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National Shopping Service

I received a job offer from National Shopping Service this morning. I thought the company had gone out of business. Anyone have any information?... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service Network

I'm sorry if I am asking about something that has already been asked, but I can only find stuff back in 2017 and it doesn't answer my question. I am new to Mystery Shopping and trying to sign up with someone who calls themselves National Shopping Service Network. ... Continue Reading

Haven't been paid by NSS, Instant Replays, Century Marketing for 2016 and 2017 work!


IMPORTANT! There is NO connection between NSS (National Shopping Service) and NSSN (National Shopping Service Network, LLC) - No payments from NSSN are for NSS shops

We have been assured multiple times by a representative of National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) that there is not now, nor has there ever been, a connection between NSSN and National Shopping Service (NSS). July 15, 2017 "I am a representative of National Shopping Service Network LLC (NSSN) based out of... Continue Reading

NSS Payment Issues - READ THIS FIRST

The owner of NSS died unexpectedly in late February of this year. As of now, nobody knows how or when the business will be dissolved, or if shoppers will be paid in full, receive partial payments or none at all. Joan Gingras has done some research. Although little information is... Continue Reading

Is NSS losing their pizza contract? Another MS is picking up the same pizza shops in large quantity.

Now I see another well know company picking up all their pizza shops..........and this new one has no fee-- just reimbursement. NSS has not yet paid me from March so I wonder if NSS is going out of business -- or at least the pizza business.... Continue Reading

NSS...Out of business, Owner died/ For recapped short version see pinned thread on page 1 by LisaSTL

I had hoped I would never have to start this thread. I have not gotten payment from March even though my account says the check was ready weeks ago. There is no longer a contact phone number for their accounting dept. I have emailed them twice starting last... Continue Reading

Can we order extra stuff out of pock/with coupons with NSS shops?

I read through the delivery section of the shop and the instructions on my specific shop but nothing tells me one way or another. It's possible i just didn't read the right section. I don't want to order two pizzas, but would like to add on an order of cheesy... Continue Reading

national shopping service

How and when do they pay and who do you contact... Continue Reading


if you do a shop in february when are you paid... Continue Reading

Where are the Fee Prices on NSS (Natl. Shopping Service) Website?

I've done several shops for NSS and it just dawned on me that I don't even know where to look on their website for the fees/reimbursements. Really. lol I've always been contacted by a scheduler offering shops (w/ bonuses) and have only accepted a shop through a scheduler. ... Continue Reading

NSSN mystery shop

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

NSSN llc

Has anyone shopped for this company? Could you please rate and review them before I start. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Payment Bounced from NSS (UPDATE--they are responding)

I just checked my bank account and the check i deposited from NSS for December shops was returned! Has this happened to anyone else? I have also tried logging into NSS and have not been able to. I sent an email to Payroll. I plan to call in a... Continue Reading


I did a shop for them last week, first one ever with this one as I just signed up for them. I just received an automated email from them stating that the report was deleted and I have to contact so and so to find out why it was... Continue Reading

NSS (National Shopping Service)

I searched through the forum and did not see any posts regarding this company recently. NSS gives shoppers a choice of being paid through PayPal or a paper check mailed. I choose PayPal. They pay at the end of the month, following the month the work was completed and... Continue Reading

Finally got a hold of National Shopping Service

I had an urgent matter that I needed to discuss with them. This was about two weeks ago that I started trying to get in touch with someone. I emailed an insane amount of times. I called and was told that a note would be put on... Continue Reading

NSS website not working right?

I noticed that most of the shops that are availabe (the pizza ones especially) are not located in my area- and much less selection. It appears they have not updated it for the month of Sept. Anybody else having that problem? (zip code 23517) Thanks... Continue Reading


My #2 company, now has a waiting period between jobs of 6 months. I used to do them monthly, then every three 3 months, now 6 months, unless they can't get anyone to do them, I'll be called.....:(... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service payment?

Has anyone been paid for May shops yet? My payment has been up there for a week, but so far I have nothing and can't get a response to emails. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Janssen Pharmaceutical Audits

was just contacted. Annual inspections are coming down to this MSC soon. Anybody has had any experience doing these ?? I know you have to be certified and have a background check on file.... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service - need payment

I would be grateful if I could get paid! I am sure you are grateful that the shops get done and you get paid. Now live up to your payment policy and send me my payment! It is nearly the end of May and I have not been paid... Continue Reading

NSS Automated Phone Call

So, I get a phone call. I pick it up because its my MS phone ringing. Its NSS with a automated message about pizza shops being available in my area and there being special bonuses attached to them.. and a drawing for blah blah blah... well I was thinking... Continue Reading

Anybody get payment for February shops from NSS yet?

Anybody get payment for February shops from NSS yet?... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service - Problems with payroll as they move to Paypal

I wonder if anyone else is having a problem as National Shopping Service moves from mailing checks over to PayPal this month. I got a form e-mail letter that said PayPal takes longer but all payment would be processed by the 21st (now it is the 25th). Before when... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service - Misleading e-mails!!!!!

I got an e-mail from a National Shopping Services scheduler with a subject line: BIG DEADLINE... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service

Well, the website said to apply for a specific shop, e-mail Every e-mail has bounced back as undeliverable -- two days later. Anybody got a clue what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!... Continue Reading

NSS Pizza shop - warning message after submitting shop

I just finished a pizza delivery shop for NSS. After submitting the report I got a page titled "Apparent Success!" noting that the report had been written to their database. It also included a note which read: " Please acknowledge (and fix below if possible) these "Warnings": ... Continue Reading

From National Shopping Service to all the people who work so hard for us!

Hello all of you wonderful, attentive, incognito folks! We are so grateful that you help us get the jobs we have available, done on time and to our client's standards. Thanks to your hard work, we're able to be one of the world's leading mystery shopping providers. So kudos to all... Continue Reading

How do you know whether NSS accepts your shop?

I don't see a status report anywhere?... Continue Reading

NSS Pizza Shops

I remember shoppers saying these shops were always rejected because of the photos. Have they relaxed on the photo requirements? Are they easier to complete? Any suggestions? Advice? Thanks.... Continue Reading

NSS National Shopping Service now paying by Paypal..

Not sure if anyone already posted about this .....but I was happy to see NSS is paying by Paypal. :) You also have the choice of keeping it paper check....... Continue Reading

How are the non-pizza shops for this NSS?

I've been afraid to attempt my first shop with NSS. Firstly, you can't self-assign right away and it's been weeks. I have to call them. Secondly, I read about the difficulties of the pizza photoshoots. I'm interested in a juice shop (11 questions, light commentary) and restaurant shop (50 q's, light... Continue Reading

Can not get to NSS site?... update fine is now

I was about to enter two reports, but can not get to the site at all... Anyone having the same problems? tnx update... now its fine, back to entering... Continue Reading

NSS payment

Has anyone received their check yet this month? Mine is usually here by the 7th and nothing. ....... Continue Reading

NSS not answering phone

Can anyone reach NSS by their number 18008002704? I am calling since 8am, but no luck...... Continue Reading

NSS Job Fees

Can someone point me in the right direction on the NSS job board? I registered with them last week, and have looked at the job board on a few different occasions, and also read their FAQs. However, I still can't seem to find where the job payments are posted. Their... Continue Reading

Upset with NSS

Probably not the best topic to post as my introduction to the board but I seriously want to give them a freaking noogie. I have been reading the forums and absorbing information and I knew that when I took this pizza shop it was going to suck. ... Continue Reading

NSS - April Payment

Has anyone received their April payment for March shops from NSS? My log says that a check was mailed on May 6, 2015 but I still have not received it as of today (May 18th.)... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service late payment??

Did anyone else not get paid for Feb?? I just added up and they owe me 98.00 for Feb. It shows My March check is going to be for $157.00 which is Feb and March combined... I dont shop a lot for them anymore... I got my Dec and Jan... Continue Reading

national shopping service

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

NSS Closed Location

I haven't done many shops with this MSC. I was assigned one of their adult beverage shops. The location was closed when I arrived. There was a sign on the window clearly indicating that they should have been open. I snapped several pictures to show this.... Continue Reading

Gapbuster now doing Japanese BBQ shops for a client also held by NSS

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Question about pizza shops on National Shopping Service.

When I look at the list of the pizza shops for NSS, the titles all say delivery. Marketforce does these also, and at some point, when the shop has been listed there for awhile, they change it to delivery/carryout. Does NSS do the same thing? I don't live in a... Continue Reading

NSS February shops

Anyone in CA seeing their regular shops for February (I'm not sure if I could mention them here)? I keep checking and see nothing except for their small clients so very few shops are appearing (normally, I'd see about 50-70 and only see 11). The bulk of their... Continue Reading

NSS back again

I got this email from National Shopping Service: Hello MY NAME, This is Megan with the National Shopping Service. I am emailing you because have a CLIENT NAME - JEWELRY shop in your area. You would be evaluating customer service will want to get a business card. It is required that you... Continue Reading


I completed a shop for them in the beginning of April, 2013. Unfortunately, I have sent many email, called everyday for 5 days and no one has responded to when I will be getting paid! I would love some experience from other shoppers. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Two thumbs up to NSS

Just wanted to give two thumbs up to NSS. I had a shop scheduled for Friday that I needed to re-schedule. Called them up, spoke to a scheduler, and he re-scheduled it for Monday. No muss, no fuss. I also like the fact that you can call and speak to... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service

Has anyone had problems with their NSS March check. Mine came in. I deposited it and it bounced. Then when I contacted them, I was told it was a computer glitch. So, to expediate the payment I needed to give them my paypal address, which I did. Now it appears to me that... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service

One of their schedulers called me 4/23 and offered me a shopping job 35 miles away for 4/25, I agreed to take it for $40.00 as there was a $30.00 bonus on it. The confirmation was sent to my email. A short while ago the same scheduler called me... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service- deleted shops?

I have worked for NSS for the past 4 years or so and have completed at least 3 or 4 shops( not many shops near me, but I justmoved and theer are TONS near me now). I completed a [client edited out for ICA violation] competitor shop on Thursday and... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service Pay

NSS shows I have been issued a check for October shops, but I can't see the date it was sent. Any ideas when those checks usually arrive? Any way to tell when the check was mailed?... Continue Reading


Be-Ware!!!!! I did one of their pizza delivery shops as my 1st assignment. They nitpicked my pictures (taken with a high quality, professional camera) to death and ended up not paying me for my assignment. Not very professional. Anyone wants to look at the pictures, e-mail me and see for yourself. You... Continue Reading

Screwed by NSS (National Shopping Service)

I hate to make a post like this, because it compromises my anonymity, but I feel it's my duty. Some months back, I took a call from one of their agents while I was in the field, and I accepted a shop with a nice bonus, at a location... Continue Reading

Warning About National Shopping Service

I have been stiffed by this company for 2 months. They make plenty of excuses, but DO NOT PAY. They claim to have sent a payment 8 weeks ago -- never happened -- and now REFUSE to pay. Very suspicious and unprofessional conduct. Warning verbally sent after at least... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service

Am having a bad experience with this MSC. Performed a shop in March, they claim they sent a check in April but nothing's ever come. I've called and emailed I get no practical response (i.e., I've still not been paid). When I call I never speak to... Continue Reading


I am so upset with this company. I did a shop 9/25 and they still owe me $20. I have emailed at least 15 times and called twice today. No one will fricking answer me. Grrrrrrr. I hate not getting paid for shops. There is no excuse either.... Continue Reading


I completed a shop on Sept. 12, 2011 and the report on Sept. 13,2011 for a company with the National Service Shopping Network, dba NSSN LLC. It was a very detailed report and took much longer to do the actual shop than I expected, however, I did a complete... Continue Reading


Hopefully someone is doing NSS fragrance shop today. The instructions didn't sa's wrong.get paid if ity which perfume to shop, and office is closed. Could someone please pm me if they know. I think I know, but won't ... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service - Need your Advice (UPDATE)

Hi Everyone I need your advice on how to proceed next with an issue I am having with National Shopping Service. I did a pizza shop for them (I've done tons of these) and I forgot to include the shop ID card in the top view photo. I had... Continue Reading

NSS / National Shopping Service, check won't clear?

My husband just called me from the bank, he had 2 NSS checks with him. The bank let him deposit the first but he couldn't deposit the 2nd, they said it won't clear? We never had this problem before. He's calling them now.... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service

Just wondering if I am missing something here, but I do not see the fees/reimbursements on the National Shopping Service page where you can view available shops. How do you find that out? I'm reluctant to request a shop without knowing how much I'm going to be... Continue Reading


Just signed up a week ego to bcome a Mystery Shopper with a company calle ZEOX, and today I received a vogus Check for $1560 and $31.00. Who are these people (NSSN LLC)? How do you trust if you really signing up for the real company? Confused!... Continue Reading


I was invited to work as a mystery shopper. The name of the mystery shopper job offer was read as mistery shopper. I received two checks in the mail one for $1,630 and one for $31.00 from NSSN LLC which supposedly was located at 4300 East Washington St.... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service

I am totally fed up with this company tonight. I have been doing some shops for them for a while and have stuck up for them before. I got my check from them, and it was a lot less than expected. Surprise, surprise, a $50 bonus was not included. I... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service Network?

Does anybody know anything about this company? I found it while doing a search for casual dining mystery shops. Their website was They looked legitimate but I don't like giving out my information if I am not sure. I know I am full of questions. ... Continue Reading

Contact Info For National Shopping Service

Does anyone have a phone number, or an email address they answer, for NSS? I did a shop for them a few weeks ago. I now have an alert on my account for it saying to contact them. I emailed the scheduler four days ago, but haven't heard back yet. I... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service, anyone got deactivated and still owed their payments?

I am getting frustrated with NSS, and thought maybe others may have insights that could help me. - I have done assignments for them since 2007, NEVER have problems. In fact they are my favorite, until now. - Did 6 Pizza shop in Feb. A record, usually I do 2-3/month. I did... Continue Reading

Avoid NSS Pizza Photo Shops

This has to be the rudest company I have dealt with! A month after I send in my shop they tell me it isnt being accepted b/c of one of the photos. This is the same photo angle that has been accepted many times in the past and matches exactly... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service

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Most Recent mentions of National Shopping Service

The REAL NSSN is on shopmetrics and has a scam warning on their site. (Source). October 18, 2020

"BECOME A MYSTERY SHOPPER Get Paid To Shop And Tell Us About Your Experience National Shopping Service Network, LLC is one of the leading agency specialized in Global Customer Service Research. (Source). October 18, 2020

[quote=sandyf] I claimed the smallish amount that NSS owed me a few years ago. (Source). July 30, 2020

I claimed the smallish amount that NSS owed me a few years ago. (Source). July 30, 2020

My direct email Anderson IN 46011 Anderson IN 46016 Bedford IN 47421 BRAZIL IN 47834 CAMBY IN 46113 Chesterton IN 46304 Crown Point IN 46307 Elkhart IN 46515 Fishers IN 46038 Franklin IN 46131 Goshen IN 46526 Granger IN 46530 Greencastle IN 46135 Greenfield IN 46140 Huntington IN 46750 Indianapolis IN 46241 Indianapolis IN 46254 Indianapolis IN 46226 Indianapolis IN 46224 Indianapolis IN 46236 Kendallville IN 46755 Laporte IN 46350 Lebanon IN 46052 Logansport IN 46947 Martinsville IN 46151 Michigan City IN 46360 Middlebury IN 46540 Mishawaka IN 46544 Monticello IN 47960 Mooresville IN 46158 Muncie IN 47302 New Castle IN 47362 Osceola IN 46561 Peru IN 46970 Plymouth IN 46563 Portage IN 46368 RENSSELAER IN 47978 Rochester IN 46975 RUSHVILLE IN 46173 Shelbyville IN 46176 South Bend IN 46614 South Bend IN 46615 South Bend IN 46601 St John IN 46373 SYRACUSE IN 46567 TIPTON IN 46072 Valparaiso IN 46383 Warsaw IN 46580 Washington IN 47501 (Source). May 26, 2020

This is echoing NSS of 2016 all over again (Source). May 17, 2020

00 reimbursement for a bottle of their fabulous perfume. Many restaurants I loved, My Beverly Hills stores for NSS, Saks, Cartier, Hermes on Rodeo Dr. (Source). April 19, 2020

Superior is in Auburn, California, the same area as NSS was. (Source). April 09, 2020

I figured California since she was a NSS employee previously. (Source). April 09, 2020

I considered them from NSS. (Source). April 07, 2020