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Measure Consumer HS Brands payments

I am new to the forum, but felt it necessary to alert anyone who has done shops recently for MCP, now HS Brands, that I was informed that they will not be paying as stated on the MCP site. I received notification from HS Brands that they pay 60 days,... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Contact?

Hi Ya'll, There are a bunch of tax shops still on the board for MCP on the new(ish) Sassie platform. I've worked with Measure on both platforms (including the tax shop last year), and have applied to a couple of them without any word from MCP. I do recall it being... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspective pay schedule

Does anyone know their pay schedule? I may have outdated info on my spreadsheet. I have payment the following month. That day has come! Did a shop on 12/13 and still no payment.... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives

Believe MCP has been sold or Merged to HS Brands... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspective Payment Issues

Has anyone had issues getting paid from them? I did one video shop for them and did not get paid on time. I reached out to them by phone and email, to no avail. No one contacted me back. This is awful!... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives April shop payment

Has anyone gotten payment for their April shop with MCP? I just realized I havenít and I did a shop for them on April 23rd. In the past Iíve generally gotten paid by the 20th by them yet when I checked the shop log, no payment is shown as pending... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives

Anyone get paid for November shops? First it was Dec. 27. Then I was told another week or so. Still nothing. I was going to give them until COB on the 16th until I contacted them again but I received an unsolicited email from iSecretShop today suggesting I... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives platform change?

I got an email a few days ago from Measure CP saying they were switching to Sassie and a link to register with them. Something about the email seems off (it does come from a sassie address but there is very little info and no signature or contact info) ... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives; Telephone Shops?

Just applied for two of these non-recorded phone shops. I read the thread about waiting for payment and a threat but that was regarding video shops. May I ask how they are generally for payment, and whether you like working for them? Thanks in advance.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Measure Consumer Perspectives for quick payment resolution

I was paid from Measure Consumer Perspectives but only received the fee and not the reimbursement. I sent a message to their general payments email. I got a message within a half hour and they said it was an error on their part and I would be paid. I was... Continue Reading

Measure consumer perspective

I cannot login to the measure consumer perspective website it says too many login attempts although i just did once. I submitted a shop yesterday I was just trying to followup. Is it a legit company?... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives any new Info

They have some decent paying shops but I can't find any new info on them. So far I have wasted several hours on this. What with the newbie section guy wants 1k a week, the Market force reduced fee section. Oh! look shiny. So anyway is there any new info... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives

I just signed up with this company, and noticed they had several well-paying car dealer shops in my area. Is anyone familiar with how complicated their reports are?... Continue Reading

Funny Video advertising Measure Consumer Perspectives This *cracked* me up for some reason! Any others?... Continue Reading

Interview with Measure Consumer Perspectives' Nasief - Mystery Shopping in Era of Big Data

Measure Consumer Perspective's Kimberly Nasief interview, April 22, 2014: Article Link: Key Takeaways: 1) "The use of hidden camera technology in mystery shopping is a powerful, actionable, non-arguable training tool." 2) "While customers can give near real-time feedback these days, brands still don't have a way of knowing whether the operations processes that... Continue Reading

Problems with Measure Consumer Perspective

Hello everyone! :D I am having some problems with the submission of one of my reports for the MCP and I am hoping to find someone who can help me. So yesterday March 10, at 4:30 PM I performed a shop at a car dealership. MCP's instructions are as follow: "The survey... Continue Reading

measure consumer perspectives - please help! today!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Message From Measure Consumer Perspectives

To our shoppers, As you know we were very excited having you work with us on our wireless lifecycle account. Recently, our client announced that is will be acquired by another firm. Today, we were devastated to receive notification that our client is discontinuing their shop program effective immediately... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer and Phone

Has anyone completed the Smartphone shop? I was just wondering whether the reimbursement will cover a decent phone and if the shop is worth it. It looks like the guidelines have changed a little from when they first posted the assignment, and it's a 5 month ongoing shop.... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives.

RIP OFF ALEART. My wife just got scammed by Measure Consumer Perspectives. Measure Consumer Perspectives send you on shops like and you come out of pocket to buy a phone and pay a month bill. Then Measure Consumer Perspectives say you did something... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives Tests

It's been awhile since I've taken a test with them, and I honestly don't remember doing the two that I have taken. Anyway, I did a third test this morning. After I was done with the test, it didn't tell me if I passed or not. It just gave me... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspective and PV-500

On March 27, I ordered a PV-500 from MCP with 2-day delivery. Knowing it was over the Easter holiday, I didn't panic until April 2 when I still had not heard anything from them. I called, spoke to a nice young lady [can't remember her name], and was told they... Continue Reading

GFK AND Measure Consumer Perspectives

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

measure consumer perspective

anyone have problems with this company. I did shops for them for a major cell phone company and they make up excuses for no payment.... Continue Reading

Payment issues with Measure Consumer?

Ok first I'd like to say thank you. I've been shopping for a few years now and following this forum for nearly two. I feel a bit weird at times, reading all these posts but never adding anything. Truth is you people are amazing. I've learn so much from just... Continue Reading

Shoutout to Measure Consumer Perspectives

Had a great experience with them and thought I'd share. I signed up for an ongoing project with Measure Consumer Perspectives that required an initial purchase. They stated that the initial purchase cost would be reimbursed within 5 business days. Which was eminently reasonable, so I went ahead and signed onto... Continue Reading

Measure Consumers Perspectives payment

Hello to all, Can anyone tell me when this MSC sends out the payments via paypal for the month prior? ... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives and Confirming shops

I applied for a shop. It was self-assign. I received an email saying I had to log in and confirm this shop or in 24 hours it will be canceled. I cannot find anywhere on the homepage to confirm the shop. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks, Lisa... Continue Reading

$504 to Measure Consumer Perspective for video equipment and no response from them for months!

1. I joined the Video Shopping Network (VSN) because I wanted to expand my business into video shops I can do with my own equipment. I got to the point of not wanting to use the mystery shopping company's video equipment anymore. I wanted to get my... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer issue

Did anyone else receive the following email from MCP yesterday? "Attn: Shoppers Due to a system error some of the xxxx data was lost on a select number of shops. We have re-assigned them to you, and they do still have the original due date on them but please complete and re-submit... Continue Reading

phone number for measure consumer perspectives

anyone have a phone number for this company?... Continue Reading

Got demoted from Measure Consumer Perspectives . . .anyone else?

I used to be able to self assign for these people, and as of a week ago, I can't anymore. I did have an issue with a shop, got it resolved and no longer can I self assign. Boo! (and all of the shops that I have... Continue Reading

Weird Situation with Measure Consumer Perspectives

I logged on to MCP today to check on my payments/statements for July 2012 and I noticed that some previous shops (ranging from April to June 2012) are showing showing as "active" again and "pending validation." I checked my Excel worksheets and I have already been paid for all... Continue Reading

this shopper is NOT a happy camper follow up-Measure Consumer Perspectives

A few days ago I accepted a phone shop targeting a particular employee - for a senior living facility. I called and left the target a vmail. I waited 24 hrs and called again. The target answered and was not friendly and told me that she... Continue Reading

Help! Measure Consumer Perspectives . . .

Can anyone log into their site? I have some phone shops due at midnight and I can't get in . ..... Continue Reading

Feedback on Measure Consumer Perspectives

I can't find any threads on Measure Consumer Perspectives. Has anyone had good or bad experiences with them? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Prospectives shop postings

Anyone know when MCP releases their shops? Evey time I go to that board, everything is taken and I can't seem to figure out when they're posted.... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives

Are they still around? I just tried logging in and nada.... Continue Reading

A question about Measure Consumer Perspectives....

I'm a little confused about how this msc assigns. I applied for 3 jobs that are due today. I keep checking and they are not showing up in my assignments. They are still showing up in my applications. I know that the job has not been assigned to... Continue Reading

Thumbs Up for Measure Consumer Perspectives !

Hey fellow shoppers, I just wanted to give a big thumbs up for Measure Consumer Perspectives, This MSC pays on time.They say they pay on the 15th of the month,but I was paid today (14th).It's just refreshing when a MSC honors their stated pay date.I just wanted to pass this on to fellow... Continue Reading

Payments from Measure Consumer Perspectives

Has anyone received their payment from Measure this month. My log says they paid on the 16th, but there is no deposit in PayPal.... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer/New Pizza Shops

I just received an email that Measure Consumer Perspectives would be doing pizza shops beginning 05/25/2010. I checked out the information and it does not indicate if the pizza will have to be "mangled" or not. I was wondering if anyone else knew the new shop requirements? Kinda funny... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives

Hi everyone, Has anyone heard or worked for Measure Consumer Perspectives? I just completed a shop for them, which already paid pretty well. After I had finished, they emailed me asking me to call back the location back to ask one more question they had not put in the guidelines or... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives

Anyone know anything about this company or when they pay. I know they use paypal. They have several jobs in my area that pay decent.... Continue Reading

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Measure Consumer Perspectives was bought out by HS Brands, I believe. (Source). January 06, 2020

Service Sleuth HS Brands and Mershimer Group all used to be listed at the top of the shopper page for HS Brands. It now simply lists HS Brands. I think Measure Consumer Perspectives was bought out or merged with another MSP. (Source). January 06, 2020

Measure Consumer Perspectives 2. (Source). December 31, 2019

I have been trying to contact Ryan at KSS for HS Brand and Measure Consumer Perspectives about payment for a shop completed in Aug 2019 (and rated 10/10!) but haven't received a response. (Source). October 20, 2019

However, HS Brands has bought out other MSC's. The worst that I have come across is MCP (Measure Consumer Perspectives). (Source). September 12, 2019

If you go to their login page, but before logging in, scroll all the way down. This also applies to Measure Consumer Perspectives (MCP), as HS Brands bought them out. (Source). September 09, 2019

I kinda wish we would all boycott HS Brands and MeasureConsumerPerspectivesuntiltheypaythefirstweekofthemonthfollowingtheshopattheverylatest-whichisthelongestwaitIhavewithcompaniesIdoshopsfor. (Source). August 27, 2019

I actually feel sorry for the scheduler who does not work for HS Brands/Measure Consumer Perspectives. (Source). August 18, 2019