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In-theatre First Show Checks - Market Force - CA, FL, MI, MN

Market Force's theatre division is returning to in-theatre checking starting on the weekend of July 1. We're looking for checkers in the following markets: Detroit Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis San Francisco If you are available for first show checks (some are feature specific, some are all screens), please visit us at to view the... Continue Reading

Is Market Force responding to You?

In the last 3-4 days, I put in increased pay offers on two green-leaf job postings. Neither one was addressed. I did not get a rejection notification or approval. My offer just sat out there until time ran out at midnight. Very unusual from my past experiences. Is anyone else... Continue Reading

C'mon, Market Force!

When you have "changed fee" listed for almost every fast food or fast casual job, yet the fees are the same they've been for months, it kind of lessens my interest in clicking on anything. Now I won't even click on those listings unless they have the $ sign... Continue Reading

Market Force Tax

Just wondering...if Market Force reimburses you for a shop is that taxable?... Continue Reading

Market Force Pay Question

I got my check from Market Force. I just want to clarify: The "fee" is how much you got for the shop and the "Special" is the reimbursement money. Is that correct?... Continue Reading

Well, I messed up on a Marketforce shop

Apoarently, I was supposed to buy my burger online or by calling an order in. I thought it was dine in, so that's what I did. Early on in reporting, the system asks why I didn't order by the correct method. It let me answer that I... Continue Reading

Market Force

Does Market Force still do their fast food burger shops? Iím not talking about the burger shops that are currently always posted on their job board. Iím talking about another fast food burger joint.... Continue Reading

Market Force: Mystery Shoppers Need - TX & NM

Market Force Information has retail mystery shops available immediately in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM. In addition to retail mystery shops, there are always restaurant mystery shops available. Sign up today, do a little shopping and grab a free meal. Please sign-up today at We look forward... Continue Reading

Marketforce increases reimbursement

$15.45 now. At last this will cover almost all the payment.... Continue Reading


Has anyone been paid yet this month?... Continue Reading

How long do you feel bound by your make-an-offer bids to MarketForce?

Every time I've had a make-an-offer accepted, I've been notified the same day (usually within an hour or two) that it's been accepted. So if I don't have an e-mail within 24 hours, I assume I'm not getting the assignment. But being conscientious, I worry about finding assignments... Continue Reading

Market Force: Super Easy Dollar Store Audits - April Visits

Market Force's Merchandising team has super easy dollar store audits available beginning April 4th. These assignments make great route plug-ins or can be an easy introduction to first time merchandisers. If you are interested and haven't yet registered, please feel free to do so - Thanks for your interest!... Continue Reading

Has anyone done MarketForce Gas Station shops?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

marketforce offer ignored?

There are 3 shops same location, same dates, same fees, with "make an offer". I put in an offer on one, for today. It's been a couple of hours, and I have had no response - (neither accepted nor denied), and don't see any evidence that I made an offer... Continue Reading

Broomfield, CO - Laser Tag & Bowling Shop: $45 Profit + Reimbursement

Amusement Advantage has fun laser tag and bowling shops at a Bowling Center location in Broomfield, CO available now! This shop pays $45 including $15 regular pay + $30 extra pay + reimbursement up to $139. To view the details and apply go to: and click on Shopper's Login,... Continue Reading

Market Force late to pay this month?

Website says they paid to my direct deposit on Monday but it's not in my account yet.... Continue Reading

Marketforce Website - Computer Browser

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Does MarketForce still have grocery shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

More Marketforce complaints.

The new fast casual shops this month are confusing. And it's probably my fault, but the emails say exactly the same thing, and the shops, when you open them on the app, say the exact same thing. There was ZERO indication, without opening the guidelines, to tell that... Continue Reading

Does Marketforce Really Think Shoppers Will Work For This?

Saw three shops in my area for $10 each. Here's the description: "This is an announced compliance evaluation at an XXXXX Store or Kiosk. It can take up to 60 minutes. Photos required. DO NOT SCHEDULE/CONDUCT MORE THAN THREE XXXXX VISITS PER DAY." The Minimum Wage Act (Article 19 of the New... Continue Reading

Marketforce not liking bad feedback

Did a shop for a fast food location and gave negative feedback due to poor service and meal. Despite reconfirming my feedback as per the report was accurate Market force would not pay because the client had challenged the report. So what is the point ? do they only want positive feedback... Continue Reading

Broomfield, CO - Bowling & Laser Tag Shop: $35 Profit + Reimbursement

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Bowling Center location in Broomfield, CO available now! This shop pays $35 including $15 regular pay + $20 Extra Pay + reimbursement up to $139. To view the details and apply go to: and click on Shopper's Login, then go to Search... Continue Reading

Marketforce phone calls

Why do they call and then try to undercut the pay that is posted for the job on their website? I am so very tired of being woken up in the morning so they can try to cheat me out of money. Sorry, I was pissed off because the guy... Continue Reading

Trouble Getting Onto MarketForce Web Site

For the past 2 weeks, I have been unable to click on "Find Shops" & actually view shops. It just keeps loading. Tonight I'm trying to do a report & I can't get to step 2 "Review". It keeps going back to the 1st question (even though I did the... Continue Reading

$5.00 Audit - Pictures Required with Market Force

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

What is the pay period for Marketforce?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

How long can a shop stay in QC with Marketforce?

I did it on Saturday and it's in QC still on Tuesday morning. Is that usual?... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Station Question

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force

I do not know what has gotten into MF lately but they are really pumping out the bonuses for the gas station shops! Must want to get them all done before Thanksgiving! I hope this is a trend that continues!... Continue Reading

Marketforce app photos

I have questions! I have upcoming assignments that require a lot of photos. Now I I'm in a panic because I realized that every time I have to link photos to their questions I cannot see the photos in those little tiny circles on the app and usually just guess.... Continue Reading

Marketforce low pay

Has anyone noticed MF is really lowballing on pay now? The popular burger drive in shops have been sitting on my board for weeks. Looks like a few of them were actually accepted at the $7 pay rate. By this time theyíd be offering way more, especially with the next... Continue Reading

MarketForce pay

I remember so many complaints when payment was slow (even though mostly within their guidelines), and I just wanted to say today I received full payment for last month's shops, and last month I believe I was paid by the 17th. When we complain when things are wrong, we ought to... Continue Reading

Market Force - Is Late Dinner and Dinner considered the same meal period?

Question is in the title. Can anyone confirm this on their end for past shops?... Continue Reading

Market Force's Website Acting Up?

I have tried two different browsers and two different computers. A lot of pages are either not loading or extremely sluggish. Is anyone else experience this? TIA... Continue Reading

Anyone else having trouble with MarketForce today?

When I try to search for jobs today, it just keeps "loading." Is anyone else having trouble?... Continue Reading

Market Force

Shout out to Market Force for being flexible about extending the dealine for submitting the bridge toll receipt for one of my shops. Due to Covid, there are no live toll collectors in my area. Everything has to go through FasTrak (electronic toll tags). Well, again due to Covid, there... Continue Reading

Market Force Coffee Shops are back, but

My favorite place for coffee is back on MF but now it's just $4 reimbursement with no fee. The fee was just $3 before but it was enough for me to do the shop if I was already near the location. Now I'll just have to wait till they "bonus"... Continue Reading

Marketforce Merchandising

Hello all. So, I am currently an active shopper for Marketforce. I would like to check out their merchandising assignments. Do I sign up separately for that? When I tried it gave me the message that my data was already active. I canít log in... Continue Reading

Market Force "short" audits versus "long" audits

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Question about Marketforce "Merchandising & Theatre Services"

What types of shops are on this side of the MF site? I already have a subscription to Regal Unlimited so 'free' movies via secret shopping are of no interest. I hate to sign up for yet another shopper site if it's not one I'll use.... Continue Reading

Weird Market Force Issue

It has been a long time since I did any sort of route for MF. A shop here and there has been it over the past couple years. This weekend I took a small route of gas stations and was having something weird happen when I uploaded the photos. When I... Continue Reading

Market Force - Inquiring Minds

Hi everyone...hope you are enjoying your weekend! If you shop for both divisions of Market Force, I'm interested in preferred method of communication. As most of you know, the MS portal only uses email via the help desk - the merch and theatre side has email, but the preferred method... Continue Reading

Market Force long audit

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force Pay

My direct deposit was put through twice. Has this happened to anyone else?... Continue Reading

Harder to negotiate higher fees with Marketforce

I'm not sure whether this might be region-specific, but I've noticed that it's much harder to negotiate higher fees with Marketforce lately. Before the pandemic, when schedulers would call about a shop, it used to be that I had a reasonably good chance of getting higher fees when I asked,... Continue Reading

Market Force

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

"Quick" tobacco audit on Marketforce

Has anyone completed any of these assignments ? I see them on the board for $10 which seems low, but if I can get in and out in under 5 minutes I might take it. I did many the vape audits last month from another MSC and those audits only... Continue Reading

Market force low balling

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force mobile app

Do you guys plan to update the app anytime soon? It's been 2 years since last update and it's starting to become outdated. I cannot view my CPI anymore in the app, notifications don't work, and other bugs need to be fixed.... Continue Reading

Did anyone else receive this email from Market Force?

Welcome Back Market Force Shopper! Dear Shopper: We at Market Force hope you have been well during the course of the last year. Recently your account was systematically moved to an inactive status due to lack of contact/interactivity. We hope that now that things are starting to look a little more normal, you may be... Continue Reading

Does Marketforce penalize you for just selecting the bonus shops ?

I thought I read a post a while back that a shopper was penalized because he kept waiting until the shops offered a bonus before grabbing them. But I didn't know if this was a rumor or not.... Continue Reading

Marketforce mystery shopper website issues?

Anyone else struggling since yesterday with Marketforce's mystery shopping site (the one with the burgers and all that good stuff)? I find that it just blinks their logo forever or at best is super slow. I am very concerned I might take a shop and then not be... Continue Reading

Marketforce and shop times

Can I do a hedgehog shop at the same site on the same day, but in different time slots? Say one shop before 2:00 and one shop after 2:00 at the same location on the same day?... Continue Reading

Market Force and SSN

Hi Applied to join Market Force completed a shop for them. Now my account says SSN not confirmed and will not let me apply for new jobs. Emailed their help desk and they saying SSN was discontinued in the 1960s ! which considering its been verified by other MS companies is @@. They saying... Continue Reading

Market Force and SSN

[b]deleted[/b]... Continue Reading

Marketforce calling from new number

I received a call from a 415 area code number today, which turned out to be a scheduler from Marketforce. She said that the 415 number was their new number. Just thought I'd post this in case some of you receive calls from this new number and don't want to... Continue Reading

Reps Needed in Buffalo and Surrounding Areas - Market Force (CFA)

Market Force's Theatre and Merchandising team has super simple retail installation assignments in Buffalo and surrounding areas. You will receive the display directly prior to the visit(s), visit the store, assemble the pop out display, attach pegs and place gift cards. The assignment itself takes no more than 30 minutes... Continue Reading

Market Force (CFA) Installations available

They're back...they're in grocery stores instead of theatres, but we have simple installations in field now. Come on over and sign up or re-engage with some easy field work - Continue Reading

Market Force - Every Small Town USA - Easy Merchandising Visits Available

Market Force's theatre/merchandising division has super easy merchandising assignments available in all most every town across the country. These are really easy 15-30 minute in store assignments (we do need to ship you some materials in advance). If you haven't signed up with our merchandising division yet, please consider doing... Continue Reading

It was fun MarketForce

After 7 years with no problems, I got the following from MarketForce over the weekend... Hi, We need to let you know that we have opted to discontinue our Independent Contractor relationship with you and will not be offering you any other assignments. As you know, either party to an Independent Contractor business... Continue Reading

Marketforce $0 Pay Jobs

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force - Light Merchandising Work Now Available

Market Force has opened new programs beginning March 1 for light merchandising (gift card swap out). If you are available and interested, feel free to visit us at to either sign-up (if you don't already have an account) and/or accept assignments. Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading

1099 Marketforce

Has anyone gotten their 1099 from Marketforce yet? I know they have until the last day of January to send them, but it's the 9th and I haven't gotten mine.... Continue Reading

market force payment for Jan 2021

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Marketforce payment for shops completed in Dec 2020

Anyone get DD today?(1/21/21)... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Stations

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force- Make An Offer

I made an offer for a shop on Thursday morning that I can complete on Sunday. As of Friday evening I have not heard back. I know if they accept my offer I will get an email. If they don't accept it then I won't get the email and... Continue Reading

Market Force

What is the best way to reach them via email? It is regarding a payment discrepancy.... Continue Reading

Certified /Market Force

Does anyone know when Certified Merchandising pay? It has been years since I've done work for them.... Continue Reading

Market Force shops

I'm so tired of burgers and mattresses. I know they do lots of other types of shops but I can't ever see them. What's the trick to being offered more/different shops?... Continue Reading

Market Force - Immediate Merchandiser Need for these cities

Market Force is sourcing for reps to complete gift card resets at stores in the following locations. If you are available, or know someone who might be, please sign up on our rep portal at I am reviewing and processing applications as they are received. These assignments take 2-3... Continue Reading

market force phone calls

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Market Force - Merchandising - Easy four card display resets

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force - Merchandisers Needed - OK & SD

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(Market Force) Resets, resets, and more resets!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Marketforce scheduler phone or email

I am currently doing a route and am in desperate need of a Marketforce schedulers phone #. I have emailed the help desk but no response. Thanks... Continue Reading

Market Force - THEY'RE BACK - Quick & Easy Audits

Market Force's quick and easy Dollar store audits are back. These assignments take about 30 minutes to complete and are great for people looking to get started as an Independent Contractor. Visit dates begin on Monday, 11/2 and are due for completion no later than Thursday, 11/5. If you are interested... Continue Reading

Marketforce Cell Phone Store Audit

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force deactivated me

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Marketforce receipt

Have a job requesting a receipt, but there was no purchase required. Anyone had one of these?... Continue Reading

MARKETFORCE: Return of their yellow bag grocery chain?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Stations

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Marketforce gas station audits-worth it?

Mystery shops are far and few between right now in my area (probably in most areas). There are a ton of gas station audits on marketforce. I have completed the non audits before but never an audit. Does anyone have details of what is required to complete this shop?... Continue Reading

Market Force website down again?

I have been trying to log into the Market Force Shopper site to review paperwork before I perform some shops, but I get the "503 Service Unavailable No server is available to handle this request." error on both the website and the app...anyone else having this problem?... Continue Reading

Marketforce hardware stores

I haven't seen a posting for one in a very long time. Does anyone know if they're still done? If not, based on my experience today they really need to be. The thing that really distinguished them from the big box stores was their level of 'helpful' service. This... Continue Reading

Marketforce - How to contact?!

I did a shop today and wanted to call a scheduler about two other locations that were on my way home. Tried to call using the number on the website, couldn't find info on the app and even used a number a scheduler had called me from before. Couldn't get... Continue Reading

Market Force - Searching for ND, NE & NV Merchadisers

Market Force is currently sourcing for merchandisers to complete monthly assignments in the below cities ASAP. These are truck stop type locations, take 1-2 hours to complete and would be great to pick up while handling a route. Alexander, ND Alda, NE York, NE, Mill City, NV Wells, NV If you are interested or know... Continue Reading

Marketforce meal time limits

I'm sure this has come up here before, but I was unable to find the answer by searching. With Marketforce: 1. You can't do more than one fast food shop per meal time. 2. Their "who wants a burger?" fast casual client only allows one shop per meal time. However, does... Continue Reading

Marketforce not paying for shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Late report to MarketForce

Yesterday, I completed the main part of a report to MarketForce. I forgot to go back and submit the pics and receipts until this morning (totally my fault), so it remained in an incomplete status. If anyone else has submitted a report to them beyond the 8 hour... Continue Reading

Market Force Invalid shop Photo(s) are duplicates from another shop:

I have just been burned again my MF Fast Food Shop . One shop because I shopped early, It has not been a problem before but IT IS NOW. But the one i can not understand is this one Photo(s) are duplicates from another shop: I added photo of the... Continue Reading

Market Force - Quick & Easy In-store audits

Market Force's quick and easy Dollar store audits are back. These assignments take about 30 minutes to complete and are great for people looking to get started as an Independent Contractor. Visit dates begin on Monday, 11/2 and are due for completion no later than Thursday, 11/5. If you are... Continue Reading

Market Force - Monthly Merchandising Assignments - Updated July List

Market Force is currently sourcing for merchandisers to complete monthly assignments in the below cities starting on July 6th. These are truck stop type locations and would be great to pick up while handling a route. If you are interested or know someone how may be, please sign up with... Continue Reading

MarketForce's FF Shops

I dio not do FF shops. The smell from just driving by one of those places makes me sick to my stomach. I received an email today from MF looking to fill some FF shops for reimbursement only, no actual shop fee. I thought they usually paid a small shop... Continue Reading

Marketforce online purchase shops

Has anyone completed these online purchase shops for MarketForce? If yes, would you recommend or is it too much trouble for what itís worth?... Continue Reading

Market Force Help Pages Have Vanished

I wanted to send a question today on an upcoming shop. I clicked the "Help" button like I have done in the past. I get a message that the pages have been removed. Any ideas why?... Continue Reading

Any bets on whether Market Force will meet payroll this month ..............?

I'm betting they might be late paying- or worse.... Continue Reading

Marketforce ďfind shopsĒ

Anyone else not able to find shops? I click the button and it just keeps searching. I can use every other button without a problem. Help!... Continue Reading

WTH Marketforce?

I emailed the helpdesk with offers for 3 shops. 5 minutes later, 2 of them appeared in my assignment list for less than half of what I offered! Hell no. I cancelled them. I'm not driving 30 miles during a shelter in place order for less than half of what... Continue Reading

Did Market Force make payments on March 18th?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Did Market Force eliminate the jobs I signed up for?

I had some early April assignments I had assigned to me but they are now gone from the Website? Anyone else?... Continue Reading

MarketForce in Coronavirus times

I have two shops appearing in my busy city. Looks like they are suspending shops? Or is it just me?... Continue Reading

Market Force Premium Fee emails?

I see they have something on their website about Premium fee emails and a link that is included. "If you receive a Premium Fee email and wish to accept the offer, but the link within the email does not work, please do the following:" I have not been receiving these, I keep... Continue Reading

Marketforce Helpdesk "page cannot be found"?

I just tried clicking the "Help" tab on the Marketforce website which usually directs you to their help page (where you can click on a link to submit an email/help ticket). But instead of being directed to the Help Desk page, I arrived on an error page with the message:... Continue Reading

MarketForce cancelling grocery shops

All my scheduled grocery shops for week of March 22 thru 28 have been cancelled today. Anyone else having the same experience?... Continue Reading

Market Force "The shop records are locked by another Shopper or MFI Employee. Please select another shop."

Whenever i look at one of Market Force's burger chain shops, it tells me "The shop records are locked by another Shopper or MFI Employee. Please select another shop." Looking at other shops they have are fine. I had this the other day, but then it went away. Anyone else... Continue Reading


Market Force is now offering a brand new merchandising project taking place this week (3/9-3/13)! This project would involve taking an inventory and pricing for specific products at a local gas station. This project would also include taking several photos of the displays on site. We are expecting this visit... Continue Reading

Marketforce - Did I get deactivated?

Hello, I received this morning an email from Marketforce that said that "due to internal scheduling conflict" the two shops I had scheduled had to be cancelled, and now on the job board, the jobs are "loading" but never show up. Did that ever happen to anyone before? Does that... Continue Reading

Market Force gas stations?

Is anyone else not seeing the usual long list of gas station shops/audits from Market Force this month? I'm in South Jersey and between NJ and Philly I usually see 50-100 at the beginning of each month.... Continue Reading

Trouble connecting online with Marketforce ... Anyone else?

Each time I try to access the page it says I was redirected too many times and to clear cookies. I did so, and I get the same message. I tried with a different browser and the exact thing happened again.... Continue Reading

Marketforce Invalid Shop Without Explanation

I did a typical walk in Chinese shop yesterday and today I see it's invalid. (I've done tons without a problem.) I received no email explaining why and I also don't see it in the 'incomplete / in process' area to fix it. The 'help' link is broken so... Continue Reading

Could someone help me with a problem with Market Force red gas shop?

I've e-mailed Market Force, but they never get back right away and I'm hoping to salvage this shop. My gas station has a kiosk, no store, and has no merchandise for sale. There is a cashier to take gasoline payments. I reported that the kiosk was open.... Continue Reading

Market Force - make an offer always declined!

Hi! I was wondering if anyone else has this issue with this MSC. Every time I make an offer it is always declined. I always make reasonable offers (a few dollars more then the shopped pay.) Then, I sometimes see the shop still available the next day with the pay... Continue Reading

MarketForce: Remaining Activated

So.... Yesterday, I got myself reactivated on MarketForce (again). The help desk was clear that I need to complete at least one of their shops before March 3, lest I be deactivated again. My question is this: Does anybody know exactly how often I'll have to complete a shop... Continue Reading

Market Force Information Now Offering Merchandising Assignments

Hello, The New York Branch of Market Force Information is now offering multiple new Merchandising assignments! We have a wide range of merchandising projects taking place nationwide at various outlets. These projects range from in store product demonstrations, to display resets, to compliance audits, as well as others. If you would... Continue Reading

Market Force's "Assignment REport Review" Edit - Have to Go Through Entire Form if Edit?

Not sure if anyone else has this happen to them, but it happens to me sometimes. I see something in the "Assignment Report Review" section at the end that is a mistaken (grammatical, wrong answer selected, or maybe a desire to just clarify or reword something...etc.) and I go... Continue Reading

Market Force - website???

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Cell Phone, Burger & Gas Station Audits with Market Force

New shopper here, I was wondering if anyone has done these jobs with Market Force? The cell phone & gas jobs are 10 miles from my work, with zero traffic to get there in a small town so no shop is ever busy with customers. The burger shops are 20... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Audits

The Market Force reporting system is sure confusing at times with their photo linking. Dang...... Continue Reading

Market Force fast casual delivery shops - which delivery service is used?

For anyone who has done one of Market Force's fast casual burger chain delivery shops, which delivery service do you need to use? I have not applied because the chain's own website says they cannot deliver to my address. But I just noticed that Doordash does deliver to me from... Continue Reading

Market Force Phone Calls

Just curious, does anybody else get absolutely hounded by phone calls from Marketforce? I typically get 4-6 calls a day at a minimum from up to three different phone numbers. It's gotten to the point where I've added all the numbers I've been called from for them to my contacts... Continue Reading

Market Force not working?

Can't get the website to download properly to enter my report. Other websites are working. Anybody else having trouble? MF says they are having some technical problems.... Continue Reading

Market Force shop information provided

I signed with this company a few years ago but don't recall doing shops for them. I decided to take another look at them today and I am surprised at how little information is provided for the shop ahead of time. Seems you have to accept the shop... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas/CS Night Audits

I don't usually see audits for these gas stations at night. This time around they started at a $6 pay and have now increased to $8 (not that that is an acceptable pay for a night audit!). The reimbursement amount is $10. If anyone has picked these... Continue Reading

Marketforce audit

They just posted $10 audits at mobile telephone locations and actually said they were ďlong audits!Ē. I can imagine these would not be easy, or fun!... Continue Reading

MarketForce Retail Shops

I'm trying to put together a small route for next week, and a bunch of MF retail shops are showing on the board. At $8/location. Yikes. I won't do a phone shop for that, let alone an on-site one. I don't care how "easy" they're supposed to be! Are these... Continue Reading

Help! I need advice and can't contact Market Force.

Today I did a breakfast shop and a lunch shop for Market Force. I reported the breakfast shop immediately on the form for the lunch location. When I got home and was about to report the lunch shop, I realized my mistake. It's past the office hours... Continue Reading

General Question MarketForce Payments

I did three shops for MF in November, two at the beginning of the month and one in the third week of the month. The first two have "fallen off" my status page, meaning they're in for payment processing. The last one is still on the staus page. Since payment... Continue Reading

Market Force Certification Tests

I am trying to take a certification test for Market Force. They say the full guidelines are attached, but there is only a 1 page guideline that does not provide the information that is asked for in the test. It isnít a common sense type test, but asks specific times,... Continue Reading


I noticed yesterday that there were 3 shops available in my area and today there are none. Are they done providing shops for the rest of the year? I've e-mailed them but no response and nothing in the discussions on the website. Anyone else not seeing jobs?... Continue Reading

Broomfield, CO: $10 Bowling & Laser Tag Shop + Reimbursement Up to $139

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Bowling Center location in Broomfield, CO available now! This shop pays $10 + reimbursement up to $139 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). Reimbursement covers 1 game or 1 hour of bowling, shoe rental, at least one game of... Continue Reading

Market Force Wonít Leave Message

Market Force ... if you are reading this in the internet world ... please stop calling and hanging up. Leave a message so I can call you back! :)... Continue Reading

Market force gas station reimbursements

I have taken a break from mystery shopping for a few months, and coming back I see that MF has gas station audits with a $10 reimbursement amount rather than the usual $5. Can anyone tell me what they are reimbursing in these shops? Keep it vague if you can.... Continue Reading

Market Force rude and pushy callers.

I received a call from Market force and was asked to do a shop in a town about 30 miles away, I told them I couldn't do it, my father in law died and I had visitation and a funeral this weekend. The person got very pushy started saying, "you... Continue Reading

Market Force e-mail abuse? Not the only one.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market force offering a whole $2 more on a gas audit shop.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force Calls

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

MarketForce Gas station audits are back, warning

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Marketforce loss of clients

i have been working for Marketforce for several years, generally happy. After taking the first six months of this year off for personal reasons. Upon return, they have only a small fraction of the assignments they used to have. My total income this year so far is what i used... Continue Reading

Can I do multiple Web Leads on Marketforce?

As the title suggests. I'm new to all of this and noticed certain web leads are incredible easy and take just a few minutes. Is there any reason I can't do multiple web leads for the same client at different locations simultaneously? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Marketforce and Spouses

Does anyone know if spouses can both sign up for Marketforce? My husband is interested and I haven't found any info on the site so I thought I'd ask here if anyone has first hand knowledge of doing that? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Market Force Website Maintenance

Message on MF Shopper Messages Page: Website Maintenance - REMINDER September 25, 2019 We wanted to give you advance notice that our website (Shopper Portal) will be down for maintenance from Saturday, September 28th, at 9 P.M. to Sunday, September 29, at 5 A.M.... Continue Reading

Market Force burger shop rotation shortened?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force changed the due date after I completed the shop

I had a restaurant shop for Market Force that was due today. I completed it and input my report about three hours ago. I just looked at the Assignment/Receipt Status page on there website and it says it is invalid and that the due date was a week ago today.... Continue Reading

MY Market Force shops severely limited- due to Hurricane?

Usually there are loads of the two fast food shops they usually carry-- but now they are only giving me a selection of 9 "hot" highly diverse shops and nothing else---- I am in VA and wonder if it is because of the hurricane? Anybody else in the path... Continue Reading

Hurricane warning & Mandatory Evac - Marketforce calls. Lmao

A restaurant in my town has been closed for two days due to evacuation orders. MarketForce just called and asked me to do a shop there today. Sure, I'll get right on that! Ha!!... Continue Reading

Marketforce invalidating two shops becasue one shop had the wrong picture.

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How to find MarketForce phone shops?

The newest issue of mystery shopping magazine indicates there are phone shops to be found with MarketForce. How do I find them? All I see in the app are shops that are geographically near to me.... Continue Reading

Marketforce gas shop

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Market Force

anyone notice they are already posing September shops? Hardly any for this month.... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Stations

Who has done these shops? They are going for $12 in the Phoenix area and that seems mighty low if they require the same amount of pictures as other MSCs gas shops. Do you do them?... Continue Reading

New shopper already tried bestmark, marketforce and maritz

I'll post my results on those companies in the appropriate section. Hi, I'm Debra from Oakland, California. Have made some $$ already.... Continue Reading

Marketforce Surveys

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Market Force shop preview

How do you preview a shop requirements and description before accepting the shop. Im using an Android phone is there a difference with using a pc? Thank you Mark... Continue Reading

Mystery shop in Broomfield CO

Service Evaluation Concepts has mystery shops at Nutrition Clubs in CO. These shops are quick and easy! Pay is $15 each. You can shop multiple locations. We have other areas as well. Locations: 1425 hwy 287 BROOMFIELD CO 80220 A successfully completed assignment includes: ** Visiting the Nutrition Club during the Club's operating hours; ** Taking a... Continue Reading

Blocked on MarketForce?

Yep. I'm blocked. Not deactivated, just blocked. Has anyone else here been told they are now blocked from schedulers? We could commiserate.... Continue Reading

Market Force for whom the bell tolls

Trying to submit my toll expenses but with EZPass the tolls don't show on my account for 6 days... Continue Reading

MarketForce Receipts Not Uploading

Iím doing my report for MarketForce and have tried everything to upload my receipt. Iíve never had this problem and only have a few hours left to submit a finished report before it is invalidated. Iíve tried on my iPhone, iPad mini on their app and Iíve also tried on... Continue Reading

Can't search for jobs on Marketforce?

Says "Google error. Please try again." Grrrrrr. You?... Continue Reading

KSS International Inc. got contracted for a survey from Market Force Information Inc. LEGIT???

Just seeing if anyone else received an email from Sabrina Boone ( Shopper pay: $30 Requirements Ė You are required to purchase Ebay Gift Card($200) at your nearest CVS and Walgreens. I'm sure they will then ask for the card to be mailed or scanned into the report. You can... Continue Reading

Market Force Aduits

Who has done them, what was your experience?... Continue Reading

Market Force NOT paying what they owe me.

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Marketforce payment

A couple shoppers have reported receiving partial payments for May. Any one else? My account doesn't show any payment yet for May shops.... Continue Reading

MarketForce Make an Offer

Maybe this has been discussed before, but I looked and couldn't find the topic if it was.... I think it would be a good idea if MF allowed shoppers to counter if their original offers were declined. I put in an offer on a shop yesterday. It's due tomorrow at... Continue Reading

Marketforce Job Requests

I'm going to be traveling soon and see several jobs along the way, but the end dates are 2 days before I will be going through those towns. I emailed the info and asked them if they can extend the date for one of them. Does anyone know if they... Continue Reading

Deactivated from MarketForce

I received notification that I was deactivated from MarketForce because more than 50% of my shops in the last 6 months were invalidated, which is not true. Iím scratching my head over this one, and wondering if I should fight it, or just let it go? I had... Continue Reading

CFA Marketforce Incentive

I've only done one other shop for them. Scheduler called me back with the approval of an incentive. The amount was very clear to both of us. In my list of shops only the base pay shows. Do I need to follow up or is this typical?... Continue Reading

is MFI site down again

I have been trying to enter a shop for over an hour and it keeps doing wierd stuff like i try to upload a picture and it takes me to the place to ask to reschedule a stop. Has done like about 20 times.... Continue Reading

Market Force blocked my account

Iíve been shopping with Market Force for over 3 years without any issues. Then out of nowhere, they just canceled all of my assigned shops and blocked me from seeing any new ones. When I asked about, they told me they were not at liberty to discuss it. Has this... Continue Reading

MARKETFORCE: Deactivated me ??

So today and yesterday attempted to login, and get a message stating there are no new shops for me. Does this mean I am deactivated??? Thank You.... Continue Reading

Real glitch on MarketForce website? Help, please!

I'm trying to report a shop I completed today. Did all of it just fine, right up to signing CPI. Signed it, got a message "Please sign CPI AFTER submitting your shop". WHAT? Submitting is the NEXT step, and it won't let me continue to the next step!... Continue Reading

marketforce locked shops.

I have been trying all day to schedule shops for marketforce. Every shop says it is locked by another shopper. What is up with this. I have never seen it before on every shop.... Continue Reading

Marketforce question

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Market Force Grocery Store Shops

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Market Force job availability

I have been working for Market Force for going on three years. At some point in time each month, there would be listings of at least 200-300 available jobs. For the last couple months that number has never exceeded 100. I also notice that some of the... Continue Reading

Marketforce Shops

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Market Force

Hello, I signed up with Market Force last night, I never received a confirmation email, so I signed up again today and got a message saying that I was already signed up, but I still have not received an email. Has this happened to anyone else. I am a newbie.... Continue Reading


I was disavowed by Marketforce like many others. My sister was also because of the same Internet IP address. Has anyone ever gotten reinstated? If so, how? As bad as it sounds, I miss the food and phone "filler shops" I used to do for them.... Continue Reading

Market Force gas station audit

Has anyone done these? I am getting e-mails with premium pay and some seem pretty good. The only thing is I can't see what all it entails so I don't know if it is really that good. If someone who has done them can tell... Continue Reading

Market force keep loading

I was able to login throughout the day and even saw new shops got posted. Then I receieved an email stating they cancelled my shop (the only one on my to-do list) due to schedule conflict which was weird because I only had one to do. Anyway, I can log... Continue Reading

Watch out for Certified (MarketForce) changing pay rates for assignments AFTER you complete them

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Market force approval time?

I did a shop Thursday afternoon. Is it normal for it to still to be pending? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Is Market Force down.

is Market Force's site down. Did 6 shops and cannot get on site to enter them... Continue Reading

Market Force Shop Log?

Hi, have a question about MF shop log. I know the shops go under my payment after getting paid and prior to that it stays under "View assignment/Receipt Status". I did a shop beginning of March, which was approved and was listed under "View assignment/receipt status" but now... Continue Reading

Very mad at MarketForce right now.

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Market Force New Certified Field Associates?

I got an email for a new price check program through Market Force. I never knew they had another site for movie theater checks. Have any of you signed up with this site? Continue Reading

Market Force - fast casual chain now has some phone ordering shops

So I screwed up on a MF shop today for one of their fast casual chains. My shop had phone ordering as a requirement and I missed it since it was listed halfway down the CPI and I ordered at the register. In fairness, had I checked the form it... Continue Reading

Unable to search for shops. Marketforce.

Is anyone else having trouble searching for shops or viewing the home page on Marketforce website? I can log in, look at my shops I already have assigned but canít search for new shops or view that home page. HELP!!... Continue Reading

MarketForce - New Month Shops

Does anyone know when the new shops for the next month comes out? Specifically for Marketforce but curious how others work too. I am signed up with all listed on the official mystery shopping company list.... Continue Reading

Food Court Shop - Marketforce

I did one of the famous burger shops at a food court location. There isnít a dining area, bathroom or seating anywhere near this location. I waited my six minutes for the food, took it to my car, evaluated the burger and submitted the report. Later I found it was... Continue Reading

Marketforce website down?

The MF website won't load for me but the app is working. Is anyone else having issues?... Continue Reading

Marketforce contact?

Does anyone have a number for Markeftorce that they actually answer? I have a payroll issue. I had a $125.00 shop which turned out to be a closed location. The CPI said I should still get half pay since I went to the location, but they lowered it to $3.00... Continue Reading

Is MarketForce a scam in Canada?

I signed up in December and thought they would be great, I did lots of shops for them however I AM YET TO GET PAID. The first check NEVER came. The second check is supposedly coming? On their site it states CK sent. I set up my direct deposit however they... Continue Reading

Market Force Movie studio and Theatre

What kind of shops does Market Force Movie studio and Theatre have and do we have to sign up separately for that.... Continue Reading

Market Force login

Anyone else unable to log in to market force website? I've reset my password and still says login failed. I have their app and can log in to my account on that, but not their website. *Update 2-17-19 I was able to log in, it was a problem on my end, not... Continue Reading

MARKET FORCE- Uploading receipts not working (for ME anyway).

Every time I try to upload my toll receipt I get a "Sorry. We are not able to upload your receipt. Please try again later". ...............and I did, again and again and again. Tried using a different browser and even my smartphone to upload it. No joy. It is NOT... Continue Reading

What's with Market Force's $3.00 grocery store shops?

$6.00 reimbursement, I believe. But, like, that doesn't even cover my mileage and time. Anyone do these? Pretty soon MSCs will be offering projects like this for $1.00. :(... Continue Reading

Market Force February Payment expected to go out on February 22nd

From their website: Shopper Payments in February February 6, 2019 Please be advised that Shopper Payments are expected to go out on February 22nd this month and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are committed to returning to the consistent payment approach that we have followed throughout our companyís history... Continue Reading

Market Force

When I try to log in from my cell (Chrome), the page is stuck in processing. Anyone know how to fix this? It's been happening for a few months.... Continue Reading

Marketforce Warning. Unethical?

I completed two cellular phone audits. The second one that I submitted, I accidentally uploaded the same interior photo as the first one. My submission was completely deleted by their system and I did not get paid. I reached out and they justified it. They stated that I should have... Continue Reading

Market Force Direct Deposit

I'm new with Market Force and my direct deposit application has been sitting at signed up, but not even being bank verified yet for over 3 months. They don't respond to email about it. I don't think it should take this long. Anyone know anything about how long direct deposit... Continue Reading

Marketforce...where do I find "my applications" on their website

Sorry if this has been covered before. I did a search and did not find anything. I do not use Marketforce often but late last night I applied for a "make me an offer" job on their website. The job was for today and I have not heard back yet... Continue Reading

Unavailable Shops at MFI

I log on to the MFI site and see the available shops. The shops are visible on my computer and I can see them (repetitive for a purpose). One shop is this week; the other is in February. Neither shop gives the option to make an offer. I... Continue Reading

Marketforce gas station photos

I assigned myself some gas station mystery shops today. When I was reviewing the guidelines, I noticed that they now want photos to document most 'No' answer. Glad I checked before trotting off to do the shops!... Continue Reading

Marketforce January payment??

Anyone else have payment show on the website yesterday and gone today? So weird.... Continue Reading

New to here/seasoned shopper: Marketforce

I have worked with Marketforce for about a year with no problems, until this week. I encountered a problem with a shop and I would have not been reimbursed almost $20. I tried to contact someone to discuss it, with no response. Someone actually called me and offered the job... Continue Reading

Market force vs Maritz reports?

I have worked with Market Force quite a bit and used to the report. I am new to Maritz and have a bank shop and a handful of non reveal gas shops coming up. All of the shops seem straight forward enough..about how long does the report take. Just wondering in... Continue Reading

Is Market Force's web Certificate still current?

Kaspersky, my Internet security provider, has been sending me messages for several days saying Market Force's certificate is no longer valid. I am forced to override the protective measures in order to log into the web site. Today, I received an even stronger message: "This server could not prove that it... Continue Reading

Market Force Login issue

Anyone else unable to log in? I have tried three different computers. Tried Firefox, Chrome and Google? Suggested solutions?... Continue Reading

Market Force payment issue: no response from the company

Could anyone help in getting in touch with anyone responsible for payments in Market Force? I have urgent payment issue. They don't respond to my emails sent to their "help" address. Thank you!... Continue Reading

Market Force - QC Inquiry Concern

I received an email today from Market Force regarding previous shops I've made for one of their fast food clients. The claim is that I consistently "score low" for one location. In particular, I completed a shop with the client a few days ago where the quality of the food... Continue Reading

Marketforce Dec 2018 Payment?

Did anyone get the payment for the shops done in November 2018 for Marketforce? The check or deposit should be here on December 12, 2018, but I haven't received anything and nothing about a payment for that date reflects on the payment history page of Marketforce. I was just wondering... Continue Reading

Marketforce photo issue

After completing hundreds of shops for Marketforce, today I got an email that claimed they couldn't accept my shop because I submitted duplicate photos (from last week's shop). That's incorrect, and I already re-sent the ones I added to the report when I did it this afternoon. What else can... Continue Reading

Gas station shop with Market force?

Just wanted to know around what job fee do you consider fair for the 2 photo gas station shops with this msc?... Continue Reading

Marketforce Login Failed

Anyone else having problems logging into Marketforce website for shoppers? It keeps saying login failed on my screen.... Continue Reading

Anyone else have to log into MarketForce twice?

Every time I log in, I get to the dashboard, but if I click on anything on the dashboard, like "find shops" or "my shops", it takes me back to the log in screen again, I'm in for good after signing in a second time, but its still a pita.... Continue Reading

What's with Marketforce's message saying my browser is out of date and kaput Dec 1 with some security baloney?

It says: WARNING! You are using an old browser that is not safe. As of December 1, 2016, we are changing our security protocols and you will not be able to use this site unless you upgrade. Please see for more information. Action Required : Learn more Above is the message... Continue Reading

Market Force Surveys

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Is Market Force Using Inexperienced/Poor Schedulers From the U.S. These Days?

I have had calls from two different schedulers recently. They called from numbers in Georgia and their accents were American. The first scheduler was polite and friendly but offered me a bonus that turned out not to be authorized AND she did not follow up. The second one was totally... Continue Reading

Marketforce gas shops

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Marketforce casual dining gone?

Hi. I have noticed that under the jobs available, there are not the casual dining (hamburger) shops listed anymore. Is it just me or do they not offer those type shops anymore? I used to do a lot of those shops for them. Anyone... Continue Reading

Marketforce October pay

Has anyone gotten their October pay? The website says my direct deposit was sent to the bank Monday, but still no money in my account.... Continue Reading


Does Marketforce only have movie theater shops? I used to do a variety of shops for them.... Continue Reading

Is Marketforce website down?

I can get into all the other websites, but all I get on MF is "cookies not enabled". But they ARE! I checked!!! Anybody else having problems?... Continue Reading

Marketforce hot shop

What is a hot shop for Marketforce? Doesn't look so hot to me at only $8.... Continue Reading

Market Force

Does anything ever change with their shops? All I see are the same burger, fast food places, and wireless shops. Once in a while there might be something different, but where I am, 90% of what they do is their burger shop.... Continue Reading

Did not receive payment from Market Force

Anyone have trouble receiving payment from Market Force? I did a shop with them in September and according to the payment details, should have had payment direct deposited in Oct 10. I still donít see it in my account. How long do they take to email back? I emailed them... Continue Reading

Why Do I See This MFI Message Sometimes?

"The shop records are locked by another Shopper or MFI Employee. Please select another shop." Is it when another shopper is in the process of selecting that shop? I didn't think so, because I've seen this message for shops up to several hours. It's always a bummer, because... Continue Reading

Market Force- Unable to log in

[b]Removed[/b]... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Shop

I had an interesting situation occur with MFI. And have the potential for another interesting one. I performed a MS-Audit at a station in a small town with the correct address. I get another one in the same town but at a different address. When I go to the address, it... Continue Reading

Completed Market Force Shops Disappearing

I just completed and reported a Market Force shop after their last site update. I submitted the report and went to check it on the Assignment/Receipt Status page. It is not there. That has never happened to me before and I've done hundreds of shops for them. I... Continue Reading

Can any one see gas station shops on Marketforce?

Or did I totally screw up and get banned from them? I'm not seeing one single gas station in SD, NE, WY, KS, CO, OK, or TX.... Continue Reading

Market force phone number?

I have a question on a shop guideline and can't find the market force phone number..any help appreciated thanks... Continue Reading

Marketforce mobile pay app gas shop

Has anyone done the mobile pay app gas mystery shoo for Marketforce. If so, how difficult or easy was it?... Continue Reading

Marketforce gas station audits

How much work are these?... Continue Reading

Market Force pay schedule?

Just curious when market force pays approximately? I did a shop early September and am seeing shops now I want to take but since the September shop was my first shop with them am hesitant to do more shops before I get paid for the september shop..... Continue Reading

marketforce can't login in even though it says my browser is up to date

anyone else having trouble signing into Market Force even though it says my browser is up to date and no changes need to be made??... Continue Reading

Market Force - Picture Guidelines?

I'm doing my first mystery shop later on today, but the job guidelines says to look at Market Force's Digital Picture Guidelines, but I've tried looking all over the website and I just can't seem to find them. Can anyone link me there or give me a run down as... Continue Reading

East Coast shoppers for Market Force, check your email and assignments for the next week

I am in Maryland, MF has begun rescheduling all of my current shops for the next 7 days. The email indicates that the 18th is the earliest date they are using. I have a shop for today I was informed to not shop, but it also can not be... Continue Reading

Question on market force theater shops?

Does Market Force offer theater shops that allow you to watch the entire movie? I'm signed up with them, having a tough time navigating what wording I should be on the lookout for the movie side..and if so what is it called? I see theater check and blind check...I... Continue Reading

Marketforce website not loading photos?

All I get is "no file selected". I've tried a dozen times. Anybody else? I can't go do today's shops until I get these reports finished!!! Thank you.... Continue Reading

Market Force price audits

Has anyone done the price audits for Market Force where you go into the store and record the register prices for items? Does it really take three hours or is it more?... Continue Reading

Is MFI the Only Company with Open Bidding?

I have occasionally seen a scheduler title an email with: "Make me your best offer." But, other than that, I don't know of any companies with an open and invited bidding process for job fees. Is Market Force the only one? Any that I'm not aware... Continue Reading

Market force hospital cafeteria shops

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Is Marketforce website down, or have I been (gulp!) deactivated?

Yikes. I can log in, but searching for shops shows no shops. Anybody else?... Continue Reading

MarketForce payments.

I get direct deposit from Market Force. They've never been late. I show a Direct Deposit from Friday 8/10. Nothing has shown up in my bank account. I talked to the bank, they don't show any pending deposits. Are they late?... Continue Reading

Marketforce "To complete this call" message hangs up on me.

I return a Marketforce scheduler's call to 925-293-3386 and instead of the usual automated greeting, I sometimes get the following "To complete this call, please press the following digits" then two digits, then it either hangs up, or a few seconds later, repeats "To complete this call, please press the... Continue Reading

Market Force shops?

I'm new to Market Force and seeing some shops I might like...anyone shop for them? I might try one shop with them to test the waters...... Continue Reading

MarketForce not uploading pictures?

Just had trouble uploading receipts-- it appears their system upload capability is down for now. This just started now. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.... Continue Reading

Marketforce closed shop documentation

I accepted a restaurant shop that I knew was closed-figured it would be a quick three dollars. The mall directory does not list it as there, the company website says it has no shops in Missouri, and the phone number I found was out of service. Do I... Continue Reading

Market Force - Nevermind

My question was answered. Thank you.... Continue Reading

Market Force scheduler calls

When I first signed up with Market Force, I got a scheduler call the next day, and was offered some nice highly bonused shops that was above what the webpage listed. I have not received another call from them in 3 months. Is this normal? I continue... Continue Reading

Market Force Theater Check

Hi Is the log in different for the Market Force Theater Check than the Mystery Shop? I am signed up and currently doing evaluations for them via the mystery shop. When I try to register as a theater checker I get through all the screens and when I enter my... Continue Reading

Market force web site. Having trouble getting in

I tried to log into MF and it said password is not vaild. So I clicked on the forget password link and I typed the information that they needed and it said my name and email address is not vaild. I know that MF is making us change our password. Has... Continue Reading

Market Force Bank Shop

I was just browsing the market force shops page and noticed on the last few pages a few bank shops for $30. The little info I read said average shop takes up to an hour and I would need to make an appointment with a bank rep. Has anyone completed bank... Continue Reading

Marketforce Payments For June 2018

Has anybody received their payments this month yet? I have never know for them to be this late. Does anybody know why the delay?... Continue Reading

Market Force pizza shop

I haven't seen the pizza shop listed this month by Market Force. Does anyone know if they lost the account or if I just missed the listing this month?... Continue Reading

Marketforce assigned a shop to me that I did not request?

I usually complete about one shop for a particular food chain for Marketforce a month. Today, I got an e-mail that I was assigned to a shop for the same chain, without ever requesting it or having been asked if I could complete it. It's for a location that I... Continue Reading

MarketForce taking longer than usual to approve reports?

Normally MF is one of the fastest MSCs I work for in turning reports around. Usually 24 to 48 hours, sometimes fewer. I've had one sitting in QC for three days, which is starting to worry me, especially since it was a fairly negative experience and resulting report. But maybe... Continue Reading

Market Force Question

I've been with Market Force on/off for over a decade. Like a load of ICs I've had a beef rates have not gone up one cent over the years. Recently I tried to log in, only to find out I had been deactivated. As far as I can recall I did... Continue Reading

Market Force: Locked Shop Records

I clicked on a shop and got the following message. Anyone seen it, whats it mean? "The shop records are locked by another Shopper or MFI Employee. Please select another shop."... Continue Reading

Market force web site.

Yesterday l logged in on my tablet to search jobs on MF. Tonight I tried on the same tabet ad it says that I need to update my browser. If I switch tablets or start using my computer will MF say something because I am using a different device or have... Continue Reading

Market Force Birthday Bonus

Did Market Force stop offering the bonus? I never got the email and I'm curious to know if anyone else got it this year?... Continue Reading

Market Force Search not working?

The past two days I've just gotten the flashing logo when looking for shops. I've tried the mobile Google and Edge browsers and the desktop versions. I even tried the app (which is not my favorite). Anyone else having this issue?... Continue Reading


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Market force web site. Having trouble getting I

Any one having trouble accesing the MF web site. I put in my name and pw and I am geting the spinning thing. Thanks... Continue Reading

Kudos to Market Force

I do a lot of their healthier fast food shop. It usually goes over the reimbursement by just a little bit. I got an email today stating they have been tracking and everybody has been going a little over so they talked to the company and they're going to raise... Continue Reading

Marketforce assigning unrequested shops without talking to me

Marketforce assigned me a shop without talking with me. I know I didn't request it because 1.) I was out shopping when this was "requested", 2.) No one from Marketforce called to discuss it with me, and 3.) I deliberately cleared my calendar because I might be going back in... Continue Reading

Access to Market Force blocked

Been with MFI for a long while, but hadn't logged in for past week. Was unable today, without email support. Believe my relationship with them was good, but recent issues or complaints. Anyone else having access issues? Log in Failed Your access to this website has been restricted. Please contact... Continue Reading

Kudos to Market Force

With all the hits MF seems to take here I want to post something positive. I got an email this morning that my gas shop completed yesterday was invalidated for submitting duplicate photos from another shop. I checked the pictures I submitted and they seemed fine. Then I viewed the... Continue Reading

Marketforce- Ugh!

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Quality Control Market Force

You may have seen a previous post of mine about a cell phone nightmare shop. Well, surprise, surprise, it's been in QC status for a week now. What is the longest you have had a shop stay in QC status before you were asked a question or the shop was... Continue Reading

MARKET FORCE: How to make sure the receipt and food picture do not get mixed up.

I have tried several different ways- always make sure the food picture is attached to the right icon and the receipt is attached to the receipt icon, then properly link them. Then I go to the next page thinking I am done. But no, the food picture always ends... Continue Reading

Maritz and Market Force

I notice that they have the same burger client. Has this always been the case? I saw it in an email, not on the job board.... Continue Reading

MarketForce shows no mercy but am I wrong?

I did a car wash shop yesterday. I've done several before, no problem. In the section about whether the vehicle was dry, I checked the response that the mirrors were not dry. This was because as I drove away and got up to speed, soap started foaming out from... Continue Reading

Is Market Force down?

I keep getting "too many redirect requests" as an error. I know they were doing software changes yesterday so I am wondering if they are just buggy right now?... Continue Reading

Market Force Late Reporting

Hi all! I did my first Market Force Shop yesterday however was not aware that there was an 8 hour deadline. It has been 12 hours since I completed it and not it's not longer in my assignments. Any luck I will still get to complete it?!... Continue Reading

Anyone know what the green dots are on MarketForce site?

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MarketForce mapping

I was searching the areas all around town last night to see if I could find an area dense in shops to hit one afternoon this weekend, and stumbled across a burger shop for a place that is 4 miles from my house. MarketForce's map had it 45 miles... Continue Reading

Marketforce Wireless Unannounced Audits

I have seen some new MF shops appear where you agree not to shop the same location for 6 months, conduct an unannounced audit of a major wireless provider that can expect to take 60-90 minutes to complete. Its listed as an audit with pictures. This seems like a... Continue Reading

Market force worst this shop costs you to do]

[b]Mod note: Post removed as it breached the Forum guideline which states, "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". Additionally, it is usually an ICA violation to name both the MSC and client.[/b]... Continue Reading

Market Force - Lo Ball Payment

I worked for a scheduling company in Nevada. Market Force was one of their clients (they have a ton of shoppers). I found that they paid lo-ball rates for food shops, retail shops, et al. I am glad that I do not work for them anymore. Paying... Continue Reading

MarketForce photo help needed

I have worked for MarketForce for years. This will be my first shop with photos required. Is attaching photos to the report difficult? Has your photo been rejected due to not meeting the minimum size requirement of 200kb? I would appreciate any tips and/or warnings from shoppers who have taken... Continue Reading

Need EIN number for Market Force Information LLC

Can someone tell me the EIN for Market Force? Just need this information to complete my returns.... Continue Reading

Market Force described, still paid?

I see that some peoples market force accounts have been getting deactived without notice. If thats happened to you, do they still pay you for what you've done prior to them deactivating you, or do you loose everything?... Continue Reading

Marketforce, I am a new shopper

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Market Force Deactivation???

Hello! I am new to this forum! Has anyone experienced being abruptly deactivated from Market Force without any warning??? I was recently deactivated and given zero notice. When I inquired about my deactivation I was told it was due to "several" inaccuracies in reporting. I have been mystery shopping for... Continue Reading

MarketForce 2 hour wireless shop

I see a couple of shops on the available list that you can make an offer for, but in the notes it says "allow 2 hours to complete the shop". Has anyone done one of these? Does it really take two hours? I can't imagine sitting in... Continue Reading

After 5 faithful years of service, Marketforce pulled the plug.

I have been working with Marketforce off and on for over 5 years. Just when I think I have a successful monthly route planned out, they cut me off without any kind of explanation. I had just scheduled 28 shops for the next 4 days and overnight they decided to... Continue Reading


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Reschuduling jobs on the new Marketforce web page

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Marketforce Helpdesk/Contact

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CPI from market force now takes three pages to print

I have no idea what is going on. When I print out the CPI from Market Force it now takes three pages to print with the last page showing blank. the first page doesn't start printing until the middle of the page. I have adjusted the display down to 67%... Continue Reading

Market Force Tolls: New Rules...

Market Force has a new policy regarding tolls and parking. Tolls: You fill it out in a separate report. You must show a receipt, (or toll statement) give the address you started from and your final destination. You have 24 hours (or next day) to submit your tolls/parking expenses.... Continue Reading

Safe to give SSN to Market Force?

I am new to mystery shopping and I realize for tax purposes they must ask for my SSN but I am very apprehensive to giving it out. I signed up at Market Force is this a safe site to give SSN?... Continue Reading

Marketforce - Contact?

I have asked Marketforce on two occasions now to please put me on their do not call list for checking to see if I can complete a shop for them. They called again last week. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get them to stop calling me?... Continue Reading

Make an offer to Marketforce?

I will be in an airport that has a Marketforce shop that they have issues getting shopped, does anyone know how to get in touch with them to ask for a bonus? I tried the help desk once, but they were not helpful.... Continue Reading

Market Force - Page Just Shows "Loading"

I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem? and possibly has a solution? When I go into the Home page, after I am logged in OR try to search for available shops, the "loading" icon appears, it looks like it is moving, but nothing ever happens. ... Continue Reading

Market Force site down..

At 5 a.m. I tried to select a shop and the link did not open. It went from bad to worse, I could not access the site at all. Anyone else having any problems?... Continue Reading

Market Force and SSN card

Hi fellow shoppers. Good morning and hope you're having a good day so far. I wanted to ask the group a question about Market Force. Would you highly recommend them as a company to shop for? I'm asking because they are requiring that I show an actual Social Security... Continue Reading

Market Force pulls jewelry shop at last minute....AGAIN!

This is the second time they offered a decent price for this same shop and then removed it at the last minute. The shop was for tomorrow. I didn't even get an email from them yet. I just noticed it wasn't in my list of shops to do.... Continue Reading

Looks like Market Force has had enough, folks!

If this has been discussed, I apologize. Anyone else read the notice on the Market Force website exclaiming, almost angrily about when payments go out? I always give my companies a little longer than most because this isn't my main hustle right now, but they're definitely making their point... They... Continue Reading

Market Force website and app down 1:40 p.m. Central Standard Time

I was checking to see if anybody else was having trouble logging into Market Force. When I try to log in on the app, it says that my ID and password are wrong. However, I know they are right. When I try to login on the website, it simply says... Continue Reading

What is going on, Market Force?

Do they no longer leave messages? They call me several times a day while I'm at work so the call goes to voicemail. They never leave a message. Curiosity got the best of me so I called them back. They offered me a roast beef shop... Continue Reading

Marketforce Paperwork Change

I just got emails from MF telling me that the paperwork changed for two upcoming jobs. Itís the FF chicken restaurant which Iíve done hundreds of times. There is no hint in the emails of what actually changed. I glanced at the instructions and Iím guessing itís the order requirement... Continue Reading

Market Force AGAIN offered a job over the phone then didn't follow through.

You would think I'd learn since this has happened twice before. Market Force calls me asking if I can do a hamburger shop at x price today or tomorrow. I say I can tomorrow but at Y price. The scheduler agrees then goes through the entire "you are committing to... Continue Reading

Marketforce payment for November shops

Anyone see payments for november shops yet? They usually pay around this time of the month.... Continue Reading

Invalidated Shops with Market Force

I had my first invalidated shop with Market Force because I mistakenly included a picture from the previous shop that I was doing the same day. I feel that it was an honest mistake that I could have easily corrected if given the chance. However M F did not... Continue Reading

Marketforce website question

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force website issues

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you all! Recently, I have been doing the reports on my android phone, because of janky, unreliable internet service in the rural area in which I live. Typically, I never have issues using my phone for this. For the past 2 days,... Continue Reading


Kudos to Karen, a Shopper Advocate at Market Force's Help Desk. I had a problem with my report this afternoon because of what appeared to be some kind of glitch. I went ahead and submitted and emailed the Help Desk. I got a response in less than... Continue Reading

Market force photos to small?

Hi all, Got a question on marketforce here, submitted a couple gas station shops and got a email back saying that my photos were" too small". I did three together and one was approved and two others were rejected for this reason. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on exactly... Continue Reading

Market Force: Shop disappeared DURING my report?!?

I've read the topic where someone had an assignment yanked after they did it, but before they reported it. In my case there may have been an element of website malfunction so here's my story: I've had this assignment for two weeks. The date to do it was today. Did... Continue Reading

Marketforce pictures

Never, never, never submit any extra pictures with a Marketforce shop. I have done nearly a thousand shops with Marketforce and submitted probably 5,000 or more photos. Today... Marketforce used an "extra" picture against me and invalidated a shop, which should never have been invalidated. ... Continue Reading

Marketforce: CFA

I signed up for CFA and was all set to do a theater check this Friday night. I logged in just now and found that not only had they changed the movie but the night as well, to tomorrow night! Is this normal for them to do?... Continue Reading

Market Force behind the times.

Why does it take so freaking long to log into the web site.... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Stations

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force bait and switch

MF offered cell phone shops at $28 shop fee. Too good to be true??? I guess it is! I accepted one last week and was just informed that they are unable to pay what they contractually offered me. It has been changed to $10. I think not. I just canceled.... Continue Reading

Market Force Mystery shop followed by announced audit.

There are a bunch of these in my area, but it says the pay is $8, does that mean they only will pay you that for conducting both?... Continue Reading

Market Force Notice of Invalid Shop

Hello everyone. I am having a problem with Market Force and thought I would come here to see if anyone else has had this same problem. I have worked for them for years, and admittedly, I have made some mistakes while doing my reports over the years, but... Continue Reading

Thanks to Angela at ACL, The source and Marketforce schedulers!!

My life has been nothing but crazy the last few weeks, and getting crazier! Between family members having surgery, me falling and cracking my already bad knee and 8th grade orchestra concerts with ex-husbands and new wife's, Angie, and the guys at the Source and MF have been great... Continue Reading

Mystery shopping companies with similar job search format as Market Force

I signed up for several companies but found most of their job search formats not to my liking. Are there any other mystery shopping companies with job search format similar to Market Force?... Continue Reading

Should I just expect my shops to be invalid with MarketForce? More details....

I performed shops for them last week on the 10th & 11th. For whatever reason, my clutter/spam box caught some emails asking additional questions and I didn't see them immediately. Apparently the client wants more info or didn't like my replies because someone is swearing they did their job correctly... Continue Reading

Marketforce payment question

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force: what do they really mean?

I need an answer to a MF question and I know so many of you have shopped for them, at least one of you knows the answer. And you will respond faster than the helpdesk who I emailed on Friday. I'm doing a retail shop at a mall for them... Continue Reading

Market Force "overlapping shop times" warning

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Email from Market Force?

Has anyone received an email like this from Market Force? Dear, We have a secret shopper evaluation in your area Your wages would be $300 for any task completed Click here to Read more here and Apply Looks like a possible scam to me.... Continue Reading

Dear MarketForce

I was perusing your board today looking for a fast food shop in my area, because my kitchen is out of order. There was not one in my little town but there were several in surrounding towns. I may in fact be going to one of these little nearby... Continue Reading

Questions about Marketforce's Samantha

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Trouble with Market Force

When trying to assign a shop, the app just says "processing" . I had no trouble reporting two shops today and this is the second time it has happened in the last few weeks. Is anyone else experiencing issues?... Continue Reading

Market Force Just says processing

I am trying to self assign myself to some of the Market Force shops and when I hit Accept, all I get is "processing" Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think I have been deactivated? or is just a glitch?... Continue Reading

Anybody want to talk about the changes at Marketforce?

If we're allowed to, within the constraints of our ICAs? Bonuses gone, gone, gone. I asked for my usual $100-$125 for a shop 4 hours from home, and was told they'd only pay $40. I said I would do all 3 shops in that town for $125, $90, and... Continue Reading

Market Force, why you tease me? MC so sad.

Dang it. I can see the shops, open them, pick my date, and accept... But then they are no longer available to me. Cool, but they are still there in the list instead of disappearing. Ah MF I want to work for you. Woooo... Continue Reading

WWYD: Marketforce

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force question

Does Market Force only have theater shops? I used to do work for them that involved grocery shops and other merchandising shops, under the company name Certified Field Associates. Do they offer any other types of shops besides theater? Thanks... Continue Reading

Market Force cancels

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force Self-Assign

When Market Force asks if you want them to self-assign you to future shops, does that mean that they automatically sign you up without asking? If they do, do they give you a decent amount of time to complete the shop? I wouldn't mind being automatically assigned to... Continue Reading

Marketforce - how to display more shops per page??

When searching for marketforce jobs, 5 jobs at a time are displayed. I have to "change" the number of jobs on the screen and hit enter a second time to override this limit of 5 jobs per screen. Does anyone know if there is a way to permanently... Continue Reading

Market Force

Dear Market Force, I love you. Let me count the ways: You have lots of shops in my area. Your reports are easy. And most importantly, on days like today when things go sideways, I can reschedule my shops with you rather than risk not getting them done. I... Continue Reading

Marketforce website question

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

GRRR!!! MarketForce Website is so dumb!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force Auto Assign

Has anyone signed up for this? I would love some details about how it works. Do you have any control over the dates to do the shops and the locations? For instance, I do several grocery shops for them and wouldn't mind being auto assigned, but can I select the... Continue Reading

Is Marketforce's Make-an-Offer policy going to back-fire?

I received the MF email whereby they list the criteria they use to decide if they will accept one's offer. So if MF looks at how much I was paid to do the exact same job before to determine if they'll accept my offer for a subsequent shop at... Continue Reading

Making an offer...Marketforce....

I am so angry with Marketforce right now... I keep getting automated requests and offers from schedulers to do work for Marketforce.. and they keep holding back on the additional fees being offered by schedulers and Samantha offers. I had two schedulers call me about the same shop... Continue Reading

Market Force "Make an Offer" Guidleines

I received the below email from Market Force this morning. I am not sure if this is something everyone gets, or if it was in response to an offer I made on a shop yesterday. ďWe wanted to share some pointers with our Shoppers on how to submit a Make an... Continue Reading

Market Force... apparently a few appropriately worded emails can get ya places. Wahoo.

I started having site issues a few days ago but no one could tell me why. I emailed to see about deactivation and called two schedulers but both said everything looked good. Then, on 8/10 I got a deactivation email for tolls and receipts. I had submitted everything I had... Continue Reading

Is there life after Marketforce?

I have been making shopping a full time job for the past two years. Today I got the dreaded "deactivation" letter from MF. They are my go-to for bonuses, and that makes up about 1/2 of my income. The letter was general, it said the deactivation had... Continue Reading

Market Force Direct Deposit

I looked on the Market Force website and can see a direct deposit showing for today, but I did not receive it today. The website typically matches the day it hits my bank. Has anyone else received their MF payment today?... Continue Reading

Market Force - Mealed Comped but not really?

Any advice on how to handle this situation with Market Force? I completed a shop at a cafe/sandwich restaurant. I asked for a receipt and the receipt printed with no items and a zero total. The cashier tried again and said it looked like the transaction did not go through... Continue Reading

Anyone else unable to login to Market Force 8/3/17

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force Login Issues.........AGAIN.

Anyone else having login issues with them? 365 mile route today for 2 shops that HAD TO BE DONE TODAY. Now, cannot log in. Very frustrating.... Continue Reading

Market Force photos and receipt upload directions confusing!

Is it just me or are these instructions difficult to follow? Why can't they format their website to let us upload photos the normal way like most MSCs do? Entering Results: 1.You can†upload†photos at any time; however, the entire report must be answered/filled out completely†before you can link the pictures to... Continue Reading

Market Force's Make an Offer

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force - High Expense Report

I got notice from Market Force that my toll expenses (Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex has many toll roads) made their High Expense Report and I will be required to submit receipts going forward...... Continue Reading

Is marketforce down?

Can anyone get into marketforce today? Does anyone have a contact phone number? All I'm able to find is an email address. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Marketforce website/app down?

I cannot log into marketforce on either the website or app and have not been able to for the last 20 minutes. Is anyone else having any issues?... Continue Reading

Market Force App - Upload and Link Image and Receipt

I did a shop today where I got a receipt in the drive through and I had to go inside and get a verification skip filled out. I try for the first time to enter my report using the app. I answered all the questions including where it asked if... Continue Reading

Is Market Force down for everyone?

I really don't like their new website. It just says Loading when I click on report a shop. UGH. I have tried using different browsers and really need to enter the report! Any ideas? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Any Recourse for MarketForce???

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

forever is a long time... Market force question

If Marketforce cut ties with me, does that mean they will never ever accept my application again? I had tried to explain my situation with MF and talk to someone over the phone, but they wouldn't get in touch with me. Sigh. It just seems like forever is a reeeaalllly... Continue Reading

Good work Market Force! Storm Warning, Cindy is not being agreeable. :)

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Market Force: Really?!

I saw a retail shop not far from work on Market Force's website. It was advertised at $28 and I had the option to "Make an Offer." The very brief description did not include the name of the store - only the name of the shopping area. I didn't... Continue Reading

MFI Daily Shops bulletin

Haven't received any of these emails in a week, anybody ele experiencing the same thing?... Continue Reading

MarketForce: What are the little green circles with numbers on them below my account number?

Something I have never seen on my MF homepage: Little green circles number 1-5 right below my account number. What are those little green circles? I have 5 green numbered circles and when I click on them there is no explanation of what they are. Thanks... Continue Reading

Marketforce Website Down??

I have been trying to get onto the MF site for over four hours to report a shop. I can't even get the main page loaded. I have tried from three different devices. Anyone else???... Continue Reading

Market Force Special Burger Shop

I'm in a pickle! I saw Market Force had a special shop that needed to be completed on a certain day. I submitted offers for 3 of them and all three were accepted. Thinking I would do one at lunch, one at snack and one at dinner, I thought I... Continue Reading

Is Market Force Website down?

Can't get past the main screen since yesterday eve to complete my shop. Help email sent...... Continue Reading

Marketforce list of completed jobs/payment

I am trouble finding one shop that I completed for marketforce. I may be checking in the wrong place. The only way I can find a semi list of my completed jobs is to go to my shops and then click on view assignment/receipts status page. On that page it... Continue Reading

marketforce inactive policy ridiculous

Marketforce now has an automatic system that deactivates your account on the 3rd of every month if you haven't performed a shop within the last month. How ridiculous is that?! I can understand if there is an account that hasn't performed a shop in a year...but one month... Continue Reading

Market Force Approval

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force and coupons

I'm getting ready to complete an assignment with Market Force for dinner. Do you know if they allow coupons with their assignments? I do not see anything in the guidelines. I did email the help desk, but may not hear anything before dinner.... Continue Reading

Marketforce gas station shops

I saw a ton of the marketforce gas station shops posted the other day in my area. $5 reimbursement and $8 fee. Nothing to exciting but I was thinking that they might be worth it if I was traveling to another area for a different shop anyways. Most of them... Continue Reading

MarketForce; why have you intentionally made your new website so annoying and user-unfriendly?

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Market force account deactivate

My account was deactivated last month as my SSN was not validated. I was asked to fax SSN which I faxed but after that I got email that my account is deactivated. I received two email same day from help desk one saying account deactivated and other saying send a... Continue Reading

How long before I am approved by Market force?

I signed up for Market Force about a week ago and haven't heard anything back from them. I only currently do mystery shopping for ACL and am looking to expand and do more shops. I used to do shops for them a long time ago back when I... Continue Reading

Warning about overlap of back to back times from marketforce

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force "Access Restricted"

A couple years ago when I first started mystery shopping, my husband and I both created accounts on MF's website. I didn't know that this was frowned upon with them (using the same computer). He hasn't done a shop with them in probably over a year. I've been seeing a... Continue Reading

Can you ever find out shop details before accepting a market force shop?

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MarketForce "insect" shops

Just noticed a wireless shop that requires a 2 hour visit to the store. What goes on for 2 hours? :) I barely can tap dance through the 20 minute wireless shops. Has anyone done one of these?... Continue Reading

Marketforce - Missing Assignment from My Shops

I went to review the paperwork before leaving for the shop and it's not in MY Shops. I have the confirmation email. If it's not in MY Shops, obviously I cannot report it. I received no notice of cancellation. Has this ever happened to you? I do... Continue Reading

MarketForce Invalid Shop!

Hello! I completed a shop for MarketForce which required a business card from the associate as proof of shop. The associate gave me a business card of another shop's location and I uploaded this into my report. I received an email from MF stating my shop is invalid because the... Continue Reading

Market force SSN fax

I was working with them for last 3 months. I was not able to see available shops since last week, so I emailed Helpdesk. I got the reply that I need to fax my SSN as the SSN which I provided earlier was not validated properly. When I said that... Continue Reading

Marketforce website

Just anyone having difficulty logging in to the Marketforce shopper website today? I am having issues with both the app and the website. I emailed the help desk earlier today and called to leave a message, but no return contact so far after several hours. I was unable to... Continue Reading

It's been a week. Market Force doesn't want me?

Hi there, New mystery shopper here. I applied/registered for Market Force about a week ago and still haven't heard anything. Does it normally take this long? At this point, I can't even remember what the registration entailed. Any thoughts?... Continue Reading

Trouble signing up with MFI

Apologies if this has been previously posted. I received a referral link from MFI, but when I followed it and attempted to register I was told my email address is already in their system. So I send for a password reset and get an email that they do not... Continue Reading

Market Force Make A Shop Offer.

I received 3 calls from MF( about 30-40 minutes of each other) on Monday but I couldn't get to the phone because I was working. When I return the call later in the day there was no answer. I went to the web site Monday night and there was a make... Continue Reading

Marketforce made all shops unavailable to me due to a missing reciept from two months ago

I received an email yesterday from Marketforce, saying that they looked at all my shops over a 100 mile radius, and said I was missing a receipt from Feb. They asked me to resend it. I did immediately. But they still haven't made new shops visible to me. Has anyone... Continue Reading

Market Force approval time

Hi everyone. I've been doing a handful of shops each month for MF since last summer. My shops have always seemed to be approved by the next day at latest. However, I currently have three still sitting in QC and two of them are from last week. This isn't a... Continue Reading

Market Force Payment

Now that Market Force has updated their website, I am unable to find my payment history. Is it gone for good now?... Continue Reading

Has anyone done those Market Force Jewelry Shops?

It seems they have many clients (unless one client owns all those different companies) and the fee is $8 bucks. Sometimes $10 bucks. Has anyone done this shop. Too low a fee for me....wait til they hit $15. :)... Continue Reading

Email from Market Force

Did anybody get an email from Market Force stating they tried a test deposit and it failed? I have it set up for direct deposit and got paid last month. I've asked a few other people that I know that shop with them, and they didn't receive this email.... Continue Reading


I had some glitches using MF's app a couple of weeks ago. For one shop the location was not the one marked on the map. In the second case the app suddenly removed all of the shops in a 10 mile radius after I booked a shop--I don't mean... Continue Reading

Market Force Time Frames. Receipt is a couple of minutes off from your watch

Good evening, I did a shop for Market Force this evening. I had to visit the location after 8 PM. OK, fine no problem. When I received my receipt it had 8:00 but my watch had 7:59. Yes I know that all places are a couple of minutes off... Continue Reading

Is anyone having trouble accessing Marketforce website?

I've been trying all afternoon to report my shop but can't get in, it just keeps saying Loading. Anyone else?... Continue Reading

Marketforce -- New Site...trying to find the dates for the shops

Just logged into the new site for MarketForce for the first time and am feeling frustrated. There are a lot of shops to be sure in the Chicago area, but I can't seem to find a way to sort them by date. At least with the old site,... Continue Reading

Unable to load photo to MarketForce

Any suggestions? I'm trying to load a photo of a receipt, but MarketForce's website keeps saying it's "loading." I checked the requirements on their website, and the photo is in compliance. " File size is between 200KB and 16MB. The image is in a JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF and... Continue Reading

New Market Force Website

I used the new Market Force website yesterday to report a shop. With the old system I could save PDF of my report for my files. With the new website I can save but all of the pages are blank. Does anyone else have issues with this?... Continue Reading

MarketForce and the IP ordeal?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market force uploading pictures

what the easiest way to upload the pictures and receipts... Continue Reading

Photos and Marketforce

Usually I have no problem getting the required when I do a certain wireless shop. I took one that was on the board last week after the fee hit a pretty decent price. Did the shop then was trying to get photos....nightmare. The location is in a strip center and... Continue Reading

Missed Marketforce Deadline -- Any hope?

I did a shop yesterday and was supposed to report it last night. I fell asleep though :/ At 3 AM I got an email reminder, but when I logged in first thing in the morning the shop was no longer listed. I left a voicemail with helpdesk... Continue Reading

Market Force: finding KEY requirements before applying? (related to New Website)

I am finally realizing that along with all the nuances to navigating the new website, the Job Descriptions are less informative; which reflects on the OnEyes App as well. Several clients have different scenarios, which used to be clearly disclosed between the Assignments page or the Application page. Many... Continue Reading

Market Force website down??

Is anyone else having problems with Market Force right now? I was inputting a shop and got an error message with no explanation. I have tried two different computers and no luck.... Continue Reading

Market Force Shop Question

Good afternoon, I did a shop for Market Force today for lunch. I have a receipt and everything. When I went into my report I was taken to the new site. This is the first shop that I have done under the new site. I was able to send it my... Continue Reading

Market Force - Can you undo "Decline a shop" option?

So I was trying to hide the phone shops where you have to buy a phone from my job list. I selected "decline all shops for this project for this phase" but it took away ALL jobs from the company not just their buy a phone job, which is not... Continue Reading

Market force new site

what is the deal about Marketforce site can't log in it says securetis has to be downloaded and I get a error... Continue Reading

Marketforce - nice to be appreciated

I'm the first one to jump up and down when MS companies talk down to us, so figure it's only right to acknowledge the good too. MF posted a nice message on their homepage for Valentines Day expressing their appreciation for their shoppers. Thanks Marketforce, it was a nice gesture!... Continue Reading

Market Force Penalty System

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Marketforce tax return shop

I'm kind of confused with these. In the questionnaire before you're allowed to accept the shop they ask this question: "Do you have any unreimbursed employee business expenses that you will claim?". Shouldn't every one of us be answering this question yes.....unless some of you seriously forego claiming... Continue Reading

Market Force reports

Is there any way to print a report you're submitting to Market Force? Whenever I attempt to make a pdf copy the page is blank. I like have a copy of what I submitted in case I'm contacted.... Continue Reading

New Marketforce Website

Anyone else disappointed with the new Marketforce website? I like how the map is now next to the available shops, rather than above, but that's about it. We can't see the payment amount until we click on the assignment now. It's just one more step. I understand them wanting... Continue Reading

Marketforce Reporting Problems

I am entering my shop now and am unable to link the photo to the report. There is no button to link. There was a button to link my receipt which I was able to download and link. I emailed the help desk, but am stuck now. Report is showing... Continue Reading

Market force question

I did a MF supper shop on Thur night. I did a different MF shop on Friday night. As of right now the one from Thur is still in QC. the one from Friday has been approve. My question is do the same people work on all reports or is... Continue Reading

Did anyone receive their 1099 form from Market Force?

Just curious if anyone has received their 1099 form from Market Force? Thanks!... Continue Reading

New Marketforce Website

(Forgive me if this has been discussed already, but a quick search didn't show anything on this topic.) I'm just filling out my first report on the redesigned Marketforce website, and I can't believe how clunky it is! I liked being able to upload all of my photos at the... Continue Reading


What's up with Market Force? I don't see very many shops anymore. Did they lose a bunch of clients? They are not responding to me anymore either.... Continue Reading

Marketforce and the email asking for info

So... they have a client who wants info about local businesses, but it is not an assignment, they want us to provide the info to them for free? Do I have this right??... Continue Reading


I am a bit new to this and I am trying to find more shops to do, at the moment I am trying to find out which companies to join. What kind of shops does Market Force offers? Thank you... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

What's the highest offer Marketforce has accepted from you?

I just put in an offer for $30 for a $17 shop (the shop fee was initially lower than $17) MF assigned me the shop within 10 minutes But now I feel like I should have asked for more. I feel cheated... Continue Reading

Market Force restricting how many shops you can assign yourself to...

The website explains that the shops will disappear from your view once you've reached whatever quota they've put on a shop. Any idea how many gas stations we can shop before they'll raise the limit beyond five?... Continue Reading

Marketforce just paid me in Canadian Dollars. I live in Texas!

Hi guys, I just looked to see if they had paid me and they had. I said, "Yay!" and logged off. I logged back in to tell a friend of mine how much I made and I noticed that it said CAD, not USD. I live... Continue Reading

Market Force Wireless Retail Refund

I completed a shop where I had to purchase a phone with a $40 plan and then return the phone within 72 hours. I followed all the instructions but was charged a $75 restocking fee. I was told that I would receive the money back. After several... Continue Reading

Market Force Pay

Did anyone get paid from Marketforce today? I didn't...did something change with their pay dates?... Continue Reading

Market Force larger shop clients

What kinds of shops does Market Force do these days? I know they lost a large fast food client. [i]Mod note: You have stated you were deactivated by MF at various different times going back four years. Additionally, of your 53 posts, about 7 contained ICA violations(or requests for same),... Continue Reading

Marketforce CPI Submission

I need help figuring out how to submit my CPI. I really dislike their website, it's not user friendly at all. Isn't there a way to submit online without downloading the Microsoft doc?... Continue Reading

Market Force Tax Refund Transfer shops.... has anyone seen the guidelines for these?

I accepted a tax refund transfer shop from Market Force, but the paperwork/guidelines will not be available until after Jan 16.... has anyone else completed one of these, and if so, how bad are they? I wonder what I have gotten myself into!... Continue Reading

Market Force Pay History

I really liked that feature on the old website but I cant seem to find it on the new site. Am I just missing it or is it no longer a feature?... Continue Reading

Market Force Make Offer

I think this feature is new. Has anyone used this option? If so how did you make out? Do you get approved right away or do they keep you in mind if they can't fill the shop?... Continue Reading

Thanks for accepting my shops, Market Force

I know, I know. This is an odd heading for a post. Here's the deal: I have done more than 300 assignments for Market Force. This is the first time I had two MFI shops fall apart. At the first shop, the register wasn't working so I could not... Continue Reading

Marketforce shop for test purposes only.

Currently there is a retail shop listed in my area with no fee and no reimbursement. I was thinking it was an error and the fee would be added later. I went to the qualifying questions and the first one says that the shop is for testing only and should... Continue Reading

Market Force Shop Question

I did a MF shop on Friday. I was checking the stats of my shop and it said approved. But the box that box that says Receipt Status 1 it says Submitted. Which means that the Receipt/business card has been received and is under review. I understand that it may... Continue Reading

Market force premium shop offer

I received a MF premium shop email offer today. It said that if I take the job they will add 2 dollars but I have only 24 hours from the time of the email There are a few dates that I can do it. How does this work. Do I apply... Continue Reading

Is there a secret to the Market Force search feature?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Issue requesting Market Force shops

Is it just me? This is only the 2nd time I have requested a shop from Market Force. When I hit the "details" button I am taken to a quiz on the shop. I am required to take this quiz, that is specific to a particular shop,... Continue Reading

Market Force Fast Food Limits

I love Market Force. They're probably my favorite. I just wonder if anyone knows why they are so picky about only allowing one fast food shop per meal period. They often post multiple food opportunities in another city that they are constantly having to raise the fee for since nobody... Continue Reading

Market Force Job - Oy Vey

So, I did a job for them on 11/1/16. I just checked. The status still says "Submitted." Is it me? Every time I perform a job for them, I sit on pins and needles! Experience from others?... Continue Reading

Marketforce - New Website

Is everyone now using the new website? I thought I was a test shopper for the new design, but now I am not sure.... Continue Reading

Market Force Early Morning Call Then Cancelation

OK, this is just me venting. So they wake me up, early this morning, needing a fast food shop done tomorrow. They say $7, I say $10. They say OK but you have to absolutely commit to doing it, which I agree. An hour later I see the email that... Continue Reading

Problem with entering shops for Market Force today?

Is it just me, or is everyone else having problems entering their shops today?... Continue Reading

Market Force (theaters)

I've been doing trailer checks for Market Force for a long time, several years. I plan my schedule around having Fridays available to do movie trailer checks. I quit doing the open checking awhile ago because they reduced the pay amount to a point where it was ridiculous... Continue Reading

Market Force Rescheduling--No dates available

I did a major oops this week. I submitted an offer for a gas station audit that was accepted. I selected today's date for the shop but then today got really busy and since I have two gas station audits for a different company tomorrow I figured I'd just reschedule... Continue Reading

Marketforce deactivation

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Market Force Shopper - Fraud

Hello, I'm new here. This is my first post. I came here because I wanted to see if anyone had experienced this same issue with Marketforce. I recently did a shop for this company. It was a late dinner shop at [i](burger shop)[/i]. My experience there was fine. The place was... Continue Reading

Market Force Wireless Retail

Has anyone done the shop where you purchase a phone and $40 plan and then return the phone and cancel the plan? I would love any feedback. If you already have a plan with that client, does that make it harder to complete the shop?... Continue Reading

Market Force Cutting it fees

I have been accepting assignments for Market Force for over 6 years, in fact recently I received a congratulatory message from them for having completed 1000 successful shop. How am I being rewarded? They are once again cutting the fees on some of there shops. I have complained... Continue Reading

Market Force offering $0 fee, reimbursement only, for client another MSC pays a good flat fee on

Looks like someone accidentally released a new client, before the reimbursement and fee were set. If this client is moving to MF I hope it hasn't become reimbursement only, that will be depressing even if the reporting requirements are dumbed down.... Continue Reading

Market force log ins

Is anyone having problems with Marketforce since they went to the new site? Have been waiting over 30 minutes and still getting the pulsing EYE. Tried it on my phone and got the same thing so I disconnected it then stopped the wifi and tried it again and got the... Continue Reading

Market Force Snap EBT card FF shops

MF shop listed some FF shops where we have to use a Snap EBT card for payment. I guess I'm naÔve so had to Google to find these apparently are "food stamp" cards. So I guess MF assumes there are some of us on food stamps. Sadly, that is probably... Continue Reading

New Market Force website

Thumbs down from me. Not sure if everyone's changed, but mine did this afternoon.... Continue Reading

Market force Reports due in eight hours

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Market force CPI

What is the CPI? I just submitted a receipt with my shop and now they're asking me for a CPI? Is it me or is it difficult submitting shops with MarketForce?... Continue Reading

Marketforce phone schedulers

I want to give some advice to MF about their script for phone schedulers. I usually like getting calls for shops but these calls are always frustrating. I often have trouble understanding the caller due to language barriers, so the call would go better if they were more like the... Continue Reading

Got A Call from Market Force

I received 2 phones calls from Market Force the other day (with in about 30 minutes of each other). They did not leave a message. About two months ago some one from MF called a left a message asking me if I could complete a shop. I am wondering how come they... Continue Reading

Is Anyone having problems with the Market Force website?

I'm trying to enter a report and it keeps bouncing me out or hanging when I try to go to a new screen or upload a photo. Now, I can't log in at all. I've emailed the help desk and got an automated reply saying that I won't... Continue Reading

Market force Invalid Shop

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Market Force, how to contact a scheduler?

I signed up for a handful of quick gas shops for next month I was planning to do 3 one day and 1 another (close to another job). I was going to pick up 2 more for the next week but after I selected the first all the other gas... Continue Reading

Market Force job instructions not available until you confirm your assignment

I saw there were lots of gas station audits to be done in my state. Seems how I enjoy traveling the state to do projects and already had a project lined up with another company, I decided to look into doing the audits. I answered the questions, ... Continue Reading


Can anyone see shops for October when they are logged in? Mine keeps only showing for September if that makes sense. Even when I change the date to late October.... Continue Reading

Market Force

I have just done a few shops for Market Force and they seem like a great company. The one thing I am not sure of is whether a shopper has to submit an invoice or whether you are automatically paid because you submitted the report. I had completed... Continue Reading

Marketforce deactivated me

So I've been shopping with Marketforce for about 8 years now. My mom about 9 years, my husband for 4 years, and my sister signed up this year. I have always enjoyed working with them and they have fairly good shops. About a month ago my sister called me to... Continue Reading

Market Force Bulletin Shop notifications

I had just checked the boards and there were only a few shops. I went back to check my email and I received a bulletin notice of a shop right in my area. I opened it up, answered the qualifying questions and got the job! Now, I began to wonder........ Continue Reading

MarketForce missing shops ...

Does anybody else notice a significant lack of shops at MarketForce over the past week or so? Cheers!... Continue Reading

MarketForce easing up on reporting deadline?

Got "the call" yesterday from MF to do a restaurant shop this evening (picked up the phone because I knew DH was craving the food). At the end they always give you the standard spiel about commitment, they're expecting you to do the job as promised, blah, blah, blah. But... Continue Reading

Shout out to Market Force

I know it is easy to kick the guys, the forum is full of complaints, but one thing keeps me taking Market Force jobs. It isn't the fee (low), it isn't the website (gimpy), it isn't the lack of variety (how many wireless shops can one do in... Continue Reading

MarketForce site down?

Please tell me I am not the only one having problems...I was in the middle of reporting a shop, and when I hit "next," I got an error message. Now I am only getting error messages...Grrrr......... Continue Reading

MarketForce Being too Pushy?

Has anyone else had the experience of Market Force being too pushy? I keep getting calls at all hours after asking to be put on a morning or afternoon call only list. I work a regular scheduled job from 3am to 11am and getting calls at 8:59 PM is getting... Continue Reading

Marketforce premium fee?

I got an email from Marketforce offering a "premium fee" aka bonus. Is this normal? I figured it was to fill a last minute shop, but it's a month away.... Continue Reading

Market Force "Competitor Shops"......Are they still done???

Hi all, I've done many, many, many of the MF Competitor grocery shops in the past, and decided some time ago to stay away from the MAIN CLIENT shops because of the Customer Service Complaint. So for the past 2 months I haven't seen ANY of the Competitor Grocery shops....only... Continue Reading

Marketforce slow ...

Is it just me, or is Marketforce taking significantly longer to approve assignments that are completed? They are all just sitting there in the que. (especially the audits) for days up to a week. Thanks for sharing if you've had the same problem!... Continue Reading

Market Force Cell Phone Shops

Is it just me or did all the Cell Phone Shops for ATT disappear? I only see the ones for Metro Pcs.... Continue Reading

Market Force Complaint

Without violating any confidential information, I will try to explain the situation. I am posting this here for two reasons. 1. If there are any 'employees' or 'representatives' of MFI on this site, hopefully, they can relay this information to their supervisors in hopes that a resolution... Continue Reading

Market force on line shop

Just a warning, I had my last on line shop marked as invalid because I "arrived early." After a lot of back and forth I have given up on the shop, am not trying to get reimbursement or to get paid. It seems to boil down to:... Continue Reading

MFI proves honesty is the best policy

I was curious about what wireless shop would be offered for no fee and $2 reimbursement. I checked out the qualifying questionnaire and found the answer: This shop is for testing only and should not be accepted by a Market Force shopper.... Continue Reading

MarketForce Payment

I usually get paid very early from MarketForce. I know their website says as late as the 20th, but has anyone else gotten paid yet? I haven't seen anything on the website indicating otherwise, but since every month I have already had gotten paid, I figured I would inquire about... Continue Reading

Marketforce.... half my June accepted shops disappeared?

Hello, Not sure if this is normal as I have not noticed this in the past. But.... about half of my shops in the Assignment/Receipt status section have vanished. Mostly [i](3 clients named)[/i] shops. All mysteriously gone. I think it is about 16 individual shops that are no longer showing anywhere... Continue Reading

Errors trying to report to Marketforce

I got a server error about and hour ago on my mobile application and didn't think anything of it. I was at the lake with limited service on a good day and bad service on a stormy day. I made it home to start my reports and got... Continue Reading

New Link on Marketforce

I noticed beginning in June that there is a new "confirm" link on my shops log in MarketForce. It doesn't seem to make any difference whether I click the confirm link or just do nothing. My shops still remain on my shops log page until I complete them,... Continue Reading

MARKETFORCE: If a shopper is suspended, does that also include Certified???

So if they suspend a shopper, are they also automatically banned from Certified ???... Continue Reading

Problem with Market Force

I'm supposed to do 5 gas station shops for Market Force today but I'm not sure what to do at this point. Two of the shops have the same address and two other shops are locations I shopped yesterday. It has to be a glitch in the system, right? I've... Continue Reading


Hi There have not been a lot of MarketForce shops post in my area for July like there usually are. I have not seen the gas stations at all. Had anyone else noticed this or have I done the shops too many times as I am at the year mark for working... Continue Reading

Market Force system down?

Have been trying to log on last 15 minutes to no avail. Feels similar to last big outage.... Continue Reading

Market Force Best Offer Link

Has anyone attempted to use the new "Best Offer" link when self scheduling on the MF website? I attempted to do it for a shop the other day and never heard back. A day or two later, the option was gone and a scheduler called me about that very shop.... Continue Reading

Marketforce closed shop question

I just did my first one. I looked it up and they are closed on Sundays. I reported the shop in Marketforce, saying that it was closed and attaching a link to their hours. The only day available for the shop was today. For the receipt I put a screenshot... Continue Reading

anyone use Marketforce app this week

I tried it when it was announced maybe a couple weeks ago and it wouldn't work.....has anyone had any success with it?... Continue Reading

Odd Problem with Market Force Website

I was entering the first of three shops tonight. When I tried to advance to a new page, suddenly I received the login page with the message, "login expired or invalid." I logged in, continued. The problem persisted. Now it does it continually. It will flash the landing page briefly,... Continue Reading

Big problem with Market Force

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marketforce inquiry 19 days after shop? do they have a written policy of how long they can inquire?

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Is MarketForce Website down?

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Marketforce site down?

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Market Force Account Deactivated: Have not completed even one assignment!

I signed up with Market Force beginning of this year and I never heard back from them. One day I decided to email them about my account. A couple of emails were exchanged and they decided to deactivate my account. Below is what was said. [quote=John] Hi, I could not log into my... Continue Reading

Market Force App

I just got an email from Market Force inviting me to download their just released app "Eyes: On". Has anyone else tried it out yet? If it works it could really increase the profitability of many of the quick, low paying MF shops. I would be willing to do a lowish... Continue Reading

market force $20 audits

anyone have experience?... it gives a good long time in the little quiz just wondering if they are worth it...... Continue Reading

Has anyone had their Market Force report "time out" in the middle of the report?

I was doing a report at blazing fast speed (no delays, phone calls or interruptions) when the page jumped to the "log in" window and I had to log in again. Thankfully, I always save page by page (because of a past report lost by NOT saving--lesson learned....) and the... Continue Reading

Market Force MS vs Audit

The gas stations are posted for June in my area. This post was initially going to say let me know if you can figure out the difference between MS and Audit; I just figured it out for myself. In my area, it appears that the audits have the... Continue Reading

Market Force technical issues...once more

trying to log in and getting this... "Exception Type: Exception Exception Message: Exception caught on: EXEC /*SQLPROD1M\MSHOP,51572*/Mshop..getWebMessage @website='XP3', @Culture='en-us' Please note the above message and email to report this error."... Continue Reading

MARKET FORCE: Gas station shops-your valued feedback please

Never did one before and wondered about taking the two required pics and read about shopper confrontations with owners, so, how awkward is it taking these pics??? And what needs to be photographed?? Also, do you have to pay only with a credit or debit card to prove payment... Continue Reading

Market Force technical issues - they are aware of the issue "We are currently experiencing system problems and are working to resolve them. The helpdesk is aware of this issue. Thank you for your patience."

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Marketforce payments for this month

Hey there. Has anyone been paid by Marketforce for this month? Typically they post prospective pay dates on their website but as of this morning there are no notices.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Market Force

I "generally" know when to expect payment. Market Force, Inteli-shop, The Source, Cirrus, ATH Power, and IPSOS, to name a few that I have worked with, have all received payment complaints. (Source). June 27, 2022

I "generally" know when to expect payment. Market Force, Inteli-shop, The Source, Cirrus, ATH Power, and IPSOS, to name a few that I have worked with, have all received payment complaints. (Source). June 26, 2022

It's a very "hands on" operation. They pay quickly, but they are not a massive operation like Marketforce, Intellishop, Ipsos, etc. (Source). June 26, 2022

My offer just sat out there until time ran out at midnight. Very unusual from my past experiences. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?[/quote] Market force does not send notices that they did not accept your offer. (Source). June 24, 2022

Market Force's theatre division is returning to in-theatre checking starting on the weekend of July 1. (Source). June 24, 2022

Market Force's theatre & merchandising team has very easy assignments available at a Costco location in the areas below. (Source). June 23, 2022

I don't want to sound like a Debbie downer, but I got paid yesterday via Paypal from Intellishop and Market Force (who pays differently) did deposit into my account yesterday, the 20th, a bank holiday. (Source). June 21, 2022

Few companies still allow this option but apparently Market Force is one of them. (Source). June 21, 2022

Marketforce? (Source). June 20, 2022

Market Force. (Source). June 20, 2022