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Mintel Login Problem?

It's been several hours. I've used two browsers and a Chromebook, my phone, and a Windows 10 laptop. I've also cleared my cache and cookies. Anyone else?... Continue Reading

Mintel's Payment Status for Shop Submitted Before Last Friday

I have a lot of shop reports and invoices that were submitted before the holiday weekend and they are all still awaiting approval. Is everyone else in the same boat or do I need to contact Mintel about payment?... Continue Reading

Mintel shoppers

This MSC just posted several bank shops @ $35, for both customers and non-customers. My experiences with Mintel have always been positive and, in my opinion, their work ranges in pay from mid to top shelf. Unfortunately for me, none of the locations this round are in my area.... Continue Reading

Mintel Baby Formula / P.O. Box Project Scheduler Missing In Action?

It is Wednesday and she hasn't assigned surveys for this week. She hasn't assigned a recurring monthly survey for OCTOBER. It should have been assigned long ago and I started reminding her more than a week ago. No response. She also hasn't assigned the recurring monthly survey for this month. No response. I... Continue Reading

Mintel-Absolutely a first!

Earlier this month, I submitted my credit score to Mintel, an MSC for whom I had never completed an assignment; within a few days, they paid me the $5 that had been stated. Today, I received a letter explaining, not an offer of work, but that I had been assigned... Continue Reading

Mintel GNPD project

Has anyone on here participated in this project? I'm hesitant to accept the project because they want a one year commitment. Any insight on how much time it takes to find new products and whether or not the pay was worth the amount of time involved. Any... Continue Reading

Mintel pay

I've shopped for Mintel for years and they have paid like clockwork. The last three pay periods have been late. I should have received my money on the first and here it is the ninth. All I get from them is "we're having issues." Am I... Continue Reading

Mintel Bar Shop

I got this email today: “Hope you are well, My name is xxxxx from the field services team and we have a new project taking place in these cities - Boston, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Franciso. For this project, you would need to visit at least 40 Bars and... Continue Reading

Mintel on ishop

When I try to apply I get a message stating that I must have a Paypal account. I do have one, of course, but I cannot find anywhere to state that on Mintel or ishop. What am I missing, please.... Continue Reading

Mintel Payment One Day Late

4/15 was the scheduled payment date. None of my shops are paid yet. I am curious rather than worried. Mintel usually pays like clockwork. Is Mintel late paying anyone else? Thanks.... Continue Reading


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Mintel survey form

I am filling out a Mintel Survey and need to edit it, but I cannot see how to go back to the beginning. I have not submitted it yet, but I can't go back further than one page. Am I missing something? Once you finish a page, is that... Continue Reading

Mintel Shops

Mintel has some decent paying shops that involve data collection. They have an ongoing wireless provider shop for $5. Upload texts on certain topics from your provider. They just offered a bonus on texts received from a wide variety of companies.... Continue Reading

Mintel Credit Offering shops

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Mintel delivery shops ...

anyone ever done them?... Continue Reading

Mintel Savings account shop

Hello, I saw an offer for a savings account shop in my email. By the time I got logged in, I saw I was already assigned. I think I had expressed interest in these shops before. I have never shopped for Mintel before. I am experienced in shopping banks. Anybody... Continue Reading

very basic Mintel question

I just did my first Mintel assignment and now I need to invoice them. The fee was $15. At the top of the invoice form it says "Shopper Fee" and then there is a blank space that currently says "0.00." Then it says "You are already scheduled to be paid fee... Continue Reading

Florida Mintel shoppers ...

Hello! There's a credit card shop Mintel does in Orlando that posts like clockwork around the first of every month. I haven't seen it for November ... Does this means it ended?!... Continue Reading

Mintel - can't find sign up page

I was interested in signing up with Mintel. I went to the website listed at the top of the Mintel discussion page on this forum, but could not for the life of me figure out where to go on that site in order to sign up. Could someone... Continue Reading

Mintel payment

Quick question. Does Mintel only do direct deposit or do they also have Paypal and paper checks? If anyone is aware it would be greatly appreciated.:)... Continue Reading

Mintel question

I have just been accepted into the project that requires getting a PO box and assigned 2. I thought they assigned specific zip codes but I can't find the zip codes on the assignment information anywhere. Where do I find them? I've emailed the assignor but I... Continue Reading

Not real happy with Mintel right about now

I signed up to do a few assignments involving picking up tracked packages at various locations. Mintel emailed me my tracking numbers. The spreadsheet has everyone's first and last names listed. I really don't like it when companies do this. I don't want others to see... Continue Reading

Mintel - Just got my first invite for shops- Info?

All the threads are old. Does anyone have any current feelings about them and how/when they pay? The other question I'd like answered is how flexible are they when bad weather occurs? I'm looking at some sort of mailing shop where you mail unimportant documents to Mintel and the pay... Continue Reading

Is mystery shopper group mintel llc a scam

I received an email being offered to be a secret shopper ..i agreed & was sent a.check in the mail for $2350.00& was told to deposit the check in my account & when the funds cleared to complete the task at walmart i was told to use the walmart money... Continue Reading


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Mintel Trade Show Survey

Is it possible to see the survey prior to signing up for a particular trade show?... Continue Reading

Mintel email -- scam from someone else or legit email from this company?

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Mintel GNDP

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Mintel International

Has anyone been contacted by someone from the London office to do a Mintel project which has to do with animals?... Continue Reading


My favorite shops are Mintel credit card shops at a theme park. They usually send those out at the first of the month ... I'm worried. Are those done for 2017?... Continue Reading

Mintel Bank Studies

Did anyone else jump on these Small Business studies? I did two scenarios, three banks, and nine locations. They started another study. I might do it today. It looks to be two surveys this time.... Continue Reading

MINTEL FEEDBACK : Toilet Volumn shops.....SERIOUSLY !!!

Yes, they have posted $30.00 shops requiring measurements of clean toilet water after you have required before you flush.........anybody who has done this very unusual shop please post your feedback....this will definitely go down on this board as one of the most unusual shops ever....... Continue Reading

Mintel GNPD

A few months ago I received an email about this. It was something to do with buying new products and shipping them to London, England, I believe. I said I was interested but did not hear back. But then a few weeks ago I got another email asking if I... Continue Reading

Mintel Survey Logistics

Hi. Is there a trick to printing out the Mintel instructions and survey before you start an assignment? I can only see one page at a time, and I have to complete it before I move to the next page.... Continue Reading

Mintel Mailer Shop

Has anyone been doing this project? I was wondering how you are sending your material to Mintel. The scheduler for this project does not seem to want to pay more than $5 for postage but the cheapest I've gotten away with is $9 for postage.... Continue Reading

Thank you Katie Clemens (Mintel)

For always, always, always quickly answering email, remaining flexible, offering assignments at a fair price, and keeping things interesting. You're the best!... Continue Reading

Mintel Registration

Does anyone know anything about this company's registration process? I clicked on the link at the Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies, and I can't find a place to register on their website. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Mintel phone number help!

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to sign up for Mintel and it wants my phone number in "standard international format, like +44 20 7606 4533" I have tried every combination of +001 and my phone number to make this work and it won't go through. Can someone put my number in the... Continue Reading

Mintel Receipt collection

Has anyone done this? All you have to do is upload your receipt for this particular grocery store and it's $5 per receipt. Is that all? I just uploaded my receipt and clicked a few boxes on demographics info. Is there a catch? I just... Continue Reading

Mintel recruiting more daily mail survey participants

I just logged in to Mintel and saw on the open recruitment page that they are welcoming requests to participate in the Daily Mail Survey. This is a very simple project, pays a flat $60/month, and they pay like clockwork. I've been doing this since July. No mileage expenses, very... Continue Reading

Mintel GNPD - Find new products and mail to London

I received an email from the scheduler, Thomas, which ended up in my spam folder. I have heard great things about Mintel but never heard of this type of project where you are on the lookout for new products and then send your findings to them in a box every... Continue Reading

CUSTOMER SERVCE EXPERTS: Doing shops for Mintel???

Just received and email from CSE for a credit card purchase shop at an airport, an strangely, Mintel is listed as the what's up with this arrangement??? Many Thanks... Continue Reading


Hello. Perhaps I can get help with this question. I am sending copies of bills I receive online to Mintel. I cannot for the life of me figure out how I am supposed to get paid. They ask for you to fill out an invoice. Am I supposed to fill in... Continue Reading

Mintel is paying my bills?!

I got an email from Mintel offering to pay my internet bill as long as I had service through a specific company, which I do. I filled out a quick survey, and figured I wouldn't hear anything back. I just got an email saying all I have to do is... Continue Reading

Mintel - How often to ask for payment

I did a shop for Mintel that ended on May 2nd, they say they pay twice a month on the 15th and 30th. On June 8th I emailed to ask why it had not been paid yet and they told me that I needed to update my account info,... Continue Reading

Removed by Mintel?

I haven't shopped for Mintel in about 18 months, although I have logged in from time to time to consider a shopping opportunity. Now, it doesn't recognize my email address. I've never had another MSC do this, anyone else experience this with Mintel?... Continue Reading

For those of you that work for Mintel...question about a shipping shop.

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I have searched the boards, but didn't really find any information about Mintel. Do they pay on time? Anything good or bad to say about the company? They offered me several shops, but need to know more about them before accepting them.... Continue Reading


Does anyone know if Mintel has shops in Connecticut?... Continue Reading

How do I register with Mintel?

I clicked on the link under the list of companies below and I got to their company website but for the life of me, I can't find where to go to apply to be a shopper with them. There was a client login but no shopper login.... Continue Reading

Mintel - entry problems

I am having trouble entering my survey. I begin entering the survey and get through the first two questions and then where the questions were, the screen is just blank. I have tried a couple of times. Also, on the line where it says date and time... Continue Reading

Mintel Fraud

Dear All Mintel's name is being used in a fraudulent scheme. Should anyone hear about the scam, please direct people to call the main Mintel office in Chicago Phone number is 312 932 044. Ask for Paul Phillips who will ask you to fax or e-mail the letter to be used in... Continue Reading

Mintel Contact Information

I became a mystery shopper with Mintel on Feb. 9, 2012 and completed some assignments on Feb. 18, 2012 from my Controller (Howard O'Reilly). I have been trying to contact him since then with no luck. I have also been trying to fax the completed reports with no luck.... Continue Reading

Mintel help

I got an email saying my report was overdue, but I thought I submitted last night. I can't find anywhere that says to re-submit the report. It says "Thank you for taking the survey. Your response has been recorded." ??? The status now says partially completed. What the heck?? I emailed the... Continue Reading

Big Props to Mintel!

This is, without a doubt, a personal record. I completed and submitted a photo audit to Mintel last Monday. When I checked my mailbox last night, the check was already there. Absolutely remarkable. 7 days from upload of report to having a paper check in my... Continue Reading

Mintel - can't figure out where to report

I just completed my first shop for Mintel, and I can't figure out where to fill out the report. Their FAQ says to click on "View Preview. When you have completed the assignment and are ready to fill in its details, click another part of the line." Huh? I... Continue Reading


Has anyone worked with them?? Is this a real company??... Continue Reading

Mintel = Birthday

I wanted to share that Mintel sent me a Birthday card....this is a first for me, and what a thoughtful company to do that. I felt appreciated, very nice!... Continue Reading

Mintel is Awesome!

Did my first shop for Mintel on 3/28 and had the money direct deposited in to my bank account on 4/1. Awesome company to work for! Wish they had more in my area. :)... Continue Reading

Mintel--Payroll question ...

Hey everyone, I know I have seen a few postings about Mintel that folks like shopping for them and fast pay.I just accepted 3 jobs from them,and I couldn't find a pay schedule on their site, does anyone know the pay schedule. Thanks...... Continue Reading

Anyone do any recent audits for Mintel?

I've been shopping with Mintel since October and they have become one of my favorites to shop with. Last weekend I did 16 photo audits for them and they have yet to be approved. My last audits for them were approved in less than two days. I reported these almost... Continue Reading

Two Mintel Questions: Payment and Shop Approval

Okay, I did four menu shops for Mintel, three were on Oct 16, and the last was on Oct 24. One from the 16th and the one from the 24th were approved/accepted right away. If I go into my shop history, it show the payment for them was processed over two... Continue Reading

Question about Mintel shops?

I recently completed my first shops for Mintel. I did three on Oct. 16th and 1 on Oct. 24th. The one for Oct. 24th already says it's approved and the payment is being processed. The other three (from a week earlier) still say awaiting approval. They haven't contacted me about any... Continue Reading

Glitchy Mintel Job Search?

Has anyone else encountered trouble when searching Mintel for jobs? Sometimes it shows several jobs, then I can search again in an hour or so and it shows none. Then I search again in another hour and it shows the same jobs that were there for first time.... Continue Reading

Anyone know how to login to Mintel?

I just signed up with Mintel today. I did not go directly to the site, I got the link off Jobslinger. Now I am trying to sign into the site and can not find where to do that? Anyone have a link or anything to it? Thanks... Continue Reading

Anybody knows if MINTEL still is in business?

Great company to work with...but they dropped off the radar. Anyone knows anything?... Continue Reading

MINTEL dissappeared

Anyone know what happened?... Continue Reading

Mintel Menu Collection Shops

Hi. I recently noticed a few menu collection shops available through the Mintel Mystery shopping company. They "seem" fairly easy and it SEEMS all you have to do is collect the menu from the venue OR take digital photos of it and send it to them to get... Continue Reading

Mintel's grocery survey

Anyone doing this? They give you a list of foods and you are to write down the nutrition information and a few other things for each item. The scheduler sent a mass email to explain things but I still am unclear so I just sent off an email... Continue Reading

Anyone knows what happened to MINTEL?

Do they still exist? They were very reliable and professional...great staff and schedulers. Now...their website is empty and even the automatic assignment feature is gone. I have e-mailed them several times with no success.... Continue Reading

I highly recommend to work with MINTEL

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A global company with boatloafs of profit, such as Mintel, could get these problems fixed yesterday. (Source). June 14, 2022

This does seem to be a recurring problem on Mintel's end. (Source). June 13, 2022

That did not help the problem at all because the problem was with Mintel. (Source). June 07, 2022

Not again. I did all that and more the last time Mintel was acting up and found out later the problem was on Mintel's end. (Source). June 07, 2022

Not again. I did all that and more the last time Mintel was acting up and found out later the problem was on Mintel's end. (Source). June 05, 2022

I came on to report Mintel was working. (Source). June 02, 2022

Mintel is now aware of the problem and is working on fixing it. (Source). June 02, 2022

Something on Mintel's end, no doubt. (Source). June 02, 2022

I was on edge because I've had some issues with late approvals/payments recently AND Mintel usually approves payments much earlier in the morning on scheduled disbursements days. (Source). May 31, 2022

I wouldn't sweat it, at least not yet; Mintel is the fastest paying MSC I have ever worked with. (Source). May 31, 2022