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Market stat?

If you have done market stat shops, did you like them? Trying to find a company for someone just starting out with Apartment shops I haven't done apartment shops yet... Continue Reading


Has anyone worked for them? Did you get paid?... Continue Reading

Marketstat feedback

Any feedback is welcomed. thank you.... Continue Reading

MarketStat - Sam Sharpe

I completed an apartment shop for MarketStat 3 months back in May, the first and now the only shop I have completed for them. In June I forwarded the email I received from Sam Sharpe grading my report and asking about being paid because my shop was not showing up... Continue Reading

Marketstat won't let me file - please help

I finished my shop and entered all the information. I have tried emailing them and calling them. It will not let me complete check or submit. Any suggestions?... Continue Reading


Has anyone worked for them and if so how did it go? Found them on gig spot.... Continue Reading

MarketStat, LLC

I do not know who this company is. I never signed up with them. I've received and email with at least 50 email addresses. If you receive an email from Sam Sharpe. DO NOT OPEN IT ON YOUR COMPUTER! Can't say that it's a virus, but it... Continue Reading

MarketStat recorded phone call - help please

Yes, I'm new to MarketStat and to this forum. The apartment shops I'm doing require a recorded phone call prior to visiting the site. I've tried calling via the "Call Now" link within the shop details. The status shows "calling followed by the display of a PIN. Next, the status... Continue Reading

Sam Sharpe from Market Stat

Is anyone else getting numerous emails from this individual? All the emails state are "we have shops in your area. Please log in to your account with us." There's not even a link. It's pretty annoying, especially since they never have any shops in my area.... Continue Reading


I searched and I haven't seen anything recently on this forum (as in the past couple of years) about them. I just signed up and I see some apartment shops with them. Are they still bad about making payments and how is the reporting for them? They have very little... Continue Reading


Just did my first restaurant job for this company. Food was amazing and the report was one of the easiest I've done! Excellent communication.... Continue Reading

MarketStat new payment schedule

Just wanted to mention MarketStat has a new payment schedule, and now you don't have to send an email to get paid! Yahoo! The shops pay on the 15th of the second month after the shop. I did a shop in January, and I was paid March 15th without having... Continue Reading

Marketstat payment's

Anyone here done any shops for Marketstat? If so how till they usally pay? they are in to me for about $120 and im wondreing how long they take to pay....says a week or 2 after billing but it's been 3 now???????... Continue Reading

Phone number for Market Stat

Does anyone have either an email address or phone number for Market Stat in Overland Park, KS> I see that I did a shop on 12/8 and have not been paid for it. I dont seem to be able to find a number so I can call... Continue Reading

Marketstat reporting

Has anyone worked for marketstatreporting? If so, how long did it take to get paid?... Continue Reading


MarketStat was my first introduction into mystery shopping. Unfortunately I did 3 shops for this company and have not been paid. I would not recommend doing business with this company. They owe me $120. I am hoping Scott Sharpe from MarketStat will contact me. Julie... Continue Reading



MarketStat Rep

Hello, This is Scott from MarketStat. I just wanted to let you know I created an account on here so I can respond to any requests/issues. If you have any questions never hesitate to send them in my direction. Thanks Scott Sharpe Co-Director of Operations MarketStat, LLC. 7500 College Boulevard ◦... Continue Reading

Market Stat Pay Date?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Non Payment from JC and Associates

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Anyone Else Think Jason Rivera/JC and Associates is a THIEF!!

Sad to say this still sticks in my craw...and maybe my misfortune will make people aware of the kind of person Jason Rivera/JC and Associates is and the way he conducts business. Jason released a shop to a client I did back in was not returned to me for clarification... Continue Reading

JC and associates

Saw posts from december, has anyone any news on this company. I shopped last year for them, now cannot log in. Thanks... Continue Reading

Anyone else get ripped-off by MarketStat?

I had completed a couple of assignments for JC & Associates in December, but haven't been paid. MarketStat told me that I would be paid within a week, a couple of weeks ago, but when I requested payment today, they blocked my access to both websites. I have already saved an... Continue Reading


I too was frustrated by JC and Associates. I was waiting for a payment from JULY,09 and just received payment thankfully from Market Stat. I hope they will be quicker paying than JC was and don't take shops away from me after I shopped them and was unable to do... Continue Reading

JC Associates/Market Stat

On March 2nd I invoiced Market Stat using Paypal invoicing and also sending an email to "". It was for a shop I had completed on May 23, 2009, for JC and Associates. It was worth $30 and I only accepted because it was one of those where he... Continue Reading


Has anyone work for marketstat I am looking at this assignment, but have some question about it. I can not find an email or phone or any way to contact on their website, so I am a bit unsure. Any comments are appreciated!... Continue Reading

JC and Associates LLC

I just want to let my fellow shoppers know that I did a shop for them in June and was to be paid in September and then they changed their pay schedule and have done that several times since I have shopped for them. They changed the pay date... Continue Reading

Inside Hospitality and JC&Associates

Any thoughts on either of these companies? I've done 2 shops for JC and haven't been paid for either yet. I have an upcoming shop for Inside Hospitality, and I'm wondering if it will be worth it after reading over the report details. It reimburses up to $75, and... Continue Reading

JC and Associates

Hello, Just wanted to warn you about this company. I did a shop for them that required a purchase. No where in the directions did it have a minimum purchase, and it even said that I could return the item. I purchased a 30 cent pack of gum,... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of MarketStat

Just in the last 11 years or so, there's been Freeman, JC and Associates, Nationwide, NSS, DSS. (Source). April 06, 2020

I had never used it before, but did a Marketstat assignment a month or so ago. (Source). February 24, 2020

io payments? I recently completed a job thru MarketStat and they pay out thru checkbook. (Source). February 24, 2020

I've done them for: Grace Hill, MarketStat, Jancyn, NWLPC, Intellishop, Bare, Cirrus and a couple of others, I believe. (Source). January 08, 2020

Ipsos has some; Bare used to (haven't checked lately); Market Stat has at least one; you might try Verify International for airport parking (haven't worked for them in awhile). (Source). January 08, 2020

marketstat. (Source). October 28, 2019

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our account manager at Market Stat, LLC 7500 College Blvd, 5th Floor Overland Park, KS 66210 www.marketstat. (Source). September 14, 2019

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our account manager at Market Stat, LLC 7500 College Blvd, 5th Floor Overland Park, KS 66210 www.marketstat. (Source). September 03, 2019

:) Apartments: There are many. Jancyn, Marketstat, Cirrus, Ellis, NWLPC, Grace Hill, EliteCX, Clear Evaluations, and more. (Source). May 16, 2019

I like MarketStat. (Source). January 24, 2019