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Mercantile Systems Mass Email Exposes 181 Email Addresses

Roni at Mercantile Systems sent out a mass email today which exposed 181 email addresses. There may have been other emails sent with other addresses that I'm not aware of. Just a heads up for everyone. Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems has shops available throughout the US! Locations listed below!

Hi shoppers! Mercantile Systems has several mystery shops still available for the month of October. Locations where shops are available are listed below. To find out more information please feel free to email me at or apply on our site at Thanks and have a great weekend! Anchorage AK Fort Smith AR Bonita CA Coalinga CA Downey CA El Cajon CA El Centro CA Eureka CA Goleta CA Merced CA Monterey CA Oakland CA Redding CA Rohnert... Continue Reading

MERCANTILE SYSTEMS - Need to know how to contact you re problem with system

Trying to reach out to someone at Mercantile Systems regarding 1) Unable to set my system to "Yes" to receive emails, even though my email is correct. Error message says "Email bounced"??? Because of this, I have not been able to get the comments about completed hotel shops.... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems Pending Edit

I just completed my first shop with Mercantile Systems about a week ago. It still says that it is pending editing. Does Merc usually take a while to edit your submission? I wonder because almost every shop I typically complete is reviewed within 72 hours. Thank... Continue Reading

Available mystery shops available for May with Mercantile Systems....locations listed below!

Hello, This is Kate from Mercantile. We currently have a shop(s) available for May. All open shops are listed below with their pay rate and address. Dining shops also include reimbursement for the meal. If you are interested, please apply at If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems ordering app guideline change

Just a heads up to anyone who has one of these assignments. As of today, the food delivery has to be a "Schedule Order ahead of time", you have to place the order from 2-24 hours in advance. I happened to log in to look at something else and saw... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems Schedulers

Anyone else have experience where the schedulers take a long time to reply to shop scheduling inquiries? It's pretty inconsiderate. I like doing their shops though.... Continue Reading

How can I sign up for Mercantile Systems?

I don't see a button on Merc's website to push to sign up to be a shopper. Am I missing it?... Continue Reading

Experiences with Mercantile Systems?

Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with a company called Mercantile Systems. They are on the official list here, but there's not many posts about them. I have a merchandising/ advertising type job lined up with them next week and was just hoping to get some feedback about... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems Payment Dates

I searched the board for this topic, but I can't find this answer -- once Merc Systems prints the "statement" showing the amount you are to be paid for a certain pay period, how long before a check is actually printed? Is it 45 days from THAT date?... Continue Reading

Kudos to Ryann Newman and Mercantile Systems

I've been performing quarterly door hanging assignments for Mercantile. I caught a telephone number issue recently, right after receiving the materials, and immediately reported it. Ryann was very thankful and doubled my fees for the three locations I was assigned. They also mailed me a personal thank you card. Overall... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems-cancelled shop

I did a Chinese food mall shop for this company and submitted the report with the photos they required on Dec. 10th. Then I get an email saying the shop has been cancelled and to not do it. And I logged in and they gave me a shopper rating of... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems

Do they post bonuses on line? Do they offer bonuses? I saw 2 shops in my area that were available up until the due date. They offered the same pay as when it was posted 1 month ago. I would've accepted for a bonus, but not for a $0 job... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems Inc.

are these guys legit?... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems Inc.

Anybody ever heard of them?Good? Bad?... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems multi-department hotel shops

Have any of you done these shops that require you to be at the hotel at 8:00 AM and evaluate 5 departments for about 20 minutes each? The usual rate is only $30, to me not worth fighting rush hour traffic for almost an hour, then spending 1 1/2 hours... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems scrambled guidelines

I thought that there might have been a post about this but did not find it. I just got assignned several hotel shops. I need to read the guidelines before accepting them. When I download the guidelines they all open up in some machine language crossed with Urdu or... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems

Hello! I've been out of the loop for awhile and getting back into the swing of things. I just got an email from Mercantile Systems (MSI) for a shop. I did a search here on the forum and didn't come up with any negatives. But they aren't... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems Marketing Materials

This post is really only for the shoppers who perform the door hanging project for Mercantile Systems. Have any of you received your marketing materials for the end of April? My deadline has already come and gone (April 25th) but I have not received the UPS package yet.... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

BEWARE OF MERCANTILE SYSTEMS .offering shops at a $0 pay for a hotel shop.

These folks are a joke and want they are doing should be illegal. I sent them an e-mail stating that their business practices were simply disgusting and offensive. ZERO DOLLARS PAY for a Hotel Shop...but they pay $600 expenses? These people really want people to work for free although I... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems & Surveys

I stumbled onto this company from Jobslinger but don't see a thread for I here on the site....any feedback on this company??? Thank you.... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems, Anyone?

Hi, I'm pretty new to mystery shopping, I've done a few shops, and have just started cutting my teeth on some new companies. I have found the info here invaluable so far, so thanks everyone. Anyhow.. has anyone done shops with Mercantile Systems? I searched the forum... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems Inc Mystery

Has anyone heard of or shopped for Mercantile Systems Inc?... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems

Has anyone had any experience with this company? They're supposed to pay in 45 days, but I've been waiting 60 days and I haven't received a check.... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems Payment

Anyone know how long payment takes? I can't seem to find it anywhere. I've done 3 shops for them, and about to do my 4th tonight. Thank you :)... Continue Reading

mercantile systems-where on the website do you apply

I have gone on to mercantile systems, as I would like to shop for them. For the life of me i can not figure out where to apply to shop? is it right in front of me? Sorry for the poor typing skills, a few keys on... Continue Reading

JMK Mercantile Systems Inc.

If you have received a letter via mail containing a check, be weary. After bit of research I found that this is not legitimate at all. Please please please be aware that cashing this check is fraud and can end up getting you imprisoned.... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems Bar Integrity Shop

Just completed my first and probably last bar integrity shop for Mercantile Systems. While it was an enjoyable shop, the amount of detail required was just about impossible to complete. The bar was busy and we had seats that did not have a good view of the entire... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems and Surveys

Has anyone done in shops for them?... Continue Reading

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Terminus, I have done several assignments for Mercantile Systems. (Source). March 28, 2020

There is a brewery restaurant that is a national chain for Mercantile Systems and they offer pizza on the menu, but I don't think they are shopped at all of their locations and the shops may not be available where you are going. (Source). February 17, 2020

Mercantile Systems. (Source). January 18, 2020], or send an email to with the location you are interested in and we can get you all set up! Thanks Shoppers! Gabby Cosgrove Mercantile Systems Inc. (Source). January 16, 2020

Roni at Mercantile Systems sent out a mass email today which exposed 181 email addresses. (Source). October 25, 2019

I usually search for "Elite Shops" with Mercantile Systems this time of the month, but noticed that there aren't any available, or at least not yet. (Source). October 01, 2019

State Rd. Briarcliff, NY 10510 Apply/Register: Interested? Please email me at or text me (925) 237-1710 with the location and dates you can complete the shop! Tammy Young Mercantile Systems, Inc. (Source). August 12, 2019

Mercantile Systems has storage facility site visit shops available near you! For these shops, you will visit the location and inquire about storage, take a quick tour of the facility. (Source). August 12, 2019

Mercantile Systems has storage facility site visit shops available at many Arizona and Southern California locations! For this shop, you will visit the location and inquire about storage, take a quick (Source). August 12, 2019

Mercantile Systems has golf course cash audit shops available near you. (Source). August 12, 2019