with Maritz/IPSOS

I still have not been paid for March 18 shop. I have left voice mail at Maritz, and e-mailed the place "Fred" said to e-mail. Crickets. Does anybody have any way of reaching IPSOS/Maritz, other than the above two? Granted, it's only less than $50...but I did the work, I earned it, and I... Continue Reading

Will Gas Stations from Maritz CX (now Ipsos) start up again on May 1st?

The gas station client that I work for halted the entire program back in March. I have not received any word yet if they are starting up again on May 1st or maybe on next Monday. I have never worked for Ipsos so I am a transfer from Maritz. I... Continue Reading

The latest from Frankly Fred (IPSOS/MaritzCX) PayPal

Weíre working hard during this time to create an even better mystery shopping experience for all of our shoppers. We know change can be challenging, but we appreciate you sticking with us through it all. We are #BetterTogether. Here are some important updates coming down the pipeline. If you have... Continue Reading

Maritz/Ipsos payroll 4/15

Hs anyone actually received money from Maritz/Ipsos in their bank account today? The Maritz/Ipsos site lists my shops under the 'direct deposit' but the $$ have not hit my bank account. This is making me nervous. Edited to note that payment was processed via their Chase ACH procedure on 4/17/2002.... Continue Reading

Maritz (IPSOS) Login

So I got an email that Maritz and IPSOS merged. However, I cannot log into the page it redirects me to. I have requested a password change a couple times and never received an email. But... I can log into IPSOS (formerly GFK) from the Sassie platform with... Continue Reading

MaritzCX (now Ipsos) changes payment method

I just received an email from Ipsos, telling me that MaritzCX is now paying via paypal (not direct deposit, or its recent (and temporary quasi-direct deposit method). I was asked to update my profile to include my papal address.... Continue Reading

IPSOS (Martiz) Offering Home Store Shops in So. Cal.

I had 2 Home store shops scheduled for last week here in So Cal. I called and left messages to reschedule since the project goes into May. When I received an email reminding me the jobs were past due I responded requesting a delay reminding them of the Shelter in... Continue Reading

Double checks received from MaritzCX shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Trouble transitioning from Maritz website to Ipsos?

I get connected to the new site, but it won't accept my password and when i try to reset, I never get the email I need to reset. Is anyone else having issues?... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment

Have you received pay or payment email for end of March?... Continue Reading

How to sign up for Direct Deposit on the Maritz CX site?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz/Ipsos pay. Anyone seen an email?

Maritz told me the pay would be the 13th. I have not seen anything from chase as of yet. Has anyone else?... Continue Reading

Maritz website is's not you or your computer

I called to ask about it and they confirmed they are having problems and aren't sure when it will be up...just FYI. I thought it was on my end, but it's not.... Continue Reading


Has anyone heard about this hoped-for change? I hope that a specific ban or limitation will be lifted. I would like a fresh opportunity as just a gas station mystery shopper. (I was new when I did audits, which disqualified me as a shopper for certain locations.) tia for any... Continue Reading

Maritz CX and InMoment merging

So I'm confused because, although there is no specific mention of mystery shopping, it sounds like they will be offering those services. Continue Reading

Ipsos taking over Maritz 2/28

can someone explain this chase business for pay to me? I do not understand why they are doing this or how it works... Continue Reading

Changes Noticed With Maritz Research (which is now IPOS)

[i]Deleted because I do not think people can be expected to act like adults on here, and I don't feel like dealing with any bs. Moderator, you can delete this post whenever.[/i]... Continue Reading

Getting paid by Maritz

Sorry to pull us away from the Ipsos news! But I have another question. I did my first shop for Maritz December 4th - I drove an hour to do it because it was heavily bonused. But I've never been paid. Because of that helpful shopper - sorry, can't remember... Continue Reading

Maritz invoicing help please

Hello all, I am filling out my first invoices and hereís my I include the gas purchase with my in store product purchase? Or just the store purchase? I know, Iím overthinking this ????????... Continue Reading

Changing DayParts with Maritz' Easy Station Shops

Can anyone tell me if you've found it easy or difficult to get schedulers to shift a shop's daypart (from 6A-3P to 3P-10P or vice-versa) as needed to fit a route? I have a couple of fairly lengthy routes, and I will need to shift a couple of shops from... Continue Reading

Maritz payment help

I did two shops for Maritz on the same day. I am 95% sure I submitted an invoice but was not paid for it. I did them before work and did not write down the shop numbers :(. Has anyone ever called Maritz and received help from them?... Continue Reading

Oh no! Maritz's easy gas shops are changing for the new year.

I have done hundreds of Maritz's non-reveal gas shops that require no pictures. They're among my favorites because they are so quick and easy. Now I see that the ones for the new year are posted and they require a picture of the CSR if he/she is not in... Continue Reading

Has anyone heard anything about Maritz' "accelerated holiday payment schedule"?

They called me today and said any shops I do would be paid by Christmas. Anybody else heard anything? I don't see anything on the website.... Continue Reading

MaritzCX Inspection Start Date Is Today

Can anyone access their gas station reports for MaritzCX? The start date is today December 1. I can access all guidelines and other files so the pop-up blockers are not blocked. Should I go ahead and do the jobs today and contact them on Monday? Or should I not do... Continue Reading

KSS / Maritz

Hi all, Quick question...when completing a shop that is scheduled by KSS but the shop is through Maritz, do I have to submit and invoice (as stated on the Maritz guidelines) or is an invoice submitted on my behalf (as stated in the KSS) guidelines. I donít see anywhere on Maritz... Continue Reading

Experience with Maritz light blue gas?

Not big blue. The guidelines are sparse (really!). Do you get a lot of reports back for things that are not addressed in the instructions? I've read that yellow editors are tough but this brand's team has them beat as far as I can see. Is it just me?... Continue Reading

Maritz shopper ID

my Shopper ID with Maritz starts with 377. My account is about 6 years old. My son signed up a few months ago and his ID starts with 421. That makes me wonder if they assign IDs in order and that 45k people signed up in that 6 years. Then... Continue Reading

Maritz non revealed gas shop photos?

So I have a few of these shops next couple of weeks.. It is possible Im getting the photo exterior mixed up with a couple of other mscs that I shop but I could have sworn that at one point..exterior photos were a requirement for these shops? With this msc.. Just wanted... Continue Reading

Maritz CX

I am a fairly new shopper (only have been shopping since May of this year) but have completed quite a few shops for many different companies. I have come to the understanding of relationships with the schedulers is key and of utmost importance. I have been pretty successful with... Continue Reading

Maritz Bundles

I submitted a bundle online and got a message that the shops were not available. I know from past history that Maritz received it. Do I need to call them to get these shops or just wait? These are gas stations.... Continue Reading

Maritz: Shop Due Soon Messages

Over the last few days, I have been getting this annoying automated messages, some of them for shops where the window itself has not even begun. It says they would appreciate a call or a response. Is it necessary to actually respond to these. Maritz staff, if you read... Continue Reading

Why does Maritz Require Copy of Drivers License?

Iíve done Intellishop oil change shops for 10 years. Last year, the company changed to Maritz. ??? And now to do any mystery shops wth them, I must first supply a copy of my drivers license? Why? They have name, address, DOB, SSN. How secure are they? Itís bad enough... Continue Reading

Maritz Pay Check

Did anyone get paid yet? I received an email that we would get paid after 1PM CST. Just curious if anyone has received it yet.... Continue Reading

Maritz new team 6

We miss you Terra!!... Continue Reading

New item for Maritz

FYI - As of today Maritz has added a motor oil question on one of the brands that had not required it in the past. Suggest you check the updates.... Continue Reading

New Update Letter for One of Maritz's Clients

Starting today we will now be expected to report the available lube oils seen onsite. Either in the forecourt or the store itself. No additional compensation, either. Boo Hiss.... Continue Reading

Maritz's Direct Deposit

Has anyone tried to check the direct deposit that was under accounts? I can't find it there anymore?... Continue Reading

Maritz problems

Anyone else having uploading issues? I did six gas audits for one brand today with no problems, then had 5 with another brand and they all wouldn't upload on the app and crashed losing all the data. I tried using the web browser and still had trouble... Continue Reading

Is this unethical by Maritz CX or SOP?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

MaritzCX schedulers

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz CX payments?? I'm panicking

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz TV/Phone/Internet $75 Shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz "Yellow" Gas Stations

I noticed the next round of "Yellow" gas station shops are being released by Maritz. They've increased them by $0.50 to $13.00 because of the "additional questions added for lubricants". Typically, for me, I always noted what was being sold and also took a photo of what they had on... Continue Reading

New shopper already tried bestmark, marketforce and maritz

I'll post my results on those companies in the appropriate section. Hi, I'm Debra from Oakland, California. Have made some $$ already.... Continue Reading

Maritz - Submit Invoice

I just finished my first shop with Maritz, and I think I read on here that you have to submit an invoice. I just did that, and I don't see that invoice anymore. I see the shop as completed, but does that mean it has been approved?... Continue Reading

Maritz shop canceled?

Hey friends! Iíve been shopping a few years now. My husband just completed his first shop (ever) for Maritz. It was a two part shop. He completed the first report and submitted it. When he went to finish and submit the second part, both shops were gone from his shop... Continue Reading

Maritz Direct Deposit

Did anyone get the direct deposit from Maritz today?... Continue Reading

Maritz Team 3

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

MaritzCX Shop Report Submission Error

Has anyone been having submitting shop reports on MartizCX today? It keeps giving me an error message saying I left the photo/validation question unanswered, but I already uploaded a photo to the question. This one's for a tobacco compliance shop scheduled through KSS.... Continue Reading

Is there a dispute resolution process for Maritz?

I recently completed a shop that Maritz called to offer me. There were issues from the start - I really wish I'd followed my first mind and declined to take it. But I did not. I did what I needed to do to complete the shop as agreed, mainly because... Continue Reading

Maritzcx Issues

I just got approved and logged on. I went to look for some available shops, and I got this message: "You currently already have the maximum number of awardable shops. If you feel this is in error, please contact MaritzCX." Nothing happens when I click on 'Add to Bundle.' Does anyone know... Continue Reading

maritz debrief problems

Hi y'all, I am having difficulty debriefing my shops for Maritz. The site shows the photo I upload but it does not take the photo. Two or three questions later it says an error has occurred and the photo has been removed. I have had the same message show up... Continue Reading

Can't Find Completed Shop for Maritz CX

Help, I feel like I am losing my mind, LOL. I just submitted my first shop with Maritz CX, but now I can't find it! It is not listed under my shops or shops on hold. Where do I go to find the status of a completed shop? Thanks!... Continue Reading

MaritzCX and SIN (Canada)

Hi all, I'm new to this gig and signed up for a number of MSC for jobs in western Canada. There are a few jobs on KSS that I was told I needed to register with MaritzCX before KSS could schedule them for me. I have read here how MaritzCX... Continue Reading

Random Thoughts About Maritz Gas Station Shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz, Where's My Money?

Its not a lot really. Just $1.00 extra per shop when the gas station has certain "Elements" that have to be counted and checked. That doesn't seem like a lot of money. Yet, when you do 50 of those shops, it adds up. The checks and counts are still required for... Continue Reading

Maritz "Premium Shops"

Am I the only one that commits to memory every day how many shops Maritz has listed as shops with incentive in my area? It helps me to know how desperate they are when they come a'knockin. If the number doesn't go down over the span of several days or... Continue Reading

Maritz terminated myIndependent Contractor status

Received an email on 4/5/19 stating I requested this termination, but I didn't!!! I replied asking to be reinstated with no response. Just sent another email after trying to login in with no luck. Has anyone else had this happen? The day prior I received email... Continue Reading

Maritz CX bidding process

My first shop for them (gas station) went so well, I bundled 4 more and made a bid. It's been a week and I haven't heard anything. How long does it usually take? Do they tell you if they reject your bid? Do they hold out... Continue Reading

Maritz site down?

I am on the laptop waiting to submit data but that "loading" wheel just keeps a-spinning. Anybody else?... Continue Reading

Does MaritzCX still carry blue bank shops?

Does MaritzCX still carry blue bank shops?... Continue Reading

Maritz Phone/Service Shops any info?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Oh Maritz, you so silly

I offered to do a gas route for an incentive of $15 ea. They countered with an incentive of $20 ea and asked if that was acceptable.... Continue Reading


Does Maritz delete people out of the blue from their shopper rolls? I've tried to sign in a hundred times because I got an email that my bank returned the DD check and that they are sending me a paper check.... I cannot sign on :'( I did have a shop... Continue Reading

Maritz Login

I don't know my Maritz Login and am unable to find it or access my account. Does anyone have a contact number for them? @MaritzCXScheduler... Continue Reading

Maritz Completed Shop Disappears From All Lists

I completed a shop for Maritz yesterday. Twenty four pumps. Huge location. A fair fee of just over $40. I debriefed the shop as usual. When I went to invoice it, I got a message that said, "That job ID is more than 2 weeks old". So, I just kept... Continue Reading

MaritzCX questions

Hi, does anyone here use Maritz? I just signed up with them after seeing the list of companies on this board. The questions I have are about their shop requirements which they dont really show until you get the shop. They pay very well for the shops which... Continue Reading

Maritz and major reporting issues anyone?

I completed a gas station inspection today and when I tried to enter the report it said my gas purchase was missing. Ok, so I know I filled in the amount of gas I got and the amount of the store purchase but I went ahead and filled them... Continue Reading


Is Martiz site not doing right for anyone else?... Continue Reading

Does anyone have issues using the Maritz app?

In the middle of gas station shop app stops working......tried it twice....stopped the same place both times.... Continue Reading

Maritz non reveal gas shops? Please answer ASAP..on my way shortly to do the shops..

I don't currently have access to my computer and for some reason I have a heck of a time getting my phone to pull up Maritz guidelines. This is for the 5.00 to 6.00 non reveal gas shops..Questions I have are what if receipt at the pump won't print,... Continue Reading

Market force vs Maritz reports?

I have worked with Market Force quite a bit and used to the report. I am new to Maritz and have a bank shop and a handful of non reveal gas shops coming up. All of the shops seem straight forward enough..about how long does the report take. Just wondering in... Continue Reading

Maritz website -- can you help?

I logged in, but the website does not respond to anything else. Try to search for jobs, no response whatsoever. I can type in a location, hit "search", and the website does nothing. Tried 3 different browsers, rebooted. Does anyone have a clue? What else can I do?... Continue Reading

Maritz Paid Early...

I woke up to see money from Maritz I wasn't expecting until 12/31 already in my account. I don't recall them doing this in years past. Thanks, Maritz...You rock!... Continue Reading

MaritzCX unauthorized account inquiry

I do love working for MaritzCX! I could use a little light from someone who has done this shop! I need to pretend I found a bank account opened in my name that I did not authorize & watch for the way they handle referring me to the... Continue Reading

Maritz Yellow Gas Station Shops for 2019?

Has anyone seen any of the Yellow Gas Station shops for 2019 yet? Sometimes they release these early before the end of the year. When I logged in today it asked me the screening questions that it normally does before a new project is released, so I was... Continue Reading

Maritz App

I did a gas station shop via the app. It won't let me submit it it keeps saying restart app. Is anyone else having an issue with it?... Continue Reading

Maritz - Nothing But Bank Shops?

For the last couple of weeks, I've basically seen nothing but bank shops on my Maritz page. A couple of Team 3 "new" station audits, but none of the regular shops for any of the stations, of any color or design, anyone else in this position? Any ideas?... Continue Reading


I've seen enough complaints about them. I did 2 test drives highly bonused and one of the dealerships was rebranded, so I took photos and was paid in full for both within 30 days.... Continue Reading

Maritz CX app....has anyone trouble with it besides me.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz app did not work today

I am new at using apps. I tried to do a gas station today with the Maritz app. I got about 3/4 of the way through and it stopped. Any suggestions? Maybe something that I am doing or not doing. Thanks... Continue Reading

Yellow gas stations for Maritz ?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment

PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED! Hi! I'm new to Mystery Shopping. I did a shop for Maritz and am having a hard time getting paid and getting a response from anyone in reference to payment. Anybody else run into this or have any suggestions? Thanks so much! Valerie :)... Continue Reading

Dear Maritz, If I Could......

Change one thing about your debrief, it would be: I would put in place a drop down menu detailing your idea of the dates for beginning and ending each week of the month. For me, it is the "Blue" gas stations that I struggle with what you consider the first, second and... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Using the Maritz app offline

Hi everyone, Long-time, part-time shopper and respectful lurker here. I learned something this weekend about the Maritz app that I am hoping is a feature and not a bug, that I thought I would share. I had a weekend full of gas station photo audits to do, so I... Continue Reading

Does anyone have the phone number and contact for the Maritz Co?

Having log in issues, and I keep emailing to no avail. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment Details Please!

I received my Maritz biweekly direct deposit last week and assumed that by last Friday or this past Monday (October 1), the payment details would show up. They haven't. For some, that might be a minor detail. For me, I always reconcile my shops immediately upon receiving the report. There have... Continue Reading

number for Maritz

can somebody give me their number i'm getting back into shopping and cant remember my user name.... Continue Reading

Is Maritz getting picky?

Removed.... Continue Reading

Deleting locations from Maritz route offer?

Hi All, I used to be able to delete some locations from Maritz route offers when submitting a counter bid. Since the new site is up I can't figure out how to do it. Anyone know?... Continue Reading

Maritz has a new client!

In my area, anyway. For all I know it might have been there a while, just not near me. Anyway, It's a food ordering project and, so far I only see one restaurant chain but hoping others will be included. Just can't stomach the thought of those dead singing rats... Continue Reading

Maritz ?

Removed.... Continue Reading

Maritz Diesel Audits

During the month of July I've done several of these diesel inventory audits for the Maritz "Blue" gas stations. But, now, I've noticed that they've all disappeared! I really don't think that another shopper(s) could have taken each and every one of them and I suppose I will just call Maritz... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment

Did you get paid today? Last time I didn't get paid on time it took two months to get my money. I'm going to keep on it this time if there is an issue.... Continue Reading

Maritz website 101 ???

Yes there are hundreds of posts about Maritiz's web site. But, as a newcomer to using it to select shops, it occurs to me that trying to consolidate some FAQs in one thread might be very helpful to many forum members. So here is my starter question. I have been... Continue Reading

Maritz Bundles

I see the bundle link on their page, but I've never seen anything listed. How do you get offered bundles? I've done many shops with them, but never got one. Or is this where things show up if you make an offer on a self-assigned bundle that... Continue Reading

Maritz new car sales shop

A new car sales shop just popped up for me on Maritz. It's a 2 part shop paying $50. Anyone know the details of this shop? Maritz provides no real info on what is required until you sign up.... Continue Reading

Maritz call branch shops

I am seeing these shops to call a famous bank (shop fee $25) and speak with a banker about an account that you did not authorize to open. $25 is pretty good amount for a phone call shop but whats the catch ? Has anybody done this shop or has any... Continue Reading

Maritz - any app experience?

Called to speak to somebody about some time-sensitive shops, nobody answers the phone. So I left a message to call me, and have not yet gotten a call. Which brings up the question ... do they only work Monday - Friday? Am I not going to be able to speak... Continue Reading

Maritz blue bank shops..where did they go ?

I am not seeing any shops for that client.... Continue Reading

Red & Blue Maritz Shops

Has anyone been given their July shops yet? I have over 200 greens shops still assigned, but those are bundles and last time around I was still given my monthly red & blue shops. It is already the 26th so I was just wondering if I am not... Continue Reading

Maritz Pay - Why no statements?

Quick questions for my Maritz experts -- I realize that I should be printing and saving my invoices as I submit them, there any way to tell how much to expect on the upcoming pay cycle? Most MSCs will issue an invoice to let you know what's being paid.... Continue Reading

Maritz gas shops that are car washes (shops rejected)

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz Badge for Green Gas

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz Yellow Gas Station Editors Don't Know How to Do Their Job

I've been shopping yellow gas stations for almost two years now and recently JLS has been putting them on hold for not including photos of the diesel pumps. It clearly states in the guidelines NOT to evaluate diesel only pumps. I clearly mention in the report that the missing fueling... Continue Reading

Maritz payment this cycle?

Has anyone gotten their payment yet for the end of the month? It seems later than usual.... Continue Reading

Sorry, had to Vent Somewhere. Maritz Phone App is a good for nothing POC.

Why I do keep this teaser on my phone? Does anyone successfully use it?... Continue Reading

Maritz P6 shop limitation

I have 50 shops for the Tiger client. I can not see anymore P6 shops for this client. I can see P5 and Q2. I'm thinking that I must be at a limit and once I shop some locations I will be able to see more. Has anyone else had... Continue Reading

Late Maritz Invoices

So I'm really, really stressed right now. I've been slacking lately on tracking received payments from MSCs. I decided to go over things this morning. I noticed that I haven't been paid by Maritz in a few months. I don't do a ton of work for... Continue Reading

Maritz Home improvement shop

Anyone done this shop where you put something together in the cart and then return it?... Continue Reading

Maritz Desktop Job Folders

Not sure I can make myself understood here....When I put all of the photos and rects. in a desktop folder, per job, I can't move that folder to my main folder that contains all 2018 shops until the Maritz website is shut down. The message I get is that... Continue Reading

New Maritz Bank Shops

I didn't want to clutter up my other thread, but I did want to know what folks think about this one -- there were 30 or so of these that popped up last week. I applied for some, didn't get them, never got a call, and they all disappeared. There... Continue Reading

Maritz, Do You Know What You're Editors Do?

So, after once again being asked by a Maritz supervisor about why I answered as such about a shop, I informed the supervisor that no, I didn't mark that on the debrief, your own editor did. I've told them this in the past, "Your editors change my answers, they delete... Continue Reading

Maritz Blue Station Shops

Has anyone seen these out for May/June yet? I did so many last month, I'm wondering if there just aren't any left in this area for a while, or if I need to call and see if I got myself "banned" for one of the myriad of reasons I've seen... Continue Reading

Maritz Reporting Issue

Is anyone else suddenly having problems with uploading more than one photo at once into Maritz reports? It doesn't happen every time, but a lot of the time. If one image isn't finished uploading and I start a second one, the first one will fail and the second one will... Continue Reading

Maritz Diesel Inventory

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz invoice

I started putting an invoice together for my shops, but before I hit the "submit" button, I noticed I was putting the total expenses and not the reimbursable expenses. I went back to the home screen and tried to put another invoice together, but now it says my shops... Continue Reading

Maritz cx infant survey

I get emails daily with my incoming mail. My husbandís cousin receives mail here about twice a month. Sheís never lived with us. Her husband did for about one month before they got an apartment out here and that was in 2008. Anyway, today I will be receiving an envelope... Continue Reading

Maritz "Blue" Bank Shops

After a few months, I've assigned myself some bonused "Blue" bank shops. The incentive is not that big, but enough for me to do a route interspersed with some gas stations. I did a few of them recently and afterwards, found in their debrief, a section to upload photos of "additional... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station audit -printing report?

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Maritz and Market Force

I notice that they have the same burger client. Has this always been the case? I saw it in an email, not on the job board.... Continue Reading

Accepting Maritz shops

I'm new to this company. I found it unusual that after selecting the shops I want to do, I'm not assigned them. I apparently have to get a call from my scheduler and play phone tag with him to accept them. Is this just for the first... Continue Reading

Deactivated by Maritz

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Maritz Grern Station shops

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Maritz Gas Shops

I do a gas station/convenience store shop for ACL. Gas and food reimbursements are $10 each. Maritz has some of the same gas stations. Since I am doing one for ACL tomorrow, I wanted to double dip with Maritz. Unfortunately, the Maritz shops are weeks out. Since... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Quiz HELP!!

So, I'm taking this 27 question long required quiz for my gas shop (which is extremely tricky, I might add!) and I'm on my last try out of 3. The last question reads as follows: Q27: 27. It is OK to refer back to the photo for each dispenser for the... Continue Reading

Maritz "Blue" Gas Stations

As I shop these gas stations, I notice that many problems that I've identified on the debrief are still there. Although I have no problem with seeing them, I notice that especially with the "quarterly" shops, the issues remain long term. I've also noticed how some of the shops seem to... Continue Reading

Wed 4/4/18. Is there a problem with the Maritz site?

Edited, problem solved. Laptop issue.... Continue Reading

Range of shops with Maritz.....

Just curious, as a new shopper with Maritz in a very large urban area, are the only shops that Maritz offers just banks and gas stations? Are there other shops available once you have proven yourself to them? Or is Maritz known and liked for routes due to... Continue Reading

Maritz "Blue" Gas Staions

Here's a new one for me: I have my typical monthly "Blue" gas stations and then some quarterly add-ons. Meaning - I have both the monthly gas stations and the ones that are only done every 3 months. In the past, the quiz had to be taken twice - one for the... Continue Reading

Question about Maritz....

Just curious....did my first shop with Maritz and I'm wondering how shoppers know when their shops are accepted and/or graded if Maritz scores your shops? Maritz of course does not use Sassie so it's new software to me. Thanks in advance for any replies.... Continue Reading


I've been having trouble being able to enter an evaluation since noon March 29. I called and they said they were having technical issues and keep trying. Has anyone else had this problem?... Continue Reading

Problem with Maritz.....

After a number of years mystery shopping, I finally signed up with Maritz. Today I did my first shop for them and though the shop went well (an open a checking account shop at a bank that has recently been in the news) there is a problem. On... Continue Reading

Maritz CX Onsite App Issues

Has anyone found that since downloading and using the app on an Android tablet, the tablet starts to crash and cycle on and off? I did find out that the audits for one team should not be done on the app; according to the team member on the phone,... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Shop - Limits?

Can someone remind me - there was a discussion not too long ago that mentioned the limit of self-assign shops on the Maritz website...anyone know what the number is? I had a large bundle of one type of shops accepted (two receipts, no pics), and when the blue and red... Continue Reading

Are Maritz March Shops Gone?

Doing a search of any shops left for March, I've noticed that there are only 1 or 2 left for the month of March. Yesterday, March 21, there were multiple, "green", and "blue" shops scattered over a large area. Now, i see 1 "blue" shop and no "green". The only... Continue Reading

When MaritzCX calls.....

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Locked out of Maritz site? GRRRR

This morning I was first locked out. Then the site finally recognized my user name, told me that it had "resolved the problem." I was invited to sign in, instead of getting a new password. When I tried that, I got a message saying "something went wrong."... Continue Reading

Trouble signing into Maritz?

Am I the only one that can't sign into Maritz this morning? Tried both my computer and phone.... Continue Reading

Maritz dark (unrevealed photo) audit assign issues

I have done these the past 2 years and noticed they are now bonused. I tried to accept them and it comes back saying "The shop(s) you selected are not eligible to be awarded at this time. MaritzCX will review your request and will contact you if more information is... Continue Reading

Maritz shops - why not self assign?

I've made offers for most of a year on several Maritz shops without any being accepted or assigned. Some of those offers were at the base pay. Finally, I was recently able to self-assign a few shops, but when I went to enter my completed shops, one of them was... Continue Reading

Maritz Direct Deposit

I just noticed under MY ACCOUNT, Maritz shows they paid me on 2/23. However, it is not in my bank. Probably still trying to work out the bugs in the new system. Or???... Continue Reading

Maritz offers

So I made an offer on a bundle of shops. It was a fair offer. I get a voice mail stating they are counter offering what is on the website. IF I WAS WILLING TO ACCEPT WHAT WAS ON THE WEBSITE I WOULD NOT HAVE SUBMITTED AN OFFER...oh well hope... Continue Reading

new to Maritz mystery shoppiong

Hi... Continue Reading

Anyone get paid by Maritz today?

Maritz has always paid me on time. I worked on a project for them which lasted 5 months. It wouldn't allow me to invoice this shop due to the lengthy time involved. One of Maritz's employees said she would invoice it for me. Today should be my payment day. Has... Continue Reading

Maritz Blue Bank Shops

Hello! Has anyone seen the Maritz Blue Bank shops lately? I am wondering if I was taken out of the pool due to an unusual interaction that occurred late last year either in November or December. I know that it has always been said that the bankers can "report" that... Continue Reading

Maritz 'save' work button not working?

My husband just did a very narrative heavy report, about 45 paragraphs in different 'comment' boxes. Hit the save button so he could transfer to his phone to upload the corresponding pictures and POOF the report is gone. The 'save' button did not save anything at all! This isn't the... Continue Reading

Martiz PDF glitch?

I have no problem downloading and viewing PDF files from other sites (even Maylasia!) On android but when I download from Maritz (intructions, requirements, etc) the file shows an android icon rather than Adobe and my phone says I have no app to open the file. And all files... Continue Reading

Maritz shop limits when combining diesel inventory and with a monthly visit

I know that I can combine a monthly or quarterly visit with a diesel inventory visit. The client has a limit of 10 shops in one day. Technically I would do both inspections during one visit to the station. Would each type of visit count separately towards the 10 in... Continue Reading

maritz pay schedule.

I searched but could find what is Maritz's pay schedule? never mind found it... Continue Reading

Maritz Direct Deposits

I received payment but when I go into the website there is no direct deposit history at all. Is anyone else having this issue?... Continue Reading

Kudos to Maritz Team 06

Team 06 is the best and most responsive team there. Thanks for straightening everything out!... Continue Reading

Maritz 1099

Has anyone gotten theirs yet? I'm waiting on 1099's from a couple of companies, actually.... Continue Reading

MaritzCX Client Requirement Test SNAFU

In brief: Website updated my need to prove eligibility AFTER I was assigned shops and did them. Flunked test, don't know what question was missed and Team 3 is away for the weekend. Cannot report two shops that were done today. I'll send an email now. But anyone have any... Continue Reading

Maritz Monthly Shops and new shop limits

First, I was wondering if anyone has had their Blue and Red shops assigned for Feb. yet? They usually come out by the 22nd, but I haven't gotten mine yet. I am trying to wait for them to come out because I was offered 3 Green Gas shops... Continue Reading

Maritz Red and Blue

Made my way to the current Maritz site for the first time in many years today, checking things out. Mostly I was seeing what I expected to see, as far as jobs and prices and things go. But there was one surprise I wanted to double check on. The Red and... Continue Reading


I completed a good amount of shops for MaritzCX and never had any issues.. They would call me all the time to get me to complete shops for them and everything was going fine. Then one day I got a call about two shops that were only 8 miles apart...... Continue Reading

Maritz Shops

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Maritz January Payments...where are they?

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Is MaritzCX not putting a number of shops on their job board? I do not see the blue banks shops, or any of their gas station shops for California on their website. Anybody know?... Continue Reading

Maritz bundles? bids?

Newer mystery shopper here! I've just added Maritz to my list of companies and there are a good number of gas stations shops close to where I live. I'm not familiar with the bundle/bid system they have, can anyone give me some information about it? What kind of bids are... Continue Reading

Maritz Site Down?

Been trying to access the new website for a couple of hours. This is what I get: An Error Has Occured (the incorrect spelling is theirs) You have reached this page because something went wrong. Details from last error: Error Unable To Access Api... Continue Reading

Martiz Question

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! Secondly, quick question and I apologize if this question has already been asked. I have never performed a shop with Martiz, though recently applied for a particular shop in a city I will be traveling to soon. The immediate reply was to update... Continue Reading

Maritz new website launching

So I got the email this morning indicting the new website goes live on the 14th. It mentions some of the new features but did not mention something a scheduler told me a few days ago. You will not be able to enter a shop before the start... Continue Reading

Maritz Latest Mystery Shop

[b]Mod note: Post removed as it breached the Forum guideline which states, "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". Additionally, it is usually an ICA violation to name both the MSC and client.[/b]... Continue Reading

Maritz Server Error 404 - File or Directory not found

Is anyone else having problems submitting photos on Maritz shops? If I attempt to submit a group of photos I get Server Error 404. I tried 3 different search engines to no avail. I did solve the problem by submitting one at a time but what a pita that is.... Continue Reading

Maritz rant - how would you have responded to this question.....

Did your STORE EXPERIENCE today feel any different from what youíve experienced before with other CARRIERS? Yes, No, NA (Sorry, I've never shopped with another carrier before). My response was yes. My experience felt different because there was absolutely no where for customers to seat while waiting their turn.... Continue Reading

Maritz Holiday and End of Year Payments

Having shopped for Maritz over the past years, I've noted the following payment dates for Direct Deposit. I'm assuming most shoppers have gone to that method. Otherwise, if you are still receiving checks by US mail, add 3 to 5 days to the received days below. November 2016: DD received 11/10... Continue Reading

Maritz reporting problems??

Is anyone else having a hard time with reporting Maritz shops? I click an answer and it freezes for about 10 seconds then finally checks the circle box. It is taking me FOREVER to report these shops! Same issue on my laptop as my phone.... Continue Reading

Maritz shop guidelines / additional details

I'm looking to find out more about the shops on the website before I commit to the shop. I know some of the emails I've gotten (from other schedulers, not Maritz directly) indicate a quick summary of the task at hand. It seems that Maritz only tells you the title... Continue Reading

Massive Maritz Merriment (Not!)

As I live in Utah there are numerous remote locations that pop up when Maritz has gas station projects that need to be completed. I sit back and wait for the bonuses to increase, and then I book loops that can be quite lucrative between the available bonuses and... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas station audits

What is the difference between "Audit" and "Mystery shop with reveal" type of shops. I took a "Mystery shop with reveal" type which was paying much less then audit and after accepting it realized they are more or less the same with almost equal amount of work. Thoughts ?... Continue Reading

Maritz Submitted invoices and payments

Is their a way i can see all invoices that i have submitted and once which are paid and which are pending ? "My current shops -> View completed shops" only shows the last 14 that i have submitted and no other details.... Continue Reading

Only Maritz Knows

In the past two months, Maritz has asked for (and paid an extra $1) for information regarding other fuels that are being sold at their "Blue" gas stations. These fuels could be CNG, kerosene, bio-diesel, etc. Dutifully, I reformatted my worksheet to reflect this and other new questions: Fuels being sold,... Continue Reading

Maritz background colors, what do they mean?

When looking at available assignments, those with orangey backgrounds have incentives. White backgrounds have no incentives. But then there are some with blue backgrounds and no incentives. What does the blue background mean? I have wondered for years. Calling them takes too long and they can't see the website as... Continue Reading

maritz app

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Maritz Shop

I did the shop where I had to purchase an item using a specific app for payment. A few days prior to the shop, I downloaded the app and learned it. The day of the shop, my default pay app overrode the app I was required to use for the... Continue Reading

Maritz First Rejected Shop - How to Handle Please

Hello fellow shoppers, I tried to research on this issue to no avail. I need guidance please! You all have been the most direct and support group, I've ever come across and I really appreciate that dynamic. For the first time, I had a shop rejected with Maritz. It was a... Continue Reading

Maritz incentives for noobs

I encouraged a friend to sign up for Maritz, which she finally did today. She went into the job board and noticed that not a single job has an incentive. On my board there are about a hundred with incentives. Do they not offer incentives to noobs? Does anyone know... Continue Reading


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Maritz Incentive

I just did my first audit for Maritz and on the job board when I requested it, there was a pretty nice incentive on it. When I submitted my invoice, no incentive was showing, does this mean the incentive wasn't approved? I did leave a message... Continue Reading

Maritz Website

I had returned from a short route, and was working to get the reports in within 12 hours, because I stupidly forgot to negotiate getting extra time for debriefing. I was so exhausted and frankly sick and tired of the entire situation. I'm working on third to last... Continue Reading

Maritz Security Code

I did my first couple of shops with this company today. I am trying to enter the results into the website but it is asking me for a security code of each visit. Help, where do I find the security code? Thanks in advance for your help.... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas station audit photos

Hi, I am new to Maritz and applied for my first gas station audit. I got a call from the scheduler and i was asked to send them any photo of size(600 x 800) . I said them i will send them soon but when i looked at my mobile i... Continue Reading

KSS scheduling for Maritz

Wow, what a great thing. KSS provides shop requirement details, plus lists both the fee and (if applicable) reimbursement. The same jobs listed on Maritz do not disclose the requirements nor is the reimbursement revealed. Hopefully someone at Maritz will learn from this.... Continue Reading

New to Maritz, any tips or suggestions

I've signed up for many MSCs. I'm most familiar with MF and Sassie layouts. But this company seems alittle different. Is there generally a quick turn around for decisions when you request a shop? Do you find the website easier to use than the app? I've tried the app but keep getting... Continue Reading

Quick Maritz "Anytime Shop" question

Do the Martz "Anytime Shops" allow a shopper to do it in the evening too?... Continue Reading


does maritz have jobs in PA... Continue Reading

Problems with submitting report to Maritz--RESOLVED

Hello, by any chance is anyone working on reports for Maritz right now? I am trying to submit my report and when I try I am getting this error: Server Error 404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed,... Continue Reading

MaritzCX OnSite App

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Maritz Scheduling

I am new to Maritz and my shops stay in pending approval status for weeks. And when i try to call them their no is always busy. They take my shopper id etc to call back but haven't got a call. Anybody else or is their a different way to... Continue Reading

Maritz Diesel Inventory Audit

Recently, I came across these possible assignments for certain "Blue" gas stations. They pay $8.50 each and say there are between 8 to 10 photos required. When the pay is as low as $8.50, I am hesitant to spring for them without more information. So, my question is: Has anyone done... Continue Reading

Maritz hold question

I did a route of shops (inquiries). I had 7 of them total. So far, all has went through just fine. This morning one of them had a hold so I figured, ugh, what did I not do... but I can't fix anything. There isn't anything that needs fixed. ... Continue Reading

Maritz, why did you do me like that?

Today Maritz released their routes for their green client. I have had the same routes for several years -- they are small routes of odds and ends stores that don't take me too far from home and are easy to complete on weekends, since I am a teacher. ... Continue Reading

Maritz shop thru SeeLevel- Who pays me? RESOLVED

I did a bank shop for SeeLevel but on my shop log it says it is a Maritz shop. I did not get paid for it on the 15th but SeeLevel did pay me for another shop I did two days earlier. All done the first of August. It... Continue Reading

Has anyone been paid by Maritz today?

Just wondering...payments are usually posted in the AM on the 15th and 31st, and even a few days early.... Continue Reading

Maritz App

Does anyone here use the Maritz app? My photos come out real small.... Continue Reading

was given wrong town for maritz gas station...

so they put the right address, but wrong town in their listing. i assigned the shop yesterday, and found a few other little jobs to do in the town to make it worth it. if it was my first stop of the day, i'd have google mapped it,... Continue Reading

Beware of the Maritz No Purchase Shops

Those indeed require a purchase. They claim because you are using points, that they are free, but sorry those points are real money.... Continue Reading

MaritzCX online report

Hello. Am I the only one who is having a problem with comment sections of the report? When I type, it (the comment box) thinks for a few seconds before it displays what I typed. It's OK if it's just a few words, but when I type... Continue Reading

Maritz rude rude rude

So I called Maritz with some clarification for one of their c-store shops. I asked for team 4 and the woman that answered sounded like she was 100 years old. I asked my questions and she say "I don't know, let me get someone else" I can here her telling... Continue Reading

Honestly, Maritz

Supposedly, I have an assignment. It was sent to my email. Guess what isn't there? I will have to print masssive anounts of pages for a $6 shop, if the shop ever shows up, I'll have to take the quiz. If I pass the quiz I... Continue Reading

maritz invoice process

can anyone explain the martiz invoice process? I don't wanna get paid like 3 months later this time around.... Continue Reading

Maritz Payments

Does anyone know anything about Maritz payout schedule? In specific, a route. I just performed a route for them, and I was wondering when they would pay the bonus for completing the full route. I've gotten paid on the regular schedule the shop fee of nine dollars. But once you... Continue Reading

Maritz Audits: No way to review guidelines?

There's a Maritz audit with a generous bonus which I want to take, but have never done an audit with Maritz before. I have done some mystery shops with them, and always knew the guidelines beforehand so I knew what I was getting into. But with this audit, there is... Continue Reading

Trouble submitting rural shops using Maritz app.

Is anyone else having trouble submitting shops using the app with WiFi only? I do a lot of rural shops with no internet access. When I get home the shops usually automatically transmit as soon as my phone connects. I did 10 rural shops on a Saturday that would not... Continue Reading

MaritzCX and KSS

Is it just in my area or has MartizCX turned over most of their scheduling to Kern? Nearly all the shops more than a few miles from me are not listed on the MaritzCX site at all, but are on KSS... I'm find with Kern, but that that mean... Continue Reading

Maritz gasoline shop with wrong time on receipt!

Today I completed a gasoline shop and was in and out of the station well within the required time part. It wasn't until I came home and looked at the receipts to upload them, that I noticed the receipts were one hour ahead of the correct time, putting me out... Continue Reading

Does Maritz Have New Editors?

I've had shops go on error for issues that have never been a problem before. On one shop, the editor said I had to submit a diesel photo even though the pump was not under the branded canopy. The guidelines were very specific about this and said a... Continue Reading

Unable to submit Maritz bank shop report

I completed a Maritz bank shop and input the information. When I hit "review," nothing happened. When I hit, "submit," nothing happened. Therefore, I hit the "I'm stuck" button. I see my report hasn't turned green and is not in the "waiting to report to client"... Continue Reading

Maritz gasoline shops

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That awkward moment... (Maritz edition)

That awkward moment when a Maritz scheduler calls you to counter an incentive request with an amount that is less than what they're currently offering online.... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Audit fuel types

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Maritz blue station

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Maritz photo requirements for uploads.

It's been awhile since I performed a shop for Maritz and need a refresher. Do they still require pic uploads in certain pixels, and if so, what are the requirememnts. thanks... Continue Reading

Completed Maritz bank shop, but not sure if it "took"

I completed a Maritz bank shop two days ago, completed the online questionnaire, submitted it and then submitted an invoice. However, under "My Current Shops," the status is still on "in shopping window." Shouldn't it have changed to either "waiting to report to client" or "on hold" once... Continue Reading

Maritz MMP

I've only done a few of these in the past and, I cannot remember if it was for the old company or Maritz. So here's my comment: I noticed that just this week, in my "Find New Shops" page, there are quite a few of these shops. Not only that,... Continue Reading

How many calls did you get from maritz today?

Me, 4. All while in the midst of doing THEIR assigments! All went unanswered, of course.... Continue Reading

Maritz REQUIRES a referral -- am I the only shopper ticked off by this?

The site won't let me submit my report until I've supplied the e-mail address of someone who will perform Maritz gas station audits. Now, I don't mind being ASKED for referrals, but this is strong-arming. I tried entering nonsense, and it wouldn't let me submit. I had... Continue Reading

Location Temporarily Closed -- Maritz Won't Pay

Just started shopping for Maritz after doing 600 shops with other companies. I've run into a few temporarily or permanently closed locations before. I've always just documented with pictures, reported what I saw, and gotten paid fully for the attempt. Yesterday I arrived at a location that was temporarily... Continue Reading

Yet another Maritz question

Hey everyone! I promised I looked through all of the threads before asking, but I couldn't find an answer. It is an easy one. I just recently updated and added DD with them. For the longest I have been saving their checks to use for another... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Martiz approved shops

I conducted a shop for Maritz 5 days ago. I invoiced it, and I see it as completed on the website. Is there any way to see if it's been approved? I haven't been contacted for any corrections, but I'm used to being able to see if my shop has... Continue Reading

Maritz incentive, $1.23!

I see some audits in my area for a particular gas station brand. The threads on this forum have let me know exactly have difficult this assignment can be and how picky the editors can be as well. I thought I would never try it but now, for $1.23 extra?... Continue Reading

Maritz Green "Visual Standards"- cameraphone not allowed?

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Perhaps I have been lucky but I believe that I have always been scheduled for every shop that I have applied for except with Maritz. There have been multiple times that I apply for a shop and it either sits there open or gets scheduled with another shopper (understandable). I... Continue Reading

Maritz Payments Late?

Hmmm, since DD began, the latest date posted for my direct deposit has been the 27th of the month. Here it is, the 30th, and I have not seen any sign of the payment. Has anyone else found this to be late?... Continue Reading

Maritz June blue banks. Are they posted?

I just wanted to ask because I don't see any. And if you see them and I don't that means I've been restricted. Sometimes that happens, and they don't let you know about it. So I ask you guys, are they there?... Continue Reading

Maritz scheduler cuts you off while talking

Who else here has experienced Maritz Research cutting people off when they are talking. She calls you for a favor and in her boorish ways, cuts you off from continuing your sentence, pressing you to take their very low incentives.... Continue Reading

Missing incentive on a Maritz invoice

Hi everyone! I completed a shop for a yellow gas station that said they would pay extra for a night audit. Signed, sealed, delivered, and done! I waited several days for editing and verfication to be complete. I log on today to see if they were... Continue Reading

MartizCX Signup Issues

Does anyone have any advice on how to signup for them. I keep seeing a login page for them but not a register or sign up page. Is it invitation only?... Continue Reading

Maritz Yellow stations...GIGGLE FOR TODAY

So i do this gas station shop and there is a sign on the mens restroom door saying out of order. I take s picture showing the restroom is out of order. I dont know but I think that is self explanatory......BUT NOOOO, THEY NEED CLARIFICATION. I need to put... Continue Reading


I hope I don't wear out my welcome here. I appreciate all those that take the time to answer my questions. I'm wondering a few things about the maritz website. When I look at available shops are these the ones that are available to me or all the shops in... Continue Reading

Maritz cx

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Help with Maritz invoice

I encountered a new problem today. I did a yellow gas shop at 3:30 and one at 4:00. I just entered the reports but when I went to fill out the invoice, an error message popped up. It said invalid shop date??? I reported the shops at 12 am, could... Continue Reading

Maritz's $12.50 phone shop?

Anything bad I should know about Maritz's $12.50 phone shop? I'm getting gun-shy about accepting jobs without knowing what I'm getting myself into first.... Continue Reading

Maritz & Payouts

I did a bank shop via KSS (Kinesis), that I know now was actually a Maritz shop- back in early March. Two months later I still have not seen a payout. I learned from my KSS scheduler that there is no feedback on those shops, they are either accepted... Continue Reading

Does Maritz shop its bank client only once a month per branch?

Does Maritz generally shop its big bank client only one time a month for each branch? Do they just select one scenario per month and assign it to just one shopper, and then that's it for the month?... Continue Reading

maritz phone calls?

what's the deal with maritz calling before scheduling a shop to you? what do they want to talk about? I keep requesting shops through them but never get any, turns out i had transposed two numbers in my phone number. I had sent an email asking if... Continue Reading

Maritz Shops "On Hold"

Has anyone noticed that Maritz editors seem to be going a little crazy lately? There seems to be a lot more holds with little to no explanation.... Continue Reading

Is there a pattern as to when Maritz's bank shops are bonused?

Near the end of March, I received an email from Maritz stating they were bonusing their April bank shops. I've been checking their website everyday for their May shops to post. I see they are now up, but there is no bonus. I wouldn't do the shop... Continue Reading

Maritz Yellow Gas Shops--Photo Requirements?

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Maritz's Bank Client- Telephone Mortgage Inquiry?

Does the Maritz telephone shop for their big bank client regarding a mortgage inquiry require me to provide my social security number ?... Continue Reading

Maritz questions

I know, Maritz is not a new topic, but I searched and didn't find the answers to my questions. I need to know if there are gas station shops currently available to start with. I believe I'm being lied to about their availability. I've requested several times, from... Continue Reading

Maritz--Is it even necessary to submit an invoice?

I just started shopping for Maritz. I did some gas station shops and attached receipts into the report. Is an invoice even necessary after doing the report?... Continue Reading

Is Maritz no longer handling the blue home stores?

Sometimes I'm slow to pick up on things, but it just occurred to me that I haven't seen any blue home stores available to shop since the end of 2016. Do you think they're sitting out the quarter, or has Maritz lost the account:... Continue Reading

Maritz: Anyone able to debrief right now?

I have spent the last 50 minutes trying to debrief a shop, my 8th of 8 today. Placed a call in....... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Shops a waste of time?

Hi, I've been doing Maritz gas shops for about 5 months now (probably done about 50). I just started timing the visits and the report for the blue and white shops. I'm starting to realize that the reports are taking a good 40-50 minutes to upload. You need to upload a... Continue Reading

Maritz Question

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submitting photos to Maritz

I was not able to download pdf photos to the Maritz site. I tried emailing the company the pdf versions and now just received another email from the company stating that the shop is in jeopardy of not being reimbursed since they did not receive the photos. Does... Continue Reading

Yikes. The Maritz bank employee asked me for ID...

As permitted by the guidelines, I used an alias during a Maritz bank shop. Much to my surprise, the bank employee asked me for my ID after we sat down. Of course I couldn't provide one since I used my go-to alias. The bank employee was incredulous... Continue Reading

What do I do if the Maritz bank does not offer any documentation to take home?

During my last two Maritz bank shops, I was required to leave with several documents. However, neither bank employee offered them voluntarily. At the end of our interaction, I paused and waited, and the bank employees just looked at me. At that point, I asked if they... Continue Reading

I am entering a Maritz shop and have a question.

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Where can I find a history of my shops for Maritz?

I recently did two shops for Maritz. I haven't been paid for them yet, but I realize it's too early for the money to be deposited. I was in a hurry when I filed my report and invoices for them, and I neglected to make a copy of... Continue Reading

How long does it take for Maritz's direct deposit to actually hit my bank account?

From the date that Maritz states it made a direct deposit to my bank account, how many days does it take to actually show up in my account?... Continue Reading

Miscellaneous Thoughts About Maritz

As I sit here this morning after taking the test for my "Blue" gas station shops, I ponder some of the following random observations: I note now, that the test asks the question about performing more than 10 gas station shops in one day. As Marvin Gaye once said, "I heard... Continue Reading

Maritz-CX Just a bad experience -A letter to Maritz-CX

I had called on 3/24/17 to set up 43 shops for the month of April. I had a very nice conversation with a scheduler, I was told I had to wait until the 1st of the month before assignments were given out. I called back today just in case and more... Continue Reading

Maritz payment

I've never had any trouble getting paid by Maritz and always in a very timely manner. In fact, I was thinking they paid every two weeks. I did a bunch of shops on March 1st but haven't been paid yet. I definitely sent an invoice. Has anyone been paid recently?... Continue Reading


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Maritzs gas stations

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Impossible to assign Maritz Shops

I haven't been able to assign a Maritz shop for over a month. Everytime I call they're either unavailable or they say they'll call me back. No matter how many messages I leave they never call back. It's getting very frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this?... Continue Reading

Maritz - necessity of auto insurance proof and picture ID?

I'm still in the process of getting signed up with companies. Martiz has accepted me as a shopper, and I've filled out the Independent Contractor agreement and the W9, and the "Forms" section of my profile reflects that; however I haven't uploaded proof of auto insurance or photo ID. I'd... Continue Reading

Maritz App

I know they're struggling to get the app working again on iOS, but now when I try to use it it says "your account is locked. Please change your password." Is anyone else seeing this? Specifically on iOS? ETA I can still get on the website. Just not the app... Continue Reading

What does a green bar under "waiting to report to client" mean with regard to Maritz's website?

Does this mean an editor has reviewed my report and has accepted it with the condition the client accepts it at some unknown point? Or, does it mean the editor has not finished editing it?... Continue Reading

As if Maritz wasn't screwed up enough...

There is no end in sight (according to them) for the repairs on their iOS app. Gimme a break...... Continue Reading

What does Maritz's " Mortgage Inquiry" via telephone involve?

I see that Maritz is offering $15 to do a mortgage inquiry via telephone. What does this involve? Do I need to provide an actual property address, details of a current mortgage, my social security number, etc.? Any heavy narratives?... Continue Reading

For a Maritz shop request, what does "not scheduled" mean?

I requested a bank shop from Maritz last week. When I click on the Requested Shop Status button, the message says "not scheduled." Does that mean it is not YET scheduled, but it may be at some point? Or, does it mean my request was denied, and... Continue Reading

Maritz New Bank Inquiry Shops

Is anyone else having every one of these put on hold for Question #35? I am at a loss as to what they want. I give them an honest answer and they don't like it no matter what I write. I am now eight for eight. ... Continue Reading

MaritzCX Shop History?

Is there a way to get a shop history from MaritzCX? I have a hard time contacting their payroll admin. Yes, I do keep records of my shops, but I believe that I was not paid for my shops yet. I need their records to compare it with my records to... Continue Reading

Maritz New Gas Station Limits

OMG I am so so upset. Did anyone see the email that just came out from Maritz about the Blue Gas stations. I am so devastated because I do these shops in routes and usually travel. So I have no clue what I am going to do... Continue Reading

Maritz CX app flow *gas station*

I finally did my first (green) gas station with the app. I really can't think of a worse way to organize these shops. Maritz, if you are reading this, please let us give you some constructive suggestions. Could you please let us do one receipt right after another? The way... Continue Reading

Seriously Maritz?

What the heck is going on with this company? Clearly, they have been hiring newbees who "think outside the box" -- way outside the box with zero mystery shopping experience or common sense. And it's getting on my last nerve. I have tried to not let the new editors get... Continue Reading

Thanks, shoppers, for help on Maritz!

I can't find it to address the correct shopper, but to whomever mentioned that Maritz' website works best with IE, thanks so much! Much less glitchy, my answers didn't disappear when I hit submit! Photos went through without timing out. So, thanks!... Continue Reading

Maritz Bank Shops

I did a bank shop this weekend. The morning I had an e-mail that the shop # and date were not legible on one of the items. I input it via the app but couldn't fix it via the app. So before going to my... Continue Reading

How often do your MaritzCX Gas shops "Require Clarification"

Just wondering, how often does Maritz find a problem with your evaluation and send you back to the gas station to take more photos? It seems are pretty large number of my shops (around 30% - 40%) are returned by Maritz and require follow up visits.... Continue Reading


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Monthly Maritz Blue Shops

I just logged on and looked under find new shops and noticed that all my regular monthly shops are showing up as available starting March 1st, but when you go to put in the dates it does not allow you to yet. I have had this happen in the... Continue Reading

Having Serious Issues with MaritzCX (UPDATE: Now Resolved with Total Satisfaction and Utmost Professionalism)

I've had a shop uploaded and rejected with holds and resent back to them 4 days in a row and I cannot reach anyone there. I've emailed them 4 time probably and called several times. They keep sending back my reports and the problems they list are ALREADY fixed! Also, does... Continue Reading

Maritz help, gas station again!

Guys, Hi, I need some help please. I am doing the station that pays like 6/5/1 and is mystery shopped. For the water and air thingie, it says in the guidelines I might have to pay 50 cents or so. What do you guys do? How do you check for water and air. I... Continue Reading

Maritz help please

I haven't used their app yet. If I have time I would like to pick up some shops on the fly next week's 2 day run. I'll be in back country dinky towns with no way to print forms. If shops are still available I would love to pick up... Continue Reading


I did some blue station audits and got my shops put on hold on several of them. A few were my fault but the others were editors being editors. Those shops finally cleared. Based on that and the peopke posting on here about the pucky yellow station editors I braced... Continue Reading

Help Needed---Maritz Shop (resolved)

I completed a Maritz gas station shop but am unable to figure out how to enter the results. I have all the pictures, the security code, and the responses ready for the questions on the survey but cannot access how to enter the report. Can anyone provide advice?... Continue Reading

Maritz not asking for receipts w/ invoice?

Hey all; I'm a fairly new Maritz shopper (signed up in November), and have been figuring out their online system which seems to be a little weird to me... regardless, I have been paid for 3 shops so far that did not have a purchase requirement (banks). I've also submitted 6... Continue Reading

Maritz has reached a new low.

I was assigned a number of Yellow gas station shops (with nighttime eligibility) and the date range for the actual shop completion ended 1/22. I completed 7 shops (in the pouring rain, no less!) on the evening of 1/22, getting home at midnight. Checked the Maritz board...yep! All shops... Continue Reading

Question About Maritz

I have a question about Maritz. I just signed up with them and I saw a shop in my area that I would like to do. I applied for my shop and it showing in the Requested Shops Status box. Do they work like other MSC? I applied for it and... Continue Reading


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Be aware - photo needed for Maritz gas station with timer

I visited a Pegasus gas station that had the canopy and perimeter lights on a timer. This is new - a photo in now needed for both. Last year if the attendant didn't know haw to turn the lights on of if they were on a timer a response of... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station "dark audits" - what are they like?

Are they really "fast and easy" as Maritz claims? I'm looking at one that's just a 10-minute walk from my house, worth it for $9 or should I wait/ask for it to be bonused?... Continue Reading

The latest Maritz Frustrations

I just completed a number of Yellow gas station shops for Maritz. One or more of their erstwhile editors has now changed the rules or interpretations of what photos work, or don't work. I don't think these editors understand that almost every gas station is different....some have a ton of... Continue Reading

Rather Ambiguous, Are They Not, Maritz?

As I've been submitting my reports for the flying horse gas station shops, I'm finding photo requests in the reports that are not outlined (as far as I can find) in the latest guidelines for 2017. Maybe some other shopper has found them? For instance, the shop asks if you remembered... Continue Reading

What are the consequences for giving a yellow shop back to Maritz if you're concerned about going back?

Maybe I need to get over myself, but the staff member at the location last night was so hostile, I really don't want to meet up with him again. There was a second staff member on duty who went ahead and told me to complete the audit. When... Continue Reading

Unable to complete Maritz shop

I was unable to complete one of my first shops with Maritz. It was Friday and there was an accident on the highway and with all the holiday traffic I could not get there in time. It was after hours so I emailed them. Just wondering how... Continue Reading

Checking on Maritz Payments

I have been calling and emailing Maritz to no avail. I misplaced a check of which I recently found. The check was void after 90 days and I would like to have another check issued. Also, I don't believe I was paid for a shop I did... Continue Reading

MaritzCx and a stupid question

Does MaritzCx tell you if a shop has been refused? I had visions of grandeur a shop completed on the 6th would've been paid on the 15th. If I'm getting upset over nothing, please let me know. I know they pay on time, but I haven't done enough to... Continue Reading

Question about Maritz Shops

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they got their monthly red and blue gas station shops assigned for the month yet? I know they usually come out around this time of the month and I haven't seen them yet, just getting a little worried. Thanks... Continue Reading

How do you sign up for Maritzcx?

I can't find any place on their web site for signing up as a MS. Can somebody give me a pointer? Thanks.... Continue Reading

And once again I'm reminded of why I don't like Maritz

Last night I received an email from Kerns for a bonused hardware store for Maritz. Against my better judgement, because I've had bad luck with Maritz, I decided to apply for the assignment. When I applied I stated that I would do the shop on Wed Dec 14th.... Continue Reading

New MaritzCX App

I received the email this morning and immediately downloaded it. Thought it was odd not a single shop was showing. Checked the website and all available shops are gone. There are usually 100 or more locally. Anyone else experience same?... Continue Reading

Maritz Bundle Gas Station Audits

I do a lot of out-of-town gas station audits over a range of sometimes 200 miles one way. Maritz bundles the shops in routes of 2 to 45 or 50 stations. An example of one route was about 30 gas stations in my hometown and the other 15 or 20... Continue Reading

Maritz Direct Deposit

Has Maritz sent out direct deposits for shops done the first half of November, yet? Anyone received one yet? The last two months (end of month payment) were sent out on 9/27 and 10/26, I believe...I was hoping for an early payday in November as well......... Continue Reading

Martiz - Changing Dates for gas station shops

Anyone know if there's a way to change the date of some Maritz gas station shops? I've picked up some last minute ff shops and I could pick up several more gas station shops because they are on my way. Only problem is that I need to move... Continue Reading

Sandy with team 2 at MaritzCX

I just called Sandy with a billing question and she was quite possibly the nicest person I have ever spoken to at MaritzCX! I have had a few problems with payments in the past and was dreading calling but not only did she handle my problem quickly, she was apologetic... Continue Reading

Maritz Direct Deposit

Now that it's a real thing, can anyone who's used it tell us how you go about getting the details that you'd normally get on the pay stub such as shop ID's that are included in the check? Is there more or less or the same info that you always... Continue Reading

Maritz - what's the secret?

Is there a secret to getting shops with Maritz? I've been shopping for a while now (2 years plus), I do numerous shops of the type I'm applying for with them (gas station audits and/or mystery shops for instance), and not one has been awarded. What's the secret? They email... Continue Reading

KSS and Maritz....How do they work together?

Often, the same shops are posted...sometimes KSS has a bonus, sometimes Maritz has the bonus....sometimes the shop just disappears from the KSS log or one's application file...sometimes KSS just drops your application without comment. Can anyone shed some light on how they are working together?... Continue Reading

Maritz - on hold

It seems that lately I am getting more and more shops on hold with Maritz. Is anyone else having this problem. I never had it before and it is getting frustrating. Some of the holds happen a week after I input data.... Continue Reading

Those Maritz Gas Stations

Maybe it is a rant, maybe it is not. I did a yellow gas station this month where the attendant asked me why I gave them a disappointing review in the last shop performed. Of course I am not supposed to talk about that topic with anyone at the station.... Continue Reading

Maritz and lack of integrity

I've done my share of shops for them and have consistently been mildly miffed with their communications processes and online environment. I have an M. Ed. specializing in distance learning, so I'm particularly sensitive when it comes to poor online content delivery and user experience. But today really took the... Continue Reading

Maritz App- massive failure

I used the app recently for one of the 35 audits I had to do. It was awful because of how poorly laid out the report was in the app but I got through it. I've been complaining to them since if came out that the app doesn't also save... Continue Reading

Maritz paperwork not printing!

I have a gas station audit that I was going to do tomorrow. Everything printed except the Letter of Authorization--the bottom half has small boxes superimposed on top of the text. I called and left a message for someone on the team to contact me but haven't heard... Continue Reading

Maritz Revealed gas station audit

Has anyone done one? Multiple pictures required - Twenty needed. 72 taken with Nikon camera with 640x480 which is what they required. So, now 3 pictures don't meet their standards. At midnight they sent the message saying there is 24 hrs to fix the problem. Question: has anyone else had... Continue Reading

Maritz Representative Julie - Really Bad Experience

I've shopped with Maritz for several years and never had any issues until today! I submitted an invoice and forgot to put my product expense (I left it at zero). Sent a message through their website right after submitting the invoice and it wasn't included in the last two checks I... Continue Reading

I Guess I'll Have To Call Maritz

After downloading and reviewing the latest updates (for October), I noticed that the gas station award program is back. There is the award to be given to the GS employee who asks for or offers the card and there is a sheet to leave behind if the employee does not... Continue Reading

Maritz App and Invoicing

I'm sure I already know the answer to this but if I submit using the app, I still need to go to their website to invoice them, right? They'd never make it that easy.... Continue Reading

Maritz Direct Deposit!

I just got an email saying that the 9/30 payments will be made by DD for those who've signed up! Who else is surprised at how quickly they implemented it?... Continue Reading

MaritzCX Check Issue

I was reviewing my payment notes and realized I was missing payments for 3 shops with MaritzCX. I reached out to them and got a pretty prompt response. They gave me a date they mailed the check as well as the date that the check cleared. What is odd is... Continue Reading

Maritzcx editors and schedulers.

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Maritz disallowed shop

Has anyone ever successfully challenged a Maritz decision to disallow a shop? I spoke with a team member who indicated I should have asked for items to take with me. The banker only offered a business card. My problem is the shop instructions say I should ask for a business... Continue Reading

Maritz not going to pay

I completed a shop for Maritz 3 months ago that I've been patiently awaiting pay on. I've called them about once a month to check the status. At the 2 month mark they told me it was in internal review, whatever that means. This time when I contacted the pay... Continue Reading

MaritzCX - The Next Generation of Payment

A BIG announcement from MaritzCX regarding payment options. Finally! "MaritzCX is happy to announce that a direct deposit option is coming soon! In the near future, you will have the choice to receive your shop fees, incentives and reimbursements directly into the checking/savings account you designate. We are preparing for... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment

Does Maritz require an invoice for payment?... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station shops

Is it just me or does Maritz have some of the worst organized gas station shops? There's always 15 different documents to download, some of that is updates (why didn't they go to the original guide and update it there?) and then the questions that you print out often aren't... Continue Reading

Can you preview Maritz shops?

I signed up with this company but haven't performed a shop for them yet. I'm on their website and I cannot click on anything to preview an assignment.... Continue Reading

MaritzCTX new app

Has anyone used maritz new app for Android? I have loaded it and have looked at shop in my area but you either accept or decline and I am worried that's some shops that I wish to do but not using their app.... Continue Reading

Maritz Photo Requirements

Maritz has a requirement that documents have to be uploaded as low resolution jpgs. One of the photos I uploaded was a resized document. They sent me an email saying that they can't read it. How do you upload low res pics so that they are legible? I I take... Continue Reading

Can anyone access their August gas station paperwork for Maritz CX?

My monthly gas station shops are supposed to have the reports available for viewing at the latest by the day before the shops starts. Tomorrow is August 1st but I am still getting the "There was an error loading the eval." message when I try to access each shop... Continue Reading

Maritz Pull Down Menu Not Working

I tried to apply for a nicely bonused bank job listed on Martinz board due by the end of the month. To accept the shop I have to select a shop date from a drop down menu that is extremely small and not functioning. I tried sending an email... Continue Reading

How do I get a running list of shops with earned pay from Maritz?

I've noticed that almost all the other mscs offer a place on their website that shows what you've earned per shop. I took a bunch of Maritz shops and went back just days later to do my recordkeeping, only to find that they don't put the shop pay and... Continue Reading

Maritz website=the worst!

I have requested over thirty shops with them. I have gotten one. I emailed them trying to understand why and they told me to call and request the shops. Why do they have a website to request shops if you can't request shops?!!!!! I know they will allow you to... Continue Reading

Why is Maritz website the worst!

I have requested over thirty shops with them. I have gotten one. I emailed them trying to understand why and they told me to call and request the shops. Why do they have a website to request shops if you can't request shops?!!!!! I know they will allow you to... Continue Reading

Another Maritz question

I have been signed up with them forever. I have done one shop for them, sort of, I was called to do one with a bonus. I agreed and while I was in the parking lot of the shop(45 min away) I received a cancel email. Supposedly they will... Continue Reading

Maritz Question

I did a shop for Maritz at the end of June. They contacted me to make edits to my report. I have made the edits, but the changes are not being saved. Any advice on this?... Continue Reading

Maritz Photos Not There

I have been getting more reports back from Maritz stating that photos are missing from them. I know I upload them, so they are losing them. Anyone else getting this lately?... Continue Reading

Unrequesting on Maritz

I can't figure this out: I requested two shops on Maritz the other day for tomorrow morning. I no longer want them. How do I un-request them?... Continue Reading

Maritz Site Question

On June 29, I accepted my first two shops for Maritz. I did them the same day. I did the debrief online that night. I have received no communication from Maritz regarding the shops aside from a message for each on the afternoon of the 29th that... Continue Reading

Is anyone doing the $250 Maritz bank HELOC shops?

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Maritz Bank Shops

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Situation w/ Maritz

I recently accepted a shop from a scheduler with Maritz. She asked me if I could complete it on Saturday, and I accepted. Well, I went to conduct my shop and the location was closed. Turns out they are always closed on Saturdays. I emailed the scheduler and let her... Continue Reading

C'mon, Maritz, ante up the $$$!

First, I'll say that I like Maritz, although I've only done one shop for them. I like that they actually know how to use the phone, and they're nice. But.... do they have no concept of reality? And do they "mishear/misunderstand" on purpose? A scheduler called me yesterday asking if... Continue Reading

Maritz, how long does it take to find out if you did it right?

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Help - Maritz issues and contacting them

Is there any other person I can email or contact about my issues talking to someone at Maritz? Does anyone else have issues talking to someone about the green shops? I have been doing these shops for years and now their customer service has been changing. I do not like the... Continue Reading

Martiz Payment Schedule

Does anyone know when Maritz makes payments? How do you know when you get paid? I could not find anything on their website... Continue Reading

Maritz Question

Maritz has a bank shop in my neighborhood. I don't see it on the Virtuoso page, but I do see it on Kern's scheduling site. I applied at both. Is it normal for Kern to have shops that are not on Maritz' site or does that mean it's gone?... Continue Reading


I finally signed up with Maritz. They have shops that coordinate with my routes. I've already seen they require detail, not an issue. My biggest worry is the 12 hour reporting time frame. Are they flexible if working routes or do I need to invest in an extra... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment

Has anyone received their check this week? I was hoping they would send them on Friday or Tuesday at latest due to the holiday weekend.... Continue Reading

Maritz Changes

So this: (paraphrased) MaritzCX is in the final phases of testing new mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. The app will give the ability to perform shops via mobile device, including debriefing while on site, and a new way to assign shops. This should be interesting. I hope the new... Continue Reading


Helen works in Accounting at Maritz. She processes payments and handles shopper-related accounting issues. She's exceptional. Reach her at helen[i](surname removed by Mod)[/i] Continue Reading

Maritz routes

Does anyone have any tips/ insite about bidding Martiz routes? I've gotten a couple emails about routes in the past. This past couple weeks I've gotten several. I like the idea of having a big chunk of shops planned, and wider flexibility since they just require completion... Continue Reading

Mapping Maritz Routes

Okay wicked smaht people- Maritz' horribly antiquated and user un-friendly website does not appear to have a way to download your to-do list as a spreadsheet. I currently have about a hundred locations lined up for June but no way to map them out without copy/pasting every freaking address individually... Continue Reading

Saturday Night Is Maritz down for anyone else but me?

All afternoon long to do reports, but I had better things to do. I'd wait until tonight when nothing is on TV and I have nowhere to go. Plenty of time to do all those reports... Never fails...I was submitting the first one and got the lovely... Continue Reading

How do you know if a Maritz shop has been approved?

A recent thread made somewhat of a reference to this, but I didn't see an answer to my specific question, so.... I did my first shop for this MSC a few days ago. It is out of the status-bar thingy and shows as complete. I haven't had any questions or... Continue Reading

WTF Maritz?!

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Maritz QA Email

Anyone else get this email? I assume it's a blanket email to all shoppers for one of their programs. Apparently all of us can only schedule by phone for a while. Good luck with that Maritz.... Continue Reading

Thank you to KJK maritz!

Best, most excellent scheduler, Team 4! Accommodating and very positive, Sweet and professional. Thank you, Kathy!... Continue Reading

maritz software--lost data

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I have worked with Maritz for two years now. Have they recently changed their pay policy? I used to receive a check every two weeks but now, it seems, I am only getting it at the end of the month. Has anyone else noticed this?... Continue Reading

Does Maritz ever respond to emails or return phone calls?!

I had payment issues with Maritz because I did not understand the whole invoice thing. I had called Maritz and a woman told me she was submitting all my invoices to their accounting department and that I would be paid. I have not gotten any payment. I've... Continue Reading

Maritz Website updates

Anyone else get the email this morning from Maritz CX about the website updates? It seems like there won't be major changes yet, just a change to the way "overall photos" are uploaded on the site. But they promise bigger changes down the road with smartphone apps for iOS and... Continue Reading

Maritz payment

I've only gotten 3 checks from Maritz, so I don't know if this is common; or cause for concern. The most recent check I got was for 1 shop, completed on 3/20. However, I have not received payment for 2 shops that were both completed on 3/14. Both shops had appeared... Continue Reading

When and how does Maritz pay?

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Trying to understand Maritz Invoices...

I completed my first two shops with Maritz this week and have questions about the Invoice process. Will I get any sort of confirmation that the shop has been approved? Both are listed under completed shops. If so, do I need to want until I receive confirmation the shops were... Continue Reading

Do you think I'll get dinged for this Maritz shop?

I was scheduled to do a hardware store for Maritz, scheduled through Kerns. I just did one of these shops two weeks ago, and yet I had to take the quiz again. I did the quiz on my iPad and I mistakenly hit the wrong answer regarding the... Continue Reading

Maritz, Was That A Good Idea?

In my area, the new round of gas station shops have begun today (April 1). With the new round, the flying horse gas stations are requiring the station attendant's name and address if they ask the shopper the proper question about the card program they began last year. As with the... Continue Reading

Maritz Phone Mortgage shops

Got a call from a scheduler yesterday asking if I was interested in a recorded phone eval for one of their clients. Appears to be a half hour to 45 minute interaction using real name and credit info (so a hard inquiry on the credit report). I'm figuring an hour... Continue Reading

Thank you Maritz!

I had a question about a Maritz shop and left an after hours message. I got a call back at 8:20 pm and got the problem fixed. Thank you Maritz!... Continue Reading

Ideas for Maritz bank and gasoline shops? A friend's boss had a massive heart attack and now she's unemployed.

I met a young kid working at the Food Bank about a year ago because she feel's its her job to make the World a better place. Today she was working there, I asked her "why you here today?" she said "My boss died Sunday night of a heart... Continue Reading

Maritz dark audit

I decided to give them a try given the bonus they are offering. I created a route for myself but am concerned about timing. Does anybody know what time these gas stations turn on their lights? I called one and they said they close at 7:30 and I don't know... Continue Reading

MaritzCX - problem with signing up

I read about MaritzCX on this forum and went to their website to sign up as a mystery shopper. I could not complete filling out the application form because they want my federal tax ID #. I don't have one, apart from my SSN. I tried entering my SSN in... Continue Reading

I can't get emotional over Maritz gas station shops.

I'm curious how you rate the stations. If the station is neat, clean and has quick service I rate them a 7. If they have friendly attendants or wash my windshield they get an 8. If the C-store is fully stocked, clean and has appealing food items they also get... Continue Reading

Maritz Phone Number- What's this all about???

I called Maritz main number 800-782-4299 several times this morning from two different phone numbers and each time I'm getting the Capital One rewards center. This can't be good!... Continue Reading

I need a little help with a Maritz report, please!

Bounced back from the editor with a note: photo needs to clearly show the QSR. What is a QSR, please? They aren't open, it's 11:30 PM, they want the photo NOW, but they won't be open for phone calls til Monday! Thanks for any help.... Continue Reading

Does Maritz give shop details before accepting a shop

I see they have a button to select a shop...but does that assign the shop or bring you to more details?... Continue Reading

Maritz: No Returned Phone Calls - Messages not being answered

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

maritz invoice

How do you submit an invoice that has a "darkness eligible" additional incentive? The regular extra incentive is listed, as well as the base rate, and I see a place for the purchase amount, but not for the darkness. Also, what methods do you use to keep track... Continue Reading

Maritz Petroleum Shops

I've been a Maritz petroleum shopper [client hint deleted by mod] for some time now, developing a regular route of shops that are assigned to me per their shopper rules (every other month). I've always checked off that "yes", I wish to be reassigned these shops per their rules and... Continue Reading

what makes seashore the toughest maritz gas station?

from past threads the general consensus seems to be that seashore is the toughest but what about that shop makes it tougher, then say, the station where you have to take photos of all the pumps? i'm asking because they're starting to get bonused and there's a bunch in my... Continue Reading

Issues Today 2/26/2016 with the Maritz website

I'm having a problem with the Maritz website in that I cannot access "See Available Shops" using Edge, Chrome, or Explorer. I can see my current shops and I can do reports. I called the company very late today and a team scheduler assisted me in scheduling eight... Continue Reading

Maritz and KSS

First off, I wanted to thank you all. I negotiated my first big bonus because of what I've read here! Woo! Second, I did a shop for Maritz through KSS and it's not in my completed shops on Maritz. It's the first time I didn't do it directly through Maritz.... Continue Reading


I am new to them and I'm so confused. I requested a shop yesterday, it still says requested, not scheduled. About how long does it take to hear about confirmation?... Continue Reading

Kudos to Kim at Maritz

I did a gas station yesterday, and forgot to take a photo of one pump. I got a hold of Kim on the phone, and she was extremely nice about the situation. She could have easily sent me back to the location to get the photo as I suspect most... Continue Reading

Maritz Editors

Is it just me or are the editors getting ultra picky? I just had a shop sent back because the interior was taken at the wrong angle??? I also had one sent back last week and resubmitted the same picture because it met the guidelines and it was accepted....I am... Continue Reading

Maritz No Longer Needs Receipts Uploaded on Invoice Page

While debriefing 10 gas station shops for Maritz today, I realized the invoicing page was not allowing me to upload the receipts. I called Maritz and was able to speak to a very nice person who told me that they no longer need shoppers to upload the receipts on the... Continue Reading

Maritz: Guidelines not available for review, really?

I received a call today, I put in for two gas station shops on Maritz three days ago. The person that called me, from Martiz, started by kind of asking and also stating I appear to be interested in shopping for them. (I guess so, I applied for two shops... Continue Reading

MaritzCX Petroleum Shops P1 2016 Anyone able to negotiate a bonus?

I have several of these shops for two brands in a far out location. Has anyone been able to call and negotiate a bonus when the shops have not yet been bonused?... Continue Reading

Maritz Business Payment

All last year my checks from Maritz came to my personal name. I do run an online business and registered my name with the state for the purpose of collecting sales tax when I sell something. Now my checks from Maritz are coming under that name. anyone... Continue Reading

Maritz - Safety Vests

Are the safety vest pictures still required for the gas station audits? I haven't done them in a few years.... Continue Reading

Maritz Shops

I am fairly new to mystery shopping, and just signed up with Maritz and haven't done any shops with them yet. Could you all please give me a general idea of what is involved with their gas station reveal shops, banking shops, and their DIY Home store shops? I want... Continue Reading


Will someone please tell me how to find paid shops in Maritz. If the information is there it sure is hidden. Thanks 'u-all'.... Continue Reading

maritz gas station shops... are they that bad?

I've seen a few threads on here that caused to me to steer clear of these shops, but are they really that bad? Due to lack of available shops around me lately(and loss of arches), I may need to start regularly doing these. I don't see how it would be... Continue Reading

Maritz: Completed Shops

I completed around 12 shops for Maritz between the 4th and 6th of this month, however they are still showing as "current shops" with "no action required" (and they are not nor have ever been on hold). They are not part of a route. Invoice submitted If I click "view... Continue Reading

Maritz error code 500

After logging in, when I select My Current Shops, I get this message; An unknown error has occurred (Error code 500). Anyone else having issues or is it just me. It's been happening since last night. Left messages but no response from them... Continue Reading

Maritz: Beyond Unbelievable!!!

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Lower shop fee on Maritz client

Has anyone noticed that the fee on one of Maritz clients has decreased by one dollar?... Continue Reading

Maritz editors changing reports

I guess that's why there edited, but Maritz returned one of my gas shop reports to me with a question this week and I noticed that they also changed three of my "yes" answers to "no" without any explanation. If they expect us to make no mistakes, why wouldn't they... Continue Reading

Maritz Lowers Fee for Revealed Gas Station Shops in 2016

I have several gas station shops that are auto-assigned to me every month. I have already received my January 2016 shops and the base fee has been reduced. I can not access the guidelines or actual report yet (I hate that they do that!) to see if they... Continue Reading

Maritz CX..the check's in the mail NOT !!!

Nice people and a legit company BUT 2X now still waiting for check that was send out on first of the month and not received until 3rd week. That's 3 weeks delay twice in 2 months. If there is anyone from Maritz lurking here, please please please stop using paper... Continue Reading

Maritz Completed Jobs

How do you find the jobs that you have completed with Maritz? I have searched their website but I can not find the jobs I have already completed. Thanks for your help!... Continue Reading

***RESOLVED*** How do I see my completed jobs for Maritz?

I tried using the search feature on the forum in case this has already been answered, but no luck. I completed a job on Saturday for Maritz and logged back in today to make sure there were no issues. Well, the issue is that I can't figure out... Continue Reading

Maritz Fuel Station Mystery Shops with Reveal - what is involved?

Maritz (MaritzCX) has a ton of these Mystery Shops with Reveal for two national companies in my area but the pay does not seem very much. Do you get to fill up your tank with gas at least? The regular Mystery Shops (without reveal) get picked up pretty... Continue Reading

Maritz - Product Purchase Amount when submitting an Invoice?

Started shopping for Maritz recently (sorry, MaritzCX). Most other MSCs I don't have to submit an invoice - I am automatically reimbursed for the agreed amount as long as I spent over that amount. Maritz requires an invoice and if a purchase was required, when submitting the invoice... Continue Reading

Maritz - Seeing scope of job before selecting

I just signed up for Maritz and they have a few things in my area that I'm interested in. However, I'd like to see the scope of the job prior to selecting this. Is there a way to accomplish this without going through all the pre-qualification questions? ... Continue Reading

Why on earth does Maritz ignore the request for an email response???

I've been shopping since like 2007 or so and in all that time, there's only been 2 companies I can think of that I stopped doing business with because of their practices. Maritz is about to be #3. The people are always nice enough when you talk to... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment

I've only completed two shops with Maritz. One was completed in July and the other was in the beginning of August. I have yet to receive payment for either shop. I contacted them several days ago and haven't received a reply. I noticed on my profile it says I'm missing... Continue Reading

MaritzCX Photos for Android Solved

I know the 640x480 resolution comes up often. I have been looking for months to be able to take photos at the required size without all the hoops involved with resizing programs and apps. If you have an Android running KitKat 4.4 or higher search for Google Camera in the Play... Continue Reading

How long does it take for Maritz to approve a shop?

I requested a shop through Maritz three days ago. It is still waiting for approval. How long does it take Maritz to approve a shop request? This is the second time this has happen. I have not done my first shop for Maritz yet. Waiting waiting waiting....... Continue Reading

Maritz Photos

For some reason photos I have uploaded to Maritz reports are coming up missing after the reports are submitted. I check my shops the day after I do them to make sure nothing is on hold, and three shops so far have been missing uploaded photos. Anyone else have this... Continue Reading

Maritz and the Big Yellow

Has anyone noticed a change with the clarification holds? I have been completing the shops for a few years now, have completed at least 80 shops and have never had an issue until lately. My pics seem to be coming back as incomplete or not wide enough. It can be... Continue Reading

Maritz scheduling

I did see a post tonight for their site being down. I am totally confused with their scheduling. I got assigned a shop, I did not sign up for, and then the person was annoyed, and told me she turned down two other shoppers so I could have that. I... Continue Reading

Maritz website down?

Terrible lag. Been trying to get things to submit for 45 minutes. Anyone else?... Continue Reading

Maritz Shop Confusion

I have a few revealed gas station shops to do tomorrow and, for the life of me, I can't find any shop instructions. I click on the "Other Project Documentation" link and I get a lot of documents that are helpful, but none of them give an overall process for... Continue Reading

Maritz Home Improvement shops

There seem to be a TON on the board with only two days left in the quarter. They're not very heavily bonused at this point. Are these not shopped quarterly?... Continue Reading

Maritz Applications

Does anyone know if there is a way to cancel an application for a shop on Maritz? I can see the shops I've applied for, but don't see any evident way to cancel an application and don't see anything about it in their FAQ. Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading


Does anyone think the amount of printing, reading instructions and prep time, work involved including naming the photos, uploading them to the website, etc. is ridiculous for their gas station audits considering the amount of pay you get? OMG. I cannot believe how crazy it is. I just did... Continue Reading

How do I sign with MaritzCX?

Where on their site can I become a shopper for them??... Continue Reading

Maritzcx Scheduler

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Maritz Projects

Hello, has anyone ever been removed from a project through Maritz. I have been calling for days to see why some of the August shops have not been assigned to me and someone finally called my voicemail and said something that I was removed from a certain project. ... Continue Reading

What is the best way to contact Maritz?

I'm so embarrassed to admit this, but I really screwed up when I applied to Maritz. I entered my name wrong on the form. Now they have my middle name as my first name and my first name as my last name. Way to make a fantastic first impression with... Continue Reading

Maritz - Grocery Audit

I have done this audit three times for a $25 bonus but, even with the bonus, it is taking too long. For the last audit, I went later in the day hoping the store had its act together and I would take less photos. Wrong. This must be the worst... Continue Reading

How do I match up Payments with Jobs from MaritzCX

I am new to all this and I have started doing some work for MaritzCX. I got a check the other day and it has a job number on it, but when I look at my completed shops on their website, it only shows jobs from the last 14... Continue Reading

maritz (hardware) shop

I did one the other day it was for the peroga ( or something like that ) The one comment I did not state what all she asked me So it was on hold I updated my comment and the next day it went off hold Well today its... Continue Reading

Maritz question about submitting reports after the 12 hr time limit

Seasoned Maritz shoppers - I have a POUNDING headache trying to get my grocery store audit reports done quickly right now. Boy I did not realize it would take me so long! Does Maritz penalize for late reports, monetarily or does it affect my "rating" with them? THANKS!!... Continue Reading

Maritz Receipts

Do we HAVE to take a picture of the receipts or can we scan them in JPG? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Maritz doesn't understand technology

On a good day, I can chuckle and ignore it. On a bad day, emails like these and some of their others (a shop time frame is 3pm to 10pm with 8 hours from shop completion to file report and getting emails at 10:05 pm "Your Shop is overdue, please... Continue Reading

Dont shop for maritz

I did a shop and debriefed spend over 20 minutes. Then they kept asking me to clarify repeatedly 3 times the same questions. I did and then I called them and they said they wouldn't pay me because I didn't do the shop as specified when in fact... Continue Reading

What is the largest bonus you have ever received for a Maritz shop (or other MSC?)

I just made an offer for a 3-digit incentive to do a shop for Maritz. The scheduler told me that the offer was way to high and that the supervisor would never give it. But I know that they have before because I got a bonus from them a little... Continue Reading

A Maritz Experiment

With Maritz trying to post more and more of their bonuses exclusively online (i.e. schedulers saying there's a bonus on it, but we [the schedulers] can't see it, so please check it out), there is a definite flaw in their system (other than the fact that their schedulers can't see... Continue Reading

Maritz going to the 21st century and getting a mobile app!

In January, we re-introduced ourselves as MaritzCX to you. Since then you may have noticed several minor changes in our operations. Coming in June will be the first major change that will impact our independent contractors. As of June 19th, you will no longer be able to communicate with us... Continue Reading

Someone is Smoking Weed @ Maritz - Again!!!

If anyone else received this email - Please respond to this topic. Got an email from Team 3 offering a "GINORMOUS" bonus on shops. 1. I checked their site. 120 mile radius = Nada! 2. I called Team 3. No one knows about this. I then accused someone of smoking weed. I was... Continue Reading

Maritz route " counteroffer"

Has anyone ever been successful with countering Maritz route offers? In particular, the one set of gas routes that they're paying like 10.50 ea and dumping them in routes of like 50 spread across multiple states. I feel like it would take a ridiculous amount of time to really figure... Continue Reading

Maritz picture orientation.

This seems like a question for @techman01. When I post pictures to Maritz, they show up in the thumbnail correctly oriented. Then, when I submit and the site switches to the next page that shows my uploaded pictures from their end, they're all improperly oriented. Any idea how I can... Continue Reading


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Maritz Telephone only Shops

I am just curious, does Maritz have the telephone only shops for their bank client anymore? All I see and have been seeing for months are the combo, telephone and branch visit. Are they just being taking rapidly fast or are they no longer being offered?... Continue Reading


Does anyone else find Maritz Research irritating to work for?... Continue Reading

Maritz Research Website Down?

Hello, Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble logging in. I get the message in my Chrome browser "This webpage is not available" when I click any link on the homepage. It's 3:33 MT where I am.... Continue Reading

Maritz Bank Shop

Hi All, First I apologize if this has already been posted. Recently I have noticed that only telephone and branch visit shops are available in my area and have never done this kind before. Has anyone done this type of shops and if so what is the time spent doing them,... Continue Reading

Urgent! Need help with Maritz issue

(I apologize if this has been discussed before. I searched and couldn't find anything.) I just got assigned a Maritz shop for tomorrow, but when I click on the link to view the assignment I get this message: "There was an error loading the eval." I tried it in IE and Chrome.... Continue Reading

Maritz payment

Sorry if this has already been posted (I couldn't find anything recent). I completed three different shops for Maritz (assigned through KSS) back at the end of February, and I haven't received payment yet. According to their website I should have been paid sometime around the 15th of... Continue Reading

640 x480 jpeg iphone photo Maritz

I would like to know if there is anyone who knows how to get 640 x 480 photo converted to jpeg from iphone? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Maritz does listen

I have not been shopping this month due to a test I had to take for work. I took the test on the 20th. When Maritz called me at the begining of the month I told them I was not doing shops because of that. The 21st... Continue Reading

Maritz printing for the verification code

I did my first shop for them last week and had to print out the pages and pages of shop questions to get the code. I'd really rather not waste my ink printing the same instructions for tomorrows shop. I couldn't quickly figure out a work around. ... Continue Reading

New to Maritz

Is it possible that I can read the client paperwork and detailed requirements before assigning? They called me to ask if I wanted to do a bank shop, and I'm the type of person that likes to know precisely what I need to look for before I even accept the... Continue Reading

Negotiating Maritz gas station bundled routes

I'm a fairly new shopper still, and these are a whole new ball game to me. I've done a couple but they were already a very good price. Bonuses were in place. So, short and sweet, what is your strategy for negotiating a bundled route? To be clear, I'm... Continue Reading

Question About Maritz

I have only done one shop for Maritz, but would like to do more. The one that I did made me print all of the paperwork to receive a code which I had to enter on the shop report. Do all of their shops require you to print out the... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Audits

I'm doing my first route of Maritz gas station audits. A question for those of you who have done them- After you make your purchase inside, do you reveal yourself right away, or leave, go to your car and get your stuff and then come back to reveal and start... Continue Reading


I do think the schedulers at Maritz are nice and all...but sometimes I just find it funny how surprised some are at the incentive I need. I'm sorry, but no, I won't drive five hours round trip for $50. They have to get that, right? Do they... Continue Reading

Maritz Mystery Shop Login Page

Hi, I saw a similar question asked a long time ago now here in the forum, which has now been closed due to its age, the question was,' why does it say Capella Mystery Shopping in the upper left corner' @ the Maritz Mystery Shopping login page ( ?? ... Continue Reading

Maritz documentation for Inventory shops when invoicing

My apologies if this has been addressed. I searched and did not find anything. What do you submit with the invoice for the inventory shops for the red and blue gas station shops? All that is required is a picture of the front door. I called... Continue Reading

Stop the Presses...Maritz Just Sent Me An Email

And it wasn't automated. It was from a real, live human being! :) A new trend perhaps?... Continue Reading

Maritz Teams

Does anybody happen to have a list of the teams at Maritz and what clients they support? Would make it a lot easier when emailing them or even calling them to know who to send to.... Continue Reading

Have Maritz bank shops changed?

I'm going to be on the road Thursday and planned to pick up four bank shops. I've shopped each of the four I chose but it has been over a year. When I tried to schedule, I got an error stating I could not schedule because they were... Continue Reading

maritz log in page

I am having trouble logging in...I can get into what appears to be an old site....but inactive.... when I try through martizcx I can't get in... can someone please post the exact page to log in or tell me what links to go through??? Thanks edit: i just checked again...i get emails from them... Continue Reading

Evening Eligible Gas Stations with Maritz

What is the incentive for performing these shops after dark? I wish Maritz was more clear about it...I can't seem to find it anywhere on their website. Maybe I am missing it in the shop instructions? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Maritz is stressing me out!

I received an email invite for a route over a year ago at an agreed rate. I completed the shops and then was not paid what I had agreed to. I contacted accounting who asked for my evidence and I didn't have any. Lesson learned. So last week I... Continue Reading

Is there "another" way to contact Maritz"

I need to get in touch with maritz because I'm attempting to reschedule some shops. Our weather has been evil, and today everything is iced over by me. I have a bad back, and arthritis in my knees and hips, and just didn't feel safe trying to navigate ice and... Continue Reading


I have done a few shops for them, but I am a little confused by the due dates. I have a week window listed, and I picked a date close to the end of the week window to complete the shop. But it is listed as overdue now after the... Continue Reading

Newbie Question about Maritz

Can anyone help me on how to submit an invoice for a Maritz MS? It looks like I have to provide them with a written receipt? (This shop did not require a purchase or have bonus.) Thanks for any advice!... Continue Reading

Maritz banks

How many banks are you allowed to do each month?... Continue Reading

You shop for Maritz often?

Before today, I had not completed a shop for them. I'm not a big phone talker and was not a huge fan of the directions for the shops, so I always passed. I also found the fees lower than I normally accept. But this week, a shop... Continue Reading

Maritz Yellow Gas Stations: Redux

I note that on the yellow gas stations, there is a request for 2 photos needed for most of the required photos. Even the fuel dispenser is requiring 2 photos. Of course, I'll comply and do so for each requirement. I've always taken more shots than necessary, keeping them in... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Incentive

Has anyone been successful in getting Maritz to add incentives to jobs that don't have incentives for the sake of completing an entire state for one client? A few of the locations are incentivized but most aren't. If they want me to get the incentivized ones done, they're going to... Continue Reading

Suggestions for Maritz' Pegasus Gas Stations

Having performed many more gas stations shops for this particular MSC' s gas station account, I would like to make a few suggestions to their online report (only two suggestions at this point): 1) Please move the question of the dispenser in which I used to purchase fuel, to just after... Continue Reading

Maritz Green Gas Stations Email Invitations Issue

I realize that Maritz has not sent out the green gas station email invites yet, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem in the past. I used to receive invitations to about 6 routes of these shops. If I passed on a specific route one time... Continue Reading

Maritz & 1099

Has anyone gotten their 1099 yet ? Thanks... Continue Reading

Does Maritz know what they are doing?

I signed up for 2 gas station shops. Couldn't find my camera battery so I asked if the one coming up in the next week could be changed to the week after that (was within the time limits). Now they are no longer on my current shops tab,... Continue Reading

Email yesterday from Team 4 of Maritz

I was wondering what other shoppers who do shops for Maritz, think about what the email (from Team 4)stated yesterday. Other than listing a few changes for the specific shop, it states that one will have to self assign shops now. The staff will not be scheduling or assigning... Continue Reading


I cannot figure out how to apply to be a shopper for Maritz. Is there something I am missing on the website? Thanks so much! Also, this forum is very helpful. Thanks so much for being so generous.... Continue Reading

Maritz website down?

I can't get into the Maritz website through Explorer or Chrome. Is there is problem there or is it on my end?... Continue Reading

MaritzCx - They keep changing the due dates on my gas station shops

On January 2, 2015, I added all my gas station shops for MaritzCx on my Google calendar and planned out my entire schedule for the month of January. I also printed put the "List of Outstanding Shops for XYZ Gas Stations - Site Inspection P1, 2015" directly from their... Continue Reading

Thank You Maritz!!

In the old days when I was doing shops for Steri, I could not really schedule routes until the day or the week. Now, with the manner in which Maritz allows one to assign themselves the shops for a certain week or time period, the route planning becomes much easier and... Continue Reading

Is KSS International affiliated with Maritz?

I requested two exact shops from both KSS and Maritz. Now, I'm wondering if they are affiliated or could possibly be the same company. I've noticed that some of the MSC's have two and three names.... Continue Reading

MaritzCX - December 15th Checks

Has anyone received their December 15th paycheck from MaritzCX yet? As of today (12/23/14), I have not received mine. When I talked to their accounting department, they told me the December 15th date. I am not sure if that was the process date or the mailed out... Continue Reading

Maritz Shops / Merry Christmas

For the last few days, i have been unable to see any new shops in the area. There is no reason given other than the action timed out. Now, I am wondering if the reason is that I have reached the limit of shops that I can have self-assigned. My list... Continue Reading

Maritz Shoppers

I think I may have had my first shop rejected with Maritz and wondered how they let you know. It was a difficult shop as the associate took a phone call during the presentation then said she needed to take care of something and walked away. I waited... Continue Reading

Ready to scream at the Maritz website

Am I the only one that is having problems pulling the site up? My phone insists it is a dangerous site to go to and will NOT allow me on it. My secruity program (Kapersky) on my laptop kept saying that their certificate was expired but finally let... Continue Reading

Maritz descriptions - not seeing them?

Hey, I'm new to Maritz and am looking at a big box hardware store on the board, but pay is low. The description is lame and I cannot see any guidelines or job outline. I don't want to take a low paying job and get stuck with some horrendous shop. Is... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of MaritzCX

, my post mentioning the blue bank and Maritz, a non-MSC, was removed. (Source). September 15, 2023

............. Bob agrees for 202315 yrs, ago, Maritz would pay to have stations shopped. (Source). August 29, 2023

I remember when there was Maritz and route scheduling ahead a month or two was very easy. (Source). August 10, 2023

They told me when they got rid of the MaritzCX platform app and switched everything to Sassie that Sassie was mobile friendly, at the time it was not. (Source). July 07, 2023

The shops that were former Maritz shops and now with IPSOS always seemed to have a limitation of how many they would do in a certain period of time. (Source). June 14, 2023

We made over $600 in less than 24 hours. Those were the good ol' days when Maritz was still around. (Source). June 03, 2023

Boy, do I miss Maritz!!!! (Source). May 31, 2023

And it was a joy to work with Maritz, who compensated me well for my efforts. (Source). May 31, 2023

" You can also get them at Harbor Freight and Boot Barn. Maritz used to give them free to shoppers. (Source). May 25, 2023

" You can also get them at Harbor Freight and Boot Barn. Maritz used to give them free to shoppers. (Source). May 25, 2023