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Mystery Shopping Canada Inc

I registered with this company I found listed on the job board here and have received this email to which I thing is a scam that the members here need to know about Hello Mystery Shopper, If you are receiving this email, it means you signed up to be... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Canada

Mystery Shopping Canada Inc has expanded its reach to the U.S Being a mystery shopper for Mystery Shopping Canada Inc is, and always has been, entirely free of charge. Please visit this link through your browser ( to go directly to our mystery shopping software platform, and being filling out... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Canada cancelled shop

Anyone else have a problem with them? They just cancelled a shop that I was going to do on Saturday. How I found out was through the email they sent to all the shoppers, looking for someone to do that shop. I checked and sure enough, it was my shop! ... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Canada

Has anyone had an issue with this company? I'll apply for jobs that have sat there for weeks and are marked as available then the following day they disappear from my "Applied to" list (and I assume end up being assigned to someone else). I feel like I'll never get... Continue Reading

Has anyone worked with Mystery Shopping Canada Inc

Hello, I am new to mystery shopping and this forum and I was wondering if anybody has ever worked with Mystery Shopping Canad Inc and if they were legit. I've done a couple of mystery shops and they seem pretty legit, but I don't get paid for them until the end... Continue Reading

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[quote=shoppinginontario] Don't forget Mystery Shopping Canada. (Source). October 21, 2018

Don't forget Mystery Shopping Canada. (Source). October 20, 2018

MSC - Mystery Shopping Canada (Source). September 22, 2018

Top 5 Companies in no particular order : Performalogics (easy shops, super easy reports!), We Check (They have my favorite shop), Marketforce (only when bonused), Mystery Shopping Canada, and Mintel (Do not even have to leave my house and I am making money from them. (Source). September 01, 2018

Marketforce, Consumer Connection, Premier Service, Service Evaluations Inc., Performalogics, Bare International, Consumer Confidential, Service Metrics, Mystery Shopping Canada, A Closer Look, Intellishop, Sutter Marketing, BestMark, Frontline Focus, Alta 360, InTouch, SQM, are the ones I seem to usually work with around here. (Source). September 12, 2017

I received a text this morning from John Blair with Mystery Shopping Canada. (Source). June 14, 2017

[quote=kimmiemae] Has anyone contacted the real Mystery Shopping Canada to tell them about this? (Source). June 12, 2017

I just spoke to a live agent at Mystery shopping Canada. (Source). June 12, 2017

Has anyone contacted the real Mystery Shopping Canada to tell them about this? (Source). June 12, 2017

Prince check out the other posting re:Mystery Shopping Canada. (Source). June 12, 2017